Hail Farkhand Iqbal, the King of Islamabad

Published: May 8, 2012

A government official may not be allocated more than one car, and no family member of any government functionary is allowed to drive a government-issued car. PHOTO: SCREEN SHOT

Expect a court battle soon over whose daddy owns this city.

Earlier this week, CDA chief Farkhand Iqbal’s son, no doubt proud of his dad’s great list of accomplishments including stealing and unsealing the Bhoja Air black box and making ludicrous comments about other agencies to deflect blame for his own failures, decided to establish his father’s stranglehold on the city for all to see.

After a mother and son made the mistake of driving their car into the path of his daddy’s car on his daddy’s road near Kohsar Market, causing an accident that was in no way the younger Iqbal’s fault —because spoilt brats are never at fault — the youngster got off his car and proceeded to beat some sense into the mother and son.

No doubt, they sinned greatly by keeping the boy from an important engagement in the nearby coffee houses.

Later, when they went to Iqbal’s official house to lodge a complaint with Iqbal senior, the kid came out with armed backup and delivered a fresh beat down.

Not one of the cops stationed to protect the CDA boss and other VIPs living in the same street restrained the princes of Islamabad. It was up to onlookers to intervene, an act which earned them threats from the princes.

My credit to the police force for enlisting blind men as VIP security staff, for the police didn’t even register a case, even though the incident took place in front of on-duty cops. The same goes for an FIA additional director’s 16-year-old son, who on Friday ran over Imran, an Express TV technician in front of police officials, yet has no FIR against him.

But let’s forget for a minute that this is Iqbal senior’s city and focus on what happened. The kid rear-ended the victims’ car. That in itself is case closed as far as assigning guilt is concerned. Whether he was too busy talking on the phone to apply the brakes, whether he thought cars will magically disappear off daddy’s roads, or whether he made a genuine mistake while driving, under the law, he would always be at fault for the accident.

The ensuing scuffle saw him manhandle the mother and son while spouting expletives and making verbal threats vis-à-vis his father’s influential position. That is a straight-up physical assault case, even if one ignores his language, which was hardly befitting the Prince of Islamabad.

Now come to the more interesting details regarding his daddy’s car. According to a retired bureaucrat and CSS officer (which King Engineer Iqbal is not), a government official may not be allocated more than one car, and no family member of any government functionary is allowed, under any circumstances, to drive a government-issued car. Not a spouse, not a child, and not a parent.

In fact, “if he is not in grade 21 or 22, even the officer is not authorised to drive the car, only official government drivers, although this rule is usually relaxed for officers in grade 20.”

On the off chance that the car has green number plates but is privately owned, that is also illegal. No private vehicles are allowed to use green plates, and if the vehicle was purchased under the monetisation policy, the green plates are to be replaced with standard ones. The videos clearly show green plates.

Now if that isn’t enough, according to previously published reports, Prince Iqbal, who apparently learnt to drive on a bumper car ride, cost the CDA some Rs3 million on repairing official cars that he had damaged. At the time, Shahenshah claimed his son only drove private cars. It looks like even the king is fallible.

There are many honest bureaucrats who have given their kids a beat down for abusing government property or their fathers’ names. But then, these are good bureaucrats who work hard, go home to their families and hope to be promoted along the way.

Political appointees, or safarshi bhartis as my source called them, are only there to make a quick buck and have access to the power that comes with high government offices.

Good CSS officers also have spines. The career bureaucrat that Iqbal replaced was maligned for mismanaging the agency, yet posted as a federal secretary to keep him from talking about the political influence he was fighting against. Iqbal seems to have no qualms about being a more influential political appointee’s puppet. Incidentally, the final straw was believed to be a questionable lighting deal approved by the Planning Commission under Iqbal, then shot down for being unfeasible. Surprise, surprise, the deal is online again.

As for Prince Iqbal, his language alone qualifies him for a tight slap from his father. Abusing his father’s ‘good’ name qualifies him for another. To top it off, his physical behaviour qualifies his wrists to have handcuffs slapped on them. Instead, the only people getting slapped are we the people and particularly his victims.

So to our new brat-de-jour I say, this city might not belong to me, but I do pay your father’s salary.

Never forget that.

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Vaqas Asghar

Vaqas Asghar

The author is a senior sub-editor on the Islamabad Desk and also reports on diplomatic events. He tweets as @vasghar (twitter.com/vasghar)

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • maham

    Of course,,,This country was made for these people so that they can rise to power and rule over the one’s whose dads don’t own the streets.Recommend

  • http://lonepkliberal.wordpress.com Loneliberal PK

    Wow. One can actually feel the rage emanating from the pixels. I’m not saying that the rage is unjust, or the repeated taunts of “his daddy’s road” are uncalled for.

    It’s remarkable how much these brats think they can get away with. Indeed, an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.Recommend

  • http://www.thetrueperspective.com Hamza Malik

    My God. What do these kings and queens of this country teach their children?! Shame!Recommend

  • yasir ali

    sarkaar raaj !!!Recommend

  • Nadir

    The problem is that this guy most probably reads articles like these and feels mighty proud. Proud that he can get away with what he likes, proud that he has state subsided vehicles and goons to do his biding. His friends are probably impressed and patting him on the back for how big a deal he is. He probably thinks his “izzat” has been enhanced. We fuel this culture by being awed and impressed by it. Time to stop equating honour with ones ability to flout the law.Recommend

  • tAlha


  • http://pakistani-edu.blogspot.com Usman Shahid

    I really feel ashamed because these kings and prince are real Pakistani and we, the very few, are like alien in this country.

    I hope your article will be read by some king and Allah might change him although there is no chanceRecommend

  • sars

    What goes around comes around. Prince iqbal Jr is currently unleashing his fury on dads subjects with no retribution. No worry when dad retires , is thrown in jail or falls out of favour, the same tongue will be used on him. Recommend

  • http://www.twitter.com/ahsanzee ahsan

    I wish there were more vigilantes on the street and less vigil-aunties on TV. Why arent these kids kidnapped for ransom? Where does the TTP go when comes to these people . im pretty sure the princes of Islamabad would proove to be far more valuable hostages than some old retired foreigners.Recommend

  • yousaf

    @author::You say,”under the law he would always be at fault for the accident”.I disagree with your statement.He would never be at fault,I say so because the legal and political systems that we live under were made by the RAJ,for the RAJ,for the rule of RAJ.The RAJ had come to loot and plunder for which they made laws in such a way that all privileges were for the RAJ and entire burden of responsibilities fell on the shoulders of the common man.Only thing that has changed since ’47 is the COLOUR of the RAJ,rest is all ‘as you were’.HAIL the RAJ and use opium,in case you are a commoner Recommend

  • Muhammad Faizan

    Excellent Piece of writing !Recommend

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Pugnate Noman Ansari

    This is just depressing. We’ve all come across these jerks driving in Karachi. What is wrong with them, only god knows. Recommend

  • Ahmed HM

    Great article. My mother encountered a similar experience with her driver, and those people were just ordinary with little political backing.

    I hate TTP, but I would be glad if these people are kidnapped for ransom …Recommend

  • JS

    Corruption and stupidity begets more corruption and stupidity. Look at the gifts being left to us from the people who plundered us for the last 60 years…..Corporate looter Moonis Elahi, Chemical Ali Gillani, Hajj Scam Abdul Qadir Gillani, Hamza Shahbaz & Hasan Nawaz, and good ol Bilawal Bhutto Zardari…….letting these offspring get to where they want to go will be the final nail in pakistan’s already sealed coffin..Recommend

  • Mariam Saleem Nawaz

    Brilliantly written! HEAR! HEAR!Recommend

  • Spaniard

    Excellent piece..Can someone in Pakistan call this prince to private party or somewhere and beat him in such a way that his all body pain when he think agian to beat someone….Please if someone can do then it will be his ehsaan on nation..DONT KILL HIM…just beat him in such a way that he can feel the pain of poors…Recommend

  • Haroon Khan

    Its about time, everyone should be allowed to keep weapon with them to defend oneself, and the police force should be terminated. Just waste of Space and taxpaeyers moneyRecommend

  • Mo/CA

    i have major qualms with media over this matter and many like this… Why do they publish these stories, or run them on their shows for a couple of days, and then completely forget about it in an instant… this sob should be brought to court, and punished by jail time. Reading this article I can count 3 instances of breaking the law… driving abba jee’s sarkari car, rear ending a different car, and physically abusing the victims in this situation…

    seriously what the hell is wrong with these people, do they not realize that they are to die one day, and all this money, and power will seize. iA… and that they are answerable for all these actions. Recommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/author/944/sabeer-lodhi/ Sabeer Lodhi

    Brilliantly articulated! Recommend

  • Osama Sarwar

    The social media must teach Prince Iqbal a lesson. Keep sharing. Recommend

  • Hashmi

    Another feather in the cap of this government..:)
    If they can loot the hajj pilgrims and flood markets with drugs, the safety and security and izzat of the common citizens is a joke for them..Recommend

  • Faysal

    The victim could have been anyone of us. It is about time that we rised against such black sheep and skittled them out of the palaces that they are holding. Recommend

  • Ali

    I would recommend everyone keeps sharing this article online… specifically target this individual and his son otherwise this will carry on… its not abt him being part of a large number of people who do stuff like this… i repeat specifically target this individual and keep sharing the file again and again…. also if the writer can provide a followup that would be great….

    same thing happened in khi but the difference is that the constant violator eventually ended up killing three laborers on the road… he was out of darakshan police station as soon as his daddy appeared….

    put him behind bars before someone gets killed….. Recommend

  • Mr. Honest

    Andher nagree… Choppat raj… what else can we expect in pakistan, a country ruled by THUGS…Recommend

  • Aamir A. Mallick

    Long live the King! Islamabad is half the size of New York cemetery and twice as dead. It’s only all the King’s horses and all the King’s men keeping the city alive… Long live the King! The rest of us are all Humpty Dumpties!Recommend

  • BADurrani

    I have a message for this young man… your welcome to come to my fathers house or I can come to yours either way I’ll give you a chance to prove what a tough guy you are one on one how does that sound? heck I’ll even tie one of my arms behind my back in honour of your status. Recommend

  • Sarmad Shah

    He is a cool boay …!!!

    In sindhi there is a saying , ” JHANG JI BAKRI , ANN(wheat) TEY MITHAI…!!!” it maeans that those who never see riches and are suddenly exposed to riches they change their attitude/behaviour/persona but they never change their instincts that are bestowed upon them since birth…

    This cool kid qualifies this saying by all standards!

    GEO DOST!Recommend

  • Wowemkay

    If this is true the ONLY remedy for this spoilt brat is a few (12 should be enough) strokes of the cane a la Singapore Recommend

  • Raza

    @Haroon Khan

    That seems to be the most irresponsible, anarchic idea I have ever heard.Recommend

  • What The

    @ Author

    Fantastic piece. Thank you for naming and shaming them in public, the way they deserve to be named and shamed.Recommend

  • sultan mirza

    @Raza then why don’t you suggest something sherlock.Recommend

  • Sharjeel

    such guys need to live in KARACHI for a little while and we’ll fix their attitudes..!!! Recommend

  • Parvez

    When daddy’s big boss shows his middle finger to the Chief Justice of the land, then daddy’s spoilt brat will obviously behave obnoxiously because daddy allows him to do so. Recommend

  • Zaheer

    Hey guys,
    just read the article and i have some mixed feelings TBH. I agree with the writer on some points and totally disagree on others. See i understand what these moron did was totaly wrong, i get that. But you cant just stereotype all of the govermenent officers and their families. My dad’s a grade 22 officer and still in service, but believe me he has not once exploited anyone for his own gain. Sure we have 2 govt cars, but also a private one. And btw you can drive a govt issued car, its really stupid what the author wrote, there is no rule against it.
    People! My dad struggled his whole life to gain what we have today. He studied his way up to the top, koi sifarish nai karai thee. So why are you all so pissed? Mehnat ka phal bhi toh milna chahiay hai. Recommend

  • Mustafa

    Shame on him.. and shame on his father. People like these have plundered our country. And i say we stand up to this injustice! We must not let these capitalists get away with murder! If the government fails to bring economic stability, then fine its understandable.. but least provide justice and security to the common man. The common man whose bread and butter they steal and yet sleep well at night. If we are ruled by such rotten head of states then i feel ashamed to be a part of the state. My best wishes to the author of this article. You have my support till the end. As for the spoilt brat, what goes around come around. And i wait for that day when you will receive your fair share of justice.Recommend

  • sultan mirza

    @zaheer now that you have spoken. My father is working in MP1 grade (management pay scale for those coming from high-pay backgrounds after working in private sector to accomodate them) right now and he has also served in BPS 22 grade federal position for 11 years in Islamabad and also as an federal minister incharge in Musharaf govt and let me tell you that it is clearly marked in the service rule books that not even the officer is allowed to drive under normal circumstances let alone teenie boopers and kids kachra. CDA Chariman position used to fall in BPS 21 but now recently it was upgraded to BPS 22 and also an official car is an official car regradless of of who is using it. I had seen my name in the newspaper 10 years back for driving official car (just speed driving and hurting no one) so I’m a running example and exactly know what happened in this case.Recommend

  • Nawab Zada

    My much applaud to the writer of this article its really well written and begs the question why are’nt the police arresting this kid? He has broken the Law. The police men who did nothing while standing there have also broken the law. I hope Suo moto notice can be taken by some big judge to teach these animals in the government that no one is above the law.Recommend

  • Ali

    He should be handcuffed and put behind bars. Recommend

  • Sarmad Shah

    All those who are throwing tantrums here and whining that such people have plundered the exchequer of the country and what so ever… Sour grapes! when you guys get to such positions you will never stop yourselves from plundering… so just condemn what has happened and dont exceed limits Recommend

  • x

    Suo moto notice, CJ! Recommend

  • A. Khan

    My solution to this malady is to ask the public to stop any official (sarkari) vehicles being driven by family members including sons. If they do not stop, give chase and stop them. Ask for identification and proof that driver is of required age and a government employee of certain rank to be allowed to avail said vehicle.

    If no proof is forthcoming, deliver a beating to said individual that he or his future progeny will not dream of doing such a thing again. Once beating is complete, blacken face and make sure video is on Youtube along with name and father’s name/position/organization and residential address. ( Ensure that public administering justice are not in video, of course !)

    Once done, you will see that this will not happen again in this country.Recommend

  • Zaheer

    Totaly agree with nawab zada. I’m pretty damn sure y’all endup the same way if given the power. Recommend

  • Zaheer

    Sorry i mean i agree with sarmad =p got the names mixed upRecommend

  • A. Khan


    What you state is incorrect. Your father, being a serving government functionary, can drive the government car and that to on official business. You and your family are not allowed to drive government car yourself but a designated government driver can do that for you and that to remaining within the limits of allocated petrol allowance for the month. Given the abysmal checks and sense of entitlement we have in this land of the pure, these restrictions are ignored and abused.Recommend

  • A. Khan

    @sultan mirza:

    Speed driving …hmm.. and you make it sound that it is right as you are entitled to it.

    At least you admitted to it only ten years after the fact.Recommend

  • A. Khan

    So the best response to the ladla’s first threat “Do you know who my father is ?”


    “I don’t know who your father is. Do you ? “Recommend

  • mahnoor

    @sultan mirza
    u 2 are soo right these are stupid fools dnt even knw the truth in grade 20-22 ,u get 2 or more offical cars and anyone at home can drive with permission as i have got. they just want someone 2 abuse:) and else if he has abused or had accident with anyone dats another story, but didnt we see So called raj of army officers? naval ppl? ministry? why dont all commenting goes and see in mirror his own life and home, and his family?:)Recommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/author/379/vaqas-asghar/ Vaqas Asghar

    @Sarmad Shah:
    Are you encouraging ‘loot-maar’ by senior bureaucrats? Sir, many officials live honest lives, just as there are generals who do care about their jobs rather than their plots, there are government officials who work honestly and retire knowing that their reputations will live on years after their service.

    You’re misinformed as Sultan Mirza pointed out. It is explicitly stated in the rules. No more than one car is also in the rules. I am the son of a retired grade-22 CSP/CSS officer and know full well what opportunities for abuse there are, but neither I or any of my siblings ever used his name to get ahead in life or ‘bharam dikhao’. He worked too hard to get where he did for his kids to pull a jackass move and ruin his reputation.
    We did that, not out of respect for the government or the law, but respect for our father. Anyone who has any pride in their parents’ achievements would do everything possible to ensure their reputations stay clean.

    Of course, if there is no achievement or reputation to be proud of…Recommend

  • Saad

    Very well expressed!
    Clearly these people have forgotten who they actually work for.Recommend

  • Zaheer

    Lol mahnoor thats the problem with pakistani people (us). If we just learn to mind our own business, i’m pretty sure the country’ll go back to being normal. See this is one of the main reasons why pakistan is a laughingstock in the whole world: because of silly ppl here who want to start ‘protesting’ on the roads. I dont know why these people are so pissed, its not like we’re (govt people) living on their tax money. 95% pakistanis dont even pay taxes, its a common thing.
    The stupid comments made by some of the people here shows just how much idle time some of these people have, they could’ve utilized the time into something more productive.
    My father earned everything we have and we have every bit of right to use it anyway we like. Recommend

  • mian

    calm down this is not ur dad’s countryRecommend

  • mian

    time is coming my friend ur thoughts will change very soon so as ur dad’s earning…..Recommend

  • BM

    “I dont know why these people are so pissed, its not like we’re (govt people) living on their tax money.”

    I hate to be the one to break it to you, but you and your dad ARE living on my tax money. And for that reason, I have every right to question how it is spent. It’s called accountability. Recommend

  • Jalil

    Shame !!!Recommend

  • Sonia

    Loved the detailed articled – and more so the punches and humor!!!! i was amazed it is in the Tribune!!!!Recommend

  • Sonia


    I just read ur comment and it made me wonder- how wud u fit country into all this????

    Prince dear is also ruining the image of the country at large- coz of an under achieved father.
    Wht abt those ppl whose parents have achieved alot – like urs for example.
    We dont make any stupid moves not to malign the image of our parents, but I believe it is connected to an overall larger image of the country that we all as a nation of Muslims and as a nationality Pakistani belong to. We project a positive image.Recommend

  • http://hhrd.pk Usman

    well written Vaqar.Recommend

  • Azfar
  • Akhter Khan

    @Sarmad Shah: That’s just plain idiotic. Nuff said.Recommend

  • aPoliticalMan

    Why don’t the Talibans or Al-Qaeda take up real issues such as these? Women being raped? Children being kidnapped? People going hungry on streets? Politicians abusing their power? Looting, plundering? Land grabbing?

    Oh no wait, if the US is out of Pakistan, all of the above problems will go away.

    Al-Qaeda and Talibans, seriously get a life. There are more important things that you can do than moral policing.

    Focus on these issues, or get off your high horse.Recommend

  • Baba Ji

    This is the story of Murdaa (dead) Quom … bear with it !!!! tell us something new please …Recommend

  • peshawri

    the time is near when we are going to repeat the french history……. and then these prince would not find a single safe place to hide themselves…..Recommend

  • Yusuf

    I vote we picket the house of the CDA chairman. Lets see how they react. Recommend

  • http://bigsaf.newsvine.com bigsaf


    If we just learn to mind our own business, i’m pretty sure the country’ll go back to being normal.

    SMH (shaking my head). What absolute failure in education and ethics. Societal or govt abuse IS the public’s business. Everything will NOT be fine if we ignore local crimes. Ridiculous

    I dont know why these people are so pissed, its not like we’re (govt people) living on their tax money. 95% pakistanis dont even pay taxes, its a common thing.

    Suggest basic classes in economics before spouting ‘genius’ comments. People are pissed because they suffer heavier financial burden paying more unjust indirect taxes on their poor and middle class incomes for daily normal trades and goods, which feeds govt and army salaries, be it higher gas, utilities or food prices, as elites do not pay their fair share in direct income taxes to the exchequer…at all. It’s uncommon in every other civilized country, but backward Pak.

    My father earned everything we have and we have every bit of right to use it anyway we like.

    NO you cannot. There are laws that govt workers and their families are to follow, to serve the people, otherwise should be sacked. Privileges from taxpayers is not intended for personal business or private parties or bribery or beating up people. No comment on your father’s work ethic or integrity, but clearly there’s some humbleness lacking in the younger, who fails to know their limits, indulging in princess privileges, justifying unethical corrupt and abusive practices on taxpayers’ money. SHAME. Recommend

  • http://bigsaf.newsvine.com bigsaf

    I am the son of a retired grade-22 CSP/CSS officer and know full well what opportunities for abuse there are, but neither I or any of my siblings ever used his name to get ahead in life or ‘bharam dikhao’.

    Appreciate you even more and great comment on the backward ghetto ‘bharam’ mindset across all classes, especially the elite. Recommend

  • http://bigsaf.newsvine.com bigsaf

    @Vaqas Asghar:

    I am the son of a retired grade-22 CSP/CSS officer and know full well what opportunities for abuse there are, but neither I or any of my siblings ever used his name to get ahead in life or ‘bharam dikhao’.

    Appreciate you even more and great comment on the backward ghetto ‘bharam’ mindset across all classes, especially the elite. Recommend

  • munir ud din

    wait few more years then you will see more of these on the streets of every city. the own the country so why not. this country has gone to dogs. no turning back. just say inna lillah.Recommend

  • raza

    nice one bro i am with u fix the dateRecommend

  • http://twitter.com/HashimAbbasi Hashim Abbasi

    We need Batman… he’l knock some sense into these Jokers :pRecommend

  • Hameed

    While i agree with all the points raised in this article i fail to understand why only in Pakistan does the driver who rear ends a car is to blame. No where in the world is the rear driver blamed until and unless the accident is investigated. What if a driver suddenly stops to admire a woman or to see an accident in a adjacent lane as our Pakistanis typically do ???? Who’s to blame then Recommend

  • Sane

    It is now time to find way to punish such CHEATERS & PLUNDERERS. Also what should be the punishment. At least to expel them and their families barehanded and bare feet.Recommend

  • Abid P Khan

    They are digging their own graves.

    Forget it. Nothing but wishful thinking.

    Jab saiyyaN bhaey kotwaal, hameyN dar kaahe kaa?Recommend

  • http://bigsaf.newsvine.com bigsaf

    Glad the comment left an impression, son, yet you continue your lack of ‘tameez’, ethics and intellect. No one attacked your father personally or ridiculously assumed, like you have, that he should arrest the thug himself. It’s you who dragged your poor old man into this. Worsened by your shameless excusing of corruption and abuse, which only confirms general comments made against most govt workers and their princess families and the culture of contempt, followed by your weak protests. Blame yourself for failing to grasp context, relevance and PR butchery. Pak society overall is rotten. Now note your hypocrisy claiming every citizen should be responsible (Fully agreed), then when it comes to govt workers’, you downplay your responsibilities on basic ethics (it’s just a car, yaar…paid by taxpayers!) and pass the buck to the police. Classy, junior. Even if everyone is corrupt, it does not excuse YOUR corruption. Believe it or not, there are hard working ethical Pakistanis. You take those posts, then accept higher accountability and standards instead of abusing privileges, a concept you seem to have difficulty with.

    Yea, its a big deal to earn education and know economics instead of spouting crap on a subject you don’t know at all, like an ignorant apathetic jahil to justify unethical false notions and time wasting arguments. Worse, you insist on acting like you know the subject by yapping ‘Macroeconomic’, in God knows what context, when you displayed and admitted otherwise earlier, but whatever. In your pseudo-language, so you can follow: an abusing VIP kid, isn’t ‘micro’, considering the frequent lawlessness in Pak. Micro issues need great micro-management. Micro acts snowball into macro issues. Right-wing religious nationalist conspiracist nuts are one thing we can agree on. But you mention them as cheap deflection to excuse the supposed centrist or left-wing Pakistanis who’ve contributed to the country’s regressiveness as well. You might as well be as much in denial as the right-wing extremists.Recommend

  • Zaheer

    @bigsaf: just because i dont agree with, that makes me a jahil person who doesn’t know anything on the subject? Dude who the hell are you to judge me? You are the one who sounds like an arrogant fool, bragging about his ‘education’. I know hell lot more on the subject then you, i’m a double major in economics and political science at the nyu! (there! I was forced to brag =p) and buddy dont worry about my lack of manners and crap…you just focus on yourself.

    P.s: not in the mood to argue anymore.

    P.s2: i was going to apologize to you bigsaf, till i read the rest of your worthless comment :) Recommend

  • http://bigsaf.newsvine.com bigsaf


    Noting your previous gems, its sad if true. Even folks who didn’t major in economics/poli-sci, or even take O-levels economics, know about govt pay, so how could a supposed grad of such disciplines be so oblivious and erroneous on the basics? Not even a matter of disagreeing. What’s to conclude?

    Judging by your comment,..

    Your quote. Assumed you were immune? We differ in logic and values, not opinion. Contrast is like Fox and BBC. In your attempt to defend the few honest govt workers to debunk an abusive elitist stereotype, you ironically did the opposite exposing your self-entitlement, naive on basic govt laws and ethics. So excuse us for being indignantly righteous when one openly condones violations. I didn’t brag, nor knock, education or the law. Arrogance was your own. Corrected on gross misinformation, unable to grasp context or societal wrongs, you double downed with poor rants, betraying education and taxpayers. Its the paying Pak public who deserves an apology. You inadvertently admitted to abusing privileges in ignorance. Blessed with good economic/educational background, one can’t be ignorant of laws and should know better than to justify selfishness and unethical corruption, but you’ll never get it.Recommend

  • Waqar Saleem

    “its not like we’re (govt people) living on their tax money”

    Your father’s salary comes from the government exchequer which is assembled from
    — the Paksitani taxpayers’ (the few of them) taxes
    — aid given to the country of Pakistan, i.e. the people

    On a personal level, you may have other sources of income, but all benefits you derive through the government of Paksitan are because of the people. So do show them some respect. Otherwise, ask your father to abandon his government position.Recommend

  • Naeem Khan KS,

    So whats new in the land of Pak. It is all about how you bring up your children, the fault lies with the parents and there is no if or but about it. What else you can expect from these thugs and looters who are ruling the country. Pakistan is a lawless country and laws are applicable to those who are ordinary people.My wife worked for State of Kansas and one day she was leaving in official car on official duty to go to Wichita Kansas about 140 miles south of Topeka. I was going to Wichita on business at the same time, I asked her if I could ride with her and she refused and explained that no body was allowed in that car except those who are going on official duty.The State could fire her for violating their rules.But in Pakistan it is like they own the country, it’s treasury and whatever comes along. Perhaps Pakistanis deserve what they got in Islamabad because they put them there. It is time to undo the mistake and send these people home for a long long time to come. I WISH.Recommend