I am part of the Sialkot lynch mob

Published: August 21, 2010

A crowd of onlookers watch a young boy get beaten to death.

The brutal two-hour long lynching of two young brothers in Sialkot at the hands of a mob, inclusive of policemen and children is so horrifying that it truly merits the questions some visitors to The Express Tribune website have been asking:

Are these people animals?

Is this the true face of a nation so despicable that even God has forsaken them?

While I do not believe in the latter argument, I can understand where such a profound sense of grim despair comes from. In a country afflicted with back-to-back political and civil strife, war, terrorism, poverty and natural disaster, violent extremism (in all forms) is bound to flourish, nay become an outlet for venting the utter helplessness individuals feel at a personal level. And none of us are immune to its effect.

Those two boys in Sialkot were sacrificed (murdered) in the name of this national burden, and in an act which is no different than the public beheadings the Taliban carry out. In both instances we ask ourselves the same questions:

Are they human?

Are they Muslim?

Are they really Pakistani?

In the case of the Taliban, it has become easy to deny reality and answer no to all of the above. We can always turn to the process of dehumanisation, conspiracy theories, ethnic and racial prejudice or simply avoid the question and blame the system which perpetuates, prolongs and aggravates the problem i.e. the US War on Terror being fought on our soil. In such a scenario, we shrug off responsibility and blame either the US or the Taliban (our so-called political left and right stances) and relieve ourselves of the burden of examining the reality of the situation.

In the case of the Sialkot lynching, it is not as easy, because in such a scenario it becomes clear that we are our own enemy. However, the truly frightening aspect of this realization is not the acceptance of the fact that those boys beating their fellow human beings to a pulp are humans, Muslim and Pakistani – it is the far more serious question: if this is our true reflection, what is to be done?

The simplest solution and the most superficial is to pinpoint an enemy and punish them mercilessly in the hope that the problem will never rear its ugly head again. This is the defacto approach the US has taken with the Taliban and its equivalent is Supreme Court Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry’s edict demanding that the police be held accountable and that the culprits involved in the Sialkot lynching be arrested.

This is a necessary first step, but it is superficial because it does not address the totality of the problem, and if adopted in the long term, it turns into a farce. Just how many times will the Chief Justice have to take suo moto notice before we recognise that our champion of justice is carrying out near-futile ‘drone attacks’ against an enemy which is 170 million strong?

Yes, there have been thousands of opinion pieces generated from Pakistan which cite that ‘we are the problem’ but the message has not broken through the surface of our collective delusions yet. This is in part because the scale of the problem is seen in macro-level societal behavior (public lynching, beheadings, rape, murder, corruption and violence all-sorts) but springs from individual experience, beliefs and attitudes – and as we cannot relate to each individual (or various sections of our fragmented society), we distance ourselves from them by labelling them ‘evil’ or ‘the others’.

In order to address this problem, we can only plead to each other that a dialogue must begin to reshape our identity, and the first place it has to begin is within our own hearts and minds, where there is always a choice to be made – the one place we are not completely helpless, though we may sometimes feel that way.

Step two would be to turn our choices into action, and introduce change within all spheres, public and private. With holistic change in the thinking of an individual one can begin to hope for holistic change in society, and the strengthening of institutions will follow suit.

So let’s end the blame game. Let’s stop pointing fingers and saying the Taliban are to blame, we aren’t putting enough money into education, drugs are the problem, political parties are the problem, the elite are the problem, the police and the army are to blame, a global conspiracy is afoot; all of these are true, but there is only so much drones, money, policies and political reform can do without support from the public and more importantly, the values and attitudes which guide each person.

I will be the first to admit that I have made some terrible choices in my life, and I am part of the problem which results in a public lynching in my country, the violence perpetuated in the name of religion, the sad state of our education system, the ill treatment of women and minorities. It is not easy to see (or admit to) how these are all linked to who I am, but they are. I am part of that mob in Sialkot.

Let us also not be burdened by the guilt, but build off of it, else all the dead bodies, all the suffering and even our act of realisation will have been in vain. Despair is easy, hate is easy, apathy is easy, but for the sake of two brothers in Sialkot, we should try to change by effectively addressing the corruption within us. It is either that, or stand alongside the mob to watch on.

Jahanzaib Haque

Jahanzaib Haque

News buff and Web Editor, The Express Tribune. Jahanzaib tweets @Jhaque_ twitter.com/jhaque_

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • http://depthofocus.wordpress.com Hashim Nauman

    This was indeed an atrocious act on the part of people who carried it out and a very sad day for humanity on the whole.Recommend

  • http://pakhtun Hamza

    Its not the smart noble prize winners who represent a country, its the dumb mentally screwed up ones.Recommend

  • http://www.shonai.com sonia

    My heart cries for the boys and their faimily.The despicable act committed by those animals doesn’t disgust me as much as that of the mob environing,enjoying and adding fuel to the fire by inciting those animals even more.Imagine the utter PAIN in the families of the deceased right now.NO WORLDLY COMPENSATION WILL DO!THE most ruthless punishment MUST be delivered to those responsible so that nothing so despicable HAPPENS ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.Today,I’m ashamed!If those involved in this lynching are HUMANS,i would not like to be called a human!No wonder God’s wrath is inflicted upon this nation!Recommend

  • http://www.bizomer.com Saqib Omer Saeed

    May this would not turnout as a trend! Let us not ignore nature’s displaced 20 million deprived people that can be agitated if they shall not be rehabilitated properly! Can we reinforce ethics & moral norms in nation whereby they are so fed up for last 63 years and their anger is now on peak? If social & constitutional justice shall not prevail in our country so the replica of French Revolution is standby! Alarming situation! Even whatever these people have done is condemnable but equally it raises big question mark that now this can also happen. People killing people so openly, the law executors are seeing them and a Suo Moto is being taken by SCP but how far they can control it as behavior of people rather than considering it as crime? A strong social brainstorming is needed rather than mere condemnation of acts like these. The act is shameless act but the cause of it need to be studied and reinforce otherwise it shall be too late. Nice write up Jahanzaib, anyways!!! Recommend

  • http://www.sjdkei.com Aliya

    Utterly disgusted and ashamed as a human-is what i am!ISLAMIC republic of pakistan,yea rite??ANAMALIA REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN sounds more apt!!!Recommend

  • http://www.ssdkei.com Sidra

    The general perception of Pakistan was a place not safe to live in.After is atrocious act,one is forced to wonder whether humans live there,let alone MUSLIMS?Makes us overseas people hate pakistan all the more.!Recommend

  • http://www.sameenkhan.tumblr.com sk

    in reference to the above comment, education does have a role to play but you can’t rule out what the author has said altogether really. there are individuals in the work force, the government, and our beloved ‘civil society’ who are highly educated yet demonstrate this same lack of morals. we have had Harvard and Oxford educated leaders who have waged great violence as well… let’s not forget that this problem is not only a problem of the masses, but of the elite and middle classes as well; it is not conscious of education, social standing, wealth, etc. but is all-pervasive and has been since the nation’s conception unfortunatelyRecommend

  • http://www.muslimsforpeace.org Imran Jattala

    Many will go on to ascribe the Sialkot mob-beating incident as an atrocious act, a travesty, an uncalled for cruelty, and with other such terms – but all from the individuality of their private existence in front of a computer. This lends be to believe that all good people are hiding in homes and all bad people are hanging out together on streets.

    The question glaring in our face is how this mob in Sialkot different from mobs elsewhere in Pakistan? Unfortunately it is not. All Pakistani on streets are the same. We have seen this repeatedly when in certain parts of Pakistan streets mobs joined in to help extremist carry out street floggings of teen girls, stoning and straight-up executions of men and burka-warped women.

    The Sialkot mob execution video is an excellent specimen of viciousness that exists in Pakistani blood and exemplifies the twisted version of Islam which is being instilled in its adherents. It is a representation of all Pakistanis when hanging out together on streets.

    ‘Pakistani are a menace to the human race,’ said one westerner after watching the video with me. I could not rise to defend either Pakistan, or Pakistanis.

    I got up and left. Not because I was offended by his comment about Pakistan or Pakistanis. I was not. Those seemed mostly true, considering the Sialkot video. But I knew very well his next ridicule will be hurled at Muslims and I didn’t know how I would react.

    Wouldn’t you agree with me that the authorities should charge the entire town with murder, attempted murder, accessory to murder, inciting murder, etc?

    There is precedence available in charging the entire town for a crime far more serious than the just any ol’ murder (or two).

    Some years ago there was an FIR registered against an entire town which stated in part “that Mirzais living in different areas which fall under the jurisdiction of Rabwah police station …have been … persistently … deliberately saying Asslamo Alaikum (peace be on you) to Muslims, reciting Kalima Tayyaba in loud voice in groups in the town at the time of call to morning prayers and by repeatedly indulging in similar Islamic activities. Therefore under these circumstances a crime seems to have been committed under section 298/C of Pakistan Penal Code.” link textRecommend

  • Quratulain Ahmed

    Butchers! This is what I call the mob, the onlookers and ofcourse the police who blatantly watched this brutal, inhumane and massacre! These spineless perpetrators should be punished and hanged in public so no one should dare commit human lynching again.Recommend

  • http://www.muslimsforpeace.org Imran Jattala

    Please ignore typos in my previous comment.Recommend

  • duke

    I find it offensive to be a PakistaniRecommend

  • imran


  • asma shaiq

    we are worse thn the Talibans and we are morally curupt thats y GOD punish us in differen ways sometime in the form of flood, Taliban and sometimes in form of our great leaders.Recommend

  • Umair Azam

    As Jahanzaib Haque has very rightly said it is not somebody else but every single one of us who forms the part of that crowd ebing entertained at the horrific lynching of those two brothers! I wonder how long we will be able to drag ourselves in this country as a nation. It hurts when everybody says that “it’s a God-forsaken country” but it certainly is an absolute truth- the cruelty and beastliness manifested in Sialkot, not only shows the impending doom of the peoples of this nations but the fact that not very far in the future we would become the horrible example for delinquent states to learn from the horrors that led to the damnation of a nation that once called itself “Pakistani”. A revolution would come and save us all-

    hell… NO!!!

    Well who knocked that medieval fantasy into our heads?

    Step out of your delusions- every single one of us is our own Messiah. For those of us who still believe in a Divine intervention through a glorious revolution, there is still hope- look within yourself and be the voice for change for there lies the revolution (obviuolsy the world claims we have no conscience). Let’s pray to Allah for a better future and let’s start by changing ourselves. And yes, the worst punishment should be meted out to those watching that lynching- for we are not “part of the Sialkot lynch mob”!Recommend

  • Kamran

    A well sought-out realization.Recommend

  • parvez

    A very comprehensive, thought provoking article, a second reading is warranted. Recommend

  • Huda

    I congratulate the author for producing this piece.Recommend

  • rehan

    “Mirror mirror on the wall”Recommend

  • Ghausia

    Kill them all. The people that did it, the cops that stood by and let it happen, the people that just stood and watched.Recommend

  • Omair

    Well written JB, insightful, i completely agree, I have experienced the same (thankfully not as brutal but very much so verbally) when one is subjected to constant overt injustice, time and time again, this feeling of complete and utter lawlessness compels us to take law into our own hands and thus we become “judge-jury and executioner on the spot. We as a nation (mostly)have reached a breaking point, I just hope we correct ourselves now otherwise (as evident in this most barbaric video) there will be no coming back from this abyss we call desperation. I now understand Imran khan’s earlier rhetoric that courts needed to be empowered and free. Recommend

  • IZ

    Jahanzaib, you’ve really touched on the heart of the matter.Recommend

  • Samir

    I so agree with the “accepting responsibility” part. The blame game is an excuse that we use to make us feel better. Recommend

  • http://hotmail abdul ajaib

    i hope and pray that these animals who murderd these brothers pay for there crimes on earth as well as the next life!!!
    what kind of barbaric society is pakistan becoming?
    i hope and pray that allah(swt) grants the brothers a palce in jannah and sabar to their familyRecommend

  • Qirat

    For decades we have tolerated extreme incitement to violence by our clerics by calling a section of a population wajib-ul-qatil. What else do you expect now? Recommend

  • Rizwan K

    My heart and soul cries…….May Allah destroy those who were involve in this atrocity. Ameen….Recommend

  • samman

    i use to think that our government is corrupt. but now i have realized that even the citizen are more corrupt. we are already under the wrath of Allah, some times earthquakes , some time in floods, and a drought coming ahead. this is all because of our deeds. the most shameful act i found in the whole case is, people remained so much busy in making videos with there mobile, that no body even tried to resolve the mater, and m sure those non sense must be fasting as wellRecommend

  • Naseer Ahmad Nasir

    Allah give peace to my Pakistani Brothers’ families who killed with such Non-Humaniterian actions. No one kill an animal like this. May Allah show right path to all pakistanis. I m really crying over the acts of ANIMALS.Recommend

  • http://www.facebook.com/pracker S. Ali Raza

    Please join this page for latest updates following the lynching of the Butt brothers and share with your contacts to show that you want justice for the blood of the innocent http://www.facebook.com/pages/Justice-for-Butt-Brothers-of-Sialkot/107922902597533Recommend

  • Mebs Raja

    Let me begin by saying that this was indeed a mindless, barbaric and vicious act and can’t be condoned whats so ever, regardless of guilt/non-guilt.
    My problem is with the “so called civilized and educated” people leaving comments on this article. Maligning the human race, Pakistanis in general and worst of ALL Islam itself by saying “Animalia of Pakistan”, “ashamed to be a Pakistani and even a Muslim” etc and tarnishing all with the same brush. Most commentators on here are middle to upper class and have no real understanding of how the other half live? Well let me tell you, we also have dreams, aspirations and plans. But time and again we see their dreams, aspirations and plans shattered by lack of religious, social and financial backing/opportunity.
    The people aren’t the problem, the problem is the system in Pakistan created by greedy few and followed sheepishly by the masses, some due to helplessness and others due to vested interests. Rise up, revolt and change the system for the sake of humanity, ordinary Pakistanis and Islam……most importantly revolt against yourself !Recommend

  • Muhammad Majeed Yaqoob

    dont have words, when will our nation learn sumthing, are we looking for forward, we criticize our leaders but what we are and even after it, what we did and doing?
    Allah Reham kary hamari halat per Recommend

  • Nida Haque

    Very well said. A thought provoking article written at the right time. We are all a part of the reason things are the way they are.Recommend

  • sohail khan

    This is very sad news. Is anyone safe in Pakistan thesedays? The culprits (both police and attackers) should be put in jail for a very long time. Why are these people so sadistic? What kind of Islam are they practising? Fasting in the morning and killing in the evening? Wats up with that? There seems to be no law and order at all in the country. I am now considering a gun with me at all times the next time I visit Pakistan, just in case a mob attacks me on the street.Recommend

  • You Pround To Be Pakistani

    Pakistani is country that is imploding, it is a laughing stock to its enemies and a burden to its friends,if it has any.
    Pakistan is suffering the worst natural disaster in its history, yet the world stands by and watches Pakistan drown. Why?
    Pakistan is world reknowned for being a corrupt and barbaric society were the the privilaged few live above the law and rest live in squalor. Why should anyone help the people when the very people collecting charity are lining their own pockets.

    The people of Pakistan do not need enemies, they are an enemy to themselves.

    Before any uneducated “proud” pakistani accuses me of being non pakistani, are you truly proud of how Pakistan is percieved globally, what has Pakistan achieved?, apart from a dishonourable reputation, and barbarism. This video is not another nail in Pakistans coffin.

    Are the people of Pakistan Muslims?

    Are the people of Pakistan Humane?

    Are the people of Pakistan Human?Recommend

  • http://www.aobm.org Mohammed Abbasi

    I would like to see the mullahs and politicians come out in support of this family, these kids are the victims, my thoughts are with the family of these boysRecommend

  • mehdi shahi

    what so ever is happened in SIALKOT. I have reached to this conclusion that this was a case of tit for tat.In 2009 there have been cases in karachi where in the mobile snatchers were caught and torched on the road by the affecties .but police on the spot could not do any thing in presence of unruly mob.police also understand the sentiments of people who have been relived of their mobile and valuables many times and Police involvement in day today criminal activities.police role in sialkot was the same.we must wait, let the law takes its course.but a mutilated FIR can twist the case all togather.Recommend

  • Shumaila

    I think the people demanding justice for these boys by “stringing up the men involved” have missed the whole point of Jahanzaib’s article.

    It’s our fault. If you want to point fingers, look deep into your own soul and see how many times you’ve supported the system that thrives on corruption, how many times you’ve supported the people that deprive the working class and most worthy of all the rights they deserve, the times you’ve closed your eyes to all the injustices, not only in the news but on the streets and in front of your eyes.

    Our society has created monsters. But who created this society?

    That things have reached this state is entirely our fault. I’m all for stringing up the perpetrators, may the crows pick out their rotting flesh, etc. but seriously. If I support that I must admit to being responsible in some way myself too. And hence accept the responsibility for social change.Recommend

  • Sidra Khan

    I completely agree with you and this is what I have been advocating to everyone around me. The change needs to come from with in us, first at individual level and then at collective level. We need to enter the system ourselves instead of blaming others or simply waiting for a savior to come and make things right.

    We must enter politics, bureaucracy and legal institutions and influence people around us. We are our own saviors and we need rule of Law. Recommend

  • http://www.thetrueperspective.com Hamza Malik

    Just read this. Look at where the frustration is coming from:


    We are all complicit in this atrocity. We are all complicit in all the atrocities that occur in Pakistan.

    Shame on us. Shame on all of us.Recommend

  • Sidra

    An article very well written your absolutely right we’ve become a nation who is absolutely selfish, heartless and moral less..we lack the basic sense of humanity!!everyone is going to be furious over this for a few days and then forget about it, of us will go back to our lives without a care of the world just like every time something horrifying happens in our city!!!its time all of us woke up…we need to find and fix our own faults first and then point fingers!!!we our a nation the deserves all the misery that falls upon us because we are the reason behind it!! Recommend

  • Rizwan

    Tragically true. I demand collective punishment for the town!Recommend

  • Ahmed

    As an onlooker from outside Pakistan, my fears are confirmed that more than ever now:
    -Pakistani leaders are the most corrupt of any country
    -The Police is a tool used to satisfy the leadership
    -The Gap between poor and rich is so wide that the 5% of educated and the 95% uneducated are worlds apart.
    -The middle class of major cities is dumb, deaf and blind!, a a couple of months and everything will be normal.
    -The 95% of working class are barbaric and at a level that would take years to build up from a caveman to a human.

    -The 1% of elite only care about their wealth.

    -The answer; a revolution of middle class, everyone out on street saying enough is enough.

    establish a government that has no perks; no car, no dinners just welfare of people.

    -Immediate strict punishments for killimgs, beatings, rapes etc, with proof.

    -A new police force with aligned pay filled with honest God fearing graduates

    -An end to Feudal rule< this alone is the quickest means to achieve rest.

    Pakistanis with morals and heart please stand up and fill your streets! or watch when the same happens to you!Recommend

  • hasan

    My heart cried, couldn’t sleep the whole night, kept thinking what happened to us? when did we turned into animals? Recommend

  • Salutations

    Shias, Ahmadis, Sunnis and now these brothers.. How long will the innocent and fragile be killed? Wake up Pakistan. Wake the heck up!Recommend

  • Shakira

    I was sickened to my stomache when i saw this and cried for hrs. In Ramadan that’s what is worse and all the devils are in chains during ramadan so this was purely evil from with in them. Allah will never forgive them. May Allah grant the boys a place in the highest heaven by Allah’s throne and may the villian rot in the lowest hell and burn in the hell fire for enternity.Recommend

  • ma liang

    how it can be happened in public ,all those who were at the scene should be punished in this day and other day when they died Inshallah ,just because they were heartless ,ohh , if they do not have heart so where their faith is ???
    it is pakistani , it is true face of them ,they should think re-except Islam .
    they were all on fasting at the time of killing teenagers , I strongly ask Allah do not forgive those who were at the site , never !!! Recommend

  • ma liang

    my eyes can not believe it when i read it out of what happened ,they are teenagers just like any of us and killed by their own nation who share one faith ,speaking one language and kept on same kind of fasting especially in this holy month Ramazan. Recommend

  • mak

    Utterly despicable act. What the hell is wrong with people who are just watching and not even ‘trying’ to stop these cowards. We have clearly seen what our police is all about! these attackers must be publicly humiliated and given capital punishment. That is the only way to prevent such heinous acts. My vote is for capital punishment to these cold blooded murderers. Recommend

  • mak

    Jahanzaib – can’t agree with you more. All of us have to act to prevent the injustices in our society. Time is ticking away and we are not waking up from our slumber while hope is out there pleading to be embraced. We need to WAKE UP PAKISTANRecommend

  • Javaid khan

    The reason Sialkot tragic incident took place is that our decision makers failed to take any action at the previous similar incidents.Take for example the Baluchistan case in which 5 women were buried alive and honorable senator justified these so called honor killings.We living in Karachi have become immune to so called TARGET KILLINGS.Just recently we saw over 100 killings of innocents people in Karachi.What action has been taken since then?And what about 12th May killings.The solution to the problem we are facing is creation of Independent Police just like the one which is in UK.

    No government wants this police force.If people know that they are accountable to all their action inshallah things will improve in our beloved country.In most crimes there is always a backing of influencial people of the elite class of Pakistan.Recommend

  • FALAK44

    dpo chohan was there when the two brothers were killed and he made announcement that the people who were involved all this metter will be punished.shame chohan you are also involved in this metter i appeal the govt first of all keep chohaan on whose behalf the inbetween policeman not take any action i pray to allah that allah give death to the dpo sons and all people who are involved in that metter give dogs dethRecommend

  • Kamran Khan

    In my opinion the whole village should be burnt including men, women and children because every single person living there is not human specially the so called LAW ENFORCING DEPARTMENT called POLICE … thats like a place where people are from stone age and eat other humans …. i wish i shouldn’t have seen this at the first place .. its so terrifying .. May ALLAH give peace to the family that’s been through this and give severe punishment to those who are involved so that they and their future generation suffer the same way as the family that they shattered.Recommend

  • Mohummed Usman

    Now I’ve to say that I’m not proud to be a “PAKISTANI” lately they are part of us.Recommend

  • Bilal

    Yes the whole society is indeed responsible for it. Look at all those comments on different forums that “we want to torture these animals to the same level”, “we should lynch them to death”, “hang the whole town”… But most of us don’t think that our Police or Judicial system will do this so we want to do it ourselves. Honestly speaking that’s what these people of Sialkot did. For the mob, these two brothers (may Allah bless their souls) were roberrers who had just killed one of the villagers and injured three others. As they had no trust in the law and the system, in their belief they themselves were bringing these young men to justice . Aren’t most of us thinking and reacting in the same manner? Very few of us believe that our system will give these monsters the punishment they deserve. Bring these guys in front of public and I’m sure people will torture them to the death without waiting for the case to proceed. We want the toughest punishment for the culprits but let us force the judicial system to get it done instead of wishing to do it ourselves. Each one of us needs to control our emotions and sentiments and demand the justice from the government otherwise we all are the same, be it Sialkot, Lahore or Karachi.Recommend

  • Zarsh

    Change has to start from within…..how many of us will continue to sit on the fence and just watch or even cry for those suffering. With the freedom of media, we have started to speak up but what about ‘action’.
    Speaking of our day to day lives, how many of us actually make the effort to stand up for the ‘social injustices’ in our society.
    We do say its wrong but thats it. We see it, we hate it but thats it.
    All of us weren’t expected to be in Sialkot or at the scene when this horrific incident took place. But we are definitely responsible for the little space around us. Its us who have to ensure that more people are not subjected to the same fate as those two boys just because we just did not care. Because there are injustices all around you……some make it to the news but many don’t.
    Today we cry for those who were murdered so cruelly. But did we care for them before they were in the News. Did anyone, other than ourselves, matter……before they make it to the News. And only then too, we only say its wrong and THATS IT.
    Every night, before going to sleep, just ask yourself, how many lives have you truly touched; how many people did you actually save today? And once you contemplate on this really honestly, it will show us that the incident in Sialkot is just a reflection of what we are. YES, this is what we are.
    I completely agree with you Jahnzaib, WE ARE ALL PART OF THAT MOB!Recommend



    first of all i always said my pakistan but now it will be your pakistan , IM DONE WITH THIS COUNTRY.
    i always had hope for this country but then again one can be wrong . i have no words only tears for the family of those kids , i cant even sorry to them .what will a simple sorry will do for them .
    may be im wrong , till yesterday i said for us there is still hope and god will help us , but i think even god has enough of us and this flood is the first wrath on us and i believe now that more will come on you as a nation and YOU DESERVE IT .Recommend

  • Tooba

    Judging by some of the earlier comments I still don’t think the point has been driven across.
    When we seek to hate Pakistan or the mob or the police or any ‘other’ particular group/entity we quite easily extract ourselves from the blame/guilt. What is today is what we have made of it.

    A very well written piece about a thought process that is so alarming lacking today.Recommend

  • zf

    Very well said.Recommend

  • Aamir

    I am upset and cannot feel mentally fit after watching news telecast and repeated footage. This is only a clear example of absence of government and rule of law. In civilized countries the presence of Police is enough to stop any violence but our police follow same inside closed walls so they are used to such brutality and cannot stop it.

    We all should pray for the departed souls and ask Allah to forgive the whole nation as such incidents bring more punishments and disasters.Recommend

  • Usman Saleemi

    By cursing this country… and by cursing the rest of the people in this country, you are doing no more than joining in on a mob… a mob not unlike the one that killed those unfortunate boys. Your article is unfortunately a marker that the death of our self respect is also around the corner, and by discouraging those normal unsung heroes, normal individuals who actually do work hard to be good neighbors, good Muslims, good citizens, and keep the cogs of this country running every day despite seemingly tremendous odds you are contributing to the situation how…? Oh yeah, by blaming them for a murder which they abhor, and putting them in the same category as a rabid mob. Wow… what a shame. What a shame that those people have to be put in their place for being good citizens by someone who seems to be projecting his own issues and a series of admittedly disturbing incidents on a nation of mothers, father, sisters and brothers. Please, with all respect, think thrice before writing stuff like this next time.Recommend

  • meena

    what happen was really bad….living in pakistan especially in karachi is not at all safe…i get scared when my father get late.we are now hesitant to leave our house for dinning for ramdom outings.Recommend

  • Saira

    Thought provoking.Recommend

  • Junaid

    Tough new laws should be introduced …..no1 should even be allowed to touch others…..Recommend

  • Honey

    I have often questioned myself about the problems of our country and their solutions.Today people are agitated,vocal, and seemingly full of hate;in so doing my very dear country fellows cursed my beloved mother land,questioned Islam and tarnished masses.Any thing can incite us leading to fruitless discussions.Anything can provoke us;leading to abuses and curses,condemning and blaming…but is it something new?Is it the first time ever..in Pakistan or the so called peace propagating countries around us?
    Reasons for such an act are thousands,or to narrow it down just one…lack of justice!
    The solution to such a problem is to hang the culprits in public and give minimum 7 years imprisonment to the on-lookers.Simple.
    The earlier it takes place the better deterrent it would be, to the other potential criminals around the country.
    When I listen about, Aafia Qureshi,a genius so rare, my heart bleeds even more because of the way she is being treated by the JUST country of the world! helpless prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, endless bombardment on Afghanistan,torture on Bosnians,are but very few examples.
    The points I want to draw your attention towards are:
    (1) PAKISTAN is not corrupt!Its being painted this way by the real planners of the world …if you ONLY knew.
    (2)There is more corruption in other parts of the world…but there are strict laws and no one can scandalize any incident taking place in their country.
    (3)There is absolutely no problem with ISLAM.
    (4)Coming on the streets is NOT the solution…BETTER LEADERSHIP IS.
    (5)There are definitely many more noble citizens than the few criminals.
    (6)Our feudal lords have victimized and tortured many innocent souls in even more tormenting ways – over these 63 years…strange enough no body takes any action ,or speaks against them!
    (7) Our worthy Pakistanis,living abroad, who feel ashamed of being called a “Pakistani”!Why don’t you do something to make us proud?Its so easy to condemn and criticize.
    Please don’t join the league of labeling your motherland.Be faithful and do your bit of labour to groom this nation.
    I cant take the responsibility of all the injustice taking place in this country ,but yes I can make an effort to play my positive role ,whatever it is -in my humble capacity.
    THINK!PLAN!EDUCATE!TRAIN ,and ACT to serve your nation POSITIVELY!
    Don’t come on the streets like a mob,damaging public and private property.Recommend

  • Think therefore

    Just how many times will the Chief Justice have to take suo moto notice before we recognise that our champion of justice is carrying out near-futile ‘drone attacks’ against an enemy which is 170 million strong?

    Well stated…lets just hope that this is the lowest ebb… lets hope we rise from here on and not succumb to more brutality…Recommend

  • http://theterrorland.blogspot.com Nasira Parveen

    God damn them who were involved in the crime of two innocent brothers.Recommend

  • Khurram

    The bad habit if the Media is to exploiting sensationalism among there viewers. I personally think so far that the Pakistani youth came forward to help those who became the victim of the recent flood and they are doing there job quiet well which is appreciated by both people and the media. But what happened in Sialkot is “the Ultimate Tragedy” and if you watch the video carefully, you won’t disagree that there was clear frustration in the mob and beating those innocent brothers. So, now the media has to clarify this that what were main reasons behind that the mob got angry I think there is no such explanation is required it clearly shows that the people were angered on the government policies specially the Expenses and increase of prices on common commodities has become out off reach of a common man. These are the reasons that have made people anger and loosing there sense of humor.Recommend

  • sanna

    u rele hit the nail on the head with this one. im sharing this on fb n i hope at least a few ppl will read it and act!Recommend

  • Amir

    if the people who committed this deplorable act are called “humans”, then i am ashamed to be called one.really no words to describe the gruesome act.no wonder why pakistan is always in crisis and it will remain so until the people of this unfortunate nation realize that which i dont see happening in the near or distant future. may allah put a little sense into the devilish minds of ours and show us the right way ameen.Recommend


    The Pakistani people have only themselves to blame for every pain inflicted on them, be it poverty, joblessness or even natural disasters. When they get to choose they choose ‘thief’s’ as their leaders, the back the extremists who denigrate the graves of saints, they rape the women and children. They are no longer human. Pakistan was built on Islamic principles. Now look at it. The anglo- Muhammadian law will not work in a Muslim country. They need to look deep inside themselves bring about change. I feel sick when I look at them- not pity. Indeed the floods are a reminder to them of their excesses- indeed it is God’s mercy, cos if He wants, He can do a lot worse to teach them a lesson! WAKE UP PAKISTAN- YOU ONLY HAVE YOURSELF TO BLAME!Recommend

  • Prince Shahryar Rana

    Me,my wife and four children wept for several hours to see brutal incident of brutal killings. I personally knew these brother, they use to come to Fox Sports to play Cricket. We highly condemn their brutal killing and ask for justice. We also left Pakistan due to criminal people in this area of Sialkot when we had similar threats and our life was at risk. We express our condolences to breaved family. We also hate such muslims who were fasting and doing criminal acts. where was humanity. Solid steps to be taken not just paperwork and media should keep an eye until hanged the culprits-Prince Shahryar RanaRecommend

  • http://million4change.com Dr Tahir Naeem Khan

    well written. I share the Grief of the family who lost their sons in cold-blooded murder. Such a brutal behaviour demands that we must get together to protect our Country and guide our people. We must now fight for a change. Please join me in:

  • sarwat

    The media and Chief Justice are hero in all this. The government and establishment did not respond and were determined to put it under carpet. But the media trumpted it day and night until they were forced to open their eyes. Still they are heartless, cruel and oblivion. Still they are bent to make mockery of the process by making all the involved poice officers runaway. Still they are shameless.
    Media should go on showing that horrific video day and night every headlines until the killers are punished. It is painful to watch it even the glimpse of it. But it must go on, we must bear at least 1% of the agony the suffering the torture these two minor souls went through. Yes, I appeal to media to keep on showing the video until the day the killers the animals whose faces are known by the whole nation, are brought to visible justice.
    Yes media keep on and dont listen to government and politicians. We need ultimate and perfect justice.
    No matter how much media is disturbing the high ups who have to take loans from aboraod it should go on to show the misery until it is relieved.
    A MUST.Recommend

  • Sadia Hussain

    As a human we need to ponder upon why the country is driving towards anarchy, intolerance in society has lead to such gruesome acts of violence. The society needs to be sensitized as the faith in humanity is clearly shattered. Recommend

  • Sadia Hussain

    I must point out towards the generic observation you have made here, “the problem i.e. the US War on Terror being fought on our soil”. The war on terror is not a U.S war as we are fighting this war for our own survival. The Sialkot incident is reflective that the Taliban traits of flogging (in Sawat) are transpiring in the public too. Recommend

  • sarwat

    This is not a taliban related issue. Taliban were not caught in any karokari, mukhtaran mai and this sialkot issue. Instead of dragging taliban in this issue we should focus on justice for these two heavenly souls and their mother and the family. If no justice, then the citizens of Pakistan should stand becuase blood of these two minor kids is burden of nation.Recommend

  • Ali

    Pakistan has become a failed state, where the life and property of no common man is saved. It is the rule of the jungle where the strongest can do whatever they want. The rest have to fight for there survival. But no Pakistani government or the Pakistani people are today ready to admit that Pakistan is a failed state. And therefore nothing will better before we Pakistanis admit that Pakistan is a failed state and then begin building the nation from start. The other solution is to have a Khomeini or Hitler like leader, who kill everyone how have been in power and corrupt one or the other way. So no one can dear to break the low again.Recommend

  • jose sanchez

    I can’t understand why people that love to call themselves so clever in their culture with almost everything, get to these type of atrocities only god has the rigth to give or take away a life you people that participate in these young boys death wrote their trip straight to hell we as human being can’t take justice like animals. Recommend

  • Hiba

    dats no doubt such a brutal act!!Recommend

  • GR

    This is Pakistan!!! This also happens in India!!! Politicians please wake up. One day these lynchers will knock your doors. Only thing required is to politicians make sure the law takes its course. Recommend

  • Feza Khan Yusufzai

    “without support from the public and more importantly, the values and attitudes which guide each person.”

    Yes certainly, all the reforms are pointless unless the people in pakistan reforms themselves. hating is easy, being ashamed of being pakistani is easy as well, doing something to change the way you feel about it is the challenge. Recommend

  • Feza Khan Yusufzai

    “We are the monstors we have created”Recommend

  • Sidra

    God hav mercy on the poor parents and the other family members of the two boys.. nd give the criminals a justified and painful end…. may the souls of the two rest in heaven in peace… Ameen..Recommend

  • Disgusted by these people

    I have never been so disgusted in my entire life as I am right now after watching this video. I am speechless. People everywhere calling this a mob mentality but I disagree. This is much worse than that. Ever wonder why Pakistan is looked down upon in the world? Why everyone hates Pakistan? You dont see the same attitude towards any other nation, why? There are reasons for this which the Pakistanis fail miserably to understand.It seems that they live in a lala land where they think that they are the best nation in the whole wide world. And if thats is not enough some starts comparing themselves to their neighbor, just so that they can comfort themselves. After watching this video I have no doubt what so ever that Pakistani people are as good as dead. Dead in a sense that they don’t feel anything, they don’t have soul, hense as good as dead. How can so many people justify killing anyone (innocent or not, young or old, regardless of their ethicity, and religion) in such a inhuman maner. I have never ever seen anyone doing anything like this to an animal let alone a human being.
    Even when we Zabiha any animal we make sure that other animals don’t see it. Even an executioner wears a mask when he carries out an execution. And what these people do? I guess we have all seen it already. The question is what should be done now? Not only I am speeechless but I don’t have the answer to Pakistan and its peoples.Recommend

  • sarwat

    Pakistanis have not been groomed as a nation by their political leaders. They have been raised to create small loyalty pockets scattered here and there. My party your party, my province your province, my city your city, my socialism your capitalism,my family your legacy, my shaheed your shaheed. This is what our so called democratic parties are doing in every nook and corner of the country, dividing and ruling to fill their coffers. To rule the masses they prefer to have beasts roaming around to keep the commoners under fear. Thats why the whole establishment including police is hell bound to protect the butchers of butter. The government, state machinery, the police should seek apology from this family in addition to hanging the killers and abettors. Moreover, Rescue 1122 should be disbanded as it is a life threat to the minor kids, our sons and daughters of this country. Recommend

  • adl

    Lets implement the true islamic sharia law which gives capital punishment to rapist , cuts hand of thiefs and law of qisas diyat. eye for an eye. you will see crimes drop 90% inshallah.

    Lets be sincere there is no other solution.Recommend

  • Adnan

    We’ve been crying for Kashmiri’s and Palestinian’s. What is going here is much worse than that. Recommend

  • Sidra Ahmed

    I am a Canadian-born Pakistani. As a teenager, I always felt a bit of guilt that my parents had emigrated from Pakistan instead of staying. When I visited Pakistan, this feeling changed. When I used to walk in the street, fully covered, grown men would try to assault my sister and my cousins. When I told my uncle that a guy was exposing himself outside the ‘Imambara’, he said not to talk about it, and my cousin said it’s very common in Pakistan. I was so disgusted. I once went to Commercial Market (Rawalpindi) and saw a group of about 6 boys beating up a boy. At that time, I got so scared and the people in the market started emptying out fast. I got panicky and was saying to my khala, “Let’s call the police!” but we couldn’t; my aunt pointed out that there were police even watching!! They were not actively involved, but they were just sitting outside some stores! I mean, what can you do in a country where you can’t call the police? As a young girl, I couldn’t get involved otherwise I would obviously get beat up. I guess the boys in the crowd thought the same thing (that the mob would turn on them) so they just kept watching. The boys could have collected people to stop; but in Pakistan people are trained from birth just to blindly obey and not challenge the status quo. In such a collectivist society, students need lessons on not following the group, peer pressure, and advocating for justice. For example, in American schools, we have to do a lot of roleplaying about bullying in schools. Teachers present situations where one might be pressured to target someone, and the students themselves have to show scenarios on how to resist it. Pakistani teachers and parents also have to learn not be so dictatorial; if a child is taught from birth that you cannot ever challenge the majority or the authority, then how will he ever challenge a mob? It is this sick mob mentality and fear of society’s disapproval which drives people to commit such depraved acts.Recommend

  • nazia khan

    How come such mobs don’t do something about the government instead of murdering innocent youth? How come the public don’t support such mob to help change the government? How come nothing like this happen to government children why it always have to happen to the innocent and poor? May ALLAH forbids such ever happen to any child but just watching the video and seeing so many brothers, father just standing their and nothing doing anything boils my blood inside. As a sister who has two young brothers who are same age as Mughees and Muneeb, and for me to watch those kids being beaten not only got me in tears but I wish I was there and I swear I would have done something and not watch or record video to be the first to have it on YouTube. This is not what ISLAM teaches us even ALLAH (swt) forgive us for our great sin and here these two innocent boys getting beat up during the Holy month, and no one will do anything about it. I pray that may ALLAH make all those suffer who stood and just watch. As a psychology major, I don’t think such think ever has occur where one human beings will just stand has innocent children eyes are taken out and get beaten and then hang, this act cannot be compare to treating an animal. I wish all the bystander and especially the police will not even get one hour of sleep and all they see is the image of Mughees and Muneeb, the innocent, the Hafiz of Quran, insha’ALLAH may ALLAH enter them into paradise and give their family hope and justice for Mughees and Muneeb, may they RIP.

    Justice for Mughees and Muneeb and the youth of Pakistan

  • Robert

    You need to shut down Pakistan and start again with another idea. Maybe, modernity.Recommend

  • http://www.143share.com muddassir

    i have seen people killed in different countries. like Indian Hindus killing Kashmirs, like Israelis killing Palestinians and so on but i have never seen a Muslim killing a Muslim like this, i don’t no why we have thrown back the teachings of Islam and now which way we are heading……..Recommend

  • http://[email protected] loverboy

    @Aliya: Recommend

  • Prince Shahryar Rana

    It is death of a SYSTEM when obvious victims had TO PROTEST to get deserving JUSTICE. This incident also put a question mark to all student of LAW and now is time to demand significant changes to get rid of orthodox system prevailing in PAKISTAN.
    Many people had became silent victim of social injustice .only few able to express themself otherwise much of them able to loss their faith. THIS concept is fatal to nations and almost contributing cause of nations failure.
    I believe Supreme Court as indicated through Media is keeping a close eye on whole development.
    and should discourage who became hurdle to speedy justice. CM Punjab,Interior Minister also promised to Victim family for HANGING of CULPRITS so i am hopeful they shall keep their wordsRecommend

  • sarwat

    The issue is going to drains unless civil society and citizens stand up until the justice is given. All the police culprits are being released by the court one after other. As if they didnt do anything serious. Police colluded for killing of two brothers. It did not take notice of their ruthless and barbaric killing until supreme court forced Mr. DPO to do so. Mr. DPO had no shame on the state of affairs in his area, rather he showed ‘attitude’ to CJ and was so adamant to challenge Mr. CJ that he could not take any action against him as he was a CSS officer. If he was aCSS officer, why he was unaware of his responsibilities to maintain law and order, to save the lives and property of people and to stop extra judicial killings.
    Only if there own sons are killed in the same manner, they will wake up to the big day.Recommend

  • joe cool

    Kamran Khan i don’t agreed with you in my opinion you should let ALLAH to take care of this issue. The one that kills ” with a sword” dies with a” ” sword tha’s what joshua of nazareth said . Recommend

  • joe cool

    Kamran Khan that’s not a good way to pay them back in my opinion let ALLAH take care of it. that who kill with a sword will die by a sword said by joshua of nazareth amenRecommend

  • janaab

    Ahmed makes a good point – the gap between the rich and poor is enormous. I’m amazed that Pakistan is on the same level as some African countries, according to UN reports, in economics, healthcare and education. Seems so strange when there is fast speed internet, SAT dishes, bluRay, RangeRovers etc. all over Karachi. Recommend