Mubashir Luqman, why can’t you appreciate something good?

Published: May 8, 2012

As an engineering student, I can state with certainty that the OS in the distributed laptops is not Windows, let alone fake Windows, as Luqman claimed. PHOTO: SCREEN SHOT

Last week, Mubashir Luqman conducted a show in which he revealed the corruption of the PML-N’s laptop distribution scheme.

The videos of the show went viral on YouTube.

People admire Mubashir Luqman because of his thorough research, but I’ll be straight here – I actually like his show because it is in favour of the PTI.

In the past, when Luqman spoke about the MQM, nobody liked him. But since he is now against the PML-N and his allegations are in great favour of the PTI, he has turned into a national hero.

Let’s come to the allegations levelled by Luqman at the PML-N. Being an engineering student who was fortunate enough to get a 90%  in my FSc exams, I too got a laptop with a 15 month warranty (battery included) and an original “Targus” bag.

Targus bags are expensive, as you will realise if you venture into the market to buy one. An ordinary Targus bag costs about Rs2,000, while good ones can cost even more than that. Moreover, an ordinary Dell laptop has a warranty of about 12 months, excluding battery life, but the Punjab government offered a 15 month warranty with the the battery included.

Luqman also stated that Dell laptops given by Shahbaz Sharif have the Chinese (pirated) version of Windows installed on it. As a student of engineering, I can state with certainty that the Operating System (OS) in Shahbaz Sharif’s laptops is not Windows, rather it is an open source Linux called Ubuntu. For students, it is a far better option than Windows. One can change its code according to preference, because it is an open source OS, meaning its code is easily available.

I remember the days when Ubuntu was launched and I was in the 8th grade. Ubuntu was sending free CDs of their Linux (Ubuntu) OS in order to promote the software. I also received 150 CDs and distributed them amongst my friends and family. I found it to be a very functional OS, free from Trojans and other malwares. Most people know that Linux has a lower chance of being affected by viruses and spyware.

In conclusion, the laptops distributed by the PML-N are good, and they have all the things that a good laptop should have. Having said that, I do think that instead of a laptop scheme, some Information Technology (IT) centres should be established in order to promote such education in Pakistan.

In any case, I would like to repeat that the laptops distributed by PML-N were of top quality and not of poor quality. I would also like to make one thing very clear here. I am not writing this post because I am a PML-N supporter. However, I do think that good things should be appreciated. If we support false claims just for the sake of loyalty to a particular party, the people who have done the good deed may be discouraged and not repeat their actions.

I believe that we should be good Pakistanis first and good political supporters later. We need to support positive actions instead of dividing the nation into different parties. If tomorrow the PTI does something good for Pakistan, I will praise them with all my heart. Just like I am praising the PML-N for their noble distribution of laptops amongst students – laptops which were not defected and were not a scam.

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Danish Zaidi

The author is the CEO at Cheekh - Speak up. He is an engineer and tech enthusiast with a keen interest in Political dynamics and Public Policy.He tweets as @syedmdz

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Iqbal Khan

    The distribution of laptops is a very positive intiative taken by the pml-n. A lot of people who can’t tolerate anything positive done by the govt. of punjab have taken to criticising and maligning this effort also. Computer literacy is very important and the punjab govt. has done a great thing by distributing laptops. Those who want to find fault with everything punjab does have launched a campaign against this scheme,if ppp had launched this campaign in interior sindh or mqm had launched this in karachi, the entire media would have been hailing it as the greatest gift by any govt. to its people in the world,praises would have been showered on mqm by the media anchors and columnists,but since it is the punjab govt. who’s taken this initiative it is being insulted and maligned constantly.Recommend

  • Asad Nadeem

    There is a definite anti-punjab bias in the media,nothing that punjab does can ever be good enough for some people. Media persons with political ambitions are showing their worth to prospective parties by launching severe attacks on their rival parties.Ridiculing one’s own govt. just to score favourable points with one’s potential new party is disturbing.Recommend

  • Farhan

    Read your blog, Sorry it was very pathetic way to write. i think not you have gone through whole program. He never say the Laptops are bad…he just mention about the Mis- Management and corruption that is involve in it. Like the price 37,700.. in advance specification and configuration, Dell is available in 38000, from Market Brand new. and also if you are going through Bulk purchase it may be cost of 25000, or 27000..but it show in Punjab Govt. 37,700. and many MSF, fails students, Teachers, and self finance students have Laptops..but CM not gives evening sessions. whyRecommend

  • Sarfraz Adeel

    The people of punjab would like to thank the PML-N for giving out these laptops to students. PML-N should not be detracted by the savage attacks against them by people from rival parties.
    News channels should also not let their channels be used for political mudslinging against rival parties.Journalists should remain objective at all times,acting as cheerleaders for PTI will only damage the reputation of the channel itself.
    This was a scheme that has been beneficial for the people of punjab.PML-N has done a good deed with this distribution.Recommend

  • Zafar Soomro

    @Iqbal Khan:

    If mqm had started this laptop distribution there would have been great celebrations in the media and special programmes would have been conducted and national awards been given out to celebrate a revolutionary step.Recommend

  • Faisal

    Excellent blog !! Here comes Lion-O !!Recommend

  • mansour

    (1) People are having issues with the laptop distribution because of the way they have been procured (read Transparecy International report on this).
    (2) People are upset because our tax payers money is being used to buy these laptops at a higher price.
    (3) People are upset because it has been revealed there is a scam within this scheme and some people have made a lot of money out of it.
    (4) People are upset because all this money could have and should have been used to build computer institutes.
    (5) and the list can go on and on…..

    Had this laptop thing been done in a transparent manner with no corruption, then we all would have surely praised the Punjab government but unfortunately this scheme reeks of corruption (just like yellow cab scheme, ashiana housing, sasta tandoor etc etc.)

    And let’s be brutally honest, had it not been for PTI and Imran Khan, the students of Punjab would have NEVER received any laptops whatsoever. Clearly, there is an ulterior motive behind giving out the laptops and I believe the students are NOT fools (like PML N would make them out to be) to be sucked into this scheme (as demonstrated by one student donating the laptop to PTI Sialkot office!) Recommend

  • Maria

    This is simply crap.. Try to listen the show carefully, then you get the idea what he is really talking about. Huh. You really don’t know what is the truth. My friend buy the same laptop from the Hafeez center as well and he has that stupid 100% certificate which was meant to be on merit. Huh. Merit. Even though you have mentioned yourself to not be PML N supporter. But its clear that you are his supporter. So I suggest first you have to research on the matter and then write article over here. Express Tribune, What are you doing? I like your blog because of the truth over here. But its totally crap and the person who wrote that, himself knew this.Recommend

  • Umer Arain

    The charge sheet was:
    1. They bought 110,000 laptops and when you buy in bulk the price is way less than the market price.

    The guy who provided the laptops (4bn project) is a business partner of Hamza Shehbaz.
    They provided laptops even to “self financed” students who pay a minimum of 5 lac just in tuition fees.
    Many students got the laptops even though they were no way near the merit because they were MSF members.
    All of this from tax payers money when thousands of schools in Punjab don’t even have drinking water facility and don’t even have desks and chairs. But the Government instead of spending money on them gave these 37k each laptops to people who can actually afford to buy one.
    And just as an example I know a family in which both their kids already had laptops but they got awarded 2 more by the Punjab Government, all this when so many people have nothing to eat.
    Oh and they spend as much as 30m on each distribution ceremony where non entities like Maryam Nawaz come and make speeches for their political gain.

    All I can say is khuda ka wasta hai bhai hosh me a jao. Don’t sell out for a laptop that has been brought from your OWN money.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Considering the money involved in this scheme surely this 2 billion could have been better used to alleviate the misery of the poor. Its a question of wrong priorities. Recommend

  • Adil

    Youth of punjab would not have died without LAPTOP!! THE LAPTOP scheme , whether a new way of looting money or not , it was by all means a wrong step by BRAINLESS NOORa league.
    They could have spend that money on the lower level of punjab , by building new schools , a free education system for few coming years, Announce free scholarship for deserving students.
    This laptop scheme was not more than a failed atemmpt of Noora league to stack up there vote bank.Recommend

  • M Ahmed

    Author sahab, I am amazed by your statement “One can change its code according to preference, because it is an open source OS, meaning its code is easily available.” Tell me how many students actually bother to change the source code of Ubuntu. I am a software engineer by profession and have not come across one end user who has changed the OS code for his needs. For final year projects (FYP) this could happen for CS students but not for your everyday student. Changing OS code is not and should not be everyone’s business. I didn’t bother to read the rest of the article. This glaring misuse of a technological fact alone irritated me enough to write about it. By the way, just for information and I have been using Ubuntu for 2 years and been active in global open source projects by way of code contribution for during this while. RegardsRecommend

  • saima

    distributing chocolate cake to few when thousands are in need of bare bread. Does Khadim e Nakaara know about schools without building and teachers and black boards? our educational needs are of very basic nature at the moment. laptop is an unwanted luxury as i don’t see ANY practical role of it in the current rote system of education.
    treating cancer with a multivitamin is what naive CM is doing. yet another sasti ishteharbaazi by takht lahore k shehzadey. Recommend

  • S

    The Punjab Govt distributed the laptops through the taxpayer’s money.What’s PML-N supposed to do with it?Recommend

  • Ashar

    The question should be why laptops. If there was an idea to encourage students, they provision of expensive books would be much better, because laptop will have a limited life and it is not required throughout your studies. How many engineering and medical students have the affordability to purchase thier required books. What they do they sit in the library, borrow it if it is available or like in Karachi purchase the low priced reprint black and white or low resolution colour versions that are sometimes hard to read.

    As for me giving laptops is nothing but bribing the students to vote for PML N in the next elections.

    It does not matter the quality was good the distribution was honest etc.Recommend

  • Naive

    @author … The installed windows cost around 8 to 10 thousand rupees. So mentioning it has a free OS installed on it is not worthless.
    However, I also agree that many claims made by Mubashir in his program were not right. For example he says that its a the laptops distributed by PG have 15 years old technology. I don’t know where did he find the dual core computers in 1997?Recommend

  • Mariyum

    Excellent blog! and welcome danish.yes we people do wrong when in order to prove PTI good,we start to prove pmln wrong.Recommend

  • SAJ!

    How could ET even publish this? This is what is misleading people. No research done! you just wake up one day and start writing anything? Mubashar Luqman did his research before he stated anything on his show.. if PML-N wants people to beleive, they should talk with evidence on hand.

    First it’s you who need to learn how to appreciate good done by Mubashar Luqman.Recommend

  • Loneliberal PK

    You can argue all day that the laptops were not of good quality, or that there were some corruption involved, or that the money could’ve been better spent on other things…

    …but none of it changes that fact that the Sharifs did, in fact, do something positive for the country. I’m not a fan of Sharifs, but we need to stop acting like a sorry bunch of cynics and ingrates, and learn to appreciate something positive when it comes along!Recommend

  • Umair

    @Umer Arain: u have seen Lucman’s view…now go to SS page n see the govt’s reply to his allegations… u ‘ll get answer to ur many allegations/questionRecommend

  • Ali Farhan

    I think nobody is concentrating on the real side of issue, the problem is Punjab is under debt, dont have enough money to spend money on this type of bogus ideas, This money should be should be spent on the primary education just like Danish schools where Shahbaz sharif declare emergency in education. In just 3,4 districts he made some danish schools and thought that now its time to remove emergency?? How many of us dont being able to clear our college or universities without laptop so basic and primary education must be the preference for any province like Punjab which is almost going to default. If Punjab has enough budget than you can even distribute mobile phones to studentsRecommend

  • umair


    1) Actually the bitter truth is people in Pakistan are such a hypocite. Now they have issue with procurement method, do they ever bothered by electoral process?

    2) Now they are upset because they have been provided with expensive laptops but they really don’t care about the expense of Rehman Malik’s trips in 5 years and over 5 billions Rupees budget of President House in 5 years.

    3) As it has been revealed there is a scam in this scheme, the scheme should be transparent like Benazir Income Support Program or Rental Power Project? Right!

    4) Computer Institutions are necessary but for this one should has its own machine, its like more you drive more you learn. So the initiative is justified.

    Well my sympathies with the people who remained incompetent to meet the merit criteria for laptops because this time no PARCHI has entertained by the Punjab government. My adivse to all those victim of personality charisma please make your hearts enough strong to accept positive steps by other parties. Recommend

  • Mohammad Assad

    You sir will appreciate the scheme because you benefited from it. While the primary school children who have to sit in grave yards and give there exams will disagree with you.

  • Zubair

    He clearly stated that its 15 years old technology, what does this mean???????Recommend

  • Fawad Khalid – PMLN

    Tum Ho Pakistan
    We in PML(N) want to see a punjab with excellent communication technology and with no restrictions to limit knowledge of any form. having said that Laptop distribution came as a part of DIGITAL PUNJAB concept initiated at a small level, picked up by Ahsan Iqbal , Verified by Ihsaq dar and Sartaj Aziz and then executed by CM Shehbaz Sharif.

    We even offered that if someone has an extra laptop, you can return your laptop and in appreciation we will arrange your dinner with Shehbaz Sharif where he will distribute your laptop to the needy people.


  • Zamir

    Benazir Income Support program is the biggest scam of the history of Pakistan where more than 20 billion Rupees are spent Annually. Could anybody tell me if 20 Billion is bigger amount than 2 Billion or not ????. But only PPP is involved in Benazir Income Support Program so they are angels as Devils only exist in One province and Non Corrupt exist elsewhere in Pakistan. PTI and Mubasshir had never made public the frauds in Benazir income support that is used as a Parchi for votes now a days. A sheer silence of media on Benazir Income Support and bashing og Laptop Scheme tell us the bias the media have for One party and One region.Recommend

  • Abdul Mueed Kayani

    Some people really don’t see sense the bottomline is you have to appreciate what is worth appreciating I found this article being written by a pakistani not a pml-N or PTI loyalist. Nowadays people won’t appreciate stuff because it was done by another party. Come on we have 3 rules unity faith discipline nowadays we have forgotten these three rules we are divided in parties we don’t even look at what religion teaches us and discipline is rarely found. Despite having great qualities our peoplle fail to deliver so at the end of the day stop criticizingRecommend

  • Ammar

    As I have mentioned earlier… Shame on Luqman for showing students names, fathers names CNIC and phone numbers on media. serious breach o students privacy.
    Exposing scandal is one thing but the way he is showing female students names and showing them as PASS and FAIL.. imagine the social difficulties such students can face
    Shame on such reporting. I am absolutely disgusted to see this.Recommend

  • Faraz

    Laptops were not bought on the higher price i have checked every thing on internet and my cousin have the laptop .there is no problem with the price. As a computer science graduate ubantu is a windows every computer science student love to use it.
    This show was the extent an anchor can go to support his favorite party.
    The former Musharaf minister should be shown his old shows in which he use to defend musharaf and mqm and use to say that chief justice is bad.Recommend

  • Talal Khan

    Construction of damaged buildings of Punjab schools was far more important for hundreds of thousands of students than to distribute laptops in few students. Furthermore, even then I would have appreciated if PML-N had not made it a popularity campaign of Shareef family and the party. Under what capacity Mariam Nawaz and Nawaz Sharif distributed the laptops? And why government schools were made bound to call Mariam Nawaz for the distribution of Laptops and while doing so she was given high profile protocol? Why Punjab University paid for the expenses of the function which should have been arranged by the PML-N, Nawaz Sharif should not enjoy on public money’s expense because he is not the chief minister himself.

    These are the questions which have spoiled the credibility and good will gesture for punjab government and PML-N itself. Recommend

  • Spaniard

    This is the most weird and non appreciable step by punjab govt in current scenario…anyone can talk to me now…Recommend

  • Sajid Mahmood Awan

    Why didn’t PML(N) decide about distribution of laptops before 30-Oct’s successful Jalsa of PTI at Lahore or between 2008-2011? Had the Jalsa of 30-Oct not been successful, I am quite confident in saying that PML(N) would not have distributed the laptops.


  • Shamy

    Cant believe there are people commenting here and still supporting the laptop scheme when people are dying of hunger and starvation in Pakistan…Recommend

  • American

    My heart breaks when I see those children without a school to go to (and being forced to study in a chickenhouse). This money was stolen from funds that should have gone to schools to help build the futures of underprivileged children.

    And you people have the gall to say that the laptop you received was of good quality and that it is a positive, while those kids don’t get clean water. Disgusting…… I’m honestly sickened by this article Recommend

  • Ayub Khan

    PML-N, a total corrupt package political party. PML-N, is just promoting their party by using tax payers money. If they are real LIONs as their sayings, then why should not they use their own income to advertise their corrupt political party, which was also looted by poor nation. Why they are using the Education department budget and specially cutoff from primary schools budget? and everyone knows that these schools need more attention. Next thing is that; these core2 machines are round about 30-35k Rs. in local market, then why should they show its price of 130k Rs. The quality of laptops are totally “Bakwas” easily can be judged by using its keyboard. Why they installed OS (Ubuntu) in the machines? however everyone knows that Ubuntu is used rarely, in my view they put it up on the machines because its free and they put its charges too in the budget and looted more money. I could not understand why they are distributing these laptops in their companions “i mean, not all of u but some of u” by cutoff the poor students budget. why they are not utilizing this money on the schools to upgrade their buildings, making baths, fans, lights and specially computer labs. As every student could easily used those computers.Recommend

  • Zarmeen

    Brilliant blog! one thing i loved about the author is that he is quite straight forward and moreover,he says that it could be used in better way but still good as nobody like to spend money on us! sub kha jatey hain.Recommend

  • outofgoodwill

    @Iqbal Khan:
    I agree with you, the media has indeed made a hype about the laptop.I am sure there is nothing wrong with them but I would have preferred them making good computer labs which are accessible to all students and above all maintaining them rather then distributing them to a couple of us.
    like the author said
    ” I do think that instead of a laptop scheme, some Information Technology (IT) centres should be established in order to promote such education in Pakistan”.
    I really respect Shabaz Sharif and I think he is a good chief minister but I would expect our leaders to be a little more farsighted.Recommend

  • Ali Tipu

    Simply and honestly put, LAPTOPS are distributed to bribe the students and younger generation. Sharifs have been in governments since 1985. Where was this love for students all through that period? Look at the state of education in Punjab which is Sharif’s own province. As I said earlier, I think this nation is ‘up for sale and bikaao’ and the Sahrifs know it very well. They have been doing this practice of bribing media, judges and now younger generation all their lives. Recommend

  • Ali Tipu

    BTW, not just Mubashir Luqman, Najam Sethi in his show yesterday also said that its more for the political benefits and votes than to sincerely hope for the improvement of education. He argued that in a country where more than 70% of the population is illiterate and cant afford to go to the primary schools, how can you start distributing hundreds and thousands of laptops on TAX PAYERS money?Recommend

  • Khalid

    I too got a free laptop and I am very happy but I have one gripe. The coffee mug holder that slides out of the front of the laptop is not conveniently placed. It interferes when you are typing and you can easily knock the cup off, burning yourself with the hot liquid. It is also very fragile and broke too easily. Now I have no place to put my coffee mug (although I usually have tea).Recommend

  • i like what he’s having

    Laptop project transparent

    Dawn News

    April 19,2012

    The Transparency International has declared that the Punjab government has made procurement of laptops according to rules and regulations. Adviser to Transparency International Syed Adil Gilani, in his letter to the Punjab government, has appreciated the response of the government regarding the procedure adopted for procurement of laptops, says a handout.

    we can all discuss and debate if this was the best use of funds by the punjab government. but im sure we can all agree that it wasn’t the worst. while we have these lovely discussions about the most appropriate use of funds, let us not tarnish the reputation of companies and individuals that have played by the rules. there is a difference between corruption and incompetence. also, a reality check will show that all these discussions are taking place ON COMPUTERS. i smell a bit of hypocrisy in the air. finally, the information pertaining to students and their personal contact details and marks is extremely unfortunate. please lets separate rational discourse from political point scoring. so with that said, am i now officially branded a PMLN supporter? if so, you’ve just proven my point!Recommend

  • ahsan

    shabaz shrief is an honest man ……..he rocks Recommend


    Great job PML-N KEEP IT UP We all with u. Recommend

  • Adnan Butt

    Very nice blog,, Recommend

  • ishaq

    What about The SPECS of Laptop?Recommend

  • SAK

    The blogger seems to be an official defender of PML-N. As I read the title of this blog, before reading it, i knew this guy is a receiver of free laptop.Recommend

  • random

    Reading all the comments, pity that we as a nation cannot even agree on what was mentioned or not mentioned in the Mubashir Luqman showRecommend

  • Sardar M Abbas

    Mubashar Luqman is right and even PML(N) admits it in its silent corners.Recommend

  • Saira

    Well done , People are used to bash others good works for the sake of their political agendas, Mubasher Luqman had loosed his credibilty after his prog on Birdflu epidamic, If somebody still insists which imples his and Mubasher Luqman ‘s affiliation to specific political party as U know very well its an OPEN SECRET ;P , that party and Mubasher Luqman never arised PPP’ scams and corruption cases with such consistency and efficency…….. As far as this intiate is concerned its a best ever intiate i found in the recent times. IT tech and computer is nessecity of today as its IT revoutuion era >>>I must qoute somebody hv mentioned in some post ie “Nicholas Negroponte of MIT, who fathered the idea of one-child one-laptop, argues that children are naturally inquisitive and access to an internet-enabled computing device is sufficient to release their creative faculties. He says somehow they will “figure it out” and “learn to learn”.” – In these times of information boom, impressional minds should be facilitated. No one denies the importance of restructuring the basic educational infrastructure; these tools could share the burden.” >>>This intiate ‘d b a BENCHMARK and ‘d provide a base to IT REVOULUION in Pakistan INSHA’ALLAH. Thanks to CM Shehbaz.Recommend

  • Nazia Umar

    this was indeed a good scheme by Punjab government.
    No doubt a large population of our country is deprived of basic necessitiesof life but at the same time we have to compete with the world in the field of education science and technology.
    Better education better Pakistan.
    We should not politicize every act. Recommend

  • Danish

    Bus kardo do you know about me?Recommend

  • Sane

    I’m not a PML(N) supporter and think that they are equally responsible to loot this country. But, laptops were distributed with good and fair spirit and there is no corruption. Transparency International have certified and declared this free of corruption. If something good is coming from ‘bads’ we must acknowledge.Recommend

  • Sane

    If blogger receives laptop on merit …… then? Has he done any crime?!!!!Recommend

  • zubair

    Welcome blogger.Subscribed to u now.Recommend

  • Anees

    Good Danish bachay.keep it up.Highlighted the main problem.we are not pakistani rather we are just pti or pmln supporters.Recommend

  • razi ghazali

    @Farhan: Recommend

  • Eye opener

    PML-N has always been kind to Punjab. Reduction in Rotti’s price and distribution of laptop has been a stupendous act of their government for the last few years but does this has solved the issues faced by a common man? Does this act has trigerred any wave of change? Is it possible to implement the same act. Or to handle youth of punjab who were going for PTI, this act was important. How many times PML-N has done something good for the educated youth? Was it a reaction of PTI’s increasing popularity in Punjab!!!! I mean till now what i have understood from the article is that the author has assumed that whoever was given the laptop is a software engineer? He has directed his attention towards an issue of no importance to havenots. For me this act will end up fruitless because these laptops some day will be outdated and people will again look at PML-N for the distribution given all the other variables remain same.

    For me it was just a politically motivated act to catch youth’s attention by giving them some chocolates.Recommend

  • Hammad

    what bout PTI’s corruption?? who is financing PTI’s jalsaas?? all de banners, holdings, electricity,….etc??? can anyone plz answer? where is IK’s (man of principles) stance against MQM?? why all de political parties including PTI is against PML-N??

    distributing laptops is a crime, going for nuclear tests (inspite of usa’s pressure) is a crime, constructing motorways is a crime, gawadar port was a crime, ghazi brotha dam was a crime, introducing fiber optics in de country was a crime, danish schools was a crime,……n de list goes on and on……!!

    PTI focuses on PML-N only….IK criticizes PML-N 90% and 10% to PPP. He is after punjab and playing a pathetic game. Now mr. gillani n IK both demand PML-N to resign frm assemblies….wow.

    i pitty de pathetic immature ppl who criticize any kinda development in Pakistan for de sake of politics or their own likes n dislikes.

    vote of PTI……is vote for zardari…..!!!Recommend

  • hinna

    the major reason behind this event of distributing laptops are to gain ppl sympathy and votes for the next PML-N is badly failed to do duties what they supposed to do for the ppl of punjab… being in power for 4 years they have failed to deliver the basic need of a common ppl..everything gets so expensive and when they saw ppl supporting to PTI … they are doing gimmicks … there is not a single positive aspect of thinking at all. all is just to gain votes.Recommend

  • hinna

    this is not to prove PML-N wrong and PTI right …its all about NEYAT.. and to gain votes for election… they never think abt the ppl …Recommend

  • hinna

    its not about any party or any person.. all acts depends on NEYAT… they are doing it just to gain votes for the election..nothing more
    and what you have mentioned above , is all their duties coz when they come in power they are bound to provide ease to ppl .. they are not siting in parliments just to enjoy luxuries and money… Recommend

  • Eye opener

    @Hammad….by raising questions against PML-N, one does not means that he supports PTI. One should look at it from different angle and having said that one is not obviously not getting involved in PTI vs PML-N race. The point is that given the constraint financial resources, does this was the best act by PML-N? Agreed that PML-N performance has so far been better compared to PPP and they are having a visible list of achievements and PTI is just a baby but the question is why PML-N is using public resources to advance its political agenda? My views have been no different, had PTI done the same act? I still feel PML-N with such a long political career should have come up with some investment that would have been long lasting and would have benefited Punjab in the long range (like nuclear test for Pakistan). But again that was just a reaction motivated by PTI’s popularity because most of the people and PML-N thinks that they are being compared with PTI which is not true.

    I would say that whoever will serve the interest of the country will get the support of a common man? and those expenditures which only last for short sight is just an advertisement. Even then i appreciate this act in wake of current crises in Pakistan that youth got something good but they have to decide themselves keeping aside their emotions.

    Read the below passage and decide for yourself

    “He also wooed the youth by committing that the Punjab government would procure some 300,000 laptops in the next budget and if the youth would support it for a “historic win” in next elections, it would procure one million laptops for top merit students across the country.”

  • Anees

    How do you know about their neeyat?? does making votes by doing a good thing is a crime?? using people money for the people is the most beautiful thing ever.Recommend


    I Think it is just another way of Political Victamization….as i know many students who has been given these LAPTOPS …Purely on merit ….Recommend

  • wajahat iqbal

    It is just a political bribe and nothing else.Recommend

  • S.H

    Dear brother, why didnot you talk about other specifications including RAM, processor, and above all the model.
    There was no home work, so far I think, as Dell laptops are not suitable for Pakistan at least, because it becomes quickly hot and the battery time is hardly 3 hours.
    I will second Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan that they should have established public labs in cities provided with internet and printers facilities. It would have benefited the whole generation, and it would become easy to provide other facilities to certain centres. It would have purely used for educational purposes.Recommend

  • PTI fan

    I totally agree with you that is the point where i start hating Mubasher though i like his analysis too
    .. why cant we appreciate such things, being a pti fan why we are centric to partisim than nationRecommend

  • Umer Rasheed

    Correction. You did not receive laptop from PMLN. You received the laptop from Punjab Government while PMLN was in power. There is a huge difference.Recommend

  • Anees

    @Umer Rasheed:
    Kia baat kahi app ne? bhai punjab govt mein pmln tou kam tou pmln hi kara rahi hai na.whats the difference?Recommend

  • shahbaz

    well an impressive step taken by punjab govt. i dont knw why people are crirtisizing on such a good schemes infact they dont want healthy punjab and pakistan. Transperency International have published report on laptop scheme. Report says that scheme have no sign of corruption at all. Recommend

  • Ali

    In short the main things that iritate me are:
    1. Very very very few people given these laptops will/can alter the source code…. way toooo difficult for your average user.
    2. We have sooo many schools without roofs, permiter walls, running water, toilets. Wouldn’t this money be better spent there?
    3. We would have got far more bang for our buck if computing centers had been set up.
    4. Very few of the students given laptops are going to use Khan Academy, open course ware etc. In order to do that you need sound educational foundations, something our education system has not provided. Instead they will be used for facebook and other pointless web surfing activities.
    5. The expensive presentation ceremonies where Maryam Nawaz Sharif was distributing laptops and made political speeches. The money wasted on those presentations should have been used for educational purposes. Sometimes the presentaion ceremonies cost nearly as much as the laptops!!!

    That’s just a few.Recommend

  • hira

    @Iqbal Khan:
    m totly disagree with u sir
    it is very gud initiative by punjab governmnt
    because in pak electricity crises so student of it
    facng lot of problms so
    now it is slved thy can continue thair projcts

    weell done shabaz sharifRecommend

  • Asad Malik

    Being an engineering student, specifically an Electrical and Computer Engineering Student, I too have used Linux for my programming classes and although I agree that it is versatile, I make this judgement through experience dealing with programming. Regular students in Pakistan who are not tech savvy would be better off with Windows 7. I doubt any medical college student would need any version of Linux and most would find it hard to adjust to a new OS after using windows their whole life.

    Now that that’s clear, most students sold these laptops or already had laptops to begin with (My mother teaches in a medical college so I actually am basing this on facts).

    When people are dying of hunger, cannot afford to send their children to schools and those schools cannot afford to give books to their dwindling student population, do you not think this an excess? Don’t you think the money would have been better used to benefit those students?Recommend

  • Majid

    Rather than appreciating something good, we are trying our best to find something bad. Should all these investigative efforts not put on the cases where things are evidently bad like corruption cases etc?Recommend

  • Truth Exposed

    I love PTI and Imran Khan and I didn’t get the laptop but I think this is a good scheme and it should be done again.Recommend

  • Truth Exposed

    MQM, PPP and ANP gave weapons to youth and no one criticized them, but they are criticizing PML-N for giving laptops.
    Shame on you Mubashir LuqmanRecommend

  • sana

    becuse sir there is nothing gud thatsy we dnt apreciate any thing the ppl in pakistan are fed up from all these mess going on in our country every single person want relief from all these thingsRecommend

  • Muhammad Usama

    we also should decide what is the larger context of the scheme like this one
    many others have come and go but who was benefited the most ???
    and criteria should have been tough for this scheme and they should run it for long time
    may be 10,000 laptops per 6 months this schemes should not be introduced for getting votes Recommend

  • Ahmed HM

    You are quite right.

    But you are quite wrong regarding the ‘Targus’ bags. Targus bags start at around 5000 Rs, at least and can be found at MYSHOP near Kalima chowk bridge.Recommend

  • hinnaa

    @Fawad Khalid – PMLN:
    now waisting our money on dinners with shahbaz shariff…. instead of this you shld go and invest this money at rural areas where there is no water and education please Recommend

  • hinnaa

    they are not doing any good for ppl and you know it already,,.. they have not done any good thing in past 4 years …. electricity raised, sugar have gone up, no flour, gas problem, electricity shortage, etc etc
    they are using ppl money just to buy votes .. nothing else.. they want power and money for their future… supporting bad ppl is also a crime Recommend

  • Danish

    Mam, you are telling about federal problems.Recommend

  • Mariyum

    i do appreciate that the author keeps the things and lower note.he is calm and quite yet meaningful..Recommend

  • anees

    Good kaavish by haters but the article is going viral.please share this article.Recommend

  • Hamid Javaid

    For all SADISTS “where were your input when such scheme was being prepared?” It could have been refined at that point but you didn’t had the courage then and waited for the time to cohere with those who criticize when things start showing some negative points out of good deeds.Recommend

  • mudassar nawaz

    indeed a great piece.!Recommend

  • Faraz

    Here’s a story for you guys.

    At the start of this academic year, my friend’s sister got admission in Kinniard College but then a couple of weeks later she received an offer from FC College. Since her preference was FC, she started going there when the semester started and asked her brother (my friend) to go to KC, cancel her enrolment and take back the security that she had deposited. My friend couldn’t find time to go to KC and later totally forgot about it. Now, this past month, one day his sister received a call from KC telling her that on account of her “BRILLIANT PERFORMANCE” in KC, she is being awarded a Laptop by yours truly. Now she had NEVER set foot inside KC, EVER, let alone take a class there. She got admission in FC and never went to KC. Just because my friend didn’t cancel his sister’s enrolment meant that she was still on KC’s books. Now this is a typical example of the mismanagement of this whole laptop affair. The KC administration didn’t even bother to check who was and who wasn’t on their books. My friend’s sister duly obliged, went to KC and picked up her shining new laptop, You might say that she should have returned the laptop but who does? No one. She’s just happy that she got the laptop but she’s still gonna vote for Imran Khan. Take that PML-N.

    And one more thing, HOW ON EARTH DO YOU EXPECT NON-COMPUTER SCIENCE STUDENTS TO WORK ON UBUNTU??? Isn’t Windows good enough?Recommend

  • http://Lahore Muhammad Talha

    Mubashir Luqman, why can’t you appreciate something good? because its not in his nature to appreciate. keep it up the good work shahbaz sb.Recommend

  • alicia

    First of all bring all students on an equal level. A student who studies in a good school in Lahore where he has proper books, teachers, other facilities will definitely do better in his studies than a student in a village who doesn’t even have a school building.
    If this money was spent on making schooling and education better in Punjab than I would’ve supported it. But I can’t support this and the Danish school farce.

    Just to clarify never supported Imran khan or PTI . Infact my family voted for PML-N in the last elections.Recommend

  • Sane

    Then wait till all schools at villages are made up to the level of a good metropolis private school, then distribute laptops to all. So wait till how many years …. probably till the age of your grand grand children. And also do not let anybody go for higher education abroad till each and every child of this country get same level of education and goes abroad. What would be a fantastic country —- UTOPIA.Recommend

  • naeem khan

    finally something reasonable a good initiative of pun jab government and something other than ruthless criticsm of PML N by and in the mediaRecommend

  • TheOne

    Laptops vs A new institute? A new institute would have a much better choice.Recommend

  • Ali Ahsan

    Well there are media personalities who would criticize PMLN at everything @Mubashir Luqman @Haroon Rasheed just to prove superiority of PTI.Recommend

  • nida mirza

    @Iqbal Khan: i thnk ur comment was very very biased.plz just focus on th positives nd leave out
    thrashing other parties.u speak as if,if the ppp or mqm had done this,you certainly would hav found their praises offensive.but since punjab govt has done it,it shud be hailed as a saviour of all laptop-deprived people!Recommend

  • mm

    One thing I want to add here is that the actual 37000 price tag is for the laptops with Windows. That contributes to at least one third of the actualy price tag. When you put Ubuntu on the machine, which is free, it becomes much cheaper even if you do NOT buy in bulk. Ubuntu being good and all is absolute no match for Windows and is popular among, mostly, geeks and Linux afficianados. I won’t be quick to blame PML-N though. Sounds like whoever made the decision either did not have enough technical knowledge or has been duped. Either way, agreed that at 37000 and with an arguably inferior operating system, these are a bad deal.Recommend

  • Muhammad Aqib Khan

    Good One.

    Just support what good is being done. Apart from which ever party is doing it. After all we got this from our very own money ;) :D

    Cheers all :DRecommend

  • Hira

    Fine! You say the laptops were given to some MSF members and Self Financed students and that they did not need them.
    But how can you over look the fact that there are a lot more students who were actually in need of that aid and they got it! I know many of them. Its been a blessing to them. Recommend

  • Mubashar

    Mubashir Luqman has not credibility after his fake interview with Malik Riaz . Also before this interview if you watch his shows you will feel a thing that he is bias and target only PML-N. I did not watch his single program on pp corruption.Recommend

  • Javeria Mahmood

    Oh its Mubashir Luqman… he must have been by PPPRecommend