Imran Khan is the target of your Goebbels’ vendetta!

Published: May 19, 2012

So obsessed and paranoid are the writers at The Express Tribune about Imran Khan that not a single write up of his is devoid of barbed shafts aimed at Imran Khan.PHOTO: RIAZ AHMED/EXPRESS

Apropos to the excessively grandiloquent, wastefully voluble and patently frivolous attempt The Express Tribune has been part of subjecting Imran khan as prime target of its Goebbels’ vendetta.

Now, what shall I say about The Express Tribune? The blog has started to give me an impression as if its raison d’etre is to have a unifocal soliloquy on publishing literally anything against Imran Khan without realising how ludicrous the writer may sound or implausible the publisher.

If I were to describe The Express Tribune in a nutshell, I think I’ll marginally settle for this definition: Camelot of an erudite savant they never were, a self-proclaimed paladin of democracy and liberalism, a purveyor of pessimism, their grovelling apology for a political pundit. But their risible theories, disingenuous surmises and analytical howlers can be excused, for they are yet to realise that they cannot fool all the people all the time.

The truth is that they’ve lost all sense of fairness, reasonableness and impartiality when they took up conjuring up drivels for a day job. What is patently evident is ET’s deep seated animosity towards a certain national hero -Imran Khan! Today Imran Khan is like a classic hero who has emerged as a paladin of nationalism, baptised in the waters of public opinion, made great and filled with courage but the worthy writers at ET are on a roll to launch all kinds of ad hominem tirade against Imran Khan by castigating Khan’s rhetoric of engaging the extremist as futile hence a taliban apologist.

In their hare-brained harangue, they have derided Imran Khan as a chronic patient of the malady of a Taliban Goebbels and conceptual bipolarity. Even a cursory perusal of the contents of their write up, once can safely impute intellectual apoplexy to the writer themselves. For his virulent diatribe is replete with vacuous surmises, disingenuous suppositions and twisted formulations. The writers, evidently, write such article merely for the sake for venting spleen against Khan, for the reader remains as clueless as the writer and publisher themselves, as to the purpose and meaning behind such wanton volubility. They begin each paragraph by formulating a supposition, carries it through the middle passage, only to finish it at a menacing note.

He who is conscientious enough to prefer steep heights of truthfulness, selflessness, patriotic spiritedness over the primrose path of least resistance, of timid appeasement, of petty self seeking, always gets pilloried by the forces of status quo and inertia, so goes another law of history. Imran Khan has committed no crime, violated no law, breached no trust, betrayed no cause, wrecked no chariot-merely that he was guilty of sticking to his guns and having the courage of his convictions, courageous and cognizant enough to chart a different course, sing a different tune, and write a different script. This sufficiently explains the vinegary, spiteful, acrimonious and relentless campaign of personal revilement and character assassination; he has been subjected to, by a bunch of self proclaimed saviors of the nation (does that ring a bell?), a coterie of pocketbook analysts and a bevy of pseudo intellectuals.

So obsessed and paranoid are the writers at The Express Tribune about Imran Khan that not a single write up of his is devoid of barbed shafts aimed at Imran Khan. Granted that these writers always ran low on writer’s ink and that logic and profundity were never their forte, but have they become so sterile, jaded and pathetically predictable as to be unable to write a single article without hurling mud at a celebrated national hero? History is replete with examples of once high and mighty writers, eventually running out of ideas and becoming clichéd and banal towards the fag end of their careers, but what to talk about the desultory and vapid ways of these writers who seems to have met their waterloo even before a Toulon? Have they become clichéd and banal without first attaining greatness? Or are they among the proverbial exceptions which prove the rule? But they are not the lone ranger in this relentless crusade against Imran Khan.

There is a certain cabal of pseudo intellectuals, dissembling experts, pocketbook analysts and self styled paladins of democracy and liberalism who have lost their sleep, all sense of reason and logic in denouncing Imran Khan. The question is, what has Imran Khan done to earn their ire? Why is he being painted in such lurid colors? What crude conduct has he been guilty of to elicit such derision and scorn? With minds so fickle, intellects so rotten, like that of the writer himself, busy obfuscating an already clouded national vision by churning out ludicrous drivels like this, bringing about a salubrious change in the sterile socio-political landscape of Pakistan has become a Herculean task. Though the colossus of our politics, Imran Khan, continues to strive valiantly to the same end, with considerable success too, the nation would be better served, if piffle emitting traps like Nadeem Paracha, Saroop Ejaz et al remain shut.

God gave you the gift of the gab; a ready pen; vast vocabulary; exemplary education; facility with ideas and words and made you creative enough to parlay all these gifts in an adroit manner and garner a sizeable and significant readership for yourself. You indeed are a very lucky fellow, for only a chosen few get the recognition they deserve and wield as much influence as is necessary to achieve one’s goals. Being a long time reader of yours and by extension a well wisher, here is my earnest advice-or a request-tinged with an ardent personal wish to you is: Please stop tilting at windmills. Stop using your God gifted faculties for twisting facts, contorting truth, obfuscating the reality and distasteful smear campaigns.

Imran Khan has his faults; he has had his share of indiscretions, oversights, omissions and faux paus; but which mortal is above such foibles and weaknesses? He who has never committed a sin, should hurl the first stone! He who lays claims to infallibility be our savior and I am ready to swore his allegiance.

Be an Argus eyed observer; scrutinise, analyse, evaluate to your hearts and minds content; but do not push the button when it is not required. Criticise when it serves some purpose, when it is cogent and warranted. Blind aversion, robotic opposition and rigid antagonism is not going to throw a spanner in Khan’s works but only would leave a poor impression of your, in the eyes of your readers. If you want to become a paladin of modernity, patriotism, freedom of thought and speech, civil liberties, democracy and transparency, then stop being an incorrigible detractor of someone, who is striving steadfastly to uphold those very ideals.

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Zain Umar

Zain Umar

UK-Based Pakistani Corporate Solicitor at DLA Piper (Doha, Qatar chapter) who tweets @zmrzain

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Hamood

    Do not fret my friend. These so-called writers on ET will have no bearing in the next elections. People of Pakistan are tired of the corrupt and inept PPP and N-league and are ready for vote for Imran Khan. I know me and my family and most of the people I know will be voting for him.Recommend

  • Irfan Baloch

    Warning: Article not for general public’s consumption. Only intended for beings made of words and sentences not of flesh and bone. People who believe human beings made of dust definitely keep a distance or a seed would be planted in you and you might bare some fruit. The Spineless Upper Class read and dread for the rest pf the population go earn your daily bread.Recommend

  • s shah

    @writer: Your blog merely confirms the worst fears that people like myself hold about Imran Khan and his supporters. Very immature writing.Recommend

  • areeba

    I need a dictionary badlyRecommend

  • Faraz Talat

    The very fact that Express Tribune published this piece, completely rubbishes your tirade and relieves me of the need to offer a more detailed analysis.

    Nevertheless, I’ll say a few things. Infusing a cornucopia of ostentatious words into a simple blog post, only draws attention to one’s state of pretentiousness, that wasn’t quite so subtle to begin with. You sacrificed the readability of your article, in a transparent attempt to impress the discombobulated readers into agreement. But maybe that was the mask the arrant lack of coherence within.

    The entire piece reeks of condescension, blasting the opinions of worthy writers and political analysts who display less enthusiasm about IK than you, as “intellectual apoplexy”

    Absolutely abysmal!Recommend

  • Z

    Zain, excellent thoughts. But if I may say so, more people would have the benefit of understanding your points if they’re conveyed in a simple manner. I’m no literary critic, but as an avid reader, I can say that sometimes overly descriptive or heavy language can take away from one’s ideas. Papers like The New York Times or the Wall Street Journal (not that I’m a fan of ideologies) are written in 7-grade level English. The point is to get the thought across without having it hurt your brain.
    But again, I appreciate the writeup…much better than the pseudo-intellectuals you’ve mentioned.Recommend

  • Bruce Banner

    Somebody’s going to lose their job! Recommend

  • Abid P Khan


    And you my dear, are Dr Paul Joseph Goebbels reincarnate.

    Whoever said that the art of panegyrics is dead!Recommend

  • BlackJack

    Main reference material for this juvenile tirade against ET appears to have been a thesaurus – a bit short on grammar as well as on substance. Note – would have been a great spoof article on some actual piece but I suspect that such is not the case.Recommend

  • Mani

    Thank god for this article!Recommend

  • Sana

    Excellent piece by Zain and good to see that ET published it despite the criticism it holds for them. Recommend

  • Zamir Malik

    In democracy no one is a sacred cow including Imran Khan and in my view Nawaz Sharif is the person who is bashed more than anybody on the media. Imran Khan is criticized more than anybody else is the reason that he talks about Excellency and Perfectionism and obviously when you claim to be the bearers of change and especially in democratic systems then brace yourself for a criticism and rather than whining i think you should equip yourself with better answers rather than clamouring for unfair treatment. Mughal periods are gone so now we have the right to question the Kings as well. Anyway Mr Imran is in hibernation now a days and hopefully he will take some stance in coming days regarding to critical issues of Pakistan.Recommend

  • NinjaMullah

    If your piece could be anthropomorphised, it would be a ugly socialite with a kitschy taste in clothes…Recommend

  • Faizan Afzal

    Sir please use easy words; i mean it is NOT cool to use such difficult words. Try to reach to each and every indvidual not sll of us are in a habit of using dictionaryRecommend

  • waqar habib

    Its become fashion for them to criticize Imran Khan, I dont think that they are even aware of the ground realities, they are so blind and unable to see the organizations he built for the country, Its look like the whole media turn their guns against Imran Khan, without justifiable reasons
    Heart touching article ZainRecommend

  • faraz

    Those who criticize Imran’s 9 day anti-corruption plan definitely lack logic and profundityRecommend

  • junaid khan

    Indeed! I agree with Irfan Baluch. The idea was topical but the article too long, repetitive in content and dripping with suffocating vocabulary. Keep it simple!! Recommend

  • Ali Islam

    Boy O Boy! There ain’t any doubt that the people sitting in ET publish only those views which are against PTI and IK. Majority of the blogs and articles are against him. The problem is that on extreme call bash him as Jewish lobby and the other extreme call him a Talib without a beard. This is really amazing. Following ET, we come to know that the people sitting in ET represent other extreme and expecting such blogs and views from them is no surprise for me alteast. The thing to be kept in the mind is that majority of Pakistanis are not on either of extremes and the extreme end to which ET represent has less followers. So it does not matter whether the election results are good or not. All what matters is that whether the people are with him or aginst him. Recommend

  • Asaf

    Oh, for God’s sake! You are hurting Imran Khan with this fantastically written but intellectually puerile verbal diarrhea. Should one always play the zero sum game?Recommend

  • Confused

    Man, calm down, you’re either overloading on sarcasm or being deluded here. In the latter case, everybody gets criticized, learn to deal with it instead of writing poems.
    In the former, well, you are mean.Recommend

  • ali

    Here are some extremely intelligent tweets by the author:

    We are a nation of gladiators, pummeled into a temporary submission, by hegemonistic jargon through their callous and treacherous quislings

    Such people do not recognize the precariousness of their own existence, the fleeting nature of their own humanity 2/2 #SAFMA

    Geo TV Lied To The Nation About “Ajmal Kasab” No Nexus found b/w Ajmal Kassab & 26/11 #Shocking

    There have been unremitting endeavours on part of India to destabilize Pakistan or to further truncate us by fomenting heresy

    Expanding Pakistan’s presence in space for strategic purposes, SUPARCO is planning to build its next scientific satellite of BADAR seriesRecommend

  • Hamza

    I had to use Google dictionary every 2 sec. I eventually grew tired and stopped reading. Recommend

  • 123

    The writer spoke my mind ! I totally agree with the writer. Apart from Imran Khan, ET is on a dangerous and deadly mission. You will notice when you read some of the articles/blogs they publish and the way they report on some “topics”.Recommend

  • ekbal

    easily the most ‘english’ pti cult member.

    Ps. I hope u dont talk the same way u write.Recommend

  • uncle

    Beta, please close your thesaurus.Recommend

  • popsaeed

    Another bongi try by PTI trol of gaining popularity by Threatning ET.Recommend

  • Imran Con

    Good thing Imran Khan supporters just skip the articles to post something generic or your big words would have made their heads explode. They say PTI has an educated majority but I’ve never seen it.Recommend

  • Imran Con

    I’ve rarely seen any positive articles about PML-N or the PPP. Could it be PTI is made up of self-important oversensitive cry babies? This blog is exactly what I’ve always imagined an impressively large PTI tantrum would look like. Trying and failing to sound smart because that’s just an image they want rather than actually deserve while simultaneously not saying anything of substance but speaks it like there is just like Imran Khan himself. It’s a good thing your target audience likes that style.

  • Uzair

    @Author: You get 1 mark for effort in using the thesaurus, -5 marks for using it excessively, and -2 marks for using words incorrectly. You start with “Apropos to the…” whereas the correct usage would be “Apropos of” or “Apropos the”. You then get -10 marks for being ludicrously without substance, not offering any reasons for why we should support Imran Khan.

    Seriously, can you start by defending his love of the murderers who call themselves the Taliban? Or his simplistic and childish notions on “honor”? Or his alliance with the DPC members who in any self-respecting country would be behind bars? Is shallow (and especially in your case, ultra-long winded) words the only thing Imran Khan supporters can come up with? If so, no wonder we don’t see more articles here on ET about him!

    I wish you a good day sir, I hope you get the time for some introspection on your political views and reasoning techniques.Recommend

  • popsaeed

    Like this blog imran khan policy is also not logical and difficult to understand.Recommend

  • ahmer

    a delusional piece of writing by a delusional writer for a delusional so called leader of a delusional party. This is not cricket my good man…….Recommend

  • M

    I would have definitely given my opinion on this article if i had understood the intense verbosity of the writer!Recommend

  • Lahori

    Hamood: I think it is an absolute stupidity and a reflection of how limited one’s thinking is when someone criticizes Imran Khan and the PTI trolls automatically assume that the person is either a PML-N supporter or a PPP jiyala( or any party for that matter). And I think it is absolutely unfair that PTI be criticizing the media for being biased, even if they are biased, their inclination is towards Imran Khan and PTI. Just because your rating are going down, less people are joing your bandwagon and popularity is in trouble compared to 30th october doesn’t mean you start blaming the media. Man up and accept that the promises you made regarding a tsunami on 30th october never happened, and it is YOU people who gave the media room for criticism. Recommend

  • Aadil

    Stopped reading after the second paragraph.
    Your logic is as incomprehensible as the words you use.Recommend

  • http://Lahore Salman Zafar

    I got the point.. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT…

    But you could have used simple english… not everyone understands this… including me…Recommend

  • Lusty Kashmiri Boy

    Sir, great analysis and write up.Recommend

  • Big Rizvi

    You are living in a literature hell, my friend.Recommend

  • Anon

    Haha, looks like someone’s been learning their SAT words.Recommend

  • Saad

    well written

    Dont worry brother ,as in the words of a famous philosopher,truth is first ridiculed then it is violently opposed then it is accepted as bieng self evident.Recommend

  • Ahmer

    Great article Zain….. Recommend

  • Ashraf P

    The writer @Zain Zuber needs to shed his pathological addiction to the thesaurus. Jargon-esque writing kills the essence of the prose.Recommend

  • Loneliberal PK

    Somebody translate this pretentious nonsense into English while I go get some aspirin.Recommend

  • Salma

    the PTI supporters can’t even write – this show of verbosity just shows the mental level. Recommend

  • Ahmad

    Well the first 8 paragraphs are basically the same using (slightly) different words. Even though there are many gems in there, this for me took the cake:

    “With minds so fickle, intellects so rotten, like that of the writer himself, busy obfuscating an already clouded national vision by churning out ludicrous drivels like this, bringing about a salubrious change in the sterile socio-political landscape of Pakistan has become a Herculean task.”

    Just alot of (painful) theorizing without using any concrete examples, with NFP and SI thrown in at the end just to cover the latter, and in that sense not much different from PTI’s policies. I’m certainly not of the Taliban Khan group, but the NAR (remember that?) was an attempt at reconciling extremist elements and perhaps start the process of bringing them into the mainstream. Do you remember how well that ended?Recommend

  • Ahsan

    I really need English classes.Recommend

  • Sabeer Lodhi

    … my eyes bleed and for a minute I thought I’m reading a Shakespearean novel.

    I’m sure the writer only ended the article when his thesaurus burnt down because of excessive use.

    As for what the he’s said; Only if you could have looked beyond your ‘teenage crush’ for IK and considered his proposed policies with a diligent eye, you would have realized it is just that. A ‘teenage crush’. cough

    Editors of the ET blogs: Kudos for publishing something that obviously was an attack on you (a weak one, though). Takes guts to do that!. It shows you stand secure where you stand. Takes guts to do that!Recommend

  • Ahmed Khan

    So anybody who does not believe that Imran Khan is the great saviour and messiah and the only person that can save Pakistan is a “hare-brained pseudo intellectual” who has nothing to offer but , “pessimism” and “risible theories, disingenuous surmises and analytical howlers”? What a balanced and fair analysisRecommend

  • Jahanzaib Haque

    This was astrophromologically sound. My condolencesRecommend

  • BS

    Yeh article toh Imran Khan koh bhi samahj nahi ana!Recommend

  • Anthony Permal

    I’m wondering which dictionary it was which you ate and then threw up as this piece.Recommend

  • Anam

    wait lemme find my dictionary firstRecommend

  • Habiba Younis

    Someone just discovered the thesaurus option in google dictionary. Recommend

  • Chief Marketing Officer @ Sociality360

    c-c-c-c-c-c-c-combo breakerRecommend

  • Burhan

    @Zamir Malik: Oh you are so obsessed with Mr.khan that you have forgotten the fact that Nawaz and Zardari are in Govt. and not Mr.Khan.By the way,HE is not king”He is a Tiger”.Recommend

  • Random Passerby

    Puerile and pretentious verbal diarrhea. That is all.Recommend

  • Hafsa Khawaja

    Someone please make the author realize that the readers are not Oxford dictionaries.
    Improve the content and substance of your argument, not the gross verbosity.
    Using gigantic expressions is a put-off and puts your post more of a perfect presentation of a case of link textSesquipedalian Loquaciousness.Recommend

  • Mj

    Your opinion would perhaps be taken more seriously if you dial-down the condescension, vanity and verbosity. On the substance of your article, of which there was little, you need to understand that IK is not a messiah reborn, and it is possible for people to not be enchanted by his lofty and half-baked promises. Recommend

  • omer

    so Mr zain took a GRE exam and thought what he hell….dude srsly come on, not every word you learn on GRE(or for that matter in ur life) has to be used in one single blog… but then again the immaturity of ur blog signifies that u may never get another again u thought wht the hellRecommend

  • maeen

    well written, good insight, but i agree words can b bit simple, so dat a layman can enjoy it and more over understand the depth it holds.Media boycotting so many IK jalsa, and media still supportin PPP and PML-N.i am a kashmiri and truly feel the current state of PAK.. IK is yet to b tested but yes he deserves a chance.. better than the current lot filled wid corrupt mind, US puppet, and eating Public money..
    B a true patriot and look at da best for PAK which right now is IK..n E tribune posting it..well ppl media gimmick to show da world dat yes it is for the people.. every newspaper posts blogs which are against it.. REST well written.. Recommend

  • akka

    I disagree that the author is pretentious. Anyone who uses the word ‘paladin’ in two subsequent paragraphs in two different contexts is clearly attempting to appeal to a middle-school audience.Recommend

  • Hameed

    WTF are you talking about ??? You need a friggin dictionary to read this article. Recommend

  • Arif Iqbal

    Seriously what? Dude keep it simple, We know you know English and have a good vocabulary but don’t impose it on us! Recommend

  • Abdul Waheed Qureshi

    “Ik Moima
    samjhnay ka na samjhaanay ka” confuse & ununderstandable like IKRecommend

  • hj

    Seems like the writer wrote this piece in Microsoft word and right clicked on every word, went to synonyms and chose the most “smart sounding” word he could find.Recommend

  • hj

    Seems like the writer wrote this piece in Microsoft word and right clicked on every word, went to synonyms and chose the most “smart sounding” word he could findRecommend

  • LOL

    Using big English words doesn’t mean the writer knows the correct use of English. ET editors, doesn’t your role entail a standard grammar check? @Black Jack, you’re quite right. The state of grammar in this article is truly sad.Recommend

  • omer

    Miss moderator with all that the blog and the commentors are saying you thought the GRE words comment was much?? srsly you need to reduce the arbirariness a bit…Recommend

  • HZ

    This article should be the part of 10 grade curriculum. So we can also improve our English vocabulary .
    Jokes apart poll say it all.
    Is the Pakistani press unfairly critical of Imran Khan and his party?

    Yes (74%, 34 Votes)
    No (26%, 12 Votes)

    Dear Author, You point is being heard loud and clear.Recommend

  • Troll Queen

    “Apropos to the excessively grandiloquent, wastefully voluble and patently frivolous attempt The Express Tribune has been part of subjecting Imran khan as prime target of its Goebbels’ vendetta.”

    I understand all of these words but I don’t understand why they are here.

    After this, my brain started to fizzle and pop.
    “Imran Khan is like a classic hero who has emerged as a paladin of nationalism, baptised in the waters of public opinion, made great and filled with courage but the worthy writers at ET are on a roll to launch all kinds of ad hominem tirade against Imran Khan by castigating Khan’s rhetoric of engaging the extremist as futile hence a taliban apologist.”

    Gag Bleagh Puke

    Now look what you made me do? Maybe you could find better words for “Come clean up my puke” in that thesaurus of yours?Recommend

  • Ozymandias

    @Anthony Permal:
    The OED perhaps? Recommend

  • Moiz

    yaar aap ki english buhat achi hai.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Verbosity…. thy name is Zain Umair.Recommend

  • Obaid

    Seems like that the author has recently undertaken a GMAT test. My friend using complex vocabulary to rant about same ideas paragraph after paragraph is not smart writing. You have to realize who your target audience is. For your future editorial endeavors may I suggest that you keep it simple and straight. People listen to facts and rational reasons rather emotional intricacy. All the best. Recommend

  • I.S

    It feels like somebody just threw a thesauras at my face… Two words. Absolutely ridiculous.Recommend

  • Salman Arshad

    So what you really wanted to say was:

    “ET Immi Sir ko itna criticize kere gi
    to Immi Sir inqilaab kaisay laein ge,
    hai Allah”

    and this simple sentence could not be translated in English. But I congratulate you for the justice done.Recommend

  • Z Khan

    Zain did you really write this article yourself or took some software help to replace simple daily usage words for some earth shattering English vocabulary.
    Nonetheless, I am in full agreement with the author that IK has been targeted by a section of the media for no apparent reason, but all the mature readers know the motives behind such kind of write ups & analysis by some so called columnists and anchor persons.Recommend

  • Raheel Ahsan

    The problem seems very evident, the article was written not to criticize ET but to advertise the fact that the writer knows his English, which is still not believable because the writer is trying too hard to get noticed, and good writers don’t do this. A great article ruined by the complex I would say the writer has.Recommend

  • Nadir

    And lo I thought Imran Khan and PTI wanted to engage with all Pakistanis for a better future. While liberals are scum, DPC and terrorists are disgruntled brothers. For shame!Recommend

  • Saud

    PTI Motto: If you cannot dazzle with brilliance, baffle with Bull$h**Recommend

  • Yousuf Raza Gillani

    I can’t be bothered opening a dictionary! Seems like he used synonyms for every other word to sound intellectual. Recommend

  • Salman Shah

    So by all that non-sense you wanted to say that Khan is a ‘classic hero’ & those who do not agree should shut up..
    This is what we fear the most about your classic hero and his delusional fans..there is a thing called LOGIC mate. Recommend

  • Y U NO


  • Lusty Kashmiri Boy

    Sir. too much peepul are criticise this butifeul wrriting and lovely ideas. PTI is great and comeing for sure. Such toughtful peepul are the need of the our. May Allah blase you.Recommend

  • arsalan

    What did i just read… head started spinning after the first 5 lines of the article, by the end of the first paragraph my brain just wanted to shoot itself and end the misery. So much verbal diarrhoea and that too using hard vocabulary, which i am pretty sure you learned while preparing for your SATs. at the end of it all, it has to make sense. in your case it didnt. Recommend

  • Utkarsh

    That’s an awesome reply; striking at the Thesaurus and the sentimental political rhetoric is a perfect combination.Recommend

  • M

    The SAT vocab book threw up in this literary masterpieceRecommend

  • Rizwan

    Looks like someone’s prepared for their SAT.Recommend

  • Ch Allah Daad

    Like Dr. A.Q. this author is also joking. Recently no one in Pakistan is given more publicity than Imran and that too without any concrete achievement. Yes he was a cricketer and now a philanthropist, but these are completely different fields. There are many great cricketers who have better records than Imran and Pakistan is full of philanthropists far more respected than Imran. These great people do not use their achievements and personal respect for their political career. As far as his political career is concerned, its nothing but a disaster from the begining. Twenty years in politics and nothing to brag about.Recommend

  • zafar sikandar

    @Zamir Malik:
    How can you say that IK is in hibernation :) PTI seems to be the only active party in whole Pakistan. They are continuously mobilizing the voters, and IK has a very clear stance over the issues of Pakistan :) let the nato supply open up which is not yet announced :) how can we start an agitation over some thing before time, would this not be an immature act :). But keep one thing in mind these old main stream parties have given nothing to pakistan and they will be vanished from the political scene of the country, we are not stupid to vote again for them Recommend

  • rav

    @Imran Con:
    tell me 10 good thing about PMLN AND PPP and then write a article about it in all reasonableness and impartialitpy. i love to see how good are these people are for pakistan and what amazing job they are doing . Recommend

  • sadaf

    i just read the comments .could not mustered up my courage to read the article due to frequent use of online dictionary. i wil get back to it after finishing my uni.lolzRecommend

  • daddy

    Sadly, your article was self defeating…perhaps it would be a good idea to answer all the questions you have posed in this article by simply reading a bit more about the issue at hand…but just like everyone else you have resorted to personal attacks too. How does that make you any different? Also just a question-who draws the line between someone being a pseudo intellectual and an actual one? Oh wait, I already have the answer…It appears that someone is a guy called Zain.Recommend

  • naeem khan

    well I would like to how you managed to get it pass the 800 word limit set by ET. ET or anyone who can enlighten me aboutRecommend

  • Ursilla

    Please tell me this was satire.Recommend

  • AMQ

    OK as much as I am a Imran Khan supporter Im sorry this piece has me befuddled. If you want to get your point across please lessen the use of the thesaurus.

    I dont knw if the quality of ur essay is too high for me or what, but I dont know if ur criticism ws justified or not because I did not understand anything. U want to give an opinion then try and make it understandable. Maybe next time :)Recommend

  • Zain Umar

    My Next blog will be in Urdu. I promiseRecommend

  • Osama

    the extent of your article’s reader friendliness can be explained by a simple admission on my part: I’m a PTI supporter and I think you’re a narcissistic little idiot who was trying to impress rather than communicate. this problem usually befalls socialists who enjoy bathing in their own linguistic jugglery rather than aiming to get the point across. but this was not even linguistic prowess, this was a thesaurus with sentences. next time you sit on your keyboard to write a political piece, ignore the SHIFT + F7 and concentrate more on getting your point across. and if you want to exhibit your linguistic expertise, write some literary piece and focus more on sentence structures and clever use of vocabulary rather than raping the brains out of your thesaurus.


  • Zubair Sajid

    Dear Author, simple English would have served your purpose better but that could have been ignored if your piece had any bit of logic in it. The article is devoid of any content and logical arguments.
    How about giving writing an article refuting and countering the criticism that ET writers have done of IK with some logical reasoning and factual examples.
    While some of the criticism against IK is also devoid of logic, but most of it especially on ET is not. You should counter both is good reasoning instead of emotionalism veiled in difficult language as logical arguments.
    Most importantly you need to realize that good criticism is actually a blessing because it is for your betterment. These are your real friends and well wishers. So learn to differentiate between good and bad criticism and learn from it and try to make PTI a better party by changing it from within accepting good criticism. By writing such articles the most harm you are doing is the same party you so much desire to defend by making it stagnant.Recommend

  • Osama

    and ur generalization shows urz, idiot.Recommend

  • Girl

    Angrezi bohot mushkil he. It fly over the my head ^_^Recommend