Pakistan, when will you accept me?

Published: June 9, 2012

What society would nourish so much hate that after a hundred deaths, there would still be no outcry or condemnation? PHOTO: REUTERS

Though I was born in Pakistan, I was still a baby when my dad had to move to The Gambia in West Africa. The Gambia is a small peaceful country. Here, I remember my mother teaching me the Urdu  Qaida and telling me interesting stories about Pakistan.

I could see she missed Pakistan a great deal. She would sometimes break down in tears, relating stories of the persecution she had witnessed growing up in her hometown in Sindh.

My father had his own tales to tell about how his parents were victimised in Punjab and how Ahmadi homes and businesses in his region were burnt down in the 1980s. As a popular kid in school, I had no idea what discrimination felt like and I could never really understand why someone would be so evil.

The persecution of Ahmadis in Pakistan escalated in 1974 when the Parliament decided to judge their faith – or the lack thereof. I was still a child in The Gambia when President Ziaul Haq decided to make Pakistan an Islamic theocracy. Things quickly worsened with his promulgation of the infamous Ordinance XX which penalised Ahmadis for professing their faith.

Thousands of Ahmadis still continue to be jailed for ‘offences’ as serious as printing InshAllah (God willing) on wedding and business cards or praying or even “posing as a Muslim”, whatever that means.

I vividly remember my dad breaking the news of Zia’s end to my mother. They were both gripped by emotions of gratitude and hope – gratitude at the end of a tyrannical rule, and hope that life for fellow Ahmadis back home would finally change for the better.

Sadly, this was not to be and worse was in the waiting.

I was still a teenager when my dad finally decided to move back to Pakistan. I completed my medical degree from the prestigious King Edward Medical College in Lahore. This was the first time I experienced the stories my mother had related to me; this was the first time I was directly exposed to an environment that was occasionally hostile and clearly unwelcoming.

Let me be clear that I have great friends from my stay in Lahore and I love the city per se, but the overall experience was one of intimidation. As an Ahmadi, I was vulnerable. Even some of my fellow doctor colleagues considered me “worthy of being killed” and still continue to do so.

Towards the middle of medical school, I had to scrap my plans to stay back and serve the underprivileged parts of Pakistan. Following the martyrdom of two prominent Ahmadi doctors in quick succession, my parents convinced me to move to the United States – away from insecurity and discrimination.

Two years ago, the Dar ul Zikar, in Lahore – or ‘Place of Worship’ as the State would have me call it – was victim to the worst terrorist attack the city had witnessed. This was the place where I used to say my Friday prayers. In a brazen attack that also involved another Ahmadiyya place of worship in Model Town, almost a hundred worshippers were ruthlessly killed and hundreds of others left wounded.

The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) took responsibility for the attack and threatened that all Ahmadis who did not leave the country within three days would meet the same fate. Police refused to take the threats seriously, just as they had ignored earlier threats to the places of worship in Lahore. Ahmadis in Rabwah – a city specifically threatened – were forced to take measures to increase their own security. Consequently, when I visited the city a few months ago, it gave the impression of a war zone with sand bags and barbed wire around all office buildings, hospitals and schools.

When I learnt of the May 28, 2010 attacks, I was taken over by grief and resentment.

What society would nourish so much hate that after a hundred deaths, there would still be no outcry or condemnation?

What state would be so inhumane that even after a cold-blooded massacre, it would continue to support laws discriminating against the victims and not bring the culprits to justice – even when two of the attackers had been caught alive?

In Pakistan, matters have continued to worsen for the Ahmadis over time. Sandwiched between societal and state persecution, they continue to live in insecurity and fear. Hate speech continues unchecked and instigators of violence go unpunished. As if the systematic persecution of living Ahmadis was not enough, sporadic reports of exhumation of Ahmadi dead bodies’ leaves me horrified and grief-stricken.

For the last many years, I have felt and relived my parents’ agony. I have come to know that Pakistan has forsaken me and is not yet ready to accept me.

There are millions of good Pakistanis promoting pluralism and tolerance. To you, I express my sincere gratitude and love. It is just unfortunate that despite your numbers, those who hate me still outnumber you by far.

I pray that this dynamic shifts in your favour soon and I, in turn, am not left narrating bitter tales to my own children in the future.

I hope that Pakistan accepts me soon – for I still bleed green and am tired of bleeding red.

Read more by Kashif here.

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Kashif Chaudhry

A graduate of King Edward Medical University, Lahore and Mt Sinai University Hospital in New York, Kashif is currently completing his Cardiology fellowship in Boston, USA. He writes for various American newspapers and Pakistani publications and blogs at the Huffington Post. His interests include medicine, human rights and interfaith dialogue. He tweets @KashifMD (

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Shyam

    Pakistan is trying to physically lift its landmass into the air, fly and land next to Saudi Arabia. You people are just burden and prevent the country from lifting up in the air, Hence Pakistan is in the process of purging all those who do not deserve being next to beloved Saudi Arabia, This includes minorities, Ahmedis etc. and all those unworthy of any closeness to the divine land. The more people you kill the lighter the land becomes and easier the liftRecommend

  • MangoMan

    “Why don’t you leave Pakistan. Who is stopping you” – PM GillaniRecommend

  • sana akbar

    Your last line brought tears to my eye. I do pray and feel really really bad to see hatred for you people. I feel how are you all surviving in such atmosphere. People here have kicked your out from a religion saying you are a threat to religion Islam. I wonder at times, is the shameless killing of innocents never a threat. I am ashamed I can be a Muslim in this country only if I consider you people a non Muslim. Why is this add in being in a religion. I hope this discrimination will end soon , otherwise the world will are the victim.
    God bless youRecommend

  • M M Malik

    Why is the clergy so intolerant about Ahmadies? Doctrinal differences can only be removed through open discussions, persuasion and understanding. And not through coercive legislation, death threats and persecution. Cowards and dimwitted take the later approach.Recommend

  • mm

    you know what you took the right decision of leaving this country.this place is full of intolerant people. Nobody is doubting your patriotism but its better to save your life Recommend

  • S

    Pakistan accepts you wholeheartedly. It’s just the people who don’t! Shame on them. As a Pakistani you have every right to live in Pakistan as a Pakistani citizen with all the rights. God bless. xRecommend

  • Tanzeel

    Pakistan is the nation created for Muslims, later on Muslims realized that they were actually Sunnis who played a pivotal role in getting the resolutions passed. Now we have recently concluded that those Sunnis belonged to the Wahabis sect.
    Rest of those who claim to be Pakistanis should either leave this country or accept themselves as second class citizen. Recommend

  • Shuweikh Haqqani

    I understand if illiterate people say you are “wajib ul qatal.” One cannot blame the illiterate for their illiteracy and extremism. The State is to be blamed, as extremism of all sorts is born from illiteracy

    What really hurts is when the educated people (like the doctors you mentioned) spread hatred. Of what use is their education then? Recommend

  • Amir Ali

    Hahahaha…thats so funny…Pakistan accepts you but people dont
    You have the right to stay here…hahahahaRecommend

  • FedUp

    I’m amonst the majority of Pakistani’s. A Sunni, not an Ahmedi and I still hate Pakistan. There is no point in bleeding green. I thought it was about the tyrannical rulers (Zia, et all), but its not. Its the people. The uneducated, mindless bastards fostering this very ruthless, hostile and unwelcoming culture.
    I ask myself, will I get any reward for being Pakistani in life ? No ! After life ? No ! Then why should I bleed green ? Whats the point ? Why should I suffer ? If I’m getting better opportunities abroad, why not grab them with both hands. Move Yourself. Move your family. Leave the rotting people to rot together. There is no gain, no point, no reward and use of being Pakistani. Its been 65 years and it hasn’t changed. And there is nothing to say it will change soon. Even if it does, why wait and take the risk. These people will rip you apart even if you do good to them. (remember earthquake relief, flood relief). They are not the ones to be thankful. Leave. The PM atleast got this right. If nothing is stopping you, leave.Recommend

  • MangoMan

    Wait a minute, Ahmadis consider non-Ahamadis as Kaafir … So what’s the difference between Ahmadis and Muslims? Ahmadiyya is also as extremist cult as Deobandi wahabi etc. Cult is a cult. Recommend

  • Saamia Khan

    Isn’t this sad . Why can’t we treat people as equals irrespective of their caste , creed & religion . How will Pakistan prosper if we move forward with such lame thinking ! Recommend

  • Jawad Maqsood

    Kashif, As I always say to you, get rid of this victimized mentality. TTP has not only attacked ahamdiyaa worship places, they have attacked every nook & corner of Pakistan, inflicting deaths & damages to the citizens of Pakistan irrespective of their faith and belief. TTP are animals & they must be condemned. And as far as your point of State declaring Ahmadies non-muslims, dear, ahmadies did it first. You know this well, & if you dont know, kindly go read MGAQ & Mirza Bashir Ud Din Mehmood.Recommend

  • Aninda Chowdhury

    In India, Deoband asked the govt. to disallow Ahmedis from Haj visit and Haj subsidy. Nobody gave a damn …lolRecommend

  • salman ahmed

    minorities should be given equal rights !!Recommend

  • Ali Ahsan

    @Jawad Maqsood:
    and I would recommend you go read the 1954 Justice Munir Report that basically proved that the whole “What is a Muslim?” concept is a sectarian nightmare the Govt of Pakistan should avoid at all costs and not to pander to mullahs.Recommend

  •,org Hafeez ur Rahman

    My Friend, Always remember that all rightly guided are always persecuted,tortured and killed by their own fellows &relatives . So the only weapon you are allowed to use is prayers and only prayers. For certain Allah’s Help is very near. Almighty’s Favorite Holy Prophet S.A.W. set his own example for the whole mankind.Nations are made and crushed by Allahin in seconds .read the holy Quran . so dont loose ur heart. may Allah help us to bear this and come out victorious. insha Allah.Recommend

  • Ordinary Villager

    I can understand what is going on in Pakistan. My friend’s family home has been burnt down in a village near Gujar Khan and no media outlet ever reported this. The reason was simple that they were Ahmedis. Thousands of Ahmedis were killed in 1980s but no one cares about it. To be honest I can foresee a huge massacre in future. All Pakistani majority want is one spark like they did in 1947 and 1980s and they will kill millions of minorities. Minorities should leave Pakistan or else should prepare themselves for persecution.Recommend

  • Vigilant

    I agree with “Jawad Maqsood”……Kashif…..Pakistani people are naive and uneducated and leaded by extremist religious leader which is acting as cherry on the top…..they are taught that very existence of Ahmadis is threat to Islam…..i am one of them…..who was taught to be careful from ahmadis by a tutor who used to teach me Quran and by Mosque imam during Friday sermons……this hate was sowed during childhood……as a result when i met a ahmadi who used to be my class-fellow i felt distant between us or he is not from us…….i never hated him & we are still friends but that teaching had their effect.

    I don’t care about anyone religious affiliation as long as he is peaceful & patriotic citizen, he has full right to live in Pakistan with prosperity and with sense of security and belonging. Recommend

  • Jawad Maqsood

    @Ali Ahsan:
    Fortunately or Unfortunately this decree was of parliament & not by mullahs. I referred to MGAQ & his son, not to justice munir or the famous Muqaddam e Bahwalpur. Kindly dont derail the discussionRecommend

  • Ayesha Ilyas

    as if Maddrassas and Muslims are not attacked and as if they are living in a heaven its just the minorities who are suffering in Pakistan. Terrorism is ‘treating’ everyone equally.Recommend

  • RT

    Salman Taseer’s assasination was May 28,2010 all over again. Only difference was Taseer was a Muslim according to the constitution of Pakistan.
    @Jawad Maqsood: I think the point of the article isn’t brutality of TTP or Ahmedi’s being Muslims or non-Muslims but indifference of people to these incidents.Recommend

  • Jawad Maqsood

    @Ordinary Villager:
    Bro!!! Ab aisy bhi Halaat nahi, I and millions like me will stand in front of our minority brothers & sisters. Those who wish to vanish them must wipe all of us out first.Recommend

  • athar

    i really feel sorry to be a pakistani esp. when i listen such inhuman treat to my fellows.God bless you.we can’t do anything at the moment but we hope for a bright future when like you people come back Inshallah.Recommend

  • Jawad Maqsood

    @Ayesha Ilyas: You spoke my mind out. We all should realize that we are under attack as Pakistanis, not as sunnis, shias, hazaras, ahmadies etc etcRecommend

  • Tanzeel

    Jawad Maqsood, your sweeping statement on this particular article seems like an attempt to tone down the intensity of author’s emotions, right now the issue of Ahmedia persecution being discussed, I will be glad if you throw some light on this this article rather than mass killings. Remember no other sect regardless of how blood thirsty it is for other sect hasn’t yet declared no- Muslim to opponents, even after bloodshed they sit together and talk of Islamic brotherhood in the name of Pakistan or Islam but in Ahmedis case we only see hatred, persecution and nothing else. Recommend

  • Mr grin

    . Im a Geologist and i can assure you that Landmasses dont fly – Saudi Arabia is benefitting from the presence of the Holiest prophet of Islam once upon a time – after which it seems Allah the Almighty decided to bestow the nation with oil – once that runs out Saudi will be a sandy gravelly pit – it contriubutes nothing to the world stage – what does saudi produce? what does saudi create nothing it leave the rich rich and the poor poor – the younger generation drink in uni i met a boy from Makkah who happily told me he does Drugs and drinks – the nation has not remained a true representative of Islam – Ahmadis have shown the world a good honest perception and we will continue to do so… AmeenRecommend

  • Mr grin

    I think perhaps youve missed the point mango man – theyre trying to fit into there home country not leave it so gilanis stuttering comments arent particularly relevant Recommend

  • Mr grin

    again with the ill informed comments – can you show me a quote /text /doctrine in which an ahmadi has ever claimed so?Recommend

  • MangoMan

    @Mr grin

    Yes my dear, but I am referring towards attitude of our leaders

    and THIS is an open truth about declaring non-ahmadis as kaafir.. Do some research. :)Recommend

  • S

    @Amir Ali: Stop blaming your MOTHERLAND! It’s the people who are acting on it’s behalf that should be blamed. Learn to differentiate, Sir. Recommend

  • Shyam

    @Mr grin
    Im a Geologist and i can assure you that Landmasses dont fly

    Are you positive?? I was beginning to think that was the reason for all the recent missile testsRecommend

  • Sue

    Know that many outside your country recognize the Ahmadis as a sect that truly embraces peace and tolerance between all men, not only in public PR statements bytes but privately and in their actions. We weep for the suffering you have undergone at the hands of those who know only hate, and pray the day will come when your generous and open spirit will better influence those around you. Recommend

  • SJ

    @ Jawad Maqsood!
    Do you mind quoting a reference where he said that killing non-Ahmadies will take you to heaven? I don’t think you can because he never said so and nor will you ever find an Ahmadi killing anyone in the name of religion. Do you see the difference now?
    And yes you are right, TTP did attack others too, but did the police leave the crime scene before the thing happened and later said “they told us they have nothing against us and to save our lives so we went away” ? I don’t think so. And after any of those attacks, did anyone say they did a good deed? Again, I don’t think so. Do you have any idea how it feels when you lose a number of loved ones in a few minutes and then you hear people (who claim to be religious scholars) say that whoever killed them with such brutality will go to heaven for that? Yes, you feel like cursing them but we don’t even do that. We leave our justice to our Allah, believing him to be The most Just one.Recommend

  • Rashid Zafar

    Well written boy! I hope sanity would prevail someday. Recommend

  • Shyam

    @Mr grin
    Im a Geologist and i can assure you that Landmasses dont fly
    The day there is Gazwa-e-Hind, landmasses will flyRecommend

  • Amaar

    Ahmadis had strived for the creation of Pakistan and Ahmadis died for keeping Pakistan alive. In the long list of Army Generals that Pakistan has produced, there is only one who died fighting on the battlefield like a true soldier. This soldier of Pakistan was Maj Gen Iftikhar Janjua. Iftikhar Janjua was an Ahmadi. We have generals who became politicians. We have generals who led their troops. But we have only one general who died fighting for Pakistan on the battlefield – an Ahmadi.Recommend

  • Anoop

    First they came for the Hindus,
    and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Hindu.

    Then they came for the trade Christians,
    and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Christian.

    Then they came for the Ahmadis,
    and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Ahmadi.

    Then they came for the Shia,
    and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Shia.

    Then they came for me
    and there was no one left to speak out for me.

  • waqar bhatti

    well such heart touching sentiments can only be felt by the core of a person’s heart like my bro kashif who has endured persecution,discrimination and disgusting behavior just because of his faith. people whom you love turn out to be thirsty for your blood because of some rubbish and arbitrary motivation of Mullahs in particular.
    May Our Pakistan accept us all in the very near future! AaminRecommend

  • Bilawal Tunio

    It was Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and not Zia ul Haq who declared Ahmedis as non Muslims.Recommend

  • Aziz Bhatti

    1933, 1953, 1974, 1984, 2010 …. Ahmadiyya persecution continues but on the other hand Ahmadiyya movement transformers into a transnational global organization with branches in more than 200 countries – this is no joke – severe persecution, state backed killings, migrations, lack of resources, and what not but against all odds it is progressing day and night – Pakistan will realize when it will be too late for her. It is so unfortunate that Pakistan was chosen to be the case study and root of that hatred against this community. Recommend

  • AnisAqeel

    When wrongs are considered as rights, there aught to be suffering as an end result. Pakistan is going through an end result. My tears are for Ahmadi Shuhadaa.Recommend

  • Ali T.

    I mostly agree and partially disagree with you. Agree with your sentiments but would like to point out that it is not only the Ahmadis which are being persecuted. The whole of Pakistan is bleeding red irrespective of what religion they belong toRecommend

  • nasir

    Well written article – it is a shame pakistan has deviated from what it was meant to be and become the land of the mullahRecommend

  • An Ordinary Pakistani

    You are a Pakistani. You should return home. It is your country. Nobody can deny you the right to live here.

    And don’t feel bad about being a minority, or being discriminated against. Every Pakistani is a minority in Pakistan, and is (equally and indiscriminately) discriminated against, for one reason or another, either because of religion, or sect, or language, or race, or ethnicity, or one’s headgear, or attire, or one’s facial hair or lack thereof.

    We are a nation of equal-opportunity discriminators. If someone is not discriminated against, it means something is wrong. It could mean his or her existence is simply not being recognized, and that is inhumane.

    So welcome to Pakistan.Recommend

  • Ajay

    Dear Kashif

    14% of 240 votes cast to the questions at end of your article in favored of continued Ahmadi persecution and that is mind you, literate elements of society that make up Tribune readership. If after seeing all, you are still expecting/waiting for Pakistan to accept you, then it is your fault/your family’s fault, not anybody’s else’s.

    Try answering these few questions?
    Q1- Did your family ask for Pakistan at independence time? If yes, why cry now?
    Q2- Your persecution began with Zia Ul Haq. But you could see the persecution of other communities in Pakistan from the day- Jinnah died? So if you still have irrational expectations, then again whose fault is it?

    In my opinion, humanity never existed in the hearts of the majority of those who make up Pakistan.Recommend

  • Dr. Boodhun

    I am afraid that it is now too late for Pakistan and the silent majority of Pakistanis to change. In my opinion they have not understood that the root of their problem lies in the September 1974 interference of a secular Prime Minister in the religious beliefs of a community. Recommend

  • Ali Farooq

    Jawad Maqsood, have you ever lived like a Minority in an intolerant country full of fascists? I mean Look around you, people are being forced out of buses and shot in their heads for their beliefs. And what if you’re told by someone that you deserve to die? Or if even somebody implies that shamelessly by targeting your community, how would you feel about that? I feel for my Ahmedi brothers and I feel their pain. They should fight for justice and never lose hope. Recommend

  • Zalim Singh


  • http://noURL Jonaid Iqbal

    Anoop, Sir, there are plenty left in Pakistan to speak for persons like Kashif Sahib. The general Pakistani – except for the deranged few – are not out in the street to kill any one, the least for the faith they profess.
    The general Pakistan accepts Kashif as one of its own,
    Kashif Sahib, these are hard days for Pakistan, but with men like you who show forbearance and kindness, we are sure that some day, not too long in the future, we shall find peace in this country. What we need is good education, and adherence to Islamic moral code. . Recommend

  • Laiq Bilal

    Very well written article, full of fact. MashAllah. Recommend

  • Raziya Mohamedali

    That’s how a country, in this case Pakistan, suffers a brain drain and continues to perpetuate insanity since most of the literate ones who can afford to, leave the country.

    It’s the country’s loss, not for the ones leaving. Recommend

  • Raziya Mohamedali

    @MangoMan: Has an Ahmadi ever referred to another non-Ahmadi as kafir? And should somebody have done so, does it result in the kind of atrocities that Ahamdis suffer from these other so-called Muslims?

    Have not heard of our motto – LOVE FOR ALL, HATRED FOR NONE?

    Our community uses the pen (keyboard) and reasonable arguments to make their point. Why can’t the others also do the same? Instead they use foul language and violence. Is that was the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and the Holy Qur’an teaches? Or you follow the blood-thirsty mullahs unquestioningly? Without using your own brains?Recommend

  • T R Khan

    @Jawad Maqsood:

    It is a cardinal principal of Ahmadiyya belief that all kalima reciters are Muslims. This belief is fully and undeniably supported by the founder of the movement and his successors. Deducing the opposite from Ahmadiyya literature is due to the biased, selective and out of context quotations.Recommend

  • Ali

    Many Ahmadis have moved to the Europe/US/Canada.
    In the future these countries will benefit from their skils
    These western countries will benefit while Pakistan misses out.Recommend

  • Ali

    I am Pakistani Ahmadi-Muslim.

    Religion, believes, and faith is extremely personal. Parliament, civil societies and even general public has nothing to do with this.

    Every Tom, Dick, and Harry in Pakistan is interested to define MY religion, MY believes, MY faith. Nobody never asked me about my believes rather than just telling me that what they think about my faith.

    @Mr Jawad Maqsood and @Ms Ayesha Ilyas: Every non-Ahmadi Muslim is considered as Muslim by Ahmadis, and nothing else. I don’t know what more I can do to make you realize that what you are claiming about me is wrong.

    and I am also of this opinion that TTP are assassins and they don’t care about anyone.

    BUT who is stopping you to condemn? to condemn those who are publicly instigating and inciting hatred against Ahmadis in almost every mosque and every madrassah and now at larger scale through posters, banners, pamphlets, addressing to large public gatherings. Who is funding them?? Do you know the answers OR you don’t want to know the answers.

    I don’t want to say this as Hijaab is sacred for me as well, BUT let me tell you that MORALLY you don’t have any right to condemn any sort of ban in any other country if you are unable to condemn injustice (declaring others “liable to be killed”) in your own country.

    Just assume for a moment, if any western country decides to define the definition of Muslims according to their understanding and then devise their policies of discrimination according to their definition of Muslims, what will happen??? You don’t have to go to Europe for assuming this, you already have many practical examples in Arab countries.

    Don’t suspect my love for my country, don’t suspect about my believes. I have a strong believe in the finality of Prophethood of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) and I too bleed GREEN.Recommend

  • Ovais

    and ET and its love for minorities … ET some day do write about sovereignty , drone attacks cause frankly i care more for the 4000 dead then 100 ahmedis … its simple maths… and yes its harsh … so much security is given … what can more the govt do to protect them from extremism … what abt those innocent children in waziristan who die day in day out .. why aren’t there any effing blogs on them … because in our liberal eyes they are not humans , they are only extremist muslims …. I dont want anyone dying whether it be ahmedi , shia or wazirisitan child , but why is it that every single day i read a blog on ahmeid … what abt sovereignty Pakistaniat , Pakistani child ding .. those died in that attack on ahmedis were also pakistani so stop blaming us … do care abt the other 99 percent deaths as well .. you may have sold ur soul to the Americans on it , for them its a pretty easy way to increase hatred towards islam sect and divide in to more sect but aren’t the children in waziristan human . when blogs are written on a jirga that orders killing why not on an unlawful drone attack ..and believe me i do write and send it to u … its ur priorities that are derogatory ..So all hail the minority media which has focused it self completely on minority Recommend

  • Prabhjyot Singh Madan

    Ahmadi are designated as Muslims in India and eligible for haj subsidy. sir zafarullah khan brought jinnah from UK to fight for Muslim rights and partition. I think Rab is condemning you for the division of the country. Sat Sri akal. Rab rakhaRecommend

  • Prabhjyot Singh Madan

    @Raziya Mohamedali:
    Being an Indian, ahmadi is seen as Muslims here and eligible for haj subsidy by the government. My ancestors were from pindi and gujranwala. The level of intolerance in Pakistan is disgraceful because of sheer disrespect for law and order. You are being persecuted, welcome to the club. Rab rakhaRecommend

  • Xara


    Many thanks for your true humanistic comment! God Bless you! Recommend

  • Mahmood Malik

    @MangoMan: Dear Sir, Ahmadis do not consider non-ahmadi muslims to be non-muslim. Holy Prophet sallalaho alehe wa sallam said that anyone who recites the kalima and eats the “zabiha” (i.e., the meat slaughtered) by Muslims is a Muslim. Holy Prophet sallalaho alehe wa sallam also declared that “kufr” falls back on the one one who calls a Muslim as a “Kafir”.Recommend

  • Mubashra

    Remarkable !!!Recommend

  • Xara

    @Ali T.:

    Nevertheless, Ahmadis are the ones being horribly persecuted and treated worse than animals. Their situation is comparable to that of Jews by Hitler. Moreover, Ahmadis are being perscuted in exactly the same way as were the early Muslims. And still, their ‘weapons’ are prayer and patience as (The Holy Qur’an, Ch 2: v.154). Their Jihad is through the pen, symposiums (telling the message of Islam- peace & tolerance), discussions. About beloved Pakistan what has to be said is- Cry the beloved country. Recommend

  • Mahmood Malik

    @Vigilant: Dear Sir, You were influenced by some maulvi and a tutor. So you made up your mind that Ahmadis are to be hated. Sir, is it fair for an educated person to form opinion like that about a jama’at of millions claiming to be Muslims? This is exactly the reason that common non-Muslims form a very bad impression about Islam from some negative propaganda. Whosoever studies Islam deeply and with a fair mind gets impressed by its beautiful teachings of love, peace and tolerance. Very respectfully therefore, I would suggest you to please read books of the jama’at on your own and then you may form any opinion independently. All books of the Founder of the Community, all five of his successors and lot more material is available on Ahmadiyya website,

  • waqar bhatti

    @An Ordinary Pakistani:
    quite true that’s why Kashif bleeds GREEN but you might have missed the point that every minority changes into majority whenever it’s time to tease or persecute Ahmaddies beyond this Allah Almighty has said in the Holy Quran that believers must migrate from one place to another in order to seek peace and liberty to perform their obligatory duties of Islam.Recommend

  • Xara

    A very-well written article which wrenches the soul and a much needed one. Being the child of parents who were in Ghana in the ’70s and 80’s, hearing about the atrocities against Ahmadies (my parents’s own stories of fleeing from burning houses) and coming back to Pakistan to Islamabad, and finding out the reality there of being treted like a second-class citizen, I can exactly undertsand you. I have been there. Now, I’m based in Europe where I’m getting my human repect and dignity from the society in which I live and my univeristy colleagues and my students. They are always pleasantly surprised to see and be with a highly-educated and knowleagable Pakistani-born European who talks logically (their words, not mine, alhamdoli’llah!) Love for all, hatred for none! Peace.Recommend

  • Xara


    The Ahmadiyya Muslims Community is REAL ISLAM- the revival of Islam. No wonder Ahmadi Muslims are being persecuted in exactly the same way as were the early Muslims and the HOLY Prophet Muhammad SAW. For real and divine knowledge go to And check out Recommend

  • Bin Ismail

    The persecution of Ahmadis in Pakistan is fundamentally different in nature from the plight faced by other religious denominations. While religious intolerance in Pakistan, may academically be considered as unconstitutional, inspite of being the order of the day, the persecution of the Ahmadis is unique in that it draws support from the Constitution itself. The Article 2 of the Constitution of Pakistan states that Islam shall be the State Religion of Pakistan, while the Second Amendment of 1974 of the Constitution states that Ahmadis are not Muslims for the purposes of Constitution and law. It doesn’t end here. According to the Presidential Ordinance 20 of 1984, now part of the Constitution, it is a punishable offence for an Ahmadi in Pakistan to even call himself a Muslim. Thus does the law deprive an Ahmadi citizen of Pakistan from the freedom of conscience, the freedom to profess his belief and the freedom to preach. On the other hand, the law encourages the extremists to further victimize a peaceful community that refuses to take the law in its own hands.Recommend

  • leila rage

    @the author: why do you want to be accepted by a nation of bigots, hypocrites, corrupt people?Recommend

  • Mahmood Malik

    @Ayesha Ilyas: Yes terrorism is wide-spread in Pakistan. But the situation with Ahmadis is different. There is discriminatory treatment at state level where draconian laws have been passed which are Ahmadiyya specific. Laws support persecution of Ahmadis. Ahmadis recite kalima but they are not allowed to call themselves as Muslims. They cannot call their mosques as mosques. They are not allowed under law to call “azan”. Thousands of Ahmadies have been prosecuted for reciting or writing Kalima, Assalamo Alekum or any Quranic verse. Law says that they cannot pose as Muslims. This is besides the point that nobody would offer namaz five times a day and tahajjud, recite kalima, fast during the month of Ramazan and read Quran daily just to pose as a “Muslim”. Anybody can preach ahmadis against their faith but law says that Ahmadis cannot preach. At places they are not allowed to worship in their own places of worship. There are instances that they are asked to remove domes and minarets from their mosques. They are discriminated at educational institutions. There are instances that they were rusticated from schools and colleges just because of their faith. They are discriminated for recruitment to civil and military services. At places social boycott is made against Ahmadis. Ahamdis are not allowed to hold their conventions and Jalsa Salana that was being held for about a century. But the opponents are allowed to hold jalsas and conventions where open call is made to crush and persecute Ahmadis. In Rabwah, where 99% population is Ahamdi, Ahamdis cannot hold any Jalsa but the opponents are free to hold jalsas there and take out processions where slogans are raised and foul language is used against the holy ones of Ahmadis So terrorists, illiterate clergy and state work hand in glove to persecute Ahmadis. So terrorism against Ahmadis cannot be equated with other terrorism and lawlessness that is rampant in the motherland.Recommend

  • Mahi

    Okay,honestly the last line of your article brought tears in my eyes:(
    Yes,Pakistan and Pakistanies accept you,you do deserve to live in Pakistan just as ANY other minority does.Recommend

  • Mahi

    @Ayesha Ilyas:
    @Jawad Maqsood:
    Bang on,you two.If the entire nation is under attack,why such hoo haa bout Ahmedies only?Recommend

  • Mahi

    @Raziya Mohamedali:
    Ahmedies do refer the rest of the Muslims as KaafirRecommend

  • Awais

    I studied this poem for drama class when I was in 8th. Your variation brought back memories of high school dude. Thanks.Recommend

  • AK

    @Ajay: “Humanity never existed in the heart of those who make up Pakistan”… isn’t that reverse extremism? Yes, we Pakistanis have an extremism problem to solve… a huge one… but this statement is downright racist. Majority of crimes in USA are committed by African Americans or Mexican Americans… but the civil society there would, very rightly, never not tolerate anyone declaring majority of African Americans or Mexicn americans as criminals. More Muslims have died in India in riots vs. Ahmedis in Pakistan… 800 sikhs died in Delhi following assassination of Indira Gandhi in 1984. However i would never use these facts to state a racist comment against the Indian nation…Recommend

  • bigsaf


    Seems you suffer anti-minority resentment. Would you prefer hate for minorities be published? There are articles on Ahmedis because they are still discriminated by law and in societal circles due to rising mainstream extremism, hence still an issue, as much as privileged majority sect Pakistanis deny it and hype up their own re-imagined self-victimhood paranoia of a US-minority conspiracy against them.

    There are loads of articles and blogs on sovereignty and drones on ET, and to state otherwise is dishonest and nothing more than an attempt at prejudiced excuses (well done in not piping up on 35,000+ killed by terrorists. What happened to sovereignty there or emotional blackmail crying about non-Waziristani children? When ‘liberals’ use ‘simple math’ on you, caring about 35,000+ over 4,000, how does it feel? ‘Harsh’ in your own words? Do you think it’s right? Then note your own hypocrisy and deliberate distortion) from avoiding to deal with this ‘one of many’ issues. Recommend

  • bigsaf

    @Jawad Maqsood:

    I and millions like me will stand in front of our minority brothers & sisters. Those who wish to vanish them must wipe all of us out first.

    Honestly doubt that. Pak used to have a large 20% non-Muslim population and are a measly 1-2% now. Extremists are doing great in religious and sectarian cleansing, like the Hazaras, and their religious and ethnic bigoted beliefs have virtually gone mainstream and not just restricted to Wahhabi/Salafi/Deoband fringes. The majority millions allowed this to happen.

    Deny it all you want, but religious minority communities are more likely to be discriminated and targeted in violence than their majority Sunni counterparts. This article is not only about TTP or just terrorism. It is about discrimination in all of Pakistan, be it in parliament or societal, where even medical students hold deadly ideological extremist views.

    Even you made prejudiced excuses on the plight of Ahmadis for state discrimination before relaying any sort of empathy for the blogger or their community.

    And as far as your point of State declaring Ahmadies non-muslims, dear, ahmadies did it first.

    Apparently religious state revenge and discrimination that backs up the majority hegemonic view is justified and imposed, as compared to just keeping it as community beliefs. Way to stand up for them. Recommend

  • Intelektual

    Wait a minute, Ahmadis consider non-Ahamadis as Kaafir … So what’s the difference between Ahmadis and Muslims? Ahmadiyya is also as extremist cult as Deobandi wahabi etc. Cult is a cult.
    The difference is that they are not killing the other neither are they discriminating and looking down upon the others..
    As a free person everyone has the right to sell his soul to the devil if he so pleases and as that act would not violate anyone elses’ rights no physical harm should ever come their way !
    Someone’s being an Ahmedi never tarnishes or influences a Wahabi’s faith and if the dispute is theoratical what justifies the physical voilance. Argue and resolve the differences or worst agree to disagree, Where is the room for violance !Recommend

  • javedhamid

    i’m a pakistani, and i accept you kashif, my brother, as an equal citizen of this country. i hope many more will follow me. We really need to educate our people. Recommend

  • huria

    Kashif, there is no point writing this article, because the ones persecuting you dont know how to read and write. Our basic problem is lack of education. The day our people know how to read and write these problems will diminish. Abhi tau they act based on what molvis tell them to do. And for those educated extremist, well such maniacs exist in all religions and societies. So as long as they are few in numbers they will usually keep shut.Recommend

  • Mahmood Malik

    @Mahi: No it is misconception spread by opponents. Ahmadis consider all those who recite kalima as Muslims. Holy Prophet sallalaho alehe wa sallam said that “kufr” falsl back upon one who calls a Muslim as a “kafir”. The declaration by the Holy Prophet is supreme. Ahmadis recite kalima. They profess and believe in all five basic tenets of Islam and six of “emaan”, the faith. Ahmadis claim that they are Muslims. So those who still call Ahmadis as “kafir” should look into their position in the light of the declaration of the Holy Prophet sallalaho alehe wa sallam.Recommend

  • Mahmood Malik

    @huria: You are right. There is lack of education in our country but the problem is not just due to lack of education. Rather percentage wise there are more educated people in Pakistan now than they were 65 years before when Pakistan came into being but intolerance level has increased manifold. Sixty five years ago, the founder of the nation appointed Sir Muhammad Zafrullah Khan, an Ahmadi Muslim as his first Foreign Minister. But now Ahmadis are denied the right to vote! Ahmadis have been at the forefront for the making and building of Pakistan. Now they are made a third rate citizen in their own country– a country for which they rendered all sorts of sacrifices. Hundreds of Ahmadi army personnel, including Generals and Brigadiers embraced martyrdom for the sake of the country during wars. Now in 2010 an Ahmadi retired General Nasir, a war hero, is martyred in cold blood in the attack on the Ahmadiyya Model Town, Lahore mosque along with scores of other worshipping Ahmadi Muslims during Friday prayers. The nation unfortunately is going downhill. Things are getting worse day by day. Apparently they country is hostage to extremist bigoted groups and classes. We pray and wish that some miracle occurs and things start taking turn for the better. That would be good for our motherland and for the generations to come!Recommend

  • sk


    I think you’re sadly mistaken. Look up Pakistan’s Blasphemy lawsRecommend

  • Anoop

    @Jonaid Iqbal:

    The last guy who vocally supported them was shot dead by his own bodyguard and that was a minister. His own colleagues refused to even attend his funeral because they thought it would attract negative attention.

    I believe majority of Pakistanis are wonderful human beings, but a significant number of them are not like that and get support from the ideology and the institutions in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Mahi

    @Mahmood Malik:
    I had no idea that Ahmedies can’t vote,if Christians,Hindus and other minorities can vote,why can’t Ahmedies?
    And to answer your question,a lot of Ahmedies do refer us as non Muslims,as far as prophet is concerned I agree with you,yes they recite Kalima and that Kalima makes us different from then.Ahmedies are a minority,period!
    Our constitution gives us the right to live our life freely as per our own will and practice our religion,then I don’t understand why do people bother about others faith,everyone is accountable to God not us,why bother who follows what.Recommend

  • Raja Islam

    @Raziya Mohamedali:
    Clearly Ahmedis are non-Muslims. However, that should not give anyone the license to persecute them or any other non-Muslims.Recommend

  • kaalchakra

    ET has taken up full-time crusade to get Ahmadis declared Muslims. I am sure success is just round the corner.

    (We have been seeing the same tired arguments for over a decade and have also seen promises by Ahmadis how we were all jealous of them because they were about to take over Pakistan and the world, removing the jahliyat of what everyone else calls Islam.)

    I am willing to wait as long as Pakistani liberals would like me to wait. Recommend

  • Sonia

    I dont understand why is it so important to people that Ahmedis call them kafir. If you believe they are gumrah, then what difference does it make to you if they call you kafir or momin. Just keep calling each other kafir, but dont kill each other (PS: I am also a non-muslim)Recommend

  • Kashif

    Just to make one thing clear, Ahmadi Muslims do NOT consider anyone non-Muslim as long as they do not consider themselves as such. period! Visit the official Ahmadiyya website or any other Ahmadi publication, Muslims are always referred to as Muslims. Where specifically pointed out, they are referred to as “non Ahmadi Muslims.” Also, the founder of the community has always referred to Muslims as “My Dear Muslim brothers.” Twisting one or two quotes and saying that Ahmadis believe every non-Ahmadi Muslim is a kafir is inaccurate and wrong! Thanks.

    Plus, that is not even the point of the article. Let me suppose that as an Ahmadi, I do consider you a non-Muslim. Is that the same as passing legislation to force me to consider myself what I am not? Is that the same as punishing me for saying Bismillah or Salam? Is that the same as giving me the death sentence for preaching my faith? Is that the same as killing me?


  • roadkashehzada

    2 points:

    first pakistan as a whole has limited resources and has drifted to extremism which is faced by everyone, lets call is base level of difficulties. how far is the treatment to ahmadis from this base level? after all there are fights over deobandi and barelvi mosques as well and people do get killed in cross fire

    second, is there a place where ahmadis are majority? how do they treat non ahmadis (said to be kafir by ahmadis)? or take it like this, how would an ahmadi state of 180million treat little minority of non ahmadis??Recommend

  • Malcolm

    Still, 86% of the voters believe that Ahmadis are treated unfairly.

    You only look at the negative, you know what they call people like you? Cynics.Recommend

  • http://hotmail Nasr

    Excellent article. If we want to save pakistan, pls stop religious extremism. Mullaiyat has badly spoiled the face of our country in this global village. Ahmadis must have equal rights in Pakistan and they must have the right of vote according to true joint electrolate system.Recommend

  • Maeedah

    Here we go again with another religious debate, that as far as i know is against ET’s policy.
    The point is, as long as Ahmedis or jews or hindus or paarsis, whosoever, as long as they are following the state laws. they should be left in peace and be treated equally as Pakistanis.
    The problem is the fact that the system and the laws are not being implemented properly, as a whole,each and every law. not just the ones about the minorities. everyone is suffering. not just the minorities.
    change the system, strengthen the rule of law.
    these problems will get solved.
    stop with the useless religious debate :/Recommend

  • Mahmood Malik

    @Mahi: How Ahmadis can’t vote? Under clerical and extremist clergy pressure, in Pakistan, for election purposes, they have made two electoral rolls (the voters’ lists). In one of the voters’ list are included the names of all Muslims (the constitutional ones), Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and people of all other denominations except Ahmadi Muslims. All others except Ahmadis are put together. The law says that names of Ahmadis are to be entered in another separate list for non-Muslims. This is paradoxical but this is so! Muslims (the constitutional ones) and all non-Muslims and even atheists are put together in one electoral roll. But they want to put names of Ahmadis in an exclusive list. Ahmadis are the only people who have this separate list where they are shown as “non-Muslims.”
    Ahmadis do not accept this blatant, shameful, unjust discrimination. The dispensation in Pakistan says that majority can outcast Ahmadis as non-Muslims. OK. But they cannot change hearts of Ahmadis where there is inscribed “There is no worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad is His Massenger.” Ahmadis can never erase this writing from their hearts. Did Hazrat Bilal stop saying, “Ahad, Ahad” when he was laid on extremely hot summer sand? No, because he knew that Allah, the Ahad is the Al-Mighty. Did the Holy Prophet sallalaho alehe wa sallam stop praying against all adverse circumstances and heavy odds? No he suffered all type of worst persecution but he did not budge an inch from what Allah had ordained. He preferred to migrate from the land he loved but he did not resort to violence or bloodshed.
    Ahmadis in the circumstances don’t get themselves registered as voters whereby they are so obnoxiously and discriminatorily placed in an exclusive electoral roll where they and they alone are dubbed as “non-Muslims.” They have been suffering all types of persecution and injustices for the sake of “Kalima” and the love of the Holy Prophet sallalaho alehe wa sallam. Thousands of them have migrated and are now living lives of peace and tranquillity where they can worship and pray without any fear or discrimination. They are preaching the true peaceful message of Islam around the corners of the earth. Others who are staying back continue to suffer but they don’t get themselves registered as voters in a non-Muslim electoral list exclusively reserved for Ahmadis. They may forego right to vote but they cannot get themselves registered in such a list. Of course this sacrifice is nothing as compared to the sacrifices of blessed companions of the Holy Prophet sallalaho alehe wa sallam.Recommend

  • Aadil

    By blaming non-Ahmadis n other sects, u r doin no good to ur society,,u r jst spreadin hatred n intolerance at d molecular level….no religion vtsoever teaches us to kill people,,it’s jst dt sme inhumane people who vr nurtured by elite class of ur country hv taken humanity hostage in your part of world….Recommend

  • Mahmood Malik

    @Aadil: You are right. Most of the people of the motherland may not be subscribing to what the minority extremist class advocates. They are peaceful people and abhor killing of innocent people and persecution on the basis of faith. But this is the silent majority that watches injustice and keeps mum. The state interference in faith matters, in so far as Ahmadi Muslims are concerned has crossed all limits of civility and decency. You see wall chalking against Ahmadis and calls for social boycott of Ahmadis all around and people keep silent. State machinery watches calls to lawlessness against peaceful Ahmadi citizens of the country and takes no action and in a way acquiesces to what goes on to spread hatred and prejudice. This is a unique country in the world that asks its citizens to get National Identity Cards and if they want to be registered as Muslims, they would first sign declaration desecrating founder of the Ahmadiyya Community and Ahmadi beliefs. The declaration says that no prophet or reformer would now come. So they make declaration against common belief of coming of Jesus to reform Muslims.
    We can only wish and pray that the silent majority gets courage to speak the truth! Recommend

  • Raziya Mohamedali

    @Raja Islam:
    On what grounds are you calling Ahmadis non-Muslim? On what some mullah told you? For your information, nobody has the right to call another a non-Muslim – only Allah has that right since He is the ONLY ONE who knows what is in the heart of a person.

    Or have you discovered the secret of mind reading?! And for your further information, there are various Qur’anic verses and hadith regarding this matter. Please, refer to them.

    One of the hadith’s of the Holy Prophet (pbuh), says that anybody who recites the Kalima, eats halal slaughtered meat and prays towards the Kaaba is a Muslim. So, where did you get your information that we (Ahmadis), are not Muslim?

    You and others like-minded ones out there, have no business sitting in judgement of another’s faith. You have to accept that when a person calls him/herself Muslim then, s/he, is – PERIOD.Recommend

  • Rana Ozair

    I hope that Pakistan accepts me soon – for I still bleed green and am tired of bleeding red.

    The last line you wrote sums it all , and your love and admiration for pakistan reflects in this line itself. I dont think haters outnumber the ones that are accepting. To give them a strong fron tis the only way. Whenever pakistan tries to recover from fundamentalism like in the 90’s a new crisis takes us back to the same position again like sept 2001. But inshallah soon we it’ll get better again.Recommend

  • Pollack

    @Author you don’t seem to realize that the philosophical foundation which gave birth to Pakistan itself is intrinsically against people who are “different” like ahmadiyas. So there is no point in you expecting Pakistan to accept you as you are. Zia is not the cause of this attitude in society. He just used it to his advantage. It’s convenient to blame zip for every thing but spare the philosophy which gave birth embracing these attitudes whole heartedly.Recommend

  • Pollack

    @Saamia Khan:
    “ReplySaamia Khan Jun 9, 2012 – 1:56PM
    Isn’t this sad . Why can’t we treat people as equals irrespective of their caste , creed & religion”

    Now you are invalidating the cause for the existence of Pakistan by saying such things.Recommend