Bahria University: Arsalan Bilal’s hunger for justice

Published: April 7, 2012

Arsalan Bilal has gone on an indefinite hunger strike before Bahria University Islamabad from April 6. PHOTO: SCREEN SHOT

Ask the administrators of Bahria University Islamabad, who have reportedly expelled Arsalan Bilal from the University for threatening staff members by forwarding a poem by Faiz Ahmed Faiz. It appears irrelevant to the administrators that the same e-mail was forwarded to his friends, class fellows and family members. Yet, Faiz’s poetry is a reason good enough to warrant expulsion if a teacher is added to the mailing list.

Bahria University has also declared Arsalan Bilal “psychologically unstable,” even though they are no experts in psychiatry. If so, the university appears to have set aside its responsibility towards student welfare and supporting vulnerable members of its community, and has gone about adding to his mental stress by deciding to expel him.

This should all sound very familiar. In April 2011, Professor Qamar Riaz Mahmitkhel was dismissed from Bahria University for questioning the role of retired military officials, and whether creativity could flourish in a military-style setup. The question was asked in a packed auditorium and the response of the university’s administrators was for the Director Campus Commodore (retired) Mohammad Ali and security personnel to grab him by the collar and assault him. A 100 or so students subsequently protested against his dismissal at which point naval intelligence officials harassed the protesters and the administration threatened them with expulsion.

Mr Bilal who also runs Insight News – Bahria University, a Facebook page dedicated to news related to the institution, had also questioned the role of ex-naval officials and certain faculty members policies in the university. He has been discouraged in pursuing his undergraduate research in Politicisation of Religion in Pakistan and faced discrimination as he belongs to a minority sect.

As a result, Arsalan Bilal has gone on an indefinite hunger strike before Bahria University Islamabad from April 6.

When challenged, administrators usually explain their actions by pointing to the greater good. For example, the case of women being raped in the International Islamic University Islamabad was hushed up, as the administration wanted to protect the reputation of the institution.

Universities in Pakistan, especially those of the Bahria University variety, have reduced higher education to an extension of secondary school. The emphasis is on discipline, uniform, fines for poor attendance etc. What is ignored, is the quality of teaching and the content of the curriculum, and what is emphasised is rote learning and propaganda over thoughtful analysis and evaluation. The incident involving a retired Brigadier who assaulted a lecturer in NUML University for “daring” to “say something about the army” comes to mind.

The fact is that HEC regulations are not enforced. Individuals without the prerequisite qualifications are appointed in universities based on their affiliation with either the military or the civilian bureaucracy. This is not only HEC’s failure to enforce the law, it is our collective silence that fails those students who study in these institutions.

The fact is that despite the HEC’s efforts, the quality of Higher Education in Pakistan remains dismal. We are not producing mature, analytical and creative individuals ready to take on the world. Some universities are nothing more than over glorified finishing schools where 20-year-olds are treated like children. The same administrators may send their own children to foreign universities where they are no uniforms, no attendance, and the environment lacks “discipline” of the variety they enforce on others.

Public universities cannot and must not be used as the post-retirement, cushy appointment for retired bureaucrats, whether military or civil. I am sure there are many ex-military officials who can make excellent contributions to learning in education, however, the variety that expels students for raising questions and assaults teaching staff have little to offer apart from their massive egos.

Education is far too important to be left to individuals. The key and most important stakeholders are and should be the students themselves. The HEC has developed elaborate structures and layers of bureaucracy that serve everyone but the students. Administrators are all powerful whether in the private or the public sector. Teaching staff have little or no job security and are subservient to the whims of administrators, most of whom have no background in education.

If you believe that education is more than wearing uniforms and wearing your tie correctly then it’s important to support Arsalan Bilal in his protest. If he is silenced, then the status quo will remain unchanged and it will silence anyone else who hopes to question the powers that be. Thousands upon thousands of students will receive a poor education, undeserving for an individual in the 21st century.

A university student is old enough to join the military, marry, drive, carry a weapon, yet university administrators seem hell bent on treating them as children. Things must not continue as they are.

Update: Arsalan Bilal has been arrested by the Islamabad police. Read the detailed story here.

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Syed Nadir El Edroos

Nadir teaches Economics at Bellerbys College, London and is interested in Pakistani politics and current affairs. He tweets @needroos (

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Do you know the answer?

    This person’s action shows that he is psychologically unstable….Recommend

  • She

    Faiz had written the poetry against dictatorship and He is enforcing it for his teachers?Recommend

  • Hajrah

    He is deliberately trying to involve his religious status in all the matter..seeking some publicity perhaps.I would had done the same if I had been in management because we want youth who are enthusiastically involved in doing innovations and research not the pseudo carriers of revolution who know nothing other than strikes and destructive things.Recommend

  • Mehreen

    how can he be approached ?Recommend

  • Mehreen

    It is his Right to speak of his heart…Many Uni are expelling students on base of their sect and question raised on them. Best of Luck Bilal.Recommend

  • Suleman

    he is on twitter @arsalanbilalRecommend

  • Sadaf Mujeeb

    I am continually appalled by the actions of Pakistans Education System, their refusal to be neutral and partial to people’s differences, their INCESSANT NEED to politicize schools, colleges and universities, discriminate against people of varying thoughts and beliefs, and consistently suppress questions and criticism brought forth by students, who are indeed the most important stakeholders, as argued by this article.

    I am a student of Bahria University’s Karachi campus, and I am ASHAMED of being even remotely affiliated with an educational institution (and I use that term loosely) that deems it fit, not only to EXPELL students on the basis of something as admirable as individuality and as personal as their belief, but also extend the abuse of it’s authority by LYING and labeling the student to be MENTALLY UNSTABLE without any evidence except that he didn’t share their point of view!!! What kind of educator would STOOP to a level so low as to put the life and welfare of a STUDENT in danger, only to HIDE the inadequacies of their institution, colleagues and self? HOW can the MINISTRY OF EDUCATION sit silently by while they watch bright and able students like Rabbia (Comsats Lahore), and Arsalan Bilal be TERRORIZED by the VERY institutions that have been established to empower them?! Recommend

  • Umair Yousuf

    Go and read the comment on facebook page of Bahria university his class fellows has written that he was mentally ill and had fought with teachers and shouted on teachers as well.Saying that he is from minority he is trying to gain sympathy i don’t know from which sect he is but my self studying at Bahria 4 years i havent felt any minority being mistreated or something like that we had Hindus,Christians ,Parsis and Ahmedis so there wasn’t any discrimination by the student.As far as education standard of the University is concern it has nothing to do with with the discipline.As when you are taking admission you sign a affidavit do read that before taking admission in any university it is not a joke.Every university has its own code of conduct follow it in the right manner.We only know the one sided story.Secondly to my dear writer Bahria University doesn’t have any uniform let me inform you this.Bahria is commonly known as best for their disciplinary action and it was 100% right the action they took.No one is thrown just like that on threatening emails I my self had done emails to rector many times regarding various issues but in a proper manner.This is not like other any government university where political student wings you have and where you can fight with the management.If even he was right he didn’t used the right channel which lead him to this stage and management was right I would say in the end its just that media love to create hype and give negative colour to our respectable institutions .Proud to be a Bahrian…!!!Recommend

  • Sabeer Lodhi

    Although I condemn what has happened to Arsalan and how his case has been treated by people who matter, I also firmly believe he should not give this a religious twist.

    Yes, Ahmedis are discriminated against. There’s no question about it.

    But Arsalan has been rusticated because of the voice he raised. He should stay clear on the facts and not try to generate sympathies for his religious standing.

    I’m sure there are many other Ahmedis who are studying in Bahria and doing well. I say this without any statistical data (correct me if I’m wrong).

    But what we’re all unanimously agreed upon is the fact that what happened to him was wrong and it should be undone.Recommend

  • Salman Arshad

    Although his cause is absolutely right, standing with an enemy of Islam would be tantamount to Blasphemy.Recommend

  • Hafsa

    More power to Arsalan….hope his struggle bears fruit. Its a pity that in demanding absolute adherence to silly rules, institutions like Bahria University are killing the spirit of the very best among these studentsRecommend

  • Sadaf Mujeeb

    @Salman Arshad:

    You MUST be JOKING! You admit that his cause is right, yet you can’t stand with him in his fight for justice because his BELIEF is not congruent to yours, despite this incongruence being something that has absolutely NO effect on your life or anyone elses for that matter, and certainly NO effect on the authenticity of whatever version of Islam YOU believe in??

    Not only is the premiss that you’re basing this ludicrous stance on WRONG, but the stand you’re taking, even if the wrong premiss is ignored, is ALSO in itself illogical. Islam is a concept, a BELIEF. It cannot be hurt. It has no feelings. You know what DOES have feelings though? PEOPLE. Let’s try breaking AWAY from sub-categories like, muslim, christian, jew, man, woman, wahabi, sunni, ahmadi and start focusing on the fact that above all we’re human beings who deserve equal rights, freedom and dignity! Recommend

  • Sadaf Mujeeb

    @Umair Yousuf:

    Please do share the link here. I’m in Bahria University Karachi, and I have not yet come across any such post on their common page.

    Also often being part of the majority, one does not realize the extent of discrimination that is faced by the minority, especially ones who remain silent and refrain from challenging authority. Arsalan was unfortunate enough not only to challenge authority, but also belong to a minority group, and irrespective of which particular group that might be, we all know the Pakistani majority has close to zero tolerance for anyone who might disagree with their opinions.

    “Go and read the comment on facebook page of Bahria university his class fellows has written that he was mentally ill and had fought with teachers and shouted on teachers as well.”

    His “class fellows” are NOT qualified psychologists or psychiatrists, and thus their claims have NO BEARING on his mental stability whatsoever. For ANY educational institution to render someone mentally unfit without proper expert consultation, and EXPELL them for an unproven, unsubstantiated reason is a CRIME worthy of being sued for!Recommend

  • rashid

    if his cause is just then stand with him or for him is not only the correct path but also an obligation to us Sunni Muslims, get your islam rechecked as “helping some one even he is not of your sect or religion is not a sin in islam but a rightful thing” @Salman Arshad: Recommend

  • Anonymous

    All those who are saying that he should not have given a religious twist to all this, when he has been victimized on the basis of his religion as well, why shouldn’t he talk about that? Yes, there are many Ahmedis who are studying in Bahria and who have not been victimized and discriminated against but the fact remains that Arsalan Bilal’s religion was used as an excuse to victimize him.

    Also, if Arsalan fought with teachers and misbehaved with them, why wasn’t this written in the rustication letter? As far as I know, he has only been rusticated because of the ‘threatening’ emails that he mailed to his teachers and other people. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    We can call anyone mentally unstable but if Arsalan was rusticated because of his mental health, where’s the proof? I’m sure it won’t be difficult for the university to set up a medical board and proof that he is actually mentally unstable.

    It takes a lot of guts to do what Arsalan is doing and we should all support him.Recommend

  • Ali Tanoli

    Every sector any good job in pakistan is occupy by Army of greater pakistan what a shame.
    kudoos Mr Nadir to u man u are first who is dare to write against this holy macaroni.Recommend

  • Sadaf Mujeeb

    @Sabeer Lodhi:
    I do understand where you’re coming from, but even if it wasn’t an initial contributing factor, Arsalan Bilal’s declarative video indicates that people KNEW about his affiliation with a minority sect, and that he had previously been harassed and discriminated against for this reason. Thus even if it was his rather civilized rebellion which was the primary cause of his expulsion, there’s adequate evidence that suggests that his religious/ethnic affiliation did not help matters in the least, and might even have contributed to speeding the process of his “rustication” along.

    There often are many students in various universities all over Pakistan that belong to minority sects like Ahmadiyya, but the reason they might escape harassment is because they keep their identity to themselves, and don’t attract too much attention by questioning authority and demanding answers. Arsalan Bilal did the exact opposite, and even though it was within his right to do so, it’s not surprising that he’s facing the undeserved consequences of his actions, which are a reflection of what happens on a larger scale in our society everyday.Recommend

  • shakrullah

    In terms of freedom of thought and commitment to truth , our universities are intellectual
    and spiritual wasteland . They are ruled by the values of patriarchal and tribal social order
    wherein the dominant norm is conformity and deference to authority . A typical and ‘ideal’
    university teacher has no use for freedom of expression because he has nothing to express
    deviant from prevalent orthodoxies or inanities . Do you, my dear reader , need any
    evidence for the foregoing unflattering view about university men ? Cosider :
    Have you ever heard of any seminar or debate ever held in any university on the issue of academic freedom ? Any mention or demand in the mass media ? Any association of
    university teachers which has demand for academic freedom as part of its agenda ?
    Our universities in fact are bastion of status quo , of retogressive thought .
    We had some notion of freedom of thought as a value back in fiftees and early sixties—-
    an afterglow of the colonial period .Then some religious parties entered our campuses—–
    marking end of universities as centres of enquiry .Recommend

  • Saleha

    Ok the first 2 comments look deliberate…direct msgs from the Bahria University Admin! Nadir you have beautifully explained the requirements of a Educational Institute. Recommend

  • Waqar

    What the hell?…I’m with U…. Dont give up….Recommend

  • Usmann Rana
  • Big Rizvi

    Everybody has the right to education. What can a simple poem do? Recommend

  • http://samir samir

    Please dont take the hunger strike too far. let it go on for as long as u think u can possibly go, since uve already commited to it but please dont let it kill u. u are no good wasted. u can use ur energy to fomally unite by finding others to understand ur cause. think about ur family, please dont take the hunger strike too far. i wish u all the best in ur mission. its still Gods world and justice will always prevail eventually.Recommend

  • http://samir samir

    Please dont take the hunger strike too far. let it go on for as long as u think u can possibly go, since uve already commited to it but please dont let it kill u. u are no good wasted. u can use ur energy to fomally unite by finding others to understand ur cause. think about ur family, please dont take the hunger strike too far. i wish u all the best in ur mission. its still Gods world and justice will always prevail eventually. .Recommend

  • Faraz Talat

    This person’s action shows that he is psychologically unstable…

    Any person who acts differently, or has views not in line with the rest of the mindless flock is generally called “psychologically unstable” by average, uninteresting people. People who know as much about psychiatry as Johnny Bravo knows about getting girls to like him.

    I’m sorry, but as the author said, the administration does not have the expert knowledge required to make such assessment. Even I’m sometimes called crazy because of my liberal views. In any case, mass-mailing poetry doesn’t make one insane. On the contrary, the claim speaks loads about the insecurity of the administrators themselves.Recommend

  • Hafeez

    Two points here. If he is a minority and trying to garner sympathies, then I believe that in Pakistan it is very hard to do that, rather such a status backfires. We can see that from comments here. So it would be better to take this out of our distorted minds that he is trying to use his minority status as a tool. Second point is that if he is mentally ill, why was he first given admission in the university? The likes of Bahria University can be turned into great learning institutions if we are able to do away with retired military personnel and hire faculty on merit and their standing among the academia, and not based on what weapons one can fire or how many hours of parade has one done.Recommend

  • srosh

    I am surprised at the debate that is generated about his being mentally unstable and there being no proof of it. Let us suppose for a moment he is mentally unstable. Do you think it is right to expel a student on this base? Isn’t it discrimination? Couldn’t they be a part of mainstream education or work life just because they are a little different from the so called normal people? The educational institutions should provide additional support for student’s suffering from some mental health problems instead of using it as an excuse to expel them!Recommend

  • hira

    i fully support him. He has the right to stand up for the injustice that he had to face and then this uni claiming him to be mentally unstable??EXPELLING HIM FOR FORWARDING A POEM???seriuously outrageous the uni should be sued for mentally torturing their students in this way..the university should take its decision back ASAP
    u are doing it the right way bilalRecommend

  • Huda

    This article appealed to me primarily because I studied at a ‘State University’, University of Karachi. It would be an understatement to say it was one of the worst times of my life, I’m glad it’s over. Not only are some of the teachers incapable of recognizing students as ‘grown adults’, but they also have pessimistic outlooks towards students where they have no shame in victimizing students or making them feel worthless. I’d like to highlight that this doesn’t apply to all teachers, there are some inspirational figures who mantain good relations with students.
    Our institutions need to allow the youth to speak up and express themselves or a vicious cycle of ‘repression’ will be created.Recommend

  • http:[email protected] Ayesha Asghar

    I think its a very old political tactic to label people mentally ill, just cos you aint ready to digest a differing opinion. Anyways, we are running a petition for him, so please sign it and forward it around. I have been academia long enough to know how degrading and demeaning faculty can be, esp when Bahria U its self is apart of the military and some quarter of their faculty members are retired military personnels.

  • Abrar R

    Arsalan, .. I am sorry for what has happened but I must tell you that Bahria is a private institute and doesnt run out of tax payers money. Therefore you cant really dictate terms. They’ll run it the way they like, you stay or you leave.

    I wouldnt debate on the reason since this is one half of the story and honestly, ill take the reasoning given above with a pinch of salt.

    Just coz you forwarded a faiz poem to a teacher you got thrown out. Doesnt make any logic or sense to me.Recommend

  • anonymous

    as far as religion is concerned,i can tell with my eyes closed that minorities have always been victimized
    the mentioned university has no right to destroy a student’s career this way especially when he was in his last semester
    i have checked out the university records according to which this student recieved merit scholarship and has stayed above average throughout his academic period
    what brings him to go on a strike against his uni now??he has given his reasons while the uni remains silent,,no proof no nothing,clearly they are least bothered about their students and their careers, this university needs to be investigated for running things like thisRecommend

  • anonymous

    clearly management needs to be investigated for mentally torturing their students like this
    better take your decision back you have no case against himRecommend

  • Ashar

    There is still a lot to investigate in this matter, I think. The above comments are more like from the boys and girls of Behria University.One cannot be discriminated being an Ahmedi and this is not their problem at all in Pakistan. Thier problem is thier stance of being Muslims. all over the world Ahmedis intrduce themselves as Muslims and there lies the conflict.
    Besides, All the non-military activities of Pakistan Army in this country are commercial activities. And I am sure there would be a commercial reason behind it.Recommend

  • Mehreen

    thanks guysRecommend

  • Zauq

    Oh, come on! He is emotionally unstable and loves to gain the sympathies of people on campus by telling them that he is from a minority sect. It is very ususal for him to go up to any teacher and tell that he is discriminated against by the wider community for belonging to a particular religious group. No teacher in the department is a bigot. Initially, they all gave him advice and support; but its a different matter that Arsalan is incorrigible and is never willing to mend his ways. He is somene who loves to belittle the stature of his teachers and defy their authority by resorting to subversive behaviour. He is violent, temperamental and suffers from extreme mood swings. People close to him know well what a character he is and how capable he is of grossly exaggerating things. This hunger strike is nothing but another tantrum thrown by him, which is not likely to fly given his repute among the student community. Recommend

  • Zafar

    why we always resent authority in the name of revolution. disregard for order and our proclivity for disorder, like defying discipline, instructions, traffic signals, and list goes on and on……No wonder Zardari is a hero for having dodged the law and “sacrificed” some precious years of his life for democracy (or hiding ill-gotten wealth)….Recommend

  • Ilmana Fasih

    What and where are those 14 demands he is asking for ?Recommend

  • Eneez

    I will not support an enemy of Islam at any cost, whatever his reasons might be. Those who are mutilating the face of Islam, calling the Muslims kafir and pretending to be Muslims are nothing but Munafeeqeen. And stop spreading hatred against army and army personnel for crying out loud. Ahmedis should be discriminated against. No, I am NOT against other religions, not at all. But a munafiq should be treated as a munafiq.Recommend

  • Usman Shahid

    Army in educational institutions can force any type of stupid notices.

    Have a look at this

  • Umair Yousuf

    @Sadaf Mujeeb

    How sure can you be when you know the one sided story …don’t drag the minority part come to main point raise the basic point not just bring your religious thing to save oneself people often claim that I am from minority they did injustice to me if that was the reason then I had some Ahamdi’s in my batch they didn’t complain this the thing is the matter is not religion over here the basic issue is what he did we are not here in the debate of religion …the basic issue is why university took this action obviously there is a reason why university did this i am not saying he is mentally ill or something like that i m not anyone to judge what his class fellows wrote many people i told you that according to him he was declared like that by the university according to him but if he is right he should bring the facts then “university of shouk nae hai aesay hi kissi ko bhi bahar phenk denay ka “there must be anything against the code of conduct policy of the university its not a minor decision it cant be taken on email there is a character file which is maintained by the university and your complains and everything is recorded in it if there are lot of cases in that then a major decision is taken .More further Allah know who is right and who is wrong and He wont do injustice .Recommend

  • Salman Arshad

    And btw a poem is equivalent to an act of war for our soldiers.
    Faiz himself was prosecuted due to a poem that promptly moved our soldiers to arrest him under the dictatorship of Zia ul Haq and save our country from his poem.Recommend

  • Maha

    @Ilmana Fasih: This blog post quotes a press release with the 14 demands

  • Faisal

    i have been a student of Bahria my self ! and i had friends who were known ahmedis ! No onever had a problem ! Plus u need to get some facts straight !
    1. There is no uniform in bahria anymore ! it was there 6 years back !
    2. May b u shud have shared that poem as well ! and if this guy knew he was getting into trouble he shudnt have looked for it by forwarding such emails to his teachers ! Teacher student relationship shud just stay educational !
    3. When u give a topic for thesis it gets selected or rejected on different criteria which can be If the topic is very similar to something already researched on second is what majors u r studying . Assuming if u r finance major the thesis should berelated to that its shudnt be marketing related. and his clearly doesnt look like a thesis for a business degree anyways.

    stop helping ppl get cheap publicity and get sympathies just because they r minorities. In universities esp bahira i know for a fact that no one care what religion you are.Recommend

  • rk singh

    brave kidRecommend

  • Big Rizvi

    @Faraz Talat: Yes, I can completely understand your point as I too, have been through that phase. People calling me crazy just because I seemed to know everything in class. Recommend

  • H.M

    digging deep in to it i have come to know through reliable sources that there is this single teacher at that university who holds seriuos grudge against ahmadis she has tried her level best to mentally abuse this student now the rest of the minorities may be living and studying peacefully why is this specific student being targeted?? the teacher ought to be fired for this sort of discrimination,for abusing a talented student and for disgracing university due to some personal issuesRecommend

  • anonymous

    dear university as it seems you are going to reach your downfall pretty soon give him his degree and let the matter go problem solved its no big thing for you to award a student with a graduation degree but destroying a student’s career definetely is going to raise whatever sect he belongs to,he is a pakistani support him let him gratuate peacefully leave the kid aloneRecommend

  • A voice

    You have no right to call a person mentally unstable. As a nation we are far from being mature. Freedom to do anything doesn’t exist here. I wait for the impending implosion that is going to open our eyes. As for this person, his voice is going to drown with million others. And for the record, the day the Pakistani military becomes less powerful is going to be the day when we move forward.
    Peace. Recommend

  • Leylla

    This is tragic, no wonder no one wants to stay in the country to go for university. Teachers are still sitting on their elephant sized egos, not realizing students are mature adults. They should be grateful, abroad in big universities the professor is lucky if everyone sits through his class or isnt on his/her phone or facebook.
    funny but the adults of pakistan need to grow up! Recommend

  • gp65

    @Ilmana Fasih: You wanted to know the 14 demands. When you read them, I am sure you wil agree that they seem reasonable and definitely do not give any evidence of being mentally unstable. Here goes:
    1- Dignified restoration of Arsalan Bilal with apology from university’s management

    2- Redress all grievances by reprimanding those responsible for committing atrocities on Bilal

    3- Cessation of discrimination on basis of race, caste, creed, religion, affiliation, etc. on campus

    4- All serving military officers in university be directed to return to purely military functions

    5- All retired military officers in the university be gradually supplanted by qualified civilians

    6- Post of Director Campus be occupied by a highly qualified academic

    7- Purge the university of pseudo intellectuals

    8- Constitute a special autonomous body of academics to ensure checks on faculty members

    9- Tighten the plagiarism check policy on faculty members

    10- Decision to retain faculty members should hinge on students’ feedback

    11- Empower Students’ Affairs department for addressing apprehensions of students

    12- Public proceedings of all cases before the discipline committee

    13- Abolish dress code imposed in the university

    14- Render more need-based scholarships by eliminating fee discounts for children of naval officersRecommend

  • Nadir El-Edroos

    As an update, Arsalan Bilal has been arrested under Section 144 on Bahria Univ’s complaint. Apparently Margalla Road is its private property.

    What a load of ego maniacs these administrators are!Recommend

  • huh

    A few years back a guy I know applied at Behria university he passed the test gave the interview. He has a beard, wears Shalwar Qameez and is a very humble person. He got the admission but on his first day they wouldn’t let him take classes, the administration told him to go home and change his cloths first. Students aren’t allowed to wear their national dress.

    When he asked why hadn’t he been informed first, while he gave the interview and written test wearing Shalwar kameez, they just told him to get out. He talked to the head and God knows how many other people from the Administration, nobody listened. In fact they used offensive language. But he doesn’t like picking up fights so quietly left the office. He later enrolled in SZABIST.

    So this is their standard?Recommend

  • alicia

    Yeah right I am sure that all the righteous people in the university throw themselves at his feet when he tells them he belongs to the minority Ahmedi sect. We all know how much Pakistanis love Ahmedi’s.

    A guy getting suspended for sending a faiz ahmed faiz poem is just stupid.Recommend

  • ouch

    if i were Head of Department and if a student tore up my warning letter to him for his disciplinary violations (such as abusing/shouting at teachers), i dunno wat kind of sympathies i wud be left with for this guy AND a warning letter means i have given him a chance to mend his ways.. but armed forces bashing and playing a minority card seem to be “in” these days in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Mir

    NO More Military Incorporation in Pakistan, Army should go back to barracks and Navy to ships.Recommend

  • cheema

    This kind of attitude is prevalent in all institutes such as GIKI, NUST, FAST, LUMS, IBA etc. We have to discourage this seriously so that universities remain a place of quality education and not just an ego savor for teachers & admin staff. Also students should be taught high moral values to be a useful individual once in practical life.Recommend

  • kaalchakra


    That is the clearest, boldest statement on this issue that I have read in a while. Now, let all these fake “Muslims” pounce upon you because in their hearts they know they themselves are the munafiqeen! Recommend

  • Imran Kamyana

    Universities like Behria, Air and NUST are not more than money making machines for military institutions. Privatized education itself is a crime against humanity:

  • saif tahir

    i was his classmate for 4 years. He actually abused few teachers in front of whole class, later threatened faculty and HOD and ripped the warning letter in his office and security was called to remove him.
    Yes he was a good student but what happened to him is quite less to what he did to his fellow students and faculty.
    As per his religion, there are few with the similar background in the department and all of them are scholarship holders, why only he was targeted?
    he is just making up stories, and this is not his first time Recommend

  • Muhammad

    It’s really hard to say whether or not his expulsion was justified without reading the email! Any chances of it being published?Recommend

  • Intelektual

    Faiz’s Poetry is regarded as litreture and wat is proposed there in is a valid ideology that atlest commands respect !
    It was not porn or some other objectionable content that he mailed to the teacher(s) !
    And He belongs to a minority is a fact ! Why not mention it ! If he belonged to a rich obliging beuracrcy or had a militry background those things would have been much helpful in his case Y is the mention of his weakness offensive to anyone.Recommend

  • Temuri Shahzada

    My 2 cents on the matter. The kid is innocent and a real victim. Those writing negative comments here are people from the Armed Forces (on and off the payroll). He has committed the biggest crime ; point a finger at this bloody civilian hating millitary. Thats what makes them flock this page and try and change public sentiment on the issue.

    Civilian Supremacy Zindabad!
    Azadi zindabad!Recommend

  • haroon

    @Sabeer Lodhi:
    His thesis was on “politicization of religion in Pakistan”… no wonder the faculty went all antsy. Recommend

  • ABC

    what kind of revolution Arsalan is struggling for??? Recommend

  • Kashmiri

    Also take a look at the rest of the institutes like Agriculture university of Faisalabad. I remember a case back in 2002 where Head of Department for Botany (Dean now) harassed young couples himself even if they sat together for group studies. He would ensure that faculty members also followed his lead on this inquisition. I recall a case which created such a hype (fuelled by the head of department) that the girl involved tried to commit suicide whereas the parties involved were innocent of all charges. Running an educational unit as a prison is the worst thing that can happen to a creative mind… Recommend

  • Pirzado Azhar ayaz

    Stop treating youth as kids…They are the present. they’re the future..Dare to answer them with dialogue…not by quarantining them…Recommend

  • dude

    @Do you know the answer?:
    dnt say tht. he is already suffering.dnt be one of them and dnt say pointless things.Recommend

  • AIN

    he should quietly completed his study and should save his career rather to be so much outspoken…What ever his teacher has done with him is sheer wrong but may be some fault exits at his own part.Recommend

  • Ali

    Before collection of all the evidences and hearing from both parties, it is always unjustified to place your verdict.

    Secondly, a great teacher is required for students like Bilal. Such students need a right direction because they are not ordinary ones. And unless questioning is not appreciated in our schools and universities, we will keep on living with misery.

    I guess, military officials should not head Educational institutes. Although they are highly competent and dedicated, but the dynamics of modern day education require people who could instill creative thoughts in students rather making them an administration device.Recommend

  • nomi

    Arsalan: Don’t give up man. We are all with you. You are the light in this darkness that is created by our arrogant politicians, military and mullah. Recommend

  • bahria uni student

    he is a student of social science and due to that perspective he has a right to point out any discrimination going on in this society.if he is unstable psychologically than all social science students will be unstable!!Recommend

  • observer


    Ahmedis should be discriminated against. No, I am NOT against other religions, not at all.

    The Constitution of Pakistan declares Ahmadis to be a ‘Non-Muslim Minority’.

    I hope you understand that one who is a non-muslim by definition belongs to ‘other religion’

    Now when you hate Ahmadis with all your might and then also claim “I am NOT against other religions”, you are less than truthful. In other words a HYPOCRITE and that is what a Munafiq is.


  • akhroot

    Most universities in Pakistan are a joke. Research and creativity can never flourish under a “disciplined” environment. (the kind administrators of these universities emphasize).Recommend

  • mentelisco

    eldroos no more uopdates !? turned out he was fake :)Recommend

  • yasir mehmood

    This happens when you watch too much primetime political talkshowsRecommend

  • Usman
  • fahad

    why he send poetry to his teacher y which reasons he can do this Recommend

  • dumbo

    Pakistan must be the only country in the world where the army runs universities. (not military courses being taught there)Recommend

  • STK

    Who the hell voted YES?Recommend