I hate you, Ali Gul Pir

Published: June 20, 2012

Ali Gul Pir, I hate you.

I hate you because I just watched your music video on YouTube; the same video that people are frantically passing around; the same video that has even managed to catch celebrity attention.

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy @sharmeenochinoy

Waderay ka beta: Hilarious track & oh so true!

Catharsis Boy @CatharsisBoy

Ali Gul Pir making fun of waderas using wadera money. That’s funnier than the youtube video itself.

FU @VitalSaeen

My profile is now inspired by Waderai Ka Beta :D

I hate you for writing, singing and putting up this song.

What I hate even more is that I can’t stop singing ‘waderai ka beta waderai ka beta‘.

I hate you , Ali Gul Pir, because I didn’t think of this idea first. Once in a while, a great artistic piece comes along that appeals to the masses, yet it is a work of genius and has an impact on our society by making them laugh. Every comedian dreams of writing that piece. As a comedian myself, I love to encourage my fellow comedian friends, but I’m only human.

Why did you have to raise the bar and make it harder for the rest of us, man? As if making people laugh was easy to begin with, you’ve hammered us with the complete package.

Why couldn’t you do something mediocre so that we wouldn’t have to work more on our material?

Instead, you give us “Waderai Ka Beta“, the funniest song I’ve heard in ages. And for those reading this, if you haven’t heard the song yet, please crawl out of that lustrous Hummer you’ve been pimping around in and listen to one of the wittiest diatribe and parody of our society and people by this dude.

On the face of it, Gul Pir may have written a few funny lyrics about his own ethnic people. However, what is commendable is that he has managed to frame it in such a way that it has resonated with people all over.

Gul Pir’s song is a careful study of  feudal lords, who roam around freely and act in the very manner that he jokes about.

The reason why this song is so funny is because it is so very true.

“Meri nursery se metric tak sab degrian hain jali.”

(All my results from nursery to grade 10 are fake.)

“Jhoota case laga kar tujhe bana don ga qaidi.”

(Will put a false case on you and put you in prison.)

These words only elicit a roar of laughter because you know this isn’t just the Sindhis he is talking about. These are our politicians, our leaders and, if we are honest enough to admit it, Gul Pir is talking about us.

It’s not just the lyrics he’s got right though. The look he has given himself and the video catches the whole essence perfectly. His hair slicked back, his bold body language, his moustache, his luxuries, his arrogance – everything about the video is authentic yet fresh. The black suit, aviators and Ajrak just put the ribbon on it.

Perhaps what made me laugh most was the thought that I’ve met and know people exactly like this. I couldn’t wait to show my Sindhi friends this video and poke fun at them immediately after I saw it. The mark of a good video is when you just can’t wait to pass it on – this one has been viewed a staggering 227,710 times since it was uploaded on June 14.

Let me reiterate here, I hate you Ali Gul Pir.

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Salman Qureshi

A Masters graduate in International Business from the University of Wollongong Dubai. He is a standup and Improv comedian based in Dubai with an intense interest in reviving and supporting arts in Pakistan. He blogs at: salmanzq.blogspot.com/

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  • M

    Saaen tou saeen.. Saeen kay fans bhee saaein : PRecommend

  • Hagar

    Loved the video, try and the enactment of their lifestyle was just spot on. No I dont hate him,, but love the fact that he came with something that’s set on an international bar, hilarious to the eyes and ears..=DRecommend

  • bilal

    i can see creativeness in this song… all the other songs mostly are about love and such rubbish things repeating the same damn feelings which most of us dont have.Recommend

  • http://umairashraf.me Umair

    The title of this post at first gives a very negative impact. Do something about it.Recommend

  • sidjeen

    chora saeen tau saeen…………..saeen ka kuta bhi saeen

    the best line i have heard in ages.Recommend

  • Gul Khan

    I came here because of the title but felt disappinted after reading the post.Recommend

  • http://gmail maira saleem

    LOL da way yew wrote fantasctic..i mean tz givn da negativ vibe but once yew strt readn tz lyk WE ppl takn…itz our style;our language plux hatz ov to Ali fuh dz song tz hilariouz & epic zwell dz article..
    well writen & catchyRecommend

  • Ali riaz

    Saeen tu saeen Misleading title bhi saeenRecommend

  • bilal

    im a sindhi my self. love the song but it gives a wrong impression about sindhis.
    according to a survey only 10-15% sindhis are elite.40-50% are middle class and rest are dying in poverty !Recommend

  • tillu

    Its not about sindhis , its about the feudal lords they are everywhere in Pakistan in every province… i think ALI pir should also come up with other songs , targetting other corrupts people in Pakistan such as BHAI LOGS and JARGA and LYARI GANGSTERSRecommend

  • Molvi Mujtaba

    Why is ET acting like a sandbox for tyro writers? Recommend

  • Sarah B. Haider

    Saaen to Saaen, Saaein kii bachi bhi Saeen.Recommend

  • Ali Gul Pir

    I love the heading!Recommend

  • BLing BLing

    “Saeen tou saeen, saeen ka hater bhi saeen”Recommend

  • Hafeez

    A waste of space by ETRecommend

  • Sunny

    “Sain to Sain , Sain ka Kuta bhi Sain !!” Hilarious !!Recommend

  • aamir

    I hate you like i love you salmanRecommend

  • http://Karachi. Farah Kamal

    @bilal:so this talks about those 10-15% exactly because they are the more dominating, obvious and powerful as well as misusing the power. He is not showing a culture in that video, it is exactly pointing to a select crowd.Recommend

  • Furhahn

    Dear Ali Gul Pir,

    First of all hats off to you mate you did great job by making this video actually it was needed since all wadera people and their goons are roaming on the roads of Karachi and doing whatever they like to e.g kidnapping and raping girls well the list goes on and on everybody knows that and my concern is what if this song gives the popularity and fame to wadera’s and their baita’s e.g like justin bieber so much of jokes and hates makes him more famous anyways i don’t know if successfully conveyed my msg to you well hats off to you again.


    Furhahn Recommend

  • http://www.tanzeel.wordpress.com Tanzeel

    Sayen to Sayeen expess tribune bhi Sayeen, express tribune to kia uskay readers bhi sayeen…Recommend

  • Shahzad

    Its creativity [email protected]: Recommend

  • durdana

    like the video but the writer is over buttering it.Recommend

  • Manno

    Hahahahaha i loved the dance when he was swinging his “SHALWAR’S NAARA”Recommend

  • fake

    @maira saleem:
    wth have u written? i can’t read :-PRecommend

  • waderra

    It’s True v r lyk dat,,, :DRecommend

  • Mohammad Ali Gaad

    really when i firstly listened 2 this so i thought that in real he is son of wederia and want to do comedy but some hours later i joined his page and saw there that he was professional comedian =D lol hilarious

    chora saen tu saen, saen ke articals bhi saen =DRecommend

  • Nosheen Munir

    enjoyed the video :DRecommend

  • ijaz Mir

    Ali Gul peer you are great. keep it upRecommend

  • Chaudhry Shoaib

    Ali Gul Pir!
    Great work. Best of Luck yaraRecommend

  • sherry

    dudu ki rani:)
    love u ali gul pirRecommend

  • http://perceptionandintegrity.wordpress.com obaid ur Rehman

    I am astonished by the writers view its true that he hammered the specific class of the society but i ask to the respected writer isnt that true that they have there own life patterns they are not ready to accept anyone leveled to their standards, this is one of the famous saying roaming from very early times “Sayen to Sayen, Sayen ka KUTTA bhi Syaen”. My view in this context is not to shame on it but this is the artistic move to draw attention towards the problem exist in our society and in the upcoming days chances would be great that these bureaucrats and politicians will stop acting this way because of word of mouth advertisement. Recommend

  • Ahsan siddiqui

    chori chal to sahi ,tujha dkhata hun mard :PRecommend

  • shammas ali khan

    Ali Gul Pir keep up the good work. Give a damn to these haters talk cause HATERS GONNA HATE.Recommend

  • What’s my price?

    Brilliant piece of writing! Loved the deceptive style of expressing his appreciation for Ali Gul Pir.Recommend