Why Israel and Pakistan can never be allies

Published: June 13, 2012

There is a wide misconception that the clash over the holy land is solely between Muslims and Jews. The fight is for human rights who everyone has the right to defend. ILLUSTRATION: EMA ANIS

In 1947, Israel’s founder, David Ben Gurion sent a telegram to Muhammad Ali Jinnah in an attempt to establish diplomatic relations with Pakistan. The telegram was initially ignored and to date, Pakistan still refuses to recognise Israel as a state. 

Ben Gurion was allegedly quoted in The Jewish Chronicle in 1967 on his view of Pakistan:

The world Zionist movement should not be neglectful of the dangers of Pakistan to it. And Pakistan now should be its first target, for this ideological state is a threat to our existence. And Pakistan, the whole of it, hates the Jews and loves the Arabs. This lover of the Arabs is more dangerous to us than the Arabs themselves. For that matter, it is most essential for the world Zionism that it should now take immediate steps against Pakistan.

Whereas the inhabitants of the Indian peninsula are Hindus whose hearts have been full of hatred towards Muslims, therefore, India is the most important base for us to work from against Pakistan. It is essential that we exploit this base and strike and crush Pakistanis, enemies of Jews and Zionism, by all disguised and secret plans.

This famous quote has never been verified and many Israeli academics dispute its authenticity. However, it is a well-known fact that Israel is not favoured by Pakistan. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at the recent blog published on The Express Tribune about Israel.

Over the years, I have heard many arguments regarding the Palestine-Israel conflict. From holding Hamas and Fatah accountable for internal bickering between the West Bank and Gaza Strip, to blaming all Arabs for being arrogant towards south-east Asians as a whole – therefore the Palestinians deserve the unrest and the injustice. And above all the arguments is the one that takes the lead; Jews have the biblical right to a land that was promised to them by God.

To explain these reasons to a Palestinian living off UN handouts in a refugee camp in Lebanon or Jordan would be an insult and borderline insensitive. Imagine having your culture and livelihood taken from you and being expelled from your land. Or, to be degraded daily by the Israel Defence Force in checkpoints strewn across the occupied West Bank and have your child shot by Israeli extremist settlers in Nablus.

Human rights violations are rife despite Israel portraying itself as the beacon of freedom in the eyes of the international community. Israel would have you believe that Palestinians are all terrorists and it’s only defending its citizens from suicide bombers and Islamic extremists.

The reality however is very different.

There is a wide misconception that the clash over the holy land is solely between Muslims and Jews. There are over 300,000 Palestinian Christians in the disputed territories, along with many more living abroad. They too are discriminated against equally as their Muslim counterparts. Israel uses sophisticated lobbying from institutions such as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) to portray Palestine as the aggressor.

Then comes the question, ‘Would it be in Pakistan’s interest to recognise Israel, like countries who already have such as Egypt and Jordan?’

If not for economic stability, then maybe to increase its list of allies?

I would have to say no.

Not because of the Muslims versus Jews debate, or the ties many people have to the third most holiest site in Islam, Al-Aqsa Mosque, but based more on a human level.

If it was the other way around and Palestinians were occupying a land by killing innocent civilians and begrudging them their basic human rights in the 21st century, I would reiterate my decision regardless of religion or race.

We cannot let our names represent an apartheid regime and ethnic cleansing of Palestinian people. We should push for peace in one of the most complex conflicts of our time, and simultaneously hold Israel accountable for its actions – something which the UN repeatedly fails to do.

I must also emphasise that I’m not anti-semetic and I don’t agree that Jews are our enemies either. Zionism and Judaism are two very different concepts. To simplify things, all monotheistic beliefs are from the same maker which renders the fight over religion pointless; hate will only brew more hate.

This is a fight for human rights who everyone has the right to defend.

Pakistan itself has a tainted slate when it comes to human rights. But it wouldn’t get any closer to making amends by forming an alliance with Israel either. And as for improving Pakistan’s image externally, well maybe we should focus on procuring a change from within first and then worry about what image others have of  us.

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Zab Mustefa

Zab Mustefa

Zab Mustefa is a British journalist who specialises in women's rights and culture. She tweets @zabmustefa (twitter.com/zabmustefa)

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • http://www.facebook.com/TimesOfLahore Faizan Ali Warracih

    So what’s the point .Should Pak-Israel become friends on human levels . They hate us and we hate them too .thing is their any single point to be friend of Zionist .They claim they are superior race and labeled us as third world country .Come on , but yeah i agree on this point , we should open debate about this topic ,issue Let the debate go on ..Recommend

  • Alami Musafir

    A sound and logical piece on a controversial subject. Well done for thinking the matter through, correctly identifying the pitfalls and not falling into repeating received wisdom (read claptrap implanted by propaganda) which so many of us do. Its high time that people speak the truth as you have done. Bravo, once again.Recommend

  • Fahad Raza

    In total agreement with author. Kudos for bringin up the real humanitarian issue of that region. Do wait for the onslaught though..Recommend

  • apj

    Whose saying to be pals with Israel. The idea is to recognise it as a state especially since it is not going anywhere in the foreseeable future. Why can the countries not live and let live. Recommend

  • Love

    Love the graphic – wowRecommend

  • Usman

    Unfortunately, the innocent people of Palestine are suffering because of the violent and war-mongering policies of Hamas and Fatah. Truth be told, there are internal conflicts as well. If the Palestinians truly want peace, they would have to make some compromises. Like it or not, one can not expect to win against Israel in this matter. If the UN is unable to do anything, what on earth can Pakistan accomplish? Recommend

  • Usman

    Furthermore, as you have stated in your last paragraph, we should not judge Israel when our human rights are messed up as well. Recommend

  • http://lonepkliberal.wordpress.com Loneliberal PK

    It’s curious that in order to elicit a negative response from Pakistanis towards an act of human rights violation, it is imperative that Jewish people be somehow involved in it.

    You wouldn’t expect Pakistan to rethink it’s relationship with Turkey for displacing, by its own admission, three million Kurds from their homes from six thousand villages.

    Nor would you expect Pakistan to wag a finger at Syria for its relentless use of military force against its own civilians. Why did Pakistan not forsake Gaddafi, and not deport the Chinese ambassador following the incident at Tienanmen square in 1989?

    So that is all perfectly acceptable, but we are too high and holy to recognize Israel because of its history of human rights violations? Hmm…I wonder if there’s something else about Israel that we don’t like.Recommend

  • Confused

    Well, I doubt we would care much if it was Jews vs. Christians to be honest. Islam first, humanity second. /sRecommend

  • Peace for all

    Totally right! Israel is not a democracy and we should never forget that.Recommend

  • Talha

    Another one of those who are high on conspiracies by watching “The Arrivals” and using human rights as a garb to make their paranoia driven views known.Recommend

  • Pirzada Hasaan Hashmi


    Good Blog , i am very happy that you have write this piece because that will grow the debate which i started and people will see arguments from both of us which will make them able to look at both sides of the mirror .

    Still i will stick what i wrote in my blog , Pakistan should have diplomatic ties with Israel , because if Pakistan have any issue with Israel , we can raise that issue much better if we have a diplomatic relation , & if humanitarian grounds are the problem of Relations with Israel then why Pakistan is having diplomatic ties with india as india have humanitarian issues in many parts , still you are giving it MFN Status .

    Why pakistan have ties with North Korea where u can find thousand stories of human rights violations , there are many examples i can give you

    This all give us a summary that sometimes you have to look in broader prospect while having or establishing diplomatic ties with a Country Recommend

  • Rafa

    I’m not Jewish, but who would want Pakistan as their ally?Recommend

  • http://zaidzamanhamid.wordpress.com/ Pasha

    Ben Gurion was allegedly quoted in The Jewish Chronicle in 1967 on his view of Pakistan:
    The world Zionist movement should not be neglectful of the dangers of Pakistan to it. And Pakistan now should be its first target, for this ideological state is a threat to our existence. And Pakistan, the whole of it,

    You should really see this: http://aacounterterror.wordpress.com/intro/

    Dont go by what Ahmed Quraishi and Zaid Hamid says, use you gray matter. This is a lie spread by the ultra-nationalists that only makes Pakistanis look stupid with these kind of theories.Recommend

  • http://zaidzamanhamid.wordpress.com/ Pasha

    If it was the other way around and Palestinians were occupying a land by killing innocent civilians and begrudging them their basic human rights in the 21st century, I would reiterate my decision regardless of religion or race.

    Hey that does sound like Balochistan, ain’t it?Recommend

  • Rehan

    “This famous quote has never been verified and many Israeli academics dispute its authenticity.”
    This should have been the end of your argument, in my honest opinion.
    “However, it is a well-known fact that Israel is not favoured by Pakistan.”
    Well, that’s news to everyone, young lady. Pakistan and Israel have long had covert military and diplomatic ties, and rightly so.
    “Pakistan itself has a tainted slate when it comes to human rights. But it wouldn’t get any closer to making amends by forming an alliance with Israel either.”
    If human rights violations are such a huge concern, Pakistan should immediately cut off all relations with China, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, etc. I mean, according to your argument, having relations with these countries is further “tainting” Pakistan’s human rights slate, correct?
    Warm Regards,

  • faraz

    Ben Gurion could never have made such an idiotic statement. In 1948, Pakistan was not an ideological state. This term was first coined in 1970 by General Sher Ali Patuadi, the information minister of Yahya Khan, to counter Bengali nationalism through Islamic rhetoric. Pakistan doesn’t have the capacity to influence its neighbors except for the failed state of Afghanistan, and that too through the proxies nurtured during CIA jihad. And why would Israel feel threatened by a staunch US ally during the cold war?

    In 1970, during Black September, General Zia (grand daddy of our jihadi groups) led the Jordanian army that crushed PLO in Jordan, killing 12,000 people. AIPAC should lobby for aid to Pakistan because of that ‘gift’ we gave them. Senator Charlie Wilson (playboy and founder of Afghan jihad) negotiated an arms deal with Israel under which Israelis sold captured Soviet made weapons to Pakistan.

    I think secular Jews must study Pakistan to educate their masses how Jewish mullahs are a threat of them.Recommend

  • Ordinary Villager

    The problem with the Pakistani policy makers and also with our writers is that we love to discuss Global Politics without comprehending that Our country is in ruins and we first have to focus on only one thing and that is Development of Pakistan. We dont want to put our house in order and our people are dying of hunger and poverty and our sane minds are so busy in discussing that how we should behave globally. Believe me I have met some Israelis in my life and they are just like us. They dont even have evil horns on their head like we suppose in Pakistan. They are human being like us but it is all about Politics and both in Israel and in Pakistan religious figures are creating havoc. In Israel their religious elite always told them that Dome of Rock’s foundation stone is the ultimate reality and for that reason Palestinians must be expelled from Jerausalem. In Pakistan our evils are Ahmedis, Shias and Yahoodi Saazishain and of course West. Both Isreal and Pakistan have to get rid of their Religious ideology of Hatred and Oppression and also they should abandon their thoughts of paving the way for Messiah or Imam Mehdi and other countries should follow suit and the world ultimately will be a better place to live in without Religious Bigotry. Recommend

  • Zeeshan

    pakistan has no place befriending israel. sounds so childish anyway. like who is friends with who on the playground. the writer is correct in saying this isn’t a war about religion. israel’s way of treating palestinians comes before any alliance and pakistan will never forget that. god bless palestine.Recommend

  • http://mezaajedeen.blogspot.com Tribune Reader

    Well read, I must point out though that the conflict in the Middle East is without an end. It will be a matter of time before the remaining world community establishes diplomatic ties with the Zionist state, the unfortunate fact of the matter is that even though the state was formed at grave injustice to the Palestinians, it is legally recognised by majority of the world’s nations and was awarded Nation hood status of recognition by the UN in 1948. This conflict will never end, even by some miracle the 2 state solution is revived, it will remain a conflict without an end. This generation of Arab Israeli’s and Palestinians might forget about the injustice their ancestors had to endure at the hands of Zionist settlers from Eastern Europe but future generations when they learn about this, they might not be so forgiving. Recommend

  • geeko

    Lol @ that quote which puts Pakistan in a sanctified messianic position as Islamic world’s thakedaar, usual.
    Israel has gone too far for Pakistan, we probably need them more than the other way, you don’t base your foreign relation menu on emotional claptrap and populist rhetoric – the whole world knows what China’s doing in Tibet, but can they refuse the money ? More eloquent, the same for India in Kashmir – do you know how cordial the Arab countries are with India ? Yes, our “Ummah wale bhai” (who call you miskeen in their countries, anyway.)

    Be rational and pragmatic, even if Israel’s State policies concerning the Palestinians are criminal, Pakistan shouldn’t sacrifice its prosperity for such ideals.Recommend

  • Yonathon

    Okay I’m Jewish and I really like this article. I follow the anti-Zionist branch of Judaism Neturei Karta that doesn’t believe in the State of Israel. When Jews were killed and tortured in WW2, we should’ve learned from that and vowed to treat others with great kindness. That doesn’t happen in Israel. It’s a paranoid state, built on lawlessness and insecurity. Israel has nuclear weapons but Iran can’t have them. Catch 22 of who is best friends with who. Pakistan really wouldn’t gain anything in having Israel on their side, trust me.Recommend

  • Mustafa Moiz

    Though I agree with the author, I would like to point out that there are other countries that are worse than Israel in this regard. I would specifically like to mention two, Syria and Iran.Recommend

  • Muhammad Hassan

    Welcome to the real world ma’am, where might is right. Israel is a reality and commands respect across the Western world. Pakistan would do well to be associated with this “apartheid” regime. Recommend

  • Shazia H

    Looks like a counter argument against http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/story/11792/why-pakistan-needs-israel/

    And this one makes more sense. Pakistan doesn’t need Israel thank you very much. We’re fine without them and the only reason they are seen as so amazing by the west is because they are supported by America. The US gives them like $3 billion for their military.

    We don’t need that money.Recommend

  • Adil Mohammed

    We don’t need Israel and we certainly don’t need their dirty money or “friendship”. When they get out of PALESTINIAN land, that’s when we can be on “friendly” terms with the Zionists. Oh but wait, that’s the whole idea of Zionism. It’s a modern day form of colonialism. Steal the land and put your own selfish interests first. Blame the Palestinians (both Muslim and Christian) as the oppressor terrorists. Palestinians didn’t create Nazism and the Holocaust. So stop using it as an excuse to occupy their land.

  • manish

    Christianity, Judaism and Islam originated at around the same places in same kind of settings, though thousands of years apart, share the same legends and beliefs. but they are yet to learn how to live peacefully with each other.
    contrast this with religions of east: a follower of confucious believes in lao-tse and his teachings, though he may be a buddhist by faith. a hindu takes equal pride in ASHOKA THE GREAT(buddhist) and CHANDRAGUPTA MAURYA(JAIN), as much as pride he takes in GUPTA EMPIRE(HINDU).

    what Jews are doing right now is the same treatment meeted out to them at the hand of Christians and Muslims in the past. the first stone for this enmity was laid down the day Moses came with Ten Commandments.Recommend

  • American Desi

    Israel and Pakistan have so much in common that they could be considered siblings in the comity of nations. Both are founded based on narrow ideology of religion and both have the same fascist approach towards the minorities. Moreover both the countries survive as parasites leeching on the western world. Both of these countries are gift from Abraham to the World to crate strife!Recommend

  • Tanvir

    You forgot that zionists are at the forefront at inciting hatred against Muslims in the west. Go research on who is behind the multi million dollar Islamophobia industry. Recommend

  • http://www.salmanzq.com salman

    you start your whole piece with a quote that is disputed and likely untrue. Says it all? We can’t have peace until WE first change our view of the world. You raise the point about Israel’s track record. The truth is most ‘Muslim’ and ‘Islamic’ countries we are friends with have far more atrocious records. Having said all, I do appreciate that at least you are moving away from the muslim vs jew debate. Hopefully your mind will continue to open. Cheers!Recommend

  • mr. righty rightist

    Good good.

    So, you support Palestinian cause?

    You ask palestinians and they will ask you “who is Pakistan?”. You ask most non-subcontinental muslims about Kashmir dispute, either they support India or they have no idea what Kashmir dispute is.

    That’s the Ummah you live in. Nobody cares about Pakistan. Nobody likes Pakistan. Not Uyghurs, not Palestinians, not Syrians, not Iraqis, not Egyptians and not Afghanis.

    Oil rich Arab countries treat you Pakistanis as filth.

    Yet, you want to take on Israel to please the people who care nothing about you. Strange!Recommend

  • Truth hurt

    hypocracy at its best… while you are making big claims about not having good relationship with other countries becoz of human level .. why do you maintain good relationship with all the dictators around the world. Why Taliban was recognized by Pakistan as the legitimate govt in Afghanistan (only 3 countries in the world recognized it)? Recommend

  • amit


  • mr. righty rightist

    By the way, this article is written as to mean “Pakistan is friends with every country in the world except for Israel and Pakistan doesn’t need Israel.”

    Funny. I wonder why Pakistanis discuss more about Uyghurs, Palestinians and Kashmiris and less about Mohajirs, Balochs, Pakhtoons and Sindhis?Recommend

  • mr. righty rightist

    @Pirzada Hasaan Hashmi

    Are you really the writer of the first article?

    My god! There are more grammatical errors in your one single post here, than the rest of the comments all combined.Recommend

  • antony

    @manish, a slightly off topic comment you have given and here is my rebuttal. Jews/christians/muslims were living peacefully at the same place jerusalem for some centuries under some rulers and fighting in some other era under different rulers .Moses ten commandments is just set of guidelines to like dont covert your neighbhour’s property,love thy god etc is for people to follow and not rules of the ruler. Kings ruled the kingdom as they pleased so to speak. Coming to current scenario in jerusalem yet it is a conflict touching upon nation ideology as well as religious differences ..Peace can come through religious teachings of peace found in Torah,Quran using Ten commandments but its not happening because of the same kingdom mindset of holding territory . Coming to India of pre mughal era there were many kingdoms (ruled by buddist,jain,hindus) and also holding territory and fighing each other at certain times. Now current India which is a nation state with clear boundaries to most extent holds jains,buddists,hindus,muslims ,christians,sikhs in plural and harmonious way which as an Indian christian I am proud of.) . Coming to east where confucious followers do fight among themselves or other tribes throughout centuries in the past which you can search through google.. Christians too fought as nation states in world war 1,2 and civil war in US ,protestant vs christian kings in europe of 15th century ..The underlying point is Nation states or kingdoms fought previously and are fighting now .Religion might play a part in hate but not the sole factor in fight. Last point Nepal is more close to china than India if you analyse last decade’s geopolitics.Recommend

  • Maria

    @Faizan Ali Warracih: Israel is a reality and Pakistan should accept the reality of the Israeli state. I have Jewish friends in the same way I have Hindu and Christian friends. We all share the same planet and ignoring each other is never the answer. If Pakistan wants to influence Israel to come to an accomodation with Palestinians, they need to maintain peaceful relations.Recommend

  • Proud Atheist

    Lol!!! If human rights is the chief concern of Pakistani nation, why Pakistan is friends with China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia? Its called hypocrisy not concern for human rights.Recommend

  • amused

    A big LOL at the hypocricy!!!! you are allies with a communist atheist country which has been occupying and brutally suppressing tibetans.How many tibetan monks have set fire to themselves in past year but i see no sympathy from you pakistanis.please be honest and tell the truth.Recommend

  • Barekzai

    What repugnant hypocrisy do I read again today from yet another Pakistani! For your information, the Kashmiri issue would be non-existent if it hadn’t been for Pakistan raising proxy militias to false-flag a “war for Kashmiri independence” that is directed against India with the sole purpose of Pakistani expansionism. You talk about Israel’s behavior towards the Palestinians with crocodile tears at the ready, when in fact you turn a blind eye to China’s treatment of the Uighur Turkish Muslims. Your state is ruled by a dictatorship that holds on to Afghan and Baluch lands by crook, lies and by force, whilst you’ve been unleashing terror into Afghanistan by aiding, abetting and directing the Taliban to murder Afghans.

    The Pakistani military establishment cares nothing for Palestinians, Kashmiris, Turks, Afghans, and most importantly, their own people that they hold in greatest of disdain. The truth is that by raising the Palestinian issue, Pakistanis are essentially begging the Arabs and other anti-Isreali regimes to support a friendless and unlovable Pakistan that is heading full steam ahead towards a brick wall. Go with your strength!Recommend

  • amit

    ya i agree your mostly point but i am not agree that hindu/buddhist/sikhs/jains fight each others name of religion unlike jews/muslim/christen they fight each in last 2000 years.and ya you are wrong nepal (common people) most pro indian country in subcontinent (google latest gullop search).and i have persnol experince alsoRecommend

  • http://www.riazhaq.com Riaz Haq

    While Israel and Pakistan were created as homelands for world’s Jews and South Asian Muslims, the founding fathers of both nations were quite secular in their outlook. Neither Ben Gurion nor QA M.A. Jinnah envisioned their nations as theocracies.


  • Kamboh

    What the hell you are saying that Israel is a reality and Pakistan should accept the reality of Israeli state! You have kept relation with (jewish/Hindus/Christian) them, it is your interest. You don’t have the right to impose your own decision on Pakistan. Israel is an illegal state, this is the reality which you will never accept. What is the level of insanity, (we all are sharing the same planet), Why we? why they are not sharing “the same planet” with us/Palestinian? Insanity again….Peaceful relation with Israel. :Recommend

  • manish


    almost each and every word that you wrote is true, and i fully agree with them.

    however, what i meant was that the special status desired by their gods. that they are the supreme and what they command is actual truth, and the rest is just idiocy. and in nutshell i meant, will you ever bow down in a gurudwara, or in a sufi shrine, or will you ever visit a temple… i have done it all and come to conclusion that if there is a GOD he would not demand from me an implicit obedience. he would be glad that i am using his greatest gift to mankind to speculate on all possibilities.

    however, i am not a religious type, nor do i intend to use this forum for any religious bigotry. all i like is to read other people debate and add to my knowledge base.

  • Truth Teller

    Writer is ill informed about the ground realities! There is much more concrete relationship between two countries as declared in open! Arabs even Saudis have close relationship with Israelis.Recommend

  • sherrry

    outstanding effort, brilliantRecommend

  • manish

    Last point Nepal is more close to china than India if you analyse last decade’s geopolitics.

    that has got more to do with the maoist movement in nepal than anything wrong that we indians did to them. also most of our nepali brothers work in india, and send money to nepal from india, and even then, if they feel they are closer to chinese i am not the one to get angry because nepal is a sovereign country, and can do what pleases it.

    on a sidenote, i read that during 1962 attack on india by chinese our communists supported china, and later on they went to rule bengal for 3 decades on the trot. so it’s more about political ideology, than religious affection.Recommend

  • maestro

    I agree. This is not about Jew vs. Muslim – we are all people of the book with the same prophets and same God. Just different versions like windows xp. vista and 7! lols. But violation of human rights cannot be tolerated anywhere – whether it be in Israel, Pakistan, India or elsewhere. The OIC has already said that all muslim countries will recognize Israel once they return to the 1967 borders – yet they wont even consider that idea. Israel is really hurting itself by not taking this major step. When Israel withdrew from Gaza, Pakistan publicly announced that our Foreign Minister at the time – Mr. Kasuri – met with his Israeli counterpart and published photos of them shaking hands. That was meant to be a signal that you take one step, we’ll reciprocate. Then no progress from the Israeli side on Palestine so Pak withdrew that hand. Both Pakistan and Israel must look internally to their problems before reaching out again. Recommend

  • maestro

    @Truth Teller:
    Exactly – Pakistan has had relations with Israel for decades but just not in the open. Why do you think Israel kept their mouth shut over our nuclear program? You think they didnt know?? lols. Israel supplied arms via Pakistan to the afghans during the soviet war. Egypt was involved, Saudi was involved and of course Uncle Sam was involved. This is all geo-political nonsense, not religious or ideological nor about human rights. Its a big game of chess. Recommend

  • Gideon

    Israel – Very good relations with India; No relations with Pakistan. Let’s keep it that way!Recommend

  • Parvez

    This is a subject for arm-chair thinkers and a subject good for whipping-up a storm by the religious lot when needed. The philosophy that ‘ a country should not have permanent friends or enemies, only permanent interests. ‘ should be the guide for both countries. Recommend

  • Tipukhan

    Indeed, Israel and Pakistan can never become allies. NO matter what anyone says, religion plays the largest role here! A Muslim majority Pakistan, that too with deep sentiments, will never accept the existence of an occupation force that has dislocated and murdered millions of Palestinians over the last 60 years.
    When Quaid e Azam(ra) was sent a letter by Israeli officials about future relations, Quaid e Azam (ra) didn’t even bother to reply! When Liaquat Ali Khan shaheed was offered millions of dollars of that time to just recognize Israel as a state, he said “gentlemen! Our souls are not for sale!”.
    Why are these liberal fascists then putting our souls for sale to Israel now? We will never accept the existence of zionism. Our forefathers laid the foundations, and we prefer them rather than becoming cultural slaves to the US and accepting Israel as a country just because they can bring home businesses. Ben Gurion said in 1948 (this speech was published in Jewish Chronicle 1967) that Pakistan loves the Arabs and hates the Jews (propagating hate for Pakistan), and he also stated that Israelis must use the Indian peninsula to destroy Pakistan. If both the forefathers of Israel and Pakistan hated eachother, how can you expect an alliance? Israelis are involved in many unrests in Pakistan as well, and this was confirmed by your liberal minister Rehman Malik!
    Our ancestors lived on dates and milk but they never sold their dignity, we won’t sell ours either.Recommend

  • Tipukhan

    Those who want Pakistan to recognize Israel are ill informed about ground realities. Ground realities are that Israel has been conspiring against Pakistan ever since Liaquat Ali Khan rejected Israeli offers of recognition. General Hamid Gul revealed that when Pakistan was to test its nuclear reactors, there was information received that Israel and India were planning a combined attack on Kahuta. Israeli planes had already landed in India for refueling, but then the ISI sent a warning that if Kahuta is attacked, Pakistan will conduct suicide air missions to flatten Delhi and Tel Aviv. Israelis and Indians succumbed to the warning, but there was still an unidentified F-16 spotted over Pakistani Air Space that day. India doesn’t have F-16s, Israel does.
    If you think Pakistan will become better in economics or any other field by recognizing Israel, grow up and learn to accept realities. Recommend

  • I read it too…

    Great piece of writing; thanks for mentioning that the hostility goes beyond any religious dimension!Recommend

  • Anon

    The rationale of the original author Hasan Hashmi that Pakistan should recognise Israel since we are giving MFN to India anyway was completely off the base. I mean first of all the majority of Pakistani population does not even want to give MFN to India, because the Kashmir dispute hasnt been resolved first. This is a selfish move by our politicians looking for another way to enhance their business prospects. Secondly during the 80’s alot of western and other countries placed economic sanctions on South Africa in protest of the apartheid. What is happening in Israel is no difference. Only a sycophantic mentality can try to rationalise the reasoning behind normalising ties with Israel despite its crimes against Palestinians. And no we are not doing it to please our Arab friend. This issue is personal to Pakistanis because of our OWN experiences during the partition, so if anyone thinks that ties with Israel will normalise in the near future than clearly they are being deluded and are not in touch with the ground realities of Pakistan.Recommend

  • John

    You would be surprised because of the tension in foreign relations between Pakistan and Isreal, Pakistani Christians are suffering, they can not visit the holy places in Isreal. It is the most sacred and holy place for the Christians but Pakistani Christians could not travel on Pakistani Passport. Imagine if Muslims will not be allowed to visit (Saudi Arabi) Mecca for (Pilgrimage) and Medina for Ummrah. Don’t you think Paksitani Christians are suffering? Secondary most of the Muslim countries have foreign relations with Israel. Why Pakistan is suffering for Arab world. Could Pakistani government request Saudi Arabia to break their relations with India for them? Recommend

  • Ali

    tell that to Israel. Live and let live the Palestinians. Go to any official Israeli website, they will tell you that the state of Palestine does not exist! Recommend

  • Sahar Farooq

    This is True, Pakistan should Not trust israel the most anti-humanity illagal state on earth, forcefully founded and with deceit it was created over Palestine.World Newspapers are full of israels terrorism photos but people have become heartless to other humans.
    The writer here wrongfully blaming Pakistan of having tainted slate to human rights, where she got this wrong idea? Infact it is the most caretaker country in the world of all kind of Refugees, and if she blame on one or two incidents which happens to every country more than Pakistan, than one can say she has no idea what she is talking about.
    Also the writer have not researched the dates well, the para mentioned underneath the photo which is “In 1947, Israel’s founder, David Ben Gurion sent a telegram to Muhammad Ali Jinnah in an attempt to establish diplomatic relations with Pakistan. .:…..”, the point is, how come israel wanted a diplomatic relation in 1947 when it came into being in 1948 ,nine months after Islamic republic of Pakistan appeared on the map of the world?Recommend

  • Ahmed

    most of liberals in West are heavily criticizing Israel and support Palestinian freedom movement on humanitarian bases. but our Pakistani fake liberals (Secular fascists) are keen to have diplomatic relation with Israelis. strange ………Recommend

  • Ahmed

    The recognition of Israel is NO choice for us, no matter what happens Israel is not going to be recognized as a legitimate state by Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

    Our founding father left very clear policies for us.

    Addressing a mass meeting in Bombay on November 8, 1945, Quaid e Azam said, “We Musalmans of India, are one with the Arab world on this issue. It is not a question of a National Home for Jews in Palestine. It is a question of Jews reconquering Palestine, which they had lost 2000 years ago, with the help of British bayonets and American money. I have no enmity against Jews. I know they were treated very badly in some parts of civilized Europe. But why should Palestine be dumped with such a large number of Jews? If Jews want to reconquer Palestine, let them face Arabs without British or American help”?Recommend

  • Elisa

    I’m Israeli and I want a two state solution. I see that Africans and Palestinians are treated like third class citizens but the situation as a forth generation Israeli would be tough! We can’t just get up and leave Israel and leave it for the Palestinians. Where would we go? I was born in Israel and I see it as my homeland. I do however want peace with Arabs and live by them with no problems. Recommend

  • Aisha

    Did the author not already mention that one of the lines of argument used is because Arabs don’t treat southeast Asians with respect? You can’t just brand the entire Arab communities as hate mongering. Qatar and Saudi Arabia have invested a lot on Pakistan despite what you may think. And if you go to Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, they do know where Pakistan is and love it (I’m talking about the average Arabs on the street).Recommend

  • Ahmed

    Israel is keen to have diplomatic relations with Pakistan. It is in Israel’s interest to win over a large Muslim nation. But whatever Pakistani contacts with Israel, Islamabad is not interested in forming any kind of relations and is ready to wait until Palestinians and Arabs sort out the dispute over Palestine and especially the questions of 1.Protection of Human Rights of people of Palestine 2. Al-Quds, or Jerusalem, where Israelis want to control holy sites for Christians and Muslims.Recommend

  • Furqan Khan

    The answer is simple. Israel is a Zionist state on stolen lands of Palestinian Muslims. We cannot establish any diplomatic relations until genocide and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians ends and a true Muslim state of Palestine is formed with Jerusalem its capital. Recommend

  • Cynic

    What would Pakistan gain with being Israel’s ally? What did we gain being the pet dog of America? Nothing.Recommend

  • Sameera Khan

    @Furqan Khan

    Did you not read the article?? It’s not about it being a Muslim state. 300,000 Christians are also there. Regardless of religion or race, the problem is how Israel treats others. Very similar to South African apartheid.Recommend

  • Shyam

    You mean Pakistan will not allow Israel to stand in the long queue of nations wanting to be friends with Pakistan. Israel must be so dissapointed!! Recommend

  • Daoud

    Muslim states? Where was Pakistan when Syrian children were killed last week? Why didn’t Pakistan speak up for Egypt and Tunisia during the Arab Spring? All Muslim countries. So Israel is the least of our worries right now.Recommend

  • maz3tt

    totally useless debate. even in the Arab world the people hate them but the leaders love them many of the leaders has or had Jew wives so you can see their mindset, totally Jewish. they are deep in Pakistan roots always plotting against us. they have done grave human rights violation against our Palestinians brothers and sisters. how can we become friends with the most violent nation in the world. there motto is live alone and destroy everything else.

    Pakistani people who are with the friendship please open your mind and soul.Recommend

  • Aaeedah

    But the Arab countries rarely speak up for Palestine! They don’t care about the true cause and accept dirty handouts from haram Israeli money. How much gas goes to Israel from Egypt? If they accept Israel as a county and so did Jordan then what difference does it make if we do? I’m not against Palestine by the way. I’m just saying how all the Arab countries act towards it. The focus should be on them before us. Who suffers in the end? Palestinians. Nobody cares about their cause the same way nobody cares about Tibet or Kashmir.Recommend

  • Ranya for Palestine

    I am a Palestinian and it’s really easy to say who cares, there are a million other problems in the world or what about Saudi Arabia’s terrible human rights record. Well I can only speak for myself. My father was from a village on the 1948′ side of Palestine. After the Naqba (Arabic for catastrophe), my family fled to the borderers leaving all of our belongings behind, thinking we would return back to our homes after a few weeks. We ended up living in a refugee camp. My father’s businesses were demolished, our things stolen by the Israelis, and now we live day by day stateless and landless. Yes we are Muslims but noone has a right to do that regardless of their race or religion. So for countries like Egypt and Jordan to accept Israel and all the ignorant Pakistanis shedding their crocodile tears for us, think about basic human rights. That goes for any country including Syria and Saudi Arabia. They are not angels either. But put yourself in my shoes. What would you think?Recommend

  • Abid P Khan


    “…..The philosophy that ‘ a country should not have permanent friends or enemies, only permanent interests. ‘ should be the guide for both countries.”

    Exactly. It is the stupid public which does not understand it. The power elite of the country, has always followed this rule. Their only permanent interests are looting, with both hands.Recommend

  • Rifat

    Pakistan would likely take Israel’s hand in friendship as they did with America. Just depends how much aid money the Israelis would offer Pakistan.Recommend

  • Suliaman

    Pffft why would Israel even consider Pakistan as an ally? What could Israel gain?? Israel is so advanced and organized compared to Pakistan. I don’t think anyone would want to associate with us and our mess.Recommend

  • Grecka

    Pakistan does lot’s of business with Israel. It’s just under the table. They also exchanged intelligence and worked with Mossad so I don’t think there will be much difference if they become allies my friend. The only change will be that it’s going to be in the public domain.Recommend

  • Karachite

    Instead of focussing on Pak-Israel relations why doesn’t this country improve it’s relationship with other Arab countries? Invest in them? Let them do business here? It would help our economy and theirs. What is a tiny little country going through a civil war going to do with us? We need them more than they need us.Recommend

  • Sabaa Sarwar

    Well I’m sorry to say that morals come first. That doesn’t condone Pakistan’s alliance with China and Saudi Arabia. But what’s going on in places like Syria and Palestine are massacres and we should offer our support to these causes before anything else. Morals first. Well written.Recommend

  • Karachite

    What’s with all the stupid comments come to think about it. This blog is in response to that pro-Israel blog that was published last week. It’s just the counterpart of the argument. That guy (who had no point what so ever) was writing in favor of Israel. This blog is just the other side of the coin. So stop bringing irrelevant points into the discussion like Pakistan is friendly with so many places that violate human rights.Recommend

  • mr. righty rightist

    @Ranya for Palestine

    I have been to Israel and I have been to Palestine. Based on my interactions with Jews and Muslims, I am more likely to believe a Jew than you Ranya.

    I am not a Pakistani and I am an Indian. I can tell you with conviction that Muslims of Israel (you can call Arabs) are extremely unreliable and dishonest. This is my personal experience. I have been to Yaffa where I have had maximum interaction with Israeli Muslims. I cud not interact much with Muslims in Jerusalem or Eilat or even in the west Bank (I only wanted to visit Bethlehem). Palestinians or Arabs or Israeli Muslims, whatever you want to call your kind, are extremely dishonest, rude and sometimes even rowdy in their behavior. Dishonest in their dealings. I don’t trust these people. In fact, in one incidence, where the taxi driver was Arab (that’s one profession, a lot of these people do), who also had some friends in the backseat (even though I hired the taxi), they were behaving so bad that I threatened to give a police complaint and these two goons almost got physical with me.

    How can you expect any support when you lack honesty Ranya? You want better treatment from the world, you need more self respect.Recommend

  • Mohammad

    @mr. righty whatever

    I’ve also been to Israel and Palestine as a Canadian Pakistani. I wasn’t treated too well by Israelis and they thought I was a terrorist or something when I travelled through Jordan to Jerusalem as a tourist. When you say “with conviction” to address Arabs living in Israel, I find your story hard to believe. I’ve also sat in a “service” taxi in sharing when I was in Bethlehem. Due to your ignorance, you should’ve probably read your tourist book because some taxis are a form of public transport for sharing.

    And “what these people do” is also an ignorant comment. What do YOUR people do in New York and Dubai? Aren’t all of YOUR Indian people taxi drivers? Not nice to generalise is it. Idiot.Recommend

  • Khan

    @Ranya for Palestine:
    Thank you for expressing your feelings here .. However, by cutting off all diplomatic relations between the two countries, how will you or any Palestinian get their homes back?.
    All borders and governments are only meant for administrative purposes not for dividing human race living on a sole planet.
    This conflict and hostility has achieved nothing in many decades apart from taking lives of innocents, the wise thing would have been for all parties to sit together and show some flexibility, Had Palestinian authority done that decades ago, they could have focused more on development of whatever land they were left with, and thus the current & future generations would not suffer.

    Independence doesn’t mean having a piece of land that is under law of jungle or anarchy but true independence is achieved when a government/state is able to provide complete healthcare, employment and has higher literacy rate and isn’t living on alms or loans.Recommend

  • amer

    Israel already has India kissing its backside as it’s the number one supporter so of course mr righty right right is going to say that.Recommend

  • ExcuseMe?

    Nobody in Pakistan is shedding crocodile rears for Palestine. It is insulting to insinuate so because if you see Pakistan’s history at an international level, Pakistan since its independence has pushed for Palestines case at the UN, OIC and even personal diplomatic level. Don’t forget that during the 1967 war it was Pakistani airforce pilots who fought on behalf of Jordan and Egypt against Israel. So historically Pakistan has always backed up its words with actions too. Trust me the support for Palestine is personal and close to home for most Pakistanis because many of our ancestors also suffered during partition, and left their homes, businesses and families to set up a new state. The only problem is that over time our corrupt politicians and the internal turmoil in the past decade, has weakened Pakistan’s standing at an international level, which means when we speak up for Palestines nobody takes us seriously. However, the support at people’s level should not be brushed off or ignored, and the amount of hostility that Pakistanis have towards Israelis, I very much doubt normalisation of ties with Israel will be happening in the future. It will be political suicide and even the dictator Musharraf did not succeed in his attempt to do so in 2005.Recommend

  • Pollack

    “If it was the other way around and Palestinians were occupying a land by killing innocent civilians and begrudging them their basic human rights in the 21st century, I would reiterate my decision regardless of religion or race.”

    I have not heard the author say that Pakistan should not have any relations with china because the Buddhist Tibetans are being being treated worse than the Palestinians. So what’s the difference between Tibetans and Palestinians from the authors POV? Palestinians are umrah while Tibetans are not. So to claim that religion does not play a role in her opinions is blatantly false as proved by her actions . Recommend

  • Mustafa Moiz

    @mr. righty rightist:
    How racist.Recommend

  • kaiser tony

    Today we lives in the 21st century yet we are still bickering over whether or not to recognize israel as a state. We must be pragmatic and think logicly. The gulf states such as UAE/Saudi arabia are openly courting India. Yet we dont have a pragmatic world view to do the same with the Israeli’s. Has Israel ever openly threatened pakistan? As far as I know other than conspiracy theories they havnt. Sure they give India weaponry but then again which country doesnt. Reality is money talks.

    Israel can be a perfect role model for pakistan. Both countries were created around the same time and are the only 2 ideological nations in the world. Both countries have had a similar defense policy as they are surrounded by hostile neighbors. Theres a reason how 6 million jews keep the arabs in check and we must learn from that in order to develop our country. Overall we have to get past this mindset of helping the palestinians before we recognize israel as the palestinians are similar to afghans (trouble causing refugees in that region). Other nations such as turkey, indonesia and malaysia have given it a try. We have far more to gain than to loseRecommend

  • https://www.facebook.com/waqasghayyur waqaas

    it should not be even thought to have ties with the israel cause the no of muslims killed by israel is countless.a pakistani muslim shouldnt even think about to have ties with israelRecommend

  • Lolita

    @ Pollack

    If you’re going to list all the oppressed nations in the world we’ll be here all night. This is in specific relation to Palestine. Not Kashmir, not Tibet, not the Tamils of Sri Lanka. If it was a blog about why Pakistan shouldn’t be allies with China, then talk.

    It’s in response to the pro Israeli blog written last week. Read that first. Recommend

  • Extreme liberal

    Well the Jews are there to stay. Can’t they just make it a state not based on religion and accept all three monotheistic religions? Let the Palestinians back, break the walls and be best friends. Life is too short to be fighting over bits of land. Recommend

  • Noah

    It should be a Palestinian flag there on that picture not an Israeli one. Not in my lifetime or the next will Pakistan ever accept Israel until it accepts Palestine. Recommend

  • sid

    hypocraites………….pakistanis talking about palestians…your general zia killed thousands of them for king of JORDAN…u know how to use islam or rather sell islam..Recommend

  • Daniel

    “If it was the other way around and Palestinians were occupying a land by killing innocent civilians and begrudging them their basic human rights in the 21st century, I would reiterate my decision regardless of religion or race.”

    -Kuwait expelled hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in the aftermath of the First Gulf War.

    -Baghdad was 1/3rd Jewish in the first half of the 20th century.

    -Saudi Arabia will not grant Jews citizenship and only recently allowed Jewish people (not Israelis) to enter their country. Same with Syria and Lebanon except Jews still aren’t allowed to enter the country.

    -Israel has absorbed over 800,000 Jews from the Middle East and North Africa.


  • Shah

    Great piece and really well written from a Pakistani point of view.Recommend

  • Uncle Buck

    well done nicely writtenRecommend

  • ayesha_khan

    @Riaz Haq: “While Israel and Pakistan were created as homelands for world’s Jews and South Asian Muslims, the founding fathers of both nations were quite secular in their outlook. Neither Ben Gurion nor QA M.A. Jinnah envisioned their nations as theocracies”

    Jinnah’s Aug 11 speech was arguably secular. But there are many other speeches which clearly point to a theorcratic approach. The very 2 Nation Theory itself points to a theorcracy – the fact that All Muslims are one nation and all Hindus are one nation and they cannot live with each other. his theory also complettely agrees Sikhs, Parsis, Christians.

    Jinnah also called for direct action day – an action that can hardly be described as secular.

    Jinnah’s accomplishment of creating a country stand on their own and he has earned his place in history/ But his ideology cannot be judged on the basis of one speech alone. A totality of his actions must be considered.Recommend

  • ayesha_khan

    @Ahmed: “Israel is keen to have diplomatic relations with Pakistan. It is in Israel’s interest to win over a large Muslim nation”

    Israle has relations with KSA and Egypt. Why does it need relations with Pakistan?Recommend

  • Ali

    pakistan would never ever be friends with israel. the taliban would never allow it and the mullahs wouldn’t eitherRecommend

  • Muhammad Rizwan Ali

    In fact Israel never spoke against Pakistan in recent decades.
    Although Pakistan always spoke against Israel for the help of Arab’s in all metter.
    If Israel is Arab’s enemy, India is also our enemy
    In many Arab countries, Indian have given much prefrence then Pakistanies
    We should move with the worldRecommend

  • waseem lahore

    Pakistan will nevver need Israel because we are Muslim people and it won’t work so get this idea out of your heads.Recommend

  • Yousef

    SOme people writing comments here are so selfish. Finding rubbish reasons to make excuses for Israel. Recommend