So, a Christian can’t ‘save’ Pakistan?

Published: June 12, 2012

It is sad that Christians are being marginalised in their very own country; a country that they ardently love. PHOTO: REUTERS

Recently, I have come across many status updates on my timeline that really hit me deep. It is very common for me to see the following opinions pop up on my news feed:

Pakistan ko bachanay k liye humain acha Musalman ban’na pareyga.

(To save Pakistan, we need to become good Muslims.)

The only way to achieve a prosperous Pakistan is by being staunch Muslim

These statuses have, many a times, left me pondering about the definition of a Pakistani. Thus, I decided to look up the definition of the word ‘citizen’ in the dictionary and see how far it applied to being a Pakistani citizen. The definition reads as follows:

A legally recognised subject or national of a state or commonwealth, either native or naturalised.

However, I believe that many in Pakistan believe that the definition of the word ‘citizen’ is lacking the key word ‘Muslim’ in it. A Pakistani citizen to them is:

A  legally recognised Muslim subject or Muslim national of a state or commonwealth, either native or naturalised.

There seems to be no place for any one else.

When I question these statuses, asking about the very obvious exclusion of non-Muslims in Pakistan, I always get the same politically correct, diplomatic answer:

We are not talking about isolation, we respect minorities.

I don’t know about you, but excluding minorities so blatantly does not sound like ‘respecting minorities’ to me.

I was going through the statistics in a survey conducted by Christian religious leaders in 1978. This had acquired data related to birth and death rates from priests present at different locations in Pakistan. It also included all marriages registered with the church.

The data exposed a fascinating illustration of approximately 13 million Christians in Pakistan; approximately 13% of the total population of Pakistan at the time. Considering the sloppy fact that the population of Christians is still the same and the total population of Pakistan has risen to 180 million people, Christians still form upwards of 7% of the total population of Pakistan.

Interestingly, being a social media expert, looking at these numbers, I decided to do a little research to check just how many Pakistani’s in total were active on Facebook, and amongst these, how many were Christian Pakistanis.

The total number of Pakistanis on Facebook rounded up at approximately 6,423,800 of which there were approximately 114,060 Christians. Within my own list of Facebook friends, I noticed a handful, maybe more, of Pakistani Christians who have not disclosed their religious beliefs on their Facebook account; had these numbers been added, there would be a noticeable change in the number of Christian Pakistani users on Facebook. Using the numbers depicted in the statistics, Christian Pakistanis still make 1.77% of the traffic maintained by Pakistani users.

Mind blowing isn’t it?

Taking all the data into account, we can sum up a statistical deduction that every Pakistanis profile on Facebook will have at least three Christian friends in a list of 200 friends. Those of us who boast over 2000 friends or more can have up to 30 Christians Pakistanis on their profile.

It is sad that Christians are being marginalised in their very own country; a country that they ardently love.

Many schools and hospitals belonging to Christians during independence served the community in an absolutely uncompromising manner. They served without ever looking at religion, culture, cast or creed. My own family members have been volunteers at hospitals, near a place now known as Bab-e-Azadi, in Lahore, where the very first train from India reached Pakistan.

There are many others, like my father, who took an oath, not on the Holy Quran but the Holy Bible, to protect their country and joined the armed forces, to defend their motherland from all evil.

We are just as affected as any other Pakistani by the death of our fellow citizens in Siachen;  we are also reeling from the effects of the war in Kargil as any other Pakistani; we too are willing to lay down our lives for the country in operations against the Taliban.

We shall, however, be careful when we share our views on a social media platform about saving Pakistan or being Pakistani, because to save Pakistan, we have to be Muslim, don’t we?

In my opinion to save Pakistan we have to be a nation; a nation united in their patriotism and a strong sense of connection to the motherland. This feeling can only develop when we put our differences aside and recognise the fact that we are all fighting for a common goal.

Of all the things that inspired me write this article, this tweet by a friend was the biggest push:

It says:

@Rai_Azlan the debate of are you Muslim first or Pakistani first is just like “do you love your mother more or your wife”.

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Rohan Emmanuel

Rohan Emmanuel

An enthusiast and a volunteer who would go beyond conventions to make things work.Rohan tweets @RohanD87

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  • Tanzeel

    Think Positive:
    When he said “Pakistan ko bachanay kay liye hamay acha Musalman banna pareyga” he meant that those Muslims living in Pakistan must follow the true teachings of Islam i.e tolerance, respect for minorities, civility, honesty etc. In fact you should be thankful to that guy for putting status that actually supports you since a good Muslim will obviously respect minority.
    If you notice he didn’t criticize minorities but himself and entire Muslim community of Pakistan who according to him doesn’t follow Prophet’s teachings.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Very well written and I do feel it is time the non-Muslim Pakistanis must speak up. The thing that the Muslim majority is failing to comprehend is that it is the religious division within their own ranks that is the issue and not the non-Muslim Pakistani. Recommend

  • Pungi

    I really appreciate your love and patriotism for Pakistan Emmanuel…I live in a small town of Balochistan and we have family relations with Christian families here and I believe there is only one way towards success and that is in our unity as Pakistanis…
    United We Stand..! :)Recommend

  • ..


    Muslims sometimes use human/Muslim interchangeably. I myself have said that but never realized that it would be taken as an offence. I do not have any non Muslim Pakistani friends so I have been oblivious to how you would feel (ignorance!?!) I apologize on behalf of others who would have caused you any grief. I agree that it would be more appropriate to say we should be good humans to save Pakistan. And as to your blog title Pakistani Christians HAVE, ARE and WILL continuing saving Pakistan. We are proud of each and every of you and your community has contributed immensely to our great nation.

    Also to add Pakistan never had such an open medium of exchange( ET Blogs Dawn Blog ) before where we could hear others hopes, fears, desires, resentments of other Pakistanis (men, women, children, Muslims, Ahmadis, Christians, Hindus, liberals, conservatives etc etc). This is a great great platform which will help breaking down barriers and there will surely bring a slow but continuous positive change in the youth of our country. We need to speak out!! We need to hear you more :)Recommend

  • Loneliberal PK

    I’ve found that people usually have a hard time believing that there can be any civility or order without religion, or more precisely, their religion.

    In Utah, I remember talking to a local about a fellow who drove half-way across the state to help me with some important business, and the local said, “that was mighty Christian of him”. It’s ironic because that helpful fellow was an atheist.

    Anyway, I agree. It’s tragic when people don’t realize that being a good ‘Muslim’ is not a necessary prerequisite to being a model citizen. A non-Muslim can be just as good.Recommend

  • Omg

    Another blog on how someone isn’t a Pakistani due to their skin color or race or religion or their beliefs. This is seriously attention seeking. Work hard just like the average Pakistani does and that’s what will make you a Pakistani. I’m tired of giving pitiful comments. Recommend

  • Kanwal

    ou can save Pakistan antime you want dear christian brothers. the muslims are rather busy in destroying it right now.Recommend

  • bangash

    Of course a Christian can as well…….Pakistanis are simply blind to diversity and it reflects in their tweets. Recommend

  • kaalchakra

    Dear brother, by asking Pakistanis to be good Muslims, one does not exclude minorities. On the contrary, Islam cares for everyone and protects minorities. By being good Muslims, your Muslim neighbors would become good stewards of minorities around them, protecting them from any harm. No disrespect is almost meant because even you, in your natural state, were born a Muslim and so have a right to claim the religion of Islam for yourselves whenever you wish and are ready to do so. You really have no reason to feel slighted in any way.Recommend

  • Huma

    i agree with the author about christians being as good pakistanis as muslims (not to mention the rest of the religions of pakistanis) how, when i read the first line “Pakistan ko bachanay k liye humain acha Musalman ban’na pareyga.(To save Pakistan, we need to become good Muslims.)” it never occurred to me that this means that only good muslims can save pakistan. i just thought it meant that all the pakistanis who are muslims (and presumably the status updater is a muslim) just need to be better muslims. because if u arent then ur prob not doing the right thing. and creating inequity etc.
    i guess its the perspective with which u read something. however, if u feel offended pls dont, because any right thinking pakistani knows that christians and the other religions indigenous to this land of ours, have all contributed generously, and without the sacrifices/inclusion of all we could never have achieved our homeland, and cannot hope to make it a better place.Recommend

  • Salman Arshad

    Why don’t Christians propagate the ideology that to save Pakistan “we” should become better Christians?
    Go ahead. Share the idea with all your Muslim friends on Facebook and Twitter.
    And if you can’t, I would request you to at least not propagate your victimhood attitude.

    This article is another one written in the habitual victimized tone. Why are you people playing along the victimization?
    Its not “sad” that Chrisitans are being marginalized. Its “disgusting”. At least use the proper word we majority ones deserve to hear.Recommend

  •!/Pugnate Noman Ansari

    Pakistani Christian: “So, a Christian can’t ‘save’ Pakistan?”
    Prime-minster Gilani: “Who’s stopping them?’
    Pakistani Christian: “What the hell is wrong with you?”Recommend

  • Shaista Shahid

    Very Well said.. The short & concise article hits the nail on the head. The real issue is that the we as a nation have forgotten to take responsibilities of our own misdeeds. Therefore, we come up with these lame excuses of cast, color, creed, and religion or we keep on blaming each other for whatever happens.

    As far as being a minority is concerned, minorities hold their own place whether we accept it or not. Moreover, talking about my perspective of, most of our damage done to Pakistan is by the lack of Morality. And lets not forget Islam has given us clear verses about ethics and Moral values. People who claim to be Muslims, a question to all of you, how many times in your life have you kept your morals and ethics alive? Have you never lied? Have you never bribed? Have you never violated the rules? Have you never spoken ill of your own brothers? and the list goes on!

    I don’t deny the fact that Islam is a complete code of life but speaking ill of those who aren’t Muslims remain a big doubt until you, yourself become a practicing Muslim. In other words, You’re not authorized to preach until you practice! Recommend

  • Imran Con

    A minority can find a positive in the statement. Saying that the only way to save Pakistan is by being “good Muslims” it also implying that the majority of its problems are coming from “bad Muslims.” Not the minority.Recommend

  • Haroon

    Very well written, bravoRecommend

  • Ali J

    Dude, Muslims face such problems in the west as well… christians are even badly persecuted in India.. For what I know, christains are given utmost respect and freedom in Pakistan. I have many friends who are christians and I have not seen anyone discriminate against them. And I know they all love Pakistan. Why should they not? I feel bad that by writing such an uncalled for piece, you are questioning your own community or better put instigating young muslim readers to have doubts… If anything, Historically and based on religious scriptures, christians have always been closer to muslims.Recommend

  • Ahmed Baluch

    I hate sound rude…but it would have made more sense to build a secular, multireligious society in Pakistan way back in 1947 when a significant percent (20%) of Pakistan was minority nonmuslims. But now most of them have been eliminated and converted. Now the bigger problem divisions between Muslims themselves. So, at this juncture it is too much of trouble to include nonbelievers in our society for too little payoff. It makes sense to put all our efforts into uniting the Ummah first, inshallah.Recommend

  • manish

    The data exposed a fascinating illustration of approximately 13 million Christians in Pakistan; approximately 13% of the total population of Pakistan at the time. Considering the sloppy fact that the population of Christians is still the same and the total population of Pakistan has risen to 180 million people, Christians still form upwards of 7% of the total population of Pakistan.

    because i do not think that christians form this much percentage of pakistani population….Recommend

  • Sunny

    I Have same questions being a Pakistani Hindu !! we are always labelled proxy indians or RAW agents. the most painful question i faced in worldcup semis was ” Hey Sunny Who do you support Pakistan or India ?” Recommend

  • Salman Qureshi

    Dude – you nailed it with this piece. Despite being a Muslim, I’m sick of hearing these statements about how being a ‘good’ muslim will save Pakistan. When will people become practical and stop dragging religion into everything. And forget minorities, we don’t even accept each other and are so intolerant. For these people, Pakistan is not for Pakistanis, it’s for their skewed perception of reality. Deaf, dumb and blind, they will not see the right way!Recommend

  • Salman Qureshi

    I’d also like to add that this is one of the best pieces I’ve read on ET in a while. Including ones written by me. Now if that ain’t a compliment…Recommend

  • BlackJack

    Rather pointless article. If you don’t know what Pakistan stands for (Pakistan ka matlab kya..) then nothing can help you. I honestly don’t see the connection between friends on facebook (which means something very different from regular friends btw) and contribution to Pakistan – unless you believe that you can statistically model another Arab spring-like event from these numbers. Further, assuming that your number of 13% is correct and comparing it with the facebook presence (assuming for the sake of simplicity that the ratio of facebook users to internet users remains a constant for all communities), it clearly indicates that Christians are less educated and less likely to be connected to the internet than their muslim counterparts – you need to ask yourself why that is the case. (Christians in India have almost all economic indicators except work force participation well ahead of the majority community). I don’t know if being a good muslim is enough to save Pakistan, but it could definitely save you – in this world and (apparently) in the next.Recommend

  • Nandita.

    @Loneliberal PK:

    I’ve found that people usually have a hard time believing that there can be any civility or order without religion, or more precisely, their religion.

    Thankfully, in India, people do not quote religious scriptures and no one speaks of religion. Not the hindus,not the muslims or the christians. I am eternally grateful for that.
    I’ve never heard anyone here say ” According to hinduism ” or ” According to Islam ” ….. If someone spoke in that fashion, he’d be ridiculed and termed a lunatic; he’d be the butt of a million jokes. Recommend

  • http://India vasan

    The concept of Nation state does not appeal to many pakistani muslims. They still view themselves as part of the “Ummah” stretching from Turkey to Indonesia and they still consider it their duty to spread Islam by any strategy including Jihad, violence, threats and so on.
    They dont believe that other muslims countries dont give a hoot for this kind of bigotry.
    Given this mind set, I am not surprised when a Pakistani says that “To save Pakistan, we need to be good muslims”. Does this mean all those countries which have gone thru bad patches and financial problems in the past were saved only by muslims. What a pathetic thought. You need to be a patriotic citizen in a nation state to save a country. Does not matter what religion one follows. After all, all the religion show the path to salvation.Recommend

  • http://na deep

    going by the clueless responses of the respondents -” Oh I did not know that this would slight you” – the author needs to write more articles.The word ‘muslim’ is bandied around on television networks like it is going out of fashion – any topic is finally analysed in the light of islam… like no other religion matters.Recommend

  • Ben

    Hussain Haqqani is a Muslim, Cecil Ch was a Christian. Decide for yourself who played what role for Pakistan.Recommend

  • gp65

    I am really touched by your open apology. Such open minded people in Pakistan who are capable of introspection and self-correction are the hope of Pakistan. May your tribe increase. Recommend

  • sars

    To be very honest, i think if we see the contribution of people belonging to religions other than Islam, it would be out of proportion to their actual numbers. In major cities most of the older and best standard schools, hospitals and charity trusts were set up and run by minorities.

    Im not sure if any individuals (leaving aside the religion aspect) are going to “save ” pakistan, but definitely those who have contributed much to education, healthcare and social welfare have a better chance of improving the current system, than those who mostly just benefit from things set up by others.Recommend

  • Pak Tester

    The actual definition should be

    A legally recognised Sunni Muslim subject or Muslim national of a state or commonwealth, either native or naturalised.

    I have added Sunni as a word as they do not let other Muslims or non-Muslims to live in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Mr T

    Dear Rohan
    it seems you’re not against the statement…. you’re actually against the word “Muslims”… You have wonderful sense to judge the happenings around you… but it would be more beautiful if you think positive… God Bless You!Recommend

  • iforindia

    Thank god India is secular. Anyone irrespective of religion can become prime minister, president, army chief, defence minister, Chief justice, election commissioner or can get any top post of institution. India is for Amar, akbar and anthony. :) Recommend

  • antony

    Being an Indian Christian whose father works for Defense Ministry and 1 cousin in ARC ( division of RAW) and another cousin in Airforce we dont feel this religion coming into picture in Indian Nationalism .. I hope people which ever country they are in should be free to choose their religion and be as patriotic as any one of that country.Recommend

  • Sane

    That’s not correct that only Muslims have a role in prosperity or rather saving Pakistan. There are many recent examples; like ‘Justice (Retd.) Rana Bhagwan Das, Justice (Retd.) Dorab Patel and there is long list. Such patriotic people came up themselves and did their role. To be true Muslim means to be a good man.

    Word and sentences must not be interpreted for some ulterior motives.Recommend

  • sajid

    @Ali J
    Are u joking?? If you are not joking then open our eyes and see the world my friend.Recommend

  • John

    @Ali J: What is the reason to blame India that Christians are being persecuted their. This is the analysis of Pakistan not the India? India is responsible for their country. It must be realised the constitution of India does not stop any citizen to become President, and we have seen A. P. J. Abdul Kalam was president of Indian, though he was Muslim. Do you know according to Pakistan’s constitution no minority members could be elected President, Prime Minister or Army Chief. Secondly author has not challenge to any Christians, Muslims or other citizens of Pakistan.Recommend

  • Ezaz

    Well, good Muslims and good Christians both can save Paksitan- both the religions teach humanity. Its only about bad guys who pretend something they are not.Recommend

  • murassasanaullah

    You are talking about Christians,here muslims such as Shias,ismailis and members of all other minorities are considered bad Pakistanis,except THE religious leaders,who were against the founder of Pakistan.Unless and until we give God the chance to decide on the day of Judgement who is good and who is bad we will keep on fighting .Recommend

  • Haroon

    @Ali J:
    I think Adil you are living in your own Gagaland but not Pakistan, Christians are harassed, discriminated and persecuted in Pakistan thats the truth, just because you dont know about it does not mean it does not happen. Wake up.Recommend

  • Atif

    Very well, i totally agree to the author, actually the root of evil is the 1973 constitution which made our Pakistan an “Islamic Republic” which declared Ahmadis “Non Muslims” and created hundreds of thousands of religious fanatics. so the State which had to care for its citizens became a permit issuing authority. In my opinion, whether they are Christians, Hindus, or any other religion; state has nothing to do with the religion of its citizens, State is like a mother of four children, each of different religion, mother loves each child equally irrespective of the child religious affiliation.
    And this is the reason the idea of Pakistani nationalism and a Pakistani Nation could not evolve. We need Pakistanis to save Pakistan, we do not need Muslims or any other majority to save Pakistan, rather we need to save Pakistan from the so called Muslims. Anyone who disagrees with my opinion should keep in mind that i am neither an Ahmedi nor an Indian Agent posting on Pakistani newspapers. I am a Muslim and i want a secular Pakistan.Recommend

  • BlackJack

    I don’t want to sound sceptical (I really liked @…’s down-to-earth comment as wel, and believe that it came from the heart), but I don’t think that the people who send tweets and update the facebook page with these comments on saving Pakistan by being good ‘muslims’ can easily substitute it with ‘human beings’; their implication by these comments is that it is their lack of faith (or actions against the tenets of Islam) that has brought this situation upon them – and that the solution is therefore even more religion. I don’t think this is a recipe for a good human being at all.Recommend

  • sana roger

    Hey thank you so much for this. Im a young Christian Pakistani, and despite having to work thrice as hard as my peers all my life, I have never felt one bit patriotic because from a very young age we have been taught that our country was made especially for the Muslims of the subcontinent. You dont see the names of any Christians in out Pak Studies and Pak History books. Will I be able to run for president ever? I doubt it. My Muslim friends always call me a traitor for my lack of faith in the country, but then, you would know what it feels like to be a minority, would you?Recommend

  • Sadia

    “because even you, in your natural state, were born a Muslim”….what on earth is that supposed to mean??? if it means what i think it means, then it’s highly offensive. i think ET moderators just find it convenient to keep allowing comments from the same people again and again, without really scrutinizing them.Recommend

  • Swagistani

    lol, you speak of India as it’s some progressive Scandinavian country, we all know what India is really like.Recommend

  • Swagistani

    I know it’s terrible for non-Muslims in Pakistan, and really hope that Pakistan can become a secular and egalitarian country, but for that to happen the people must change and most importantly start speaking up.

    Pakistani Christians and religious minorities need a movement like the one African-Americans and feminists had a few decades ago, Pakistani minorities need a leader like Martin Luther King Jr or Barack Obama.

    Back in the 50s and 60s Women and people of color in America had very few rights, but look how much has changed over the past few decades.

    Minorities and Liberal Muslims need to start pushing for affirmative action and political correctness in Pakistani society, it would be nice if we could ban the word “kaffir’ since it’s derogatory just like the N-word.Recommend

  • Sane

    Do you think the readers of these pages are jerk. Don’t they know what happens to minorities in India.Recommend

  • Ammad Javaid

    Rohan bhai… Everyone has to do their part to save Pakistan.. and YOU need to be a good Christian, in order to save Pakistan.. and Trust me.. if u will upload that status Muslims will like that too.. :)Recommend

  • Shahid

    We are living in ‘zamani-e-jahiliat‘ in every sense of the word.Recommend

  • Malcolm

    You do realize that Pakistan’s first chief justice was a Christian, and Pakistan’s first law minister was a Hindu and 5 years ago Pakistan also had a Hindu chief justice.

    Jinnah’s daughter got married to a Christian man.

    I know Pakistan’s far from perfect, but you’re pretty ignorant of our history, and just because a nation has a minority as a the head of state, that doesn’t guarantee equality, Obama is the President of America, but to this day black people in America are discriminated against, India and Pakistan,Bangladesh and Sri Lanka had female Prime ministers but to this day women are discriminated in the subcontinent.

    Most countries nowadays have a token minority in public office just to show they aren’t racist or discriminatory.Recommend

  • Wardah Khalid

    read it whole nd its awesome……………..honestly, i do feel dis nd thought over it alot! infct wen i c Indian Muslims loving India, y cant Hindus Christians and others wont love Pakistan??? it is their country too…. its a fact that nation is formed by patriotism nd not by religion!! thumbs up at ur artcle!!!
    Pak is termed to b a Musim state but it was formed as Muslim state to safeguard the rights which were being not given to them nd a seperate identity but it was clearly termed that everyone in Pak is national of it and if all has d same rights, all hve d same responsibilities…………..if it wasnt d case, the National Flag would not b having the White color in it..Recommend

  • Wardah Khalid

    and I am highly agreed to Tanzeel….Recommend

  • Nandita.


    India is not a Scandinavian country but it is definitely progressive. Your inability to accept that, does not alter the truth.Recommend

  • ukmuslim

    looks like, in pakistan prerequisite for ‘good human’ is ‘good muslim’. else you can’t be a ‘good human’.

    its rather scary / horrible ideology.Recommend

  • Amram Ohri

    i disagree completely coz i believe every country has minorities and i believe even if we go abroad in other countries we are treated as Pakistanis not as Christians so we should better get out of this phase of mind now coz that is why our minorities is way behind because the thought process is so dam old and everyone who thinks that is afraid to come in front himself and then he blames the country for that the problem here is we never owned Pakistan as our own country we just think that we are Christians and we would be pushed back whenever we want to go ahead and that thinking has kept us back in result we never try.Recommend

  • Swagistani

    India is not a progressive country, it might be more “progressive” than Pakistan, but that’s all in relativity.

    In a progressive country, girls aren’t aborted before birth, girls aren’t buried alive or killed in the name of honor or forced child marriages, a progressive country doesn’t have a caste system, neither does a progressive country have discriminatory laws, nor does a progressive country have millions of homeless people.

    You might deny that India has any discriminatory laws, but then why in India can’t a man who is married to an Indian woman get Indian citizenship?Now we have the same law in Pakistan, but at least I don’t claim Pakistan is a progressive country.

    You can’t make big claims without backing it up with substance.Recommend

  • Nandita.


    Did you read Anthony’s comment ? He’s a christian living in India. I think his comment pretty much sums up how minorities are treated in India. Recommend

  • Hammad Siddiqui

    I have worked interacted and lived with people who follow other faiths. I found them excellent humans. Debate about who is gonna save Pakistan is irralevent. In my views, every Pakistani needs to play his / her role – the bigger question is Are we playing our role?Recommend

  • Natasha Kundi

    Maybe you live in a posh world where there is no suffering or practising of ‘any’ religion. Right now if you youtube ‘poverty in India’ or ‘the untouchables of india’ then you might be able to see something. And if you are saying that ‘In India, people do not quote religious scriptures and no one speaks of religion’ and ‘If someone spoke in that fashion, he’d be ridiculed and termed a lunatic; he’d be the butt of a million jokes’ , then Dr Zakir Naik must be a huge joker in Please get your information right. Thank you.Recommend

  • Ghalib Khalil

    ‎Rohan, you’re such a champ. A great patriot Pakistani, i know. I have seen at times what people say about non-Muslims at time when making any food drive for poor in my community, they say make sure they are Muslims and blah blah but does that matters? When they are humans.Recommend

  • manish

    **You do realize that Pakistan’s first chief justice was a Christian, and Pakistan’s first law minister was a Hindu and 5 years ago Pakistan also had a Hindu chief justice.

    OUR first PRIME MINISTER was a kashmiri, does that mean kashmiris are all thriving in india?

    our first education minister was a muslim, does that mean muslims are the most educated lot in my country?
    our first women chief justice of supreme court was a muslim, does that mean all muslim women are the most progressive in my country?

    infact cherrypicking such examples, any indian can show that indian minorities have done lot better than other countries but that doesn’t alter the ground reality that they do face problems….. Recommend

  • Hasan

    I usually do not comment on articles here but, once in a while an article like this one comes along which appeals to you on a deeper level. I believe you have misunderstood the FB status. The poster I am sure did not mean any offence to non-muslims. Even I am guilty of saying such things, though I mean no offence to anyone.

    Unfortunately I do not have any Pakistani Christian friends, so I have never been able to understand things from your perspective. However I have many Shia friends and I always try to go out of my way to make them feel comfortable specially in the wake of some bomb blast or what not. From that I can extrapolate and infer that you probably might also have been at the receiving end of undeserved hate. It pains me that you have to face such situatoins and that there is so little I can do about it. I would like to offer my apologies for all such behaviour on behalf of my fellow Pakistanis. I even went with a friend to pray Jumma in a Shia mosque to demonstrate to him that as far as I am concerned, we have no boundaries between us and we are brothers. I would do the same with you, go to church and pray :)

    As for the various Indians trolling this page and pointing out that their president is muslim. Well we have had 2 non–muslim chief justices, A.R Cornelius and more recently Rana Bhagwandas. And a chief justice is a more important position than a president in Pakistan & India. Hence please lose the false superiority complex.Recommend

  • AIN

    In pakistan ..Muslims are decalring other muslims kafir..How would u expect that they will raise voices for minority..It is worst to be live in pakistan as minority..You have to loose self respect if you want to be live in pak being as minority.Recommend

  • manish

    **Jinnah’s daughter got married to a Christian man.****

    you are wrong here. she married a parsi(zorostarian).

    ihe was opposed to his daughters union with a zoroaster. however, he was not the type to involve in honour killing and did allow his daughter to marry a parsi knowing fully well that this accomplished lawyer would loose arguments with his daughter.Recommend

  • manish

    @ MALCOM:
    I AM SORRY, my comments were not directed to yours, it was general response to various people posting here who wanted to show that a member from any community at a high post signifies priviliged position of that minority…..APOLOGIES.Recommend

  • Natasha Kundi

    I don’t understand why you have brought India into this matter. Your competition is only with Pakistan? Look at the rest of the world and you will see, India is also still below average.Recommend

  • http://India vasan

    Malcolm : You better not quote the first law minister of Pakistan. He resigned, ran off to India seeking asylum. His letter of resignation will make a secular person weep.Recommend

  • Malcolm

    Jinnah’s daughter married Neville Wadia, who was a Zoroaster but converted to Christianity, his sons later converted back to Zoroastrianism.Recommend

  • BlackJack

    Well, both you and he are partially correct. Wadias are Parsis (not all Zorastrians), and Neville Wadia (Dina Wadia’s husband) was Christian when they got married. Wadia converted/ reverted to Zorastrianism later in his life. Jinnah disowned his daughter and she did not even travel to Pakistan for his funeral.Recommend

  • BlackJack

    Pls read ‘for’ as ‘until’in my earlier comment – apologies for the error.Recommend

  • Ammara Farooq Malik

    Rohan I am truly touched by your blog because I have seen you as a young enthusiastic person. Never think that there are people in Pakistan (whether Muslim or otherwise) who will not appreciate your positive energy! Keep it up! :)Recommend

  • mr. righty rightist

    Let me ask you this question.

    Be honest. Tell me what you have in your heart. Don’t lie because you might risk the alienation from your fellow Pakistanis.

    1) Would you fight for the sake of Kashmir. Not because your job compels you. But rather because you honestly believe that Kashmir should belong to Pakistan. Do you even believe so?

    2) Would you wholeheartedly condemn the demolition of Babri Masjid?

    3) Would you wholeheartedly support Hafees saeeed, Dawood Ibrahim, Osama Laden etc?

    It’s a loyalty test.

    3/3 Yeses – hardcore Pakistani from heart.

    2/3 yeses – superficially Pakistani at heart.

    1/3 yeses – No affection towards Pakistan.

    0/3 yeses – anti-Pakistani.

    I don’t want your logical answers. I want to know what ur heart believes, not your brain.Recommend

  • Claude


    Dear brother, If I’m born muslim, why do you want me to claim this religion? Besides why do I need to be protected by muslim neighbours if I’m Christian but also Pakistani? Or you want me to be grateful to be allowed to live in muslim land? Recommend

  • David Smith

    no, India is not a Scandinavian country and there are issues with the minorities. Some form of discrimination exists even in highly developed societies. But ask yourself this: with all its problems, the % of India’s minorities is going up every year. It is just the reverse in Pakistan and indeed in most Muslim countries.Recommend

  • mr. righty rightist


    Why did your parents name you as Rohan?

    First you will be discriminated against for being a Hindu. Once they realize that you are christian, you will be discriminated against for being a Christian, that too with a Hindu name.


  • Zalim Singh

    Who can defina a good muslim? Can a good muslim be a good Human?Recommend

  • kashan

    Well said by author. Minorities are also the Pakistani as other Muslims in Pakistan. They love their Pakistan as others.Recommend

  • bp

    Dear Rohan, let me take the liberty to comment without having read the entirety of your blog post:

    1- The big issue is ‘where am I going?’, reflective of the necessary selfishness of human existence. By being Muslim and bad at the same time, I’m on a perilous road. I don’t care as much for others’ goodness of path as I do of mine, the ‘others’ being my co-religionists or not. I fix myself and try to be a fuller Muslim and my Christian neighbour tries to be a better Christian. I hope you get the logic.

    I do believe that most people who make the ‘hameen behtar musalmaan bannaa hoo gaa’ are looking at their shortcomings introspectively as a Muslim community, and leaving other communities to do or not do the same thing on their own.

    2- People, particularly who’ve grown in places where a single-faith community resides, sometimes forget that there’s more points of view out there. I’d imagine if they’re reminded that nearly ten percent of Pakistanis are Hindus and Christians, they’d blush a little and add the caveat ‘better Muslim AND better Hindu AND better Christian’. Luckily, we live in a society that largely hasn’t known politically-correctness and people still say what they feel.

    3- (THIS IS MY PERSONAL VIEW AND ANY BLAME SHOULD BE DIRECTED AT ME NOT AT MY CO-RELIGIONISTS) Christians could be seen as what the Catholic Church calls heresy, a creed that is unacceptable or a-normal yet doesn’t put you outside the bounds of the religion, so I’m happy to include you guys as a Muslim sect:) Voilà that solves your original problem.

    In the end, let me apologize on behalf of my Muslim brothers for that very human failing of not watching the tongue. Let’s still remeber that we are united in the worship of God and united in Jesus.


  • Muhammad Aqib Khan

    Good going Brother Thums Up (Y) really liked ur artcile.

    I also feel the same that to become good Pakistanis the first step is to UNITE, we are NOT even on the First step ourselves.

    Apart from that Muslims are Already divided here in Pakistan in the form of Shia, sunni, barelvi etc etc.. We just dont try to get out of this mess then we talk about being good Muslims which will add up as being good Pakitanis..

    Now the question arises FIRST is that which Muslims do we need to become???.. is it SHIA MUSLIM, SUNNI MUSLIM, WAHABI MUSLIM, BAREVLI MUSLIM????????

    Still searching for the answer… instead Pakistanis get hyper over this matter.Recommend

  • Sonia

    It is the DUTY of the Islamic government to protect ur rights since it is easy for ur rights to be looked over.
    Islam makes it MANDATORY on the MUSLIMS in the government to provide you with your basic needs and your rights. The constitutions and the laws that you see have been devised as a result of these Sharia- except for the blasphemy law which is a point of contention 2 date.

    I dont quite agree with the writer- minorities saving Pakistan!!! Are u guys serious!!! Consider the brain drain that is happening- and over that u guys are a MINORITY- the MAJORITY needs to align their minds and come to their senses!!! If a minority person is coming up to a specific position they can- only if their motive is SOLELY PAKISTAN and nothing else. But lets look at history, never has their been a driving force greater than religion to achieve a great task- even partition of India. Pakistan was formed by the same force. The major religious forces were Hindus and Muslims and to a lesser extent Sikhs. Hindus and Sikhs decided to stay in India and Muslims in Pakistan. But there have been minorities on either side which were not PUSHED to migrate. Historians and writers have analyzed and reanalyzed the partition and each time the forces of countries running and pushing the stated forward are the same- hindus in India, muslims in Pakistan. Any minorities WANTING to contribute are WELCOME with OPEN ARMS but its always the MAJORITY which plays the deciding role!! take any country!!!!! Recommend

  • ieeJay

    I know many Muslims who take a firm stand if any non Muslim is in problem so we minority Pakistani love to pray and fast for Pakistan problems ….. If we are the white part of Pakistan then It’s mean we are star and moon of Pakistan so let’s join hands as a pakistani and make it a better place to live.Recommend

  • Canadian

    @Salman Arshad:
    Christians don’t need to propagate like you fools as we believe in building a nation not sects. And how about you people porpagating your victimhood in the WEST or even in your neighbouring country…crying out loud…Kashmir ko bachana hai…palestine ko bachana hai…etc, etc etc….

    Stop living in the state of denial as your so called protectors of Islam (Mullahs) are..not just Christians but every religious minority who lives in Pakistan has been denied their rights but when people like you go to the WESTERN countries you want every right how hypocrite you are…do you accept what the majority wants in those countries…then stop telling every minority member what you majority want. Because its the majority destroying this land and do research and find that it was a Christian vote by Dewan Bahdar S.P. Singha that gave you the right of this free country…Period.Recommend

  • Zainab Sanik

    A well written and very well composed article Rohan. You have diverted the attention of many people on subject which needs to be addressed. Recommend

  • Fahed Pervez

    I don’t want to stick on the phrase the More you Write is Seemed More You Right.. Rohan thanks for sharing such a nice piece of Truth in front of every so called Pakistani Recommend

  • manish

    sorry for responding without knowledge.Recommend

  • Vishnu Dutta

    christians can be good muslims/humans if they want to. its easy.
    not that any minority including ahmadis are persecuted in pak land.Recommend

  • manish

    It is the DUTY of the Islamic government to protect ur rights since it is easy for ur rights to be looked over.
    Islam makes it MANDATORY on the MUSLIMS in the government to provide you with your basic needs and your rights.

    i have encountered such comments innumerable number of times, and at best it reflects condescending attitude islam has towards people of other faith. do you seriously think that folks from other religion are weaklings that they need protection at your hand. and as far as i know islam does provide a bit of liberty to jews and christians, but what about people of other faiths?

    religion, as has been asserted time and again is a medieval hangover, and the earlier you have your glassfull of lemon, the stronger you will come out. Recommend

  • kaalchakra

    Have we reached a stage in Pakistan where it is derogatory to say that every human being is born a Muslim, and but for their wrong beliefs, people should not be discriminated against? Pakistan belongs to all who commit themselves to defending the truth of Pakistan and love its cause. There should be no discrimination. Islam is a great religion precisely for that reason. It is universal. Recommend

  • Kenneth John

    Brother what you have written has been in my heart from a long time. I m tired of been quoted as a minority or non-muslim. I respect your views and support this articleRecommend

  • Canadian

    @mr. righty rightist:
    Do you want the author or any right minded person to support terrorists like Hafiz Saed, Dawood Ibrahim and Osama Bin Laden. Of course you will say they are serving Islam but what Islam that teaches to kill innocent people even if it has to be in the mosques. To take revenge from the US and the West you think they have done a very good job and revenge for what?

    As for Kashmir every person living in Kashmir has the right for their freedom but don’t just attach their freedom to Pakistan, let them decide where to go. And yes no one has the right to demolish the worship place of any person and demolishing Babri Mosque was not good but how can you justify it by demolishing Hindu temples and churches in Pakistan.

    So Mr. Righty Rightist have some brains and leave the state of denial and look aroung yourself what’s actually happening. Don’t be a Hypocrite…Period.Recommend

  • Abdullah Noorani

    Pakistan can only be save by unity nation not by disparity….our problem is we are confused nation…just wanna move out to foreign country for better future ready to become third degree nation…. Recommend

  • Reaching out to the left

    some people here are noting statistics in ‘muslim’ countries to make a point against islamic law.
    this is wrong as there is no muslim country with islamic law. all are secular, even pakistan. so the point is made against secular law. since 1924 there has not been any country of muslim majority that has a working islamic law. and no saudi arabia does not have a full islamic law despite what may seem apparent.
    any critisicm of islamic law should be done of periods when muslims ruled with islam not secular law.Recommend

  • awellwisher

    It is ironic that the Christians and Ahmedis strongly supported the creation of Pakistan knowing very well that history dating back to over 1000 years doesn’t paint a positive picture for the non-Muslims living in Islamic countries. When Islam preaches exclusivism and exceptionalism, there can be no room for non-muslims in an Islamic country except as second-class dhimmies.Recommend

  • hariharmani

    my heart felt sympathy to those who respond to reversechakra,it is futile,when will you learn?Nandita I pity you ,learn how to respond from Blackjack,simply because India is not as bad,does not make India blissful land.Does it?Never mind,I should take my own consul,for a change.Recommend

  • http://no Aamir Kundi

    I’ve found that people usually have a hard time believing that there can be any civility or order without religion, or more precisely, their religion.
    In Utah, I remember talking to a local about a fellow who drove half-way across the state to help me with some important business, and the local said, “that was mighty Christian of him”. It’s ironic because that helpful fellow was an atheist.
    Anyway, I agree. It’s tragic when people don’t realize that being a good ‘Muslim’ is not a necessary prerequisite to being a model citizen. A non-Muslim can be just as good.Recommend

  • Kohinoor24

    It is said that the eyes cannot see what the mind does not know and it very rightly applies to my Muslim brothers who think that Christians and other minorities are treated fairly in Pakistan. At a tender age of 11year old while studying at Islamia High School, Jhang Saddar, Pakistan
    (where I was the only Christian among more than 1000 students) I was bullied and pressurised to convert to Islam on a daily basis. I left school in tears everyday and it is difficult for me to explain the extent of emotional harm I suffered during this period. Thankfully my parents moved to Lahore where things were much better. I worked hard to get a degree in medicine and preferred working in Christian hospitals where more than 90% of my patients were Muslims. That was my contribution to my country. A time came when I had to take the decision to leave Pakistan and now I’m well settled in the UK.
    There are still thousands of Christian children and adults suffering in silence in Pakistan. They don’t speak about these issues because of fear to their lives. Salman Taseer spoke in favour of a poor Christian lady and was killed in broad daylight. Why people can’t remember what happened in Gojra and Shanti Nagar.
    To summarise, Christians were, are and will remain second class citizens in Pakistan. Recommend

  • Kohinoor24

    @ Rohan. I know you are an enthusiastic young man. You have the courage to speak up. I salute you. Recommend

  • Nandita.


    Why do I, like the rest of the world, think that India is progressive ?

    Watch the entire TED video I’m sharing here – Recommend

  • Glenn Ryall

    Dude first lets start being true Christians and then think about stepping into the leadership positions. Recommend

  • Sonia


    Manish I guess u seriously have a problem with either Islam or a Islamic government- or a simple understanding of the Shariah Laws!!!

    Every country on this earth has to have laws to PROTECT its citizens from HARM!!!!
    We as MUSLIMS Alhamdulillah dont have to fabricate laws- we just have to follows Quran and Hadith and extract an understanding of the SIMPLE yet comprehensive LAWS stated within both the texts.

    The Shariah states that anyone who is a non-Muslim living in a Muslim state should be allowed to practice his/her religion(no matter what religion), should be protected (meaning not harassed because of his/her religion) and given freedom of choice and speech just like a normal person provided they dont start maligning Islam. Their rights should be protected and they should be provided justice.

    You ask me a mindless question- do I think they are weaklings!!!???? yes they are weak- the incidents of Gojra – and hundreds of blasphemy cases against them and now this article as a voice against the INJUSTICE – what do u think. A mass of people even if they are soo many Muslims against any minority will render them WEAK!!!
    Like I said before the MAJORITY takes all decisions!!!!

    In the western countries the Muslims scream for help coz WE are a MINORITY there. And any hate crimes will definitely make us cry for help. But the society is much more sophisticated in some cities. In Pakistan we donot have that level of sophistication, very unfortunately, therefore, the MAJORITY needs to work on themselves, correct themselves first to bring about a change. Coz 30- 40 years bak we didnot have such a problem!!!

    Forget India, India has very different problems!!!!Recommend

  • Waqas

    There is no rights or freedom for non-muslims in Pakistan. Look in west/secular countries, muslims have more freedom than non-muslims in islamic countries together! They (muslims) can built mosques, they can have islamic channel, they can eat halaal food, they dont need to read the bible, muslim women are allowed to wear headscarf, muslims are allowed to marry a non-muslim, muslim can have islamic conference, any islamic scholar can visit western countries to promote Islam. Can any non-muslim do this in islamic country? NO!

    We non-muslim are forced to read the Quran, force to sing naat, force to follow islamic rules, forced to have islamic thinking ( we are not allowed to think opposite otherwise its blasphemy) we are not allowed to invite any non-muslim scholar to promote his religion, not allowed to have a christian/hindu channel, not allowed to wear what we want, even christian women are forced to wear hijab! Non-muslims are not allowed to marry muslim women, unless he convert to islam!

    enough proof, muslims have more freedom/rights then we non-muslims in islamic countries!Recommend

  • Naeem Malik

    When you drag religion in such a context you already side-lined non-Muslims, that’s what make Pakistan less humane then west.