Zaid Hamid: Treason against reason

Published: April 7, 2012

A closer look at the said ‘petition’ reveals more about Zaid Hamid himself than SAFMA members. DESIGN: JAHANZAIB HAQUE

Two statements have been circulating in my head for the last few days. The first one is by George Orwell:

In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

The second is a piece of poetry by revolutionary poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz:

Nisar teri galiyo pe ae watan kay jahan,
Chali hai Rasm kay koi na sarr utha kay chalay.
Jo Koi Chahnay Wala Tawaaf ko Niklay,
Nazar Jhuka kay Chalay, Jism o Jaan Bacha Kay Chalay.

(My salutations to thy sacred streets, O beloved nation!
Where a tradition has been invented- that none shall walk with his head held high,
If at all one takes a walk, a pilgrimage,
One must walk, eyes lowered, the body crouched in fear)

It all started with an e-mail.

A few days ago, I got an e-mail from a friend that contained a webpage link and a message stating that it was an urgent matter and we should do something about it. I clicked on the link, and lo and behold, a sumptuous statement was present on the ‘Official’ Facebook page of Mr Zaid Zaman Hamid:

Allahu Akbar!!!!

Today, we have filed a petition in the Supreme Court against SAFMA for high treason against the Pak sarzameen, its sacred ideology, its beloved founding fathers and waging a war against the Pak sarzameen, armed forces and our freedom on behalf of the enemies.

We have demanded the death penalty under article 6 high treason laws for All SAFMA leaders, members and supporters. Now these snakes will be dragged to the court and confronted with their crimes against the Pak sarzameen”.

I was not very surprised by this development as Zaid Hamid has been trying to raise a hue and cry after he was publicly humiliated on Express News by Ali K Chishti and Hasan Nisar. The statement mentioned above is truly hilarious; Zaid Hamid can himself be dragged to court on ‘defamation charges’ for his diatribes. His pet army, namely ‘Pakistan Cyber Force’ is also active and has been releasing ridiculous videos against SAFMA, and progressive newspapers such as The Express Tribune. A closer look at the said ‘petition’ reveals more about Zaid Hamid himself than SAFMA members. Omar Ali, a blogger, wrote the following about the petition:

Zaid Hamid, a clown promoted by the security establishment (and very popular among the burger jihadi crowd, as can be seen by the comment in the link), or at least, by the jihadi faction of the security establishment for years, has now filed a petition in the Supreme court of Pakistan to bring anti-Islam and ante-Pakistan forces to heel. Most of those named in the petition are associated with SAFMA (South Asian Free Media Association), a group that has done great work to promote dialog between journalists in South Asia”

Some interesting observations about the petition are as follows:

1. Zaid Hamid is introduced as “Founding president of an international threat analysis consultancy and defence think tank“. This is a clear sign of delusional grandeur. He needs to reassess his thoughts, not go to court.

2. The petition makes the director general of our notorious establishment agency a respondent in the petition.

3. The petition mentions that “many of the most senior and patriotic analysts of Pakistan have raised serious objections over SAFMA”. No names have been provided by the petitioner although we all know who the members of the ghairat brigade are.

4. He has accused the respondents of “trying to project Quaid-e-Azam as a secular leader, lowering the image of Allama Iqbal, and aggressively attacking the image of armed forces and ISI”, showing that he has probably never heard of the phrase ‘difference of opinion’.

5. He accuses them of “having done great damage to the ideology of Pakistan, to the spirit of the Objectives Resolution, and Islamic clauses of the constitution”. Apart from a ‘difference of opinion’, only legislators (which none of the accused seem to be) can ‘damage’ clauses in the Constitution.

6. About his own credentials, he had says the following:

The petitioner is an internationally known security, defense and threat perception analyst and runs a think tank called BrassTacks whose defense and threat perception studies are widely circulated, read and acknowledged by friendly countries national and international media. Jordanian Strategic Study Institute declared him in 2010 and 2011 as one of the most influential 500 Muslims living in the world today.”

The list is not compiled by the ‘Jordanian Strategic Study Institute’ but by the ‘Royal Institute of Strategic Islamic Studies’ and the validity of this list can be gauged by the fact that in 2010, it included General Ashfaq Kayani, Qazi Hussain Ahmed, Dr Maleeha Lodhi, Maulana Fazlur Rahman, Mohammed Abdul Wahab, Amir of Tablighi Jamaat, Justice Sheikh Muhammad Taqi Usmani, Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul Qadri, Shaikh Mohammad, founder of the International Islamic Propagation Centre (IIPC), Maulana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar, a Sufi scholar of the Ashrafia order based in Karachi, Dr Farhat Hashmi, Sheikh Muhammad Ilyas Attar Qadri, Dr Khalid Mehmood Soomro, Secretary General of Jamiat Ulema-Islam Sindh, Dr Anwar Hussain Siddiqui, Junaid Jamshed, Abida Parveen, Zaid Hamid and Hafiz Mohammad Saeed.

7. There are countless spelling errors in the petition, such as “weather it is not a fact that”.

8. The famous conspiracy theory narrative of Zaid Hamid is also part of the petition, as it says:

Whether it is not a fact that Pakistan is in a state of existential war, under attack from multiple axis. The objective of this war is to balkanise the country on the pattern of Yugoslavia.

And it goes on further stating:

“Whether it is not a fact that Pakistan is facing an existential war for its survival today, because of treacherous role of some elements within Pakistani media and especially the group called SAFMA working under the umbrella of Free Media foundation”

9. The famous Zaid Hamid accusations against people and the typical jumping-to-conclusions tactics were all based on nothing and this is visible in the text:

Whether it is not a fact that SAFMA is creating Moral and social anarchy through filthy Indian media, secular or Hindu ideology, vulgarity, Hindu culture is spreading immoral values repugnant of Islamic and local cultures”.
In these lines, the petitioner is arbitrarily passing judgment on Hindu Culture as “immoral and vulgar” while forgetting that hundreds of thousands of Hindus are part of Pakistan as well.

10. The petitioner has also tried to define what, according to him, is the basis of Pakistan, and wants the court to proceed based on his definitions:

That Pakistan is an ideological Islamic State created on the basis of Two Nations Theory to be made a homeland for Muslims of the sub-continent to live and carve their lives according to Quran and Sunnah and teachings of Islam individually and collectively

11. The petition also peddles the conspiracy theory revolving around the separation of East Pakistan, stating that it was solely because of Indian influence and not because we denied them their rights for 25 years.

In 1971, they [India] attacked East Pakistan, supported insurgencies, spread lies and disinformation and worked hard to dilute the Two Nation Theory by promoting provincial hatred resulting in breakup of Pakistan. Indira Gandhi took pride not in the military victory but in the fact that they had dismantled the Ideological Pillar of Pakistan, The Two Nation Theory.

12. The petitioner himself tried to spread fabricated information and accused SAFMA of many things without giving any concrete evidence. For the record, SAFMA is mostly provided funding by Norway and the Netherlands:

It should be noted that SAFMA is a covert operation of Indian establishment and Raw and such operations rarely have any audited bank statements, hence depend upon secret funding, briefcases and envelopes. The lavish SAFMA lifestyles and spending are serious circumstantial evidence to their secret foreign founding.

While I do not have enough legal acumen to know whether this petition will be admitted by the honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan, I truly believe that if it does happen, Zaid Hamid and his ‘true colours’ will be evident for all to see; and what an entertaining event that would be!

This post originally appeared here. 

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Abdul Majeed

A final year medical student with interests in history, political economy and literature. He blogs at and tweets as @abdulmajeedabid

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • narayana murthy

    It’s been a while…so i thought Zaid Hamid was dead.

    Good on him that he is carrying the deep states’s agenda. Very loyal to the sources of his funds.

    However, I am jealous of this man, because I have seen hundreds of such people who are very very confident and good salesmen, doing exceedingly well in life, in different fields, even though they are mostly liars and untalented people.

    The episodes where he talks about Heera Lal/Panna Lal and Sakkina Bibi are the funniest. While telling Sakkina Bibi’s (fake) story, he becomes emotional and cries. Funny!!!Recommend

  • Mj

    Kudos to whoever designed the graphic. Zaid Hamid is a charlatan and not even a unique one at that. Much of his shtick is a blend of David Icke, Micheal Moore, and Glen Beck; modified with a local flavor and extra zeal. With people whose critical thinking skills are less than developed, such quacks will always be popular as they give their gullible audience supposedly hidden information and a purpose – however misguided and false the purpose and information might be. Unless critical thinking is encouraged by school curriculum and society, there can be little hope, and young people will continue to fall for these peddlers of misinformation. Recommend

  • Pasha

    We are getting free publicity. That is our aim. To get publicity whatever way it comes.

    We (Zaid Hamid) call media satanic, awara and tool of enemy but we gladly accept every invitation on the same tv channels. Once we came on CNN (for 13 sec) as well and we posted that video three times in a month on our facebook page. Russia Today (the same Russians whom we defeated in Afghanistan) is one of frequent dwelling point.

    So, you see, we are attention seeker. We will always do crazy stuff and give last and final warnings on weekly basis to India, America, Israel, Veena Malik and whoever cares,

    Only we can guard mulk’s ghairat because we have experienced working as a security guard in riba based zionist banks.


    Zaid Hamid “Conspiracy Waley”Recommend

  • Maulana Tharra

    His I Q; from what can be gleaned from his writings and rants is about 70 at most is semi-literarte at best.
    Please do not afford him any credibilty by discussing his half baked rants.
    He may be an Agent Provocaruer and needs physical examination to determine if he bears Holy Abrahamic scar!
    Only a mortal enemy of the country can come up with ideas like his; camouflaged as a “Super” Nationalist!!

  • Fahad Raza

    And you took him so seriously you wrote a blog about it…ironic. Recommend

  • Imran

    This petition by Zaid Hamid is the result of one of the following or both:

    His personal vengefulness on the liberals with whom he has publicly lost arguments.
    Pressure from his employers who are being unable to handle criticisms on the free-media.

  • http://www.doomedlions.wordpress.cmo Doomed

    I do not take Zaid Hamid seriously. Nor do I take SAFMA seriously. Recommend

  • hadi

    Great work. Lies of Zaid Hammid can no longer poison the mind of young Pakistanis. They must wake up, smell the morning air and work on their own problems before they go on and talk about conspiracies Recommend

  • faraz

    Omar Ali has summed it well. This witless propaganda is just meant for the young burger jihadi crowd which wants to conquer India, Israel and US through Facebook and Twitter! No mature person takes Zion Hamid seriously.Recommend

  • http://NewYork Falcon

    Agree with the rest of the article except how you have questioned the validity of 500 influential Muslims list and implied that it includes people that are most likely not that ‘great’ in your view. Out of these people, I think most of people would agree that Maleeha Lodhi and Abida Perveen are very respectable individuals.Recommend

  • other side of the picture

    I am compelled to make a few points here:

    !) I used to be a fan Zaid Hamid too but not any more because of his hardline stance against media, judiciary and too pro army and ISI stance.

    2) However, one person who belongs to safma is Marvi Sarmad who appears on tv in different talkshows these days. I have heard her in Kamran Shahid show openly propagating homosexuality and insisiting that it is the personal freedom and Pakistan should legalise it. Unfortunately, no body as yet speaks out against her for this even though we all know that homosexuality is haram in Islam. this is exactly the problem of safma, in the name of freedomn of expression, organizations and ngo’s like these are openly propagating homosexuality and speaking agaianst the two nation theory on which Pakistan was build.
    So if we have reasons to hate Zaid Hamid for his all his conspiratory talk then we have much more reasons for hating Marvi and what her organization is propagating.Recommend

  • hadi

    @ other side of the picture. A lot of people in pakistan are gay, they don’t openly come out but a lot of married individuals belonging to respected families are. homosexuality is such a minor issue that we do not even need to worry about it, trust me continued existence of SAFMA wont turn pakistan gay, but we need to listen to everyones story. Everyone has an opinion which isn’t necesserily that whatever Pak Army does is great and unquestionable! Let them speak and as long as you are sure about your own sexuality you will be fine!Recommend

  • Confused

    Zaid Hamid not being honest?! Wow, who would have thought of it!
    Seriously though, a bit late to the blog party you are.Recommend

  • Torrent

    He can’t be from the establishment, no one is stupid enough to make him their salesman.
    The guy is just a media hype.Recommend

  • gp65

    Are people allowed to go DIRECTLY to supreme court with such frivolous petitions? Amazing.Recommend

  • gp65

    @Falcon: “Out of these people, I think most of people would agree that Maleeha Lodhi and Abida Perveen are very respectable individuals”

    Agree with you but do you think Maleeha Lodi qualifies to be one of 500 most influential Muslims?Recommend

  • yajsingh

    I happen to interact with two pakistanis recently on twitter – first one, an educated doctor and second a young educated (or so he seemed) non-resident pakistani. What surprised me is their insistence on Abbotabad incident was made-up by US of A and that OBL wasn’t dead or atleast not found in Pakistan.
    If this is the state of mind of educated pakistanis – what of rest? How many people have access to etribune vs likes of Zaid Hamid?
    Remember, lies begets more lies and you cannot expect to build Taj Mahal out of lie.

    @other side of the picture
    Homosexuality is not crime. And if you wish to build a creative, robust and progressive society – freedom to express an idea or thought (no matter how weird or extreme) is minimum.Recommend

  • Faraz

    Be brave express tribune you are doing same what zaid hamid does … Recommend

  • Adeel

    Why are people so scared of Zaid Hamid’s petition?
    Anyone can goto court to seek whatever justice he/she deems fit/appropriate/applicable.
    I don’t understand why this hate for Zaid Hamid ? If the SC doesn’t think there is anything in this case, they will simply reject it… simple.

    What is the author trying to achieve from this insecure, insensitive, demeaning, extremely biased and derogatory article?

    The law will take its course… but if people just think without any bias and with an open mind, they will realise that Zaid Hamid’s analysis are reverberated by many analysts on tv today… for example Haroon Rasheed, Sheikh Rasheed (more analyst than a politician), Dr. Shahid Masood, etc… they are all now saying that we are going towards a civil war within the country, and have serious threats from America to our boundaries, and NATO supplies opening will be the first step towards that. Isn’t that what Zaid Hamid has been saying all along…? Civil war coming, state of war with anti-Pakistan forces, etc etc.

    I don’t see people going on and on about any of the other analysts… why then the fear of Zaid Hamid? Is it that the petition is actually scaring some people?
    Why can’t people just let the law take its course and why the hate?

    The author needs to learn what he propagates… difference of opinion mr. author… do YOU know what it means?Recommend

  • Rahul

    brother, why do you drag religion into this. if we start going by what religions in general or islam in particular say then you should not listen to any kind of music, you should also not watch TV (which includes computer/laptop), you should not use birth control measures..the list would just continue.
    i live in india, i respect islam just the way i respect any other religion..and same is the case with majority of indians..why is this so here and not in pakistan..because we try to keep religion away from a few things.
    my sexual orientation is straight, still my friend..people dont become homosexuals by choice, its some thing in them by cant change it. and if one is a homosexual, i wonder how can it destroy a religion or a complete culture. religions like islam and the great culture like we have in south asia, there are not small, tiny things which can be destroyed just like that.
    you didnt decide if you would take birth as a straight/ want to live a happy life, just the same way let others also live. @other side of the picture: Recommend

  • rk singh

    can any pakistani define “Hindu culture”?Recommend

  • Ashraf Gul


  • PakCyberforce

    I am glad that a case has been registered against SAFMA snaks, hahahahahahhahahahahha, they will be soon in problems, Hilary Clinton also has accepted that we are losing media WAR that they imposed through SAFMA snaks…
    PAkistan Zindabad!!!!!!!Recommend

  • PakCyberforce

    @ other side of the picture. A lot of people in pakistan are gay, they don’t openly come out but a lot of married individuals belonging to respected families are. homosexuality is such a minor issue that we do not even need to worry about it, trust me continued existence of SAFMA wont turn pakistan gay, but we need to listen to everyones story. Everyone has an opinion which isn’t necesserily that whatever Pak Army does is great and unquestionable! Let them speak and as long as you are sure about your own sexuality you will be fine!

    Dear Hadi,,

    Do not blame Pakistan and Pakistani, about this evil act! you yourself would be a gay nor other Pakistani, It is not a minor issue, do not put this nation toward nation of LOOT (AS)..Recommend

  • Israr Wahid

    **WELL first I must admit that some of the rebuttals by authors were pretty lame

    Second, I personally dont know much about SAFMA, but what I know is tat i have seen Marvi Sarmad (desperate housewife type :) ) that she was openly negating “Two Nation Theory” & @another show promoting homosexuality rights. So, naturally that goes against SAFMA’s image, & what makes me even more surprised that no one talks about her.
    U can also check her tweets** Recommend

  • Salim Shaikh


    I am sure of your narrow vision … if a few can beat the whole american security at 9/11 or else the american can make the whole world fool of 9/11, Abbotabad might be another mystery …. judge how!!! Recommend

  • http://Birmingham elementary

    @Israr Wahid: On tv talk shows she doesn’t represent SAFMA , views are entirely her own. she talks sense and logic and puts humans above religion,to the distaste of religious people.Recommend

  • AhmedMaqsood

    Don’t Zaid Hamid and his cyberforce realize that ’71 already proved the two-nation theory irrelevant?

    It’s so obvious – are they really that stupid or do they just refuse to be in touch with reality?Recommend

  • Ahmed

    now it is biased journalism ………

    i differ with Zaid Hamid on many issues ………. but i can’t say that he is not a patriotic and sincere person ……… because he is ………… his petition is going to be a problem for media ……… a sign of trouble is this blog :)Recommend

  • Fadi

    he wants to be CHE.


  • Biased

    Is this country was only made for few liberels?Recommend

  • yousaf

    @rk Singh—From your name I derive that you are a Sikh,if so then we are on the same platform (you as Sikh and we as Muslim)and you living among Hindus are in a better position to define Hinduism.It will be kind of you if you do it for the benefit of us allRecommend

  • Sultan

    @Fahad Raza:

    Death penalty is a serious matter.Recommend

  • Pakistan politics

    Why giving so much importance to Zaid Hamid?Recommend

  • Parvez

    The Supreme Court would do well to accept this petition and dispose of it immediately.Recommend

  • arsalan khan

    Zaid Hamid is the person who was declared by Yousuf Kazzaab, a self proclaimed prophet, as his sahaabi. When Yousuf Kazzab was sentenced, Zaid Hamid had condemned the decision and his condemnation was published in Dawn. Please click on Recommend

  • Eneez

    I don’t know why is it the in thing nowadays to speak against two nation theory, ISI and Army. I may have differences with Zaid Hamid’s views but I am absolutely with him against INDIA, our mortal enemy, and in the favor of Pakistan Army and ISI.
    And anyone who thinks being homosexual is not a crime is declaring a war against Allah, please refrain from it. As homosexuality is CLEARLY a sin, so there is no questioning that.Recommend

  • Eneez

    Islam does NOT stop us from using laptops/PCs/watching TVs etc, you don’t know anything about it so you better not comment on it.
    2ndly, Islam is not just a religion, it is a way of life. So yes, we, Muslims, drag Islam everywhere we go, unlike Hindus who go to mandars weekly or whatever that is. Hinduism isn’t your way of life, Islam is ours.
    3rdly, No, no one is born gay. It is something I have read a lot about. In simple words it is just a trick of mind. Allah can never punish anyone for something HE gave them. Some people are just highly influenced by a person from the same gender and often mistake it for lust and the urge to stand out and be different leads them into declaring their so called homosexuality. That is not any physical disability or physical state, it is just sickness of mind. Get your facts right.Recommend

  • Kashmiri

    Btw, on an unrelated note, I went to SAFMA’s office couple of times. I have worked for 3 different multi nationals in Pakistan and abroad! Companies doing good business globally. The amount spent on decorum of SAFMA offices is crazy! And to think that its not a business organization…Recommend

  • Chulbul Pandey

    Eneez Mian, India the mortal enemy? The same enemy that never attacked you in spite of being attacked by Pakistan a few times?
    About homosexuality, who are you to make rules for others? Are you not interfering in others’ way of life? Since when did you make your business what others do in their own homes and bedrooms?

    Your comment was very depressing to read, to say the least.Recommend

  • sherry

    @other side of the picture:
    very well said brother,Recommend

  • sherry

    don’t worry then,continued existence of zaid hamid is also not going to turn complete Pakistan into Mullah ,pro army ,pro pakistan or whatever you call it.There are so many people speaking against him on the media and different other forums that you do not need to worry. Recommend

  • sherry

    Bangladesh existence has further strengthened two nation theory in this region Recommend

  • sherry

    brother !!! you need to improve and confirm your knowledge before you speak about any religion. points ( like watching tv ,using computer & laptops ,birth control and even music) that you mentioned are not at all forbidden in Islam.
    you keep your religion aside in some matters ,i don’t have any problem with that but what you need to understand is that for us ( Muslims ) Islam is a complete code of life and we can not keep it aside in any of the social ,personal or international matter. Recommend

  • Rahul

    come on friend, dont talk in a way that i feel as if i am talking to a small child ( no offences).
    i have some knowledge about Islam, i am also a keen listener of Dr. Zakir Naik, and what i have gathered from him is that music (apart from one single instrument) is prohibited.
    birth control measures are regarded as a sin, i you dont believe me or have less info then try searching this on Google, or try to listen to some Islamic scholars on you tube, you will have your doubts cleared.
    all great religions, my friend are a code of life..i am a jain, Jainism gives me a code, so does Hinduism gives, like wise Islam, Christianity, and so on. but friend, these things should be at the most kept on a personal level.
    tell me one thing, is being a homosexual a crime, or not allowing a person to live his his/her life in a happy, satisfied way a crime?
    we need to be more tolerant towards minorities, be it of any kind.

    there is a couplet of the famous Indian shayar nida fazli:

    “ghar se masjid hai bahut duur, chalo aisa kar-lein,
    kisi rote huue bachhe ko hansaya jaye”

    god is happy when we make people happy, let all the people, be of any orientation, live. They are not having bombs in their hands, nor are they flying drones .Recommend

  • alicia

    “Bangladesh existence has further strengthened two nation theory in this region”

    Do u know the definition of two nation theory?
    It says” that hindu and muslims are two different nations who have different cultures and thus require separate homelands.”
    The existence of Bangladesh is the biggest dent in the two-nation theory because it does not take things like ethinicity and culture as combining factors just religion. The fact that Bangladesh and Pakistan could not stay together as two countries despite being muslims suggests that religion cannot be the only binding force amongst people.Recommend

  • Gullible Nomore

    Zaid Hamid is devoid of all senses, but his greatest disservice to the Pakistan is stealing It’s only true Rock Star – Ali Azmat’s sanity!Recommend

  • yousaf

    @Fadi:May be you are right,but then whom do you think is Castro? Recommend

  • http://none Mikek

    There are red lines to the free press and no-one should cross that limit. If someone is gay then he/she should be inside their house and dont openly broadcast it as this is an Islamic country. If you do then you will be criticised. If someone wants to be open like Lut a/s time then go to a country where you can be able to openly practise homosexuality.
    Safma members esp. Marvi Sarmid’s discussion on Shahid Masood show with Zaid Hamid clearly shows what Safma’s intentions are. So what Zaid Hamid is saying is true. Safma taken him to court and ZH is proving what they said on the air. Our media is sold as Hilary Clinton has said America is spending 400 crores rupees or $50 million dollars on Pakistani media. These bikoa blog writers dont mention how much they are getting to spread disinformation and working on foreign agenda.Recommend

  • haroon

    Can Mr Zaid Hamid please define Muslim culture? Get a life dude.Recommend

  • Eneez

    @Chulbul Pandey:
    The same enemy which is constantly attacking us in various ways. India is too coward to face our Armed forces, so they are attacking us by building barrages and dams over OUR rivers. Pakistan is facing incommensurable loss due to trade with India. Same India which burned Muslims alive in samjhota express incident. The very same India which is creating terror in our Balochistan.
    What others do in their bedroom is indeed none of mine, or anyone else’s business for that matter. But promoting homosexuality? Saying that it is perfectly acceptable and legal so homosexual relationships should be legalized is what concerns us Muslims. We cannot accept homosexuality. And when someone tries too promote it publicly, it indeed becomes a nation’s responsibility.Recommend

  • Danyal

    as far as this petition is concerned, I’d love to see SC accept it, because everyone is aware that many so called liberal intellectuals are spreading more Indianization than secularism. They are traitors indeed.Recommend

  • nisar chowdhari

    What is the big hue and cry let him file case against SAFMA if he telling lies or truth it will come out when the case is heard and I personally think that this is a more civilized way to settle the dispute instead of Mob mentality which is common today in Pakistan but it would have been more appropriate if you would have mentioned Iqbal then Faiz as he was known to have a leftest leaning and if what I think Mr Zaid Hamid point is all about, it is about SAFMA is working to destroy the Islamic identity of let us hear both sides as it does matter if he is right or not because lately a lot of so called intellectuals have been trying to tell us that Quaid-E-Azam was a secular person,it is not about Quaid E Azam but about Pakistan,Was Pakistan created as an Islamic nation or not..Recommend

  • Al.ze

    Going through a lot of different articles and comments on this website, I am quite surprised and shocked to see where the mentality is taking us (Muslims). It is ok to be modern, but that doesn’t mean you can go out of the way to imitate Americans and the Brits. What the hell is Homosexuality? People supporting it, do they even know what it is, what is the idea behind it, what the consequences are, where is its stand in our religion. I am not a Pakistani, but I am an Indian MUSLIM, and things that I read here are sad. Where in one corner there’s America trying to destroy some of the glorious Muslim nations, on the other corner are Muslims themselves destroying their nation by trying to promote un-islamic propaganda. Why have people defined being modern as everything against the religion of Islam. Why can we not be modern, Liberal, moderate and stay within the boundaries of our religion. It is frustrating to see Muslims supporting homosexuality, don’t talk against it, but don’t support it too. And if you feel the need to support these things, they have countries for people like you, Americas, Europe its all for people like you, go there, they are modern and will be happy to keep Muslims (Specially) who talk against their religion, Please spare the Muslim countries!

    I remember a friend from Lahore use to imitate this lady who always said ‘Shoddey Modern’.
    Wake up guys, warna cake khaaney waaley tayaar hain, please don’t forget that the country was formed on the basis of Islam, and Islamic nation should always let all the religions to be practiced on their soil, but at the same time stay within the limits of Islam. Be-pardagi karein, Be-sharmi toh baksh dein!Recommend

  • Baba

    My friend sincerity is a dangerous thing. It’s more important to have the right direction. Even taliban are really sincere to their cause.Recommend

  • Baba

    @Chulbul Pandey:
    Pandey, i don’t know if you’re a Pakistani or Indian, but being a Pakistani, a patriot and proud Pakistani, i totally agree with you. In Pakistan, the certificate of patriotism is directly propotional to how much you can hate India. For the benefit of readers, India attacked us in 1965 only because we had sent army in civilian clothes to Kashmir and they opened up the eastern front to disengage the Pak army soldiers from Kashmir. And Pakistan totally did not win the war. It was a stalemate and considering how much land was conceded to the other country, Pakistan was a big loser. Let’s stop with this self deceipt of making ourselves believe that we’re invincible and that India is out there to get us. No one is out there to get us or make us crumble. We are very much capable to bringing our demise ourselves.Recommend

  • PakiKaka

    Are you serious about the two nation theory thing that you said???? hahahahahaha… you have got to be kidding me…. lmao…. seems like zaid hamid is writing these posts under an alias… hahahaha… do you even know what two nation theory means… what a joker you areRecommend

  • Hashmi

    SAFMA is a hoax, a diatribe itself. Leave ZH alone, so many people criticising him like this only makes me believe that he is actually on the right path.Recommend

  • swpanil

    It is sad no note that jokers like zaid are getting publicity in Pakistan, Best way to ignore people like Zaid is to develop proper educational system, where students will be exposed to various subjects including (true) history, sociology, civic science apart from science and technology. Then only moderate generation will be formed and prosperous Pakistan will emerge.
    we in India do not consider Pakistan as a enemy state. In fact we need stable and prosperous Pakistan, which is essential for regional stability, It may take decade to change the attitude of people( That to with proper education system) Most probably powerful people will not allow this to happen due to vested interest, only people can do it collectively, after that nobody need people like Zaid. ( India went through this phase 30 years ago, when we had our own Zaids, thankfully our progressive education system saved our country, Now nobody will pay attention to jokers like Zaids, they come and vanish in few months)

    Best luck to people of PakistanRecommend

  • Umair

    He is a real genious. He is fighting against KuffrRecommend

  • Hamxa

    All of us are just being a boss thats it hahahahahahha Just to grab otherz from neckRecommend