PTI in Balochistan: Quetta loves Kaptaan

Published: April 22, 2012

In this video, I explored the true sense of excitement that surrounded Imran Khan’s rally in Quetta. As one of the locals who attended the jalsa (rally) in person, I recorded scenes that show what this gathering means to the people of Balochistan.

I interviewed men who travelled long distances to see their beloved leader, Imran Khan. The general sentiment around the rally reflected adoration, positivity and patriotism. One can gauge the amount of respect people in Balochistan have for Imran Khan by the fact that many people showed up to support him despite the flooded streets and traffic jams.

“Rastay baray kharab hain; sari raat barish hui hai …. .” 

Throngs of people can be seen supporting the Kaptaan despite this statement.

“Itna rush hai, na garaion ka jaggah hai, na bandon ka …. ,” says a local.

(It is so jam-packed; there isn’t any space for cars or people.)

It seems as if the people of Balochistan themselves are surprised at the feat accomplished by Imran Khan. They have new hope that they can gather in peace without fear of violence. The sentiment that this video captured is aptly expressed by an emotional spectator when he says,

Hum saray Imran Khan se love kertay hain. Is liye Zila Loralai se 300 km ka safar te kar ke jalsa dekhnay ke liye aye hain.”

(We love Imran khan. That is why we have travelled 300 km from Zila Loralai to see Imran Khan’s rally.)


Qaisar Roonjha

A young activist who uses citizen media as tool for raising awareness. He has won many prestigious awards like the Global Creative Art Contest and the Honour of Global Change-makers by the British Council. He is based in Lasbela. He tweets @QRoonjha (

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