Magnum Chocolate Party: Royal indulgence

Published: June 13, 2012

We were greeted by two gorgeous Belarusian girls whose stunning elegance and grace took my breath away. PHOTO: FAISAL FAROOQUI

The word ‘magnum’, when used in an informal manner, indicates something with an unusually great power or size.

But what is magnum to me?

For me it’s that little piece of heaven on a stick – an ice cream of the future. It awakens your taste buds with its smooth, silky Belgian chocolate coating that melts as soon as it hits your mouth. Then comes forth the cold vanilla ice cream in the centre that is indulgence at its finest.

So, given my high regard for this ice-cream, we happily made our way to the much awaited Magnum Chocolate Party on June 10, 2012. And boy did they go the whole nine yards with the theme, which was “Royal”. It felt as though we had just stepped into a castle with a royal banquet in session – it was perfection at its best.

The red carpet was studded with our local stars. Fabulous brand council members such as, Deepak Perwani, Tapu Javeri, Nabila, Kiran Aman, Madiha Sultan and Ayyan Ali all attended the event.

I even spotted the very ravishing Ayesha Linnea Akhtar.

It was going to be a night we would remember for a long long time to come.

Entering the exquisite hall, we were greeted by two gorgeous  Belarusian girls flown in especially from Dubai for the event. Their outfits were rather dramatic; tables and corset like dresses – something we don’t see in Karachi often. They took my breath away with their stunning elegance and grace.

The black, gold and red draping in the background further complimented the ‘Royal’ theme. Guests were generously ushered to medieval inspired tables layered with velvet, assorted maroon napkins, and gold masquerade masks which further added to the ambiance.

Fareshteh Aslam, Brands and External Communications Manager at Unilever Pakistan said,

“We want to give people royal treatment and some Magnum indulgence”.

And indeed, everything exhibited a very intricately planned and carefully executed event to further the aim the event was set to achieve.

The night’s entertainment had Ayesha Linnea, Slackistan’s starlet, and Adnan Malik hosting the event for us.

Once a brief introduction to the brand and the Magnum brand council was done, they introduced to us the entertainers for the night.

Nida Butt of Made for Stage Productions presented “A Royal Remedy”, a short musical performed to keep the guests entertained while the waiters served dinner. The short play was based in the late 1700s and was about a young princess who had lost her sense of taste. The only cure for her problem happened to be ice, milk and Belgian Chocolate. After Nida Butt’s roaring success of “Karachi: The musical“, I regretfully state that I was highly disappointed with the evening’s entertainment.

I must compliment the outfits and musicians  – they were good and up to par with with the theme. The costumes included colourful brocade jackets, long corseted dresses accompanied by white wigs which successfully brought back the colonial days to the present time.

The major disappointment, however, was the script which didn’t manage to hold the audience’s attention for too long as the chatter in the room became louder as the play progressed.

“Why couldn’t they have had something else?” asked one of the guests.

“I lost interest halfway; I expected better from Nida Butt after her last show.”

The dinner was a five course meal which started off with, of course, a Magnum ice-cream bar  served with a silk textured blueberry sauce and whipped cream. No one could help themselves from admitting that they would not mind a second serving.

However, the waiters failed to keep up with the royal theme and seemed to be in a rush to take the guest’s plates away. This was unpleasant and definitely unexpected.

After the dinner, the  Belarusian girls walked around offering guests desserts and other bite sized treats. The guests found this particular experience pleasingly different and some even were heard complimenting the idea out loud. The novelty of these girls was definitely a stand-out point of the event.

Even though there were some hiccups here and there in the management and serving faculty, the evening was one full of royalty and indulgence; it successfully managed to bring out the image that Magnum aimed to achieve.


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Natasha Carim

Natasha Carim

A 17 year old fashion enthusiast, student, part time writer and an aspiring fashion journalist who Tweets @CarimNatasah

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  • wha ?

    what is this ET ? Spare us please.Recommend

  • Hamza

    The guy’s coat in the second pic. The [email protected]#k is that!?Recommend

  • Zaid Hamid

    Chocolates are unislamic. They are addiction. No place for any type of addiction in Islam.Recommend

  • Sherry

    no comments!Recommend

  • Anon

    Finally I was wondering why I didnt see the corporate sponsorship pushing an article about this event somewhere and this blogger did it! Its kind of a joke to see such lavish extravagance over something that is essentially a choc-bar. I live abroad and even here FMCGs dont make such a huge deal over something which is a supermarket product. Here the elite need an excuse to go overboard which is no surprise considering the theme was heavily inspire by Marie Antoinette style hedonism.
    Even from a strictly corporate interest point of you, I dont get the logic of the company blowing their marketing budget over something that is just an ice cream not a sports car. If they were hoping to attract positive publicity they failed, because this even has been much mocked on the social media!Recommend

  • Zee

    @Sherry: reason??Recommend

  • Sherry

    instead of wasting on royal treatment, why dont these MNCs spend on social welfare? havent they heard about CSR?Recommend

  • Shahid Ashraf

    hmm… Not a very icecream lover, but after reading this blog, I will try a Magnum icecream!Recommend

  • Natasah Carim

    @Hamza: That’s deepak Perwani and he’s part of the Brand council thus his coat reflects the magnum pattern.Recommend

  • Fahad Raza

    When a poor are starving till death, elites are having a party for the sake of an Ice-cream.
    We need tax reforms badly, 85% income tax on those who make more than 200,000 Monthy. 98% over 500,000.
    The tax coloection should go over 60% in education 30% social welfare 10% Military.
    Then we’ll have Icecream. Recommend

  • Fahad Raza

    Collection there..Recommend

  • Adil M

    Well to tell ya the truth,… all the ruckus did make me spend Rs 85 on the product… But I do that once in six to eight months anyway! and while I was chunking it away at the increased price, I realised… hey… its just a chocbar! so what am I paying for ? buy two get one free schemes being offered at places far away from where I live? lavish parties which I’m not invited to… well … might as well eat a chocbar… or better yet… I might indulge in line with Yusuf Bawany’s methods!

  • Hamza

    Probably the same guest list would be present at the some high-class charity event in a 5 star hotel somewhere….the hypocrisy of these people is amazing… we badly need someone like Stalin to beat Pakistan into shape.Recommend

  • ali

    Wll girl in second pic thats is hit of trip…ravashingRecommend

  • Parvez

    A little bit of discrete fun, never hurts anyone.Recommend

  • Amadeus

    @Fahad Raza: How much tax do you pay?Recommend

  • kamran

    @Fahad Raza:
    Little disagree to your last collection should be like

    50% in education 50% Military. If you get these goals you will never need for any social welfare because education goal completion will make you to give others, not to take from others.Recommend

  • Fahad Raza

    Why get personal ? if you have any point kindly share.
    What you suggest wont come overnight. A point where education will take care of all the things but we would need some part of our budget for social securities if not 30% Recommend

  • Haroon

    Mindless piece! There are people sleeping hungry, kids cleaning cars, selling roses, newspapers, collecting scrap in the city and then we have mindless events like this one. Maybe it would have been better if all this ‘indulgence’ was for charity but it’s not!! Recommend

  • Sadia

    Karachi at its decadent worst … and all this for a chocbar.
    ps: i’m a karachiiteRecommend

  • 1234

    This here is a royal foul-up; a regal mess; a supreme faux pas; a magnum fail!Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    It’s their hard-earned money and they can spend it however they please.

    If you are so concerned about the starving poor, stop spending your money on restaurants and expensive household amenities, and go donate it all to Edhi. Practice what you preach, otherwise I’m inclined to believe that you’re just pouting about them having more money than you do.Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    And those who believe a Belgian chocolate bar is the same as a regular choc-bar, should mail their faulty taste-buds back to whatever Chinese dealer they bought them from, and get hold of the genuine thing instead.Recommend

  • Amadeus

    @Fahad Raza: And just WHAT do you mean by allocation to ‘social welfare’?Recommend

  • YumnaMirza

    Seriously? I’ve had the ice cream many times and yeah it’s good and yes the whole Belgian chocolate thing is awesome..but seriously? A frikkin ball to celebrate an ice cream bar?
    This is just an excuse for everyone to whip out their grand gowns and those brocade jackets they can’t wear anywhere else and hang out for hours of ” I love your hair!”, “Your dress is just amaaazing” etc.
    You get the hopeless picture.Recommend

  • Fahad Raza

    O yes absolutely.. any one who overspends money does really claim to have earned it the hard way.. nothing new about that.. and practice what you preach.. well that mean when ever you give a good charitable idea you need to show the charity receipts first to Mr Faraz “Judge” Talat or he may be inclined enough believe in unseen thing and take a Suo Moto.
    ….. well that mean only Edhi is qualified to give a good Idea.
    Its not about the Rs 85 Chocolate bar but the Overdone hyped up publicity stunt I hope judge Saab notes. Anyway..

    Social welfare my child is about helping the society in various was by the government like Public health care, taking care of the elderly, basic amenities like clean water, hygiene. subsidizing the basic commodities etc etc. Recommend

  • Amadeus

    @Fahad Raza: Somehow my first comment was not published, so I shall pass. With your insight you should definitely be awarded the Nobel Prize.Recommend

  • kaalchakra

    Finally, real Pakistan is coming to the fore even if anti-Pakistanis don’t like it. Dudes, Pakistan is not all starving. Real Pakistan has a ball and eats chocolate served by Belarusian girls. More of these please, and less of gloom and doom.Recommend

  • Shafiq

    Should I laugh, cry, smile or What?
    Please guide me! As I am totally lost now!Recommend

  • Ahmad Javed

    I ll only go by reviewing what others have commented and which I strongly find to be true to this case:

    Its only ironic that such parties and their description gets connected to Marie Antoinette and rightly so, because they are manifestation of the same aura with which she [arguably] cheeked, “why don’t they eat cake”?

    What were the brand management thinking while planning such foolishly event for a product nothing more than a supermarket product. Doing events just because your ‘friend’ thought it would be “the thing” to have strangely clad girls (read: human beings) look like tables. What are we making fun of? humans, tables or brand?

    Socialites turning up to the event do not represent anyone this brand is trying to target, i.e. masses (even SEC A & B) in the masses. Just because you had a few hundred thousands to waste, you don’t throw up parties around ‘super market’ product brands rather you do something useful and something more penetrating. CSR; heard of it?

    Bad marketing at its peak.Recommend

  • Stinky ninja

    the highlight of the party was definitely the Belarusian girls, we’d sell half the country for a dozen of those! Just ask anyone in Goraland about our foreign delegations extra curricular activities!!!Recommend