Naach: Lollywood dancing to the beat of success

Published: June 12, 2012

This movie will be the first ever to embark on a genre exploring the performing arts in Pakistan. PHOTO: SCREENSHOT

I am a big fan of Pakistani movies, and I am not embarrassed in the slightest to admit to this. However, for the past few years – like a decade or so – I have not come across many quality movies in terms of script, performance and concept.

Khuda Ke Liye, Bol, Yeh Dil Aapka hua and few other movies were technically sound and showcased strong scripts and some impressive performances. The rest,  and I say this with deep regret, were typical in that they offered no quality content to the audience.

A few days ago, I was enlightened about the trailer of Naach – a joint venture by Nasir Teherani and Manduck Collective Films.

It came as a complete surprise to me to watch a few of our finest actors delivering some great dialogues. I must add here that the Pakistani film industry once had amazingly potent dialogues back in the 60’s up till the early 90’s, but after this, they just fell flat. With Naach, I am hoping to see a revival in good dialogue.

This movie will be the first ever to embark on a genre exploring the performing arts in Pakistan. It showcases the talents of Javed Sheikh, Shaan, Momal Sheikh, Noman Butt and Komal Rizvi, along with many other glittering stars.

This movie is based on passion, dance, romance, inspiration and imagination.

I am truly excited to see what is in store for us!

The trailer of the movie itself is very appealing and interesting. It builds up the curiosity for the movie – which in itself is a generous victory for our film industry. Let us not dwell  over the debate over the originality of the concept or its inspirational adaptation. Just consider this movie as a move towards a brighter future for our cinema.

Javed Sheikh is definitely amongst the finest actors of our country. I have liked him since the days of his television drama  ‘Shama’. The way he is seen delivering his dialogues in Naach is commendable; his voice and his gestures will undoubtedly impress you the way they have managed to impress me.

Moving on, Shaan, I find is the most sensible actors that we have ever had. He has, undoubtedly done a remarkable job in maintaining and increasing the viewer-ship of Pakistani films. Whether it was Guns N Roses, Very Good Dunya Very Bad Log, Tere Pyar Mein, Ghoonghat, Khuda Ke Liye or Moosa Khan, Shaan has always tried to give a well composed and genuine performance as per his character’s requirement. It is a shame that Pakistani directors fail to offer him roles that reflect his true calibre as an actor.

Many will question the choice of mature and older actors like Shaan and Javed Sheikh in a movie about dance without once thinking that these actors actually have substance in their acting and are well versed in what they do.

Why is that we didn’t question Shah Rukh Khan’s role as a hockey coach for a women’s team?

Aren’t Al Pacino and Richard Gere still acting and taking up challenging roles?

It is because these “old” and “mature” actors have way more experience and versatility than the few younger ones whose looks are more potent than their acting skills.

To all those critics my humble advice is to try promoting Pakistani films especially when they are worthy of praise. It is our responsibility to help restore, respect and honour our film industry, especially when our country needs an avenue where Pakistan can be seen under a more positive light.

I am ardently looking forward to this movie, and I hope those who appreciate quality movies stemming from Pakistani cinema are feel the same way.

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Shafiq Ul Hasan

Shafiq Ul Hasan

The author is an avid movie lover and reviews films and dramas regularly. He is a professional digital inbound marketer. He has worked with a silicon valley-based social network as a content analyst. He blogs at and tweets as @shafiqulhasan81 (

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  • ihtisham khan

    what is lollywood man….pakistan film industry…when a nation can’t even come up with thier own name how can we expect a good movie from them..lollywood…seriously…Recommend

  • Ellison

    well done ShafiqRecommend

  • Raheel

    The cinematography seems so bad then what’s the use of seeing this prdouct.Recommend

  • reader1

    How can they expect anyone to take them seriously if they can’t even spell “starring” and instead use “Staring Shaan” …that was unintentionally funny! Recommend

  • Whats in the name.

    As some body pointed out the other day it is indeed LOL….lywood.

  • Shariq

    @ihtisham khan:

    And ‘Bollywood’ is original? LOL!Recommend

  • Parvez

    If we don’t support our industry, how do we expect it to improve ? Thanks for the write up.Recommend

  • Knotty

    If your house is small compared with a palace of someone else, will you demolish your home?
    Our film industry is OURS, Bollywood can never be ours! that belongs to India!Recommend

  • Knotty

    @ reader1

    People like you never saw anything wrong with Bollywood’s English!!
    bollywood’s blockbuster films have spellings like: ‘I don’t want to LOOSE you’. I never saw anyone saying how can we take Bollywood seriously!
    Why we Pakistanis are so self-hating????Recommend

  • Shafiq

    @ Ellison! Thanks!
    @ Parvez! Thank you! There will be more in future insha Allah!

    @ Ihtisham! I don’t think you “can expect” anything from this nation! Because it is full of people with same attitude i.e. not owning their own products! Whether they are movies, cotton, sugar, education or even humanity. So! don’t worry this wasn’t for you! Plain and simple! It will be much wiser and sane for you to read other stuff where Pakistan is only criticized as many of us “LOVE TO JUST CRITICIZE – Where We Earn, Eat and Live”

    @What is the Name! Yeah Serious LOL for “SOME BODY” hehehe!

    @ Raheel! Cinematography? Do you know the kinds of Cinematography? Have you studied film making? If you would have then you must have not commented that!

    Guys! I am not saying that every second product is good! But if any product is better than the rest, it must be appreciated so that the producers come to know the taste of the customers and business prospects!

    I respect all of your comments because you must have some backing behind them! But I have the right to share mine as well! Tit for Tat

    keep commenting – Loving it…Recommend

  • Knotty

    Most of Tamil films are rubbish and are full of Masala (see them on youtube), yet they are prospering and have become big like Bollywood because Tamil People support them.
    Tamil people don’t say: ‘Why we support old strange looking heroes like Rajni Kant and foolish actions!
    Support your industry and it will grow. Hate it and you will start hating yourselves!Recommend

  • Midz

    Very nicely written.
    And all those people who are against their own movie industry, it proves that they lack both aesthetic and patriotic sense!
    If your Kid fails in any exam, do you disown him? Answer is evident with your (most of your) comments!
    Good Work Shafiq!Recommend

  • Abdulah

    love itRecommend

  • Anoop

    The women in the pictures are wearing sarees. The Saree is a thoroughly Indian wear. Do many women wear the Saree in Pakistan? Or, they are overly represented in Pakistani cinema?

    I wonder what is the stand of the local Mullah about the Hinduised Saree.Recommend

  • Red

    The sari is not a “Hindu” dress. Bangladeshis wear it quite commonly or didn’t you know? In Pakistan, it is mostly worn on special occasions although a few rare women do prefer it as day-to-day as well. Recommend

  • Shafiq

    Mullahs have nothing to do With Movies (as they are not permissible in Islam) – so the point of raising questions about wearing Saarhees is way too baseless. Just like Brahmans stay quiet when a Hero (Brahman) Marries a girl from other (Lower) caste in Bollywood flicks… though in reality it creates riots in unprivileged parts of India! For Reff. watch “Aakrosh” released in 2011.Recommend

  • Amina

    I agree with Shafiq that Mulahs have nothing to do with movies. But still they consider it their “responsibility” to criticize media and all that it is showing. I wonder how do they know about the vulgarity in our films when these are forbidden by Islam and they are the ones against them..Recommend

  • Shafiq

    As far as the “responsibility” factor is considered! It is their Religious responsibility! In fact it is the responsibility of every Muslim to condemn! But unfortunately most of us are not practicing Muslims, (Practicing – as per the code of Holy Book – Only offering prayers 5 times a day is not complete code of Islam!)
    Why They know these things – simple! After all they are human beings, driven (to certain extent) by their “NAFS”. Just like Censor watches everything and then edits it for the (SAFE/UNIVERSAL) viewership.
    I hope I tried to clear the point!Recommend

  • Filmmaker

    The film looks good, cinemetically. I mean there are a few weird shots here and there but overall its not too bad. So whoever is saying that cinematography is bad. Ich dont think so. And for, the acting. Its terrible. Specially that girl and the young guy! Recommend

  • Filmmaker

    Well for that person who mentioned the “cinematography” is not up to the standard. It looks pretty good to me!! I do feel that some shots are lazily shot, and too many visuals are repeating in the trailer. I just feel the acting is terrible, specially the girl and the guy. I dont feel Shaan is a very good actor either! Pakistani films should work on acting and stories!Recommend