When will project Jihad end?

Published: March 31, 2012

According to media reports, Mohammad, just like so many others before him, visited Pakistan twice before going on his killing spree. PHOTO: REUTERS

Another man, another terrorist incident, another country and another trail of blood-laden footprints leading back to Pakistan. Mohammed Merah, the French citizen of Algerian extraction finally gave himself up and, for better or for worse, was shot dead at the hands of French forces after a prolonged siege at a housing estate.

The 23-year-old killed seven Frenchmen, including three solders, to “avenge Palestinian children” and protest against French military interventions overseas. According to media reports, Mohammad, just like so many others before him, visited Pakistan twice before going on his killing spree.

The purpose, presumably, was to freshen up his shooting skills and to sharpen the pointy bits of his ideology. Any less reformed part of his faith would also surely have been flattened out while he was at it.

The puritans of the land of pure have already taken a deep breath in, ready to burst out in a chorus denying any such link, their ever-sensitive noses sniffing out yet another conspiracy to malign the only “nuclear Muslim country” on part of the West. If there was not so much blood, gore and violence involved, this amusing semi-Newtonian cycle of action, denial, reaction and back to action, would have been an entertainment of a fairly high order.

As far as Mohammad Merah is concerned, a killer has reached the end of the road. There are other foolish ones like him too, perhaps not of the same carat, but they are present in almost every society.

Similarly, the world isn’t void of charlatans, at least not of the same calibre as ours. What it has managed to do in the least, and what we still need to figure out how to do, is to keep a fair bit of distance between the foolish and the charlatans. If one thing needs to be done in the interests of national security, this is it.

Pakistan has been the most popular place in the world for quite some time now where the charlatans and the foolish are allowed to intermingle and interact freely. On account of frequent stories like Mohammad Merah, it seems that the fools do not even require a visa for the privilege.

The Sioux had a saying:

We don’t inherit this world from our ancestors. We rather borrow it from our children.

Sadly, this ancient mode of thinking is far wiser than what our two successive generations have managed; the pre-Zia generation, so grossly entrenched in the modus operandi of the Pakistan of 1960s and 1970s, and the Zia-generation, brought up with Islamisation and Jihad in full swing, and now in the process of taking the baton of running Pakistan.

Entrenched in preserving and passing on the prejudices of the ancestors gone by, the two generations have insured that the Pakistan of tomorrow does indeed pose a very gloomy picture. Then, of course, there is the overzealous lot hell-bent on multiplying these prejudices before passing them on.

What has been the result? All the accumulated follies of years have taken a toll on the nation’s psyche. We have attained a nuisance value amongst the nations of the world and worse still, we have learned to exploit and even enjoy it. We even have a word for it, it is called the “geographical importance” of Pakistan.

The propagation of Jihadi ideologies, tolerance of medieval places of learning and patronage of extremist elements within the society all contribute towards this ‘geographical importance’ (read nuisance value) of ours. This sorry state of affairs is all set to continue unless we  miraculously put off targets we so lovingly chose for ourselves.

Will we ever become a normal country, one preoccupied with improving the quality of life, the Human Development Index, the literacy and the life expectancy ratios of its citizens?

A passing glance at the projects that will have to be cancelled, Project Jihad being one of them, makes it a big request. The amount of intellectual and physical real estate at the disposal of this Jihadist enterprise, so affectionately created by us, will ensure that any attempt at clipping its wings will end up to be a bloody endeavour.

One Lal Masjid (red mosque) and the extremists within caused havoc for months in that terrible year. Imagine a bigger endeavour aimed at introducing a single curriculum, sure to drain all that is held dear at our madrassas – all at the same time. Good luck to change!

Perhaps one day, a few Mohammad Meras will get together and end up with something really terrible. That day will bring a real change in Pakistan. The world outside will ensure that we burst our bubbles with our own hands. On the current evidence, Project Jihad will continue till that time comes.

Mohammad Jawad

Mohammad Jawad

An economics graduate currently working at Glasgow Caledonian University.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Shariq

    Really good article. We need more people coming up to accept that we, with the help of CIA, created terrorism and destroyed Afghanistan in the name of Jihad.Recommend

  • kaalchakra

    Wow! When will Jihad end?? Are you going to next ask – when will people stop trying to follow Islam?? Shame!Recommend

  • http://mariemswords.wordpress.com MariemAsif

    When there are many more voices like yours, prepared to sound out the falsities of the Jihadi ideology. Bravo!Recommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/author/430/faraz-talat/ Faraz Talat

    The hot, new standard operating procedure for fighting off facts and figures that are ideologically inconvenient to digest, or hurt our national ego: Deny, deny, deny!

    “9/11 carried out by radical Muslims?” I don’t believe you.
    “Osama was hiding in Abbottabad?” Nothing but an attempt to malign Pakistan.
    “Terrorist attacks around the world being traced back to Pakistan?” All lies.

    In contrast, any piece of news that can be used as ammo against the Western nations is immediately taken to be true. No doubts there.

    Being in constant denial of our grave problems is the most retched, unpatriotic, traitorous thing that a Pakistani can do.Recommend

  • faraz

    In Pakistan, there is an entire jihadi enterprise that has become a lucrative business. Militant groups receive massive funds from Middle east, recruit children from poor families, indoctrinated them in madrassas, and state uses them to archive stupid defence policy goals. The chief organizers and top mullahs have made empires out of it. The real loser is the poor kid who ends up dead in some foreign landRecommend

  • Avantika

    @Faraz Talat:

    Another addition to your list –

    26/11 Mumbai attacks carried out by kasab and his gang from pakistan. All lies. ( Deny , deny , deny ) Yes, Pakistan is living in denial.Recommend

  • http://www.benawa.net Afghan Karachite

    Jihad never ends.
    If you mean terrorism wrapped in the silver-paper of Jihad; it may only end once states who have got ‘supporting terrorism for their strategic interests in neighboring countries’ on their first page of foreign policy manifesto, change their minds and start to believe that strategic interests are only saved when they have a peaceful country next door.Recommend

  • Qaisrani

    The writer seems to be under influence from western media propaganda.Completely baseless article.Recommend

  • MyHeartSpeaks

    Dear, this is not Jihad, this is the reaction of people that West is getting because of their oppression, imposed-war, illegal detention of people (Guantanamo) in the past 10 years in Afghanistan, Iraq, Algeria, Sumalia, and so on. Since, Pakistan is bordering country to Afghanistan, that’s why we are getting the ‘spill-over’ effect of so called ‘War on Terror’ and that’s also the reason you see Pakistan in most ‘terrorism-related’ news. Solution: If you or West need to stop this: LEAVE AFGHANISTAN. So simple, but I don’t see it happening in the next 3-4 years atleast. Recommend

  • http://www.zaidzamanhamid.wordpress.com Zaid Hamid

    Its all propaganda of western zioinsts!

    Rule of the land.. Deny all the accusation…. put the blame on Zioinsts and West…

    learn conspiracy theories from us ( Zaid Hamid)Recommend

  • Nandita.


    Ofcourse. The world is out to get pakistan isn’t it ? The western media/countries stand to gain by maligning Pakistan, don’t they ?

    (Hope the sarcasm is not lost on you, Mr Qaisrni.)

    It’s difficult to digest that people like Mr Qaisrani actually believe the words they write. Human beings have an innate quality to recognize the truth when it is thrust in their faces; some just chose to ignore it. Pretense is easier than facing the harsh reality.When faith is thwarted, the weak hearted resort to desperate measures.The fear of losing face/credibility seems overwhelming to them perhaps ?Recommend

  • Nandita.

    Choose* Recommend

  • Qaisrani


    Look at the writer’s credentials.he works for some university in UK.Thus clearly supporting my idea about him being under influence from western media propaganda.is it not the case my friend??Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com Anoop

    Blaming Terror on flawed policies and illiteracy and poverty and non-governance is all fun and dandy and true. But, this French nut was not poor, he was not illeterate, he was not from Pakistan. Yet, he embraced an ideology, a state of mind, which is not only present in bulk in Pakistan but all over the Muslim World.

    Only one and only one thread is common from the Bali bombers from Indonesia to Jihadis of Pakistan to Osama of Saudi Arabia to the guy in question. Maybe its time to question that underlying thread that binds Muslims all over the World.

    Sometime when something dear is flawed people tend to ignore it because of their ego. They are in denial.Recommend

  • Ahmad Ghori

    There is a difference between Jihad and Pakistan’s Project Jihad. Someone wants to do Jehad, do it in your own backyard. Do not turn my country into a play ground of your extremist fantasies. Why dont the Jihadists set up training camps in Saudi Arabia or Egypt and from there, go all over the world to blow things up? There are two reasons I think. One is that Pakistan at govenment and institutional level has been historically complacent in spreading Jihad and secondly we think of ourselves to be the sole proponent and defenders of Islam. Lets ease ourselves a little. Let the Egyptians worry about Palestine and let Iran take care of the American presence in Afghanistan. Lets worry about the electricity crisis instead and the unemployment it is creating.Recommend

  • dasmir

    The hope of any nation is in its youth.But the radicalisation of pakistani youth is frightening . All the talk shows with audience in University – Frontline or Shahidnama etc show a frightening radicalisation.It doesnot only show on the faces of Pakistani cricketers but it is everywhere.No Faiz or Zalib or rebel now.Only ones are Veena Malik, Marvi Sirmend or Asma Jehangir.Recommend

  • http://mariemswords.wordpress.com MariemAsif


    By that same definition then (assuming you live in Pakistan), you’re “under influence from Pakistani media propaganda”? I find that logic to lack any semblance of credibility whatsoever, and whether the writer lives in the UK or Malawi, it doesn’t detract at all from his observations. Recommend

  • Idahij Ummawite

    @Zaid Hamid:
    Khalifa banegaa Zaid!
    Is it not a matter of great FAKHR for all of us in the land of pure that delinquent youths of west come to our great pious land and find purpose of their lives and put it to a great and dhamakedaar cause? I am sure if this jihad continues for twenty more years we will have the entire world under a grand Caliphate with its capital Abbottabad!Recommend

  • Baaghi

    A youth in his 20s, from France, of Algerian decent coming to Pakistan on a flight and landing at Islamabad. Was it for tourism purposes? Without any training or background in spying, if I was incharge, I would have kept him under a close watch. Unless, that is, my higher ups had assigned me to more important matters of keeping an eye over the politicians and their inclinations towards joining one political party or another.Recommend

  • Baaghi


    The thing is that it might me reaction. But don’t come to Pakistan en-route to your reaction. The BEST spy agency should also stop such people from getting into Pakistan. These kind of people are the biggest risk to Pakistan’s security. Recommend

  • Ak

    Why look at his back ground, talk about the points author has raised. Try and look at things objectively, everything is cannot be a conspiracy.Recommend

  • BlackJack

    This was a very well-written piece. A large part of the problem is the positive connotation of the word Jihad that most muslims believe at some level – this lends power to the Jihadists. As long as people are free (encouraged) to believe that they have the right (duty) to represent and fight for their religion (and any innocent who dies is collateral damage), there is no solution possible – because the truth is that the context does not determine right or wrong; this is something that needs to be explained to the kids in school who currently learn A for army, J for Jihad and K for Kafir. The edifice of Islam is only in danger from within.Recommend

  • Sadia Hussain

    “Only one and only one thread is common from the Bali bombers from Indonesia to Jihadis of Pakistan to Osama of Saudi Arabia to the guy in question. Maybe its time to question that underlying thread that binds Muslims all over the World. ”

    @Anoop..yes and that common thread is stupidityRecommend

  • MarkH

    Speak with your brain next time. The heart sees what it wants to.Recommend

  • Alvi

    What about Project Strategic Depth? When will that end? Recommend

  • http://tradersutra.com hariharmani

    @kaalchakra: You really disappoint me,why your thinking is so muddled?There is difference between indiscriminate killing school children by that crazy bum,and jihad and the religion of Islam.Have you lost your sense of even decency?Shame is on you.Recommend

  • http://tradersutra.com hariharmani

    @Faraz Talat: Also most damaging to self health and wound inflicted is most sad and deep,and also difficult to heal. Recommend

  • Whats that

    @Ahmad Ghori
    Going further, better not to interfere in Kashmir either, Allow the Indians to take care of it. And you(your country would have plenty of time and resources) to tackle electricity crisis instead and the unemployment it is creating.
    I am a post graduate Engineer professional from Southern India and My father a Doctor/GP. He would always tell us when we were kids, not to have dirty thoughts, anger, jealous or hatred in mind for/towards others because with that there would hardly be any space/time left to do the right things. You would be consumed by them. As a result there was a reason to falter. I guess Pakistan as a nation fits the bill perfectly. This is what I prefer calling a classical case.

  • http://tradersutra.com hariharmani

    @faraz: How did we arrive at this point?Looks beyond our control,as to many people have made it into a lucarative career.Just invoking the mercy of Allah has proved to be futile.Guess. Endure until what the columnist said until the bubble is busted by some one mighty,who does not give a damn,even that did not reform Afghanistan or Iraq.what massive bombing achieved?,nothing,Americans got tired at the end.Problem I can suggest,but then T.E. will not let this see the light of day. The columnist in a very subtle way hinted,read it carefully.Good dayRecommend

  • http://www.facebook.com Khalid Khan

    According to another report Muhammad Merah,a French born self confessed fanatic was hired as an informant and sent to tribal belt as a spy by the DCRI, a French domestic intellegence agency. He was known to DCRI not because he was an Islamist but due to the fact that he had a correspondent in domestic intelligence. After the tragic events, in order to cover up their links with Merah, the French intelligence authorities put him down as a radical IslamistRecommend

  • http://tradersutra.com hariharmani

    @MyHeartSpeaks: You are not accurate,USA will soon exit,Afghanistan,it won’t help,it is a old wound not fresh one,just reflect deeply,it is not that simple.That will also come to soon pass,then you will have fresh reason to hate and new Jihad.Recommend

  • http://tradersutra.com hariharmani

    @Anoop: WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SAY BUT CAN NOT SAY ?ARE YOU AN INDIAN?or Indian living out side India?HaHAHAHa!Chickened out,Ah!Recommend

  • http://tradersutra.com hariharmani

    @Anoop: You still did good,much better than denial?It is bird,it is man,It is Superman!It is tough being Muslim,Anoop,Just thank your parents and stars. Recommend

  • http://tradersutra.com hariharmani

    @Ahmad Ghori: Now you are talking and making sense but who is listening?Recommend

  • http://tradersutra.com hariharmani

    @dasmir: Do not blame Veena Malik poor soul is in India,but that is her crime,in Kafir Country,that is worse?Recommend

  • http://tradersutra.com hariharmani


  • http://tradersutra.com hariharmani

    @Baaghi:WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?He was doing something which you should be doing,otherwise why, what is point being in the land of pure?,let the western youth fight your jihad? That is not a noble thing a good Muslim should be proud of ,Kaalchakra will not approve,he will call it shame,Shame ,at least thrice.Recommend

  • http://tradersutra.com hariharmani

    @Baaghi: No kidding,Wise guy!Original thought ,how did ISI,missed this nugget of wisdom.Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    Mr jawad,

    Jehad will end when you delete Mohammad from your name!

    A french born citizen, a lunatic goes berserk and is no longer able to take any more, implodes and goes on a killing spree is a signal that the conflict bewtween Israel and the Palestinians and their supporters has reached the lowest point yet. Natan the yahud says that the comparison made by Baroness Ashton between the Gaza children and the tolouse children is not correct. The Gazans children got killed despite the surgical strike of the Israelis and the Tolouse children were killed at point blank. Despicable and barbarism is we are witnessing and is no different from the great American marine who single handed went at night into the Afghan huts and started a killing spree of women and children
    The French poiice mishandles the follow up and kill the culprit and what is remained of the French citizen, An Islamist of algerian descent who is known to have travelled to afghanistan via Pakistan.
    There is a saying in Pushto, if I am unable to use force against the enemy, I can atleast kill my own Father. Pakistan has nothing to do with this incidence but the incumbent President of France who is of jewish origin and was at one time interior minister has a lot to answer; particularly since he has presented himself for a second term.France has not as of this date apologised for the genocide they committed in Algeria!! Today there are more than six millions mostly of North African origin live in France as French citzens similar to the Bona part whose parents came from Hungary and today live in France.r

    Pakistan fault is that the Indian born former General President of Pakistan, caved in to George W, when he said are you with us or are you against us? The enire territory of Pakistan was placed at the disposal of the USA like a house of a whore, allowing hundreds of CIA operatives in the country and having free access to the National highway from Karachi to Peshawar, and offering landing facilities at its airports. Now because of the killings of jawans the supply route has been blocked, but behind the scene the friends of Mr Musharaf are try to have the route reopened so that the American forces can get away from Afghanistan safely.

    Rex Minor

    PS the so called Islamist was allegedly in Qandhar prison, and later freed by the Talibans when they blew up the prison gate. Recommend

  • Azeem Anwer

    Btw what’s wrong with JIHAD?Recommend

  • Pollack

    Project jihad will end when the middle east runs out of oil and oil money. If its not Pakistan, they will use some other country as a base of project jihad till then. So Pakistan being cleaned up doesn’t necessarily mean the end of project jihad.Recommend

  • Parvez

    We can start by not equating acts of terrorism with Jihad. The religious extremists deliberately equate the two and sell this to those who do not know better, in order to further their cause.Recommend

  • kataria

    When the kafirs stop their crusades. Too much emotionalism leads one to ignore the facts. When will project new american century end? “india”? zionism? project kill muslims?Recommend

  • Ammad

    Those who don’t know the logic behind religious things better concentrate on getting their material and worldly benefits rather than talking and giving crap comments about a thing they don’t believe. For those who believe that world just got created because of an accident, money is the only thing that matters. So no one should ever think about doing a good deed because he is never going to get a monetary reward for it. Thieves are better, although they do a bad considered deed but they get a monetary reward for it. That is your fatuous belief. Don’t write as gibberish as this unless you have studied it. I would say “when would project oil plundering” end? Write something about it too.Recommend

  • Scientific Jehadist

    Project Jehad can continue for as long as I care. But why is Pakistan involved in it? A country ranking 135th in the GDP per capita wanting to defend Muslims from Palestine all the way to God knows where? I think this is the point. When we have a GDP even remotely comparable to that of US, lets blast everyone into oblivion. But until then, lets keep our emotions in check!Recommend

  • Idahij Ummawite

    @Khalid Khan:
    I am sure Zaid (Hamid) bhai must have given you this secret piece of information. He is an incomparably talented security analyst around. Where fact are not available, he can even create facts (pure and undeniable facts) from thin air! Zaid jaroor banega Khalifa! And Hamid Gul banega Grand-wazier!! Recommend

  • http://tradersutra.com hariharmani

    @Azeem Anwer: Nothing,Join in,if pay off is good(Not 72 ,promise Of Jannat,no one has come back to confirm either number or quality),I want pay off in inter national currency such as $$$,might be acceptable,I”m unemployed and not doing anything worth while,may join too,will Consult Kaalchakra,short of conversion, everything ,else,even heavy travel acceptable,not Somalia,most other country ok,but not in Africa and India,do not like bugs,bed bugs and mosquito of some variety allergic too,rest is fine. will consider——-,HAVE GUN,WILL TRAVEL.I’m also allergic to Latex gloves,sometime pea-nuts,gets me break out in dark spots,other than that I’m O.K.Recommend

  • Idahij Ummawite

    Looking forward to see you in Abbottabad the grand capital of the global Caliphate!
    By the way I am always serious, if you do not trust me, spell my first name backward. My seriousness is second only to our beloved Zaid Hamid!Recommend

  • Cynical

    Only one and only one thread is common from the Bali bombers from Indonesia to Jihadis of Pakistan to Osama of Saudi Arabia to the guy in question. Maybe its time to question that underlying thread that binds Muslims all over the World.
    Sometime when something dear is flawed people tend to ignore it because of their ego. They are in denial.

    You know both the ‘underlying thread’ and the flawed ‘something dear’, but still restrained from spelling it out.Sincere thanks.

    @MarkH @MyHeartSpeaks:
    Speak with your brain next time. The heart sees what it wants to.

    Prophetic, to say the least.Recommend

  • http://www.twitter.com/Omaidus Omaidus

    Muslims can continue with this Jihad, and same results will continue to occur, instead of focusing on our inner issues, poverty, illiteracy crime, we have been focusing on ruling the world, what a shame, and the results are apparent, Muslims and Islam has been accused of terrorism, in all over the world.
    I strongly urge to the people of Pakistan to start the Jihad-e Akbar, one against the Poverty, ignorance and crime. Forget ruling the world, will you please !!!Recommend

  • http://tradersutra.com hariharmani

    @kataria: Please,read my ideas,I’m a turn coat,Kaalchakra has with help of Rex M has convinced me,but we need a catchy Slogan which is original and will unite Muslims I will tonight burn mid night oil for a catchy Slogan,may even hold a seans with dead Indira Gandhi she was good with slogan like “Gareebi Hatao,with so much time at her hand,she has been dead for long,will surely help.,all Nehru /Gandhi are closet Muslims any way,she will help.Recommend

  • http://birmingham elementary

    No one from saudia Arabia,Egypt ,Sudan ,Tunisia ,Moroco,UAE,Kuwait etc etc are taking part,Are they not following Islam??? they are perhaps incomplete muslims.Recommend

  • http://birmingham elementary

    Pakistan has undergone a revolution in the last 35 years.
    From less than 2000 in 1970’s ,number of madrassah’s has risen to 28,000. 600,000 students are enrolled into these institutions, who are being used to fuel the Jihad industry.With these madrassah’s still actively carrying out the job of radicalizing and recruitment, I do not see any end to project Jihad in foreseeable future.Recommend

  • Ak

    @Azeem Anwer:
    Whats wrong? It kills that’s what’s wrong.Recommend

  • Maliki

    We will have to choose between our aspiration of a modern society and the midrassas. I am all for the mudrassas!Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com Anoop

    @Sadia Hussain:

    It is because of reasoning that you gave like many other Muslims that makes me call it denial. Recommend

  • sherry

    well written article but you could have picked a better title.Recommend

  • Fauzia Mussarat

    This jihad will end only when the Muslim ummah gather under one supreme leadership and set aside their secretarian differences. Strong enough to influence and resolve global issues amicably while avoiding destruction…. But how, when and where it will happen is still a million dollar question!!Recommend

  • FAR

    Excuse me all who woke up these Jihahaadis AMerica …in their war with RUSSIA…SO THE culprit is AMERICA Recommend

  • Abdul Aziz

    It is very sad that people do not know about their own Deen -a-Islam but want to be a scholar in it. What is Jihad in your view is not clear.
    Your article reflects an impression that you want to confine yourself to certain idea that would give you comfort of life, a longer life by increasing the quality of life, the literacy rate, and other index of Human development. But I fail to understand that, what would you do with the life which is full of comfort, having Ph.D in some subject to be called an highly educated person may be from Harvard or any other institution which in this world’s view is of “High Standard”, having beautiful wife and beautiful children, business and never ending list of worldly comforts, or ideas to be called “Successful”. But in the end we all will die, you might have a $ 7000 coffin with silk stuffing and roses from Sweden around it lowered down in the darkest place called grave and same people whom you were so proud of would put soil on you and leave you behind to enjoy life. Then have you ever heard or know about the life after death. Where will we go what will we do, whom will we meet etc. Is this you consider “life”, with whose standard. Is this the standard of life Allah has for Muslims?
    Your article reflects hatred to a “Single Curriculum” system that “Jihadis” want to install ( I presume you mean Shariah). Your perception about “Jihad” and “Jihadis” is very vague. This reflects exactly the one Western wants the world to know. I do not know what do you mean exactly when you say “Jihad”. Recommend

  • http://birmingham elementary

    @Fauzia Mussarat:
    countries rich in oil ( saudi arabia,kuwait ,Qatar ,UAE ) don’t mind,they dont wage war, why are you “thaikaydaars of whole islamic world” why can’t you concentrate on keeping your own house in order.
    These countries are so rich they dont even own us they are the Feudal Lords we are the lowly peasants. can you travel there without visa, if you have been working there for forty years are you allowed to own a house do they give you their citizenship or do they allow you to marry an arab girl answer to all these questions is no. we are too poor too lowly for them and thats how they treat us.( I suspect they won’t eat in the same plate with us but that may be my presumption), for God sake people wake up.Recommend

  • http://birmingham elementary

    @Abdul Aziz: what’s wrong with the life that you described if person concerned was honest ,truthful,caring and never hurt a soul.I think his after life woud be as good as his world.
    Do you have to kill others,or lead a miserable life in this world to achieve any goodness in hereafter???.Don’t we seek goodness of world and goodness of hereafter in one of our basic Dua,s. Recommend

  • Scientific Jehadist

    @Abdul Aziz

    I think that the point is the Project Jihad of Pakistan and its institutions, not Jihad as a concept. China wanted to be a globe-dominator but it did not do so the Jihadist way. It wroked without taking any “pangaa” in anyones affairs and look what they achieved in 30 years! They could have got their hands into conflicts with India (a border dispute), the West (cultural and ideological dispute) or US (economic, cultural and ideological dispute) but they were more sensible. In 50 years, they will get all these disputes solved the way that they want. We care about every problem under the sun from Bosnia, to Chechniya to Palestine and cant even provide clean drinking water to our own people! What irony!Recommend

  • Mussab

    It will be interesting if all the above commentors are broken down into Pre-Zia generation and Zia generation. If you give me this information, I can tell you what one’s views are on Project Jehad with an astonishingly accuracy. The writer is right, a whole generation has been raised with under-developed rational faculties and over-developed Islamist sensitivities. These people genuenily argue that we should ignore Human Development Index and care more about the NATO interference in Libya (by the way a UN sanctioned action)! Recommend

  • kaalchakra

    First, let’s get it clear. There is no Islam without Jihad. If you don’t wish to be a Jihadi, just find another religion.

    What is Jihad? Jihad is every attempt to promote, establish true Islam or to strengthen the hands of righteous Muslims in any political disagreement. If you are too afraid to take up arms to promote, establish true Islam, or on the side of righteous Muslims, you can do it any other way.

    Write political columns.

    Organize marches,

    Make friends and convince them of the goodness of true Islam and the rightness of the righteous Muslims.

    Promote cultural understanding that establishes the truth of true Islam among unbelievers.

    ANYTHING that promotes, establishes true Islam on earth and brings power into the hands of true, righteous Muslims everywhere is Jihad – yes, including the sword in all its modern variants,Recommend

  • http://tradersutra.com hariharmani

    @Idahij Ummawite: Seals just visited and killed your Calipha,but they gave him a watery grave,inform Hammid,you may not be that lucky.Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    Let me add the english translation of RESISTANCE to Jehad. People who fear Jehad when you add Ummah to jehad. In other words when a muslim is being persecuted because of his religion, then it becomes in theory the duty of every muslim to come to aid this person. In most cases it is no longer necessary since the United Nations security council has overtaken this task and usualy comes to aid without regard of religion, unless the culprit party has the vetoe rights in the security council.

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • rk singh


    Wow! When will Jihad end?? Are you going to next ask – when will people stop trying to follow Islam?? Shame!Recommend

  • Alam siddiqui

    Surprised by the tone of this writer… But can I feel proud of this achievement? Just a little bit? We are the Harvard for jihadi!!! And the epicenter of Islam and jihad that is requirement for any Muslim. With so many countries vying for the top spot, it took a lot of intelligence and the grace of the prophet (pbuh) to get to this level of reputation. History will note our country’s role in making the entire world obey sharia and become believers. So, let not these naysayers stop you. God is great!


  • prakash

    @Khalid Khan:
    Another conspiracy theory/storyRecommend

  • http://birmingham elementary

    @kaalchakra: In that case get all the muslim countries to announce war and let it be decided in the battle fields, instead of individual cowardly acts of killing ,unarmed ,unsuspecting ,innocent civilians.
    If you are waging a war atleast have some war ethics, dont kill children, women and unarmed people.Recommend

  • http://birmingham elementary

    “Oil plundering”?: These oil rich muslim nations can not not protect their own oil reserves, they need our 14-20 year olds to blow themselves up at random places to protect their oil. Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    Sharia and Jehad is going to be installed legaly at federal level( it already exists in Florida) when the republicans replace the coloured President?

    Jehad against Russia and China, Iran etc. And back to the days of an eye for an eye, and polygamy without any limit on the numbers.

    God bless the USA.

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • kaalchakra


    War is just ONE option! A jihadi can wage the jihad of war or the jihad of love. The objective is victory. Should one wage war from a position of weakness? Is that what the Holy Prophet taught? No. To wage war, one has to first become strong! And if victory can be gained peacefully, what is the need for war? Also, every person’s jihad depends upon his or her best abilities and circumstances. As a writer, one promotes victory through writing. A politician through politics. And a person who is not afraid to lift arms, through the use of arms. Were not the greatest sufis the greatest mujahids? When need arose, they lifted arms. Otherwise they spread love for islam. There is one goal, but no one way for a true jihadi. Recommend

  • http://[email protected] Muhammad Umer Hayat Malick

    Actually there is a deficit of some differentiation in the Pakistani society and they are well exploited by the just sentiments. I am d’accord with the writer but naming the Toulouse Killer all the media focused that the he killed 4 franco-Israelians, no one discussed in detail about the three French Soldiers two of them were also Muslims. It is not valid to start support of anything without its proper investigation. Just see some facebook pages of this week and they started to promote the Toulouse Killer as a Shaheed e Islam etc. It was act of terror and being Muslim it is not jihad or what else the people name it. Lets not discussing the three childern and a Franco Israeli Rabbi who were killed by the so called sacred Toulouse Killer, just see being Muslim the other two soldiers who were killed, what the Preaching of Islam and Khidmat the Toulouse Killder did. It is completely issue of France and they know well how to manage it. But this one act has endangered the Three Million muslims of which many are Pakistani, Indian and other Ex-Pats/diaspora.

    Linking this event and other events to Palestine etc is not valid, and such incidents too are making even disturbance for Muslims all over the world in Europe, America, and the Russian states. Let me tell all the people who are just criticizing Muhammad Jawad for his background and the Western influence, dont make fool yourself. Open Quran read it and then discuss. It is not jihad. Jihad is not just fighting it is also preaching for peace, stability, nafs etc.

    And the war on terror or war is terror etc are just the barricades for us, Muslims like Pakistanis are very easily exploited due to their affection about Islam, and the terror mind uses it for their own sake in the name of Jihad. No one had discussed that this Jihad had resulted about a several hundreds of Blasts, more than 35,000 Pakistanis killed in the blasts, thousands of Pakistani Military and Militia men are killed by the Jehadis etc. The attacker is Muslim and the deceased is Muslim, both say Allah Ho Akbar, then who is shaheed of this War?

    Girls and Guys on discussion to this blog, please see Jihad and Terrorism and exploitation of Muslims in the name of Jihad, and then you will also see the difference. Recommend

  • Ali Nasir

    lol, your knowledge is low because Jihad has no end, even you did a Jihad while writing this article. First of all go and learn the definition of Jihad. Recommend

  • Ishtiaq

    Till the so called project of war on terror ended upRecommend

  • Yuri Kondratyuk


    ANYTHING that promotes, establishes true Islam on earth and brings power into the hands of true, righteous Muslims everywhere is Jihad – yes, including the sword in all its modern variants,

    I do not know if that’s Jihad, but, it sure does sound like brain washing on a large scale.Recommend

  • Bilal

    Just think what will be our lives without knife? Knife can be used to cut fruits, breads, vegetables and can also be eployed to cut throats. Is it something wrong with knives? Should we abondon the use of knife from our lives? Likewise, the case of Jihad. Jihad mean struggle and striving to get the happiness of the Almighty. If we help the needy, its a jihad. If you stop someone from sexual harassment of women, you do Jihad against the wrong-doings.Similarly, protection of country and your integrity is also Jihad. However, terrorism, killings of innocent people irrespective of their religions; and other crimes against humanity is not Jihad. All the pious acts we do without any greed are Jihad. Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    A crusade was considered a holy war against the barbarians muslims, Jehad is resistance against crusades! Jehad is part of Islam, it goes to rest when persecution of muslim ends!! French resistance ended when the invading forces withdrew, similarly Algerian resistance ended when the French vacated the North African country regained its independence.
    And pray when are the Gringos going to return to their beautiful land of opportunity?

    This is the date when the Jehad in Afghanistan shall end!! Any guess? Mind you the aggressors always have the option to stand his ground and fight it out with the invincible Afghans if they can? They did not succeed in Somalia, nor in iraq and Afghanistan is known as the country where empires end their long journey and go into deep sleep.

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • Rex Minor

    Solidarity with fellow humans and compassion and love for the next one is the message in scriptures and is now imbedded in UNO human rights. Jehad is all that what is in the UNO charter; Political leaders and established Govts. criticise jehad when this affects them. Ronald regen was in support of jehad when the enemy was the Soviet Union, now the Jehad affects the USA and its allies, so down wih Jehad?

    The law of nature regulates the equilibrium in this world. Resistance is the only medicine against aggression. No power in the world can withstand human resistance.

    Rex Minor

    PS what the lone lunatic has undertaken in Tolouse is not Jehad!! Childrens are little angels in our world. Recommend

  • http://Birmingham elementary

    @kaalchakra: I am ecstatic.You finally said something that I can agree with. Thank you.Recommend

  • http://www.struggle.com.pk/ Imran Kamyana

    Puppet state of Pakistan fought the war of capitalist west and middle east against stalinist Soviet Union on the name of Islam. And who suffered? Poor masses of Afghanistan and Pakistan. I met some of the old Afghans who used to be a part of Khalq Party and they remembers the old good says of communist regime with shine in wet eyes.
    Following are two articles which explains the nature of Islamic Fundamentalism and its connects with US Imperialism:



  • elementary

    @Bilal: Interesting analogy.
    I will keep that knife out of reach of any 14 year olds that may be around ,in case they stab themselves or a random person in their haste to get to Jannat, Also will keep it out of reach of fanatic violent persons and I will be the first one to condemn if anyone used it to hurt anyone.Recommend

  • kaalchakra


    Thank you. Jihad is such a basic element that if is not correctly understood or explained, that will surely bring the end of Islam’s blessings to us. So, on that score, the principle of Jihad needs to be clearly stated, without fear of unbelievers or favor to any one Muslim group.Recommend

  • observer


    Jihad is every attempt to promote, establish true Islam or to strengthen the hands of righteous Muslims in any political disagreement.

    Any idea where one may have a glimpse of this elusive chimera called ‘true Islam’? And for sanity’s sake please do not talk about an era when the Caliphs were getting assassinated with clockwork regularity. I am not sure we want our Presidents and PMs popping off every now and then.

    And do name at least 5 ‘righteous Muslims’ who need their hands strengthened by other less ‘righteous’ beings.And again desist from naming Mullah Omar or OBL.Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    Mr Malick
    you have choosen a very long name and raising long winded questions. Who cares about the people once they die! Only God is great and for eternity. Hence, glory to Allah the all knowing. Humans are born as citizens of two worlds, one life on earth and the second in the next life after death. Believe me God has been fair with the humans and granted equal span of life to all. Some have a longer life in this world and a shorter one in the next, and others vice a versa.
    With regard to what others, notably the Zionist Evangelist, it matters not for the world is controlled by God alone, God the creator of the universe and whatever it contains. Any Imperial power which challenges God almighty and wants to control the world has no future, for this is what God almighty despises most!! May god forgive me

    Rex Minors

    PS Incidently, there are more than six million musims in France and there are more than fifty muslim countries in the world who also control two third of the world energy requirements.
    Fear me and no one else, is God’s commandment. Recommend

  • Awien

    samjhota express bomb was carried out by col prohit.no deny ??? Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    Mr Kamyana
    We have not forgotten the communist regime either; the father of the President spat on his son. Communism is evil, while socialism is not. Islam promotes social order which the communist followed it to confront the evils of capitalism. Today this evil lives in the land of opportunity and is controlled by the Zionists. The european Govts now practice social market economy and this what the scriptures stipulate.

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • http://[email protected] Muhammad Umer Hayat Malick

    @ Rex Miner … Very Interesting, yet it is my original name, as hate anonymity and let people search me if they wish. I have tried to analyse the situation keeping in mind two contexts, one is about Pakistan and Second about Toulouse Incident. Being Pakistani and a Resident of Toulouse as an External Student, i have witnessed the hue and cry which lingered on for long time during the seige in Toulouse. The first and major effect of such events directly come to the life and working style of the diaspora. ABout your point that i put a lot of questions due to the fact that almost 90 percent of the reporting of the Toulouse incident in Pakistani Newspapers and Electronic media was wrong even they never apologized. All have to die on a specific time, but do create so mess on the earth that you cannot control. Recommend

  • http://birmingham elementary

    @Rex Minor:You wrote”Some have a longer life in this world and a shorter one in the next, and others vice a versa”.

    My understanding is that life after death is eternal i.e infinite. Forgive my ignorance but could you elaborate how can something of infinite lenght be lenghtened or shortened?Recommend

  • Rex Minor

    Life after death is not for eternity! The day of judgement ends the life of a human!

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • Rex Minor

    Mr malick

    I have nothing against your long name; most people I know have long names, but not used in discussions or correspondence. Nothing personal.

    Toulousse is not foreign to me, nor is it foreign for people of arab descent; remembr the hole of meditrenian countries including a very large part of France upto Loir was under the occupation of Arabs. The two soldiers who were targeted by the lunatic was to pay back to France for sending their troops to Afghanistan. Religion did not play any part. The word Jehad was first mentioned by the incumbent President of France who is of jewish immigrant background and is well known for his anti-muslim policies.

    Yesterday a lunatic korean has struck in the USA, the land of opportunity. We must get use to such tragedies all over the world. This has less to do with religion and more to do with the nervous conditions of the individuals. They get burned out and can easily flip over, some committing suicides and some take fellow humans with them. Take care.

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • http://[email protected] Muhammad Umer Hayat Malick

    @ Rex Minor … Actual problem exist ourselves in our own society. We want to conquer the whole world but dont want to change the pity situation in our neighbourhood. We give msgs of Jihad all over the world but dont want to do other things. It is nothing but failing to define ourselves. Some people find a new way to tackle this situation and same done by Jawad. Lets try to make world better. Recommend

  • Silent Observer

    The article took me eleven years down the memory lane when the then Bush Administration launched an endless “war on terror” (read error)-the New Cold War – to rescue America’s permanent war economy. So they deftly replaced the ‘Communist threat’ with the ‘Islamic threat’, no doubt following Machiavelli’s famous advice in The Prince, that a wise ruler invents enemies and then slays them in order to control his own subjects. The apparently counterproductive bombings, arrests, torture, kidnappings and disappearances carried out by US forces are intended not to eliminate the ‘Islamic threat’ but to contain it within manageable limits and to spawn the next generation of ‘terrorists’ . But sometimes, plans go awry; ‘culling’ may not contain the resistance, as seen in Afghanistan from time to time. Nevertheless, the strategy is to ‘feed terrorism’ and simultaneously ‘cull terrorists’ so that the perpetual New Cold War oils America’s deteriorating permanent war economy.Recommend

  • eccentric

    if there is no jihad then afghans (with most of the pakistani pakhtuns-ANP etc) once stabilised shall ask for FATA and all of the Pakhtun areas. and what about the kashmir cause on what basis pakistan is going to ask for kashmir and on what basis they r going to hold back balochs and may be sindhis and siraikies.

    what’s going to hold together Pakistan, without jihad..?? when democracy and so called globalisation haven’t kept together even the euro zone together like single state….?Recommend