Veena Malik: Scorned for being different

Published: April 10, 2012

Imagine the strength of a woman who is fighting against all these odds - imagine the courage of Veena Malik.

Is a woman simply labeled a whore or a saint, a mother or a prostitute in Pakistan? It seems that having more than one dimension to her description is just not acceptable – it is a sad country for an an independent woman. People complain about feudalism and a system that favours patriarchal dominance, and yet today I see everyone around me acting like a feudal trying to force an opinion on a single woman again and again till she submits.

Veena Malik is controversy’s favourite child, or so it seems. You either hate her, or love her, but nobody ever lets her be. Malik appeared on the famous, recently-back-from-the-ban, Nadia Khan show to again be judged by the panel of people. This included Khawar Riaz –  a friend we never saw before, who allegedly sold her pictures to a newspaper, giving rise to the speculation and saga of her long affair with Mohammad Asif.

All of them divulged details and enjoyed their two minutes of fame at her expense. Veena was questioned and grilled about honesty, of all things! The most interesting question asked was probably when, in the midst of her narrating her story about Ashmit Patel, Nadia Khan asked her how she could afford to be so honest when girls these days have to be careful and think about their long-term marriage prospects. Do girls need to be dishonest so that they can marry well? Even hypocrisy is rolling it’s eyes at this prospect.

Here we have it; this is the price of honesty – scorn which Veena is getting in abundant amounts every second from our Pakistani society. If people believe that she is, indeed, punishable by whatever their imagination thinks her crime is, then what about their unbelievable language, abuse and disdain? She is a strong woman who is trying to earn a living and is scorned because she was born in a country where people who throw acid on their ex-wives are sitting respectably and unquestioned because they are men.

Pakistan is a country where women have to form separate queues in banks and government offices, not because they are more respected, but because they will probably be physically harassed if they have a uni-gender queue. This is a country where the names of rapists are never mentioned in newspapers, but the girl who is raped has her name advertised and repeated again and again in every column. Imagine the strength of a woman who is fighting against all these odds – imagine the courage of Veena Malik.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with questioning celebrities. However, passing moral judgement and putting on a tone of mock astonishment and disgust is where I draw the line. I believe Nadia Khan tried her best to question Malik, but she had to ask some tough, pre-dictated questions. This is because that’s what the general public wanted to hear. Most of them seem to be completely angered at any woman who tries to be unapologetically emancipated.

I am not one to form any opinion about Veena Malik, because I believe that like any human being, she has the right to live her life according her rule, and be an individual. The collectivist behaviour that society demands of people, especially girls, is extreme in Pakistan. The only reason people give Veena Malik such a hard time is because she dares to be different and she offers no apology for her deviance. As one of her ex-boyfriends, Babrik Shah, kept repeating,

Apni manmaani karna chahti thi.

(She only wanted to do as she pleased.)

So why is this a bad thing, I ask? Why is it so wrong for a girl to do what she wants? It is only scorned and hated in Pakistan because this is a man’s country, where women must always be answerable to men.

The  psychologist who appeared on the show seemed to be more of a fortune-teller, as she formed vague opinions about stereotypical concepts regarding rebellion, when in fact I believe she should have enlightened the viewers and educated them in differences regarding personality, perception and thinking. Veena Malik is  an individual, and I think that the impassioned individuals criticising her like she is answerable to them is rather distasteful.

What are we teaching the next generation? From the tone of the show, it sounded like the obvious message is that it is okay to slander and curse a woman who dresses a certain way or is brutally honest. Thanks to this double standard, we are a nation of confused people. I am sick and tired of hearing religion as the excuse and tool to scare people into agreement.

I think we should let the female child breathe – we should let women be who they really want to be, so that we can have a country of diverse, critical thinkers. A nation that abuses its women will never get anywhere, and perhaps that’s where we are now.


Huneeya Mazari

A former student of Lancaster university management, learning and leadership department and currently a business consultant based in London.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • tahir majeed

    though this article is biased i believe veena malik is independent to choose what she should do.but she should not do it at the expense of national ideology why she had isi tattoo on her arm?? isnt this ridiculous she did all the stuff for money every one knows but we cant allow her to make money at the expense of our respect and for writer of this article could you please check youtube and other social media networks not pakistani but indian and see what they are aying about us because of herRecommend

  • Loneliberal PK

    Right-wingers often accuse Veena Malik and Pakistani liberals of promoting “nudity”. That’s not what anybody’s doing. What they’re promoting is a woman’s right to choose her own clothing, and not let men decide it for her.

    How appalling that you live in a country accused of being the nexus of terrorism, where acid attackers roam unpunished, beating women is hailed as a virtue by the parliamentarians, and minorities are openly mistreated…..but a nude photoshoot is what makes you feel ashamed? Clearly, your moral compass needs urgent recalibration!Recommend

  • Parvez

    Agree with you all the way. Hard hitting and nicely worded.
    The Nadia Khan show was a disgrace. The one thing that clearly came across was that Nadia Khan was inept and did not have the competence to conduct a show of this nature.
    Veena Malik may have her faults as perceived by others but others too have faults which they need to address before pointing fingers.
    I admire the strength and determination of Veena Malik. She truly will be able to say ” I did it my way “.Recommend

  • manish

    veena again………………..
    actually i was missing her since long.
    good god that you wrote about her.

    i am congratulating you in advance for the hundreds of comments you are going to recieve.

    enjoy the debate in comments section !!Recommend

  • sheda_rambo

    This is the most Base less analysis i have come across for this issue;

    ” Veena Malik: Scorned for being different ”

    There are many Independent Wemen in every part of our society working in almost all the fields honourably ….including in the Media ….” Nadia Khan ” whoes show was referred in the analysis is one of them.
    Masses of our society which include Media People, Journalist, Scholars are neither Blind nor Idiots to speak against such acts of Shamelessness.
    ” Being Different ” always raises support along with Opposit reaction, however “Going against Society/ Cultural & Religious Values sure does raises “Up roar “.

    However the writter ” Huneeya Mazari “of this article seems to be among those people looking for Uplift in social world by such issues.Recommend

  • Offended

    Pakistan is a country where women have to form separate queues in banks and government offices, not because they are more respected, but because they will probably be physically harassed if they have a uni-gender queue. This is a very offensive statement what it means to me that in every public place where there is a separate arrangement for women is just because they are unsecure and so that they would be saved from being harrased and this practice has nothing to do with giving privilage or respect to women in our society ??? Come on!!! this is limit!!! Recommend

  • Sanya

    Very well written, and I agree with EVERYTHING that you just said. People need to LEAVE her alone. She’s a human being and she can decide whatever the hell she wants to do with her life. Besides, don’t we have other issues to focus upon? Other issues which require immediate attention. Pehle un aurton ko insaaf toh dila do, jo beqasoor theen. What crime has Veena Malik done? When has she killed, raped or harassed anybody? She chooses to be different, LET HER BE. Recommend

  • Disgusting Paki men

    Very nice blog … I think Pakistani men are the most disgusting men in the world. Just see any youtube clip containing a girl… see the comments from Pakistani men there… they will rip her apart to shreds even if she is only wearing jeans… disgusting mindset they have!!!Recommend

  • Habibies

    Nice Poeple Never Discuss Bad People… aur jo log Bad logo ko disscuss karte hai wo un se jealous hothy hai ya unhai koi aur takleef hotha hai… so humai kia zaroorat Veena ya Sheela ko pe disscussion karne ki… and Veena Malik is not Pakistani Flag jo aap log har baat mai Veena pe attack karte nazr aathy ho…

    Atif Aslam, Ali Zafar are cute guys wo b India mai hai un pe aap log aetraaz q nahe karte? wo b tu Indian girls k saath naachty nazr aathy hai etc etc… but we Pakistanis are Amazing and over actor Nation on earth…. ye actors and actress, _ singer log ye sab behaya aur be-emaaz log hothe hain…. so plz achy logo aur achy baatu ko disscuss kia kary… :)))))Recommend

  • Syeda Zunaira Zubair

    I totally agree with you. Glad for I got to read something which actually favors her. I loved the way she said: “Mera mazhab mera aur mere Khuda ka maamla hai.” Seriously… who are we to raise a question against her religion? She is a bold and confident woman and has the guts to face this misogynist society we live in. Hats of to you Veena!Recommend

  • Another Victim

    She is not a formal ambassador, official representative, political agent or related to foreign affairs department of Pakistan. She is just a common citizen of Pakistan and can do whatever she wants and that is no way a nations’ act.. But the question, today, is Veena really a topic to make gossips about? While at the height of 8000 metres, 134 Pakistanis are trapped under 100 feet of avalanche with no news dead or aliveRecommend

  • SS

    the author repetitively assured not to make an opinion about VM, yet she has an article full of opinions. Why can’t you ‘let her be’, Huneeya??Recommend

  • fahad

    Yes, Veena malik is a role model for women, Now, Women just know what not to do, EVER.. Jiye Veena Malik..Recommend

  • maryam zahoor

    ‘Different?’ Are you kidding me?

    If being different is fine then i think rapists, murderers and stalkers are Quite ‘different’ too!Recommend

  • Ali Hasan

    Ours is a country where people justify burying female babies as it being part of “culture and tradition”. This pathetic band of fools who call themselves the keepers of morality can come up with nothing better. Recommend

  • let the woman be

    truly well written article .. i agree with the writer when she positions veena as an individual with her individual set of choices; a right granted to every human socially, morally and religiously. even the study of economics promotes a free economy at large. then why are we forcing our man-made ideals upon a single being when we need to change ourselves firstRecommend

  • nooni

    What this article writer should know is that, for every action is an equal and opposite reaction, when you decide to give “a damn” to the world. you should also be ready to get some “damning” back..

    Should have taken her physics class seriously before writing blogs for ET. Recommend

  • Sumaira

    If she is allowed to do whatever she wants so she has to earn this cheap fame at her own not on the name of our country. She is not answerable for her own act but the act which is making our image is not her personal act . Recommend

  • A Woman

    LET US BE!Recommend

  • raw is war

    she is bold, no doubt.Recommend

  • Malik Mehar

    Veena malik is a product of army public school system where ideology of Pakistan is taught better then any other institutes. She is representing the true vision of Jinnah and his fellows . Recommend

  • Sunny

    Thanks for such a wonderful piece and giving an insightful other side. Recommend

  • Faraz

    This is a bias blog. Pakistan has provided security to the women but some like Veena Malik have exploited it… Recommend

  • Halfblooded

    “Pakistan is a country where women have to form separate queues in banks and government offices, not because they are more respected, but because they will probably be physically harassed if they have a uni-gender queue.” Please mention a country where there is no harassment. And banks? Seriously? Perhaps you got a bit excited there.
    “Imagine the courage of Veena Malik.” Indeed, dancing among twenty men half naked is indeed
    an act of chivalry.Recommend

  • Risham Saeed

    Well written Huneeya Mazari …u made ur point … we ought to be daring to appreciate daring beings such as Veena Malik … and You highlighted the contradictions really well..sometimes the differences in the individual’s morality and society ‘s morality becomes so evident and unbearable that general public sees no other option but starts questioning the rebels because the suffocated society can never give freedom or cant bear the given freedomRecommend

  • Ali

    Pakistan is a country where women have to form separate queues in banks and government offices, not because they are more respected, but because they will probably be physically harassed if they have a uni-gender queue.

    Such a biased statement. Moreover the whole article is biased. Ask the editor of that liberal fashion magazine for which veena did the photshoot. This lady , veena, firstly said that she didn’t do any such photoshoot and then alleged that she is going to have a case against the editor. Now tell me who deserves respect ??Recommend

  • Ali

    lolz. so true.She has the agenda of those NGO’s who cry on Mukhtaran mai case but couldn’t see that 5 men spent 5-6 years in jail and proved innocent later on. Why doesn’t she speak about them. Why not about the swat flogging video which proved fake later on in court.Recommend

  • Afia

    I think we should just leave her alone. It was yet again another cheap attempt of a cheap channel to gain trp… uterely disgusting.
    I wonder why ppl are not bothered ab ali zafar and his bed scene in london paris newyork….hipocrites Recommend

  • kaalchakra

    Veena Malik is a disgrace to Pakistan. She has no sense. But she can still redeem herself. I hope you are reading Veena Malik. All is not lost yet. Remember, Allah is most kind, gracious, and just. Come back to Pakistan, marry a good Muslim man, and become a good Muslim wife. We are all your family and you are our dear sister.Recommend

  • Shahbaz lodhi

    If we grant a permission to any X Y Z, from any part of the country to utilize the name of any Agency rather willingly or unwillingly then, sorry to say this was the V.M slap on the face of true & patriotic citizen of Pakistan. we cordially condemn of her act exposed the Tattoo of ISI such a shameful & unpatriotic act. Recommend

  • abbas

    This reminds me of a famous bollywood movie dialogue “yaha tu sabhee dil jalai hain”
    By the way Nadia Khan is a woman too as far as I could observe.Recommend

  • Big Rizvi

    … And then innocent people like me are heckled and accused for countless things. Just because I am a Pakistani man. You see, a society like Pakistan’s is a hyper-sexual society. When are woman comes out on jeans, we are sitting like hungry predators to rape the living daylights out of her. Thanks to Zia-ul-Haq and co. for spoiling things. Whenever you force somebody away from something, especially a natural reaction of love and desire of the opposite sex, the many times more we are bound to actually do it. In fact, who are WE to judge Veena Malik when we ourselves are famous for the most porn searches in the world? I am surprised nobody pointed that out… Recommend

  • Abbas, ZA

    @kaalchakra: please help me find the definition of idiot..Oops I found it now…..Recommend

  • Raza

    I cant stand Veena Malik, but this article is spot on. Let the woman do what she wants; stop reporting everything, stop attacking her on everything. She’s just an attention-seeking wannabe; big deal. People do far worse in our country and get away with it, as pointed out. Lets go after them for a change. Recommend

  • Sayyeda Amar Shahbazi

    well… everyone is entitled to their opinion…like Ms.Veena said in Nadia Khan show that nobody talks about those cheap stage shows where ,women take off their clothes !!!
    I ask to all those “respected men”who are so much ashamed of veena malik that why don’t they go and stop those organizers, who make such shows all over the country ???
    why don’t they stop “pushto”movies where women wear disgusting clothes! why don’t they go to the video shops and ask them not to rent porn videos and if they don’t listen just burn the CDS !!! no seriously i think these are much dangerous issues then Veena malik !!!
    the thing that bothers me more is the way our media is giving veena so much coverage over this issue and why aren’t they questioning and investigating what she said about that magazine who changed her photos.
    I strongly agree that our media never leaks out the names of the rapists but always talk about the victims i guess that is called yellow journalism or whatever !!! please people wake up and take your responsibilities!Recommend

  • Kiran Khan

    You ppl are so DUMB i want to laugh all the comments very funny and some are truthful. She veena malik said herself on the nadia show that PAKISTAN YOUTH ARE SO DUMB THEY CANNOT SELECT A REAL LEADER. YES YOU YOUTH SHE MEANT. Like now u r praising her awful mental act and making her famous.

    All u here said men of pakistan r disgusting they comment bad on girls etc i AGREE but what has that got to do with veena malik. She is so clever, she always talks about theses things on shows that men r this, pakistan is this etc.
    WHY THINK ABOUT IT so guys forget about her TOPIC and start thinking about other issues which she uses to get ur VOTES.



    I am mad and disgusted how much u discuss her remember her only TALENT IS NEWS NEWS NEWS, SHE NO OTHER TALENT, NO ACTING SKILLS NO BRAINS ETC

    THIS IS HER BREAD ABD BUTTER SHE EARNS AND WILL ONLY EARN LIKE THIS so stop giving her more scope, when she will no money she will be nothing trust me and she is so talentless and dumb no one will employ her.Recommend

  • Hassan

    I don’t see anyone scorning women like Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, Arfa Karim, Mehreen Kasana for being women and doing what they like- it’s when you strip naked just for the sake of attention and do anything to be in the news, you will get unwarranted attention- If Veena Malik did not want such a backlash, she wouldn’t have done half the things she did. She can do what she wants to but then if you incite provocation, you will receive backlash. Using nudity as a platform to promote ‘women’s rights’ just cheapens women to the status of sex objects so cut with all your ‘feminism’ sentiments. Sadly another article written by a ‘faux-feminist’ to try get some sympathy comments. Recommend

  • xhra

    my pointi s if veena is wrong then so are other ppl too, you feel all policticians are pure? all female policiticans are angels? they dnt do stuff? my prob was only nadias khans incessant rampage, for me it was maya two! let her be, she does what she want , do we really have nothing to do than discuss how veena shld be a good muslim?? really? how about if half the enrgy devoted by media on veena is devoted on regualtion of media, repsonsible reporting, education, street kids, illeteracy, corruption, poor economy, oh am sorry it dsnt sell right?Recommend

  • DM

    “All is not lost yet. Remember, Allah is most kind, gracious, and just. Come back to Pakistan, marry a good Muslim man”
    WHo are you to decide if anything is lost !!! and Pls don’t bring Allah between Asmit, Veena and you. Simply no need. This side you are giving trespassing a women’s rights and other way you are trying to marry her off to a good muslim man !! Recommend

  • Loneliberal PK


    Veena’s not modelling in her country’s name. These are her own career choices as a model.

    And even if she is, it only improves this country’s image. It depicts Pakistan as a country where women are free to wear bikinis and free to wear burqas. If a reputation of narrow-minded nation was what you were aiming for, then yes, Veena ruined that reputation.Recommend

  • Haris Javed

    @ ET
    waow again your plate-forum is used for people like Veena.. .
    Geo ET
    we have our fighters buried under snow carpet of Siachen
    and here blogs are sounding what? Veena!!

  • kaalchakra


    For a Muslim woman to be out doing all those horrible and unmentionable things with a Hindu man is WOMAN’S RIGHTS?!! What rights are these and where did they come from? I don’t remember many decent Muslim women or women’s groups asking for such rights? Do you represent Hindu men exclusively?Recommend

  • Qaiser Abbas

    How is she different? There are hundreds of thousands of women all over the world who take their clothes off for money.

    She is scorned for claiming that by doing this she is some how setting an example for Pakistani youth! What a joke. Set an example like Arfa Karim – do something truly noteworthy not something that gets you into the sick minds of truck drivers and deprived adolescents.Recommend

  • Maria Pia

    @tahir majeed:
    And WHY shouldn’t she have a tattoo? It’s her bloody arm not yours! Also, she is an individual, not a slave to the ‘national ideology’ you try to impose! Remember she is one of your nation, and that means that her opinion should be as valid as yours. You cannot force her to submit to your irrational fears!Recommend

  • Maria Pia

    What exactly is your point? Maybe you should learn how to write proper sentences in English before trying to spout your sexism online!Recommend

  • Mila

    I really like this article. The author is saying what many bold women have tried to, that women can and should own their own lives. Not men, nor children, nor nations should feel they have a right to dictate what women can be.
    Tahmena Bokhari wrote an article called ” Nuns vs Whores, Hijabis vs Ho Jabies and other Shady lines of Womanhood.”
    I would encourage you to join this very bold Pakistani woman at

  • arshad

    she can wear bikinis who cares..I do :DRecommend

  • Bhai Jan

    Huneeya Mazari aapa consciously trying to put her share in the destruction of our social setup. Baji’s on a dangerous mission ! Recommend

  • Nasir

    Women are labeled whore or saint or mother or a prostitute in the US, Europe; the Western culture, that is being embraced by many in this world. So what if some people thinks the same in Pakistan? What does this has to do with “respect” of individualism? I do not understand this pseudo “emancipation of women” that is hovering in Pakistan.

    It is true that most of the extremities in any matter are to be found in Pakistan. People in Pakistan today are sexually frustrated, religious extremism at peak, due to Islamism initiated by Z.A. Bhutto and icing of “Nizam-e-Mustafa” by General Zia’s regime that continues to harass and made Pakistan a living hell. Despite of all this, if one wants to get naked and by even the Western standards those who sell their body for money are either called prostitutes, whores, or call girls and higher class ones are called celebrities.

    The bottom line is anyone crossing ‘civilized’ boundaries will be called whores, prostitutes, call girls etc. these includes, Ana Nicole Smith, Veena Malik, Jennifer Aniston, Priyanka Chopra, or Silk Smitha. Such is the case in this world be it Ultra conservative Pakistan or Ultra modern USA. So stop defending Veena or anyone else. If you were to do the same you are free to pose but do not expect people not pointing fingers at you!!

    “You are free; you are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place of worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or caste or creed — that has nothing to do with the business of the state … We are starting with this fundamental principle that we are all citizens and equal citizens of one state … I think we should keep that in front of us as our ideal and you will find that in due course Hindus would cease to be Hindus and Muslims would cease to be Muslims, not in the religious sense, because that is the personal faith of each individual, but in the political sense as citizens of the state.” Mohammad Ali Jinnah addressing Constituent Assembly on August 11th. 1947.Recommend

  • Abid Javed

    Absolutely crappy article. Justifying VM’s defamatory acts in a society whr women are to abide by certain obligations is absurd. Her scenes have caused a great abomination upon our countrymen due to the very same reason. She is representing Pak over there, not herself. Pakistani Tag is attached to her whether or not one accepts it or not. Now when i say this, I speak for all my nation; We do not want to impose anything on her, but atleast control the SO CALLED BOLD actions under the jurisdiction of the country we represent. Recommend

  • Laughing at absurd comments

    @Haris Javed:
    You are a billion percent spot on my friend. Recommend

  • eman

    very biased article and i disagree with you from the very first line you have written in your article, being independent and selling yourself is different, there are thousands and thousands of women who are independent in Pakistan. And they are living their lives as they like to, may be you are of them as well. Pakistan was the first Muslim Country where PM was a women, She still has respect.
    These kind of women have been question in western media as well. At least if they show themselves they have some talent unlike Veena. What i got from her is that she likes to annoy people. that’s how she gets hype. Ignore her, that will be the biggest slap on her face, if she loves India so much she should change her nationality as an Indian.Recommend

  • DM

    “For a Muslim woman to be out doing all those horrible and unmentionable things with a Hindu man is WOMAN’S RIGHTS?!!”
    Why Hindu is coming in between ? This is what the problem with Pakistani society. For each and every thing we tend to bring religion into picture. You can take money from Hindus by singing(talent !), playing some instrument, then what is the harm in being cosy with a Hindu and getting money. Its her wish and no way its should be matter of concern.

    Please leave your Medieval mindset. I am not trying to defend Veena, but neither we have any right to finger point her nor we have any right to teach her cheap values that we have in pakistani society.Recommend

  • http://[email protected] um

    So why is this a bad thing, I ask? Why is it so wrong for a girl to do what she wants? It is only scorned and hated in Pakistan because this is a man’s country, where women must always be answerable to men.
    non sense… you will not find a single man in other countries as well who can be in a relationship with a woman where she uses this appraoch.. i bet.. its a about mutual understanding, where woman of this kind wont understand Recommend

  • DM

    Veena Malik is the only way forward for Pakistani women. Bold, brave and can make people to eat their own word. Proud of you Veena. Keep up the good work.Recommend

  • Loneliberal PK


    Calling women “whores” for dressing provocatively is not a Western standard. You’ve been misinformed. Ignorant people do say such things, but it’s generally frowned upon, to say the least.
    Abid Javed,

    Obligations? Veena is not obliged to dress according to your demands. If what she’s wearing is not consistent with her religion, then as she says, that’s a matter between her and her God. You should best stick to regulating your own life. She has done nothing that countless other models like her don’t do everyday.

    I’m sorry if you’re annoyed by Veena’s freedom to make her personal career decisions. Fortunately, your disdain is irrelevant.Recommend

  • Pakistani

    @Loneliberal PK:
    “Right-wingers often accuse Veena Malik and Pakistani liberals of promoting “nudity”. That’s not what anybody’s doing. What they’re promoting is a woman’s right to choose her own clothing, and not let men decide it for her.”
    Did you find any clothes in her pics on that mag ??? :D Recommend

  • Angel

    I love this article. I, like the other rest of our population hated veena malik for being veena malik! Your article changed my perspective towards her. Really, her courage and bravery should be awarded considering our misogynistic society. Every woman should be able to live her life the way she chooses to, just like how men do it!Recommend

  • eman

    @loneliberal pk i don’t think so that Pakistan is a country where women can wear bikini or burqa… so we don’t want Veena to promote this irrelevant image. And my point is that “why do people think if women has taken off her clothes she is independent and bold” A modest women can be independent and confident.

    And to tell you honestly, acid attack and rape of women is not just happening in our country, developed countries have more ratio of rapes than in Pakistan,Recommend

  • Abid Javed

    @loneliberal_PK: Quite right you are, she can do whatever suits her. But we can not brush this fact under the carpet that SHE REPRESENT PAKISTAN no matter one agrees or not. Representing PAK in a country where there is always a conspiracy against you, you cannot take the risk of sabotaging the one and only virtue we have. i.e. ISLAM.
    besides, she can add glory to PAK image by doing non-controversial acts.

    But above all, its her life. She can do whatever she want. My only point is, it gives way to so many stigmas that will inherently deprive us of our sovereignty and grace. Recommend

  • sana akbar

    Our people do not know what are the important issues to show their anger. Its her life and she can do whatever she wants to do. She has no hypocrisy and should be admired for it. The issues raised in this article like rap of a woman in Pakistan or throwing acid on women face is not condemned the way it should be. Our people have a cheap approach. We abuse someone to make people believe we are saints. A human need owe respect, and If someone judge you he tells what sort of person he is like. And to Veena, They want to be in news by using such publicity stunts and people make them succeed in their plan because For us talking and discussing our neighbours personal issues are more important than our own problems. huneeya loved your effort. You are playing your part in changing a total negative mindset and evil of our people.Recommend

  • Loneliberal PK


    She represents herself as a model. If anything more, she represents the Pakistani entertainment industry. She has made this abundantly clear.

    And please, just stop trying to use Islam to tell others what they can and cannot do with their lives. If you want to live your own life by Islamic ideals, that’s great. The rest are just as free as you are to either accept or reject that lifestyle.

    “i don’t think so that Pakistan is a country where women can wear bikini or burqa… so we don’t want Veena to promote this irrelevant image.”
    In that case, your narrow-mindedness is more of an embarassment to Pakistan than Veena. You don’t get to tell women what they can and cannot wear, period. That is their choice.Recommend

  • AIN

    Let her do what she want….if she is doing a thing on which majority don’t agreed then it may be bad for us. Its true that the pictures which she has shoot is not good enough but it doesn’t meant that she is the only lady in Pakistan who did it. its routine but yes she did it openly…may be we are disliking her coz she is showing us the true mirror of our society.Recommend

  • sana akbar

    Totally agree! And We are a free nation, One can wear any dress. When we discourage other nations ban on hijab in other countries, we should condemn If we are imposing a specific dress code to wear for anyone. What brings shame to us is terrorism, sectarian riots , killer of innocent become our heroes, Cheating , corruption not a woman who expresses herself the way she wants to. Even she is being admired of being bold and fearless. She has to face much and the girl is so courages Mashallah, Facing all these oppositions and abuses boldly. May Allah bless her with a happy life, Amen @Loneliberal PK: Recommend

  • alicia

    @ Ali
    Don’t know much about swat flogging case but you’ve gotta be kidding about Mukhataran Mai. That woman did get raped and its not her fault that the rapists were set free its our useless judicial system

    @the author
    What veena did is in her personal capacity. I could not care less. Did her act provide safety to women in Pakistan? Did it cause the domesti violence bill to be passed in the parliament? I think not.

    @Disgusting Paki men
    Unfortunately I would have to agree with you completely. Forget jeans if there is a Pakistani woman wearing shalwar kameez and dupatta on youtube Pakistani men also shred her apart. Infact there are hundreds of videos on Youtube of Pakistani news casters and actresses in which their bra strap is accidently visible through their clothes sometimes for less than 5 seconds and Paki men are having wet dreams on youtube about that.Recommend

  • sana akbar

    According to statistics, They have more ratio because a rap is reported there. Who reports a rap in Pakistan? Weird thing is a rap victim is not accepted here, their families suffers badly. Yes a woman who likes to wear modest cloths is independent and bold because she is following her choice not the rules imposed on her. For a woman to be what she wants is very difficult in a country like ours, and If veena is doing that she is bold and independent Recommend

  • Pollack

    If only given two choices as role models, the choices being veena Malik and the lal masjid girls, who would most Pakistanis choose? I am afraid they will choose lal masjid girls as role models. Violence committed in the name of religion and piety seem to be less immoral to many Pakistanis than a woman showing skin.Recommend

  • Nitha Noor

    Although I absolutely agree with you when you say that there is a double standard when it comes to rules omitted by men, and the restrictions put upon women, there has to be a better way of expressing individuality. Through our intelligence. Is it necessary for us to display our bodies like meat just to show that we’re free? Going against what is ‘right’ in Pakistan, such as dressing inappropriately just shows that you accept the norm and that individuality is so limited, that you go against the norm to show you’re different. Can’t women prove that they’re above Pakistani men by increasing their respect through their skills? Anyone remember Arfa Kareem? As for Veena Malik, I’m shocked that you compare the courage of raped girls with her courage. I’m from the UK, and even here, people who do what she does are forgotten by now, because they aren’t important. If she doesn’t like what Pakistan has to offer her, she should just stay the hell out of it. After all, she does what she wants doesn’t she, it’s not like people here are desperate to keep her here. Also I couldn’t agree more with Nasir. Exactly what I felt when I read the article.Recommend

  • geeko

    Wow, hold on peoples : there’s one thing being a socio-economically-emancipated-and-intellectualy-aware-&-all-that-stuff woman, like Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy who was celebrated (and rightfully so) as an heroine by the most-disgusting-men-in-Zeus-Universe, despite making a documentary about our own flaws, and then there’s a thing called being a Veena Malik, which is just a symbol of the commercialization of femininity ; Veena Malik is, as far as my limited cognitive range goes, not a future Oscar or Nobel prize, but just a “bold” girl who gained popularity because she thought that posing nude for a magazine (she denies it, by the way) would be an interesting cross-cultural experience.
    Doesn’t really sound revolutionary.

    Is your idea of a woman’s emancipation proportional to the non-existence of her clothes ? I have nothing against Veena Malik – had my popcorn when she rhetorically destroyed that maulvi -, but the attempts from some peoples at making her a symbol of the triumph of feminism in a man-dominated jungle sounds a bit too ludicrous, I just don’t see the chivalry – and how it concerns Pak. women – in showing one’s natural assets and jumping left and right in a Bolly. song to be honest.


  • concerned

    totally disgusted in your article.

    The only thing i appreciated was you saying women have free choice and being independent, which veena malik has.

    But you just offended pakistan, come on your exaggerating you just hear issues being raised in the media and just criticse about them. Since when did the extremes i.e rapists get compared to veena malik? Recommend

  • Abid Javed

    @lone liberal_PK

    Is it Entertainment industry she represent or NUDITY & vulgarity Industry?
    The open-ness and Musharraf’s enlightened moderation which I depict from your comments has already made us weak at the knees. The so called pakistani extremists are his creation as a result of his false steps towards an enlightened society. Our society can not stand on such weak pillars.


  • Iqbal

    @Loneliberal PK: So appearing nude on a magazine cover is your idea of liberation? True female progressives in Pakistan view her as a talentless publicity hound, who would do anything to gain fame. She isn’t a role model. I have no idea why you self-proclaimed liberals bring up acid throwers and other fanatics in order to justify despicable behavior.Recommend

  • Iqbal

    @Disgusting Paki men: Clearly you haven’t seen a hip-hop video.Recommend

  • Fahad Raza

    Dear Haaniya Mazari,
    She was not scorned for being different but for being shameless. Even in India no one respects a woman who possess nude and say..”mein ney apne kaam ke paisay leye hein….aur bohat acchey paisaey leye hein….” In-fact she disrespected women of the region. I was great to se her face the music. and best to see her whine about it at the end. Recommend

  • Ali Fahad

    @Syeda Zunaira Zubair:
    If you believe in the spirit of Islam then you wont ever say this “mera khuda aur mera maamla”…This is a society affair…She is a celebrity of Pakistan…Recommend

  • Gilani


    Wonderful Response ;) Nice Poeple Never “Discuss Bad People…”Recommend

  • salman

    well written article. It’s time our nation stopped cribbing about things like these and concentrated on how to get rid of narrow minded thinking in Pakistan! That is more shameful than anything else!!!Recommend

  • Kevin Landon

    The people really do not care what Veena Malik does. She could be one of the billion other people that do a lot of things other people do not like or approve of. If someones actions are limited to a personal circle only, they face their criticism there or enjoy it within that circle. Wen the same is taken onto a whole country wide thing and you lose track of who you are, what you represent, and how you could influence other people’s lives, its a whole different ball game.

    What the people hate and condemn is the impact of once persons actions on the lives of others and how it lowers the bar to our moral standards and culture. Differences arise when people do things that are not part of who they are, not part of the society they are from, and definitely not part of the image they want to present.

    Each region and race has its own identity, it has lived with and developed it over the years. When someone says “Japan”, you remember paintings, houses, sculptures and kimonos, which is all culture that they portray. But when someone says the US, all you can think about is the “President”, and a huge population without any culture or value representation.
    The only advantage the US has gained over time is that they have formed somewhat of a system to effectively control the people. People get up at a certain time, they rush to their employment houses, they perform their assigned chores, and are free to be who ever in the world at the end of it. People haven’t learn morals or values, they have been tamed to live their lives more as slaves. Yes, they’ve been granted options to entertain themselves, “granted”, options chosen for them so they do not realize they are trapped in a system.

    I recently saw a few women protesting nude in Paris to help liberate women rights, but is that what women do when they have somewhat of a feeling of having rights? All the talk on women rights is okay, but to an extent that you do not let a woman go crazy over it. Men and women are different, they live lives differently, they operate on completely different levels. Every thing created in this world is in sets and needs the other half to balance it out. Yes, all women have rights with regards to all different things in life, but ultimate power or freedom corrupts all, be that men or women.

    For those who remember the medieval times, it too started with a time of technological and agricultural innovations and revolution, but soon marked the deterioration of culture and economy later as well. That too was a phase similar to our current, it led to an even darker age for women that had rights.Recommend

  • Syeda Zunaira Zubair

    @Ali Fahad:
    Still no one has the right to question her religion.Recommend

  • zabaida

    Gosh soem of the men and women here are disgusting. amazing people can get enraged from one person. you guys watch bwood, consume the highest porn,
    Putting some one down will not lift u up . veena malik . roxks and this is a great article. people like u are just disturbing sociopathsRecommend

  • Nasir


    No I’m ot misinformed. In fact I live in the society where your liberal values are only imagined while in the society I live, here such values are peaked. They all agree to call a trash a trash.Recommend

  • sumitsingh(+919045245323)

    @sana akbar
    wow! amazing 2 c dat ppl lyk u also live in pak.i think ppl there r literate bt talk lyk illeterates…………..Recommend

  • Xara

    The why to criticise Ali saleem. He too is being different.Recommend

  • Ajmal

    @the Author. You don’t live here in Pakistan coz if you did I think you would have known that being naked is very much frowned upon here. Women can gain rights without getting their clothes off or being used as a commodity. Please try to be at least impartial.

  • J.K

    This is such a beautifully written article. Kudos to the writer. The details given are really honest and this is what makes it such an amazing piece to read. I would love to read more by the same author.Recommend

  • farooqui

    @tahir majeed:
    brother,i am an indian and the people who have truly spoiled your country’s name here is ajmal kasab and various terrorist organizations ,people hardly know veena malik here ,india is a secular democracy and has a huge film industry,apart from bollywood we have regional film industrys as well,the tamil film industry actor rajnikant is the highest paid actor in asia after jackie chan,u think in a country like ours, we will give any importance to someone like veena malik,she has done no substantial work,only big boss and one item number, if she really wants to come up she has to work very hard and her movies should also be box office hit aisi koi top ki heroine nahi ban jata! atif aslam ,ali zafar and adnan sami are liked in India bcause they have done good work! and i am sorry brother i dont agree with you when you say go to youtube videos and see what indians have written,sorry brother most of the gandi gandi galis that i have seen are from pakistanis,maybe Indians have written but not as much as the pakistanis,and the only reason why the Indians have written because the pakistanis were abusing her herself,our actress wear “bikinis” and work in hollywood ,y will we give any importance to veena malik,we are used to it! speaking of being used to it “haseena item bomb ka poster dekha hain! Recommend