Spreading the colour green

Published: August 15, 2010

A plant can bring a smile to almost any face

Flowers are the beautiful hieroglyphics of nature with which she indicates how much she loves us. – Goethe

Imagine walking into your office with your head full of plans for the day and catching sight of a little present that waits for you on your desk. Wouldn’t it just make your day?

It could bring a smile to your face whether it was just a randomly picked flower or a little note saying “Have a good day!”

Life is all about sharing love and spreading smiles where ever you go. I like to take flowers on my way for my friends. During the time I was working at a school, one of my colleague loved motia flowers, so I would take some for her every day. Once I forgot but she noticed and complained that she had been waiting for her flowers all morning. I was amazed that a few flowers had become so valuable and could spread so much joy.

As gardeners we should all practice giving each other something from our own garden. There are always some new plants that will be a beautiful addition to your friend’s garden or home grown crops can make it to their kitchen.  I am lucky to have found amazing gardener friends.

Some of my cacti has made it to the desks of my friends while many other baby cacti which needed a new home was adopted by a gardener buddy.

Walk through your garden and you will find something that you can present a friend and make them speechless with joy.

May be we can celebrate this independence day by presenting each other plants and spreading the color green that way!


Zahra Ali

A freelance writer, gardening teacher and environmentalist. She has been spreading the message of natural living through her blog 'Crops in Pots' since 2008

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  • Hamood

    Another great post. You are correct Zahra that even a prickly plant like cactus can bring a smile on your face.Recommend

  • http:saherenoo.wordpress.com Shahid Abbasi

    Amazing and interesting view of a commen subject of our daily life with great lesson. SAVE NATURE FOR SAVING FUTURERecommend

  • rehan

    Nice post.I would just like to share this.At 16000′,K2 Base camp is devoid of even a blade of grass.However,last year,when I happened to walk into the mess tent of Adventure Tours which had been pitched up for Gerlinde Kelturbrunner(Austrian Mountaineer who was attempting K2.The only lady who has scaled 13 out of the 14 8000metre peaks without supplementary Oxygen.She couldn’t summit K2 this year either due to very bad weather)and her German husband,Ralf,I was really left gasping for oxygen(which otherwise one feels a dearth of at that height!).At the entrance,were the most beautiful(or maybe they seemed then)plants neatly arranged and suitably labelled which added a whole new dimension to the otherwise stone and snow covered earth!It was so touching..that even at such heights and in severe living conditions,humans manage to keep their asthetics intact.I was told that they had been brought down from much higher up(18000′).As I’m no specialist like Zahra,I think they were some kind of cactus..but really beautiful.I have them on my video..will try and upload them somewhere..Zahra do you have any site? Recommend

  • http://www.cropsinpots.blogspot.com Zahra

    Thanks, @Rehan,that is the beauty of nature. Even dead lands like desserts have green plants and flowers that create beautiful contrasts. Yes I do have a blog. Crops in Pots Recommend

  • Atif

    I am willing to adopt some of the plants happily :). Recommend

  • http://www.cropsinpots.blogspot.com Zahra

    Thanks, @Rehan,that is the beauty of nature. Even dead lands like desserts have green plants and flowers that create beautiful contrasts. Yes I do have a blog. Cropsinpots.blogspot.comRecommend

  • kiran

    its so true that even a small flower can bring a huge grin on your face especially when your mind is full of plans! and yes i want to adopt a cacti too! Recommend

  • sadia siddiqui

    awesome thought zahra!!!! u are a creator……..;);)Recommend

  • Sarah Zaidi

    You know im more than willing to adopt any plants you present to me! :D Another great piece :)Recommend

  • Nice creativity. keep it upRecommend

  • rehan

    @Zahra. What a disappointment!I actually happen to be in Sudan at the moment and my organisation has blocked all blogs!I promise to upload it when I get back to home sweet home.Recommend

  • http://goldenpages-mubi.blogspot.com mubeshra

    what a fresh idea. simple yet inspiring :) Recommend