Put a red dress on

Published: June 20, 2012

He asked, and asked for her to put red on.

And he asked, and asked

For her to put red on;

She smiled, and mischievously,

In white got donned.


He wanted, and wilt,

To propose to her that night;

Take her, seduce her,

Under the moonlight.


She knew, and enjoyed,

The extra attention he showered;

Smitten souls, budding love,

No more strength to be a coward.


He hoped, he prayed,

The answer would be ‘yes!’

Make vows, utter loyalty,

And not a tad bit less.


She laughed, secretly ecstatic,

Comprehending it all too well;

Preparing mind, controlling heart,

Shall she go all “Of course, what the hell”?


He smiled, he talked,

As they got into the car;

Joked well, hid jitters,

Winked, saying they were going far.


She coaxed, she cajoled,

Though not tell her, but drive not rash;

Whisking away, taking risks,

Oh what – there came a crash.


He lay, was unmoving,

Upon her shoulder, his head as it rest;

The hands, fingers unclutched,

Diamond in the palm, as if his last test.


She sat, frozen still,

Looking at the ring, breath she tried to find;

Last act, last sign,

Of the love he’d left behind.


He’s gone, like he said – a little too – far,

What had she here, if he were dead;

Eyes closed, blood flowed,

See, my love, I put on some red.


Arfa Ezazi

An avid reader and blogger who frequently indulges in poetry and Tweets @Ezazi

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Salman Khalid

    I like, the tragedy,
    the red, in the tale,
    the prose, the style,
    oh my, what a take!

    lame poetry on my part… but loved reading your stuff. Not perfection if you ask me, not that I have the right to judge perfection, but a good attempt and a good read. Thanks!Recommend

  • drenched in deep thots
  • Maaz Ahmad

    andaz-e-beyan is good… but the plot is not completeRecommend

  • http://colorsofashion.com Rabia Asif

    I liked the last line the best, before that it was a bit predictable :)Recommend

  • http://thedabbabrigade.wordpress.com RiffyR

    Wow! I love it!Recommend

  • Vigilant

    good poetryRecommend

  • http://lastrhyme.blogspot.com/ Stuck In Time

    Poetry done well, started calmly and ended with a surprise. You wrote it pretty well. hope to read more poems from you. Keep writing.Recommend

  • http://twitter.com/haroondilshad Haroon

    Dunno why,its about The Vow(2012) I got a feelingRecommend

  • Kiran Ashraf

    Very simple yet very beautiful…that is basic for me because there is no use in writting difficult words which just half of the population could understand. Well Done :)Recommend

  • Ahmad Mirza

    I would appreciate you but i do not want to encourage you with something which is all but imaginary.Recommend

  • Syedaz

    I like the fact that Tribune is now putting up fiction as well. We do not have ANY publication that promotes English fiction (poetry and prose as well), which is probably why it’s Indian writers from South Asia who are usually known worldwide for their work. If poems and short stories become a regular part of even the online version of this newspaper, it will encourage many good writers and country’s literature overall. Young writers need a platform. Not everyone can start off by getting their book published straightaway. THUMBS UP!Recommend

  • http://floodgateoffeelings muzna

    the tragiedy in the poem is heart wrenching, keep it up, proud to have a friend like you:)Recommend

  • Areeba

    the last line is my favourite one. so proud of u, ezazi. keep writing. :) and can i have an autograph please, ezazi, no wait, MISS Ezazi? :pRecommend

  • Ovais Shaikh

    I am at a total loss for words.Recommend

  • Javeria Mahmood

    OMG! its beautiful… keep it upRecommend

  • Sane

    Quite immature and out of rhythm.Recommend

  • Notso saine


    Of you, to be candid. :)

    @Poster: Great effort!Recommend

  • Ali

    He wanted, and wilt,

    To propose to her that night;

    Take her, seduce her,

    Under the moonlight.

    seriously??? Is there any way left that our media can promote vulgarity & nudity at the same time?Recommend

  • http://www.tanzeel.wordpress.com Tanzeel


  • HZ

    Its a love stroy , baby you just say yes. type!Recommend

  • Cashmere Karapet

    That is a seriously effective rhyme pattern, I’d say it connects well with the frenzied rush of excitement one can associate with young love. I’m surprised people can’t relate directly… I would judge this piece on nothing else but the passionate tragedy it exhibits, it’s not meant otherwise… All in all, Good show! :)Recommend

  • Ali Hassan

    Yaar subah subah kyun rulatay hoRecommend

  • akka

    in truth how far can inspiration go,
    rather why write fresh verse when classics exist,
    you’d hoped the word would be ignorant – but no;
    we know you nicked off of Pearl Jam’s ‘Last Kiss’Recommend

  • http://www.ibtswat.org Mujahid Torwali

    Really a great effort, full of imaginations and love, one will go in imaginations for a very longtime to enjoy some moments with his or her love… Good arfa just keep it up… Recommend

  • Parwana

    Asi Rona Chadita,,, you carry on!!Recommend

  • http://tribune.com.pk/author/2780/muhammad-adil-mulki-2/ Adil Mulki

    Reminds me of a song by Jim Reeves, “Wreck of the Number Nine”
    It was a favorie of Rashid Minhas (the youngest ever recepient of Nishan-e-Haider).

    It is eerily similar in emotional content with the poem above. More can be read about it at:


  • http://arfa-ezazi.blogspot.com The Author

    Seriously, sir? Have you ever read Shakespeare? Oscar Wilde? I think not. Though I’d really love to see what you have to say about their “vulgarity” as you so easily put it. =) Recommend

  • raw is war
  • Anonymous

    awsum…love the way its writtenRecommend

  • random1

    Oh what – there came a crash..
    very nicely put. keep it going !Recommend

  • Disappointed Reader

    ET the S* you post on these blogs is hitting newer lows every other dayRecommend

  • Somebody

    Seems from someone inspired by LAST KISS – PEARL JAM :-) though a vain effort!! Recommend

  • https://twitter.com/MariyumIftikhar Mariyum

    Where do we submit our poetry? Recommend

  • zahra.mohammed

    Dear Mariyum, you can send all contributions to [email protected]


  • Mariyam Iqbal

    One of the best poems I’ve ever read! And the best thing about the author is she’s definitely original, I can tell you! Brilliant work, Ezazi! :)Recommend

  • Sarah

    Different and deep.Recommend

  • uzmajehan

    love itRecommend

  • Kaleem

    Hmm good, but not sure, how that pic reflected on this poem, except for drawing readers attention. Recommend

  • Sir Dard

    @ET, the person you have mentioned as the wirter of this blog ,i.e., Arfa Ezazi leads to a man’s account as per your given twitter handle! Is Arfa a man’s name or is it a mistake? https://twitter.com/ezaziRecommend