Why we don’t need a Mohajir province

Published: May 26, 2012

If MQM, the 3rd largest political party of Pakistan, is speaking against the idea of a new province, it can easily be deduced that the idea has no political support. PHOTO: PPI

If MQM, the 3rd largest political party of Pakistan, is speaking against the idea of a new province, it can easily be deduced that the idea has no political support. PHOTO: PPI PHOTO: EXPRESS

A dormant phenomenon has recently become active; the movement for a separate province for the Mohajir people. This movement was pioneered by the Mohajir Rabita Council  – a political movement which started in Hyderabad, Sindh.

It should be noted that it is not just the Mohajir community that is asking for their rights; Pakistan’s history is loaded with separatist tendency right from 1947.

An excellent research paper is presented by Mohammed Waseem, titled “The Political Ethnicity and the State of Pakistan”. Mohammed Waseem talks about the separatist tendencies which grew in the Baloch, Sindhi, Mohajir, Bengali, and Pashtoon people of Pakistan. He also outlines their aims and highlights what was achieved.

It is against this background that the Mohajir province movement evolved. The Mohajir Rabita Council has been holding large rallies for the disintegration of Sindh and has also published a new map.

This map includes all the important districts of lower Sindh, including Karachi, Hyderabad, Thatta, and Mirpurkhas, in the Mohajir province that is being demanded. These districts are the economic engine of Sindh.

This brings me to the question, is the Mohajir province even feasible in the present conditions?

I don’t think so.

The centralist attitude by the rulers of Punjab is not a major problem any more. The country is not like the old federation it used to be, where the centre had all the power to decide what’s best for the country.

The 18th amendment has changed the political balance of power; the concurrent list has been abolished,  National Finance Commission (NFC) awards have been announced, and the federation is compensating provinces through the federal divisible pool.

It is only the economy of a country which keeps a nation together – not religion, love or language. The Mohajirs won’t gain new taxes by carving out a land for themselves; the feudals will still control the assemblies and agricultural heartlands of Pakistan and the economy will remain in their hands.

The Pakistani middle-class and lower middle-class (99% of our population) doesn’t have a voice in this economic system. The need of the hour is to change the economy rather than the geography of Sindh.

The call for a separate province might lead to ethnic killings in interior Sindh – a region where a large Mohajir community is living happily with the Sindhi speaking community. I, myself, am a testimony to this good relationship. Most people have been living here after migrating from India in 1947. A second migration inside Pakistan would only lead to excessive bloodshed.

It should also be noted that the major representatives of the Mohajir community, the MQM, is against the idea of any territorial redistribution of Sindh.

A province can only be made if the provincial assembly of Sindh accepts a resolution on the creation of a new province. The MQM has never filed in a resolution, signalling it will never support territorial redistribution.

Moreover, a unanimous resolution was passed against the disintegration of Sindh. If the third largest political party of Pakistan and the largest party of Karachi, is speaking against the idea of a new province, it can easily be deduced that the idea has no political support.

I think the idea of provincialism might face the same end as Napoleon in George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Most great revolutions end the same ways as that one ended; Hitler spoke for the Deutsches Lebensraum (German’s living space) and conquered Poland, Hungary, Austria, France, and Denmark.

However, in the end, he was killing the common Berliners and ended up breaking Germany into West and East Germany. Lebensraum for Mohajirs will only end up discriminating among themselves.

Summing up, the call for a separate province is more of a divergence tactic rather than an answer to the real problems facing the Pakistani society.

After the 18th amendment, innovative ways should be sought to tilt the balance of power towards Sindh – this will help all the communities, including the Mohajir people.

Kumail Ahmed

Kumail Ahmed

An electronic engineer who is passionate about social, economic and cultural issues.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Sane

    New provinces on ethnic ground doesn’t address any problem but divides Pakistan more on linguistic and ethnicity grounds. Instead of making Hazara, Seraiki and Souther Sindh provinces if sincere, honest and competent leadership is there and find and implement solution to miseries of common masses….. no more provinces are needed. Lack of opportunities and well being of masses creates avenue for hatred with each other. People start thinking that coexistence is not possible and lets have our own cake. If a new province is made, would this eliminates joblessness, shall reduce commodities, fuel and utilities prices. Would this enhance literacy rate? Provinces shares resources of each other. Coastal area ports facilitates whole Pakistan, water coming from upper parts is used by whole country. farm produce are supplied everywhere across the country. That’s how we live and must live.Recommend

  • Born Again Pakistani

    I dont think you even know what Lebensraum is actually and where was it coined and it was not germanic area. By the way it completely different. Provincial redistribution should be more administrative than anything. Indian has done it at more than one occassion without any problem. This problem is in Pakistan exist because we have a weak case for our existence in the first place. If you talk of Lebensraum then Jinnah went for Lebensraum for Muslims by carving out Pakistan and ended up in a situation where he is killing a common Pakistani. Mohajir suba or which ever suba should be less political and more adminsitrative matter.


  • Rehan

    I actually think a Mohajir province would be best for Pakistan (along with two more provinces in Punjab).
    First, it’s no surprise that Pakistan is an administrative mess and experts have been calling for more provinces for decades now.
    Second, provinces/states are often created on the basis of linguistic differences (Quebec in Canada, Scotland in the UK) or economic ones (i.e. agricultural economy vs service-based economy), and in both cases the creation of a Mohajir province seems necessary.
    Mohajirs speak Urdu more often than Sindhi and, in areas where they are in the majority, Karachi and Hyderabad, the economy is based more on the tertiary sector compared to the primary sector of rural Sindh.
    Thus, simply for efficient administration, a Mohajir province is a necessity.
    Warmest Regards,

  • Parvez

    A sensible argument. What needs consideration is the fact that in matters such as this events are deliberately guided by vested interests towards a certain end but fate eventually dictates that end result and as for the people this result is but a gamble. The irony is that it is always done in the name of the people.Recommend

  • Zeeshan siddiqui

    If Saraiki province can be made,than muhajir sooba can be made also.This treating of muhajirs as inferior pakistanis is saddening.The muhajirs have been sent a clear signal that you have lesser rights in pakistan as compared to the saraikis,the saraikis will be given a province of their own but you will not.Recommend

  • manish

    you have opened pandora’s box Mr AHMADRecommend

  • Vigilant

    good readRecommend

  • T+

    This video would help us figure out whether we need new provinces.

  • Fatima

    Well.. It’s true.. We are no longer Pakistani’s. We are Sindhi, Balochi, Muhajir, Pathan, Punjabi and Kashmiri’s as well! But all on Political levels! Our negibourhoods are still where Pakistanis live and blend unaffected by the language you spoke at home. If I’m in need of help, I will find it and no one will ask me if I was Urdu speaking! These issues are for the divide and rule policies. Let’s be above them and be what our Quaid e Azam wanted for us.. A Pakisan for Pakistanis!Recommend

  • xyz

    Finally a sensible argument on this issue.Muhajir Suba is not a political reality its just like many other movements running in the country.And people those who compare muhajir province with saraiki province are aware sindh’s political dimensions.Recommend

  • http://Karachi ashar

    It is nothing but Karachi card little boy. Please donot add fuel to fire. Both Parties know that this is a political game. It is just next election campaign for MQM as well as PPP.Recommend

  • Dani

    Good article.

    Muhajir province can never be created, it’s a fact, believe it or not. Even the ‘announcement’ of Muhajir province will lead to a civil war in Sindh, ethnic killings etc. Let alone breaking it. Even it’s happening right now. Or we’ll see another 1947.

    The second important thing is, that Sindhis, who are emotionally attached to their province and always vote for the federation, will turn against the federation if any government tries to break their province. This is what I think.

    The only contradiction I found in the article is this line:

    “If the third largest political party of Pakistan and the largest party of Karachi, is speaking against the idea of a new province, it can easily be deduced that the idea has no political support.”

    First of all, MQM is NOT the third largest political party of Pakistan. Secondly, MQM is BEHIND the Muhajir Sooba Tehreek, it’s running the movement.Recommend

  • Abdul Moiz

    Why is a sindh based party than at the forefront of the campaign to divide punjab? if sindhis have emotional attachment to their land,than so do the punjabis.Why is it okay for ppp to divide punjab but not do the same thing to sindh.Recommend

  • Yuri Kondratyuk

    I have seen the Tibetans forcibly displaced by Chinese invasion in 1960’s and Kashmiri pundits forcibly displaced by their Muslim neighbors in the 1990’s have fully settled down in South India and very peacefully so.
    I wonder why the voluntarily displaced mohajirs of 1940’s are yet to settle down in Pakistan!Recommend

  • apj

    oh they even told us that east Pakistan was never going to become Bangladesh. Guess what…it did.Recommend

  • Brian

    That’s just ridiculous, there’s no need to create a ‘Muhajir’ province.

    Karachi was a part of Sindh before Indian Muslims migrated there, just because the demographics change due to mass immigration and non-assimilation that doesn’t mean a new province should be made.

    In Toronto nearly 50% of the people there are Asian, and in a few decade that will form the vast majority, that doesn’t mean that Toronto should become a separate province from Ontario, toronto was always a part of Ontario.

    In New York City a lot Jews live there, that doesn’t mean NYC should be separated from New York State.

    People should be grateful to the native people for welcoming them. Recommend

  • Prabhjyot Singh Madan

    @Abdul Moiz:
    Punjabis hate their language in Pakistan. Urdu rules supreme in Punjab there. Punjabi in written format is a dying language in west Punjab. Shahmukhi is not taught officially in schools there. There is no pride in being a Punjabi in Pakistan. Sindhi is taught in windy as a official language there. They take pride in language and culture in sindh. Punjabis hate their own language unlike in east Punjab in India. It’s a gradual process, less pride in culture and language leads to alienation of people. That’s why Punjab will get divided in west Punjab unlike sindh. Sat Sri akalRecommend

  • http://Karachi Syed

    As a karachiite I believe we should create more provinces, that would create a good and healthy environment for people of that particular region. This is because of the reason that our country is following centralisation where the power is with people who are even not approachable. We need to transfer the power to the lowest level because that would empower the people. Creating more provinces would bring confidence into the people that their rights are not sacrificed and would create a good healthy competition.

    More provinces, stronger pakistan.Recommend

  • BlackJack

    Smaller provinces are easier to govern and spur the development of smaller cities that now become more important in the new structure – leading to reduced strain on existing urban infrastructure and establishing greater employment opportunities in new locations – in India this has been confirmed in Uttarakhand, Chattisgarh and may be true if UP is divided further. However, it appears that this particular demand is more a movement to establish ownership of Karachi, which is already mutli-ethnic and the economic capital of Pakistan to boot. Making any changes in the status of Karachi is likely to send conflicting signals to either the Mohajirs or the Sindhis – both of which is eminently undesirable in today’s volatile security environment. The govt should make it clear that even if a new province is considered, Karachi will remain a part of both old and new provinces (like Chandigarh in Indian Punjab and Haryana, or Hyderabad if the Telengana demand is accepted).Recommend

  • Musthaq Ahmed

    @Yuri Kondratyuk:
    Are you Yuri Gagarin orbiting in outer space ? Are Kashmiri pundits settled in South India ? They are living in Jammu. Tibetans are not citizens of India to settle down in south or north. They are the tool in the hands of India and US. Their headquarters is in Dharmastala. Mohajirs under went a historic experience enough to chastise every one else in South Asia. Sindh is the aggrieved party in this tragedy of errors.Recommend

  • Dexter Morgan

    I’ll agree with the author only if he also proposes to abolish the discriminatory ‘Quota System’ from Sindh.Recommend

  • EKR

    We are petty minded people frankly i was denied a job on non-merit reasoning into an international FMCG based in this country as my domicile wasnt from LHR. :(Recommend

  • Patriot

    Solution = Meritocracy, Land Reforms and abolishment of quota system in Sindh.

    The above three things would lead to harmonization of the Sindhi and the ‘Others’ .Recommend

  • manish

    @Musthaq Ahmed:

    yuri kondratyuk is name of another such great gentleman.

    regarding kashmiri pandits, they are spread all over india, as indian govt. has helped in providing them job in other parts of india. SURESH RAINA, is one such example from UP.

    just because you are friend to china, you are ready to dismiss the tibetian suffering, and the thirty plus self immolation of tibetian monks at the hands of chinese authorities, seems quite preposterous. and tibetian headquarters may be in dharmshala but they are in sarnath as well as in other places.
    infact an entire generation of indians in various parts of country has worn woolen clothes sold by them.Recommend

  • Salman Orangiwala

    @Blogger , so you perceive there shouldnt be a Muhajir Sooba ,so ?
    The 15 m plus Muhjairs think otherwise .

    We are the most literate ethnic minority , have been being literally ruled by a fistful of quasi-literate waderas of Interior Sindh for the last sixty years .

    out of four Comissioners of Karachi ,all of them are Sindhi , All police stations , Govt offices , Bureacracies of Karachi are filled with people from Interior Sindh ,thanks to the UNIQUE quota system .And they have been planted here just to make quick bucks from Karachi .

    Karachi has develeoped to its current state on the sheer prowess and acumen of the migrants and thus feeds the whole country and Interior Sindh .

    Thats why the Kamchors are so irritated , If Karachi goes out they would have to WORK .
    If Karachi is allowed to be manned by the Muhajirs , it would resemble any top class metropolitan of the world in no time where there will be peace and harmony for every one .Recommend

  • Ahmed HM

    Your incomplete comments do show the policy followed by MQM which is ofcourse the party of Karachi. Its not that we do not believe that more provinces would not be beneficial for the country. We are simply against the ethnic division of the provinces as this would increase further tension in future. So lets go for South Sindh and North Sindh, not Mohajiristan and SIndh. Yeah, lets kick some hypocrisy out of ourselves and do whats best for all.Recommend

  • Abid P Khan

    @Dexter Morgan:

    “I’ll agree with the author only if he also proposes to abolish the discriminatory ‘Quota System’ from Sindh.”
    I am sorry, no one will listen to you. You are talking sense.Recommend

  • Yuri Kondratyuk

    @Musthaq Ahmed:
    Even today you find Kashmiri pundit families that were employed in HMT factories in Karnataka. They were violently driven out of their homes by their own Kashmiri muslim neighbors and had their ancestral houses illegally occupied in absence.

    And I guess you never heard of the Nyingmapa Tibetan Monastery and Golden Temple in Coorg district constructed by displaced Tibetans under the leadership of Dalai Lama.

    Truth cannot be hidden whereas ad hominem attacks are dead before arrival.Recommend

  • jahandad

    OK let may talk something totally black and white, Punjab[ all Punjabi for thousands of years SINDH[[the same ,Sindhi] kpk[pushtoonsa], Baluchistan[balochs],NOW LET ME DISSECT THE actual so called mohajirs as one people,answer is they are more than 100 ethnicity who came from India and SINDHIs are the most generous people on surface of earth who welcomed them in millions into their very basic home,and now as a reward they are thrown out of the same basic home by those immigrated brothers,,,,,,,,,MY comments should not be taken against any community, immigrants from india are our brothers in islam, there are inter raciall marriages between mohajirs pushtoons, and mohajirs sindhis , etc and they live in complete harmony,,,,,,,,SEPARATING MOHAJIRS ON the basis of ethnicity into a province is the end of VERY BASIC IDEOLOGY OF PAKISTAN, AND IS THE END GAME SCENARIO FOR PAKISTAN,,,,NO MORE PAKISTAN BUT BLOODSHED AND 5 TO 10 COUNTRIES WITHIN ITS BORDERS,,,,,,,,,,ITS SURE,,,,,Recommend

  • aleem

    Four are enough. Seperation on the basis of ethnicity only weakens a nation .Recommend

  • Khan

    What is so wrong in creating a Mohajir province? After all, we use the term “Mohajir” to describe the ethnic group. This is the ethnic group whose departure from India was a huge loss for India and a huge gain for Pakistan.

    These were some of the most educated and hard working people who gave up their lives in India to come to Karachi (mostly to Karachi – obviously to other cities as well).

    Yet today, on the backs of their hard work in building Karachi from a nothing-town into the economic hub of the country. What is so wrong if they are tired of the massive level of ethnic violence in their home city? What is so wrong if they want a smaller province with reduced corruption?

    Can we realize that Pakistan itself was built on a weak foundation? Bangladesh left. If we don’t start treating minority groups and ethnic groups with respect, Pakistan itself is over.

    P.S. I am not Mohajir but I am tired of the hypocrisy in Pakistan. Recommend

  • ayesha_khan

    @aleem: “Seperation on the basis of ethnicity only weakens a nation .”

    What is the evidence you have? In India linguistic provinces allowed people to feel free to practice their own cuisine, culture, language while still being part of India while the edict ofUrdu for all Pakistanis and one unit alienated the Bengalis.Recommend

  • Ali Nasir

    So you don’t need a Mohajir province then go and out from the Mohajir territory.

    We need Mohajir province and it is good for the health of Pakistan. Recommend

  • Saqib Imran

    Considering ethnicity as a decisive factor I would really like to question of grouping let alone nationhood of Mohajir. I am not in favor of the division of the country on ethnic grounds but even if we consider this reason enough – Mohajirs are not an ethnic entity. If you call all those who migrated from India as one ethnicity you are seriously mistaken. As they include communities as diverse as Bihari, UPians and Hyderabdi to Maharashterians. Where in the country of origin they have separate provinces…and this Mohajir community excludes migrants from Eastern Punjab from the region of Haryana and Himachal Pardesh on the basis of cultural differences but include Memon and Gujrati community – strange!. It really is not a community as simple as Hazaras and Pashtuns and Seraikis. Recommend

  • Ali

    Regarding this point there is no true figure how much the Mohajir community is a part of Karachi and surrounding cities. Although still in majority, among 18 towns of Karachi they are in majority of 9-10 towns only. While the towns of Baldia, Keamari, Bin Qasim, Gadap, Lyari Town and Site Town have other ethnic populace in majority. Same can be said about Hyderabad.

    What about that Urdu speaking population who don’t want this separation….?Recommend

  • Arshad

    We need this province in sindh……..at any cost ….Recommend

  • Bilawal Tunio

    Just carry out a plebiscite in Karachi if it wants to remain with Sind or not. If the majority of Karachites vote for a separate province, then create a separate province. This is what democracy is about.Recommend

  • Ahmed HM

    We Mohajirs will not allow it, at any cost. We are not brain washed and fed that ‘we are the most literate people of Pakistan and we have developed Pakistan’.Recommend

  • shah

    Want bloodshed on the street then make a muhajir province , its unrealistic , its Sindhi land how can people from india come to karachi and after 60 years want to grab the land. :S i am pashtoon so i have no biases. Recommend

  • Muslim

    @Yuri Kondratyuk

    The simple answer to your question is that hindus and buddhists are bound by their religion and will accept any other hindu/buddhist as their own brother in their land. But unfortunately the muslims of Pakistan do not share this feeling of brotherhood with other muslims who came to their Land.

    Now to the Blogger-

    Do you even know that when Pakistan was created, it was created as a country for the muslims of the indian sub continent. However in 1950 the borders were sealed to all indian muslims who wanted to come to Pakistan. Unfortunately the native muslims in Pakistan never had any interest in forming Pakistan. It was the Bengali and some UPian Indian Muslims who backed Jinnah and formed a muslim nation. Little did they know that their muslim brothers in the land that was to become Pakistan did not reciprocate their feelings. The Bangladeshi muslims were massacred in 1971 by their Pakistani Muslim brothers and now the Mohajirs face similar injustices. The bengalis were lucky in that they had their own land and separated. But the muhajirs are not accepted by the aboriginal Pakistanis as having any land of their own. So the muhajirs will have to accept this inferior status in Pakistan or emigrate to some other non muslim country (because the muslim countries of the middle east do not give permanent residency or Citizenship). What is the big deal if a Mohajir province is formed? why will their be mass killings at such a move? why will the sindhis not continue living in the mohajir provine and the mohajirs not continue living in sindh? are they not all Pakistanis who can live in any province? Why can Pakistan not have 10 or 12 provinces, when some countries have 30 to 50 provinces?

    What is sad in this scenario is that the muslims of Pakistan have no bond or love based on Islam. Rather, they are worshippers of Land and Language. Same is with the Arab muslims. They treat all non arab muslims as dirt. Shame! and then we ask why are the muslims behind. Islam is a divine religion but its followers have forgotten the meaning of Islam.Recommend

  • Imdad Soomro

    Sindh is land of people who are generous and full of hospitality. They are living in this land for thousands of years. No sindhi want the division of Sindh. History tells us that people migrated to Sindh accepted it as their home. Whoever came here, got mingled with the people of Sindh. Like wise, Mohajir people should also accept Sindh as their home and don’t ask for its division. If any one is not accepting it as their home, then they should leave.
    Are overseas Pakistanis asking for separate state in US, UK or elsewhere. Hindus migrated to India from Pakistan, are they asking for separate state in India or should they?Recommend

  • Imdad Soomro

    @Bilawal Tunio: Voting is not the issue here. Question is, whose land is this? If u want to vote, let the whole Sindh vote in favor or against it.Recommend

  • Abid P Khan

    “Question is, whose land is this?”

    Was it not so that all land belongs to Allah?Recommend

  • Imdad Soomro

    @Abid P Khan:
    I think you are giving this debate a different direction. No doubt each and every tiny bit in this universe belongs to ALLAH.
    Why don’t the people asking for division of Sindh go and live elsewhere on the earth? Whole land belongs to ALLAH.Recommend

  • http://paknews.tk PakNews

    This debate will never end soon. Political parties who are willing or those who are against Soba is doing nothing but bad politics. They will cash this in upcoming elections.Recommend

  • Abid P Khan

    @Imdad Soomro:

    Did any of your course books say “History” on its cover? Just curious!Recommend

  • Imdad Soomro

    This forum is not to cater ur curiosity. Lets talk about elephant in the room :pRecommend

  • Abid P Khan

    @Imdad Soomro:

    “This forum is not to cater ur curiosity. Lets talk about elephant in the room :p”
    So this forum is for catering to your purely parochial agenda, laced with some sneaky threats.


  • Babruk Aijaz

    Muhajir is a term vaguely used by some Pakistanis to describe the immigrants, and especially their descendants, who chose to settle in Pakistan and shifted their domicile after partition ofBritish India to Pakistan. Some had participated in the movement for creation of Pakistan in 1947. Most migrants migrated from the Muslim minority provinces to Muslim majority provinces within British India. Their principal language is Urdu but over time their second and third generations have now been assimilated especially in Punjab, Pakistan and now identify themselves as Punjabis with local cultures and traditions and some of them still speak Urdu as Urdu is widely spoken in almost every city of Punjab, Pakistan i.e
    General Zia ul Haq,
    General Aslam Baig,
    Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan,
    Filmstar Naeem,
    Fighter piolot M.M Alam
    and many more. The situation is not same in Sindh where successful integration was not possible overtime mainly due to political strife and still many Migrants identify themselves as Muhajirs or Urdu Speakers in Sindh i.e General Musharaf, Former Prime minster Liaqat Ali Khan etc.Recommend

  • Imdad Soomro

    This is not my agenda. This is demand of more than 6 crore people of Sindh who do not want its division and you got to respect their opinion.Recommend

  • rumaisa

    Why the hell are they asking for a separate province whereas they are ruling over whole karachi? even though they are immigrants yet they enjoy all the facilities, amenities of society and what not? if they will try to establish peace then the peace is surely to get established but the thing is there yearn to have a separate province has aroused at its peak, the want karachi to be their province because the karachi is the heart of pakistan they will never agree to migrate from karachi because karachi is their only need and the want it to be their only province but watch out WE WILL NEVER LET THAT HAPPEN EVER AND EVER! Recommend

  • Abid P Khan

    @Imdad Soomro:

    The country has not had even a semblance of what can be termed as democracy. Decisions are a result of haggling between the parties which are conglomerations of ethnic, religious, or geographic subgroups, all decisions have to cater to wishes and desires of these horse traders. In this free-for-all, the voters are blackmailed by exploiting their sentiments. If the desired result is not obtained, next avenue is a show of street muscle. It, then depends on who blinks first.

    The others are painted as dangerous who are out to get you. No proper democratic tradition has taken root which really respects the opinion of even the loosing group/49%. Until then we have to keeps our fingers crossed. Recommend

  • Omer

    people believe that their is not enough violence in sindh, so they just want to take it to a new level! some discriminatory laws should be abolished and i see no reason why urdu and sindhi speaking people cant live with harmony. after all their is one thing common in them that they both love the land and are willing to sacrifice their lives for it, so why not give their lives for one common reason!Recommend

  • fatima

    all mohajir need mohajir province
    jawad fatimaRecommend

  • fatima

    mohajir want mohajir province


  • Daniel

    @Prabhjyot Singh Madan:
    preach it brother! Once the subjugated ethnic groups (i.e. Seraikis) secede from the rest of the punjab, the country will slowly disintegrate, and hopefully there will be a revolt where the paki “punjabi” aristocracy is eliminated once and for all. those people have been the scourge plaguing the rich soil and culture of punjab, and the sooner they are removed, the better off EVERYONE will be. booyakasha! Recommend

  • black and white

    ………good discussion! karachi is outer door to the house called pakistan numbering 180 million people. if we include the afghans and central asia then the size of this house increases even more. these people virtually depend upon karachi and would loathe to relinquish their right upon the city, as they have reasons to believe that leaving city into exclusive ethnic control whould lead to what we saw on 12th may 2007 – massive and random murder of people belonging to other ethnic origins! if we pursue the idea through violent means, then it would divide the city along the lines of beirut in the 70s. a free and fair elections, which have not been held over last 3 to 4 elections, can provide a true pic of the vote position. given the massive ethnic mix the city has turned into, it could only jointly be lived and enjoyed; other option is jointly destroying it, which is happening already as the business is leaving the city and flowing to bangladesh, india and east africa in droves!Recommend

  • ali sindhi

    @Salman Orangiwala:

    mr salman all Sindhi are commissioners in Karachi because Karachi is a part of sindh the problem with peoples like you that. you raised and taught as Karachi is separate entity its not the case its the part of sindh and it will be, 2nd most important thing go to interior sindh you will find sindhi pathans whom forefathers came from Afghanistan, baluchs whom forefather came from Baluchistan and iran decades pasts they still are proud pathan and balochs secondly they feel pride by calling them-self as sindhis (son of soil) its a pity you never became is urduspeaking sindhis. peoples also say Bangladesh also became reality but let me tell you sindh is not Bangladesh
    you will have ur rights within sindh motherland nothing more nothing less
    3rd most important thing if the pathans who migrated to Karachi from KP like your forefathers from INDIA and after 100years they feel proud calling them self sindhi pathan then? you left with nothing Recommend

  • Karachite

    Total bs … Mohajirs need their rights … We cannot get out of our comfort zones in major cities if we have businesses or we are employed …. You cannot buy land anywhere else … You cannot get into agriculture because of ethnic waderas and the so called ‘sons of the soil’ …. Who won’t let you be … They actually make your life hell and in some cases they kill one of your people so that you get scared and run away … This is not life .. This is not living ..we can have money ,,, but we cannot have freedom .. And as long as we stay in our homes … We will never be Pakistanis we will always be Urdu speaking or mohajirs … I was born here … My parents left everything and moved here … But except for Dha in Karachi … I have no home … People still say stuff like .. Punjab for punjabis, Sindh for Sindhis , Baluchistan for Baluchis , Khyber pakhtoonkhwa for pakhtoons .. The sea for mohajirs. That is exactly how I feel, I’m not a Pakistani … Just a mohajir …. A nomad … What a life …. what were all the sacrifices for … No doubt the Sindhis gave us a home and welcomed us at the time of partition unlike the punjabis …. Who sent us on our way …. But today it’s the same or even worse … It’s like we have over stayed our welcome … .Or done too well for ourselves… Try buying farm land in the interiors .. try buying it right outside Karachi … Everyone hates the mqm mentality but do I blame them ..? When altaf Hussein was starting out … He actually spoke of what everyone was feeling … They took up guns and agression … But today we can live and breathe a little easy in Karachi because of that … Travelling through pakistan people dont even help you unless accompanied by a sindhi in Sindh or a punjabi in Punjab … Though altaf Hussein is One of the most corrupt people one can know today … Power corrupts … We are down the preference list ….Life as a mohajir is sh** … And sadly … I will always remain a mohajir here …. Everyone will keep reminding me and my kids when I have them … Till they start identifying themselves as mohajirs … Recommend

  • Karachite

    Not saying we need a province …. But we need our rights …. And I can understand the need to ask for one …. But as mohajirs we do not belong to a single place … We are not a community … We are just a group of randoms with a common problem … We are Sindhis in Sindh and punjabis in Punjab …. It’s time we were treated as such … Recommend