Celebrating Mother’s Day as a rejected son

Published: May 13, 2012

A Pakistani refugee who is a member of the Ahmadiyya community carries his daughter as he is released from a detention centre in Bangkok. PHOTO: REUTERS/ FILE

As a rejected son, how do you celebrate Mother’s Day? Who enjoys the breakfast tray? Who receives the flower bouquet?

That’s my story. But it’s not my biological mother who rejected me. It’s my motherland – Pakistan.

So on this Mother’s Day, let me have a heart to heart talk with you – my motherland. You don’t want to accept my love; that’s your choice. I have learned to deal with that. But please answer my questions, for I have lots of them.

Why did you abandon me? Why did you institutionalise hatred against me in schools, workplaces and houses of God? Why did you throw me at the heap of your putrid, discriminatory legal system? Why did you exhume my people and not even shed a tear? You were not my step-mother; then why did you treat me like Hansel and Gretel?

Only because I remained resolute to call myself an Ahmadi M _  _  _ _ _ ? See, you cannot even handle a hint of my identity. But isn’t it true motherland, that the father of our nation, Quaid-e-Azam, promised all children of Pakistan equal status and equal rights when the nation was born?

As for me, despite the fact that I moved to a foreign land, it was hard to move on. For days, I couldn’t eat or sleep well. For months, I worried about your weather. For years, I dreamed of your streets. And for over a decade, I pulled all nighters to watch your cricket matches, frantically praying for your success. I argued with my Indian friends – yes, there is nothing wrong with having Indian friends – how Pak-pride was not a fallacy.

There was an element of fallacy though, I now realise. Like other nations, you also served us the soup of patriotism, mixed with indoctrination. How you indoctrinated the nation to forget about the Munir commission report of 1953, how the textbooks programmed us to believe that we won the 1965 war, and how generations were brain washed in believing that a National Assembly has the right to copyright Islam. Just a few weeks ago, I gagged on that soup when I claimed that we won the 1965 war. After reviewing history books, encyclopedias, and YouTube clips, I threw up the contaminated ingredients of the soup. We did not win the 1965 war. The facts were clear.

But who cares about facts in Pakistan these days? Facts are dry. Propaganda is juicy. It is juicy to blame everything on a conspiracy theory. Go ahead. Blame me for being an “agent of the west who got an American visa on a plate.” Never mind the two decades of my hard work at school. Never mind the more than two million Pakistani Ahmadi residents, with no prospects of getting a visa, who are still facing daily rejection at your hands.

Motherland – I understand. You don’t appreciate this conversation. You are hurting too. So here is an analgesic; I still remember you. The Rockies remind me of Swat and the meat balls taste nothing like the koftas (remember, the secret nickname of my high school chemistry teacher was also kofta!) The Main Street brings flashbacks of Lahore’s Mall road and Jersey shore is not the same as Clifton.

You are 65-years-old motherland and I recognise you need me. You need the millions of Pakistanis who were shunned to distant shores, many because of religious differences. We could be helping your systems, building your institutions, treating your patients. And we would love to.

But your preferences are weird motherland. You release convicted terrorists and arrest Ahmadi students. You embrace politicians with fake degrees and reject scholars with Nobel Prizes. You glorify the charlatans but nullify the bona fide.

Don’t worry about me; my adopted mother has treated me well. I don’t fear discriminatory laws. I don’t fear mob attacks. I don’t fear a National Assembly telling me how to define my faith.

Vindicate yourself motherland. Take some bold decisions. Come out of isolation. Instead of converting to Mullah’s radicalism, revert to Quaid’s Pakistan. Espouse true Islam by cherishing the values of equality and absolute justice for all. Don’t allow politicians to use religion as a wedge issue. Come to the 21st century as a pluralist country committed to standing shoulder to shoulder with the modern world.

Whenever that happens, you will find me holding a breakfast tray and a flower bouquet. Whenever that happens, I will say, “Happy Mother’s Day.”

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Faheem Younus

Faheem Younus

The writer is clinical associate professor at University of Maryland School of Medicine, USA. The author can be followed @Faheem twitter.com/#!/FaheemYounus

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  • http://rocker453.blogspot.com/ Hassan

    Very true. I don’t understand why people in Pakistan care about other people’s religion rather than their own. Who are we to tell other people whether they are Muslim or not?Recommend

  • Syedzainraza

    There are people, including ahmadis, shias and christians who are willing to stay here and face everything because they love pakistan. Pakistan has its fair share of religious intolerance but running away is not the solution, running is disrespecting all the ahamadis who have lost their lives in uncountable terrorist attacks, i belong to a sect which a large portion of pakistanis call kafirs, but i am here, facing everything, My family is here, ready to face everything . We are not scared of death, we only fear injustice, but we are willing to face it, because we love this place, we have given so much to this place. Running away is, atleast for me or my family, not an option!Recommend

  • Atika.rehman

    Fantastic as always. Deeply saddened by this.


  • Mehreen

    I agree..Like this many think Shia are Muslims even.If some Idiot has dragged Religion into Politics to gain favor of ignorant, why still Ahmadi are treated like that…I hate to see this happening with anyone , be it Ahmadi , Christan or Hindu. But as already said, its our country , we have to get rid of extremits and save us and our country, running is never solution.
    My Solidarity with all Minorities of Pakistan, Pakistan loves you…Its only few idiot Pakistanis who cant see us Happy.Recommend

  • Waqar

    @Faheem Younis… Outstanding article….!!! Keep it up…

    @Syedzainraza… I know ur point of view and I respect ur opinion….and i certainly do agree to it to some extent…. But as a matter of Fact…..when there is a State sponsored Persecution against a Minority(in terms of faith) group…. Then it is actually better to Migrate from such a place…. I am not saying this on my own….
    The Holy Quran says exactly the same that if Your Ruler does not allow you to practice your faith then you should migrate from such a place.
    Also we find in the traditions of Prophet Muhammad(p.b.u.h) that he migrated from Makkah to Madina just because he was not able to fully practice his faith in Makkah…

    Peace !!!Recommend

  • Aziz Bhatti

    My eyes are wet and I say Comon Pakistan…we are all your kids…some chose to go to this mosque and some chose to go to that temple.
    Please stop this one sided state victimization of Ahmadis, Christians, Hindus, and Shias.
    Faheem Younis you write heart to heart. May Allah bless you. Ameen.Recommend

  • Ahmed

    very sad :( very sad i can only pray for you here things very worst its now not only now name of Religon or sect even name of many things as happening in Karachi.Really brother Mother land wants you She love you like as a good son but some only few people which making fuss they are bad son of this mother land so think if any bad son born in any home whats things happend and how much mother hurts so mother land badly hurtsRecommend

  • Shezray

    Your words are so plain and so simple that it hurts. Your plea is so translucent that the emotions and tears shine through. I hope the people of our homeland find the same faith that you carry within you!Recommend

  • Marium

    This blog touched a nerve. FantasticRecommend

  • Free

    Beautifully written article exactly depicting our feelings. We love our country and we would never want to leave it But when everyone in the country thinks that we the peaceful loving community are infact the cause of all curses on the country that think how would they treat us and try their best to deprive us of all our rights. I pray for this country daily since it is my motherland and its name is my identity and will always be so….!!!Recommend

  • Interesting

    You brought me to tears…. Recommend

  • Iqbaal

    Very sad. But dont get too carried away. Give it another few hours and days. And the mullahs will dominate the comments with how qadianis should not do this or do that. How it is ok and all the victimization is somehow their own fault. The so called Pakistani Muslims have fallen to a horrible levels of desensitization. Just wait and see.Recommend

  • Ashish

    A real heart touching blog with a perfect timing(Mother’s day). I am really lost as to why people can not make a line of demarcation between normal life happenings and religion? @Mehreen: Those “few idiot Pakistanis” are the people who kills in the name of religion (Salman Taseer, Bhatti )gets enormous support from the so called literate people (Advocates and other religious group ). It is much better to migrate from the place and serve the motherland from adapted motherland.Recommend

  • Faris

    This heart to heart talk hurts me badly , but it’s a reality we cant ignore this if our eyes open , im one who is saying this one is a conspiracy theory , I know may be you will not agree but let me tell that go in history when Pakistan become then think which people was against Pakistan they said to Pakistan Kafirstan and said to QUIDA AZAM kafray Azam they are same people who now claiming they are big patriot and pushing to down those who was in front line with founder of Pakistan and they give lot of scarifications during ‘ Pakistan Independence movement” so please understand why its happening that whom was against Pakistan now they are so called patriot because they are creating fuss and that way destabilizing badly. Its very simple theory if you want to attack on any place you will chose first those people who are against the place and here was already. I don’t want to go in detail but please think on that as you said it’s not a conspiracy theory Recommend

  • Ammar

    You can rant about the motherland mother’s day on August 14 as much as you want.
    This is the actual mother’s day, so please don’t spoil it with some over emotional motherland blogs and stop being zabardasti ka philosopher. Recommend

  • rambler

    Best mother’s day article in years.

    To all those who think migrating is not an option, here are my two cents. When Ahmadis migrate to other countries due to religious persecution, they do not become the enemies of Pakistan. Instead they become the ambassadors of Pakistani Culture and identity. In our social gathering, Pakistani food is still our favorite, even the non Pakistani members of our community have fallen in love with it. The numerous doctors and scientists and writers of Pakistani origin that the community has produced are serving as Pakistani Ambassadors in their respective fields. So this migration is a blessing in disguise for Pakistan as well. I only wish that this hatred comes to an end, and we have the option of living in Pakistan as freely as some of us live in other countries.Recommend

  • sultan mirza

    Bhatti Sb Its mothers day not independence dayRecommend

  • http://pakistani-revival.blogspot.com Ovais

    there arent more than two million ahmedis in Pakistan atleast … now who distorts facts. .. and 1965 war is not something one should be proud of but yes the soldiers that gave their lives need a heroic end … if you cant make heroes than go and worship the Bhuttos, shariffs and other forced heroes….Recommend

  • Insomniac

    I’ve got teary eyes as well, I’ve been through most of the situations as Dr. Faheem Younas mentioned. I wish I could my schools and college were unbiased and sholud’ve protected me instead of picking on me. I’m glad my adopted mother doesn’t discriminate. Thank you Faheem Younas for saying it beautifully what I couldn’t say.Recommend

  • hasanijaz

    there is warmth and hope in this story ………. very genuine and true indeed Recommend

  • ss

    this made me cry :'(
    God bless you and Pakistan

    but i agree with Syed Zain Raza, i believe in Pakistan and i cannot leave my mother to these religious fanatics.Recommend

  • SK Cali

    @Syedzainraza: Are you implying that Faheem younus does’t love Pakistan? If so, I think you need to re-read this article.

    Additionally, are you implying that if Ahmadis stay in Pakistan, while nothing changes for them, that will solve the problem? What about the Ahmadi students who are expelled from schools because of their faith? Do you expect them to sit in Pakistan their whole lives as second-rate citizens when they could instead utilize their full potential, making the world a better place?

    There are many Ahmadis who are not scared of extremist Mullahs because they realize that their lives are really in the lives of God, not clerics or terrorists. My family in Pakistan included. That’s aside from the point of this article, however.

    Just curious, to which sect do you belong?Recommend

  • Asad rasheed

    This touched my heart to made me cry with pain and misery . living in pakistan is a clear suicide mission for the ahmadi families .

    waqar is very right , state persecution is intolerable .

    fahim .. wonderful attempt .. your words will make the difference .Recommend

  • Parvez

    You bowled me over with this one. Mouthing words of consolation would be useless but I have to admire your strength of character. Recommend

  • atif

    Thanks Faheem.
    A few weeks ago we were having a conversation at dinner table with family. Just the few of us present narrated three real stories from Pakistan. Story # 1: A hindu doctor from Sindh, educated at the best medical school in Pakistan and post-graduate from the U.S. Desperately wanted to come back to Pakistan and set up a hospital for the poor in his native town. But the habitual killings and kidnapping of Hindu doctors forced him to stay away. He married an Indian, and now has set up a clinic for the poor in India. Story # 2: Harvard trained physician couple – happened to be Shia – went back to Pakistan to serve their people. They gave up huge salaries to settle and serve people of Pakistan. But continued threats of death have now forced them to leave Pakistan. Story # 3: An Ahmadi doctor trained in the U.S. His father asked him to come back to Nawabshah in Sindh and serve his native people. The son obliged. While he was in the hospital, serving patients, he was murdered by target killers for being an Ahmadi.

    There are thousand – probably millions – of us sitting outside – hoping one day our mother would accept our bouquet.Recommend

  • Pungi

    If you can’t change the system & only solution you find is to run away then stop complaining..!Recommend

  • Rashid

    Superb article! You have cut your heart out for your motherland. It impressed me immensely and a sort of sadness shrouded me. You probably got the cue from the saying of the Holy Prophet peace be upon him when he migrated. Addressing Makkah in a very emotional tone he said: ‘O land of Makkah you are very dear to me but its inhabitants do not let me live here.” May Allah bless you for reminding the motherland her responsibility in an effective way.Recommend

  • Daniyal

    I can’t fathom my embarrassment after reading this. Tolerance and Secularism are the two features that my country needs to inculcate urgently else the dejected and the desolate would never forgive usRecommend

  • Hina A

    Very true, Simply hurts reading this blog. Recommend

  • shahina

    /” faheem an excellent article and the love for your motherland can be seen in every verse with the words like shining pearls leaving a deep impact of the rejected son`s love for motherland ! I wish and pray that May Allah always be by the side of every Ahmadi who leaves his motherland with a heavy heart and also with all the Ahmadis still living in Pakistan what do these people know what we Ahmadis have been doing and still doing for its motherland Allah knows everything and Allah alone is the best judge and Allknower,
    Very well quoted by Waqar to ,Syedzainraza about Huzur (saw) migration . But dear freinds you need to think rationally when it comes to religion one needs to have complete knowledge for discussion because criticism is v easy .One should at least think before sepaking that Almighty Allah is every where !Recommend

  • Amtul Sumbul

    WOW What a article on mothers day.. made me cry.. Thanks for sharing Recommend

  • Nobody

    Goosebumps! Beautifully written, very thought provoking. I don’t want to insult you by offering weak words of praise or encouragement, but I applaud your writing skills-you have the ability to evoke so much emotion just through your words. Wish you all the best, and here’s to hoping Pakistan can someday be rid of this hideous mentality and intolerance. Cheers
    To the haters, I’m appalled at the hate spewing out of your every word, so nasty! It’s cynical, hateful people like you who have contributed in making Pakistan the place it’s become today. Recommend

  • Sincere

    Motherland like mother is always sincere …….. heed to what your motherland is trying to sayRecommend

  • Faraz

    I’ve not been living in Pakistan since the last five years…..this one made me cry….well writtenRecommend

  • sars

    Absolutely true.
    I would love to see the day where people are judged by their achievements rather than their religion, sect and ethnicity.
    All institutions in Pakistan (educational and otherwise) which are merit based, are blind to these factors and do very well. Those where these factors are important (almost all government institutions) are now in a complete mess.
    We need to learn these lessons fast if we are to progress. Recommend

  • Kapil Dev

    Superbly superb and heart-throbbing write-up with each word echoing the dejected voice of marginalized minorities. The state has NEVER owned us — Ahmedies, Christian, Hindus and other minorities. No doubt we are like its step-children, but we still own her as our mother. For me its my Dharti Mata and I adore her. As a writer, friends and readers often ask my as how long we will fight for our rights? I always reply them with optimistic nod “till the victory”. Perhaps, the state has become so rude that it has become too hard to convince them through mere words. I don’t know despite pessimism surrounded me every time, I am still firm optimistic and believe in love with the motherland.I really feel the pain shed through thick ink of the author. Recommend

  • Mahmood Malik

    @Syedzainraza: There are two options available. You may stay on, if you can. Or move out as did Holy Prophet sallalaho alehe wa sallam and many of his companions. Quran shows the path of migration as Allah’s land is vast. However moving out does not mean one forgets or loses love of the motherland.Recommend

  • athar mahmood

    what a true story..tearing my eyes..thinking when Quaid’s words would be fulfilled..Recommend

  • kaalchakra


    We very much appreciate your love for Pakistan Mata. Recommend

  • sherry

    its very true i miss my motherland each and evry day of my life even i know its not safe for me now as my grand father shaheed in darulzikar mosque but still i miss my motherland Recommend

  • sultan mirza

    It’s sad to see the people comment in such a negative way like this country stopped their bread and eggs. Who stopped you from what in this country? If you mistrust your country, armed forces and management then please pack up and leave this country. This country doesn’t need people like you who whine all the time and as a symbol of mockery on the other side of the fence are singing praises.Recommend

  • Mirza Tauqeer Ahmad

    Dear Faheem,

    Absolutely from the bottom of the heart…..touching, moving!

    But sad to see comments still linking a genuinely felt love and nostalgia for motherland to post negative remarks yet again on the basis of religion! Let Allah be the judge “Lord of the Day of Judgment” They should evaluate Ahmadis on the basis of the character of the Ahmadi community as a whole within and outside Pakistan. We have fought for it, worked hard during its making, sacrificed and bled for it ….and by its people. But continue to live as law abiding and constructive members of the country and showing our love for it even when we our forced to leave our beloved country. Ahmadis, wherever they are, have never gone against our country ever.

    Keep it up Faheem, as someone has rightfully commented, you have the skill to right effectively, keep using it in the most constructive way.Recommend

  • Ahsan Kamal

    This is really heart wrenching. We, as a society, ought to be deeply ashamed and embarrassed at our haughtiness and bigotry. Recommend

  • Abdul Qayyum

    Mostly all world accept ,that ahmadiyya are true peacefull muslam except few pakistani terrorist and extremist mullah,
    They can force us to leave the Motherland but can not finnish our love with pakistan,Recommend

  • Iqbaal

    @sultan mirza:
    What was negative in the article? Seems like you have trouble dealing with the facts. Recommend

  • Ali

    2 million Ahmadis in Pakistan?
    In 1950 your eminent and great leader Mirza Mahmood Ahmad told the world that at most there were 250,000 ahmadis. That was the upper most figure, more than likely there were alot less.

    Now sixty odd years later you claim 2 million adherents? How about the 200 million followers world wide, are you still sticking to that proposterous figure? Recommend

  • Nasir

    My Mother land has not accepted the ones living here also. . .Recommend

  • kboy

    Given a chance you’d run as well… What kind of stupid sense of patriotism do you have. I mean if say it was your parent or sibling who became a victim of sectarian killings or terrorism and you were threatened wouldn’t you go out to place where you can be at peace. I mean do you have to go into a field where you know there are landmines to prove how suave you are… Your comment hints of both ignorance and naivety.Recommend

  • sultan mirza

    Where did I mention the article? Seems like you have trouble with your eyesight.Recommend

  • Iqbaal

    @sultan mirza:
    Who are you talking about then? If you mean other people’s comments, then identify the comment you are responding to. I am going to ignore the rest of your comment in the spirit of civility. Recommend

  • sultan mirza

    I’m going to ignore your whole comment in the name of liberty.Recommend

  • Waqar

    @sultan mirza ….U say “It’s sad to see the people comment in such a negative way like this country stopped their bread and eggs”…

    No my friend the Country did not stop ‘bread and eggs’…. instead it stopped the Ahmadi’s right to ‘literally breath’… but alas ! U would need an eyesight to see that ‘sigh’….

    Faheem has already tried to make u feel what its like to be an Ahmadi living in Pakistan…
    So let me show u some Facts…



    Peace !!!Recommend

  • anonymous observer

    Mashallah beautiful article…Really made my heart cry!!!

    May All the Ahmadis in the world continue to prosper and grow..Sadly yhe motherland has abandoned her children.. =(Recommend

  • anonymous observer

    Motherland doesnt value its true potential any more =(Recommend

  • http://www.rashid-arshed.com Rashid Arshed

    Speaks minds of millions. Qaid’s Pakistan Zinda Baad!Recommend

  • Umar Saleem

    Don’t you think your views and complaints are a bit misdirected and maybe even a bit misinformed. The motherland if anything is a victim to all of what you have described there, and no one has been ”shunned to distant shores”, the millions who left left because they were looking for a ”new prettier mother’…

    I personally do not see the point of such meaningless pieces of writing about universally known facts that do not add to anyone’s knowledge, nor carry anything constructive in them. I guess we all want to sob away every now and then… Recommend

  • SSohail

    The attendance at the 1982 Jalsa Salaana in Rabwah, Pakistan was 400,000. In the years prior to that I remember it used to be between two to three hundred thousand. I think you saw jalsa salaana turnout number of 250,000 somewhere and mistook it for our total population. But the growth has been exponential as well. If it can go from 1 to 250,000 in 60 years, then it can certainly go from 250,000 to 200 million in 60 years.Recommend

  • Bastard Son

    I am blessed with a genius-level IQ, Ivy League credentials and a prominent position in my country’s government. I serve my community around me and represent my nation’s interest abroad, with honesty, integrity and vigor. Had Pakistan’s bigoted blasphemy laws not forced my mother to flee her homeland before I was born, today, I would be all of this and more for Pakistan. Instead, I am all this for another nation. Who’s loss is this?Recommend

  • SSohail

    I thought I was the only one who felt this way. For years I felt like a fraud at International Day celebrations at my children’s schools here in the US where they shared posters, food, clothing, and other Pakistani items with others. I would proudly tell everyone that 40 of the 50 highest peaks of the world are in Pakistan. It is so culturally diverse that the dialect changes every 40 miles. Its food tastes the best, and is the healthiest, in the world. Hunza valley and its inhabitants are a marvel of nature. When I first came here, I couldn’t even imagine wearing a ‘made in India’ clothing, or go to an Indian restaurant – my father had fought three wars with India, and raised us to serve the poor of our country.

    Being rejected by your country is analogous to being put in fire – just like Prophet Abraham (as). But fire turned cold on Abraham on Allah’s command ‘O fire, be thou cold and a means of safety for Abraham!’ It’ll do the same for Ahmadis. Recommend

  • Syedzainraza

    So that shows the writer left the country for this own personal interests, all his pakistaniat and love for motherland is a sham, my patriotism might be weird, but i am clear up in my head and dont put my personal interests ahead of the place that needs me right now! If we all leave then who will sort things out here? If we all run away like the author then whats the point of so many lives lost in the name of religion and ethnicity. Its the author who is hiding behind the veil of fake patriotism i am willing to stay here and do whatever i can to make this place a bit betterRecommend

  • syed hussain

    @ Faheem Younus,

    Why do you always portray only one side of the picture and try to delude those Pakistanis who don’t know about you community or have least knowledge. I understand that Qadyanis have to face discriminatory behavior in Pakistan. They have to face physical and verbal assault but almost every minority in Pakistan is going through these circumstances. Why only Ahamadis are running from Pakistan, Why not Christians or Hindu are fleeing from Pakistan. In fact, Ahmadis are not running from Pakistan, they are running after the citizenship of different western countries making their religion as base to settle their.

    I asked you in your previous article and i would repeat my question again that if you feel so scared in Pakistan, if you are so vulnerable and believe leaving Pakistan is inevitable for you in order to survive then why do you leave your parents behind you in Pakistan. Why only young Ahmadis flee from Pakistan and even after settling down abroad,making western countries a safe sanctury for them,using their religion as a tool, why do you keep visiting Pakistan if you feel so vulnerable, why. In fact, You people use your religion as a tool to get visa and permanent residency status.

  • Iqbaal

    @Umar Saleem:

    Misinformed? and then you say these facts are well known?

    Looking for a prettier mother… are you kidding? You kill someone based on their faith and they are leaving the country for fun?

    They dont add to the knowledge… so you mean you know Ahmadis are being discriminated against and killed/tortured but you would rather look the other way?Recommend

  • Pakistani 786

    @sultan mirza:
    That makes no sense SM. Come on. respond in an intelligent manner.Recommend

  • Pakistani 786

    @sultan mirza:
    Chatta sb… on independence day you would have some other problem with a piece like this:)Recommend

  • Pakistani 786

    You seem to be a minority here and that seems to be bothering you. Imagine about other minorities in Pakistan…Recommend

  • Pakistani 786

    @Umar Saleem:
    You will understand the value of such dialogue when you will travel the world as a Pakistani and the world will treat you as a second class citizen. Some things have to be experienced. So rock on in your little well of water as long as you can.Recommend

  • Iqbaal

    @syed hussain:
    I dont know if someone else is going to respond to your allegation but here i go:

    you say Ahmadis flee from pakistan to get citizenships from other countries.
    If that were true, there would not be over 2 million Ahmadis in Pakistan. trust there are, probably even more. Many have hunkered down and started keeping a low profile because of fear of persecution.
    When the parents are asked to come, their response is: we have lived our life for the love of this country. we dont care of we die. But you have a life ahead of you. So go ahead. Act upon the sunnah of the prophet and migrate for the safety of your children.

    Did that answer your question?Recommend

  • Anonymous

    @Ali: this is the exact nature n sentiment that is causing people to move out of the country…your eminent claimed…seriously!!! grow up ther r much bigger issues this country needs to address…to evry person his own faith…who r v to judge? how about putting ur energies towards doin somethin constructiv for a change!Recommend

  • manish

    @syed hussain:
    hindus and christians are running out of your country. hindus come in india and never return to pakistan, even if they have to languish in jail. and it’s not that they are in love with my country but they are sick of bigots in your country. when their is so much of violence going on in the name of islam, you choose to denounce a minority faith, where your courage goes when talibanis blast and bring destruction on your country. do you condemn them or not?Recommend

  • sultan mirza

    @Pakistani 786:

    Chaudhry Sb I did but my comments were either blocked or I forgot to hit the send button. On independence day I wouldn’t have any problem since it was a collective effort. By the way I don’t know if you know the rationale but the whole point of independence was to have a seprate “state” on the basis of religion otherwise we had no problem in getting a collective freedom from the britishers and remain as one nation (both countries combined) and remain quiet. The chrateristics are very much clear like “Hindustan” and “Pakistan” the name says it all why the independence was needed here. So there is no point in arguing that how the religon got boxed over Pakistan. That debate is useless and does not align with the original goals presented in history.Recommend

  • http://balalhaider.wordpress.com balalhaider

    @Syedzainraza: I agree with a lot of what you say, expect for one basic difference, Ahmadis are discriminated but the state becomes to party to it, the laws of the state clearly becomes party to the crimes, that is where Ahmadis are different from others.

    Migration is everyone’s right when there is no option as rebellion against the state is not allowed in Islam as per Ahmadis. Still millions of Ahmadis live in Pakistan and face the states brutality.

    If the state did not legislate the discrimination of Ahmadis, the case would have been far different.

    Ahmadis love their motherland more if not less than any other Pakistani. Recommend

  • Ainy

    good article!!
    In Pakistan relegious clerics has made status of ahmedies as an abuse…Recommend

  • Hamid Javaid

    Dear Younas, we are a nation who is in utter denial of truths, and realities. As you know we are very emotional nation and this lead us to this day.Recommend

  • Dante

    Please do not blame your grievances on Pakistan. The motherland is not the one that rejected you. It’s the people, and the government. You may argue that a country is constituted by its people and government, which is true, but outright blame on a piece of land that provided opportunities of education and prosperity is not nice.

    That’s why you’re a physician in US, right? If I’m correct in assuming you’re a graduate of medical school in Pakistan, then the whole basis of your credentials and practice in America is due to the education you obtained in your motherland. Even if you received your medical education abroad, you were able to go there on the basis of your early education credentials in the motherland.Recommend

  • Malik

    The article reminds me they days and months we spent to own this motherland some 65 years ago. Truly, sometimes the worst daughter in law(extremists) has the best influence on brain wash, and moms end up in dementia, as our mother did with us. Still we love you and we will keep loving you wherever we are and where ever we live. Because you are my faith. I love you mother. Recommend

  • Umer


    By reading some of your bigoted and hatful comments I understand why your own group is disliked by some.Recommend

  • rational


    i agree. Its the other sons who are to be blamed. Not the motherland.Recommend

  • rational

    @Hamid Javaid:
    Agreed. And our emotion has now become a baggage. We are trying to get rid of it:) Recommend

  • Waqar

    @Syedzainraza My friend, u say ” If we all run away like the author then whats the point of so many lives lost in the name of religion and ethnicity. ”

    U clearly dont get the point do u? Have u been LABELED “NON Muslim” even though u claim “There is None Worthy of Worship except Allah and Muhammad(p.b.u.h) is the Messenger of Allah” and practise Islam to its very core by 5 Daily prayers, roza, zakaat, hajj….

    Thats just the beginning…. Can u stop saying Assalam o Alaikum warahmatullah…? or write Bismillah or a quranic verse on ur wedding invitations…? or stop using any other Islamic terminology infront of any Pakistani or stop behaving to be a muslim even though its instilled in ur very being ….as otherwise u can be punished for upto 3 years…

    The discrimination on a society level is a story in its own self… as u get boycotted from ur nieghbours….ur co-workers…ur fellow students….and they can get away with anything against u in the name of religious difference….

    And above all….The Mullah’s that continue to incite people to Kill Ahmadies in every corner of Pakistan…. Plus the Government fully Backing these Maulvi’s is not enough a reason for u?

    Is there any other minority in Pakistan that has been facing the above mentioned attrocities… as the ahmadi’s r facing way more than just the one’s mentioned above…

    Also in my last post to u… i mentioned the guidelines/option given by Islam in such circumstances…. and u ignore all that too?

    Peace !!! Recommend

  • Maghfoor Ahmed Bilal

    That’s a true Ahmadi spirit I believe…….only Ahmadis now a days care about their motherland that much.Recommend

  • Maghfoor Ahmed Bilal

    It should also touch the brain.Recommend

  • shahed

    Younus Sahib, those who love humanity have certainly heard your voice loud and clear. Those that have not will only serve to mock and taunt you. It’s as though a seal has been put upon their hearts and ears; their sight is dimmed. Recommend

  • Solutionmaster

    Sounds like religion is the root cause of all this. Get rid of it if you want to make any peace and progress.

    Secondly, it’s all rubbish as your motherland is not doing anything to you it’s just people like you and me who are making motherland an ugly place to live.Recommend

  • Mahmood Malik

    Solutionmaster: There are many a thing in the world that are good but people use them the wrong way. TV, internet, knowledge, power, politics, army, authority can be used both in positive way and also in negative way. But we won’t do away with tv, internet that will deprive us of entertainment, fun, knowledge. We cannot do without politics, army or power.or authority because the result will be anarchy. Religion has all the good things in it. Some extremists or illiterate misuse its name. Did Mohsine Insaniaat, the benefactor of mankind, Holy Prophet Muhammad sallalaho alehe wa sallam or any other prophet or Jesus teach persecution and atrocities. No the opponents of God and religion taught and practised injustice and brutalities.

    Yes motherland is a piece of land. It is lifeless, neutral. It is those in majority or in authority or the extremist elements , the illiterate clergy inhabiting this piece of land that support or perpetuate injustice, indiscrimination and cruelty. Recommend

  • Aasman

    This is all cool in a small engligh langauge paper. But try publishing a much diluted version of this article in any urdu paper in pakistan and you will get shot.

    I am fed up of this marginal voice of reason. Pakistan is sinking by the minute. Wake up. Do something. Something ina language thatthe whole country understands. Many on this forum are writing from outside the motherland. Recommend

  • Fazal Qureshi


  • Raniya

    @Syedzainraza: If seeking refuge is so bad, then tell me, why is it that the Holy Prophet (s.a.w) migrated to Madina with his followers? Wanting to be safe is not disrespecting your deceased. Recommend

  • Umar

    @Pakistani 786: I think the second class treatment that’s left you scarred may have been a reflection on who you are or a reaction to your attempts at satire/ wit.
    Regardless of the possible reasons for your pain, I shall refrain from further conversation with an anonymous ID, and continue to live a comfortable respectable life in my little well somewhere in Europe.Recommend

  • Pakistani 786

    Great! So if you are in Europe, then tell me how you feel when they say, “Paki…Go back home Paki”? Is that “a reflection on who you are or a reaction to your attempts at….”

    Thank you for a spirited dialogue. I respect your right to close this conversation. Recommend

  • Vikram

    @Syedzainraza: “There are people, including ahmadis, shias and christians who are willing to stay here and face everything because they love pakistan.”

    Most of these people have no choice to go any where, in a way these people are forced to love Pakistan. Salman Taseer lost his life for supporting a Christian women convicted of Blasphemy. Pakistani lawyers shpwered the murderer with rose petals.

    Sooner or later these people will be forced to convert to majority religion.Recommend

  • Muhammad Humayun Maksud

    Every body should respect there mother. It very nice. One thing i do not understand that Some Muslim country band to practice of Ahmadiyyat. Are they listen to so called muslim who band the ahmadiyyat in their land could they ensure for the anti-ahmadiyya people’s heaven?Recommend