Bella Vita: Satisfy that sweet tooth

Published: May 23, 2012

The menu contains an extensive treat of desserts which are created using a combination of gelato and other delicious toppings. PHOTO: FARAH AND SHAHRUKH

Desserts do make life sweet; this is exactly what I thought as I entered Bella Vita in Karachi – the new classical and trendy Italian gelateria and dessert bar that was formally launched on May 19.  Serving a variety of gelatos, shakes, sorbets, coffee and a range of unique Italian desserts, this place is strictly for those with a sweet tooth.

The brains behind Bella Vita are Omer and Hassan, two young business graduates who have started this venture after the success of Del Frio.

The cozy outlet offers a relaxed atmosphere; the high backed chairs are comfortably cushioned, there is wood paneling on the walls and country music being played in the background sounds quite pleasant. They also offer Wi-Fi internet so you can browse on your laptop.

It’s a great place to socialise, especially when one doesn’t want to eat much and fancies engaging in lazy conversation with friends over a latte.

Gelato, which means frozen in Italian, originated in the 16th Century in Sicily. It is churned slower than ice cream, which gives it a denser texture and more intense flavour as less air gets whipped into it. Gelato freezes less than and is served about 10 to 15 degrees warmer than ice cream; hence it melts in your mouth faster.

Bella Vita has trained Italian chefs who are experts in churning prime quality gelato and creating Italian desserts. They also use modern high-end imported machinery. Their core ingredients, milk and sugar, are local. The rest are imported, which includes the flavours, toppings and even the fruit. The gelato contains 4-8% butter fat and does not use a cream base, making it comparatively lighter.

The strawberries and other berries used in the desserts we tried were impressive; large and sweet. Nevertheless, Pakistan is blessed with a lot of other good quality fruits, and I think it would be a good idea if the chefs tried some seasonal local fruit like peaches, mangoes and oranges as well.

I tasted the pistachio, strawberry and chocolate gelato on display. These flavours had that intense, typically gelato flavour, but others like cappuccino and biscottino tasted like regular ice creams. Besides these, they offer vanilla, tiramisu, straciatella, lemon sorbet, orange chocolate, Ferrero Rocher, wild berry yogurt, After Eight, hazelnut, caramel, chocolate and strawberry cheesecake.

Gelato has more sugar content in general, but the good news is that Bella Vita offers two sugar-free flavours; vanilla and chocolate. Authentic gelato is prepared at the premises, however due to the low fat percentage, it can be stored for a few days. I  just hope Bella Vita offers us fresh gelato every time we order!

The menu contains an extensive treat of desserts which are created using a combination of gelato, topped with fresh cream, sauce, fresh fruit, nuts, cookies or freshly baked wafers.

I tried their Coppa Solo which contained one scoop of pistachio gelato and was topped with pistachios, butterscotch sauce and served with cigar biscuits and whipped cream –  it is a must try for anyone who visits this place.

The strawberry tart, chocolate lava and bread pudding also tasted divine, were freshly baked and beautifully decorated.

Keeping in mind the soothing ambience, service and serving size, the prices at Bella Vita are quite affordable. The single servings of gelato range from Rs140 – Rs180.The Bella Vita Gelato specials are huge cups or big glasses of multiple scoops of gelato and toppings, and are priced between Rs 220-375.

Overall, it’s a fine addition to the sweet eateries in the city, and definitely worth a visit for those who love a good dessert.


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Farah S Kamal

Farah S Kamal

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