Is science closer to the truth?

Published: April 13, 2012

When 97% of the scientists tell us that evolution is true, many of us remain unconvinced. PHOTO: REUTERS

A dangerous notion appears to have invaded our minds; that science is merely a buffet of opinions, and it is entirely up to us accept the information that appeases us, and reject what we find unpalatable. That’s not how it works.

When you go to a doctor’s office, you take his prescription and follow it precisely. You don’t argue with him about why he prescribed Bromazepam instead of Lorazepam, or announce that you’re going to take 12 tablets a day as opposed to two that the doctor has advised you.

You acknowledge that your doctor, being an expert in medical science, has a better idea of how these drugs work than you do.

Unless you’re a doctor yourself and have good reason to believe that the prescription isn’t right, it would be in your own interest to simply listen to the expert. It would be even smarter to do so if 97% of the experts are handing you the same prescription.

However, when 97% of the scientists tell us that evolution is true (according to a 2009 poll by Pew Research Center), many of us remain unconvinced. They decide that their opinions as non-scientists, are just as valuable as the evidence-backed words of the scientists, and that rejecting a theory that is the indisputable nexus of all biology, is no ignorance at all.

A similar attitude is observed concerning the climate change phenomenon. Like evolution, the only controversy that exists here is among the general public. Within scientific circles, there’s a near unanimous consensus that the planet is warming up, chiefly because of human activities. This particularly concerns countries like Pakistan, which faces double jeopardy owing to its precarious geographical location and fragile economic state.

The coastal regions of Sindh would be inundated by rising waters of the Arabian Sea and the excessive melting ice from Himalayas would cause flooding along the riverbanks in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

This isn’t a Mayan prophecy; it’s cold, hard science.

The irony here is that Pakistan itself has a relatively low carbon footprint (1.0 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide emitted per capita, as opposed to 18.5 for USA), but might end up paying the price for the negligence of the richer countries.

Denial of scientific information has surpassed the status of a nuisance, and grown into a terrifying epidemic. A common excuse is that science is always changing, so there’s no point believing what scientists tell us.

It should be realized that the ability of science to constantly refine itself, instead of sticking by its original ideas out of hubris, is a quality and not a weakness.

Science got the shape of the earth wrong twice before finally arriving at the correct oblate spheroid model. The flat earth and the spherical earth concepts were both incorrect, but not equally so. The latter was still more accurate than the former, so science did make a significant improvement when it asked people to abandon the flat earth model and accept the spherical earth theory.

A scientific claim may not always be fully accurate, but it’s always closer to the truth than the previous theory.

Challenging the scientific position without offering any real evidence is not free-thinking, it’s sheer ignorance. The scientific position is based on observable, measurable and provable data while ours may be based on ideological convenience.

Hardly the same thing.

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Faraz Talat

Faraz Talat

A medical doctor and bubble-wrap enthusiast from Rawalpindi, who writes mostly about science and social politics (and bubble-wrap). He tweets @FarazTalat (

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  • Ali Tanoli

    @Mr Faraz
    when mejority of these god less sciencist say there is no GOD then what u will say???????Recommend

  • Rapid

    A man full of faith is simply one who has lost (or never had) the capacity for clear and realistic thought.

    Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.

    All religions bear traces of the fact that they arose during the intellectual immaturity of the human race.Humans had an overwhelming desire to give thanks, even when there was
    no-one to give thanks to and this, in part, had given rise to religion.Recommend

  • Uzair

    @Ali Tanoli: You just proved Faraz’s point :) Why do you want to pick and choose what science states? But rest assured science does NOT say that there definitively IS or IS NOT a God.

    For starters, no (or very few) scientist claims there is “no god”. It is impossible to disprove something that is based on faith alone. If a child claims there is a Santa Claus, there is no way for you to disprove that either. Anything can be imagined, but to prove or disprove it is then beyond logic. Thus scientists don’t usually bother with trying to prove or disprove God. At best they say there may be a God, but there is no proof.

    If, however, you are so scared of science and what scientists say, (like most Pakistanis), then why do you still use modern inventions? Why do you put your faith in aircraft and telephones and whatnot?Recommend

  • Critical

    Science can never always be the truth…
    In late 19th century,everyone thought physics is a dead subjects as everything in it was already discovered…But Einstein’s relativity shattered the entire physics concepts overnight and we realised that we were nowhere close to the truth…
    Theories like Big Bang Theory and Evolution still needs a lot of research before we establish it as a truth…

    But every theory should be challenged by a counter theory and then evidences should be brought to prove or disprove the theory..Thats the only way science can be brought forward..

    But around a month ago,there was a blog about religion and science

    What I found more interesting than the blog was the comments by the readers..
    There was a virtual war between 2 groups..One group of atheists and rationals trying to disprove god’s creationism ,while the other group was a block of religious fundamentals trying to prove that Quran is the all knowing book and it has every field of science originated from it..

    But as the discussion intensified,the fundamentals started getting defensive and started making illogical comments…When others asked about the science from Quran,they were unable to provide evidence but kept repeating like a parrot than Quran is the ultimate source and everything is originated from Quran…blah..blah…blah..

    What I want to say is that Science is not perfect,but if you think u dont agree to a scientific theory,you need to counter it with another theory…and bring evidence to prove or disprove it…Dont use religion to disprove science

    Please dont change this blog into a science vs religion debate…Because u cannot counter something as wide as science with a small book(Quran,Bible,Torah,Gita) which you “believe” is the truthRecommend

  • Mj

    @Ali Tanoli:
    Science is based on evidence. If there is evidence, if any, to support the existence of a deity, then I’m sure scientists would be willing to change their position after evaluating the evidence. This a a good effort by the author to explain the importance of consensus in the scientific community, let’s not turn the comment section into just another Religion vs. Science battleground.

    Once again superstition and ignorance is rearing its ugly head not just in lesser-developed countries, but also in highly advanced ones. In America, thousands of people are choosing not to vaccinate their children against measles and mumps after diatribe on national television by an unlettered former centerfold model. Similarly in Pakistan and Sudan, polio is resurgent because ignorant mullahs have termed vaccines a ‘maghrabi sazish’ to cause impotency. Even Norway is not free from the curse of ignorance, with as much as 50% believing a particular faith healer Joralf Gjerstad can cure diseases.

    Ignorance can only be combated if scientific knowledge is given preference over political, religious, and other dogmatic opinions. Yes, science is not perfect, and sometimes scientists do get things wrong, but it is the most important method and base of knowledge the best of humanity has come up with and we are collectively better off putting our trust in it.

    Michael Shermer: Why people believe strange things
    Michael Specter: The danger of science denialRecommend

  • Critical

    @Ali Tanoli:
    Well Ali,you know something,Unicorns exists…Those beautiful white creatures…
    You demand proof…Read the book “Unicorns are Real” written by none other than me…
    I can show you proof from my book that unicorns exist..

    Now,give me solid proof that they DONT exist…But mind you,I will not accept anything other than my book as proof…
    I will not give you freedom to doubt that unicorns are not real and if you doubt,I’ll brand you as a non-believer…
    I will torture you and even kill you because you’re a non-believer…

    My life was going on well till I met another person who claims that Mermaids are real…Since mermaids are real,then naturally it means that unicorns are not real…Now I call them as non-believer and he calls me as non-believer…

    We fight wars over which creature is real and we’re ready to sacrifice anything to make sure our belief is right….
    I believe that the world will be a peaceful place when everyone accepts that unicorn is real and for his peace,I’m ready to disturb the current peace and wage wars…Recommend

  • Ali Tanoli

    Faith with out science and science with out faith is nothing and this is Islamic science .
    And faith is not that god can but believing in that god will……..
    we believe in science but with faith.Recommend

  • Confused

    I like how the blog title totally ignores the content and asks the same question again. le sigh.
    Or rather, is it closer to doing it ?!?Recommend

  • Loneliberal PK

    We believe that carbon (C) has an atomic mass of 12 because that’s what the periodic table tells us. We never personally verified this number, or went to extraordinary lengths looking for evidence. We accepted this information without protest, without fuss. We thought, “Hey, if all those scientists are saying it’s 12, then that’s good enough for me!”

    When the same scientists (not the same field, perhaps, but those following the same scientific method) speak out in unison, except for a very small group of dissenters, that global warming is real and is primarily anthropogenic, we refuse to listen to the scientists and make up our own opinions.

    Hmmm! Isn’t it odd that our scepticism for science is reserved only for information which is ideologically or politically inconvenient to accept, or even try to comprehend?

    The lesson here is not that scientists cannot be challenged. Peer reviewing and falsification is an important part of science. But you don’t get to challenge an expert without having that same kind of knowledge yourself, or real evidence that the expert’s data (or interpretation) is flawed.Recommend

  • Chappal Chor

    @Ali Tanoli

    “The burden of proof lies with the claimant.”

    Since believers claim that God exists they have the burden to proove it, not scientists.Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    If you take one look at this graph alone, depicting the steep rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide since 1950’s, and understand that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, common sense itself dictates that the planet is warming because of humans, who have been (still are) releasing excessive amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

    Then there’s a mountain of other evidence too! The fact that the ocean temperatures are rising, bird migration patterns have been disturbed (in many regions, they’ve stopped flying south in winters), glaciers are disappearing left and right, and climatic disasters are becoming increasingly frequent. At this point, climate change denial has almost become a crime against humanity, and not just simple ignorance.Recommend

  • Fahad Raza

    Truth is…that a true statement, or fact, does not change itself. It remains the same. Earth rotates and it looks as if sun rise. It becomes more a matter of perspective and a level of understanding. Science and its knowledge can only claim to get closer and closer to truth but cannot reach a conclusion with absolute certainty it will as ways have minute chance of error. Then a majority % rule applies which is quite against the whole question of truth its self as their is nothing 97% truth. Recommend

  •!/Pugnate Noman Ansari

    @Ali Tanoli:

    He will say, “What the hell is a ‘sciencist’?” Recommend

  • Talha

    Of course any system which remains agnostic until sufficient proof is available would be the most rational, but you misunderstand the basic question, namely that is there enough indication for a rational/scientific person to conclude that Islam is true?

    At the end of the day Islam is about faith, but faith based on reason, not blind faith.

    Atheists need to understand that when it comes to Islam, it’s not an either/or between faith and reason. The use of one’s intellect is embedded within the religion so in fact one cannot be a good Muslim without using one’s intellect. This science vs religion debate emanates out of Europe and people need to realise that it makes no sense whatsoever in the context of Islam.

    Reason leads one to conclude that Islam is probably true. Faith then pushes him to believe and practice its entirety, including parts which cannot be dealt with by science or reason (but which do not contradict reason).

    In the words of God, “do they not ponder?”Recommend

  •!/Gullible_Nomore Gullible Nomore

    In my opinion the reason why most religious people don’t believe in the evidence provided is because they don’t know what to do with it. Religion’s claims are devoid of any kind of empirical evidences. Therefore most of its adherents are brought up in a way to never question what they’ve been told, to never question the authority and to never ask the question “why”.
    The simple evidence of this face is that according to some trolls here on ET, Quran has all the science. According to Quran, God is pure energy. How did this ‘pure energy’ become intelligent? Is anyone’s guess.Recommend

  • Avantika

    A dangerous notion appears to have invaded our minds; that science is merely a buffet of opinions, and it is entirely up to us accept the information that appeases us, and reject what we find unpalatable.

    Come on, everyone believes in science. At least people all over the world do.

    If Pakistanis have even started questioning science, then It’s time the sane Pakistanis moved out coz Pakistan is going down. When ppl start writing articles about the authenticity of science; if u have to make an effort of convince ppl about something obvious, it means that that country is on the verge on ruin. Recommend

  • Anoop

    Wonderful article.

    This behavior exists because a few aspects of science invalidates major Religions in the World.

    People will believe in the God, they have never seen nor heard

    But, when you go ask Zakir Naik about evolution he says its just a theory not been proved. He doesn’t care that Theory of Gravitivity is JUST A THEORY too! So, can you deny that gravity exists?

    Theory of Gravity explains many other phenomena around the World and hence accepted as the ultimate truth.

    Same goes with Evolution. That theory fits perfectly by explaining the many trends observed in nature. Why Human form resembles that of an ape; Why genes of Man might have some common genetic traits with that of a Guinea Pigs are all answered by Darwin.

    So, people like Zakir Naik only reject parts of science. Its not his fault, its the fault of the people or circumstances which brainwashed him into thinking that his Book is the ultimate truth. His faith is so unflinching that anything that invalidates it is rubbished and absurd reason are brought forth.

    Let the Evolution bashing begin as we have seen so often.Recommend

  • Anoop

    One more point.

    Lets talk of the hypocricy associated with it too.

    People reject Evolution, but gladly accept the fruits that branch of science has given us.

    Example: People will gladly take medicines that promise to cure their illness or save their life. The medicines that are in the market today are tested on animals first. Why? Because Animals are related to Humans, as Darwin said. By taking those very medicines you are actually proving Darwin right. By proving Darwin right, you are invalidating the Holy Quran.

    But, people will never admit that. They will stand by their opinion: Evolution wrong, Quran correct. Yet, they will not stop enjoying the gifts of Darwin. Hypocrisy is the word I am looking for, I think.Recommend

  • farooq

    guys its not about science the aim that brother had in his mind was to prove the concept of evolution right,

    the problem here is that he uses the authencity of panadol for proving a complex theory.
    ITs not about god or any thing else being rational prove it man with the evidences where evolution have taken place or being recorde the past 4000 yearfor example,
    show historical evidences like alexander was 800 years old, leonadus was 90 feet tall,
    we cannot believe such a complex theory oin the evidences like carbon particle test.

    and please dont try to confuse evolution with global warming, global warming is a tentative phenomena and needed to be dealt at the moment.

    Even an atheist doesnt care about the evolution “What is the praticle implication of evolution man”
    Please focus on evolving racial discrimination and power shortage or other tentative issues.
    not just to prove yourself a modrenist because
    “Truth can be only proven by logical and tentative evidences”Recommend

  • azhar88

    the people today are like firaun and hamaan. With the pride of his civilization firaun in his arrogance told hamaan to build him a building tall enough so that firaun can talk to moosa’s god. the same is the case with people today who have faith in science similar to the faith that firaun had in his civilization’s acheivemnts. Science is an approximation of reality as perceived by humans. the truth is only with Allah. @Rapid: Recommend

  • Doomed

    Faraz wrote: Challenging the scientific position without offering any real evidence is not free-thinking, it’s sheer ignorance. The scientific position is based on observable, measurable and provable data while ours may be based on ideological convenience.

    Challenging how those scientific positions were established by critiquing the methodology and flaws of research conducted is not ignorance, even if the critic has some “ideological agenda,” which itself is an ad hominem argument of personally attacking the critic’s intentions.

    A scientific critique does not have to offer any alternative evidence to establish its veracity. Its veracity is in the very logical coherence of itself. Ever done critical analysis of epidemiological and clinical case reports and series? If you did, you would not have put such ignorance on display in this article. Recommend

  • Rationalist

    It is imperative for eveyone to understand the difference between the knowledge obtained through faith and science. Faith is believing anything without evidence whereas Science is believing nothing without evidence.

    The people of faith have no problem with science unless and until the knowledge obtained through science is not in contradiction with their faith. Based on the evidence and observable facts, when science comes up with a theory which contradicts their faith; the peope start criticising the science. Recommend

  • Abdul Basit

    97% of the scientists

    This is the exact problem here. Even scientists still do not unanimously agree about evolution. I would also like to bring to your knowledge the fact that 100% of scientists agreed in Einstein’s theory of relativity which has been found to be false by recent experiments which prove that the speed of light is not the same in all frames, Thus, your entire article and view is falsifiedRecommend

  • ASQ

    why is the author trying to enforce people to accept evolution theory when he himself is saying that science got the shape of earth wrong twice?believing into the theory of evolution or not isn’t gona make any change on our daily for global warming almost every person accepts it to some extent.honestly i have no idea what this article is all about?the problems which pakistan is facing is not due to rejection of scientific theories but of moral ones!Recommend

  • Asad

    @Ali Tanoli: View the facts with an open mind, Quran is fictional book, kids have imaginary friends so do adults. May it be Santa Claus or god. Recommend

  • Ali

    Have you read the Quran for you to claim that evolution is true and thus Quran is false? Please get an education, you only make yourself look like a fool..Recommend

  • Faraz Talat


    I don’t have to prove evolution right. That’s already been done by the scientists. I included a poll on scientific opinion on evolution, and you can find the evidence right here.

    Also, you have some grave misconceptions about how evolution occurs and what really happened. Nobody ever claimed that Alexander was 800 years old or Leonidas was 90 feet tall.

    Evolution is practically applied in pharmacology, horticulture, and animal breeding.

    I never mixed up climate change and evolution. Both were discussed separately as scientific concepts that are frequently denied by the public.Recommend

  • Loneliberal PK

    Abdul Basit,

    97% isn’t good enough for you? I’m sure if it even came down to 99.9%, you’d still side with the 0.1% for your own ideological convenience.

    Einstein’s theory was not approved with full consensus (there were dissenters then too), and no, it has not been proven wrong. The experiment with neutrinos was flawed (most scientists had been saying right from the beginning that there were technical faults with the particle accelerator, and they were right).Recommend

  • Faraz Talat


    It is ignorance if one doesn’t understand what he’s critiquing. Simply crossing arms, pouting and saying, “We don’t believe you” is not the scientific method. It is conventional for the scientific paper to go through peer reviewing, and a trial of fire that is the falsification phase. But it’s unreasonable for a random guy on the street to say, “Oh, global warming is false because I don’t really feel that warm.” despite all scientific data.

    Denying the value for the speed of light, or the descriptions in the periodic table will make no difference in your everyday life either. Let’s do that too.

    I’m afraid it would still count as ignorance.Recommend

  • Hasnain

    @faraz talat
    you have written a good piece my friend. but as gabriel garcia marquez would put it, discussion on it has wandered into that dark cul-de-sac that is the debate on the existence of god. be that as it may, it is refreshing to come across a rational, well-argumented tract as this.Recommend

  • Faz

    @Rapid: Indeed rapid at giving judgement. There is no need to link up science and religion at all. Sciene neither contradicts nor supports religion in general and Islam in particular. Whether it is about evolution or big bang theory, one may derive some evidences for or against a beleif system whichever suits the need, but not with surity. Science had conflict with church in past, but that was a church polluted with pagan roman ideologies. So there is entirely no need for generalizing that past conflict into present day. Recommend

  • Uzair

    @Ali Tanoli:
    LOL. What are you trying to say?
    “Faith with out science and science with out faith is nothing and this is Islamic science .”

    Exactly. “Islamic science” is a hodge-podge of real science and wishful thinking. If the facts contradict faith, then you chose to ignore the facts:
    “we believe in science but with faith.”

    What does that mean? Science clearly and explicitly states that we are evolved creatures, with a common ancestor with the chimpanzee. Read “Why Evolution is True” by Jerry Coyne. The evidence is startlingly clear, and it is everywhere. Now, if you choose to reject this evidence based on a “faith”, then you are obviously being a hypocrite. You choose to utilize the benefits of science including medical science and medicines based on natural selection (evolution), yet you intellectually deny the overall conclusions of the same science.

    No matter, I know that it is extremely hard to be honest with oneself when you have a cognitive dissonance.Recommend

  • Parvez

    It’s stuff like this and the updates on Veena Malik, that compels me to read ET.
    The ‘question’ that both science and religion are addressing is the same. The difference is that religion, using a ‘short cut’ claims to have found the answer while science is ‘plodding along’ step by step, still working at it.
    If a definitive answer came up then a whole new puzzle would have to be devised and mankind is not ready for that as yet.Recommend

  • http://Germany Mandeep Vaid

    @Ali Tanoli:
    @Mr Faraz
    when m(a)jority of these god-less sciencist say there is no GOD then what u will say???????

    In the science what you cannot prove does not exist.That means you have to present a watertight evidence supporting the existence of your God/Allah.Recommend

  • A S

    Science is the study and use of everything that Lord Almighty has created.
    The opinion of any scientist may or may not be based on facts as it has been found that many a times one scientist has been proved wrong by later investigations. In medical science such a thing is of a daily occurance as we read about contradictory reports based upon experiments and experiences, almost everyday.
    But the fact is that no one would have been able to launch a capsule (aircraft) in the air gliding and steering it through the air to reach its intended destination if Lord Almighty did not help those who wanted to do so. Besides what is a common sight amongst the many a strange things people are able to perform today would not be possible if the designs of Lord Almighty did not allow it. But the fact remains that Science is the study and use of everything that Lord Almighty has created.
    The theory of evolution? We cannot see it happening ever since the arrival of our common father Adam. So who are those people kidding?Recommend

  • http://Germany Mandeep Vaid

    Only Lies Need The Crutches Of The Religion, Clergymen And State Authority. The Eternal And Universal Truth Stands Upright On Its Own. Recommend

  • Silent Observer

    Scientists don’t believe anything, they are either certain to a certain degree whether a theory will hold or not (through careful observation) or they can speculate about a theory. That is the big difference between religion and science. Scientists don’t claim to know everything or anything for that matter whereas religion, which is based on faith, claims to know exactly everything.
    Scientific theories are not laws that are set in stone. Falsifiability is a distinct characteristic of science. Scientists do not “prove” anything. They simply present the result which supports or rejects a hypothesis. Science helps us understand the physical world around us. It has nothing to do with God, religion, or any other metaphysical entity.

    The problem with us Pakistanis is that we keep our thinking so confined that there is no room for an outside thought. Secondly, religion can only be opposed by another religion, science is not the opponent, it is but a tool that reveals the truth, and if our religion is true then we should not be afraid of it. According to a famous saying “Religion without science is blind and science without religion is lame”. As far as I am concerned, science and religion have the same objective, revealing the truth, so where did the opposition come from?
    The problem with all the religions today whether they be Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, or Judaism is that as soon as a new scientific discovery comes out to which they do not have a logical and empirical rebuttal or evidence, they immediately re-interpret their religious text to align with the new discovery and claim they already knew it.Recommend

  • Reddy

    @Abdul Basit :ya, speed of light can be altered and it slows down when it passes through certain medium, it doesn’t mean that you can exceed speed of light in that medium nor that proves Einstein wrong,people say right after the big bang part of our universe expanded with more than speed of a light ,it’s all the more reason to believe both speed of light and Einstein after witnessing the kind of energy needed to surpass the speed of light, Einstein himself proposed there are white holes which connect different times and places in universe that would enable us to cover greater distances in considerably lesser time that doesn’t mean we can exceed the speed of the light.but in order to understand those theories you need more than your chronologically self induced comatic brain.Recommend

  • Uzair

    @A S: You say “The theory of evolution? We cannot see it happening ever since the arrival of our common father Adam. So who are those people kidding?”

    Oh come on… think a little! What do you think the resistance of bacteria to antibiotics and the constant struggle by pharma researchers to develop new antibiotics is about? Penicillin for example was much more potent when it was first discovered and utilized. Penicillin did not lose its effectiveness, but the bacteria it kills simply evolved to survive better when faced with the drug.

    Bacteria can evolve very quickly because of their reproduction rate. Humans or or most other animals evolve much more slowly. Even so there are documented examples of animals having evolved in the last 100 years. And why do you think people in hot climates have dark skin and people in cold climates have fair skin? It has everything to do with the adaptation of local populations to local conditions.Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    Reddy, the inflation after the big bang was faster than the speed of light, but that is different. The rule is that nothing moves through space faster than the speed of light. Inflation wasn’t about an object moving through space, but rapid expansion of the early universe.Recommend

  •!/Gullible_Nomore Gullible Nomore

    @Fahad Raza:
    Sure, but 97% is a very substantial amount. As our understanding gets better and we develop more advance tools to test, that gap between 97 and 100 is going to get smaller and smaller. So 97% is a huge step forward. But just to rubbish it saying “oh its not 100%, therefore its bogus”, isn’t going to help anyone. Recommend

  • Reddy

    @Loneliberal PK: even if neutrinos travel faster than speed of light that doesn’t really discredit Einstein’s E = mc2 ,as long as particles does have certain mass his theory stands unviolatedRecommend

  • Vikram

    @Ali Tanoli:
    There is no eveidence that there is a God. No one has seen GOD. All religions claim about existence of GOD, but know one has even seen “GOD” or talked to him on the PHONE.God has told different things to people of different religions. God told Muslims they can have four wives and also they can beat their wives. God has told people of different religions to pray in different ways or every say different prayers.

    Just claiming who created this earth and life, is not an evidence that there ia GOD.

    Usually people who claim “GOD” is talking to them are sent for psychiatrist treatment. Dotors know there is a placebo effect, that means people can be cured even with sugar pills, if they are made to believe they are being given the real medicine A belief in GOD can change the internal physiological state and help people get cured, so most doctor encourage people to have faith in “GOD”.

    Author says “You acknowledge that your doctor, being an expert in medical science, has a better idea of how these drugs work than you do.”

    Doctors are no experts in treatment of psychological sicknesses (excluding psychosis). Most dcotors are no experts. Treating infections is not a big deal. Recommend

  • Vikram

    @Ali Tanoli:

    What is Islamic science? What do you think about cloning? Why Muslims doctors don’t study Islamic medicine?Recommend

  • Critical

    I love the way the fundamentals are behaving….
    If science correlates with your holy book,then accept it and praise your holy book for providing wisdom to the world long before science could do and thats why its a word from God…

    But if it disputes anything written in your book,…Shout blasphemy at the top of the voice,reject the theory and accuse the scientists as agents who wanted to dismantle the religion….

    What the Roman Catholic Church was doing in Medieval Europe,you guys are following it now..

    If you dont believe in evolution or Big Bang,fine..Its your choice,but dont preach others not to believe unless you have solid proof which doesnt come from a single book which you call as holy…
    Let your kids read both religion and science,give them choice to see which one looks more credible…There is no use walking out of evolution class or not including evolution in your syllabus just because it doesnt correlate with your religious principles

    If you think someone is stating a wrong theory,counter it with a new theory…dont drag religion into it..Science should be countered with science not religion..Recommend

  • Saaim

    If there is no ALLAH Then why my allah bestows upon from nowhere when i ask for it?Oh sory i cant show what where n HOW…Sooo i cant validate ma point RIGHT?Aaah WISH U HAD DT…:(Recommend

  • AN

    Read the article carefully. Author has discussed an attitude that exists towards Science that is much more prominent among religious minded people. He has not specially pointed out Pakistan rather gave an example. So there is no need to make such dooms day prophecies regarding my country. I know Indians suffer from this syndrome but let’s stick to this topic. Shall we?

    Coming to the example that writer gave regarding evolution is very true. Most religious minded people tend to reject evolution more than less religious people. Even in west it is not universally accepted as you are claiming. Biggest support for creationism in the west comes form none other than US.

    As for Pakistan,Scientists here do believe in it but general public reject it strongly, owing to their religious background. Still Science exits in Pakistan and Scientists as well. So no need to worry about that.Recommend

  • Danish Shah

    After reading the comments here and on my blog (religion or science: that is not the question), I have come to the conclusion that (mostly) religious people will argue their guts out to defend their beliefs no matter how wrong it may be. I’m not saying that the religion is wrong, but as ‘Critical’ commented above, please keep the two fields separate and if you have to dissprove science, please use science, and not religion, to do so.Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    Mr Talat, the author,

    I do nort take the medicine what the Doctor prescribes for me without a pre-knowledge of my suffering, and the details of the medicine! Let me clarify another mystery for you. For your info the medicines which are approved for the treatment of illness needsto have a success rate of 40 percent with patients in clinical studies. However in the same clinical stuies patients were found to be cured by taking a placebo pill as well. Now you are completely confused.

    Your info about the 97% on evolution iappears to be a fake and this could have been an April hoax. The advances made in the molecule biology in the past 50 years have proven beyond doubt, and according to Darwin, the zoologist own criterion, that the evolution theory does not apply to the intelligent human design. Iundrstand that in the USA many universities do no longer teach the students about the evolution theory?

    Hence the world famous scientists are now involved in Switzerland to uncover the secrets of so called God’s particle to decode the mystery. Also in the future the wild goose chase of the Scientists is very likely to discontinue and future research will be financed to explain the science stated in scriptures!!

    have a good day.

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • Vikram

    All these science has been discovered by Christians, Muslims could not find any science in the holy book.Is that true, embryology in Islam says “Muslims are made from clay”, from a drop (semen I guess), that turns into a chewed thing that becomes a leech……..Recommend

  • Rationalist

    Very well said. Given the technological advancements which have made the access to information very easy, we can hope that this situation would improve a great deal in near future. Recommend

  • Sanjeev Sabhlok

    To mix up the view that “97%” of scientists believe in evolution (actually that is 100%) with the view that “within scientific circles, there’s a near unanimous consensus that the planet is warming up, chiefly because of human activities” is entirely false.

    Please be clear that more CO2, from all evidence that can be seen so far, IS GOOD for the Earth. The will be a SLIGHT warming (no panic!) but more importantly there will be increased food production and reduced loss of life from severe cold.

    So far ALL IPCC predictions have been falsified. NOT ONE of the bloated estimates have come true.

    In science, when a prediction is falsified, the theory is nullified. People have to start afresh.

    On my blog I have explained clearly why CO2 is a wonderful thing for mankind and for the planet.Recommend

  • Hater

    Where is the dislike button? :/Recommend

  • hassan

    Is there any pathbreaking scientific concept in Quran that is already mentioned but not discovered by the scientists yet ?Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    I believe you, Rex Minor.

    I’m sure that you always check each and every drug’s indications, dosage, mechanism of action, contraindications, adverse effects, as well as develop a working understanding of target organ’s physiology and pathology, before finally taking that drug. Just like I’m sure you’ve personally verified the atomic mass of every element in the periodic table through rigorous experimentation before using them in your calculations in chemistry class.

    And it would be so much easier to believe how an overwhelming majority of the world’s brightest minds got together one morning on Skype and said, “Yo, let’s play an April fool’s on Rex Minor by endorsing the theory of evolution” and then started giggling feverishly.

    The poll isn’t fake. Stop dismissing all and any information just because it doesn’t suit your conceptions. Change your conceptions, stop trying to change reality as that won’t happen.Recommend

  • Ali Tanoli

    Any one of u ever trys to read the translation of Holy Quran i bet not and i have a advice please get a book its not just for making Dua prays or Taweez its a law, its a science, its family planing, its a way to heaven, its about day of judgment, its a how to live, its a law for huminity its a stories of peoples and nations who lived before us, it has written god said how i made human being one one drop of water and it has god said how man and wife can live and it has that how to behave man and woman. its a complet book please guys get it and read it before making any statment against the book of god.Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    Faraz Talat

    You had your fun! You are addressing a scientist, so do not give me and other bloggers the crap! The world is a global village and we are living in the 21st century of wissen geselschaft(knowledge Society). no more reliance 100 percent on others, self reliance is the call of our times.


    Yes, learn the arabic language and the arabic culture, and then try to decode the messages contained in the Quraan verses: The scriptures are going to there for eternity and it is upto individuals to discover what has not yet been discovered. We have no more empty space on this earth and the world resources are mostly been used by the three hundred odd Yanks. The billions go hungry each day! Remember also that human brain has nt yet utilised its full potential. Just 20 % of the potential 100%?

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • American Desi

    Blasphemy! How dare these scientists go against the word of God! It’s all written in the book of God! What more proof you need?! I’m with Ali Tanoli! Why people waste Billions on scientific experiments instead of following the book written by God! Mind boggling!Recommend

  • Vikram

    Rex Minor: ” learn the arabic language and the arabic culture, and then try to decode the messages contained in the Quraan verses”

    Why not follow Saudi arabia that follows Koran and Sunnah? Do you think Saudis or other arabs have failed to decode the message even after studying Koran for 1400-1500 years ? Are you you saying GOD has given messages in a code written in arabic?

    Are you saying all Muslims should force their women to wear burqa and not allow them to drive or go out alone (arabic culture)? What arabic culture you want people to follow?Recommend

  • Critical

    I’ve seen you repeat the same thing in many blogs..Learn Arabic language and culture and decipher the science from Quran….`I see serious flaws in your statement

    Just because your religion originated from Arabia doesnt mean you need to follow them in every aspect…
    Japanese Budhhists dont follow North Indian customs just because Budhha was born in a North Indian KIngdom now in Nepal…They worship Buddha but follow their own culture…
    So does Christians,they’re not studying Latin to decipher Bible ..

    In fact,there is a lot of difference between South Asian Muslims customs with Arabic ..that desert culture is not suitable to this culture

    2.You ask everyone to learn Arabic to decipher the science from Quran…If thats the case,why didnt Arabs do it in the past 1400 years..I do note that there were Arabic scientists…I dont find anyone saying that they got their idea from this verse of Quran or Hadith…
    How is that after Dark Ages,most of the inventions and discoveries were done by Europeans and Americans not others..
    Answer is simple,During Dark Ages,Christians were under religious influence while Muslims had more freedom but when Christians liberated themselves,Muslims started regressing and started living in the past

    Also,its strange that you demand proof for everything,including the medicine given by Doctors and Darwin’s evolution
    But when it comes to Quran,you just accept it as truth…Its good,you should have faith in your holy book..But why dont you start analysing the science in it..How much is actually true and how much has been disproved…Recommend

  • Loneliberal PK

    Rex Minor,

    What sort of a scientist? Obviously not a biologist as you keep repeating that nonsense about humans only using 20% of their brain’s full potential.

    Nice of you to prove the author’s point about listening to scientists when we lack expert knowledge ourselves. The idea is not that the scientists are unchallengeable. But for that you need expert knowledge pertaining to that field (and not just layman know-how) along as evidence to support your claim.

    And know that “my holy book says so” does not count as scientific evidence. Sorry.Recommend

  • Dante

    You are no one to preach people about science. You are not even a scientist yourself so please, keep your “expert” opinions to yourself.

    People choose to believe what is convenient. That’s alright. Believing in evolution is hardly something that is going to alter the direction of anyone’s life. Recommend

  • raw is war

    @ Ali Tanoli

    It is not right to mix up science and religion. In India most of the doctors are chaste brahmins. They will never touch a harijan normally. But when he becomes a doctor, he will never think twice if he has to operate a harijan- or touch his private parts for operations.

    Science has this noble quality. Religion should not lay it waste. or else it will be dark ages again. Science is science and religion is religion. nothing common.Recommend

  • Farhan

    Mr. Faraz

    We take medicines as prescribed by the doctor because he is expert in his field but these scientist are not expert in creation of human being. ALLAH is the creater and he is expert in this field.Recommend

  • Loneliberal PK

    Rex Minor,

    What sort of a scientist? Clearly not a biologist, as you keep repeating that myth about humans using only a fifth of the brain’s full potential.

    And nobody’s saying that the word of a scientist is sacred and unchallengeable. It’s that you cannot contest the scientific position unless you too have expert knowledge pertaining to the field, and have acquired sufficient evidence against it. Scientific stance can be challenged by scientific evidence, not religious beliefs.Recommend

  • Usman Shahid

    and Medical doctors are normally not expert in medicines to prescribed medicines. Recently in lahore, hundreds of people died because doctors prescribed them medicines and those led them to their graves.Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    Mr Loneliberal
    Darwin was a racist, and came up with the THEORY, repeat THEORY of revolution. Let the author name one or two scientists from the 97 percent who claim that the THEORY has become the reality. On the contrary, the molecule biology has progressed during the past 50 years to categoricaly kill the Zoollogist theory. Perhaps you speak to a Brain surgeon to reconfirm what I have stated, or volunteer to take part in the clinical study. I can only assure you that you are going to retain your normal functions with half of your brain removed. On the other hand you could stimulate your present brain and read the results of the clinical studies in molecule biology and brain surgery, published by the famous world clinics. If you are having access restrictions, then ask one of your neighbours who is a qualified physician, Surgeon or a biologist. Dr hoodbhoy from Pakistan could help you.
    The perception of a conflict between the religion and science is incorrect. Dr Hoodbhoy is one of those muslims who incorrectly holds muslim clergy responsible for lack of muslim scientists.

    Mr Critical

    For a muslim to learn what the quraanic scriptures state, he must be fluent in arabic language and familiar with the arabic culture, not relying on its interpretation in inferior non-compatable languages. The days of going to the village priest for advice and later blaming the muslim clergy for mistranlations and misinterpretations are no longer acceptable. The language of scriptures in hebreash or Arabic is not an accident, but a deliberate act of the almighty and should be so accepted by the believers.

    Neither Budhism, nor shintuism are religions per say, they are cults, traditions and imbedded in peoples cultures. They are not the believers and are not yet enlightened to believe in the superhuman God, the creator of the universe who demands worship and obedience.
    Christianity has gone through Aufklarung process and hense we have today European constitutions which reflect the values of scriptures and have the Govts. which are secular in nature and have no jurisdiction in the area of religion. Also the death penalty has been eliminated in Europe. Though shall not kill is God’s commandment! Muslim countries have stayed behind because of colonisation of their territories by the alien powers and subjucating them in slavery, which has continued todate despite independence inview of the despot dictors. The Arab spring is now in offing and in the Aufklarung process. This will take time but so did we living in Europe took several decades to clean up the mess within christianity and among the religions. Remember my advice was for the muslims who say their prayers in arabic language but from India to Indonesia and beyond do not speak or write arabic and simly follow the old routine of going to the doctor and ask for a drug, most of which are harmful and must be taken with care knowing fully the side effects of the chemical. And consult a village priest on religion matters who tell them the plain mama stories, for this is what their limited knowledge tells them!

    Rex Minor


  • http://birmingham elementary

    @Rex Minor: Your knowledge about science is basically and grossly misinformed.

    You said in clinical trials a medicine needs to have Success rate of 40% to be approved ,this is ridiculous ;where did you get this number from?

    I am sure I am wasting my time but I will try to explain.
    In clinical trial for medicine to be approved there is a Placebo arm and drug to be tested arm, there has to be a statistically significant difference between the two arms to arrive at a conclusion otherwise results are rejected as occuring due to chance.Results also depend on the “Power” of trial which essentially means the number of patients participating in the Trial.
    In your case of thinking; you have horse before the cart. You have already arrived at conclusion (which is already in Quran) and only that evidence ,proof is permissible which supports your conclusion otherwise it is imperfect and rejected.
    This is highest form of intellectual treachery.Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    For muslims to learn arbic language and the arabic culture is a must for the very reasons you mentioned. No not to follow Saudi arabia interpretation of the religion, not to follow the saudi customs either, but simply to be able to differentiate between the culture and the religion. Indian and Pakistani muslims are today practicing the hindu culture, the veiling of women in public, the limitation of woman rights to freedom and the practice of caste system, aginst people of specific profession as well as discriminination of minorities, less privileaged and less resourceful. The state has failed to protect its citizens and use of military against its own population is a norm. The legislators have taken over the task of excommunication of muslims, the first in Islamic history and sending people to gallows for supposedly blesphmic acts, and so on but this s nothing to do with social science either!

    Rex Minor Recommend

  • http://birmingham elementary

    @Dante: You wrote:”People choose to believe what is convenient. That’s alright”.
    It’s dangerous ,morally incorrect and rationally wrong to hold a belief because it’s convenient and not because it’s true. Recommend

  • http://birmingham elementary

    @Rex Minor:” Perhaps you speak to a Brain surgeon to reconfirm what I have stated, or volunteer to take part in the clinical study. I can only assure you that you are going to retain your normal functions with half of your brain removed”.

    Your statements are so full of rubbish to the point of outrage. where have you seen a person whose half the brain was removed and he still retained normal function.
    Neurophysiologist is the person who studies functions of different parts of brain.

    Could you spare science please and only spread misinformation in the name of your religion. Recommend

  • Faraz M

    Only truly scientific way of thinking is going to change the moral issues in Pakistan (and over the world). When you will learn the only facts one should accept are those which you observe, experiment and finally prove rather than believing something that was whispered into somebody’s ears thousands of years back. When you learn to believe through archaeological, anthropological, genetic, climatological evidence that evolution did really occur and when you realize that religion is just a figment of one’s imagination. When you realize that believing in God or a flying spaghetti monster doesn’t matter and people are free to believe in whatever they want and then finally one will stop killing the ones who doesn’t ascribe to your view point. Then, you might realize that Atheists, Agnostics, Secular Humanists, Ahmedis, Christians, Hindus and Muslims have the right to believe in what they believe.Recommend

  • http://birmingham elementary

    @Rex Minor: You wrote.”The perception of a conflict between the religion and science is incorrect”.
    Religion imparts in you such dogmatic approach that obstructs and impedes the spirit of free enquiry which is the basis of scientific method of thinking. If pushed I would humbly present your name as prime example.
    Science is the journey to the truth ,but if you are already there you can not embark on this journey with the rest of mere mortals, can you?.Recommend

  • Vikram

    @elementary: “Your statements are so full of rubbish to the point of outrage. where have you seen a person whose half the brain was removed and he still retained normal function.
    Neurophysiologist is the person who studies functions of different parts of brain.”

    Just “google” half brain removed and you will find few hits removed.Here is one of the hits

    Girl Functions After Half of Brain Removed – ABC News Similarto Girl Functions After Half of Brain Removed – ABC News

    Girl Functions After Half of Brain Removed. July 12. Share. Email. Comments. Print. Single Page. Font Sizes. Fifteen-year-old Christina Santhouse is a smart and …

    Rex Major’s brain software seems to have many bugs especially created by his religious beliefs. which limit his ability to go beyond his religious limits. Recommend

  • Critical

    Rex Bhai…
    You’re once again beating around the bush rather than understanding what I said…

    What I’m saying is that rather than learning a foreign language like Arabic to learn Quran and then trying to decipher Quran…You can spend that time in researching more on science…There are thousands of Ph.Ds currently in Arabic Language and Islamic Science…If they cant decipher Quran,I dont think anyone can unless a new Prophet arises….

    Secondly,I’m deeply insulted when u called other languages as inferior languages. FYI
    Arabic was originated only in 6 BCE
    while Sanskrit originated 1500 BCE

    The entire Vedas was written in Sanskrit and it has the record of having 2 of the biggest epics in history
    Even that is not the oldest,the Oldest language is Tamil..It is still surviving language and has the distinction of the only language having 5 epics…
    India had a thriving civilization even before man started settling in Europe and Middle East…

    Just because your holy book is written in Arabic doesnt mean that it should be on the pedestal before these classical languages,which the root for the whole Human civilization…

    According to your book,if Adam was the first human,he wouldnt have spoken Arabic..Nor did your earlier prophets like Nuh,Musa and Isa…
    There is even a theory is that Abraham who is forefather of your religion could have been the intrepetation of Brahma in Hebrew….

    Anyway,my question was not that why Muslims should learn Arabic or not…But the question is that I can find any significant discovery or invention which has a Quranic verse as its source,inspite of 1400 yrs of inception of Quran…
    Now please dont beat around the bush and answer this straight….Recommend

  • Loneliberal PK


    You say “THEORY’ as if it means “HYPOTHESIS”.

    Do you have similar doubts about the gravitational theory? Big bang theory? Please, oh pretty please, tell me you believe in the germ theory? Or that also “just a theory”? You need to be able to understand the difference between theory as a scientific term, and theory as a simply world of English.Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    Rex Minor,

    I can only assure you that you are going to retain your normal functions with half of your brain removed

    That is an absurd notion that you seem to have derived straight from a Tom & Jerry episode, where Tom survives after being cut into two by a giant chainsaw.

    If you can ever prove that nonsense, I’ll personally come to your house and hand over my MBBS degree…as well as my stethoscope for you to beat me with.

    Meanwhile, I urge you to spend more time studying basic science.Recommend

  • Rex Minor


    Is it difficult to come back to the basics that one needs to learn English language to read and appreciate Shakespear, german language for Goethe, and persian language for Shahameh?
    Science has come into conflict in the past with the politics of church, but the religion per say is not in conflict what science has discovered or not yet discovered.

    Why complicate things with your jargon about sanskrit being the oldest language to human civilisation to veda and so on.The cradle of human civlisation was in Mesopotamia i.e., in the middle east and the home of the Ibrahimic religion is also in the middle east region. God has the knowledge if it was an accident or by design. The rest of your rhetoric is a diversion.


    Why and how was the beginning of the padgogy, and this is how knowlege in philosophy, science and mathematics progressed, which was fully imbeded in the folds of scriptures. Science is not a journey to truth, but a method to gain knowledge of how and why! Truth usualy comes to the individual human and not the other way around. Truth is a state of being true or truthful; it is not usualy static! Humans are not born as empty containers to collect experience and by use of reason and logic could progress and discover the world of unknown. No, all humans have a geist( mind and spirit) and this is not the same in all humans. perhaps in te nxt decade or so we shall be able to collect the gentic structures of all peoples of he world to realy understand the varied opinions and judgements of people in this world. But this another subject. O’h, by the way, human brains were removed from the patients to treat the desease of the individual with high risks and only with the permission of the patient. The patient was cured and the brain assumed the normal fuctioning even after removing a large part of the brain.
    No sir, the religion does not impede but supports your quest for knowledge and discoveries. when a desciple asked of Prophet Mohammad(pbuh) repeatedly about God’s commandments on certain social issues, the Propht of God replied that Use your brain, is the commandment of God. Quraan is not a reference book nor an encyclopedia. To decypher and decode the verses one needs the time upto eternity and blessed are those who succed in their life time.

    Rex Minor Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    Theory is an opinion, a system of ideas formulated(by reasoning from known facts), to explain something, an opinion, a supposition…., explains the Oxford dictionary.
    Well this theory has been discarded by the facts which became known to biologists after the deaparture of Charles Darwin.Too bad for the scientists whose theories are revised after their death!

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • Loneliberal PK


    So according to you, the gravitational theory is “an opinion, a supposition”?

    As I said, appreciate the difference between a scientific theory, and theory as an English word.Recommend

  • Ali Tanoli

    Muslims sciencist achievments are written and taught in westren colleges and institutions and cant be ignored but where is Brahma or Hindu science avalaible is there any thing written or
    may be standing on one leg or not eating or killing untouchables is science if it is then it is great science by the way name hindu also come from arabic please dont use it and arabic is
    lang of quran and came to arab peoples but for whole mankind.Recommend

  • Danish Shah

    @Ali Tanoli:
    You know the number 0? Yea, it was first invented (for the lack oif a better term) in ancient India. As we know today, without zero we won’t have any mathematics at all.
    Besides, which ‘muslim’ scientist used Quran to derive a scientific theory? They either used greek science or their own scientific mehods to postulate their theories and methods. Those scientists happened to be muslims, not that they were scientists because they were muslims. Just the way muslims so unappologetically say, “those terrorists happen to be muslims , Islam has nothing to do with it” same logic goes here.
    In medieval Arabia, baghdad was the hub of learning, and scholars from all faiths collaborated towards reason. It wasn’t just muslims doing all the work.

  • Amna

    There is a difference between accepting the theory of evolution and the idea that we all come from apes. This is where Muslims disagree. But I don’t think anyone denies that evolution is a definetly a true phenomenon.Recommend

  • Vikram

    @elementary: “You said in clinical trials a medicine needs to have Success rate of 40% to be approved ,this is ridiculous ;where did you get this number from?”

    depends on drug, antibiotics probably are 99% effective, drugs to treat psychosmotice disoreders or depression may be 40% effective. I think the criteria may be statistically significant imrpovement from controls. I am not into clinical studies Rex’s statement may have some truth to it.Recommend

  • Vikram

    @Ali Tanoli:
    “Any one of u ever trys to read the translation of Holy Quran i bet not and i have a advice please get a book its not just for making Dua prays or Taweez its a law, its a science, its family planing, its a way to heaven, its about day of judgment”

    Pakistan is a land of “PURE” muslims (97% population is Muslim) who follow “TRUE” Islam. I think most of them read Koran and pray 5 times. One can look at Pakistan and see what reading “KORAN” can do for Muslims.

    How has “KORAN” changed you? In what ways are you better then non-Muslims?Recommend

  • Vikram

    @Farhan: “We take medicines as prescribed by the doctor because he is expert in his field but these scientist are not expert in creation of human being. ALLAH is the creater and he is expert in this field.”

    Are you going to see Allah if you are sick? Go read about “Cloning”. Human beings can reate life from a single cell, t hat is nore then any prophet has done or foretold. Recommend

  • kaalchakra

    Science may be closer to religion in some sense but it cannot be closer to the truth than Islam. Islam is not ‘religion’ – Islam is not dogma, not blind faith, not false teachings of ‘teachers’ and ‘saints’ which can get washed into obsolesce and oblivion through the passage of time. Nor is it the hobbyhorse of priests. It is true and eternal – the gift from God Himself. If science is journey, Islam is the end, if science is partial, Islam is full, if science is the struggle, Islam is the goal. A Muslim may do science, but knows that science cannot be the end. Science may be for fun or ir may be the means of making a living, but the ultimate answers are in the Quran and Quran alone. To the extent science can help understand the Quran, it is useful and of lasting value for mankind. Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    Faraz Talat

    Do not get emotional! Try to obtain your doctrate and if you are interested in surgery Phd in surgry discipline medicine and if you are hen interested in Brain surgery, I could arange for you to attend the brain surgery procedure.

    Rex Minor Recommend

  • Critical

    @Rex Minor:
    Ok..let me start from the first
    1.Your group says they cant accept Evolution and few other scientific theories as they’re contradictory to Quran
    2.Then u guys said that Quran is the source of all knowledge in the world…In the previous blog,someone told that 14,000 fields of study arose from Quran(Though,he could never give reference to it)
    3.When asked then why no verse from Quran or Hadith gave rose to any scientific discovery which was later proved,You said that it is in Arabic and one should learn Arabic to intrepret it
    4.Now Arabic is a language which is spoken and written in 26 countries..Arabic never had any discrimination in the history from other languages like Sanskrit or Hebrew
    I can safely assume that there are atleast 1000 Ph.D scholars in Arabic Language and maybe an equal number in Islamic Studies…
    If German Language students could intrepret Goethe and Shakespeare could be intrepreted by learning archaic English..Why couldnt these scholars ,most of whom Arabic is their mother tongue,intrepret the scientific theories Quran’s verses in the last 1400 yrs and use it for themselves and others??

    Now,please dont equate Muslim scientist’s achievements to Quran..Unless of course you could show me a proof where they proved a theory written as a verse in Quran…
    This is like praising Bible from Newton’s law of Physics and Torah for Einstein’s Relativity Theory

    Now could you please answer this question and dont beat around the bush once again???Recommend

  • Farhan

    @Vikram and who creates a single cell???? those scientists??? Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    Rex Minor,

    you have done a tremendous job proving my article. That people, who lack scientific information, try to fill the void in their knowledge with superstition and their own opinions, instead of listening to what science has to say.Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    Please recognise the limits of your knowledge. Do not get involved in discussions on prescription drugs, if you have no idea about the procedure for approvals and release of medicines!

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • Rex Minor


    I do not represent any group! Please address the group with your question. I have repeatedly maintained that science does not conflict wih scriptures. Simple, plain and easy to follow!

    Science lives and progresses on clinical studies and experiences. For the last time the theory of evolution of human design has been killed by scientists by advancement in molecule biology.
    You must keep your knowledge of science up-to-date.

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • http://Birmingham elementary

    @Rex Minor:
    I am a Member of Royal of Physcians UK and part of my job includes conducting these trials.Recommend

  • Vikram


    @Vikram and who creates a single cell???? those scientists???

    If you are trying to say “GOD” makes that single cell there is no evidence for that. Mating & cell division creates “CELLS”.. Cloning can create cells. There are different versions of GOD who has told different things to different people.

    If there is a God, he does not need people to proteect him or his laws.He does not need people to worship him.Recommend

  • Vikram

    @kaalchakra: “Science may be closer to religion in some sense but it cannot be closer to the truth than Islam. Islam is not ‘religion’”

    One thing I know is Pakistan is 97% Muslims who are “PURE” followers of “TRUE” Islam. Pakistan represents true Islam. If you are in Pakistan “you may be arrested” for saying “Islam is not religion”. Some one even may do a job on you to “get to heaven to be with 72 virgin hooris. Can you please explain what Islamic heaven is going to be like? Will women get 72 vrigin men too?Recommend

  • Ali Tanoli

    @Danish shah,
    Why when time comes to say that inventor was muslim every one start saying oh no they did
    because they got from greeks and india or china but when westren name comes no one say they did it because of what muslims start it why this hypo???
    and second thing when muslims were doing these sceintific research all other were sleeping or killing each other Europe was dark as hell if some one dare to say world is round he get killed or if some christian trys to go to muslim school in spain he considered out of reliegen
    and history is chinese hired arab navigators for there ships to discover the new world.
    i had a argument with one lawyer when i went to jury duty.Recommend

  • Vikram

    @Rex Minor:” For muslims to learn arbic language and the arabic culture is a must for the very reasons you mentioned. No not to follow Saudi arabia interpretation of the religion, not to follow the saudi customs either, but simply to be able to differentiate between the culture and the religion”

    If Arabs can’t interpret “KORAN” correctly, how can Pakistanis who kill each others in mosques will interpret :”KORAN” correctly after studying arabic.

    i am surprised to know Muslims can’t interpret correctly after 1500 years of Islam

    One thing I have seen a Muslim can do almost anything and claim “Islam” allows it.
    There is this “KORAN” teacher who raped his daughters with help from his wives and claimed “Islam” allows it. Search Koran teacher rapes daughters and you may find few stories on the netRecommend

  • http://Birmingham elementary

    Sorry vikram, this is absolutely nonsense what Rex wrote:,Drugs do not need 40% efficacy to be approved. it has to go through sereis of rigorous clinical trials before it is approved and criteria are too complex for me to discuss on this forum.
    Depending upon the power of trial and size of effect, statistical significance can vary.and if you pluck a random number(30%,40%,50%or whatever) from thin air you may be right in some trial because of pure chance, Just like a broken clock is correct twice a day.

    I know these things because it is my bread and butter to prescribe these medications and also to study, analyze and sometimes conduct these trials.

    I have spent my life seeing patients with neurological problems,No one ever had half his brain removed and retained normal function.This statement is against common sense. Even if you dont have any medical training you will doubt it’s veracity, but if yo have any medical background you will cry out in sheer agony at the ignorance and confidence with which it was made.Recommend

  • kaalchakra


    Saudis are blessed with the knowledge of the unique language of Arabic, sure, but they are misguided by Arabic traditions of jahilya. If Pakistanis learn Arabic language, they will follow true Islam because they would not be burdened by those traditions, and will be able to give up the Hindu culture that still makes them do all the terrible things they sometimes do (although not as fully as Hindus – who, of course, are totally submerged in ignorance and wrongdoing).Recommend