Satisfied with TV coverage of the Bhoja Air crash?

Published: April 25, 2012

As the Bhoja Air plane went up in flames on Friday evening, so did tempers within the Pakistani social media crowd.

Along with the “RIP all victims of Bhoja Air crash” status updates on Facebook, there were angry tweets questioning why television channels aired the passenger list and why images of the crash site were being aired.

It seemed that it was easier for people to direct their fury at the media for being “sensational, insensitive and unethical”.

Some from the media circle, however, defended the coverage and retaliated by saying that the reporters were doing their jobs.

This brings to light a few questions: do people realise how television works? Are viewers aware of the challenges of reporting tragedies?

I asked The Express Tribune staff a few questions and recorded them in the video above. Their answers were varied and interesting, especially since they are journalists who have a good understanding of the breaking news cycle.

I hope you can join in and add to the debate.

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Atika Rehman

Editor of the Life & Style pages of The Express Tribune and an LLB graduate from the University of London.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Saima

    The problem was not the coverage but the unedited coverage! It was more about the competition between the channels rather than highlighting a tragedy!Recommend

  • Ameer

    Also the relatives of passengers (who were already chaotic an shattered) were forced to speak to the reporters by putting millions of cameras and lights in their faces. That was bad and insensitive. Recommend

  • sultan bhai

    just when you thought what else could go wrong, maya khan showed up to the airport.Recommend

  • Usman Shahid
  • Questioner

    Lets flip the question and ask your senior journalist as to what exactly she thinks your customers want from you? Instead of berating them for not knowing the challenges why not try to better understand customers?Recommend

  • Arshad

    This media can only show negative aspects of our society…with full shameless way.
    When the times come to highlight country’s positive aspects…media falls in epilepsy.Recommend

  • Meekal Ahmed

    There is no problem in showing the wreckage but showing human remains is in very bad taste. It is simple. Recommend

  • Faraz

    is there ANYTHING positive to show at all?? there is nothing positive in the country! not defending the media but there’s nothing positive in Pakistan. Recommend

  • Afridi

    Atika rehman i must say very nice topic highlighted by you and it needs some MANY HUGE brain storming sessions by the people sitting in policy making. Those who were talking in the video were just illiterate educated people who doesn’t have any ground knowledge of our society by mere speaking in british or american accent doesn’t make them educated. that must understand what they are showing has dire consequences on our society, on our children. 70% of our people are uneducated they must sift many things from what they show. i my opinion our media is creating cheap sensation to gain cheap popularity as our society is corrupt so are they, busy in earning money at the cost many things. they are blackmailers. In which tv channel in the world a tv host disrespects his guest which tv channel host sitting on live channel threats someone on tv (Hamid Mir saab). what is this way every channel is saying we are the first one to break this new what stupidity is this. can any one tell me which country have max breaking news in 24 hrs. FOR HAVEAN SAKE SOMEONE TELL THEM PLEASE GROW UP NOW.Recommend

  • Siddh

    Atika, well picked up topic. I think mistakes were made by all the stakeholders. Bhoja didnt have a proper crisis management cell, media went berserk trying to get on top of one another while disergarding the feelings of those who lost their loved ones. The Govt should have played its role in containing the area, stopping everyone to enter till bodies are removed and investigations are held, also helping in avoiding thefts and disrespect to mutilitated corpses. Senior analysts and anchors must play their role and so should people like you to highlight the impacts of such a nonsense and irresponsible behavior.Recommend

  • Hameed Langraw

    Atika Rehman!!!!

    I have just gone through your this blog, I want to tell you & others who have commented here without using their minds


    Bhoja Airplane crashed at distance of 15KM from GT Road,or hum MOST OF THE Journalists or you can say REPORTERS…We reached there on our foots..

    We were doing our Job..& we have done with sincerity & professionally,jo humse pocha gya,wo humne report kia.

    Crticize karna bht asaan hai jo yahan pe log beth k kar rahe hain…Main challenge kar k kehta hun k mere sath 3 hours dhoop main khare ho lain protest cover karne k liye..

    ATIKA APP KO JOURNALISTS K VIEWS LAINE HI THAE TO APP QAMAR se laiti jis ne EXPRESS PE LIVE COVERAGE DI FIRE BRIGADE KI GARI PE CHARH K,SHERYY BHAI SE LAITI JO WAHAN THAE,Ye jo AC ROOMS main beth k comments daite hain..or Journalism k Pillars bante hain….inhen logun ko cameras ki fikr to hoti hai par reporters ki nai……….Recommend

  • open land in ajman

    That was very horrible moment.I can’t forget this airline crash .It is just because ,this is pakistan.It is failure of our govt.

    open land in ajman Recommend