Looking for General Patriot

Published: August 24, 2010

Bringing a dictator in is easy.

Did I hear someone support the next martial law to be imposed by “any patriotic general” who is willing to clean Pakistan’s political mess?

Pure genius! Why didn’t we think of this? Can patriotic general sahib also please fix the economy and increase the living standards of the people? While you’re at it, we would like to request you to uproot feudalism and fix democracy for us too. Oh oh… can we also have Kashmir? Once you clean the mess, you can hold elections and the politicians will take it from there.

By the way, since we are talking about patriotic generals, why on earth do we have unpatriotic generals in the army? Can the unpatriotic ones please leave?

Sarcasm aside, while martial laws are now considered a joke in Pakistan, another one simply won’t be funny. The many gifts previous dictatorial rules have left us are bearing fruits, even today. To have another one, that too in a situation like this, would take Pakistan another few decades back.

I have absolutely no respect for regional or religious political parties. I believe that only a party with a national face and outlook can change Pakistan’s future. The reason Pakistan will not experience a people’s revolution any time soon is because of the many divisions that exist within our society. Without a common leadership and agenda, there is no chance of things converging to any single point. That point, mind you, is the revolution.

Bringing a dictator in is easy. If the dictator turns out to be sincere, progressive and honest, that is good. If he turns out to be an individual with a rigid mindset who wants to make Pakistan his Barbie house, then everybody has to learn to live with it. Hence, you can see contrast between institutions and individuals. The only reason we can use the present government like a punching bag is because they are answerable to the public, one way or the other. A dictator has no checks on him. He can get away with breaking the country and selling off vital rivers.

A martial law can be helpful in the short run. If people want to make things stable for the next five months, a dictator may be the answer. But this has been our major drawback. Manipulated by our own emotions, we refuse to plan decades ahead. Every country’s future lies in its institutions. Today, we have a golden opportunity to make things right because we have a strong judiciary, an elected parliament and a legal President. The people sitting in these bodies will leave in a few years but we must preserve the sanctity of the foundations they are laying down.

A martial law is a gamble. Don’t gamble with your future.


Samir Butt

A former Youth Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Fulbright undergraduate scholar, freelance writer, public speaking trainer, IT consultant and marketing professional. He blogs at samiranwar.net.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • http://natashasuleman.wordpress.com Natasha

    Excellent article Samir!Recommend

  • Asad

    Reasoned and judicious. We need more objective young pakistanis like yourself to create hope. Rightly mentioned thats present govt is butt of everyones jooe becayse they are answerable to u . Good erite upRecommend

  • http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Jahanzaib-Haque/149352001744540?ref=ts Jahanzaib Haque

    This was a good read.


  • http://tribune.com.pk/story/19711/whose-country-is-this-anyways/ Syed Nadir El-Edroos

    “Manipulated by our own emotions!” love it! even our emotions conspire against us! I wonder who I should blame…………….Recommend

  • Zain S

    Democracy is pretty much a gamble in pakistan too. and that too with the same losing cards to pick from.Recommend

  • Usman

    Nice satirical article but I respectfully disagree with some of your statements. Unfortunately, many Pakistanis will not understand and appreciate true democracy until they become educated. For the average Pakistani, it does not matter whether it is a General in power or a democratically elected president. To the average Pakistani, what matters is how much does daal, chawal, sugar, roti, meat, electricity, gas, and petrol (or CNG) cost. While being ‘democratic’ the current government has failed to curb double-digit inflation, raise the education level, and provide security and justice to the masses. While the elite of the society ride through town with their posse of armed security guards and police escorts, average Pakistanis are beaten to death in the presence of the same police officials. The perpetually widening rift between the haves and the have-nots will lead to even worse times in the future. It is for all these reasons combined that the current government has become a ‘punching bag’ and not because they are answerable to anyone. The truth is they never answer any questions and if they do their run-off-the mill answers are: “Democracy is the best revenge”, “We inherited this mess from the past government”, “We have been in power for only 2 years”, and “We have been elected by the people of Pakistan and enjoy their mandate.” To me these are nothing but hollow words and lame excuses used to justify the inefficiency, ineffectiveness, incompetence, insincerity, and insecurity of the current regime.Recommend

  • Faheem J. Khan

    Its’ an unnecessary and desperate call from Altaf Hussain as he and his colleagues are getting crazy ’cause they are not running a government anymore; neither provincial nor the city government… and unfortunately they are not used to it!

    I am pleased to read such thoughts from you ‘Samir’ as it always depressed me to see people talking good about Musharraf, like our elders talk good about Zia and Ayub – but the truth is that they all have done so much ill and so little good.

    Let the institutions evolve! Let the public representatives perform! and Let the public rule! Recommend

  • parvez

    Your argument on paper sounds good but ground realities are different.
    We realy do not have much time and if our so called democratic lot do not get their act together fast something will have to give.Recommend

  • Softimage

    I think this blog can be a a good laughter for a 10 year old but the reality is that Pakistan is going through a difficult period of its history. Pakistan is threatened by internal and external forces, the mother nature has also added to its woes. In these difficult hoour the President of Pakistan went out on a vacation trip people here were dying the international community seemed more worried then our political hierarchy. The international community including Saudia and China too are on a back step. The fake degree issue has bought insult inenormous propotions. The prime minister defied the SC verdit by appointing the ousted lawmaker as his livestock adviser and went on to reappoint him. The mainland chief minister woke up only to remove the DPO when the SC took a suo moto action. I ask where are we heading for do we have any sense of direction. Does Mr.Samir Butt have any better solution under such a dismal presentation of governance. We have witnessed corruption, mismanagement and bad governance which has plunged our country into crisis of grave magnitude.
    Mr. Altaf Hussain call should not be taken as the corrupt politicians are trying to instigate, the people of Pakistan should try and understand the currebnt scenario and join hands to get rid of the 2% feudal mindset class once and for all for an ever lasting peace and prosperous tomarrow.Recommend

  • Ali Tahir

    Wonderful article. Loved the last line the mostRecommend

  • SS

    could you please define who a dictator is ? ohh of course we the pakistani would come up with the cliched one “person in a vardi” we are one obsessed nation.

    “we have a golden opportunity to make things right because we have a strong judiciary, an elected parliament and a legal President.”
    this nation has already got manipulated in the names of emotions…

    God save us from such “golden opportunity”.
    No doubt over the years this nation has already got their emotions manipulated in the name of DEMOCRACY —- THE BEST REVENGE”Recommend

  • Ali

    Loved the last phrase of this article. Thanks for writing it!Recommend

  • Samir

    @Zain… Democracy evolves. Dictatorship is a new beginning every time.

    @Usman… The problems you mention have always been there. The beauty of democracy is that no one man is in charge. If it goes on uninterrupted and loses the external influences, which it will over time, Pakistan will change.

    @parvez… What I have suggested has been tried and tested in many countries of the world.

    @Softimage and SS… Myopic vision is a curse. Recommend

  • Ahmad Haq

    I think you’ve overlooked one important fact: the reason for Altaf Hussein’s call for a martial law. I’m sure national interest or economic/political stability is the last thing on his mind.
    Altaf Hussein’s call for martial law comes at a time when thousands of displaced Pakistanis (Sindhis mostly) are pouring into Karachi. Combined with the anti-MQM sentiments prevailing among Pakhtuns in the area, MQM is probably questioning its future at the moment.
    Who knows the displaced might start a revolution in Karachi?Recommend

  • Zahid

    What Altaf Hussain said is 100% right and justified. Pakistanis does not want democracy of feudal lords, who always come into power from their constituency and in return they give nothing to their own people. A lot is being said from these shrewd politicians against Altaf Hussain, but the peoples support are increasing day by day for MQM. We want elected leaders from the 98% people not the 2% ruling class. We don’t want this type of democracy. Khisyani billi khamba noche.. PML N has resonded as chor ki darri me tinka, because MQM has routed out PML N and MMA from Karachi forever. We don’t support for this democracy where Nawaz paid money for lawyers movement, Jawed Hashmi was found distributing pamphlet against Pakistan Army.We will support any Martial like action to clean the mess. We stick to ALtaf Hussain’s statement and support him. MQM is movement and not a person or body. We have one leader who is bold enough to face any kind of situation whether inside the government or outside the government.Recommend

  • Zaki

    Its an interesting insight, but what interests me more is that the same argument is being used endless by uber-corrupt democratic political parties again and again to fool the masses. Hence its a deadlock. Recommend

  • Aatish Ali

    Its a good write in terms of a blog literature but wake up dude the reality is bit differnt. Its better to have Kiyani than Bilawals and Hassans. Recommend

  • parvez

    Samir you negate your own argument when you say “if the dictator is sincere, progressive and honest then it is good.”
    My point is that the people are frustrated and the democratic process in the short to medium term will throw up the same rotten lot – they are a known commodity.
    The dictator is a gamble – may be this time we are lucky.
    Let me be honest I firmly believe in democracy but I am also a realist.Recommend

  • http://theterrorland.blogspot.com/ Ghulam Rehman

    very nice written, loved it!Recommend

  • Samir

    @parvez… Try researching the results for the last many gambles.

    @Aatish… Do you know Kayani? Do you know how he thinks? Arguing for sake of arguing is pointless.

    @zaki… The democratic process is not perfect. But it can be corrected. A dictatorship cannot be corrected.

    @Zahid… Please argue based on logic, not emotions. A political party suggesting a martial law is nothing but hypocrisy at its best. The statement shows how hungry and desperate some political parties are.

    @Ahmad… Interesting observation.Recommend

  • Usman

    @Samir… “The beauty of democracy is that no one man is in charge” – last time I checked Zardari was in charge of everything in Pakistan. Unfortunately, “the external influences” will not be lost until we lose external dependency. For example, when you apply and are approved for a car loan or a credit card, you agree to the terms of financing and any conditions set forth in the agreement. Similarly when the Government of Pakistan asks for aid and loans from the international community, it too is bound by their restrictions and external pressures. I like your optimistic approach and pray things become better for Pakistan but I am also a realist and realize that none of these things will change until we educate ourselves, accept the facts, change the system and our psyche, and get rid of these old-school politicians who view Pakistan as their personal property. Recommend

  • Sakina

    Wow..nice article! loved every single bit of it! :)Recommend

  • http://www.tanzeel.wordpress.com Tanzeel

    Samir perhaps belong to the school of thought who hate politicians and generals equally. Throughout the year you guys curse politicians and the “system” but when someone floats the idea you despite knowing how things work in Pakistani-styled-democracy negate them and align with the same corrupt politicians who have been plundering your country since ages. You have seen what happened in Sialkot and how feud managed to save their lands by drowning neighborhood villages but you still want current regime to prevail.

    We may trust on system but people who are running us are not right. They can always be removed through “Martial law like steps” (as Altaf demanded)to bring clean politicians into the setup. What’s wrong in it ?

    Can’t judiciary (in line with article 190) and Army work on this lead ?Recommend

  • Aatish Ali

    No I dont know Kayani, but I do have good idea about bhuttos and shariefs. They have been coming up on the stage again again. I would rather take chance by going for Kiyani rather than losing out for sure by accpting bhuttos and Nawaz. Recommend

  • samima

    why do our people don’t have the concept of democracy…. why we always go for the short and easy way…. 37 years of autocracy has already damaged Pakistan so badly , it restrained our institutions from developing etc. …. and still there are people around us saying bring another “general” … of course the “political party” in favour of autocracy is the one benefited a lot during the recent autocratic regime … Institutions develop only in democracy ..though its a slow n long process, but democracy is the only answer for stronger institutions ..only developed/strong institutions means a strong state …. our common man will learn whom to vote only by voting n testing these politicians again n again. and after all
    “The ballot is stronger than the bullet” . A.Lincoln

    b/w undoubtedly very well written ... good n clear concept of democracy... very hard to find in youth these days.

  • SS

    @Samir: Just because I don’t support the “golden opportunity” you mentioned doesn’t make me the one with myopic vision… or i guess your idea of having a broader “vision” relates with the ones who “loved/liked” your article sooooo much…
    you wrote a piece stating only one picture of the side, if somebody tends to disagree, I think as a writer YOU firstly need to shed off your ‘myopic vision” and try to be open about “opinions” or rather follow the important element of the democracy which you take as a “golden opportunity.
    thank you so much!!!!Recommend

  • Aatish Ali

    hey boy try to absorb criticism as well.Recommend

  • Sarwat

    Fantastic read ! It has been a long time, since, I came across a great satirical article. I totally agree with you! Advocates of military rule might see the benefits of a quick fix. However, they fail to realize the problems and drawbacks in the long run.Recommend

  • http://www.facebook.com/pracker S. Ali Raza

    Article does not match the reality on ground. Maybe the writer should take a trip to a rural area and understand where Pakistan is headed. Media does not show everything. The demand is not for Martial law, but a system like Martial Law, where there are strict controls.

    You need $15 Billion to get back in shape from these floods, and the Parliamentarians are breaking banks on rivers to cause more devastation so more people can die, and more money can come in so they can make MORE money out of these crises.

    If you have a better solution to once and for all remove this hypocritical democratic system, then please offer, or rather lead it man :)Recommend

  • Salman

    They were all in their bills when the country was sold out, when billions of dollars were being begged from IMF. No one said a word when indian weapons being caught from bandits of TTP. No one had any concern when shameless Kerry Lugar bill was attempted to be enforced, no one made any attempt to stand against the drone attacks that are happening each day, no one had the courage to say a word when negotiations with india were going on, all on the fake mumbai drama and with nothing of Pakistan on the table, no one had any concern when the indians opened the dams to intensify the floods in Pakistan…but now…”suddenly”…it seems there are politicians in Pakistan…all suddenly came alive when the nation is so frustrated that they want to kick the looters out of the face of the country….the moment someone mentioned martial law, it seemed that all suddenly are awakened when the power under their feet is getting pulled……this is their reality..these selfish creatures, only interested in their power grab, and money, and looting, and elections…even if they have to sell the country for it, they will do it, in the hope that they may get some grab on power and money…

    These are the shameless creatures (politicians) of Pakistan. The happiest day for the people in misery today would be the news of these politicians kicked out from the face of the earth for good…on a one-way trip to the moon…!!!!Recommend

  • Kamran

    Yes our army is better at politics and running the country than the politicians. But the army sucks at what it is supposed to do… Tell me one war we have won. Lost East Pakistan, lost Siachen, lost Sir Creek, lost Kargil and haven’t been able to liberate Kashmir from the Indians.

    Our army starts wars and lets India finish the wars. 1965 we had to go to Tashkent and get a ceasefire declaration. In 1971 we lost East Pakistan and 91,000 Pakistani soldiers surrendered to India (Our army should have fought to the last man. And the surrender was such a mark of shame on Pakistan. It’s the largest surrender of any armed forces after World War II.) In 1984 Indian army captures Siachen… In 1999 Kargil conflict Nawaz Sharif had to run to Washington to beg Clinton for help. This all happened when Indian economy was growing at 2-3% gdp per year. Now Indians are growing at 8-9% for the past 10 years and according to almost all international economists they will grow at 10%+ in two years time, do you think our army has even a chance at winning a war? Pakistan defence budget is $5.2 billion, Indian defence budget is $32 billion and will only increase proportionally as their economy grows.
    Therefore our army is increasing their political experience as they have no chance of winning a war so might as well run the country which they are good at. And nobody talks about how corrupt the army is.. How in the world have all these generals like Hamid Gul, Mirza Aslam Beg, and Musharraf build these huge mansions and own massive farm houses on a military personnel’s salary. No one accuses them of corruption because they are all powerful.
    I have lost all faith in our army and generals.
    And for people who don’t believe what I said about 1965, 1971 please check this link

  • http://www.secondperspectivebyramzan.blogspot.com Muhammad Ramzan

    I think it is very irresponsible and idiotic of leaders of mainstream political parties to even think of inviting “patriotic” generals to cure Pakistan of all its diseases. One thing…I don’t think Ayyub, Zia or Musharraf were less patriotic than others and some “other” generals are more patriotic than these three gentlemen. Second thing…there is no politician “less” patriotic and “more” corrupt than any generals of our army and we know that too.
    The problem lies in the fact that we as Pakistanis have spent around 63 years under authoritarian and hierarchical governments rather than true democratic governments. The governments were always authoritarian in Pakistan whether military or civilian. The solution to overcome these authoritarian regimes is not to impose another military supervised doctrine but to let the democracy move forward. We should trust the collective judgment of 180 million people of Pakistan. With the passage of time, democracy will start taking care of itself…and NO…I don’t agree with you that we don’t have that much time….Nations HAVE that much time always…Recommend

  • http://tayyab.xenoglaux-solutions.com Tayyab

    Great Article!

    I agree with the theme that institutions need to be given time to mature and evolve. However, you wrote that “Without a common leadership and agenda, there is no chance of things converging to any single point. That point, mind you, is the revolution.” Are we talking about revolution here or evolution? What is your vision of the said “revolution”?Recommend

  • Ammar

    To all alphabets
    Democracy is the only option.Recommend

  • Ebby

    Transparency is the mother of democracy. If u want democracy then our politicians have to be accountable for all their deeds but alas, accountable or accountability words does not exist in their dictionary.

    You already mentioned in your article that we have to uproot the feudalism. I suggest all of those who scream for democracy just list down the names of Pakistani politicians’ and they will find more than 60% feudal in the list of so called politicians, so how can one expect democracy from them. This democracy equation is not valid in our part of the world.Recommend

  • Ghausia

    Normally I’m a total fangirl for you because you write well, but come on. Zardari? Really? I would gladly throw my very expensive brand new Vincci shoes at him if I could. The current government is just mucking things up, plain and simple. If the army can do a better job, then I don’t care who’s in power.Recommend

  • http://ykhan.wordpress.com Yasser

    Well we found one during 70’s who was five time prayer and tahajjud guzar and wept buckets on TV in front of people of Pakistan and came with agenda that with in three months he will hold another election but stayed for 11 years and gave us a gift 3.5 millions afghans through which we are still suffering so it’s clear there is no patriotic or unpatriotic general, General is simply General but the million dollar question is will our fate always lie in hands of PPP and PMLN whose governance and stories of corruption if i start penning down this blog space would become short of space.

    What is the solution then?

    In my opinion with current govt we are moving towards anarchy who uses the tag of democracy like a champions but when they are in the ring of problem solving they are being submitted in 1st minute of 1st round and when you questioned them their homework they have an easy scapegoat tactics that we have sacrificed our leaders and our two third majority govt was toppled.
    i am curious so you should all how the revolution in Iran and France helped them? In my opinion we definitely needed one especially when the feudal lords has done every thing in their areas to protect their lands and forced the poor to get themselves displaced.Recommend

  • SherY

    Sitting in the Air Conditioned rooms / Office we can talk this nonsense very easily.. but the reality is not like that Mr Blog Writer.
    I don’t think Altaf Hussain has directly called for Martial Law, infact its just a request for streamlining the system by throwing out these hypocrites, jageerdar, wadeeras and ofcourse Jali Degree holder and corrupt politicians. Because even i am not a worker or Blind supporter of MQM but i can believe that Nawaziez / Zardaries or choudaries will never let this happens and everybody including “YOU” know this fact and believe that the Reality is more or less the same that only Ashfaq Pervaiz Kayani Can make this dream come true
    Don’t you know Pakistan’s 75% Vote Bank is living in the Ruler areas,
    and tell me don’t you want that
    1) The Ordinary Farmers should have the right to get the actual share of their crops, why they are “ORDERED” to pay 60% to the Wadeeras? (i dont think they have been EVEN paying this much “Lagaan” during British Rule)
    2) They should have right to vote for their own choice, Why they are threaten to vote for the Wadeera or get killed?
    3) The Schools in the vicinity of these Wadeeras should not be used as Storage godown or Farms. and
    4) Children of the ordinary farmers Should be not allowed to go for higher studies like a child living in the City lke Karachi / Lahore or Islamabad? Recommend

  • Madiha Mustafa

    dude..get it right…flip thje coin n c the other side as well..
    Since 1947 Pakistan has been indulged in darkness, caused sometimes by a dictator and sometimes by a democrat. Who is more responsible? Has always been a point of ponder. If we date back in time, noticeable continuous trends in regimes can b seen. A democrat followed by a dictator, each one tackling public’s emotions and gaining his own personal benefit, while blaming the former govt for all the downfalls.
    How can we forget the contributions of our so called current president Mr Asif Ali Zardari. After so many fake promises and fake sympathy he did no good to our country.Even if we forget the inflation,water, electricity and food crisis, how can he justify his current tour to London. With much of his nation under water following the worst flooding to hit Pakistan in living memory, Zardari has been touring Europe. As helicopters rescued stranded residents from the surging river waters, Zardari choppered to his family’s chateau in France. After riots and a suicide bomber wreaked further havoc, Zardari dined in the English countryside with British Prime Minister David Cameron.
    Zardari is a critical U.S. ally who came to power just two years ago on a wave of public sympathy following the assassination of his wife, former prime minister Benazir Bhutto.
    Why can’t these alleged democrats hear the cries of all 14 million flood victims. What if all this money which were spent on organizing his worthless tour, was utilized in the welfare of those flood victims.Recommend

  • zuhaib

    Rolling on floor laughing, i wonder how extremist as a nation we are!. We want peace when there is complete violence all over, want victory when there is defeat all over, and wants democracy where more than half of the nation is uneducated and illiterate to understand its true meaning. Perhaps we have become prone to reading fairly tales and watching some nice revolutionary hit movies while we are away from watching and hearing about all the violent activities taking place in a country. And thats why talk about IDEAL things that we have read only in course books and those we listen from our so called (s)elected leaders.

    Talking solutions is easy, but understanding your target audience and then delivering and discussing solutions which will be both effective and result-oriented and fix the issue actually is the real task on hand, I believe. See the poverty level, literacy rate, access to basic necessities and overall demographics of country and then decide where do we stand and what is the first and foremost thing to tackle instead of bragging about these crap words of ‘democracy’, ‘dictatorship’, ‘martial law’.

    Whosoever rule this country, untill and unless these basic issues are not addressed, we will keep juggling between these crapy dictionary words.Recommend

  • Samreen A.Khan

    excellent article!…..specially the statement at the end ” The people sitting in these bodies will leave in a few years but we must preserve the sanctity of the foundations they are laying down.” is really thought provoking!Recommend

  • http://www.tanzeel.wordpress.com Tanzeel

    @ To all alphabets
    Democracy is the only option.

    Unless democracy streamlines by Army, this quasi democracy cannot work.Recommend

  • http://secindperspectivebyramzan.blogspot.com ramzan

    Which army has transformed the democracy of India???? And by the way do you really think there is no corrupt politician or ghundas or criminals in Indian politics? Which army transformed the democracy of America? And by the way don’t tell me there are no interest groups and mafia and corruption in USA? Did army transform the democracy of France? And by the way don’t tell me that president of France Sarkozy is not taking kickbacks? Which army transformed the democracy of Italy? And don’t tell me Mr. Berlusconi is all neat and clean like milk? Why is it so that only in PAKISTAN, we always invite army to root out the corruption of politicians? The army comes, we deliver sweets, the generals plunder even more for decades, and they can’t prove a things against these CORRUPT politicians and then the generals leave with the same politicians again responsible for handling the rot they left behind? Zaradari or no Zardari, the question is not of him but of democracy. Shall we Pakistanis never learn and lives in our so called castles of high morality? I again say, let the democracy correct itself.Recommend

  • Malik

    @Kamran you are 100% correct. Our Generals and army are useless at fighting, but very good at governing the country. Whenever the Generals are running the country are economy grows very fast as America is pumping in $$$. But they never do the job they are paid for properly. They have lost all wars. My grandfather told me that during the 1971 war Radio Pakistan and all Pakistani newspapers kept spreading propaganda that we are winning the war and that we are beating the Indians and Kashmir is within our grasp. Then came the shocking news that East Pakistan has declared independence and that 90,000 Pakistani soldiers have surrendered.
    After that news there were widespread riots in Karachi, Lahore etc. I don’t believe a word these Generals say they are all liars and cheats.
    Zia-ul-Haq said he will hold elections in 90 days after declaring martial law but he ruled for over 10 years and brought Kalashnikov culture to the country. Musharaff said he will eradicate corruption from the country and he himself built a huge palace in Chak shahzad. How did a General on a military salary afford such a huge house. A friend of mine who lives near Chak Shahzad told me that the house is worth atleast 15 crores. And Musharaff also gave NRO and withdrew all cases against corrupt politicians and officials because he himself is corrupt.Recommend

  • http://www.SocialMediaArt.net Balal Naeem

    Ok i agree but then again whats the solution?? This democracy is corrupting the institutions. They are trying to corrupt the judiciary, police is already corrupt and needs total restructuring. And i dont even hope anything from the next democracy that will come. Because they are all feudala who are not at at all in love with Pakistan but with their own bank accounts. I feel sad for my country :(Recommend

  • hakeem

    Martial Law in Pakistan? again? Never!Recommend

  • SherY


    Dear Sir, you are talking About Democracy of India, USA, France and Italy but forgets that there is no Feudalism Jageerdar/Wadeera system in any of these country. Even India kicked out the Jageerdarana Nizam in early days of their independence. Recommend

  • parvez

    Samir, as I said, at heart I am for a democratic dispensation and this process in Pakistan will take a really realy long long time. It needs a whole enabling structure to make it work.
    I like your idealism and thank you for your interaction.
    Best of luck, hope to read more blogs/opinions from you.Recommend

  • S.J.

    solution is simple give democracy a chance…..and stop cursing the feudals , waderas and chaudries….everyone knws who is the chaudry and wadera of karachi… Recommend

  • Madiha Mustafa

    @ S.J
    with due respect…what further chance do u want democracy to avail????people are dieing..i hope u do get to hear news each day..n what is our so called democracy doing????going abroad..visiting cheateus???come out of the fantasy world…Recommend

  • javaid khan

    I agree we do not need “Matial Law” to run this country but the fact remains that the last 3 years experience of having a so called democratic goverment is a complete failure.Where should we go from here, should we let the current rulers loot more of country’s wealth? and then let them run away to other countries or take some action.
    In my humble opinion there is a need for a “National govermment” consisting of honest people; yes there are still honest people present in this country.People like Dr Adeeb Rizvi,Justice Baghawan Das, Abdul Sattar Edhi.Dr Shahid Masood,Talat Hussain,Imran Khan etc who can if given a chance can rebuild this flood affected nation.Our Supreme court should stay as it is today but army can be asked to implement its orders.Take for example the issue of NRO or Fake degree,the goverment is draging its feet on these issues.According to constitution the apex court can ask army for implementation of its orders.Most waderas in the existing parliments have fake degrees and could be banned from contesting elections for next 10 years.This way we will be able to eliminate wadera culture in the country.The National goverment should stay in power for a year or so and then elections should be held under “independant Election Commission”.Army should take a back seat but support national goverment by maintaining law and order and ensuring that the elections held are fair.I am sure things will improve in the country.We have waisted 63 years of this nation by giving leadership of the country to dishonest people.This is make or break situation for the country.Lets work for bringing honest leadership in the country.We all can contribute.Recommend

  • Patriot

    @ Samir Butt: you have written your blog..now shut up and listenRecommend

  • Patriot

    sometime i wonder why are people like Ramazan so obsessed with the Indian democracy… why doesnt he understand that thier democracy is not working for 75% of their population… Recommend

  • another patriot

    control people …. this intolerance in our society is sickening …. don’t abuse if u r given the power to write and if u r given an opportunity … @patriote if u ‘ve such good ideas plz write them down in ur own blog … Recommend

  • inayat

    Indian democracy is not working for its 75% of population, what data makes you say that?
    If it is hard to mention Indian democracy, do not say something without data and idea of what it takes to be demoratic.Recommend

  • Ghausia

    India’s constitution is the oldest constitution in the world. How many times has ours been changed? I can’t even remember. They have to be doing something right, even if 75% of the population and people commenting here don’t think so.Recommend

  • inayat

    In case of India, Democracy been tested with so much mix of people (religion/caste, poor/rich, educated/under educated), there have been many policy changes, advancements and governance to the election process, it takes sometime to get the right amount of voting to get right political leadership.
    Coming to Pakistan, it need to look for “Change”, which gives more power to its people, empower people with minimum required education. I do not see a leader who can define the change and takes it to implementation (from current set of leaders)Recommend

  • Z.

    Excellent article.
    However, I think martial law is the only solution keeping current situation in mind. And I would not mind bringing back Mr. Pervez Musharraf; many will and do call him a dictator and he might even fall into a category of a dictator, but to me he was (is) a great leader, Pakistan was in much stable condition. At least, internationally people were hesitant to take “panga” or to say anything.
    Today, we have a golden opportunity to make things right because we have a strong judiciary, an elected parliament and a legal President. (this link is enough http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4urETseZ5F0)
    We had the golden opportunity. WE NEED MAJOR HELP! we truly need patriotic people, who actually love Pakistan and its People! But our people are very fond of dynasty! Recommend

  • Salman

    Democracy means a “a system of looters”, with looters being the “law makers”. If someone believes that letting this crazy system to continue will improve things in some unknown future, then he may be living in a dream world. Looters will make laws to improve themselves? And continuation of this filth means, continuation of the destruction of the country, the drowning of the people, the misery of the people to go even worse, so that some may have an experiment with this system of looters. My dear, looters will only loot. Their urge to have more only extends with time. It is time to demolish this system for good, pack these filthy politicians on a one way ticket to the moon. Military should back and install strong, loyal, true muslims, like Zaid Hamid, Gen. Hameed Gul, Dr. AQ Khan, to take control and bring the country back to where it should be..on top of the world, and that should happen soon!!!! We, as a nation, demands from the military to fulfill its responsibilities, as it is doing in the war, and in the floods, to cleanse and protect the country from its internal filth and threats!Recommend

  • Salman

    Regarding india, it is the worst system in place over there. When masses are being killed and persecuted, the politicians sit and watch and the system sleeps. It is a system to give legitimacy to a tiny minority Brahman Raj, and continue its persecution of the majority hindus (untouchables) and the muslims and christians and the maoists and sikhs and all other minorities, as well as its neighbours. Every indian neighbour has a serious problem with this country! The system of governance is in total shambles awaiting a split, and that day is not far! Recommend

  • inayat

    This blog is about what Pakistan wants , India being referred only as a point by blogger and few comments. If you think what you have written is not working for India, then oblivious you exempt that for Pakistan. You can build Pakistan with positive parameters only. Whatever happens to India (shambles, splits etc) will not help Pakistan.Recommend