Let’s not hate Malik Riaz yet

Published: June 16, 2012

It’s very easy to judge people in Pakistan, we all seem to be holier than everyone else.

I don’t hate Malik Riaz.

I have no reason to.

I can’t blame him for the time I had to bribe a Nadra official in Lahore to have my computerised ID card made. My name was similar to someone who was apparently wanted by the FIA for indulging in anti-state activities. I didn’t understand the system so it was a whole month before I came to my senses and realised that a couple of thousand rupees was a small price to pay to be taken off Pakistan’s most wanted list.

I don’t even blame him for the time I had to bribe someone to urgently get my passport renewed  because I had to fly abroad for an interview. I had no choice as it was the only way to get what I wanted done on time.

I don’t even blame Malik Riaz for the countless times I’ve had to slip a hundred rupee note to a traffic official for driving back home late at night.

I wonder if my family should blame him for the times we have had to bribe LESCO officials so our electricity connection, the lifeline of our business in Lahore could be restored. All we ever wanted was for someone to tell us why we were billed 20 times more than the monthly average, but the only way to do it was to make sure we took care of some people first.

Go ahead, hate me.

It’s very easy to judge people in Pakistan, we all seem to be holier than everyone else. I’m pretty sure that everyone knows at least one person though; one person who has had to bribe someone to get admitted into a university, or to make the patwari show them the official records of their ancestral lands or even to get out of a mess involving the law – that’s just how we get things done here.

I would have hated Malik Riaz however, if he had grown to be one of the richest men in the world by abusing a government office. I would have hated him if someone could prove any kind of tax evasion on his part. I would have hated him if he had plundered this country’s resources and invested his money abroad.

Infact, I admire Malik Riaz.

I admire him for making a positive contribution to Pakistan’s growth. I admire him for developing a housing society where there is no loadshedding. I admire him for providing the basic infrastructure that has made Bahria town the preferred residential neighborhood for roughly four hundred thousand Pakistanis. I admire him for functioning within the system that we are all a part of and rising to the top by playing by rules that he did not make.

I don’t admire him for his charity and philanthropy, that is between him and his God.

I am surprised though at why nobody wants to know who bribed the cameraman who leaked the footage from the Dunya News interview. Surely, the cameraman at the TV channel will lose his job after this fiasco and will not be hired by any other channel either. He could not have managed to upset one of the most influential power brokers in the country without some kind of support system. There are definitely many forces at work here. Forces, who unlike Malik Riaz do not have the courage to come out in the open due to their vested interests and because of all that they stand to lose.

Let’s not hate Malik Riaz just as yet.


Yasir Akram

A Meteorologist at Dubai Airport who blogs at www.thejuice.ae/Blog/YasirChaudhry

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Ali Awan

    I also wouldn’t have blamed him if he offered me a million rupee cheque to write such a blog! How long? Tell me How Long we’ll offer these bribes! U know they dnt take bribes’ we offer bribes! I’m Fsc nd he’s matric! So that means i’m supposed to be zillionaire by now (rofl)! U r jux trying to divert attention from this issue! Reminds me of lyrics of Preet Harpaal
    ”vada banda vechay tan hafeeman te smack
    sadi desi daru wali phari jave bathi
    hundi sidhi jail sajna
    haq di kamayee na taan pehnda nai scooter ch tail sajna”Recommend

  • Waleed

    your blog is illogical. Sometimes, the one who bribes someone to get his deserving right is compelled if there’s no way to get his right with the right means unlike Malik Riaz who bribes people to snatch someone else’s rights or bribes someone for a wrong doing. Recommend

  • Nadir

    And all the poor peasants and farmers who have been forcibly evicted from their land by Bahria Town, do you admire that as well? Recommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/author/430/faraz-talat/ Faraz Talat

    This is the most senseless article I’ve read on ET in quite a while. It’s an argument merely for the sake of an argument.

    Senseless because, firstly, it asserts that two wrongs make a right. Just because bribery is common enough means that it’s okay.

    And secondly, because it ignores the nature of the crime. Bribing a government official to speed up the process at Nadra office is one thing. Bribing somebody to steal 1400 canals of community land is a slightly more serious offense.Recommend

  • saqib

    So we all should accept this system? No need to change?Recommend

  • IbelieveOnAllah

    How the hell, people bribed started justifying the evils. The evil paramid nexus starting with zardar, gillani, riaz and shujahat is going to be exposed, how sad. They are hurrying to save their asses and hiring corrupt journalists to aid in there, how sad. If riaz dalal can not be justified as shaitans never justified in their evil action.Recommend

  • Sara

    Another day, another mediocre ill-researched( or in this case unresearched) article by bored pplRecommend

  • Zaheer

    if the camera man is reading… bro… i will hire you do not worryRecommend

  • Ersalan

    I agree. It’s easy to blame others and point fingers and we never really look at ourselves first. If we as individuals accept that fact that accepting bribes is as much “haram” as giving bribes then the whole system will eventually clear up. But no lets just blame othersRecommend

  • Shahid Raza

    I agree with the blog writer 100%. We are a nation of cheats. People call themselves MUSLIM and do every thing that is against the teachings of Islam. We are self rightous when the matters pertains to someone else but do the same thing ourselves all the time.
    This whole drama is planned and scriptured by those who have done every thing wrong in the book but get a free chit from those who matter in the present scheme of things.No one realizes that when the game of chess is finished both the King and the Foot Soldiers go into the same Box.
    Tarnishing the reputation of the most unbiased TV Channel was inevitable as it had challanged an evil designs and popularity of the most unscroupless of Pakistan’s TV Channels. Recommend

  • The Reader

    This is pure propaganda! Shakes her headRecommend

  • immad

    Haahahahaha … this piece is full of s*** … he is justifying giving away bribe .. Recommend

  • https://twitter.com/#!/iQuoteWhateverr toobahatif

    Helloo its not only bout bribing Hosts anymore..! well it never was.. he created uncertainty and mess out of nothing when he isn’t a saint either.. he just wanted to insult CJP and supreme court to show what strong back he has got .. apparently his friends left him in the middle.. he got what he deserve.. no one hates him but we don’t admire him for false reason like you produced either.. where there is money there is success dude..
    any other thaykedaar would’ve built what he dd am not impressed at allRecommend

  • Hasan+

    Simply idiotic, Someone have to change the system, and for Sure malik Riaz and You dont want it happen, How come you blame Cameraman for bribing, did he say so like malik riaz and you??? may be he want change too, not everybody is coward as you…get a life manRecommend

  • Syed Musavir

    your blog is irrelevant and illgoical man the conditions which you are talking are different and it has got nothing to do with Riaz Malik hataredness while you have tried to mix up two different topics see why his personality was that much influential where two jounalist were planting show in favour of him why malik riaz tries to buy everyone with his money power why anchor and media person are highly paid , banglaows and places to live in Bahria Town why is it so, why he bought anchor person so shall any one can write editorial by using his name

    but u are not faulty in it actually this is the time problem right now that all those people who have no guts starts writing as philopher Recommend

  • http://www.faizanelahi.tumbler.com Faizan

    Come on dude! I don’t want to put any allegation on you that you took money for writing this or blah blah…Just want to make it logical, Giving bribery by most of us to get the things done, don’t make it legal… Sin will remain a sin…you can’t make it legal like what you were trying to portray here. Recommend


    How come this beautiful letter head leak only contains journalists but no name of any General, Politician and Bureaucrat whom Malik saab favored to get “wheels under his file” ?Recommend

  • http://www.faizanelahi.tumbler.com Faizan

    Come on dude! What are to talking? I don’t want to put an allegation on you like others, just want to keep it logical. Giving bribery to get the things done doesn’t make it legal, even all of us tried to give or forced to give that. Sin will remain a sin. Don’t try to portray him as an successful entrepreneur, I wonder what things we are endorsing.Recommend

  • http://www.thejuice.ae Yasir Akram

    I say lets get them all…every single person who has accepted anything from him….including the people in power. Lets not find a scapegoat in Malik Riaz. If this is going to go down…it has to be done right because I dont think we are ever going to have anyone else who is going to be man enough to saywhat this man is saying. This might be our only chance. Let’s not throw all the blame on one person so this issue can be swept under the carpet. I would like to see some real heavyweights go down this time. Thank you all for your comments. Recommend

  • Rx

    lolz @ the writer…..tekadar cant make nations and country they will destroy as he did, he bribes evry body including army officers., so he wnt pay u by admiring him, he got it nowRecommend

  • X

    Don’t play with words….just tell us how much you made out of this column…as malik raiz has reputation of doing that too…if you hav’t make any thing yet send a copy of this column to him!!
    You and Malik both go to hell…!Recommend

  • Saad

    so why malik riaz has problems with bribing arsalan iftikhar? if as u put bribing is the way to get things done? grow up…bribing is serious offence if u committed it, it cant be declared legal. Recommend

  • http://abdulqadoos.com Muhammad Abdul Qadoos

    looks like you want all Pakistan should accept this system. dissagreedRecommend

  • Mani

    This is the most senseless blog I have read in a while!Recommend

  • Zaheer Baloch

    There is no logic in this article, writer has done a poor attempt to justify a wrong deed. I am amazed that writer considers only tax-evasion a matter of hate. Malik Riaz is one the biggest “Qabza-Group” of our country, he is massively involved in land grabbing through bribery is this not an abuse of government offices ?. One can easily quote the facilities being provided by the “Bahria-Town” but can we ask for whom those facilities are ? Off-course those facilities are for the rich and corrupt Generals, Bureaucrats and wicked media personnel. Why don’t we see a Bahria-Town in the rural areas of Pakistan … writer simply wants to say “Paisaa banaao … chahe jaise banao ….” Recommend

  • http://www.koolmuzone.pk Hamad

    Yasir, I appreciate that you have written about this. The change is always in baby-steps. You can’t change the system with 99.9% corrupt people running into something that has 0.1% corruption.

    In a system, where there are “dukanian” of bribery, one has to feed them to get the most basics of the tasks done. What’s appreciable is that despite of the system, he has “developed” the country and will continue to do so. Over 3 million people now have the best possible living in this country on very affordable prices. These 3 million people get electricity 24/7 something that govt. fails to provide to all the tax-payers in this country.

    As for the “qabza” cases, none of that has been proved as yet. If I were running a real-estate empire worth billions of dollars, there would be thousands trying to be bring me down too.

    In a system where media, judiciary, politicians, decision-makers and everyone with any possible “power” is corrupt, he’s one of the very few people “developing” this country. If you need bribe 100k people to develop this country, that’s a greater good IMO.Recommend

  • s.

    wow havent read this much crap put together in a long timeRecommend

  • Ordinary Villager

    I am hating him that if he distributed money among others then why he left his distant relatives and his Bradari members from Plots and Villas allocartion. He could distribute some villas among other Maliks as well so we could be happy as well….::)Recommend

  • Khalid Mughal Saudi Arabia

    Why I should not hate Malik Riaz. he is not allowing law to prevail in Pakistan. He has lot of money and wants to buy everything including law. Where we should go because CJ is the only symbol of hope. Recommend

  • Asad

    I am sure you don’t hate him for all the murders his land grabbing mafia has committed. Keep living in your fools paradise what do you care about the plight of the common people. Recommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/author/379/vaqas-asghar/ Vaqas Asghar

    By contributing to the corruption in the system by paying bribes you are just perpetuating the cycle of corruption. Its easy to say i paid the bribe to get the job done, its a lot harder when you think about how your action is forcing someone with a lot less in his pocket to pay a bribe for essential work or be told to get lost.
    If nobody paid bribes, or if all proven bribe payers and recipients were prosecuted fully, the system would self-correct. Malik Riaz, and you by your own admission, fall into the the bribe payer category as well.
    In this day and age its pretty easy to catch someone asking for a bribe on tape. why not do a service to the country by catching the person on tape/ camera, get him fired, and get your work expedited the legal way by paying swift processing fees, etc?

    On Mr Riaz, just look into the case built by the Punjab Anti-Corruption Establishment on Bahria Rawalpindi’s land grab, where he claims the housing authority’s entire senior staff works without any oversight from him (a claim which if accepted by the courts protects him from being punished for fraud).
    Whoever leaked the video need not have been bribed. Sometimes people do the right thing simply because it is the right thing to do, and stopping Meher and Mubashir from making a mockery of HONEST, non-bribe taking journalists was the right thing to do.Recommend

  • Adnaan Tariq

    I do not know the writer nor do i feel the need to criticize his piece of work…..only wanted to make a few clarifications as to the misinformation in the last paragraph of the article- Firstly when a tv show is going live on air, the video is being recorded onto a Server- leaking of the video has nothing to do with the cameramen on the studio floor :) Not knowing the industry and asking illogical questions is one reason i wrote this reply- Secondly once the file is on this Server, anyone on the network will have access to it- So trying to trace the leak will be like finding a needle in a haystack- It could have been the janitor or the CEO himself for all we know :)Recommend

  • Suleman Jamil

    Are you sane?
    Enough said!Recommend

  • http://aftabkhan.blog.com Aftab Khan

    There is difference in the bribe you had to pay to NADRA to get your CNIC made and the bribe Riaz Contractor pays to get his illegal land grabbing in Mafia style. Recently a poor man died while stealing wheat to feed his hungry children from bag in grains storage. The pile of wheat bags fell upon him killing him instantly. Theft is crime but to save life is more important. Even God permits to eat forbidden [HARAM] to save life. What Malik Riaz Bahria contractor is doing is not to save his life but to be more rich n powerful, Charity here and there is part of creating “Societal” image in modern business practices. Let’s be clear, we should not equate a petty crime with heinous one.Recommend

  • Saad

    I agree with you, He is a lesser evil, at least he has contributed something to the country unlike the rest of the rich people who have contributed nothing.Recommend

  • Arsalan Sharif

    Two wrongs never make one right. Also to clean the system we need to catch big monsters instead of just blaming a police wala or a patwari who is capable of bribing people only because the head of thier department must also be corrupt. A patwari and a police wala’s bribe though makes sense because the salary they are getting is not to the standard thar they could even feed their children and send them to good school.
    However, in the case of Malik Riaz people who had been bribed are not an Army supahi or a Cameraman at a TV. Channel but those he had bribed are Generals, owner of a TV channel and other people who are already making too much money than a patwari and a police wala asking ur for 50the rupees to spend his day out drinking tea and eating pan. People who Riaz gunda have bribed are those who aready have more than enough to make their both ends meet. Recommend

  • jaffar

    I knw where your coming from and I can sense the fustration in your view points, but what is wrong is wrong. No body can deny that we live in a society where bribing in the most cinvinient way for getting things done quickly so what.do.you.do ? Legalize bribing..?
    And as for malik riaz sb , the man is a zillionere, according to him he has donated 85 crores to ashiana scheme, why wud he put his life in danger. Just for 40crores, and thst also at the time of when nro, swiss cases etc are hot cakes in supreme courts of pak .. Just thnk abt it..Recommend

  • WB

    Shame on you for justifying your wrongdoings; people like you deserve people like Malik Raiz and rulers like Zardari and GillaniRecommend

  • http://http://www.lollywoodcafe.com Lollywood

    very true… i dnt hate him…
    he done some great work for poor pplz of Pakistan…
    May Allah Bless him…
    dnt forgot the his good works…Recommend

  • Muhammad Ashfaq

    Mr. Yasir, Can you tell me How long you have been Pakistan. He might be very very Good man in his deeds but this deed is unforgettable. This man really hurts us for nothing. what did he get nothing. Now write thousands of articles it does not matter. It is immaterial for us, what he has, what he contribute in charity. This judiciary save billions of Rs for Pakistan within last 2 years in under circumstances where one is punished and he got another post. Just imagine, when 25% right person will come, how many Rs can be saved. This institute is providing information before reform.
    Mr. Yasir, You are thinking a single person and for a single person and blaming a complete institution. Don’t think when I blame institute, If you are supporting any enemy of this institute, you are contributing 200% with him.

    Think being a Pakistani, If you are.

    in Punjabi: samjh taan gia hi hoeen ga.Recommend

  • Zaraar

    How much Malik has paid you to write this column.You must have recieved thousands time more than what you have paid in bribes to Nadra,Wapda and the traffic warden.If you
    know how to give bribes,you must also know how to get it.These days you journalists are
    one step ahead of politicians in making money.Mubashir luqman and Mehr Bukhari is just one example of it.You have not written this article for God’s sake,after all money makes the mare go.In my view journalism is the 2nd name for blackmailing,shame on you people. Recommend

  • sai

    Well said yasir
    That is black face and fact of our system.Recommend

  • http://pakistani-revival.blogspot.com Ovais

    chuk loo .Malik riyaz kay .. u are not getting money and a plot … or are you ??Recommend

  • haroon ali

    I can partially blame him for bribing all of the officials you just named. People like him have made them used to taking bribes. If rich people like him stop giving bribes then maybe with time these officials will be forced to stop taking bribes as well.Recommend

  • Shariq

    Yasir I commend you for saying so.

    He did what any of us would have done if we were in his position. And we already do so on a much smaller scale. Most of us talking against him for bribing officials are just plain hypocrites.Recommend

  • Farhan

    to be honest all u said doesnt make any sense like our government . you are trying to emphasise on something which u think Is right by neglecting the facts and Islamic fundamental. If you give bribe for your business, your earnings are haram if I’m not wrong . And about his good work : he’s a land mafia. all his land is government or either poor people own them, he snatched them cause the president and the cm is in his pocket.Recommend

  • Umer

    As long as there are Arsalans taking bribes for services there would be Malik Riaz to pay up. The fact that Arsalan has not been arrested so far, like any other citizen would have, does not help either.Recommend

  • AA

    Finally a sane blog. Why so much hatred against the man? What wrong has he done? Pakistan is a country where people have to be bribed to make them do what is their job. Bribing is a culture. Seems like people commenting here have never witnessed the system of our independent judiciary. ooops I hope I’m not in contempt of court when I say this.Recommend

  • Muzaffar

    what a lame justificationRecommend

  • Zoordari

    The Caption says all. You had to read a couple of lines and that was it. I dont even know why am i commenting on this but here it goes…..Dear Yasir ever wondered why the system is like this? If theres always someone willing to pay there will BE more like Mr Riaz. Recommend

  • Durrani

    oh c’mon yar now don’t be so illogical and pathetic. at least you could have read the whole case before writing a full blog! i,like anyone else, can refute your whole blog but it’s so below average that seriously i don’t want to waste my time here. you need to do a lot of research before writing something. next time please write it with open mind! :)Recommend

  • Rehan Aslam

    I strongly agree with each and every word of the writer; even more, would like to add that Malik Riaz is not just a character but a thought in a reaction of social injustices and deprivations, in fact we all carry Maliks in ourselves under the cover of hypocrisy and self-interest to get accomplish our tiny legal goals and tasks, the only difference is, somebody is a small Malik and somebody is a big Malik and this Malik Riaz only gets courage to open the chap at his own cost of benefits.

    Even if one realistically and critically analyze the current social fabric so, can find black coats and cameras perhaps as the most corrupt, crucial and damaging components of society (people may dislike but can’t defend), before the leakage of recent video both the anchors and many others like these used to speak in the tone of Firown and try to portrait themselves and their like ones as Hajis.

    It’s very easy to judge people in Pakistan, we all seem to be holier than everyone else.

    Let’s make habit to speak; face and embrace the reality and truth, So, Let’s not hate Malik Riaz yet. Recommend

  • AJC

    Yasir Karim, you are clearly an individual with bounded rationality, void of any logic and reasoning and a true example of how illiterate minds are writing opinions defending corruption. Your reasoning is if I had to bribe a govt. official, so did Malik Riaz and thus I do not hate him. WOW?? Just because you have bribed people to meet an end does not make you a law-abiding citizen. You in fact are the very reason people like MR thrive and continue to treat law as you do. Had you taken an initiative to launch an FIR when you had to bribe the first govt official, Pakistan would have been a better place.Recommend

  • B.Ally

    Ask the peasants of Takhat Pari who lost their land to Riaz at Rs 60000/= a kanal which Riaz The Takehedar sold at 5 million a Kanal. Recommend

  • Usman

    ACCEPT THE REALITY!! Ask ur Aba jaan about the real pakistan :)
    You can buy anyone here.
    Its just about KITNAY MANGTA HAI!
    Hell! i even bought a judge once!
    No big deal.Recommend

  • Maisam

    I get exactly what you are trying to say bro. We should all look at our own selves before blaming others, malik Riaz did what any of us should have done. Shame on usRecommend

  • umar wali

    a mummy daddy blogger….Recommend

  • fellow citizen

    It is very clear why you cannot hate Mr. Riaz. You are admitting you gave all those bribes BECAUSE you had no other option? You had sir. You could have waited the due process as everyone does who does not own enough money to bribe. You had an interview abroad so you bribed, that very much tells you do have a big pocket. People like you who can afford to play with this feeble system choose not to wait and then blame th system. You had the option to protest against the delayed system but that would have cost you the interview which you did not want to lose and here you are crying why you bribed. Start learning some basic fact: In order to make system smooth, you have to sacrifice some of your interests other than money. Your logic has an built-in flaw: You are inducing it out of your experiences and projecting it to Mr. Riaz’s unlawful regime expanded over decades. You simply belong to a class within this society that has enough resources to pay off and now that such a monstor has been caught, you are yelling the system is corrupt, not the man. I don’t see any logic in it sir. How wrong this system is we all know but we cannot let Riaz go clean just because you think the system has problems. If so, then release everyone out of prisons, give bail to every single accused as they are not to be blamed, according to your logic, it is the system to be blamed that they did these things. Recommend

  • Zalim Singh

    what is this about?Recommend

  • Saleem

    The most encouraging thing here is a long list of people expressing disagreement with the writer who somehow appeared supporting wrong practices unfortunately commonly practiced by almost everyone of us, but atleast this nation is alive and realises that we should not.

    So Malik Riaz or Zardari or COAS or baboos or whoever is ignoring the fact that this contrast of views is soon changing into tsunami (led by anyone, not necessarily IK) will force the system to change. AND CHANGE FOR GOOD.
    Bravo people keep hating the sin.Recommend

  • ad

    U gotta b kidding me

    I think ET shud make some citeria to qualify for posting a blog Recommend

  • http://i.imgur.com/wPohA.jpg trollol

    wah bhai wah..:D I have never read more amusing comments in my life..I am seriously jealous of the ingrained sense of morality that you people possess..:D you are all such wonderful human beings but I am sorry I have to disagree with all of you :) listen friends..Pakistan was created to be a paradise for a person with resources..this country wasn’t made for righteous people like you prophets and saints..it was made for the corrupt and by the corrupt..so please acknowlege this..and if you have problems living in this corrupt man’s paradise then please get out (like in the great words of the sage of Multan ‘who is stopping you?’)..please get lost and let us who are corrupt and immoral enjoy the comfort of this land while we still can..I would like to take the oppurtunity of this sh**ty platform and thank Quaid-e-Azam and the British for gifting me this free country where I can get things expedited with little money, where I have the liberty to bribe police officers, shoot smack, exploit poor children and live like a king..so please if you want to lead your righteous and moral lives I suggest you move somewhere else (if you want to take a shortcut: please get yourself killed and enjoy with thy Lord in the Hereafter!) Recommend

  • shaukat

    @Ali Awan:
    I absolutely agree with you dear, but the thing which is wrong in the story of MALIK SB is not that he bribed so many people whereas the thing which went against him , in our pushto here as saying goes : “if you stopped committing new ones the people would forget your previous”
    malik sb was to mind his own business why he got so compelled to play in the hands of GALANIES , so dont mind dear he is being instrumental in conspiracy against PAKISTAN either he himself or by someone else. Recommend

  • imran

    Hats off for whistle-blower (cameraman). Why blame a cameraman? Recommend

  • Omair Zia

    trash article. wasted 5 mins of my life. Akram, look at the extent of your bribes and the extent of Riaz’s bribes and then give the readers a piece of your mind.
    Surely this has to be one of the worst articles I have read on Tribune. Chief editor really needs to step up his game in passing articles and selecting writers.Recommend

  • What’s my price?

    I think anybody who has grown up in Pakistan and is settled here, would agree with the writer of this blog. We often see a lot of rubbish talk in the electronic and social media about ‘Generals’ being corrupt. There are no proofs and this is spread only on the basis of opinion developed by our champion TV anchors. Today, in the wake of Riaz Malik saga, the real ugly faces of some big mouth anchors have been exposed and there are stories of at least 19 anchors to have received huge favours from the real estate tycoon. I’ve always said that corruption is part of our social fibre and corrupt practices are rampant left, right and centre; we just can’t eliminate it completely. It is a tragedy that TV anchors who happen to be major Opinion Makers of the nation turned to be For Sale. These corrupt idiots have no sense of integrity. And in fact have the audacity to point fingers at others!Recommend

  • ovaiskhan

    i have read cant believe so wanted to say he has done all things right of bribing of illegal activities listen carefully we made compelled to give bribe not by wish and thats a huge difference between him and usRecommend

  • shoaib aslam khan

    lets see the inquiry.but no doubt we are a sentimental nation.we are on both extremes.Recommend

  • Abid Azam

    and the writer lived happily ever after writing this article. #BlingBlingRecommend

  • Danish

    Everybody has to learn in Pakistan to unfold the truth and exploit bad and if have a courage to target big bad fishes in Pakistan. Lets be truthful and honest and overcome the culture of hypocrisy.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Malik Riaz has exploited a system that has been exploited by many in the past and is still being exploited. The 2% who matter in Pakistan will support Malik Riaz the remaining 98% will fume and fret and in the end ‘this too shall pass’. We can only hope it doesn’t.Recommend

  • Realist

    And yes Lakhanies too are feeding on the state decay like Riaz Tehkedar. How can they hate him.Recommend

  • watever

    You are a meteorologist in dubai….says alot about your qualifications…i suggest you stay there and report the same thing again and again…sunny, hot and dry….Recommend

  • Shahid Jami

    @Ali Awan:

    Baharia Town(Pvt) and its owners have paid taxes at their will. Any officer starting a probe was penalised.Just look his claim of employing 21000 people and paying EOBI & Social Security for less than 500 employee. What a country?Recommend

  • Xeeshan

    A very lame article… you are just trying to say “what if he has done so many things wrong.. kuch achey kaam bhi to kiye hain…” lol…. if you talk about Bahria town… i would have admire him if this town was for a poor and middle class family… he just created luxury life style for rich people… and you are talking about electricity, then my dear fellow rich people don’t face this problem even if they are in bahria town or not. and my dear fellow, he has all the bad people in his pocket and you are saying we shouldn’t hate him??? he gave money to arslan iftikhar so he can help him get rid of the cases he has on him, so you think he done it right??? if he was right and a good person, he wouldn’t be paying money to arslan iftikhar… Recommend

  • mallika

    Thank you for showing us the other side of the picture. I agree with you 100%Recommend

  • sajid

    Agreed with Umar. Who in Pakistan does not give bribes once in their life time? Ever one has this doodh ka dhula attitude towards themselves; but they forget as long as their are Arsalan iftikhars accepting bribes their will be Malik Riaz giving them. Recommend

  • http://none Anwar

    Haven’t read such a lame article for a long time…Recommend

  • kazim

    Rishwat lene wala aur dene wala dono jhanami hain.
    Full stop.
    Dont try to justify an idiot n wrong system.Recommend

  • Mohammed Arif

    The three points;
    AA A commission as per Supreme Court will interrogate the matters relating to Arsalan. We have to wait of its findings to see who is guilty or culprit. All those documents witnessed by Kamran Khan, Hamid Mir and Aitzaz Hassan are to be scrutinised to know its authenticity.

    BB The blame against CJP by Mr. Riaz Malik about harassment must be addressed as well. Thats are 302 against his son, Reactivation of already settled case of 302 against Malik Riaz, Why all his cases are directly initiated by Supreme Court rather than through lower routs.

    CC The cash bribe, plot or vehicle given to journalists are also to be probed to know what purpose was behind it.

    The other few points are very interested like Why Qadir Gilani called him during break, other incoming calls from management or feed back calls are normals that we observe similar calls coming to politicians during any talk show. In prevailing state of affairs how a father is unaware of his only son’s activities. Doesn’t he observe an expensive car his son drives from Lahore to Islamabad to see him often and also his Europe visits and living standard even after Aitzaz Hassan discussion on this issue 6 months ago???

    After having all these matters settled, we must not end it here, we must also probe who are those high profile persons benefited from Malik Riaz and why… The only plus point goes to Malik Riaz that he came himself from UK, No bank balance outside the Country and all his assets are within the country if it is true.Recommend

  • observer

    Does no one wonder, If MAalik Riaz is the root of all evil and all corruption, Why are the Bahria and DHA dealing with him . And why are so many ‘Honest Patriotic Generals’ on his payroll?Recommend

  • http://London Pakistani

    This is the most senseless blog that I have ever read on ET…. So if we follow what you are saying… let there be anarchy and no transparent system… lets all pay bribes… I am sorry – my friend – you are completely misguided…. Recommend

  • uzma sheikh

    @Zaheer Baloch:
    Were the bahria homes and Awami villas made for the generals & bureaucrats? please open your eyes and see the system this man has developed. when are we going to learn to acknowledge the trend setters and hardworking people.
    Why didnt your govt or for that matter any common man thought of such well planned living? hum na khud kuch kertey hein na kisi ko kerney daitey hein…this is why he had to bribe and this is why he is in trouble today.
    If he would have been jazi khan,khokhar or chaudhary sahab nobody would have trouble with his any wrong doings.

    The lahore DHA was all made through ‘qabzas’ or forceful driving out of poor villagers…no body stood up then. It was a much more hideous crime for humanity as all the valuable agricultural land was acquired for DHA. In a country like ours it is an unforgivable sin but nobody talks about it…
    whereas malik Riaz who talks about utilizing barren land for urban development and leaving the agricultural land aside is a culprit….
    I dont know how we judge people…what is our criteria???Recommend

  • baboo

    well written man…straight from the heartRecommend

  • Rehan

    Totally baseless. I agree we first have to admit our system is legal then we can solve it. But in no way this curropt system should be acceptedRecommend

  • yasir akram


    Thank you Hamad. This was all I was trying to sayRecommend

  • yasir akram


    Im glad you agree with me ShariqRecommend

  • yasir akram

    @Shahid Raza:

    Thank you for making my point clearRecommend

  • http://London Pakistani

    @uzma sheikh:
    Madam. I don’t understand ur logic. If Dha has forcefully taken the land then people should complain and raise their voice. What has this to do with bahria town encroachment. Its like “why are you stopping me to commit sin when the person next door is doing the same”. I am sorry this argument carries no weight. Please go to YouTube and listen to villages whose land has been forcefully taken by bahria town. Recommend

  • yasir akram

    @Rehan Aslam:

    Some readers have understood what I was trying to say, others have not. You have gone beyond that and maybe said things that I wanted to say..felt what I was feeling and yet there was hope in your comment; hope that this will all change Inshallah. All we need to do is diagnose the disease correctly..treating it should be fairly easy if we all stick together.Recommend

  • yousaf

    @ author :: I agree when you say ‘lets not hate malik riaz YET’.Pl.also tell us how long shall we have to wait and what factors will determine for us to decide that now is the time to start hating or not to hate M.R.?.Also, Pl.explain how you differentiate abusing a government office,from the people he abused by taking away their lands by coercion through bribing the revenue department’s corrupt officials (a common practice of land grabbers).Are these corrupt officials not representatives of general public,entrusted by common people to safeguard their interests.According to your logic one has to be in the government to be hated for wrongdoing,something that one can do more freely being not a govt,servant.Moreover how do you maintain that govt.and its people are two separate entities?.Pl. wake up to the occasion,the Raj has long left who floated this idea of govt.vs people Recommend

  • AJ

    You have to be some kind of genius!!! This article is absolutely brilliant and you are super intellectual. I mean, you are SOOO RIGHT!!!Recommend

  • http://www.thejuice.ae Yasir Akram

    haha…thanks buddy..you are a genius for understanding Recommend

  • yasir akram

    I think it would be ok to hate him when we start hating everyone who gives or takes bribes in this country. There should be no exceptions to the rule..regardless of whose son or father is involved..including yours and mine.

    People who get elected to office on the pretext of ‘serving’ the nation and it’s residents but end up only serving their own interests are those who abuse govt offices. People who have amassed fortunes but don’t have a legitimate revenue stream that can justify how they have built fortresses and empires. People whose only business is politics. Others who abuse govt offices are members of police and judiciary who have at some point used their offices for any sort of personal gain. MR is a businessman who has not made any promises to anyone and is not under any kind of oath.

    Hope that clarifies my point of viewRecommend

  • http://hammadikhan.blogspot.com Hammad i khan

    “Go ahead, hate me.”

    Brother! There is an old saying that”If you put the first brick wrong the whole building will eventually collapse” My father told me that 30 years ago he applied for a job in PIA. He secured first position out of 3000 applicants but even then he was asked to give 20 rupees in order to confirm his job. My father could have easily given 20 rupees but he didn’t. he left that job. So it depends how high your moral grounds are. You can sell your “iman” for 10 rupees or you can make it priceless. The choice is yours, as u can draw millions of arguments to justify your choice. Recommend

  • Sane

    Ok. dear blogger. Let Malik Riaz be at loose to destroy this country and to create more like him. Anyways how much you were paid like Mubashir & Mehar.Recommend

  • Malika Jahanara

    @Ali Awan:
    We as a nation have been pessimistic and negative and surely we are doing the same with the case of Mr. Malik Riaz. The intention of Mr. Malik Riaz is seriously mistaken by most of us. What he has tried is to bring out the cancer of the society to the surface from underneath the
    skin. He raised his voice against the system of bribery and wanted the cure of this cancer from the nation. He never supported bribery and wanted to uproot the whole system from the top most level so that the reformation may travel to all levels and people of our country may get rid off this curse as we all are aware of the fact that people are viciously trapped in the web of bribery. He stood against this system because he was honest.
    I salute Mr. Malik Riaz for his courage and fortitude for bringing the truth before the whole nation. As nobody dared to go against Chief Justice for this powers and the mask of honesty he was wearing before his country’s men. The perfect personality for this all but few knew the truth. We as a nation should be thankful to Mr. Malik Riaz for unveiling the disguise of the top most authorities and departments of our country.
    If Mr. Malik Riaz is doing charity works then indeed he is doing welfare for the society and hundreds and thousands of people are being benefited from it. Now come to our so called politicians and beaurocrates what welfare they are providing to the common men except mounting problems on them. Let some body do the right thing and must not discourage him from doing good deeds.
    Mr. Malik Riaz achieved the dreams of people for the best living in Pakistan. He has become the icon of success and build his business empire with his own resources and with great honor I would like to quote that without sacking the wealth of nation. No body dared to question those people who did nothing at all after plundering the wealth of nation and throwing the whole country into the clutches of poverty.
    Mr. Malik Riaz has given a thought to think to the whole nation that it is the time to change the system and every one to stand against it and Mr. Malik Riaz is the first one to take the stand. Now what is our duty……. to make him stand all alone and fight against this system and loose the war he started for us because he can still keeep on bribing them as money is not a big matter for him or we need to support him to help him illiminate the garbbage. Now the dicission is to be made by us and the ball is in our court. Think wisely for the future is in our hands now……Its like now or never for we may not get another Malik Riaz who have the courage and strength to go against people of this wast status and power. Think Think Think….Recommend

  • Malika Jahanara

    If Mr. Malik Riaz is doing charity works then indeed he is doing welfare for the society and hundreds and thousands of people are being benefited from it. Now come to our so called politicians and beaurocrates what welfare they are providing to the common men except mounting problems on them. Let some body do the right thing and must not discourage him from doing good deeds.
    Mr. Malik Riaz achieved the dreams of people for the best living in Pakistan. He has become the icon of success and build his business empire with his own resources and with great honor I would like to quote that without sacking the wealth of nation. No body dared to question those people who did nothing at all after plundering the wealth of nation and throwing the whole country into the clutches of poverty.
    Mr. Malik Riaz has given a thought to think to the whole nation that it is the time to change the system and every one to stand against it and Mr. Malik Riaz is the first one to take the stand. Now what is our duty……. to make him stand all alone and fight against this system and loose the war he started for us because he can still keep on bribing the authorities as money is not a big matter for him or we need to support him to help him illiminate the garbbage. Now the dicission is to be made by us and the ball is in our court. Think wisely for the future is in our hands now……Its like now or never for we may not get another Malik Riaz who have the courage and strength to go against people of this wast status and power.Recommend

  • Saad Suleman

    Everyone loves to have their safe side.

    After the press conference of Malik Riaz, where he revealed that judges are also sell able products. The very next day supreme court had a meeting and called Malik Riaz for an answer…
    Supreme Court know well that there are few black sheep in them, So to unveil their faces and before more worse things comes out they wasted no time in referring the case to commission.

    Our Chief Justice is also a PCO Judge. We have a great problem and that is we have short memory.Recommend

  • Hammad Khan

    Lets not hate Malik Riaz YET he says… Hate him after he dosnt eventually give you a plot…?
    Im so shocked to read this that I dont know what should I even say. Recommend