Did you hear the one about the Pathan?

Published: August 18, 2010

The stereo-typical image of Pakhtun's is offensive to many young Pakistani's

It really annoys me when I hear fellow Pakistanis complaining about racism – not annoyed because of their racist attitude but because we don’t look at ourselves before we point our fingers at others.

I had a nasty experience the other day when I was talking to someone on an online forum. He was pleasant enough until I told him about my ethnic background when all hell broke loose. His comments were so nasty that they would put the KKK to shame. He blamed the entire Pukhtun race for all of Pakistan’s problems interspersed with four letter words and accusations of us smelling like sweat and curry. It took me a minute to realise that it was another Pakistani who had insulted me and not some foreigner. It was far more shocking.  I still can’t believe the day has come where we are at each other’s throats.

Pakhtuns: Always the punchline

The worst thing about this racist trend is that all jokes related to stupidity and sex are relegated to the Pakhtun community while all the (sick) money jokes are about Memons. I do give the Memon community points for taking it in their stride and still achieving what they are good at (it is their right to spend money the way they want as they earned it.)

However, I personally believe Pathan jokes are not appropriate in this day and age. People expect you to actually listen to a joke and be cool about it. My Pakhtun friends have gotten tired of it and don’t even bother taking a stand when people make Pathan  jokes since they know people won’t stop.

But I believe that if you don’t take a stand people will never stop. One of my friends did take a stand against these jokes and now no one dares make any in front of her. Why don’t people make jokes about African American people? They won’t do that because African Americans won’t stand for it. That is one reason why only African American people can use the N word – they are the only ones who have the right to use it.

This same principle can also be applied to scenarios when Pakistanis hate people using the word “Paki” as it is derogatory for them.  It is wrong for others to make fun of us but it is right to make fun of each other over here. I do not buy the excuse that it’s all in jest because you can crack jokes without referring to the ethnicity of a person.

We are all Pakistani and yet we discriminate against each other on the basis of caste, sex, religion and class. I wish there was more unity amongst Pakistanis but unfortunately no matter how educated or uneducated you are there will always be some differences between people. It is truly annoying when we beat our chests and wonder what we went wrong to deserve such treatment. I believe we deserve what we are getting because we have not put our own house in order.

Why is it that no other jokes are made about people of other ethnic backgrounds? Why do we have our favorite whipping boys just like the Indians have Sikh jokes? Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about the positive factors such as their hospitality, bravery etc? Why is it that people who only think that the Pakhtun are only meant for menial blue collar work and not good for anything else?  Have people forgotten that there are illiterate people in each province? There are also a sizable number of literate Pakhtun people in Pakistan. Do we hate them so much that we only have the most vile jokes for them?

These jokes existed even before we knew of the terrorists who are partially from that province. If that is the reason for the hatred then why is no antipathy targeted towards Punjab where many terrorists hail from as well? That should not be a reason to hate someone.

I am also disappointed with some of our nationalist Pakhtun people who dislike our Punjabi brothers, mock them for their capitalist ways and blame them for all problems. Then there are some in Karachi who mock people from Punjab and call them ‘paindoos’ while they refer to Karachiites as ‘Baiye’ ( this does not apply to everyone.)

Pakhtuns: Whipping boys and terrorists

If there is a terrorist attack all fingers are automatically pointed at Pakhtuns.

Why do people get annoyed when we talk about the Punjabi Taliban?  We have to realise that they are simply terrorists and not classify them based on  their ethnic background.  The fact is that both the Pakhtun and Punjabis are involved in terrorist activities (along with foreign collaborators) and yet whenever something happens only the Pakhtuns are  blamed. Why can’t we just adopt a stance and pin it on someone after we gather  evidence?

I don’t think anyone can forget the horrific Ashura bombing and its deadly aftermath. The impact of the incident was such that the twittersphere was abuzz with some people making all sorts of claims. Some had established the ethnicity of the  terrorists  who were responsible for the incident  based on CCTV footage. A brilliant way to make such a claim indeed, as we all know CCTV images are in HD and they also fill you in on a person’s background.  (In case you can’t tell I am being sarcastic.)

Now what they could have done was say “oh, we will wait for the investigation to end and then we will let you all know.” But most people on Twitter are armchair analysts who seem to have an answer for everything. They automatically came up with the most logical thing they could think of. It isn’t their fault as they have been conditioned that way. (This of course does not apply to everyone but only a small cross section of people.)

This attitude only breeds bitterness and does nothing to bring them together. Karachi has been affected by target killings recently and a lot of lives were lost. The city went under a lot of tension recently after a Legislator from one of the coalition parties was murdered in cold blood. Countless innocent people were murdered in retaliation for the murder. I can’t put the blame on two of the parties who blamed each other as they are both sharks in their own way.

Why can’t both parties work together and do something instead of creating potential race riots?

It really saddens me because this attitude has sown the seeds of hate amongst our people. The Baloch population hates the Punjabis and the assassination of Akbar Bugti only made things worse. They are now forcing Punjabis to move and there is a large number who had to sell everything and leave their livelihood.

Pakhtuns: Just like you

Looking at this whole situation, it is really sad to see this sort of attitude in our people. I really believe that everyone plays an important role here. If we were not discriminating against each other like that we would have gone far ahead. I know we are all hypocrites as we may have trashed someone or the other based on his/her ethnic background. I am ashamed to say that there have been times in the past when I have done so too. But there is still hope if we repent and change our ways.

We are supposed to live together as a nation and not live in our own self imposed, virtual ghettos. A person only needs to look deep inside and do what is best instead of emulating others. Why can’t we all say we are Pakistani instead of sticking to our ethnicity? It’s only dividing us further instead of bringing us together.  There is nothing wrong with being proud of the fact if you are fluent in Sindhi, Punjabi, Pashto, Balochi, Seriaki, Hindko, Memoni or Gujrati. Everyone is proud of their own culture and traditions but does that give anyone a valid reason to trash the other person via such jokes? How can we expect prosperity in our own country when we are not united?

I thought Pakistan was a land for everyone and not a place where you are judged on your ethnic background. There is always mistrust everywhere and this is the fear which has led to people being divided even though some maintain a united front. We would have never had these problems if we thought outside the basis of race. I am fine with everyone no matter what race, religion, caste or background he/she is from.

I repeat: people should look at themselves and set their own house in order instead of pointing fingers at others.

Shoaib Taimur

Shoaib Taimur

An IT graduate from Middlesex University who has been blogging for the past 7 years. He is a big fan of tennis, house music and Bjork.

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  • Hamood

    Yes, it is true that we are a racist people and Pathans unfortunately get the brunt of jokes, just like Sikhs in India and Irish in England. I think it will get better with time, education and some form of political correctness in Pakistan which does not exist today. It is also true that all ethnicities are derided by every other one. Punjabis, Mohajirs (Memons) and Pathans are the three major ones that are made fun of primarily because they are the top three dominant ethnic groups. It is also unfair to blame Pathans for all terrorism problems because half the terrorists are actually from South Punjab. Any ignorant person blaming Pathans solely for terrorism needs to be educated on the contributions made by Pathans in every field in Pakistan. Just imagine what Pakistan would be today if there were no Imran Khan, Jahangir/ Jansher Khan or even Vital Signs (Dil Dil Pakistan).Recommend

  • muhammad ali

    Punjabis are highly discriminated against in karachi.They have been ridiculed for decades as ‘paindus’ to the extent that punjabis don’t speak their mother tongue in karachi at all,lest ppl find out their ethnicity.It’s time ppl stopped being ashamed of their ethnicity & spoke their mother tongue no matter which language it is.Recommend

  • Ali M

    You gave words to my thoughts. We should learn to take individuals as individuals, should meet them with a clean slate until the individual does something wrong and that too shows the character of that individual only, not his whole tribe.
    This is a vast subject with many layers.. social, political and even economical.
    Racism is not only spawned by being scornful to a certain race it is also reflected in having pride by belonging to a tribe or race. This vanity has been the cause of many a wars and genocides like that in Uganda and Kyrgyzstan and we have seen it happening in Karachi. The only matter of pride- as taught by Islam – can be one’s deeds not the circumstances of one’s birth.
    Ironically in Pakistan the political forces calling themselves liberals play the race card. They find their strength in triggering the racist emotions and they are also supported by our so called intelligentsia as saviors of poor. These forces, from urban/rural Sindh to KP from Balochistan to Punjab exploit the conditions, promising the people to bring liberty from oppression of other race forgetting the fact that the oppressor in Punjab doesn’t bring his subjects from outside or the private jails in Sindh are only filled by poor Sindhis. Recommend

  • Shoaib Hashmi

    I’m always offended when I get a text message making fun of Pathans, Memons, Sardars, etc. Yes, this is racism. People make fun of these guys without even considering that they are being racist. If we continue to ridicule ourselves like this, we won’t need any further enemies.

    This is a great piece and displays feelings of many sensible Pakistanis.Recommend

  • http://ykhan.wordpress.com Yasser

    sorry but to be honest this post doesn’t make a sense at allRecommend

  • Maria

    Great piece!! We should all start thinking like pakistanis and
    work to build our country stronger. May God bless Pakistan and all the people living in it,whether they are of any caste or religion Recommend

  • Asad


  • parvez

    I had difficulty getting through the article. Your point is very valid but you laboured your point a little “too much”.
    We must inculcate the virtue of being able to laugh at ourselves and not get all hurt and despondent. If you are comfortable in your own skin and you know your strengths what more do you want.Recommend

  • Bilal Hashmi

    I think you ask yourself how Shias, Brelvis, Ahmedis (let’s not to talk about our Hindu, chirstian and sikh pakistani brothers) are seen and commented by Pakhtuns. Probably you already know that 95% of Pakhtun firmly believe in all other sects’ infidelity and Wajib ul Qatal status… Phir bhi doosroon se shikaayat…Recommend

  • fk

    i am glad someone took a chance to write about it…but I dont know if everyone here will comprehend itRecommend

  • Sakina

    Loved it!!!
    yes v should stop the racism and start the brotherhood for the better…
    As the cliche goes, United we stand, dived we fall :)Recommend

  • Farhan

    Pathans have feelings too …Recommend

  • Madiha Mustafa

    thnx 4 reminding the concept of brothhood..as its kind off lost these days :))) It feels good to know, that the spirit of brotherhood still exists in the hearts of pakistani peopleRecommend

  • Facebookia

    So much racism in a little country like ours. We need to remember what Quaid -e- Azam said That we are all Pakistanis. No sindhi balochi punjabi pathan..
    Not just that, sectarianism is also on its all time high.Recommend

  • http://theterrorland.blogspot.com/ Rehman

    Don’t worry… things are changing for good gradually… globalization is the solution! Recommend

  • http://theloungewagon.blogspot.com Raza Hussain

    I think Pathans in the city are the nicest people. I haven’t been to the tribal belt so I don’t know. I know an Afghan “conquered” my grandfather’s property in Quetta, but Punjabis, Sindhis, Baluchis do it in their provinces as well. I like Pathans though.
    As for the root of terrorism, that is in Punjab. The Pathans are actually the victims.Recommend

  • Syed Wahab Ali

    Take it easy, there are many jokes on other nations/casts also, may be his humor spectrum is narrow and above all you should have some tolerance for humor. Our society and mullah had turned Pakistanis supper sensitive emotional bombs. No tolerance and narrow vision is developing mistrust between nations.

    ‘Why there are no jokes for other nations’ Are you kidding! I always found Punjabis cracking jokes about themselves with out any racism phobia. Punjabis representation is full of sardar g jokes, the stereotypical punjabi is paindu, jahil and dehati. I heared from pakhtoons ‘badzuban’ and ‘baygairat’ words for pujabis.

    On the contrary most of time I found “some” Pathans, full of pride, spiting out ‘We Pakhtoons’ all the time, even One of our teacher , has a pakhtoon pride poem in his room. I found favoring there people in workplaces. Always found 3 pathan together and started talking in pashto and you feel isolated.

    About the man having gun in hand, “stereotype ??” hello! ask any one, ‘Why do you have weapon culture’ ‘O g hathyar to pathan ka zaiwar hey’

    On the other hand, I found my pakhtoon friend very kind, hospitable and very flexible to integrate with any nation with very pleasant behavior.

    Complaining and groaning is leading you no where. We really need to prioritize our national issues in this time of distress, stand unit together for the homeless,food less flood stricken people. Recommend

  • Rashid Aurakzai

    The more you take stand against, the more people find it funny to tease you. Pathans are big hearted and know how to convince fools by ignoring it. This never means hate speech and rascism must not be resisted.Recommend

  • http://shoaibtaimur.com shobz

    @Syed Wahab Ali: I think you did not get what I was trying to convey over here. It is easy for people to get away with being offensive if they try and wrap that around in a joke. The point I am making is that we should not even make jokes where we have to specifically mention the ethnic background. I think you can also see the point I have made where people have to take these jokes in their stride as they know that no one is going to do anything about it. It is wrong to poke fun at others as well as yourself. Deep down inside there is a lot of resentment amongst people and therefore we have jokes. This is not classified as being over-sensitive or reacting to something. I am sure you can also see that I have made the point that this is widespread amongst all our ethnic races mainly because we like to get back at others. If we did not have any jokes to begin with no one would be poking fun at the other. Unfortunately the jokes are just the tip of the iceberg and we all know that there are cracks within. It would make a big difference if we were to not resort to taking potshots at each other.
    @Parvez: I disagree because I don’t think we should be able to laugh at ourselves when it’s a race joke. If someone wants to make a joke he/she can resort to that without having to name a race. Ignoring the problem will not make it go away. Recommend

  • Fazal

    Nice article Shoaib! People must realize when we mock other people we are mocking our creator because all creatures have been created by him. Arrogant behavior is not a classy trait or the traits of the people who try to emulate behavior from our Prophet(PBUH)!Recommend

  • http://ayesha5.wordpress.com Ayesha

    It doesn’t need any scientific theory for understanding this post. Pathan jokes, especially labeling (all) Pathans as Taliban or Taliban sympathizers is an attitude that needs to be shunned if we sincerely want to strive for the unity of the nation. Besides jokes should be in good ‘humor’ any derogatory or offending words are believed to stemmed from the hidden hatred or the sense of superiority of one race against the other.

    I’m glad you expressed your views on this issue. Recommend

  • Pir Monafiq Shah

    Pushtoons are the cementing factor in Pakistan. They are present in FATA, PATA, Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa, Karachi (sindh), Baluchistan and Federal Capital Islamabad.
    Secondly they are achievers. They got Kashmir from India in 1948. They defeated the super power Soviet Union. They are on the verge of another victory against US forces.
    The failures of the state cannot be dumped on the Pukhtuns. Therefore dont worry.
    They are always in the news……………whats wrong if they are in the jokes too?Recommend

  • saher

    seriously .. this blog is the need of the day… i am not pashtun.. but i hate the jokes… and especially wen little kids would make offensive remarks abt pashtuns or memons… :( and they do it because they have alwys heard their elders say those things. Recommend

  • haroon rashid

    Coming to the writers point about him complaining that people shouldn’t make fun of them…well has this bleeding heart liberal stance of political correctness finally made inroads into Pakistan too??Recommend

  • ahmed

    I haven’t lived in Karachi…but i doubt that urdu speaking from karachi can make fun of anyone else. Even if they try, they are pathetic at making jokes.

    Punjabis are the best at making fun of someone else.

    And pashtuns are pretty racist against punjabis as well. Recommend

  • Farhan Zulfiqar Mughal

    @ Pir Monafiq Shah, Buddy don’t give me this “cementing” crap. What is Pakhtun? I have rarely seen a “Pakhtun” calling himself a Pakistani; If you ask them they would say “Hum Pathan Hai“. As if being “Pathan” is an honor. Real Honor is being a Muslim and then a Pakistani. By the way Monafiq is bad name, kindly change if it’s real.

    @ Shoaib Taimur, I am still confused that why did you start this post? What was your motive? What results were you expecting from this post of yours? My friend there are topics that should never be discussed, otherwise there is a danger of “Fasaad“. Recommend

  • http://shoaibtaimur.com shobz

    @Farhan: This is the exact attitude which has us all divided. I have written on this topic mainly because this is something which has been swept under the rug a number of times. I am really glad my post was published so I could discuss this issue. I guess it doesn’t bother you to see a majority of all the sick jokes being made about the pashtun race. It is not amusing nor is it something one can take in his stride. We are not supposed to discriminate as Muslims and yet we are doing that via our attitude. Your comments add more credibility to my post. Furthermore the actions of a few people do not speak for the entire pashtun race. There are plenty of them who consider themselves to be Pakistani.This has the same logic as the fact that all Muslims are terrorists. There are always some bad apples in every race but that does not mean that everyone is the same. Unfortunately social prejudice and discrimination does not help their case and I am not surprised why some of them are not happy associating themselves with Pakistan. The public has a very stereotypical image of the pashtun race and I think it’s about time they learn a thing or two. PS. I don’t think a simple post will create “Fasaad”. Recommend

  • zaigham

    1) “Why is it that no other jokes are made about people of other ethnic backgrounds? Why do we have our favorite whipping boys just like the Indians have Sikh jokes?”

    2) “… this is widespread amongst all our ethnic races mainly because we like to get back at others.”

    lol… but I guess you are right.

    We are overall a racist nation. But asking us to follow the western definition of racism is a bit absurd. The racism has never reached that point where people think others as sub-humans (like in usa) or start killing indiscriminately (nazi). Yep, there have been some incidents and I dont want to say but pushtuns featured in most of them. And please don’t start on Karachi. Recommend

  • zaigham

    I forgot to mention, please dont make sweeping statements about that every body in pakistan wants to get on pashtun. There are few people who do it not all.Recommend

  • http://shoaibtaimur.com shobz

    @zaigham: Racism is racism no matter where you live in the world. I think the word you are looking for is ethnic cleansing i.e. Bosnia, Rwanda, and the Nazis who killed the Jews. Racism is something which lurks deep inside and that will never end. I don’t think ignoring the issue in Karachi is going to make it all go away. We need to work on sorting out our differences instead of just blaming it on one party. PS I have not accused the entire population of being racist. This applies to people who think that way.Recommend

  • zaigham

    personally i don’t take part in such things. i agree you are right with these below-belt style of having fun. However, I don’t support this sensitivity cant-tell-an-african-american-joke at all. Some of our best writers have used these racial stereo-types to create some of the best humor and satire. Try ‘khakam badahan’.

    omg… are you guys editing comments?Recommend

  • Farhan Zulfiqar Mughal

    @ Shoaib Taimur, I am not satisfied with your answer and I know this can go on and on and on. Anyways, Ramadan Kareem to you and all the readers here.Recommend

  • Shobz

    @Farhan: I am not here to satisfy the whims of all readers. You may have your point of view and nothing I say will satisfy you since you already have you already have a preset notion about it. Ramadan Kareem to you as well.Recommend

  • A Y

    Very well written blog.
    In my opinion one of the reasons for such racism towards Pukhtoons in Pakistan and Sikhs in India is that both these nations ruled the subcontinent for centuries and it often happens that when you lose power, those under your rule tend to make jokes about you. Its a sort of revenge which they couldn’t take by force but making fun of the superior ones who were their rulers. Recommend

  • A Y

    Besides my previous comment, I would like to ask all those non- Pushtoons to justify one thing. Why many of them write “Khan” as their surname when they are not Khan in first place? On one side they make fun of Khan sahib and at the same time, they tend to become Khans themselves? I guess its because they can’t ignore the pride one feels being a KHAN. Recommend

  • Taimoor Hassan

    Dear Shoaib Taimur
    You have mentioned your thoughts in nice words but I think you . were so touchy while condemning RACISM for specific ethnicity. It has never happened in our country, and jokes never reflected ethnicity or caste and we never felt that. Yes Its true we are feeling these jokes Now a days in this perspective. I would like to raise few Questions to all of you here.

    Why Our country is the only country among more than 188 UN recongised countries, who appeared on the world map on the foundation of racism ?..we recognised in our books from class 3 onwards that we are SINDHI, BALOCHI, PATHANS and PUNJABI. Its true every one has proud on one’s race, sect or caste. Why we only propogate these four races in National songs or on Independence day officially where are Mohajirs, Memons, Kashmiris, Saraikees, Hazarwal, Makranis etc etc. Why Our Politicians use to spread this ethnical message during their election compaigns that I AM FIRST SINDHI then PRESIDENT or I am first PUNJABI then Prime Minister of the state..?
    In all over the Pakistan Race issue has blown up. You should not deny this. You can hear voices from Saraikees, Hazaras clearly for separate provinces. They start giving sacrifices on these issues as April 12th, 2010 Eleven persons died for Hazara Movement in KP.Why we have been appreciating ethnic student federations in our Universities so its not the matter of jokes only. Its really a barrackate to becoming a NATION. Think about it. Its a reality to be address….


  • Softimage

    The Muslims of sub-continent were living in an era which may be considered as the dark age for the muslims. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan realized and worked hard to educate the Muslims. The Father of the Nation presented a two nation theory and in the year 1947 we earned Pakistan for Muslims of the sub-continent. Today if we gather our 63 years of history and ask ourselves WHAT HAVE WE ACHIVED AS MUSLIMS? What will our ego tell us!! Mr. Shoaib i don’t blame you for the topic you selected for your blog actually this is the product of in what we invested. The dream of our forefathers for the Muslims of the sub-continent has shattered as today we are not even Pakistanis we are divided into ethnic groups. Recommend

  • zaigham

    Adding to previous comments…
    The humor by these great writers don’t make us hate the stereo-types. These characters are reported with all their weakness, strength and fragility. And we actually fall in love with them. Just watch this…

  • http://ykhan.wordpress.com Yasser

    Whether we take example of Shahid Afridi saying he is waiting for captaincy since 4 years and then resigning or whether it’s an issue of moon sighting in KP or whether it’s aggressive nature and leadership of Imran Khan or the helping hand of Farman Ali Khan who saved 16 lives during flood in Saudi Arabia. Good and bad people are there in every community but unfortunately Pashtuns are under the scanner due to long war in Afghanistan, not only because of US but even they have culture of infighting among themselves, what we Pak.Govt can do is to provide them(ALL) good mentor and education, let’s pray for a leader with likes of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) so that we can tolerate each other at least on trivial issues.Recommend

  • Yuckademus

    Are Pakistanis among the most intolerant backward people on the planet or what? We don’t tolerate differences in religion, belief, thought, ethnicity, gender, etc. and that is why our country is the way it is. We are a small minded people who are too scared to educate ourselves, too scared to let others be educated, too scared to let people make their own choices, too scared to allow for and encourage critical thinking, but courageous enough to ridicule/abuse eachother on the basis of differences. We need to mature ourselves and embrace modernity, promote tolerance and free thinking otherwise we will remain at the pathetic groveling level that our country is currently at.Recommend

  • acenith harper

    mr farhan ,it is an honor being a pathan . we r very proud of our race ,language and history ! nothing wrong with that !! Recommend

  • Shahnawaz Sheikh

    In fact it is true that all ethnicities are derided by every other one. I would like to share my personal feelings. I belong to a migrated family, who came Pakistan in 1947 after great losses of financial nature as well as human lives of the family members. I always found my father as patriotic citizen of the country and he always called himself a Muslim. He never believes on ethnicity. Few days ago, I saw my father very disappointed, I asked the reason, he replied;
    This is not the country for which my parents did sacrifices, because the political leaders called us “Bhaiya”, “Refugee” etc., whereas no one realizing our sacrifices.
    He further added that;
    Political leader of an ethnic political party said in a public rally that “when Pakistan liberated then those “Bhaiya People” came to Pakistan to refugee. In Pushtoo language they are called “refugees”. “Bhaiya People” were booted out from India. “Bhaiya People” put to shame in India. “Bhaiya People” came here when they could not settle in India.
    I would like to raise my question here that whether Quaid–e–Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a “refugees”? Whether Quaid–e–Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah put to shame in India? Whether Quaid–e–Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was booted out from India? Whether it appear sound that if we called Quaid–e–Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah as “Bhaiya”?
    As today we are not even Pakistanis, in fact we are divided into ethnic groups. All political parties should choose their leaders / spoke person who may be soft spoken and harmonize in between others.Recommend

  • Farhan Zulfiqar Mughal

    @ acenith harper, This what I hear everywhere I go, “I am a Pathan, we are a different race and we are proud”. I don’t understand “WHY” being a Pathan is so honorable and why not Sindhis, Punjabis and Blochis feels that same pride. What have Pathans done that the whole nation should be proud of them???.

    I am not against Pathans, they are my fellow Pakistanis, but I will appreciate them more if they would let me know, “What have they done to be proud?”Recommend

  • acenith harper

    mr farhaan ,we r not asking for the whole nation to be proud of us !! we r proud of who we r as a race ,our culture ,our history and our language !! and yes the punjabis and sindhis and balauchis should be proud of theirs .With great pride we have preserved our language and culture for thousands of years . Pride in ones race is not a bad thing .Recommend

  • zaigham

    @Farhan bhai:
    This thing is not limited to Pashtuns only. Take ‘Syeds’, or ‘Siddiquis’ or ‘Mirza’. Its a different form of Brahmniat. Wo kehtay hain na kay, “Hawis banati hay badal badal kar dil main tasveerain”.

    You guys are both editing and deleting comments…
    So much for your freedom of speech…Recommend

  • Khalid Momand

    I believe the author himself is quitely ashamed about his identity. The fact that he continues to come across these jokes is because he has not reacted strongly enough to repluse them. First things first, if we really are proud of out ethnicity and background, we should first of all have a name that represents our background i.e using our tribal sir name(This is a luxury which very few people around the world enjoy since the ethnic background of so many people have mingled with each other that they no longer know where they belong). It should come naturally to us to defend our identity and should not wait for it for a long time till we can no longer take it. I think Pashtons are among the most beautiful, bravest, honest and upfront poeple in the world. Many people envy all these qualities so to quinch their jelousy they might come up with jokes against pashtons here and there behind our backs, but one thing we should make sure of is to never allow them to gain the courage to say it in front of us. Peace !!!Recommend

  • http://shoaibtaimur.com shobz

    @Khalid Momand: I think you are sadly mistaken here. I am not ashamed of my own identity. For starters if I were ashamed I would have never shared this piece with anyone. Furthermore I have never allowed anyone to badmouth my people as I won’t stand for it. I believe reacting strongly such as resorting to violence or threats will never resolve the issue as the people will go quiet but their views will stay the same. The best way for people to be educated about this is to raise awareness and to show how jokes and comments are hateful in nature. Recommend

  • dowood ibrahim

    my dear brother,, it makes sense,,,and HAW i think u r jealous from him,, he is a good writer,,i appreciate him,,,,Recommend

  • Arshad Iqbal

    I think its time to decide for new provinces which should not be based on race but on the basis of administration requirements. Recommend


    its really i Nonsece and not fair to say somthing against others.
    I don’t care of anyone and I don’t feel shy. we don’t allow anyone 2 say like this Stupid words against our peeps…

  • Farhan Zulfiqar Mughal

    There was only one Nation that migrated in 1947 to form Islamic Republic of Pakistan. That nation has died and what we are left with is Sindhis, Balochis, Pathans and Panjabis. Shame.Recommend

  • Yusufzai

    dear all it will be pathans who will save Pakistan and its predicted by many astronomers Recommend

  • bashir khan

    afterall what the stupid people say about the Great Pakhtuns ,ilove them and respect them and proud to be a
    pakhtun zalmay.We have very rich history and culture but i would like to request all my Pathan brothers to not forget their past and culture and stand against any change in our culture .for example those people are said modern who are bare totally . Please try to cooperate at each and every level with your Pathan brothers so that we can fight with our enemies who are known to everyone .Da LOY ALLAH PA AMMAN ……….Recommend

  • http://www.linkedin.com/company/sociality-360 Babar Khan Javed

    Imran Khan is awesome, end of discussionRecommend

  • Faraz

    @Syed Wahab Ali:
    I agree with Wahab 100% humor at the expense of the ethnicities is a UNIVERSAL concept.. comedians like eddie murphy, richard pryor and more recently Russell Peters have made fortunes out of it purely coz the masses love it.. there is no right or wrong in it.. we have faaar more pressing issues to deal with. p.s. when representatives of Pakhtoons claim that ‘azaan se pehlay humaray bachon ke kaanon me AK-47 ka burst sunatay hain’ can u really be surprised such stereo types are springing up?! .. be proud of who u r and turn a deaf ear to ethnic jokes if u cant take it in jest. Recommend

  • Mudassir Afridi

    thnx 4 reminding the concept of brothhood..as its kind off lost these days :))) It feels good to know, that the spirit of brotherhood still exists in the hearts of pakistani peopleRecommend

  • Shahzad Iqbal

    I am a punjabi ( may be a paindoo as well), but I stand up when I feel that certain pathan jokes cross the limit. My friends have been pathan, and I have never seen the kind of hospitality that I get from them, simply amazing! I just love them for what they are :)Recommend