How the One Rupee Project can help literacy

Published: April 10, 2012

The One Rupee Project is an idea that provides a clear vision of making a self-sustainable Pakistan. The movement was started by Sarosh Waiz and some of his friends in an effort to help the sectors of education, skill development and entrepreneurship in Pakistan.

The idea behind this movement is that a small donation given on a regular basis can make a big change. It thus, seeks a contribution of just one rupee a day, which will add up to Rs365 per year per person. This means that initially, if only 100,000 people are approached, the minimum funds generated will be Rs36,500,000. This sizeable sum is just after the donation of one rupee a day – imagine if people gave more!

The basic areas where the collected funds will be spread are towards the primary and secondary education, financing small businesses, and skill development sectors.

This project is a transparent effort at making a better Pakistan. Because credibility matters a great deal to people providing funds, knowledge of where and how their money has been allocated is easily available. This initiative by the One Rupee Project includes the school fee of 25 to 30 students per year. This is provided to enable children to secure their future so that they can continue their studies, and later find jobs for themselves.

Recently, Djuice Pakistan sponsored the One Rupee Project as well. Our aim is to invite bigger corporations to take part in this concept, and eventually make an impact on a greater geographical scale. The One Rupee Project will work as an NGO in the long term.

The people of Pakistan are desperately waiting for a change, and this is the time to be a part of making that change – encouraging a better,  azaad (free) and khud mukhtar (self-sustainable) Pakistan.


Muhammad Mustaqeem Yousfani

The author is pursuing his BBA from SZABIST Karachi and blogs at Students of Pakistan. He recently joined Youth Parliament of Pakistan and is also a die hard cricket fan. He tweets @MustaqeemYousfa

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  • ….

    There have been far too many projects with lofty ideals but no substance . Give us bullet points with emphasis on implementation. The video was good but I feel more planning needs to be done. I have visited the website and these guys are doing a wonderful job and I know they have just launched it but my two cents are that if you want to convert this into movement research and more research needs to be done. For instance how many school going children are there in Karachi, how many don’t go to school, how many are homeless, how to target each group according to its needs, what sort of skills do our future generation need..just some of the questions that need to be asked!!

    Sarosh Waiz mentioned the example of the school. I need the following information from the management team before I will contribute.

    Detail of the target school(s).
    Financial background of the parents of the children (if the parents can afford the fee or not)
    School fees to be paid and contract terms with the school
    Quality of teaching at the school.
    Brief details of children to avail this funding and scorecard or update on how they are fairing on a quarterly basis

    I wish you all the best and hope for more updates on this project :)!!!Recommend

  • geeko

    That’s actually great =D

    Should turn it viral. #one.rupee.projectRecommend

  • derpton

    Charity collection is NOT the problem. The real problem is that Can Its custodians be trusted to actually deliver their promises.Recommend

  • Lazarus

    I can believe on this project because out of 3 founders of this project I know Mr Abdul Hameed Kath pretty well he is a great guy he have even worked for Memon Professional Forum therefore I feel he can lead this project pretty well.Recommend

  • Umair

    How do I contact Ek Rupya for donation???Recommend

  • Optimist

    That’s a good project.
    It should be spread across the globe to overseas Pakistanis.
    The guys you give training for job, encourage them to become your donors too. Recommend

  • G. Din

    This is quite intriguing!
    It is not because aam aadmi (common man) is miserly, that worthwhile projects cannot be funded. It is because he/she is not sure that the his/her hard-earned money will be put to the best use that people cringe from donating. The best solution to this dilemma is to gather a few well-respected individuals to take charge of how the money is spent. I would suggest to try to co-opt Mr. Edhi. I bet when he is seen to be in-charge, people will be far more generous with their contributions.
    I hope your initiative will flower throughout the world as did Grameen Bank micro credit initiative from Bangla Desh.Recommend

  • Ali Tanoli

    I can send some body honest person like Edhi baba $100 a month but not any thiev Recommend

  • Mustaqeem

    InshaALLAH !! we are trying our best and we need your support !! =)Recommend

  • Moaaz Ahmed

    at last some one thought about contributing towards Betterment of Pakistan
    Seems like great initiative!
    Looking forward to contribute in it!
    Oh and yeah! very well Written!Recommend

  • SaQiB

    Thats great!! i really wish the project gets a good response…….Recommend

  • TheTruth

    Commendable cause.

    Just a small question about your business case. How are you expecting to reach 100,000 people with your message? Recommend

  • Noor

    Pakistan is a country, whose people are one of the biggest charity-givers in the world.

    The point is we should look for deserving people out their who can start their earning with the first time they get charity, e.g, the Prophet PBUH asked a poor person to sell his only main asset to buy an axe and start earning for himself.

    The One-rupee project could be more beneficent if we don’t promote civilized beggars, rather getting them to go for a dignified work.

    A relevant frustrating action by this Govt was withdrawal of HEC scholarships for PhD students abroad, and instead they diverted these towards Benazir Income support, thus instead of building a scholarly base for future development, we’re creating more beggars looking for income support.

    Even if school going children do some part-time business or job to finance their education, there is no harm. They will rather be more dignified, when they get grown up into professional life.


  • Sarosh Waiz


    A pleasure to have your comments and suggestions. I definitely agree to all the points that you have mentioned, but just wanted to clarify a few things. This is a model concept, and to make it possible is like having a dream come true, so it will take time considering the amount of time and participation this project needs. I have learnt over time that execution and perfection are 2 different extremes. So we had to execute this and are aiming to achieve perfection with time. Also, I agree that we need more research, but we need the power of people to achieve that. Its about time that all of us collaborate to achieve one goal.

    All the projects will be executed with complete details and transparency so anyone could trace where their money is being spent. We still haven’t gone into execution and you will soon find out about all the projects that we are starting off with.

    There is a long way to go with this, and we want everyone to be a part of it by contributing, not only with money, but however they can. The best part is that by giving us your humble suggestions, you have already contributed to the cause of a better Pakistan!

    Have a great day and really grateful for all the well wishesRecommend

  • Sarosh Waiz

    Absolutely, that is why we want to give that power to people of having a completely transparent system. We have been talking about this idea since a few months now and its about time that we are going into execution. And till date we have never and will not collect a single penny from anyone.

    We trying to implement a model where people will see for themselves the change they can bring in Pakistan. A lot more yet to be revealed and worked upon. Together we can change Pakistan.Recommend

  • Sarosh Waiz

    Hi Umair,

    We’re still not collecting donations. The knowledge of how you can do that will be made public soon :).Recommend

  • Sarosh Waiz

    Thanks for your comments. To answer your query, we are working on a multiplier model of project champions and will have to take media’s support (social media and traditional) to achieve that.Recommend

  • Sarosh Waiz

    @G. Din:
    Great suggestion. But we’re working on a model that is going to be completely transparent. Every project that gets funded can be traced back by anyone. We will make this public knowledge as soon as we have everything in place.

    Really appreciate your kind wishes and support. Its about time that we collaborate and make things better for this country.Recommend

  • Sarosh Waiz


    Brilliant suggestions Noor and I am glad you brought this up. We’re talking about a Khudmukhtaar Pakistan, and earning an income with dignity is the main part of the plan. We definitely need leadership with a vision along with transparency. Only then we can bring this change and make this dream possible.Recommend

  • AsmA

    Assalam o Alikum!!

    MashAllah very nice idea and spirit.. I’ll there to support this :)
    Because i too want a self sustainable and an educated Pakistan and love to contribute for it :)
    May Allah help you..AmeenRecommend

  • Maliha Hinna

    Absolutely brilliant Idea… Any initiative taken to HELP humanity, as long as the intentions do not get corrupted is Noble… I wish you all the best with this project. Plus I believe this concept could be used not only for Education but many other problems persisting in our society, never the less one needs to take a start from somewhere… I hope you achieve the results you look for… Sadly, If only people here considered helping the poor their moral duty, in what so ever means they have… We wouldnt be out here asking for just 1 ruppee per person to help the needy and most deserving. Thumbs up for the idea…Recommend

  • Mustaqeem

    @Asma :
    Walailkum Assalam, thank you for your appreciation :) will surley need your support to make this possible ! =)Recommend

  • Mustaqeem

    @Maliha Hinna
    thank you for your appreciations. INSHAALLAH , every thing will be transparent in this regard that any of the donor will be able to track the records that where and how money is being used.
    yes, you are right,the project is not considering Education only but skill development and Small Business developments will also be in core considerations.Recommend

  • shahid sarwar

    Sounds a good project; but how to implement it, is a hunddred million dollar qurstion.Recommend

  • curious

    I wish there was a project promoting people, in particular low income families to have LESS children. Recommend