Why should Afridi steer the ship?

Published: April 12, 2012

His previous performances and leading capabilities, as seen on the field, should be all that matter. PHOTO: AFP

On March 30, 2011, when the team lost to our arch rivals and eventual champions, India in the semi-finals of the coveted 2011 World Cup, this is what our team captain at the time, Shahid Afridi had to say:

“I want to say sorry to my nation. We tried our level best but couldn’t make it. I am pleased with the way my team played throughout the competition.”

He apologised for leading a fragmented, jaded, and weak team to the top four; something which he envisaged on February 9, 2011. The talismanic all-rounder was stripped of his title as captain by the infamous ex-chairman PCB Ijaz Butt. This step, however, must have delighted his critics, especially when we consider that the darling of the crowd took a short-lived retirement.

Although, much to their disenchantment, he came back with a vengeance; ever since his comeback he has scored 345 runs and taken 29 wickets with some player of the match awards too. The captaincy conundrum has once again appeared in Pakistan’s cricket, owing to the likelihood of skipper Misbah’s removal from captaincy of the shorter formats.

The anti-Afridi lobby is vociferously campaigning against his reinstatement as skipper, but there is a strong rationale for giving him the crown which was unjustly taken from him, if and when the ageing Misbah is booted out.

Firstly, statistics corroborate the fact that Afridi has performed well with both bat and ball as a skipper. However, there are people who baselessly say that the burden of captaincy hampers his own performance. It is noteworthy that Afridi was the highest wicket taker during the 2011 World Cup, having taken 21 wickets during the mega event. This alone is a testament to his capabilities as a captain.

Afridi’s batting, as well as bowling heroics prove adequately that being captain does not hinder him in the least. Hence, the notion that captaincy saddles him is nothing but hogwash.

Moreover, Afridi took command of a dejected, beleaguered, and a broken team – one that was marred by spot-fixing cases, but who were almost the champions in the 2011 World Cup.

After the Lord’s Test against Australia, Afridi led the team to a 2-3 loss against England in a closely fought series which we would have won had it not been for poor umpiring. The series was great for Afridi as skipper because he managed to take the best from the boys even when the British crowd and media were busy shouting out profanities.

The series against South Africa was, again, a closely fought series which ended in the same result; he took the team to New Zealand and won the series amidst all the pressure that one can imagine. He was never assured of leading the team; the World Cup started on February 19, 2011, and Afridi was appointed captain on February 4, 2011. Yet, he took full responsibility for whatever transpired in the mega event.

In 2010, the team for the T20 World Cup was announced on the March 15, while Afridi was named captain after 8 days.

Why? This was unprecedented. Still the man didn’t raise an eyebrow.

Thirdly, Afridi always led with a great deal of passion which was evident on the field. He must be given credit for instilling a winning attitude in a jaded team. He reposed confidence in players like Hafeez, Shehzad, Shafiq, and Ajmal who were naïve at the time, but delivered because Afridi was able to motivate them.

Now, almost all of them have made a mark for themselves. Moreover, the way he used senior players like Razzaq and Akhtar was commendable.

At the end, one needs to question the wisdom of the former head of PCB. He removed a successful captain who was gradually taking the team forward; new players like Asad Shafiq, Wahab Riaz, and Ahmad Shehzad found their footing under his leadership and the team was an assortment of juniors and seniors.

There was no pretext for removing Afridi.

To sum up thus, Afridi ought to be reinstated as the skipper because of his aggressiveness, previous performances, and his unfair removal from captaincy. His previous performances and leading capabilities, as seen on the field, should be all that matter and this should be enough to ensure his being reinstated as captain.

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Syed Ali Zia Jaffery

Syed Ali Zia Jaffery

The author is a BSC Hons student at FC College University where studies politics, international relations and economics. He tweets @pakistan199220.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Abdullah

    This was Afridi’s last 4 series as T20 captain

    Lost 2-0 vs England
    Lost 2-0 vs South Africa
    Lost 2-1 vs New Zealand
    Lost 1-0 vs West Indies

    Shahid Afridi is an asset to Pakistan on his day in the less important formats or the pyjama formats of cricket where bits & pieces cricketers have their worth, charismatic, talismanic, enigmatic, highly popular, multi-talented, but he is totally incapable of handling the complexity of captaining a Pakistan side. He himself has publicly admitted that he’s not a natural captain or even mentally strong enough to do the job. Removing him was a master-stroke from Ijaz Butt & a blessing in disguise for Pakistan cricket which the results, vastly improved professionalism & stability factor have reflected. He has his own charm as a player & hopefully he continues to contribute for the team.

    “In the World Cup we were a team of lions led by a sheep” – Shoaib Akhtar

    Pakistan was the 4th favourite in the World Cup. In those conditions New Zealand, England, West Indies had no chance & Australia were suffering from injuries and did not have any quality front line spinner which was always going to bring them down. All major test playing nations were guaranteed quarter final berths as long as they defeated the lesser teams. The conditions & tournament structure suited Pakistan immensely as it was all about easing your way into the tournament & peaking at the right time. From a social & political perspective the tournament did wonders to lift the spirits of the people, but from a cricketing perspective they had what it took to go the distance, but did not achieve that. Afridi bowled tremendously, but as a captain he was disappointing with his antics, off – field discipline & on – field tactics as expected. With the right captain like Misbah we would have won it. Astute leadership was lacking.

    Can someone please explain to me why there is even any talk of a captain being replaced who has won 32 matches as Pakistan Captain, lost 9 matches & drawn 5 matches? To put it into context Misbah has only lost 2 in 18 series as Pakistan captain across all formats of the game. Misbah has won his only tournament as Pakistan captain as well. Yet we are unsatisfied with him? We as a nation should appreciate his success, get behind him & stop calling for his head knee jerk style if there is 1 defeat here and there.

    Age is no barrier, age is just a number. He has the form, fitness and hunger. There is stability and continuity, the time is not right time to move a side or stand down. Misbah started his career late at 25 domestically so the body will still be in shape & not as worn as a typical 37 year old who’s been playing at major levels since 18/19. The results are coming through extremely well. Many players internationally have played late in their careers & served well for their teams. We play in the present, not in the future. Moreover, at least he keeps a genuine age identity rather than a deceptive one so he’s not all that old by Pakistani standards if we view if from this angle. For a pure batsmen age is not really that much of a factor as a fast bowler or wicket keeper. Imran Khan and Asif Iqbal as all rounder’s captained Pakistan in the World Cup when they were 39, so why can’t Misbah as a batsmen when he will be 40?Recommend

  • Ad

    agreed with the article completly Recommend

  • um

    totally disagreed.. this clearly shows that you are a big fan of afridi and you want to see him as a captain he axed himself like a kid ” mein nei khailta” now there is no point of appointing him back as a captain..Recommend

  • Ali

    Afridi is not mutur enough for captaincy. Hafeez is a good choice for leading green shirts in ODI and T20 Recommend

  • Arcane

    isn’t he the same guy who tried to bite the ball and also disturbed the Pitch with his spikes infront of dozen of cameras ? For heaven’s sake let him be a common team player, Captaining a team is way beyond his abilities. Recommend

  • Afaaq

    The problem it seems is “fixing something which ain’t broken”. It’s hard to agree with the
    Writer considering Misbah’s record. Afridi has clearly displayed lack of discipline on various occasions. Some might have warranted expulsion if he was an Australian or an Englishmen. From eating balls to roughing up the wicket etc. On another note Afridi has the worst bowling average for a bowler who has played more than 250 matches, similarly he has the worst batting average for any batsman to have played more than 250 Matches ( a stat for those who believe he is a conventional batsman or bowler ). Afridi is a bits and pieces player who has improved after playing more than a decade of international cricket. Imagine how many youngsters didn’t get a chane meanwhile.Recommend

  • Blithe

    Great reply to shot up the Afridi trolls. Recommend

  • Nawab

    You mad bro? You want Pakistan’s finest ever captain (post Inzi era) to be removed just because you want a bloody stylist to make mockery of the Green star on air?
    Boring + consistent is way better than exciting yet inconsistent.Recommend

  • b.M


  • salman

    Afridi gave up when it matters and has always run away from pressure. He has NO ability as captain. I still wonder how he is still playing!Recommend

  • Sheharyar

    author seems to be an afridi fanboy :ORecommend

  • Rehman

    You want to see Mr Me as a captain? Yea we Pakistanis can not see stability in Pakistani Camp!

    Why there is no news in media regarding team meetings? Why there is no fight between Coach and Captain? Answer is because Afridi is not captain anymore! Misbah is doing a good job but he should not be part of T20 and best possible for captaincy in T20 is Mohammad Hafeez, not Mr Me (Afridi)Recommend

  • http://sarmadhussain.blogspot.com Sarmad Hussain

    I would have agreed entirely had this article been published a year ago. I agree with all your points but now that team has excelled under Misbah, reverting back to Afridi would be just fiddling with the set combination. Yes in T20I with Misbah being out of sorts for 2 years in the format now, Afridi could be a very good option especially considering that the t20 WC is just around the corner.

    On a personal note, Good debut Ali Zia Jafferi I expect much bigger things from you mate. More prosperity to you in the future!

    SarmadXIV Recommend

  • Rehman

    And Mind you under Misbah captaincy we won Asia cup and we know in Asiacup 2010 when Afridi was captain what happened! Recommend

  • Rehman

    Oh I forget one more thing! Care to tell us his recent performance! A total flop!Recommend

  • syed ali zia jaffery

    Thankyou for the speech cum comment, I included alot of stat but they didn’t include those because I remember all stats of afridi i don’t need sources for his records.

    as a skip 753 runs 43 wickets in odi’s

    Whatever I write about him will perhaps not tinker your opinion, so why should I vindicate myself. You have your own viewpoint which needs to be respected.Recommend

  • syed ali zia jaffery

    Listen the term which you used is or should not be associated with me. The two of his most bizzare actions made me shout at him one on 21st november 2005 the other on 31st jan.Recommend

  • Ahmad

    Very good BLOG as far as the English standards are concerned but not the cricketing standardsRecommend

  • Naima

    Great job Ali!
    its good to see how you vent out all of your cricket fervour in your articles.Recommend

  • Usman

    Although Afridi is a very useful for the shorter format of cricket espeically in T20s, but Hafeez is better choice than Afridi. Afridi’s performance with the bat is very disappointing since the 2011 world cup execpt against Sri Lanka at Sharjah. He never takes responsibility while batting and get out playing silly shorts like street cricket. Hafeez should be groomed as a young captain for T20s for long-term strategy. Recommend

  • syed ali zia jaffery

    i wrote all those recent stats but were removed the blog desk eversince his comeback 335 runs 29 wickets 5 m o m ‘s Recommend

  • Ahmad

    Everyone has his/her opinion… what I think is that Afridi is all-fit for leading the shorter formats like the one-day or T20… Tests are not even being discussed!!!Recommend

  • ad

    I dont want to get into a detail debate b/c all above comments r just based on pure stats which can never tell exact & true picture of the scenario can only assist to judge but judgement shudnt be solely made on stats
    As per above discussion Afridi is not capable of captaincy Ok agreed to all but sorry to say Misbah doesnt deserve a place in T20 & ODI at all he is just proving to b a cancer to youngster coz the way he approaches T20 & ODI’s it would simply kill the natural aggressive instinct of the youngster like Asad, Hammad & umar Akmal
    he is now 38 what the heck future perspective he got,till WC 2015 he will be 41 & it is 2012 not 90 when Javed Imran played till 42 he got nothing bro if some 1 like Inzi & Yousuf caliber player so we can carry on in keeping view of their class but Misbahh Hahahah just no words he is just playing coz no one was there after yousuf if he was that gud then y he hasnt been able to get into the team in 2000’s since he debut just he is not gud enough

    Hafeez can be a gud choice but in my personal opinion & hope m wrong he will fail to bear extra pressure of captaincy Recommend

  • Sharjeel



    agree, afridi is surely the best captain of pakRecommend

  • syed ali zia jaffery

    thankyou naimaRecommend

  • syed ali zia jaffery

    I as an author appreciate your rational comments thankyouRecommend

  • Syed

    The methodical thought of Hafeez will produce better results than the rash instincts of Afridi. I read somewhere, “Would the Pakistani nation given this many chances to a player like Afridi if he had looked like Kaneria” Haha. Recommend

  • Super Pak

    Maybe because all he does is win, and because every past pakistani cricketer endorses him. Fancy hits and loads of attitude didn’t win us squat. I still remember him complaining about the way the indian media was treating “his” pakistani team. Who cares play the game. Recommend

  • Ch Allah Daad

    Afridi was never a leadership material. Now he is in last stage of his below average career. He should be planning his retirement.Recommend

  • Shaeel Ashraf

    Why do you want board to change captain?? Have you seen the stability of team from the past 1 year or a 2 under Misbah Ul Haq? There is no need to change a captain when results are coming.. Ultimate goal should be to win a match…Winning percentage under misbah is round about 80 i think.. While under Afridi it is not more than 50… Misbah-Ul-Haq is a great captain and always play with responsiblity. His own recored is also superb as a captain..Recommend

  • ad

    Misbah has won series against Ireland zimbabwe bangladesh afghanistan may b in coming month we will play against china & norway n after winning ppl like u who blindly trust on stats will say that he has won 8 series & bla bla team just see when slight better team in ODI like eng thrashes us to shameful defeat of 4-0. afridi won series against windies, newzealand, reach semi final WC 2011 lost close series against SA & Eng But in records it will come as lost matches its misbah gud luck tha Pak only play with meanows in recent yrs Misbah has done gud job but only in test he doesnt deserve a place in T20 & ODI’s Afridi may not b a gud choice but atleast Misbah doesnt deserve a place he is 38 now no future perspective in cricket b4 misbah there is match winner concept in cricket but now there is an addition to it as match looser & misbah is one of its own kind can loose the match single handedly see WC T20 round match against India need 1 off 2 bals misbah playing on 50+ lost the match final of t20 well set batsman but cudnt finish the match, main culprit in semi final 2011 WC misbah was out 56 of 76 balls in which 25 odd runs come in 15 balls exert so much pressure on middle order by not rotating the strike in middle overs that all were gone but he is standing till end improve his averages but team lost & single handedly lost against Eng in recent t20 series dont look short term goals look at the broader picture & let him go in t20 & ODI & keep him in test Recommend

  • AN

    Afridi again? Oh please! Save our team from that drama queen. The guy will resign again for one issue or another. He is at best an average player. His off pitch and on pitch indiscipline, short temper are no small issues and you want such a person as a captain. He is fine as a player but he cannot handle responsibility.
    Yes we know Mr. Tuk Tuk is sluggish, uninspiring and unimpressive captain but he is thousand times better than Afridi in his temperament and approach. So no we will stick with Misbah. As for T20, we could find some young captian. Not Afridi please. He is near the end of his career so no point of choosing him.

    PS.Come with better arguments next time.Recommend

  • AN

    Afridi didn’t perform well against any major team either as you are admitting yourself. So how could you support him? He is disappointment 99 out of 100 times as a captain and as a player as well.Any other team will never tolerate him.Recommend

  • Afaaq

    ET needs to choose better blogs to publish or does it take anything from someone who clearly doesnt know what he is talking about?Recommend

  • syed ali zia jaffery


    Do you want to challenge me with stats about Afridi?Recommend

  • syed ali zia jaffery


    Come on let’s play the game; I replied to each and every comment with an appreciation , but your comment is inundated with impetousity to say the least. Recommend

  • Afaaq

    Please check and read thoroughly through my first post. I believe it was rather easy to comprehend. Whereas playing games about average players is concerned I rest my case. It took a good decade or so for him to realise he is a bowler. Imagine investing those ten odd years in youngsters and giving them chances? He averages 33 ( Bowling ) and 24 ( Batting ) in the ODI format respectively. Can you suggest a list of players who have played more than 300 matches and have these averages or similar? That alone would suggest he is in a league of his own. Recommend

  • Rizvi

    Love is blind and writer is in immense love with Afridi, as his article shows. No solid arguments in the piece. Can anybody remember his last century? Can anybody recall his peroformance with the bat for the last many years except one or two matches? Can anybody say without a biased approach that he is a mature batsman, who plays according to the situation? In a society where tolerance is a dying virtue and emotions are toping the wisdom and patience, our heros are the reckless player like Afridi and our intellectuals think that their opinion is non-debatable.Recommend

  • Rehman

    @syed ali zia jaffery:
    Average of 38 with ball against test playing nations in ODIs is enough to say he is a mediocre player!
    He boosts his average performing against associates! Recommend

  • Hasan Dastgir

    Misbah only deserves to be the captain of test team…no other format suits him…or no other format suits misbah…

    As far as Afridi is concerned, he is a non-consistent player…but still our team needs him for his bowling…he’s suitable for T20’s captaincy… Recommend

  • Ali T.

    Lol ball eating, temperamental attitude, retiring unretiring and an extremely modest batting as well as bowling average are more than enough reasonsRecommend

  • Rehman

    Mr Me (Afridi) against Australia, England, India, New Zealand, South Africa, Sri Lanka and West Indies

    Bowling Average 38.37 (Overall 33.37 yea he boost his average against minnows)
    5+ wickets 3 (His overall 5+ wickets is 8 which means 5 are against MINNOW teams)
    SR 48 (Overall 43 which indicates he is a minnow basher)

    Mr Me (Afridi) is lucky to play 342 matches for Pakistan and you are saying he should be captain of our side!

    Now give me one example where a “bowling allrounder” averaging 38 with ball and he has played 280 matches (Mr Me (Afridi) has played 281 matches against top side). You wont find anyone, only in Pakistan we can make a player like Afridi our captain!

    Ravinder Jadeja will get more wickets in same number of matches than Mr Me!Recommend

  • syed ali zia jaffery




  • syed ali zia jaffery







    2ND ODI 3 FER




  • syed ali zia jaffery


    There is no harm in bickering my friend.Recommend

  • Rehman

    Why Since 2007? He was Mrs Afridi before 2007? You want to know his last 2 year stats against top nations? Feel free to ask his average will be around 38!Recommend

  • Rehman

    Mr Me fan boy why you are adding associates Bangladesh and Zimbabwe in these stats?

    What happened when he faces top playing nations in ODIs?

    This is his performance against Australia, England, India, New Zealand, South Africa, Sri Lanka and West Indies since the magical “4th Feb 2007” Link: http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/player/42639.html?class=2;filter=advanced;opposition=1;opposition=2;opposition=3;opposition=4;opposition=5;opposition=6;opposition=8;orderby=default;spanmin1=4+Feb+2007;spanval1=span;template=results;type=allround

    Now look at the bowling average Mr Me fan boy! 36 fantastic average? A mediocre player averages in late 30.

    This is his stats against Australia, England, India, New Zealand, South Africa, Sri Lanka and West Indies through out his career Link: http://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/player/42639.html?class=2;filter=advanced;opposition=1;opposition=2;opposition=3;opposition=4;opposition=5;opposition=6;opposition=8;orderby=default;template=results;type=bowling

    Mr Me Fan boy care to tell us why his average against top nations is similar to bowling average of a part time bowler?

    His bowling average against;
    India 58
    South Africa 39
    New Zealand 48
    Sri Lanka and West Indies 35

    These averages can be seen in the above link!

    What happens to Afridi when he play against top playing nations?
    Mr Me Fan Read my posts again before commentingRecommend

  • Farhan

    Honestly, don’t write an article when there’s no need just for the sake of writing one! There’s been enough pieces on why Afridi should be captain again – this will just be added to the archives – zero value!Recommend

  • Ad

    @AN & others
    Bro first decide what u want to compare?? Atleast afridi has played series against big teams like SA ENG in their backyard & results are very close u cant say its one sided affair Misbah has only played two series against big teams SL & ENG luckily thrashes srilanka thanks to Dilshan poor run with captaincy & afirdi brilliance in 3rd ODI ENG just blast away 4-0 that what it call a real failure Misbah forunate that he hasnt played against gud teams till now & in future also no tour to ENG AUST SA NEWZEALAND

    Regarding afridi failure come on u gotta kiding me IF SEMI final of WC, two ODI series win & two close fought series a failure than he is a looser remember he hasnt played against any minnows

    I m nt a big fan of lala but after wasim waqar shoib Inzi Yousuf he is the only left star no doubt he cant match their caliber but still he is far more better than other

    Leading MOM in ODI 30 nos for pakistan, Highest Strike rate in ODI,340+ wickets around 7000 run is a joke na !!! he is a match winner bro which is rare to find in a bunch of 20 u can only get 1 or 2, match winner 20 runs is far more better than 100 of match looser in stats 100 would boost his average & strike rate as compare to match winner after some time ppl will see only stats but what about those impact match winner had due to his 20 runs those who always believe in stats no cricketing sense wouldnt agree with me Like i earlier mention Stats shouldnt b only scale of determining player greatness its the impact of the player to other team when he was playing If only stats is the measure of greatness then pls dont take the name of holding,marshall Viv richard,Andy roberts, Boycott etc beacuse as per stats they are just mediocore players ppl say, Afridi got 24 average in batting but he has been batting at no 7 & 8 for the last 7 yeras more than 150 + matches at this no its a descent Average I guess, he is bowling allrounder now but ppl always expect from him like 50 in batting & 4 wickets in bowling bro thats not going to happen as far as 342 matches played anybody can do it then Tendu has played 450+ matches as per your logic anybody can make such runs its simply insane to talk like that(Not comparing the great Tendu Just giving a logic as per above comments) Recommend

  • syed ali zia jaffery

    Thankyou, I realized this after writing that it was perhaps untimely. Now, I will make amends by writing on siachenRecommend

  • syed ali zia jaffery


    I am a fan hence i don’t need cricinfo for stats ; his stats are in my brain Recommend

  • syed ali zia jaffery


    My friend, you have all the right to lambaste him; I can’t put a lid-on to it. My views about him are repugnant to yours. We can’t be on the same page.Recommend

  • syed ali zia jaffery


    Everybody is content with averages but they are oblivious on other factors.Recommend

  • hira

    A good article.Recommend

  • Rehman

    I am not criticizing him! Just showing his stats to his fan boys and girls!Recommend

  • hira

    the author has not criticized misbah at all in this article he says that if and when misbah is boded outRecommend

  • Syed Ali Zia Jaffery


    I posted since match by match stats since 22nd january 2010 but they haven’t thus far adorned the comment section.Recommend

  • Syed Ali Zia Jaffery



  • Rehman

    Why after 2010? Why not his overall? Why not against top nations only? Why you are including minnow teams?

    Accept it he is a mediocre player! A one match per wicket “superstar” I guess you are his “Andha Pankha” (Blind Fan)Recommend

  • Ad

    I know afridi is not a star like Wasim, Waqar,Javed, Imran Inzi Yousuf,Saeed but he is the only one left now from that era & remaining & present players r not gud enough in any mean to call them a star i agree afridi is short tempered,irresponsible BUT Misbah (Biggest match looser) is just unbearable the comparison kills me May b hafeez is a gud choice but ppl are saying afridi 31 is at end of his career & want Misbah to b the captain who is 38 & most pathetic batsman i have ever seen in my 21 years of watching cricket so biased & ridicolous reasoning is hard to digest

    As far as Stats concern i never relied heavily on stats coz it can never tell u the true greatness of player as game is changing so drastically 10 years ago bowler of average 23/ wicket is a gud one but now average of 27 is very gud batting rules all favouring batsman so u cant compare just on the basis of stats its the impact & influence of the player which make him great & average player Razzaq 20 match winning run is far more better than Misbah 50

    But everybody have different point of view no offense to any1Recommend

  • Syed Ali Zia Jaffery


    22nd april 2009 6/38 vs AustraliaRecommend

  • Syed Ali Zia Jaffery

    for me he is notRecommend

  • Arjun

    Its good man really magnificent.

    I also agree that afridi should be the captainRecommend

  • Syed Ali Zia Jaffery


  • Rehman

    Oh come on stop giving once in a blue moon figures! Where is consistency? I have given you his averages against top teams. If he is a real performer why his stats shows he is a mediocre player?

    And Read my comments and answer my question! I know you dont have any answers! This is why you are giving one time wonder figures here!Recommend

  • Rehman

    What about average of 38? Is he a great player? Team performer? Afridi is not a consistent performer and his stats are showing this! Only Mr Me fan cant understand it!Recommend

  • Syed Ali Zia Jaffery

    this article is not against misbahRecommend

  • abhi

    I agree afridi should be the captian. after imran khan he is the next big thing in Pakistan. hope like imran he will join politics after retirement. He has a lot to do for Pakistan.Recommend

  • Syed Ali Zia Jaffery


    You are obsessed with averages. If i try to give you more details, then that comment will not appear.

    Kindly can you shed light on this grosteque title mr me?Recommend

  • Syed Ali Zia Jaffery

    Last 11 0di’s vs australia 17 wickets 240 runsRecommend

  • Syed Ali Zia Jaffery

    Thankyou for glossing my article with the commentsRecommend

  • ad

    @ Rehman

    he is not only a bowler bro he is an all-rounder count around 7000 run he made then this 33 avg not 38 would be that bad he is batting at no 7 & 8 for last 7 yrs now hardly got any chances of playing 5 to 10 overs how u expect to b batting average more than 24 if he is not doing well in batting bowling would compensate it i am nt a big fan of Afridi already mentioned it but over criticizing just for the sake of showing ur disliking is bad what u r talking only on stats can be done by any mathematician who never watches cricket just by telling him about the parameter to follow
    Afridi is not a consistent performer agree then tell me a name in the current team who is consistent??? after Inzi & yousuf there is no one who is consistent Umar Gul who is our leading fast bowler got an average of 28 with 150+ wickets economy of 5.1
    no one is consistent bro either batting or bowling as already told u our peak time has gone after 2003 or u can say after Inzi 2007 dont expect too much from this remaining one Recommend

  • Saadia

    Yes well afridi is emotional and i think that he go crazy and in his craziness he do some silly things. but inspite of all those things he is our bestst player but sometimes we should see things through our mind… but Ali i appreciate you…seriously you have done superb work. and you have the capacity to defend your argument ….well! i can see that in plsc101 class:)Recommend

  • Saadia Baloch

    Hmmm…Ali you have done superb work.Well! I know that you have the capacity to defend your argument and that you have done in a well manner. No doubt Afridi is our bestest player. No one is without errors n faults and every person carries weakness…. Sometimes he go crazy becoz yes! he is a true cricket lover and great player. Good work !!! keep it up…Allah bless you.ameen Recommend

  • Rehman

    Yes this article is for Mr Me (Afridi) who is not a consistent player and he should be captain of Pakistan!Recommend

  • Rehman

    I dont know why these fan boys write blogs if they cant defend their fantasies!

    O “Lala” O “Lala” tu hai meri fantasy for all fan boys! Recommend

  • observer

    in the presence of satta family like akmal brothers, every captain is doomed to failure. afridi has been acknowledged as somebody who cannot be bribed. he has done exceptionally well under the circumstances.Recommend

  • Rehman

    I am talking about bowling average! What are you up to?Recommend

  • Rehman

    Average and SR is best measure to access any bowler!

    Mr Me fan boys thinks one time wonder is better measure than average and SR (BOWLING)

    Andhay Pankhay (Blind Fans)Recommend

  • Syed Ali Zia Jaffery

    well, this song is derogatory, impetous and disdainfulRecommend

  • Syed Ali Zia Jaffery

    instead of giving me a peace of mind; stop reading articles which gloss the biggest criminal in pak cricRecommend

  • Syed Ali Zia Jaffery

    These guys are obsessed with stats which perhaps do not manifest the true worth of a player, but I guess we cannot change their views ; I have all his stats in my brain, but why should I debate with them.Recommend

  • Syed Ali Zia Jaffery

    Thankyou, I don’t need to defend myself because THOSE WHO DON’T WANT TO LISTEN WILL NEVER LISTEN.Recommend

  • Syed Ali Zia Jaffery

    vs south africa last 13 matches 17 wickets

    305 runsRecommend

  • Syed Ali Zia Jaffery

    vs srilanka last 12 matches

    24 wickets and 320 runsRecommend

  • Syed Ali zia jaffery

    enough, 151 in thew last 5 years tell me any spinner who has got more in this periodRecommend

  • Ad


    Bro i guess either u hvnt watched enough cricket or not got any cricketing sense What i was talking neither u r getting it nor giving any solid reason,Commenting like a teenager immature guy Afridi isnt in my list of favts how many times i mentioned u i am just defending it coz for the sake of criticism u r talking nonsense in my opinion it will be my last post coz
    there is very famous saying for ppl like u

    “Dont argue with the fool otherwise ppl wont tell the difference”

    God bless u Recommend

  • Rehman

    Yea yea 38 average superstar fans act like baby born!

    151 in which half of them are against MINNOWS

    A minnow Basher! Ball eater and pitch tamperer!

    Accept it O Lala O Lala Fantasies! he is a mediocre player and “Chanto Bantos” is saying appoint him as a captain of Pakistan team!

    Some of his fan boys are obsessed with his celebration styl. Why dont you visit Youtube and see his commercials! Recommend

  • Tayba

    Shahid always has been a gr8 captain,nd deserves captaincy.We could be reminded tht in the World Cup Semi-Final Presentation Ceremony Shahid Said “I am sorry to my Nation”.Why sorry you built a seperated team,u made them united,A 6th ranking team beating nd competing other teams in their hmegrounds,becouse of u we reached the semis nd brought tht pride back 2 ur nation,due 2 u the Pakistan National Anthem was sung on a Indian ground,becouse of u the Pakistan flag was raised in Mohali.AFTER ALL THIS DOES HE REALLY NEED 2 B SORRY?
    Cricket never has nd never will c another Shahid Afridi… nd tht’s a fact!!! Boom Boom by name,Boom Boom by nature.. p.s guyzz plz don’t ever 4get wat Shahid has done 4 us nd our country nd don’t 4get his previous cricketing history cuz this guy has dun ALOT 4 us,appreciate wat u hav got b4 it’s 2 lateRecommend

  • Ahmed

    Indeed let’s make the minnow basher captain again, forget how he ruined a WC winning T20 team, quit during a Test match at Lord’s, publicly badmouthed his players (Ajmal, Irfan) and of course his routine leaks of dressing room activities and discussions to the Pakistani media. The writer is clearly blind to the fact that Afridi regularly fails to deliver against the top tier teams – the numbers speak for themselves – and his fitness is clearly on the decline due to his penchant for playing in any Mickey Mouse T20 competition that would throw a few nickels and dimes his way. If anything he hurts the balance of the side as we have to play him as an unnecessary extra spinner, and his fame unreliability with the bat. Add his politicking nature to that, and by golly we truly have the perfect man to lead the Pakistan team…not.Recommend

  • Syed Ali zia jaffery

    102 wkits against test side not to include bangladesh and zimbabwe

    stop pestering me go and write a vituperative articleRecommend

  • Syed Ali zia jaffery


  • Ali

    Thankyou everyoneRecommend

  • Ali

    Nobody can play cricket for his for 15 years 6 months and 13 days just for nothingRecommend

  • Ali

    Here I am with a rebuttle. Firstly, you need to be taught some rudimentary demeanours to address people, for you were impetous and vituperative on twitter. Whatever I say would not tinker your views regarding afridi, so why should embroil in a fruitless discussion. Thanks for flaunting your prowessRecommend

  • Rehman

    Yea @ average of 36. Good average I must say! Slightly better than a part timer!

    Nothing can be acrimony than this article!

    You are annoying everyone by stating one time wonder of Mr Me!Recommend

  • Ahmed


    Mubarak ho, you know how to use a thesaurus. Whatever you have to say? Why don’t you try, instead of doing an embarrassing cop-out.Recommend

  • Ahmed


    Oh and by the way, it’s REBUTTAL. Blog karne ka itna shauq hai to ghalti se proof-read bhi kar liya karo.Recommend

  • adil

    I don’t agree with the author at all. I agree with Rehman. We don’t need Afridi as a captain. Afridi is just an average player who thinks he is some kind of great cricketer. He is a slogger at best and a good bowler at times.Recommend