China and Russia can free us of the US

Published: June 4, 2012

Pakistan Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani (L) shakes hands with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin (R) during their bilateral meeting at a summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). PHOTO AFP

Pakistan is looking to the East for help. We are pinning our hopes on regional cooperation through blocs such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation ( SCO). This bloc boasts support from two major regional powers –Russia and China.

Why should we support this alliance, one might ask.

To them, I would like to state simply, we need this to free ourselves from the stranglehold of the US.

We have numerous reasons to support this alliance. For instance, despite all cooperation and the consequent suffering, Pakistan continues to face immense pressure from America. The recent episode of this series of pressure came when Pakistan suspended the Nato supply lines as a backlash of the Salala checkpost attack on November 26, 2011. This suspension led to threats of slashing the civil military aid to the country from the US Congressmen and policy makers.

This scared Pakistan, because the US is our life-line. They provide us with much-needed money, and we remain at their beck and call due to this unfortunate reality.

There is increasing pressure on Pakistan by the United States and several other countries towards combating terrorism, as well as in terms of the settlement of the Afghan crisis.

Washington uses financial instruments, mainly financial aid, and military threats in the form of drone attacks, to keep us dancing to their tune. It has even launched a mass media campaign against Islamabad, accusing Pakistan of supporting terror.

Pakistan’s possible membership in the SCO presents a lucrative opportunity for us to finally obtain freedom from this mounting pressure. Partnership with super-powers like China and Russia can reduce Pakistan’s dependence on the US and its Western allies. Furthermore, increased cooperation, with these aforementioned regional powers, can also help to lower our dependency on US financial aid – a tool used to keep Pakistan within the crutches of the US.

The Eastern cooperation can pave way for opening numerous corridors of progress for Pakistan as well as other South Asian states – mainly India and Afghanistan. The alliance can open ways for exporting energy from energy-rich countries such as Russia- Turkmenistan and Iran, to energy-scarce states such as Pakistan and India.

Energy-deficient countries can greatly benefit from this increased regional cooperation. One such example is the trans-Afghan pipeline, or TAPI (Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India), which surely can help in overcoming some part of the energy shortfall in Pakistan and India.

In order to achieve these goals and gain a dividend from the SCO, Pakistan needs to participate actively in the activities of the SCO in the areas of combating terrorism, drug trafficking and the Afghan settlement. Drug trafficking has been a major area of concern for Moscow. They claim that it is the ignorance of coalition forces in tackling the issue which has led to more drugs seeping into Russia. Thus, participation and cooperation will help to expedite the process of obtaining full membership in the organisation for Pakistan.

Interaction with the SCO will create real preconditions for countries to large-scale regional development programmes, particularly in the energy, transport and information spheres. This will eventually lead to an improvement in the areas of economy and the country’s security, strengthening its impact in the region.

Russia and the Central Asian countries have supported Pakistan’s desire to become a full member of the organisation, while China has refrained from doing so. Sergei Lavrov, the acting Russian Foreign Minister, in a recent SCO meeting pushed for India and Pakistan’s membership in the SCO, coupled with more involvement in the Afghan security situation in a post Nato withdrawal scenario.

Pakistan must convince Beijing that Islamabad’s full participation in the organisation will be useful in addressing major regional issues. Pakistan must seize the moment, and exploit regional energy resources by partnering with Russia, China and India for energy and commercial trade.

Let’s free ourselves from the hold of the West by embracing our friends in the East.

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Farooq Yousaf

Farooq Yousaf

The author is a PhD (Politics) Candidate currently pursuing his studies in Australia. He has previously completed his Masters in Public Policy and Conflict Studies from Germany. He also consults Islamabad-based Security think tank, Centre for Research and Security Studies, and occasionally writes for various news and media sources. He is specialising in Indigenous conflict resolution and counter insurgency. He tweets at @faruqyusaf (

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Jamshaid Imam

    no one can free us unless we decide to make ourself FREERecommend

  • Sher Khan

    Indeed a very well written article. I think we were fools enough to reject Russia in 1948 and go to USA instead. We were again fools to buy to buy the argument of Warm Waters and COmmunist Invasion as USSR had nothing to do with us,. It only came to save Afghanistan from civil war initiated by USA. USSR only wanted its own security.

    We were again fools to part wit USA in War on Terror. Why cant we understand that Russian arms and technology is 10 times cheaper than USA, and better. As well as they have Gas reserves and control over central asian reserves which would have helped Pakistan to overcome energy crisis.

    What has US done for us??? Has it built any dam for us till now???

    Who gave us our steel mills and nuclear techonology??? Not USA for sure. Recommend

  • sundar

    Well said Jamshaid. Already China has advised Pakistan multiple times to change your attitude towards jehadi killers and get rid of terrorists camps. Cosmetic make up is not going to help change Pakistan to a better state. You have to look deep inside, identify and get rid of the malaise. Either Russia or China is not as gullible as US to give money to unscrupulous friends. Changing partners is not the solution as the author mentioned. Recommend

  • akbar

    No one can free a religiously motivated nation that has no laws to protect its citizens from islamic fundamentaists. Significant section of Pakistan is radicalised and both Russia and China know this very well. US is the only hope for cleaning islamic fundamentalismRecommend

  • Wtf

    In full agreement . China and Russia ties are very important. SCO membership is necessary, and it is growing Eastern alliance.
    At this crucial time in Pakistans history, looking Eastward always made sense. Recommend

  • Wtf


    The illegal occupation of Kashmir by India is causing turbulence. It is a cancer. It must end. China and Russia alliance with Pakistan was not unexpected since India was busy licking their British masters feet. Pakistan has discovered that being boot kickers of the West serves no purpose Recommend

  • Zaid Hamid

    China– All weather friend..

    Russia– Cold weather friendRecommend

  • praveen

    Author analysis is completely done in fantasy. What he is asking is to stop dancing to the US tune and, surprisingly , to dance to the tune of 2 super power china and Russia instead.I am amased. He has lost it. Pakistan, first should start correcting its internal character. Should put the religion from all public,social life into deep buried box. Recommend

  • observer

    And pray, Why should Russia rush to rescue Pakistan? Has Pakistan been friendly to Russia ever?

    If the slaying of 24 soldiers in Salala can lead to a rift in US-Pak relations, do we even have a count of Russian soldiers slain with Pakistan pulling the trigger?

    And does the Pakistani double dealing with US inspire confidence in either Russia or China?Recommend

  • adeel759

    Pak should strengthen ties with Russia. But this notion that Pak should ‘ve aligned with Russia instead of US in times of Cold War, why can’t you see what happened to Russia, Pak would have been worse off if allied with Russia. It (Russia) was a power on downward spiral, economically and militarily. No need for Pak to distance itself from US or West, just protect your’s interest and Global interest as well if it lies in your backyard. But unfortunately Global Interest is less but Global Threat is more in your backyard. Recommend

  • observer

    Any idea who trains the Chechens and Uighurs?Recommend

  • BlackJack

    Some interesting Freudian slips there; using stronghold for stranglehold and crutches for clutches – it may be that these are regular errors, but the choice of replacement words does indicate a certain state of mind. The SCO is not going to help you out in the way the US does – to escape the US clutches, you will need to forego the crutches. Outside the burgeoning oil and gas trade, there is still a strong security orientation in the SCO and Pakistan, given its pre-occupation with leveraging geo-strategic location of global significance:) will probably try to replace NATO by becoming a lackey of the SCO – which could be a serious error. If not, well, there isn’t a single line in this entire blog to indicate what it is that Pakistan has to offer the SCO other than a reduction in drug trafficking etc which are obligations of any decent nation and should not even be discussed under quid pro quo. The TAPI pipeline deal is already inked, and has no connection with the SCO – so the potential market for hydrocarbons is already being catered to. You will not provide transit for goods from India to Afghanistan or other SCO states, which could be a dependable source of revenue. In summary, wishful thinking that is unlikely to have a significant impact on your current economic situation, especially since Pakistan is part of the problem in Afghanistan – which lies between Pakistan and most of the SCO states.Recommend

  • observer

    @Sher Khan

    Why cant we understand that Russian arms and technology is 10 times cheaper than USA, and better. As well as they have Gas reserves and control over central asian reserves

    Its absolutely amazing. You know I have a dog who has this uncanny ability of befriending the guy with the biggest bone on his pate.

    Amazing isn’t it? Recommend

  • observer

    @Farouq Yousaf

    China and Russia can free us of the US

    OK, when US asks you to do more with Taliban you run to China and Russia.

    When China and Russia ask you to do more with Uighurs and Chechens who will you run to?

    I mean SERIOUSLY?Recommend

  • kafir

    yes yes yes…universe is no longer Mecca centric as it has turned Pak centric since Allah blessed it to be fort of Islam.Recommend

  • Imran Con

    If you believe your begging will be without conditions you’re out of your mind. Also, neither China nor Russia will help you with the US. They have their own relationships with it. Those types of relationships are why they have grown. With all the hate mongering Pakistan does, you’d just drag them down with you if they were obligated to help.Recommend

  • Raja Arsalan Khan

    Dear writer! Are you serious? Do you think Russia will hug a Pakistan with the Haqqani network and all the other plethora of jihadi assets? E Recommend

  • Raja Arsalan Khan

    Dear writer! Are you serious? Do you think that Russia will fall in love with a Pakistan with the “strategic depth” containing Haqqani network and a plethora of jihadi assets? Even China is angry over ETIM in Waziristan.
    Why people miss things like a latest statement by Russian foreign minister in which he warned the US against leaving Afghanistan, saying it could unleash anarchy.
    Please return to the real world, where ISPR press notes have no value. Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    A puerile article dealing in ‘what if’ hypotheticals, with little or no relation to the world in its current state.

    Let us, firstly, rid ourselves of the delusion that dependency on Russia and China for socioeconomic and political support is going to come without a price-tag of its own.

    What does Pakistan have to offer to Russia and China in order to garner sufficient aid from them? Or are you praying they’d be particularly charitable, and just shower us with tremendous support against the mammoth USA?

    To USA, we do offer something in exchange for this support: a promise to defeat the anti-West terrorist hordes that are crawling out of the woodwork in this region.

    One might find to his dismay that International Relations are a little more complicated than swapping one boyfriend for another, because “it’s just not working out”.Recommend

  • Dark Knight

    @Author: Requesting that you take my comment as pure critique rather than an attempt from an Indian to show Pakistan in bad light. To begin with, unlike India, why does Pakistan always need any dependence on any powerful state ? You or someone is the forum is going to raise the point of India’s inclination towards Russia. I would advice those who do that to do some digging in Non Aligned Movement which was brainchild of India and through it, it made clear that it does not believe in taking sides and want relationship with all. USA back then ( and even now ) has the policy that “If you are not with us, you are against us” and it took India’s stand as “against them” and started treating India as one of the nations which are pro Russians. While during cold war era India was still a new born country it had to rely on someone for technological and defense knowledge transfers and that it received from Russia, un-conditionally. Pakistan, which always like to do quite the opposite to what India does joined hands with USA and sided with USA. USA got an ally in Asian sub continent. Basically USA got a foothold what it was looking for. Russia did not use India;s territory for any of their personal wars against any nations, including it’s war against Russia ( I know Zaid Hamid will not agree with his fantasies that somehow Russia flew weapon from India to Afghanistan, which is strategically and in all practicality impossible and foolish if anybody knows geography well ). But Pakistan on other hand always almost readily played host to USA’s personal war in Asian region. Including letting it’s own people get radicalized to help USA ( not Afghanistan ) win against Russia in Afghanistan war.
    Now, respectable Sir, you and many foolish Pakistanis are seriously considering warm ties with Russia because you are assuming a relation shift between India Russia and India USA. What you guys always overlook is, India does not burn old relations to make new ones. And that was still true in case of Iran, which India was the last country to cut down it’s oil from Iran due to unfortunate pressure in this economical downturn condition. This infact thankfully is even acknowledged by Ahmednijad himself in his recent visit to India.
    Pakistan wants to mend ties with anyone and everyone with whom it has no close cultural or ethnical resemblance, but wants to continue hostility with it’s immediate eastern and western neighbors with which it has much more in common than differences.
    India and Pakistan’s differences are more fictional and man made than fact. It is more emotionally stirred rather than being wisely thought of. We seriouslyu lack wisdom and will to co – exist and accept each other. And no matter how many super power allies we keep on changing we will always find our selves alone, until we join our hands.
    It has been 60 long years of hatred and will not go away soon, but one small step today and will to hold on to commitment no matter what challenges we face will certainly ensure a long lasting and forever relationship with these two culturally rich nations. Recommend

  • Khaksar

    Why does pakistan always have to depend on someone else? Why does it always need a grand daddy?? Where is the Ghairat???Recommend

  • 3rdRockfromtheSun

    @ Farooq,
    Let me tell you a story of 4 friends – one rich, two middle income and the last with lot of potential, but not so financially well off. The rich friend had been supporting the not so well off friend for a long time, and gave him advice to improve and to make himself better. But the beneficiary of the aid and advice, would thumb his nose at the rich giver, berate him for helping and even work against the rich friend at times. Even the other two friends hinted to the not so well off friend to try and change, but to no avail. Instead, would try to play the rich friend against the other two and vice versa. One day the rich friend had had enough, and said I’m not helping anymore, till you do exactly what I say. Suddenly feeling angered and insulted, the not so well off friend goes to the other two middle income friends, and wants them to bail him out.
    If you were one of those middle income friends, would you help the not so well off friend? Recommend

  • Parvez

    Isn’t it time we started relying more on ourselves, difficult though it may go. This constant need for others help has just caused us to become fiscally irresponsible and morally depressed as a nation. Your suggestion makes sense, making it happen looks difficult, given the priorities of the people who matter.Recommend

  • http://Karachi ashar

    All we need is a good leader. ZAB maintained good relations with both superpowers. But it require sincerety and competence which are unfortunately not available in our parliment.The writer has earnestly suggested a lead for our future foreign policy but beggers are no chosers. As long as we have beggers on top of us nothing can happen in the right direction, however, Keep on writing young man, we should remain optimistic.Recommend

  • gt

    Who will free you of China and Russia? Kept women cannot quit!Recommend

  • John B

    From frying pan to the fireRecommend


    Dear Sher Khan, I can assure you that you have your history all wrong. The United States never initiated any civil war in Afghanistan. It was the Russian-backed successive governments and the Afghan invasion that pushed Afghanistan into such a chaos that the effects are still lingering today in the shape of the Taliban and other terrorist groups. The United States and Pakistan have benefited from a good relationship off and on. The hiccups we are currently facing will pass, and it is in both nations’ interest to work together for the common goal of defeating terrorism. Pakistan is strategically placed in the region and a key player for sustained peace in the region and peace can only be possible when all parties work together in defeating terrorism. Cooperation is the key!

    Capt. Joseph Kreidel
    DET-United States Central Command

  • Butt

    @Khaksar: Ghairat is getting more money and a leg to stand, lost ages ago.Recommend

  • Aftab

    No one can free you except yourselves. This government has destroyed the country. Vote for Imran Khan and bring about real changeRecommend

  • Dark Knight

    Seriously!!!…….moderator of ET and TSA agents in American airport are absolutely same. They will screen anything without understanding. Can ET hire some rationale minded moderators who would not simply moderate comment as they please.Recommend

  • Adnan

    @Sher Khan:
    The Soviets, as they were then known, had their eyes on the warm waters of the Arabian Sea. And it was our duty as Muslims to help the Afghans in their struggle.
    However, I do believe that Russia (after the Soviet Union collapse) is more organized. It gives respect for respect taken. It is a mutually beneficial relation. Russia, China, Iran, Turkey and the Central Asian countries are where our future lies. Arabs use us and dump us. Americans use us and dump us and we need to get the hell out of Afghanistan.Recommend

  • Zalim Singh
  • kaalchakra

    Pakistan has never been able to fully utilize its geostrategic location as the Great Quaid had originally planned. Wish he had lived a few more years and trained a few leaders.Recommend

  • observer

    @Sher Khan

    Why cant we understand that Russian arms and technology is 10 times cheaper than USA, and better. As well as they have Gas reserves and control over central asian reserves which would have helped Pakistan to overcome energy crisis.

    A. May be as a kid hanging around with a kid with the most candies, was OK. Grown ups do not hand out candies for free.

    B. So what is your counter offer to the Russians? Will it be Afghanistan? And will Gwadar go to China? Compared to this the US/NATO bargain is cheaper.Recommend

  • http://none mikek

    When will muslims and esp. Pakistanis believes in themselves. There is no friend of muslims esp poor muslim country. Develop your resources, make your country strong and believe in yourself. Pakistan is a nuclear country but its american puppet regime makes us leave in ICU of America. We have to stop relying on foreign aid and get rid of the puppet regime. O Pakistani people you are quick in the protest etc. Why not do a collected Tauba in the mosque as a whole nation one Friday. Allah swt surely help and listen to our repentence. Can you think on any Friday to do that? What a Pakistani society is heading I am so shocked. Parents killing their children for property. Similarly wives are killing their husbands to run away with their boyfriends. Children killing their parents. Kidnapping for ransom. Disappearance of innocent people. Rape, torture and killing. Even females are involved in so many sophisticated crimes. Young generation instead of hard working they want to get everything with hard working. Students rely on cheating instead of studying. The list is growing and I sent lanat to our neighbours plus our own people who are getting sold for some money. Recommend

  • jmand

    This is a fools understanding of Pakistan and USA relations. The Pakistani govt will never give up the billions of money that is coming to the Pakistani govt. You think this money is going to the people of Pakistan? It is lining the pockets of govt officials and family members just like it is in Afghanistan. You think Russia and China will give Pakistan this kind of money with little accounting for its use?

    Time to learn that money always wins. It is money that controls most govts.Recommend

  • JB

    As much as I support the writer’s comments, I have to admit; as long as this Government is in power, the US dollar in their pockets would be worth more than the Chinese Yuan or Russian Ruble. This Govt. is not here for the people of Pakistan. Should we really expect them to exercise ‘common sense’ when they have done nothing but make us more and more dependent on the US in the last 5 years?Recommend

  • Patriot

    Dear all esp US-Centcom …!

    Well, Pakistan should pull out from all crap and non sense esp the war b/w great powers — Russia / US / China. Pakistan should spend now on education, poverty and national character building, try to fight corruption and internal stabilization. Pakistan should not behave as a proxy to Russia, as it was to US in last 60 years.

    Pakistan should be able to make independent decisions as an independent state.

    I think this is the time to get independence from US — over 60 years it has given us only blood and money — not of use to any public but for corrupt politicians. US plans are clearly on separation of Baluchistan, keep control over Gwader port, handle China and Iran from here. Independent reports clearly has shown that US and India are involved in all Taliban movement in Pakistan, a lot of times US made weapons & currency has been ceased by Pak security forces, in Swat as well as in Baluchistan.

    Sorry to US Centcom — in international politics there are no permanent friends or foes — its only the national interests.. which US has clearly different and against Pakistan.

    Moreover, Pakistan has suffered much as per humiliation in international community, due to its policies begging for everything from bread to oil. I recommend Pakistan should get independence from Saudia (let them fight with Iran at there own), Turkey and UAE which has recently been sneaking in Pakistan….?

    Last thing to say that Pak should make a moderate society — not in hands of Taliban — they are not our friends. They has caused much damage in the name of Islam.
    Long live Pakistan, InshallahRecommend

  • Hindu Indian

    @Author, There is no point of going to countries for “HELP”, why cant anyone talk about standing on your own feet??Recommend

  • Hodir ND

    I think what the author is trying to explain must not be taken in to an emotional context by the readers. This is just the Other Opinion on which the policy makers should think.

    Even the poll at the end suggests that a majority of Pakistanis want increased cooperation with Russia so as to reduce dependency on USA. Writing something is just expressing an opinion, I feel no need of getting too emotional on a narrative, Recommend

  • Anoop

    So, the principle being a beneficiary of largesse a big state you don’t reject, only the benefactor.

    You don’t think anything is wrong with the approach of Pakistan, only US is to blame?

    US has a GDP around 3 times that of China’s and Russia’s economy is smaller than that of India’s.

    And, these guys are going to give you money? Why on Earth would they do that?

    Don’t you think it is a better strategy to embrace all, purge the Terrorists on your soil and invite investment from all, including China, Russia and the US?

    There are so many things wrong in the article, if I’d cared would have refuted them all. Recommend

  • David Smith

    So you want to free yourself from the United States? The United States has provided over $60 billion over the years to Pakistan, has a major say in all multilateral financial institutions, provided sophisticated arms, is the country where nearly half a million Pakistani-Americans live, is the number one destination for Pakistan students etc. etc. Can that relationship be replaced by Russia/China? You are important to the Chinese only in the context of South Asia, and to the Russians only for what will happen in Afghanistan (beyond a point with the Russians, you will have to factor in India – right or wrong that’s how matters are).
    But why choose? Why not friendly relations with all three? The Cold War is long over and so are the days of playing off one country against another.Recommend

  • malik

    Dear author,

    You say: ” In order to achieve these goals and gain a dividend from the SCO, Pakistan needs to participate actively in the activities of the SCO in the areas of combating terrorism, drug trafficking and the Afghan settlement. “

    If Pak does all the above, US won’t get upset with Pak and the dollars will continue to flow. Then you won’t need Russia or China. Don’t you think so ?Recommend

  • Saqib

    How tragic that India an Ex ally with USSR during her heyday became close friend of USA in the wake new world scenario and we are thinking of joining Russian pool which no longer exists. Even China is not in a steady position to shoulder our sinking economy and has given us signals not to indulge in break up with America. In this situation Pakistan can not keep all its eggs in Sino-Russian basket. Even China and Russia themselves are not sure about the future of their partnership.
    The best option for Pakistan is to keep relations with both the sides and pursue its own interests.Recommend

  • anticorruption

    The author has not explained what benifit Pakistan will be offering to Russia and China for them to be interested in helping us so much that we become ‘free’ of the US? On the issue of Taliban and groups like the Haqqani network, these countries are ultimately on the same page as the US. Neither will support Pakistan over the issue of militant sanctuaries on our soil, which remain a major sticking point in our ties with the Americans. So while China and Russia will want a lower American footprint in the region, the idea that they might ‘free’ us of the US appears to be based more on wishful thinking than reality.

    We need to stop thinking about international relations from a cold war mindset where we see the US and Russia/China as an opposite pole to the US. That’s not how it works; both China and Russia have elaborate ties with the US and in fact, China’s rise would not have been possible without its economic links with the Americans. Pakistan needs to develop good relations with all three of them as well as India and we do have to disentangle ourselves from all militant groups.

    Moreover, the US and Europe remain the primary markets for our exports, we have a large number of students and expatriates in the US, and the Americans still wield a great deal of influence over international financial institutions. Neither China nor Russia are about to rival all that, even as China’s say at the IFIs increases with its growing economy.Recommend

  • http://India vasan

    Absolute rubbish. Whichever corner Pakistan may run into, they will keep hearing the “Do more” mantra till they do more about eliminating the jihadi mindset and terror camps inside Paksitan . Recommend

  • mian yasir hayat

    In international politics one shouldn’t believe in churchesRecommend

  • Sexton Blake

    Dear Capt, Kreidal,
    CENTCOM managed to get it somewhat wrong again. The U.S., single handedly created the terrorism we see today. Obviously, it would require a 10,000 word dissertation to seriously outline how terrorism was created by America, but just in the area of Pakistan/Afghanistan the U.S. made a huge contribution. If you go back in history a few years you can read how U.S. intelligence/senior White house personnel openly chuckled at the way they had created terrorism to make life difficult for the Russians, although you did not call it terrorism in those days. You humorously called it Russia’s Vietnam. Unfortunately for America you trained Afghanistan combatants too well, and they have turned on you, because you dispossessed the Taliban Government, and like Russia, you are supporting a political grouping they object to. It is quite obvious that America has accepted the reality of the situation, and know they cannot win. I never thought I would see the day that it could be suggested, even remotely, that Russia/China would be more trustworthy than America, but the suggestion is halfway correct. American ethics have totally gone out of the window. Having said that, I think Pakistan would be foolish to place too much trust in any country ever again.Recommend

  • Noise

    So your solution is to free Pakistan from debt slavery by making it a debt slave to another faction.

    Nothing ever comes for free. Unlike the US, the Russian and the Chinese dont have the patience or the resources to baby anyone, if you want in you have to be prepared to be a front line state like Iran or Syria.

    Besides, until Pakistan gives up it’s old dream of dominating Afghanistan the Russians and Chinese and the Iranians and the Tajiks and the Uzbeks wont let us in their new club, because they have REAL interests in Afghanistan. Interests revolving around money, not the vague principle of strategic depth like our case seems to be. Also keep in mind that the SCO will be heavily titled towards India compared to Pakistan since India is the biggest market for whatever the SCO has to offer, be it Chinese exports, Iranian and Tajik Gas or Russian arms. No one, from the Russian and Chinese giants, to our brotherly Iranians, Tajiks and Uzbeks will give a damn what we think of India, they all simply want to walk over us to get to India. Thats because we have NOTHING to offer, we’re a people that revels in our ‘geopolitical location’ that we think makes us important, while the truth is everyone else sees us as an annoying obstacle in their paths.

    And has anyone told you that you cant become a member of the SCO if you have a territorial dispute with another country? That means eating humble pie and kashmir par samjhota

    And lastly the SCO hasn’t even made Iran an official member despite inviting it to the meetings every time, and constantly deepening its links with it. To be a member of the SCO you have to give up any though of independent foreign policy and have to toe the Sino-Russian line completely, like the forgettable central asian states, so bold ambitious states like Iran with their own vision are considered problematic. Recommend

  • p r sharma

    There is always a price tag for everything. Nothing is free in this world. The author is suggesting just to change the Donor/ally which is not going to help.
    There is a need to identify the real problems ( convince the people differing on it ) and then remedies be initiated. This will ultimately help any developing nation diminish the dependence on others and proceed protecting own interest. Recommend

  • http://India vasan

    I think the title could be “China and Russia can free US from us(Pakistan)”. That sounds betterRecommend

  • Pakiluk

    Pakistan was created by the West for its own use, it is very unlikely that the West is going to give up its control on Pakistan. The Pakistani’s can keep trying to break away from the western chains but they forget that they were the ones who willingly became enslaved because at that time they were trying to escape from the Hindu’s who still continue to be their neighbours and will continue to do so forever. So Pakistan has no one to blame but itself. It is too small and poor a country to talk about independent foreign policies etc. a country so dependent on aid cannot hope to sustain itself. Russia and China are not going to indulge in charity and will certainly not feed Jihadis for free. Recommend

  • Ozymandias

    While I do agree with the general conclusion, I would like to caution against the use of the term ‘friends’. Let’s not define foreign policy in terms of friends and enemies. Only interests matter. Not anything else is of import – certainly not public opinion.Recommend

  • Johnny Raju

    Dear Author,
    Pakistan does not need any body. It can stand on it own two strong feet.
    What is needed is to bring law and order to the country.
    Gandhi told us if a woman can walk freely in the middle of the night wearing costly jewels then we have achieved good law and order. We are no where near it and sadly when we will reach there we dont know.
    Set your goal for prosperity and follow it you dont need any body.Recommend

  • Baba Ji

    China or Russia ? ….. Khud kuch na kerna !!!!Recommend

  • politically incorrect


    ‘……freeing US from us’

    Great pun.Hilarious.But on a serious note this penchant for walking on crutches is sickening.Recommend

  • -.-

    Lets free ourselves and look for another ally to help us in different ways but 1 thing for sure, by God we will never stand on our own feet. Typical Pakistani leadership.

    Pakistan has become a casualty due to its careless and reckless behavior. Money before lives, nothing ‘Pak’ left in us. Ordinary and hardworking citizens are dragged along by the ignorant ones.Recommend

  • http://Delhi SL DUA

    Solution to Pakistan’s major problems lies in changing its enimical attitude towards India. India and Pakistan are neighbours and should live like good neighbours. Togather we can improve the living standards of millions of poor people of this subcontinent. Why look to USA, China or Russia, ONLY to maitain and sustain your enmity towards India.Recommend

  • Abid P Khan


    “….I think this is the time to get independence from US — over 60 years it has given us only blood and money — not of use to any public but for corrupt politicians…..”

    You are 100% right. Independence should be nearest to the heart of every nation. Apparently, it has taken all these decades to come to this conclusion. Walking away from the lap of the US would be on your own feet, not on the crutches Made in USA.Recommend

  • Fayzul Ahsan

    Please don’t say the author ‘RUBBISH’. He tries to be optimistic. There may be some misunderstanding in his topics.

    Pakistan should try to reform its economy, religion, society as soon as possible. Pakistan should control strictly its religious fundamentalists. Neither USA nor Russia or China can save Pakistan from destroy. Only she can save herself improving her political, economical, social and other sectors development. Of course, Pakistan should keep a good relation with China, Russia, Iran, UK, Venezuela and other countries even like India and Bangladesh. She can bargain with USA for the drone attack. She can claim a huge compensation against USA for the lose of her soldiers. She should not avoid USA permanently. Pakistan should try to keep a good relation with USA by maintaining her own interest because it is not avoidable that USA has been cooperating Pakistan for a long time. Though there are also some misunderstanding.

    Russia and China did not come forward against USA aggression such as Iraq, Afghanistan etc. But the situation will be changed. It is true that In future Russia, China and other countries will be bound to come forward openly against USA because they are doing aggression (sorry to say aggression but there is no word to use how USA acting against several countries) very openly. Recommend

  • Ajay

    Also if as the author states that to benefit from SCO and to be free from US, Pakistan will be ready to be rid of terrorists. Does the author realize that if Pakistan is ready to get rid of terrorists, then all heir problems with US will be solved. They will not only have excellent relations with US but will win huge good will of american public and full financial and moral support, more than what the entire SCO or entire world can give to Pakistan !!Recommend

  • Ajay

    @Sher Khan:

    Like you name. So which country persuaded Pakistan to go with US instead of USSR or was it Pakistan itself?Recommend

  • Ajay

    @Patriot: But Patriot, when US wanted to directly execute projects such as dams, electric plants and flood assistance, your Pak Army and politicians were not happy. US understood Pakistani people concerns that money was not going to them, hence this step. Can you please admonish your Army?Recommend

  • Saqib

    Has anyone noticed that Pakistani flag is little bluish … :).Recommend