Siachen tragedy: Is a glacier worth their lives?

Published: April 10, 2012

The death of so many young men was indeed a tragedy beyond all measures, but could it have been avoided? PHOTO: AFP

Over 1,300 Pakistani soldiers died in Siachen between 1984 and 1999. Almost all of the casualties on both sides have been due to extreme weather conditions. PHOTO: FILE The death of so many young men was indeed a tragedy beyond all measures, but could it have been avoided? PHOTO: AFP This is not only true for Pakistan, but also for Indians; there is an equal possibility that the tragedy could have taken place on the Indian side of the border. PHOTO: FILE

Once again, we are lamenting the death of soldiers; the brave sons of the soil who were tragically killed at the highest battlefield in the world, while we slept comfortable and warm in our cosy beds.

It is indeed a great tragedy to hear that such young men have been crushed under tonnes of snow – men who could have done so much for their country and for their families. What a painful way to die, and what an unjust way to reward all that they have done for us. They, of all people did not deserve this. Yes, the casualties may be 135 (124 soldiers and 11 civilians) but the loss is so much greater than this number as each amongst them was undoubtedly a son, a father, a husband, or even a lover.

However, as a country we have become more or less indifferent to such tragedies. When a bomb explodes, all we ask for is the death toll; we feel a bit of remorse, discuss it, and that more or less sums up our debate. Whatever this may be, a gift or curse of humanity – we forget all with time and move on to another day. But today, this time around, I am not going to just forget.

Why were our soldiers there in the first place?

Why do we continue to invest so heavily in protecting a block of snow, with no human inhabitation, except the soldiers who so precariously guard it against foreign intruders?

This is not only true for Pakistan, but also for Indians; there is an equal possibility that the tragedy could have taken place on the Indian side of the border. Both the Indian and Pakistani army units could have been buried in the snow.

Why are we just standing here, dedicating our BBM and Facebook statuses to the soldiers who died? Why aren’t we demanding the reason behind why they were stationed there?

According to careful estimates by defence analysts, Pakistan spends approximately Rs15 million a day to maintain three battalions at the Siachen Glacier. This translates in to Rs450 million a month, and Rs5.4 billion a year. On the other hand, the deployment of seven battalions at the glacier costs India Rs50 million a day, Rs1.5 billion a month, and Rs30 billion a year.

According to an Indian expert:

The economic cost of maintaining an infantry brigade group at Siachen to guard the desolate, super-high altitude, mountain passes and approaches leading to it from the Saltoro Range to its west, has been estimated to range between Rs3 crore to 3.5 crore per day – Rs1,000 to 1,200 crore annually.

All this expenditure is incurred despite the ostentatious amounts of poverty stricken people living in each country – people who don’t even have enough money to afford one meal a day.

According to unofficial figures, over 3,000 Pakistani soldiers have lost their lives on the blood-laced Siachen Glacier between April 1984 and April 2012. Over 5,000 Indian casualties have also been documented. At one point, one Pakistani soldier was killed every fourth day, while one Indian soldier was killed every other day.

Over 1,300 Pakistani soldiers died in Siachen between 1984 and 1999. Almost all of the casualties on both sides have been due to extreme weather conditions.

Many of us will remember the seminal drama “Alpha, Bravo, Charlie” which clearly depicted the hopelessness of those fighting in such a woe-begotten territory. The drama depicted the glory and honour of a soldier standing proud on a mountain peak, holding the country’s flag staff, standing on the heaps of his fallen enemies. What it also depicted was the gory triviality of it all, when the same hero had to have his limbs cut-off due to constant exposure to inhumane conditions.

The question that one should really ask is, is Siachen really worth all this fuss? Why do our soldiers continue to stand eye-to-eye defending hopeless territory? Many of them will actually never return to see their sons, wives, daughters or beloved. And the others who will be fortunate enough to return may be handicapped or suffer permanent mental damage.

The death of so many young men was indeed a calamity beyond all measures, but could it have been avoided?

This tragedy also gives us a chance for introspection and to question the real need for Siachen. Maybe the time has now come for the two leaderships to de-militarise Siachen, and take it back to the pre-1984 times when both armies refrained from coming to the area. By doing so, the Indian and Pakistani Army may lose out on some strategic gains, but the question to be asked is whether all this strategy is more important than human lives.

Read more by Rafeel here.


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Rafeel Wasif

A social worker and an educationist, Rafeel is working as a research associate with South Asian Forum for Education (SAFED). He completed his education from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS).

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  •!/Pugnate Noman Ansari

    It totally was. Recommend

  • Muslim

    well written article. There is no need to station soldier in Siachen. I just wish there is peace between India and Pakistan. It feels strange to say, but honestly there is no chance that India will ever hand over Kashmir to Pakistan. So why not just accept this fact and have peace with india? I wish my Indian Kashmiri brothers well, but if they also accept that they have to stay with India just like millions of other Indian muslims in UP, Bihar, Hyderabad Deccan, South india, etc then the situation can progress for the better.Recommend

  • Frantic

    Both country’s top military leadership wants to justify the mass spendings on military every year…. Out of which a huge amount goes to into corruption & leisure as well…. so they will never want to close this front… And thats not a pride….thats shamelessness !!!Recommend

  • Ich Dien

    Who will decide what is worth fighting for or dying for? Till 1984 this place had no army establishment, only reason Pakistan went into Siachen was cause India had entered into the area which was till that time under Pakistan control, all expeditions to this area took permission from Govt of Pakistan. Pak Army went in cause of Indian aggression and no other reason. We might lament the fact that its a worthless block of inhumane ice nothing more. Tomorrow someone can stand up and say why are we fighting over a marshland (Sir Creek) or over some area which might be desert. Hell you will even find ppl who will say why should we fight if India is to take over Lahore just cause those ppl do not like Lahore!!!!Recommend

  • Bushra

    Reading your article made me angry and nauseous. If you had googled siachen conflict you wouldn’t be asking such questions and making sympathetic observations about our arch enemy India. India is the sole reason Pak Army is there in such dire conditions. If our Army hadn’t put up defenses you would have been crying over why it didn’t do so and you alongwith others would have been questioning the reasons for Pak Army’s existence. Its common sense putting up defenses at such extreme location would take lots of money. But they ain’t partying over there unlike the huge money that is spend on the lavish lives and partying of our politicians and bureaucrats. Why don’t you raise a voice against it. We are actually dead inside don’t really bother about the real issues but worry about whats Veena Malik doing. I felt it was shameful to look at the issue at hand in the monetary sense coz no matter how large sums of money you talk about it can NEVER EVER COMPENSATE FOR THE LOST LIFE OF A SOLDIER. Our jawans are doing what they are suppose to,defending our motherland and the idiots that exist here. You should do what you are suppose to ,at least show some respect for those who lay their lives for people like us who are probably ain’t worth it.Recommend

  • Tanveer Arif

    Talks should be initiated ti declare Siachin as Peace ParkRecommend

  • Asim

    i don’t agree with the argument of not defending your territory because of death tolls and expenditure. Nations fight to defend every inch of land. I would ask author how many die in car accidents? and is it worth allowing cars on streets? giving up isn’t an option.Recommend

  • manish

    i almost agree with your observation.

    and would like to add just one thing: just give us in writing that you would not carry out any kargil like misadventure in siachin. india will surely vacate.Recommend

  • Ich Dien

    My dear what you are basically saying is there can be peace but only if what India wishes happens??? Kashmir has no right of self determination and Mr. Nehru who suggested it was … let me put it mildly AN IDIOT? Btw how about giving back Junagarh which acceded to Pakistan on Sept 15, 1947 and than taken over by India by force or farce???

    And what about Siachen ??? India ready to move back to pre 1984 positions???Recommend

  • Neelofar Asghar

    I am a daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother too. I have tears in my eyes sice the tragedy has took place. Why, yes why to kill our beloved ones just for the sake of an ice mountain. This is not a place where human life is possible, so why are we fighting for such a no man’s land? The lives of our soldiers are not that cheap to be pushed to a death velley and leaving behind their parents, siblings, wives and children in an agony for ever.Recommend

  • ansar

    Sir G,
    We are trying to get our territorial claims accepted over Sir Creek, Kargil, Kashmir wagaira. And you talk of De-militarising (give up) the territories we have in our hands. Sir g, very unpatriotic! I quote from ‘Gone with the wind’, ” Land is the only thing worth fighting for, worth living for…worth dying for”. Recommend

  • Madiha R.
  • Farahi

    One should never accuse anybody on ET of having a basic understanding of military strategy that is for damn certain.Recommend

  • antony

    @Ich Die, @ Bushra, If you think you can sacrifice more of your soldiers in Siachen or Sir creek rather than use the man power in karachi or FATA where writ of the land is still challenged by some elements then as you wish … Sensible solution is there if you want peace ..Also there is a path where people wish to die for honour than live peacefully in compromise ..Its what one wishes for himself which he gets without doubt..Recommend

  • Ozymandias

    India moved into Siachen long before Kargil. Don’t rewrite history please.Recommend

  • Frantic

    The Indian army controls all of the 70 kilometres (43 mi) long Siachen Glacier and all of its tributary glaciers, as well as the three main passes of the Saltoro Ridge immediately west of the glacier—Sia La, Bilafond La, and Gyong La—thus holding onto the tactical advantage of high ground.

    The Pakistanis control the glacial valley just five kilometers southwest of Gyong La. The Pakistanis have been unable get up to the crest of the Saltoro Ridge, while the Indians cannot come down and abandon their strategic high posts.Recommend

  • antony

    @ansar, “is land only thing worth fighting for ?” So if India does build dams and not release water its not a problem as water is not worth fighting for and only land ?!! .Interesting !!Recommend

  • Spider-Man

    War is a marketing strategy used by the generals on both of the border to keep the funds coming in. We always see the Ghazwas as an example for war but we fail to recall the Treaty of Hudaibiah in which the Prophet (SAW) compromised for peace. Try explaining the strategic importance of Siachin to the families who have lost their sons, fathers and husbands. Try explaining it to the children who will never see their fathers again.

    And please stop with the hypocrisy. I am sure most people who have commented before me would want to wage war against India but will wait in line for hours at Atrium to get tickets for the latest Shahrukh Khan movie.Recommend

  • Parvez

    To resolve such issues you need leaders who are statesmen and not politicians posing as leaders.Recommend

  • Frantic

    Manish is right mate….. u lack the knowledge of a few facts and agreements between india and pakistan !! Read the historyRecommend

  • Salman tahir

    I truly agree with the authors point of view, fighting for just a piece of ice is worthless. All of us will continue our discussions but nothing will effect the politics behind all this which is the actual reason why our men are surviving there. First we should focus on our education systems and all the developments. We have to fight India in all respects not only for the sake of land. Its in front of us that where India has gone today and where we are. And most of all we have a great example of Bangladesh, few years back we used to call that ” yarr tu tou 2 takay kaa insaan hai” but today the scenario has been changed and the same is happening with Pakistan. If u start investing those 5.4 billion rupees per year on any other developing area it will be worth something. Now there is the need of a paradigm shift in Pakistan first change yourselves and then change others. Recommend

  • noor

    totally agreedRecommend

  • Usman

    @ Frantic and Ozymandias and Maniac.. Let’s not play the blame game and try to make the other person read our version of history. India breached the Shimla Pact by sending its troops to Siachen and then years later Pakistan further aggravated it by pulling off the Kargil stunt. We need to keep everything in mind and accept the mistakes on our parts. Only then can any trust be established and a peaceful solution be reached.Recommend

  • yousaf

    @Madiha R—-Thank-you for explaining the real situation.Author of “Siachin tragedy” can now understand,I am sure, that the questions he has put forward can only be answered by Pak army.We civilians can neither understand nor are we in a position to know the situation there, hence can give no solutions.My respect and prayers are for the families of the soldiers still under the massive avalanche.May God be merciful and take everyone out of the agony we all are going throughRecommend

  • punekar

    Pakistani troop are near, around but not on, the Siachen glacier. The glacier has been in India’s possession and will continue to be.

    Also understand, that what you are unable to win in war, you will not be handed meekly in peacetime.

    The smart thing is to cut your losses and leave.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Its not about the lives and money alone, its also about water, as these glaciers are the reason for the flow of many rivers from India to Pakistan.

    Yes, men and money are being wasted from both sides, but the resultant water problems will be suffered by Pakistan alone. Thanks to the IWT, the water retained by India will remain constant, but the Pakistanis will have to make do with less and less amount of water.

    Its important for Pakistan to recognize the current positions so that both sides can withdraw.

    I am sure that some genius will come along to point out it was India was aggressor but I will point out that that territory was unmarked and was not under neither control, so there is no argument.

    At the end of the day it all boils down to what is at stake and who is the relative loser.Recommend

  • sherry

    agreed bro, very well saidRecommend

  • kaalchakra

    Pakistan is a proud nation. It must fight for every inch of its land, lake or mountain. With full faith, all nations can be defeated. Pakistan has broken into pieces the mighty Soviet Union. Pakistan has made America run from Afghanistan. What’s the aukat of these deal-eating dhotiwalas in India? It’s only a matter of time before the Red Fort become Pakistan’s again if Pakistani’s keep faith. Beware of internal and external enemies dissuading Pakistanis from glory!Recommend

  • http://Gilgit Akaruddin

    Pakistan has donated land to China that is next to Siachen. India is apprehensive that Pak may donate Siachen also to China to checkmate India. That is the reason why India is hesitant to vacate Siachen.Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    70% of India and Pakistan get their water form the Siachen glacier, so this “block of ice” isn’t exactly insignificant.

    But I understand that it’s a ridiculous stand-off. Both sides must mutually agree to retreat, and save each other a lot of pain.Recommend

  • Anum Athar

    The opening introduction is perfect…yes we all slept comfortably in bed in ACs while our soldiers braved -30 celsius temperatures to protect the borders but fell victim to an avalanche, every Pakistani aches for these soldiers. And I cannot agree more with the fact that human lives have become almost worthless in this country, who cares when people die daily in Karachi? Unless there is a strike, the malls, cinemas, restaurants and other places are all full. But disagree with the writer’s viewpoint on the futility of fighting the war, unless both sides withdraw their troops and vacate the strategic positions. Its up to the Indian and Pakistani governments to make that crucial decision.Recommend

  • Iqra Khawaja

    I got really disappointed after reading this article which wasn’t worth publishing !!!
    definitely it is a great loss of lives of our soldiers but yes they are working in such conditions just for our sake and our security.. if you say that Siachin is not a place where troops should be appointed than i’m sorry sir you are wrong… if it didnot had those soldiers there we could loose our boundry one day and Pakistan will be no more in the map !!!
    giving up is not the way.. if some one says to end up the fight with India why not India do it for peace … They can never be our friends !!Recommend

  • Critical

    To all Pakistanis
    You guys accuse Indian army for occupying Siachen…But it was Pakistan who wanted to occupy the unclaimed Siachen glacier…
    But RAW got the wind of it and Indian soldiers occupied…India did have plans to announce it as demilitarized zone however your misadventure in Kargil helped take a decision not to….

    With 1965 and 1999 adventures,How can India trust that Pakistan will not attack India ??Recommend

  • manish


    just google it, you would come to know that though india did scale those heights earlier but because it got winds of pakistani intentions, by it’s intelligence.

    and 1984 was a different time, you were fomenting separatism in punjab by supporting the khalistan movement.. siachin occupation is just a reminder not to meddle in india’s affairs, otherwise you will keep loosing a piece of your land.

    gone with the wind was released in 1939, and was concerned with 1860’s america.

    so you mean to say that you refuse to learn anything in these 150 years.

    PS: so what is your actual concern about kashmir: land or the people.Recommend

  • Deb


    You asked @Ozymandias ‘Is it the land or the people?’
    The answer lies in the question mate, it’s the land.Recommend

  • Sakman Viqar

    To the author,
    Your whole argument is just based on mere hypothesis… do you know what is the importance of this piece of land? do you know if Pakistan abandons this piece of land and India accedes it what are the consequences? Have you got any idea that what stakes are at risk in this glacier? No you don’t know if this piece of land was not that important than why India started to weep like a Kid when Pakistan got into the top in 1999 ? Just think on those lines these mountains and glaciers are the route to Kashmir on one side and on the other towards Gilgit Baltistan region. Please get some facts before publishing such ** next time. Comparing life with money are you in your senses. The question is why they died and why are we not honoring them? why is there not a day of mourning a day with the flag at half mast they were our defenders. Can you imagine they were not just 130 sliders they were 135 families who died. Please before publishing such articles put yourself in the shoes and think atleast for once.Recommend

  • Pollack

    @kaalchakra: There you go boy. “sir” Zaid Hamid will be proud of you.Recommend

  • Babloo

    Pakistan first should try to get the lost territory of East Pakistan before crying over Siachen.Recommend

  • Mitch Baylord

    @punekar: Lets not forget that Siachen was a no man’s land in late 1983 until India secretly climbed up the peaks around it and established a vantage post from where to observe Pakistani movement.
    Actually India occupied the posts for several months before Pakistani army noticed it.Recommend

  • Mitch Baylord

    @manish: De-classified documents have proved that CIA was instrumental in fomenting and triggering Khalistan movement in the 80s.One reason was America’s anger at India for supporting the pro-Soviet regime in Afghanistan.
    Khalistan movement died immediately after the defeat of Soviets in Afghanistan in 1989.Recommend

  • http://India Feroz

    India as the status quo Power seems to be in no hurry to do anything. It is growing at a good clip and with economic muscle comes diplomatic muscle. Pakistan is an unenviable position buffeted by extremism and lack of control over its territory. Kashmir will not be gifted to Pakistan and the foreign office does not have a credible back up plan.
    Indian public opinion will remain against rapproachment as long as violent groups and non state actors are not neutered. India is simply waiting for Pakistan to collapse because frankly the state cannot carry the burden of its military expenditure. Sad that critical thinking is missing because failure is inevitable for any State that spends 30% of its Revenue on defense. The question is not IF but WHEN.Recommend

  • Umar


    please come out of the ridicuolous emotionalism that has always pushed this country back instead of putting it on prosperity. I 100 % agree with the writer what he has written. Both sides are wasting human lives just for the sake of ego and nothing else. There is absolutely no need putting all these soldiers at stake on either side, if even a little bit of sense prevails somewhere in the corridors of both armies. Its not worth sacrificing human lives for a peace of ice covered mountain which can contribute nothing to both the nations. All you supporters sitting in your comfortable rooms and writing good polished Angrezi on this blog, if you are so patriotic, why don you just go there and spend sometime with these soldiers in Siachen and understand their miseries. Its easier said than done, so please stop issuing Fatwas of patriotism and come to reality my friends…!!!Recommend

  • alicia

    What a stupid article. DO you think those soliders are there just for the heck of it? Maybe if you researched about the Siachen conflict you could have known of its importance. Recommend

  • Faddi

    Pakistanis never quit !Recommend

  • abhi

    solution is simple mark the position of both armies and have an agreement that status quo will be maintained. Then both countries can retireve their armies.Recommend

  • punekar

    @Mitch Baylord:

    You can argue till you are blue in the face that it was a No-Mans Land or whatever. Fact is, we have it, you don’t.

    And there is nothing you can do to wrest it away. It was tried, it failed. Pakistani forces are 20 miles west of the actual glacier region.

    Sign on the AGPL and walk away. This is not a discussion.Recommend

  • Iqbal73

    Kashmir will not be gifted to Pakistan and the foreign office does not have a credible back up plan.

    Foreign office does not have a backup plan for Chechnya not becoming independent of Russia either. Kashmiris want azaadi for themselves, just like Chechens and Kosovars. One may sympathize with the plight of these people but to endanger Pakistan for the sake of people whose intelligentsia has its own ideas of national identity and future is the height of absurdity.

    P.S. The combined population of above 3 ethnicities is less than the population of Karachi which could use a little more attention from upper management of the country even as tens of thousands met violent deaths in this “megacity” over the last 27 years.Recommend

  • Ayaz

    Tragedies dont end wars, such a pessimistic and loser articleRecommend

  • arjun

    That does not support sending soldiers as mercenaries into Kargil. Where were you tears when 600 Northern Soldiers were shot for Kargil war. Do not try to make that as right thing..Recommend

  • arjun

    yes in your dreams and islamic valley of deathRecommend

  • Mustafa Moiz

    Stop looking for little excuses. Of course water is implied.Recommend

  • Mustafa Moiz

    The pre-1984 status quo, before Indian aggressiveness to take the heights in Siachen.Recommend

  • http://- Dr. Kartikay Pandey

    Well said friend. But the problem is Pak seeks peace with India, only in compulsion, or whenever pushes to the wall.
    The desire of peace should be out free will, rather than out of compulsion, only then it will be lasting.

    Email: [email protected]Recommend

  • http://- Dr. Kartikay Pandey

    @Ich Dien:

    Pl. remember dear friend that J&K way to merge with India. Only when Pakistani terrorists, and Army attacked it treacherously, after partition, that Indian army swung into action, to drive away the illegal intruders.
    Still, Pak illegally occupies about 1/3rd of J&K, which must be ceded to India.

    Unfortunately, Pak army refuses to accept (but actually realizes it), the fact that it can never win over India, in a legal, conventional war, and thus resorts to dirty tactics like, terrorism, theft, usurping India’s territory stealthily, as in Kargil intrusion.

    Pak army is the biggest threat to Pak itself, and peace/stability in the region.

    Email: [email protected] Recommend

  • http://- Dr. Kartikay Pandey


    Wake up friend! Pak lost a half of its territory (B’desh) fighting with India.

    Pak can never win a conventional war against India. Your army is your biggest enemy.

    Email: [email protected]Recommend

  • http://[email protected] Neo

    India is willing to demilitarize if pakistan is willing to authenticate currently held positions as defacto border.. te terrain in siachen being what it is, if india loses the heights it can never be got back………..this authentication is a simple process to ensure that pakistan dont occupy the heights in indian troops absence.. why is pakistan opposing such an authentication? Pakistan will not gain nor lose an inch of territory it currently holds by such an agreement.. the ball has been always in pakistans courtRecommend

  • Me41389

    Ok so from a humanitarian perspective… Yes it is wrong, but from da way dat India has been since well.. Pakistan came into being, we need troops in that area. If you haven’t noticed a country is supposed to defend its own borders and i don’t see India buzzing off from Pakistan in a long long time so, Yes we need troops there to protect what is rightfully Pakistan’s. The lives that are buried there are extremely important to us and give it a thought after losing so many precious lives I would rather make da enemy that’s killing them far away, and who cares even suffering, because in no way am I willing to give a part of my country that my people have sacrificed so much for to a country that is da prime reason for all the horrendous things happening here, directly or indirectly. My dad has been in Siachen and just a few of his recent accounts depicted exactly da morale of every soldier over there. There is no “forcibly” stationed person there, only volunteers and they don’t think about lives being lost rather they think about how to protect Pakistan. If we all start thinking of ourselves then Pakistan is gonna have to grow a brain and think for Pakistan. Pakistan would have to grow a pair of hands to protect the borders coz well Pakistani’s can’t do that anymore.Recommend

  • saira shahliani

    Being a muslim i believe that "shaheed marte nai hai,shaheed zinda hote hai".shahadat is the big honour for muslim.leaving all the issues aside we should pay great tribute to our brave soldier,s.we r proud of them as they proved to be true muslim,s.

  • Tony Singh

    @saira shahliani:
    Try telling that to Mothers, sisters and children of the dead ones. Two days from now everyone of us will shift our focus to our individual affairs and they will carry the burden of the death of their loved ones throughout their life. So cut this crap of being true soldiers or Muslims or whatever.
    The single biggest difference between the western and eastern mindsets is that in west they value human life before everything else.Recommend

  • Reluctant Fundamentalist

    If a political worker is killed, whole city is made to go into mourning…… I wonder why all political parties are silent over this issue?Recommend

  • mariam shakir

    The glacier must be declared a NO-Man’s Land. The title question does not question the integrity of either country involved but is about guarding humanity-be it in Pakistan or across the border. Recommend

  • Saad Rafiq

    Do you think that your plans are better than those of our Army .. I work in Military Operations Branch and if we demilitarize this sector.. India has best way inside Pakistan , plus soldiers are born to die for their country … i have also served in siachen , and i am proud i was there protecting my country even if i had died …..Recommend

  • Nusrat

    Siachen and Sachin are my nightmares !Recommend

  • Politicaly incorrect


    Couldn’t agree more.Recommend

  • http://- Dr. Kartikay Pandey


    Dear Friend, please remember you will have to shun and erase the false picture of India/Hindus, built over the years by Pak establishment (Army/ISI) among Pak masses, in order to ensure that there shall never be peace between the two partition-torn nations.

    Indians willingly want peace with Pak, not out of any fear, or, favor, but because we want the whole Indian sub-continent to prosper, and be the world’s most beautiful place.

    The Supreme soul (=God), does not like loss of life, even of an animal under any circumstances.

    The young, educated, rational-thinking population of both India, and Pak want a lasting peace, and not terrorism, and war.
    There must be more people-to-people contacts, and much can improve, once Pak army/ISI, start functioning under the control of a Democratically-elected Govt., rather than the opposite, which is the norm in Pak.

    Still, we can continue building bridges, and I am sure the day will not be far, when we find that we hardly have any differences/quarrels left, to fight for.

    Email: [email protected]Recommend

  • http://- Dr. Kartikay Pandey


    Dear friend, you are correct to an extent.
    But please remember, that the anger against Pakistan is mainly due to its support to Islamic/Jehadi terrorism, a part due to its sly intrusion into Kashmir in 1948, and the rest due to the hatred which Pak institutions, literature, certain individuals, like Hafiz Saeed, etc., demonstrate against Hindus, and India.
    This includes the systemic genocide, and ill-treatment continuously being meted out to Hindus, and other minorities in Pak.

    I truly feel that if have a straight one-to-one dialog, among our people, almost all our misconceptions will vanish.

    I am sharing my personal experience about God/spirituality with you, and trust me there is only one incorporeal God, who is nothing but the Supreme soul, who has nothing to do with this physical body, and material/physical world, but deals only, and is accessible only to souls.
    This divine experience was provided to me by the enlightened master Satguru Madhu Paramhans jee.
    To realize the Soul (=self/truth), and know various hidden divine facts, please log on to:
    You will actually come to know the most astonishing fact that we all souls have been imprisoned in this mortal body, and world, by a sinister force, which is very powerful, and which refrains us from knowing the Soul, or God, leading to our liberation.

    We Indians are not waiting for Pak’s destruction, but want a peaceful, stable, strong, sensible Pak, in our neibourhood.
    I am prepared to make a beginning to bring peace to the Indian sub-continent region, and seek your precious support for this Humanitarian effort.

    Will you join me?

    Email: [email protected]Recommend

  • http://- Dr. Kartikay Pandey

    To everyone:
    Please stop the hatred production company, and remove all misgivings, misconceptions about each other, have straight dialog, and discover the truth (=Soul/God), and bring lasting peace to the region (Indian sub-continent), and the world.
    Good Luck!!!!

    Email: [email protected]Recommend