The street is my playground

Published: August 23, 2010

It is a sign of maturity to support these youngsters and play our roles as responsible citizens of this country.

I was returning from work one day when I saw a few teenagers playing cricket on the road. When a ball was bowled, the batsman hit a shot and the ball fell in front of two women, who were walking by. Although the ball did not hit them, their response was very disappointing. One of them said “Bahut hee badtamiz larkay hein.” The other agreed that the boys were a menace and said “Allah keray ye ball phut jaye ya kho jaye.

In a country, where there are no play grounds and few entertainment opportunities, we must appreciate these boys who play street cricket instead of saying harsh and disappointing words to them. After all, the boys are just playing. They don’t demand play grounds from anyone nor cause anyone harm. Cricket, even in the street, is a healthy pursuit. Why should we curse youngsters who are playing a sport which is good for them? Does anybody want the youth of the nation to be unhealthy?

The country is going through tough times, and if these kids can’t even play together how can we expect them to live together?

We must play our roles as responsible citizens of this country and support these youngsters. In the meantime, I would suggest that those who do play cricket on the street – do so safely. They should not play on roads where traffic is heavy as there is a risk of road accidents.


Abdus Samad

An electrical engineer interested in social development. He writes on social issues.

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