Was war always on the cards for Iran?

Published: March 20, 2012

There has been a lot of conjecture about an attack on Iran’s nuclear installations, whether from Israel or the US. PHOTO: AFP

Iran has always played the role of the odd one out in the international arena. Its stand-out stance from the rest of the world has distinguished it from others and as a result, it is left isolated.

There has been a lot of conjecture about an attack on Iran’s nuclear installations, whether from Israel or the US. Iran has always been cooperative with the IAEA over the years but somehow they have been portrayed as an uncooperative, rogue state. Just a week ago, Iran agreed to allow UN inspectors to inspect its notorious nuclear facility against the odds.

However, the dust of an attack has settled very much. The recent meeting between Netanyahu and Obama was followed by a barrage of meetings between officials of the two states. The final showdown between the Israeli prime minister and US president is the real dust settler as Obama communicated his intention of not allowing any attack on Iranian soil to Israel. The US, in particular the Obama administration, has been of the view that Iran should be dealt with through diplomatic channels and sanctions should be the harshest punishment.

That raises a question.

Israel always knew about the intentions of the US, but then why are Israel and the European nations pressing for surgical strikes on Iran? Were they serious in carrying out an attack? Was war always on the cards?

The interaction between states, including war, has become a very complex web whereby the interests of the states are dependent on each other.

To judge the current episode, one must study the interests of major players in this charade. The United States, being the overseer of everything happening around the globe, is the one that has the most stakes involved.

The international media has always portrayed Iran and the United States as being at loggerheads. But, careful scrutiny of the relations between the two suggests otherwise. Iran has always played the role of pain for others, but it has never threatened the United States’ interest in the region, whether it is the Strait of Hormuz, Afghanistan or Iraq. Moreover, Iran has always helped in preserving the interests of the US in the region.

In turn, the United States has always used Iran as a threatening tool for Saudi Arabia and Turkey. The US used Iran to make them wary of the Iranian threat to establish its bases on their soil. A rogue Iranian posture has helped the US just fine in reaching this objective.

Iran has been the silent neighbour of Afghanistan and Iraq, two countries where the US spent much of the 21st century. It paved the way for the US in making the environment conducive in both the countries, especially in the regime establishment. Both, Afghanistan and Iraq, have a government that is Shiite and Iran has been the biggest proponent of Shiite Islam. Iran always had good relations with the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan and it has helped the US conjure up and provide stability to the flailing government.

The same goes for the Maliki government in Iraq. The bottom line is that Iran is indispensable for the United States at the moment and its importance has increased more than ever considering the withdrawal of US forces from both war-torn countries.

Another question mark is the role of the US in Syria. Syria has been known for its allegiance to Iran and the recent reluctance of the US to take military action against Assad’s regime speaks volumes.

The next question (and a dubious one at that) is that of Israel’s scepticism over Iran. Recent events show that Israel does not give the same importance to Iran as has been given by the US. Nonetheless, Israel has somewhat exaggerated the threat of Iran to itself and has gone to the extent of calling Iran an ‘existential’ threat to Israel. However, this claim of theirs was discredited by their ex-Mossad Chief at the start of February 2012. Even a couple of days ago, he was on record saying that anyone thinking about an attack from Israel on Iran is nuts.

One thing we may be forgetting is the Israel – Hezbollah war and the influence of Iran on Hezbollah. Hezbollah virtually tore the image of invincibility of Israel apart – something Israel has never been able to digest or forget. The inability of Israel to take Lebanon down draws many questions. If Israel was unable to brush aside a small militia then how would they be able to tackle Iran, which is supported by a full-fledged army and state machinery including the tools of propaganda?

If all these things are a factor of not going to war, then why has there been so much fuss about an attack on Iran?

To answer this question, we have to consider a few basic things. The United States is going to have elections this year. Contesting for a second-term is the time when a regime is the most weak. Israel and the EU understand that fragility of Obama and are trying to cash in on it. Obama cannot afford to lose Jewish votes and that is why he is walking on a tight rope. European countries are themselves fighting their own war of survival in the EU and though the European Countries don’t say it, their economic problems have been triggered by the acts of the US.

To sum up and put everything in a nutshell, it can be concluded that an attack on Iran is a very distant possibility, as the costs attached with the attack are much higher than stopping it from acquiring a nuclear weapon, a weapon, that Iran claims, it is not trying to acquire. Things have started to settle and Obama administration has almost handled Israel but it remains to be seen how the next administration will cope with the desires of Israel to take Iran down.

Saqib Tanveer

Muhammad Saqib Tanveer

The author is a student of International Relations in Islamabad and is currently working with Planning Commission of Pakistan. He tweets @saqibtanveer (twitter.com/saqibtanveer)

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Farhab sajid

    May be it is true………Recommend

  • Ahmed Bilal

    Interesting indepth analysis..but i stil believe that USA Is most unpredictable in Election Times,evident from the fact that this matter has been needlesly exagerated and hyped up…..
    So i am keeping my fingerz crossed.Recommend

  • Agha Ali

    A very interesting piece of imaginative literature …

    if this is what in-depth analysis looks like, then it seems that people like Robert Fisk have wasted their life times doing something completely different.Recommend

  • tz07

    I think it is clear enough that US will never attack iran, a sole shia country, that helps hold a balance between sunni and shia powers in the region. US would never want to disturb that power by attacking Iran.Recommend

  • Abdullah

    A dimension no one is pondering upon…….Seriously now I think what is the real issue between US and Iran and I come up with nothingRecommend

  • http://saqibtanveer.blogspot.com Saqib Tanveer

    War is the last thing Obama would want when going in to the elections, especially when there is so much economic distress (OWS) in the country. The war would disrupt the oil supplies from Strait of Hormuz and ultimately dent the already ailing economy of US.Recommend

  • Parvez

    It’s anyone’s guess as to what America may or may not do. On this point logical thinking really can not be relied upon as was seen in the case of America’s invasion of Iraq.Recommend

  • Ali Tanoli

    Its a true like day light that poverty is no problem but not having all the moden arms is big big problem and for that reason i salute pakistan leaders.. Specially Bhutto and zia ul haque.Recommend

  • M Baloch

    So US is supporting Iran and shiites, From where you have learnt this creative imagination, seriously? I hope not from a sipah sahaba madressa :)Recommend

  • http://- Abid P. Khan


    “It’s anyone’s guess as to what America may or may not do. On this point logical thinking really can not be relied upon as was seen in the case of America’s invasion of Iraq.”

    Very wisely commented.
    Plans for the Future of Middle EastRecommend

  • Rex Minor

    We are witnessing the poker game; the question is who is gong to blink first? definitely, not Iran. This is not knew, but simply a rerun of the drama which the Clinton Govt. played with North Korea. Israel is making lots of noises but is not a match for Iran!


    Rex MinorRecommend

  • https://twitter.com/#!/zaeemj1 Lord

    Mr Author
    Good to mention recent events.But you forget to mention what happened between Iran and US at the time of revolution.One thing more how Afghani government is shia they may be representation of other ethnic groups other than pashtuns .Please elaborate your claim.Recommend

  • mm alam

    increasingly immature analysisRecommend

  • http://saqibtanveer.blogspot.com Saqib Tanveer

    @M Baloch:
    Actually I never said that US is supporting Iran or Shiites. All I am saying is that their interests do not clash at the moment. Just tell me a single incident where their interests have clashed, besides rhetoric.Recommend

  • http://saqibtanveer.blogspot.com Saqib Tanveer

    @mm alam:
    Thankyou :)Recommend

  • http://saqibtanveer.blogspot.com Saqib Tanveer

    @mm alam: I wish you gave an argument to back your comment, nonetheless, point taken :)Recommend

  • http://saqibtanveer.blogspot.com Saqib Tanveer

    @Lord: Here is a link of an analysis carried out by MEEPAS, an organization that comments on politics and economic of Middle East
    The writer discloses the whole Iranian-Northern Alliance relations over the years and also the covert role of Iran in assisting United States in Afghan War.
    The recent visit of Ahmedinijad and Karzai to Pakistan; does that ring some bells?Recommend

  • http://saqibtanveer.blogspot.com Saqib Tanveer

    There were apparently no side or major effects on United States of going to war in Iraq but in the case of Iran, United States just cannot let that happen……Straight of Hormuz is just one main issue that is stopping United States to go to war….Recommend

  • http://stuhrlingwatchreview.com/ isloooboy

    US has the habit of hiding the truth from their own people’s who are fedup with wars and most of the time majority of people voted against wars but I do not know what is the problem with there political environment they love to spread the “HATE” most of the time. Recommend

  • Arshad

    Mr. Author,
    as per link given few things must be clear first Afghanistan has not a Shia government & amazingly it claims Iran support Shiite Northern Alliance , please correct your fact Ahmad Shah Masood was a sunni Tajik who was against Taliban ( only one shia party was part of Northern Alliance that is Hizbe Wahdat (Hazara shia) nothing more than that……Recommend

  • http://saqibtanveer.blogspot.com Saqib Tanveer

    @Arshad: Having a Shia government means that the government is influenced and dominated by Shiites. However much of my knowledge about this argument comes from my discussions with various experts on the isse but to ueatisfy you, I am attaching some links. Btw isn’t Hamid Karzai a Shia.
    P.S. I am not propagating any sentiments against any sect.Recommend

  • Tony C.

    The article was OK, but the author fails to mention a few things and uses a lot of words without really making things clear. Perhaps the lack of ethics by America and Israel would be a good start. Also, what is wrong with Iran having nukes? Everybody else seems to have them, and unlike America and Israel, Iran has a very good record of not attacking other countries. The bottom line is that the Zionists appear to be very concerned about Iran, so they want American to destroy Iran, because of a flimsy excuse, not based on facts, in much the same way America bombed Iraq into the stone age, and killed over a million people. When all the highly toxic depleted uranium dust settled in Iraq the Americans could not find nuclear weapons, have never admitted wrong doing, and are now contemplating exactly the same scenario for Iran. The American/Israel combo is making the world a scary place, and the lesson for Pakistan is : fall into line or the same thing could happen to you. We can send drones all over Pakistan with impunity, and it would not be difficult to equip them with nukes. Is it any wonder that Pakistan is compliant? It goes against the grain, but when faced with devastation pride tends to go out of the window. However, if it is any consolation many other countries are falling in line and this would include much of Europe, Australia, Canada and many others.Recommend

  • Shan

    Was war always on the cards for Iran?

    interesting heading and i m going to answer in few lines according to historical background:
    The great holy Prophet (p.b.u.h.) when migrated to Medina and established and Islamic Welfare state, then he had to fought about 80 wars in just 10-11 years which were all imposed by anti islamic forces. (people can imagine what a tough time He(p.b.u.h.) had and there were continuous wars and threats!!!)
    I, as a history student when apply past to present i get answer!
    Whenever, there is a person, group of persons or a state, who are walking on right way, then they had to face problems and hardships.

    whereas, those who are at wrong way always enjoy pleasures, luxury and comforts.

    This is what history told yet.

    take care
    (there are many other historical evidences, which could be shared at times)Recommend

  • http://saqibtanveer.blogspot.com Saqib Tanveer

    @Tony C.: Thank you for your comments. I accept the fact that some of the claims are not clear. But as this was not a research paper, it was difficult to explain everything. However, I am here to give justifications for all my claims and evidences presented.

    Your first argument about eligibility of Iran to acquire a weapon: I am not saying that Iran should not get a nuke. Many people have written about the aggression of US and Israel and their double standards and perhaps, it is not a debatable issue. Every one knows about their actions. The problem with Iran’s eligibility will only arise when it will actually plan to acquire one but right now, Iran has no such intentions as per their own statements and intelligence reports of US and Israel.

    I mentioned in my article that attacking Iran is not as easy as it was in the case of Afghanistan and Iraq. I even gave the example of Hezbollah’s defence against Israel. Attacking Iran is not easy and above all not in US’ interests.

    The point about US scaring Pakistan and others with drones etc……I guess there comes a point in every nation’s life when it has to choice between dignity and security.Recommend

  • Parvez

    @Saqib Tanveer: Thanks for you response.
    There seems to be no apparent reason for America to attack Iran but the same was true for Iraq and a reason was fabricated. At the same time Israel, much closer, may feel threatened and decide to attack and this automatically would bring America into the fight. Issues like the Straits of Hormuz or the size of Iran’s military etc are of no importance if America actually decided to attack Iran. My gut instinct is America will not attack in the near future.Recommend

  • http://saqibtanveer.blogspot.com Saqib Tanveer

    @Parvez: The most fundamental reason which leads to a country into war is its national interest. Iran currently is preserving national interests in the region and any attack would jeopardize all the maneuvering done by US. My whole above article was based on that premise.Recommend

  • Tony C.

    @Saqib Tanveer:
    Dear Sahib Tanveer,
    I think we are on the same wavelength, and the error was on my part. Instead of stating that: “you failed to mention a few things”, I should have said: “a few additional items could be”. My apologies. I did not realize that journalists read my caustic comments. I will try to be be more thoughtful in the future. There is no substitute for good manners when writing. I tend to write late at night and become tired, and get quite bad tempered with our leaders for acquiescing so readily, to the joint U.S./NATO/Zionist combo, even though I know they are between a rock and a hard place. Similarly with journalists, particularly in the West. If they wander too far from prescribed thinking, they can get into trouble. Having said that, I have been pleasantly surprised at the long leash “The Express Tribune” allow their journalists, and reader comments. Recommend

  • http://saqibtanveer.blogspot.com Saqib Tanveer

    @Tony C.: Nice to hear that we are on the same page.Recommend

  • Multan

    Moreover, Iran has always helped in preserving the interests of the US in the region.

    To be honest, Its feel you listen too much speeches of ‘Maulana Azam Tariq’, ‘Ali Shair Hyderi’, First your article is biased, its more look like ‘Anti-Shiite’, you forget the Saddam’s ERA 10 years war with Iran and West was supporting the Saddam, may be 1953 CIA coup in Iran too in which overthrowing the elected Govt. of Iran, if Iran remain silent on the issue when USA wants to tackle Saddam’s tyranny, Why will Iran not remain silent on this (even, Iran opposed the invasion).

    UN sanctions, US Sanctions, European Sanctions even cut from SWIFT, still you feel, Iran is a ‘secret ally’ of USA, When Iran provide their Airbases to invade Afghanistan, Iraq or even The NATO Supply line, which is going through Pakistan!Recommend

  • http://saqibtanveer.blogspot.com Saqib Tanveer

    @Multan: i got your point and i completely agree with you that i am bias. Everyone has a bias but no one accepts. Everyone has his own ideas and one just cannot alienate himself from his ideas when writing. However, what is the bias is another debate. I guess you didn’t read my comments above. I said, I am not propagating any sectarian agenda. You don’t even know which sect I belong. So lets put this issue to bed.

    One more thing, i only mentioned sectarian thing coz it is a factor in increasing spheres of influence of countries. I am categorically saying that I am not implying or favouring any sect, as I don’t believe in it.

    You may label me as a conspiracy theorist but much of our information comes from manipulative media and that information is distorted to all extents and we also rely on one source of information. I never called them allies. I said that there is convergence of interests between the two rather than an alliance. Tell me why when EU and Israel are propagating and calling for war and US is content with just sanctions?Recommend

  • http://- Abid P. Khan


    When Mulllah Khomeini was a special guest in Paris, some newspapers reported, that he had continuous stream of stakeholders of different origins, CIA being one of them, which was negotiating.

    Please Google Captain Olli North, organising contact between Iran’s war machine and drug mafias of Latin America. Drugs for guns.

    Not by any stretch of imagination I am saying that US should wage war against the Iranians. It would be a crime against humanity.Recommend

  • http://saqibtanveer.blogspot.com Saqib Tanveer

    Another pertinent thing to mention is the very fact we show love to Iran is their president’s apparent modesty and islamicity of iran.

    Firat Iran is not that Islamic as it is portrayed to us. Ask those who come from Iran. About the modesty of Ahmedinijad……being humble in front of tv is one thing and giving relief to masses is anotherRecommend

  • Mulatn

    @Saqib Tanveer, Another day, I was reading a ‘Fox News’ blog, The same ideology was used the writer which you are using here to show your ‘basless’ conspiracy theories. If I like Iran, Its only cause of system not of moron Ahmedinejad, Who sometime also talk conspiracy theories as like you.. Like Manhattan Attacks (9/11) was inside Job etc. A ruler should be accountable like Ahmedinejad and not Lavish Like Mian Nawaz Sharif, Asif Ali Zardari.

    You may say Iran got ‘some’ mutual interests with USA but you can’t say Iran cooperated with USA to achieve his interests, lets see, IF China/USA/Russia will attack India, What will Pakistan do? will help the India? lol. same goes to Iran, If USA invaded his (old friend) a tyrant Saddam, Why not Iran will remain silent? If Afghanistan’s Hazaara Community was oppressed under Taliban rule like Taliban also killed ‘Abdul Ali Mazari’, why will Iran support the Taliban, Al-Qaeda?
    My mother recently came from Iran, Iraq after pilgrimage, she really admire Iran for their principles, rule of law more then Iraq, Pakistan.

    @Abid P. Khan, Oh My God, What this ‘Mullah Khomeini’ done with Iran being a CIA Agent, he toppled the ‘Islamic’ regime of Shah Iran, he Modernized, He banned the Hijab for the Woman, He start the dynastic rule in the Iran.. Actually, You are not fool but funny.
    for your quotation of ‘October surprise conspiracy theory’ I must copy the one line from Wikipedia about this article “After twelve years of mixed media attention, both houses of the US Congress held separate inquiries and concluded that the allegations lacked supporting documentation.”

    -Please don’t feel I’ve been funded by any ‘Ayatullah’ of Iran ;-)Recommend

  • http://saqibtanveer.blogspot.com Muhammad Saqib Tanveer

    @Mulatn: Brother! I got your point. But I guess you are missing the whole point of discussion. The issue is not whether Iran is cooperating with US our not. It is about the reasons which are stopping US/Israel from attacking Iran……..Recommend

  • http://saqibtanveer.blogspot.com Muhammad Saqib Tanveer

    @Mulatn: Plz do tell me if you are getting any funds from anyone, I am also interested in boarding the ship ;)Recommend

  • http://- Abid P. Khan


    Please do not utter things you have no knowledge about. Read. It helps.

    I am quoting these excerpts mostly from Wikipedia, specially if you are not in the habit of reading what may be called as “serious stuff”.

    Irangate, Contragate or Iran-Contra-Gate (Can be Googled)

    It was planned that Israel would ship weapons to Iran, and then the U.S. would resupply Israel and receive the Israeli payment. The Iranian recipients promised to do everything in their power to achieve the release of six U.S. hostages. The plan deteriorated into an arms-for-hostages scheme, in which members of the executive branch sold weapons to Iran in exchange for the release of the American hostages.[2][3] Large modifications to the plan were devised by Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North of the National Security Council in late 1985, in which a portion of the proceeds from the weapon sales was diverted to fund anti-Sandinista and anti-communist rebels, or Contras, in Nicaragua.[4][5]

    According to The New York Times, the United States supplied the following arms to Iran:[30]

    August 20, 1985. 96 TOW anti-tank missiles
    September 14, 1985. 408 more TOWs
    November 24, 1985. 18 Hawk anti-aircraft missiles
    February 17, 1986. 500 TOWs
    February 27, 1986. 500 TOWs
    May 24, 1986. 508 TOWs, 240 Hawk spare parts
    August 4, 1986. More Hawk spares
    October 28, 1986. 500 TOWs

    Arms sales to Iran

    The idea behind the plan was for Israel to ship weapons through an intermediary (identified as Manucher Ghorbanifar)[2] to a supposedly moderate, politically influential Iranian group opposed to the Ayatollah Khomeni;[24]

    First arms sale

    On August 20, 1985, Israel sent 96 American-made BGM-71 TOW antitank missiles to Iran through an arms dealer named Manucher Ghorbanifar, a friend of Iran’s Prime Minister, Mir-Hossein Mousavi.[citation needed] Hours after receiving the weapons, the Islamic fundamentalist group Islamic Jihad (that later evolved into Hezbollah) released one hostage they had been holding in Lebanon, the Reverend Benjamin Weir.[21]Recommend

  • hassan

    Guys, I want you to urgently read this book called Black Swan written by Nassim Taleb.

    The Iran Attack is going to be a Black Swan moment. According to Nassim Taleb, more people believe an event will not happen, more are certainties that this will happen.

    Did anyone imagine that a bunch of pilots will go on a suicide mission right inside Pearl Harbor ? Could anyone even have thought that US planes could coolly flown into Abbottabad and kill the inmates ? In 1947, no one expected partition to happen all of a sudden. Did anyone expect the attack on Sri Lankan cricketers ?

    Iran attacking Israel or Israel demolishing Iran ? No chance, will not happen. Al-Qaeda getting hold of nuclear weapons in Pakistan? No way, will not happen. US declaring Pak as a terrorist state after it withdraws from Afghanistan. ? No chance, will not happen. High profile celebrity getting kidnapped in Pakistan ? No way, will not happen.

    We delude ourselves thinking that such a thing will not happen because the costs are too high. Black Swan moments have no logic or rationale and they don’t happen weighing in the pros and cons; they just happen and blow up in our face when we least expect it.

    The day Iran attacks a ship in the Straits of Hormuz, you will know the meaning of Black
    Swan moment.

    PS:By the way, there is a Mayan prophecy that around 2012, the world population will reduce by a billion. Recommend

  • http://- Abid P. Khan

    “PS:By the way, there is a Mayan prophecy that around 2012, the world population will reduce by a billion.”

    According to Islamic “traditions” The Day of Judgement should have occurred, sometimes in the last century.

    I just checked, my favourite tree in the backyard is still there. Recommend

  • http://google.com ABC

    @Abid P. Khan: knowledge doesn’t come form Wikipedia, but a lot of information from unreliable sources… so pls…..Recommend

  • http://google.com ABC

    @mm alam: true, every one good in “English” has become a blogger…:)Recommend

  • http://- Abid P. Khan

    You sound very impressive. Just sound.
    If you get down from your pedestal and read properly. I provided information. I do hope you really know the difference.

    Ever heard of Search Engines?Recommend

  • hassan

    @Abid P. Khan:

    By the way, I am in a country a little far away from the nuclear missile range, and I might still be affected by a Black Swan moment.

    I am happy that your favorite tree is still there. If I am not affected by a Black Swan moment, I will check with you a few years later.

    PS: Don’t get me started on this hoax called Islamic Traditions. Recommend

  • http://- Abid P. Khan


    Oh I see, you prefer Majan prophecy over Islamic one’s.

    I quoted evidence of how the Iranian mullahs have worked together with the Little Satan and The Big Satan, to destroy Iraq, because of their hatred of Arab which has gone on for last 1400 years. Instead of discussing, the biggest rift between the so called ummah (many wars awaited), you present more fluff.Recommend

  • Tony C.

    @Abid P. Khan:
    Dear Abid P Khan, Hassan,ABC,
    There is a very interesting debate about Iran going off between you. It has given me a new insight into what may be going off there and will provide me with very interesting reading at sometime in the future. However, and I do not wish to sound patronizing in any way, we have greater problems to face up to right now. The U.S./NATO/Israel combo are banging war drums, and it does sound very much as if they want to do to Iran what they did to Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and various parts of Africa, which of course includes Yemen. America and Zionism with their puppet states such as Britain and its ex-colonies, certain Middle Eastern Arab countries and large parts of Europe have built up a formidable military machine and they have now been on an extremely active war footing for at least ten years, and created much terrorist type mischief in the previous twenty years. I am not really sure what their long term agenda is, but I can say with a great deal of confidence, that they will create an awful lot of devastation and kill many more millions of people before they are through. If the above group of killer countries had spent the same amount of money on the worlds poor instead of their war machines, providing drinking water, sanitation, education, and heath the world would be a happier place, and terrorism, other that their own, would be at a very low level. But they have not done this, and their military hardware has built up to astronomical levels, so what is their real agenda? Recommend

  • http://- Abid P. Khan

    @Tony C.:
    The U.S./NATO/Israel combo
    Western powers have a multifaceted agenda. To maintain an unhindered supply of raw materials and cheap labour to retain their own living standards. If any problem crops up it is solved diplomatically, the next alternative is force.

    The subtle messages to the world is that the US is the top dog.
    You better fall in line or….They do not want to annoy China who helped build Gawadar, but killing of Chinese engineer and opposition by US of an oil pipeline from Iran, would block access to Middle East and Africa. For keeping the pace of development the Chinese need access to raw material. What motivated someone to kill the Chinese.

    When Bill Clinton’s foreign secretary, Madeleine Albright was told about 500,000 thousand children had lost their lives because of the US sanctions against Iraq, she retorted something like, “It was not a bad price to pay”.

    Bani Israel have been “homeless” for centuries. They have thrown in their lot with the US, becoming more loyal than the king. A very resourceful lobby group promotes Zionist propaganda and influences both the political parties, to act in their favour. They play more than a cursory role in determining US foreign policy. US is their new home, specially if the project Israel has to be abandoned in the future. Basically the investment in Israel is not in heavy industries. The present industrial infrastructure can be dismantled at short notice and shipped away.

    Concept of guilt is of paramount importance in Christian belief system. This was masterfully exploited. Whatever concessions are made by Germans they are told,”It ain’t enough”. Evangelist Christians, who were not so charmed by Bani Israel, who were money-lenders in Jerusalem, were chased away by Jesus. (Many art galleries in Europe have paintings depicting that scene in their collection). Even for Roman Catholics for this “crime” Jesus was crucified. After the war in 1967, the Vatican, pardoned the Jews for this act. Now a days the Evangelists have become the most ardent supporters of Zionism. They are trying to purify themselves, having been told that Christians are nothing but misguided followers of the religion of the chosen people.

    Middle Eastern Arab countries and large parts of Europe have built up a formidable military machine.

    Fiefdoms/sultanates from Albania to Tunisia were ruled by the the Ottomans were ruled sternly by the Sultan/Caliph in Constantinople.
    Amirs were Turks or loyal to the Caliph. When the colonial powers moved in they supported the aspirations of the fiefs. Multiculture also meant own nationalist aspirations. At the time of departure, the French and English redrew the map resulting in bitter animus within the Empire. Even today some provinces which had Arabic population, such as Iskenderun and Antakya are ruled by the much regretted Turks. Everybody despises every body.

    Jamaluddin Afghani, whose ideas inspired Iqbal to say niil ke saahil se le kar ta ba khaake kashghar...is a figment of his imagination.

    Each of these countries, at least according to their leaders, feels threatened and must equip itself with arms to the teeth, which provides jobs for the Military Industrial Complex, in Western countries, besides being very very profitable.

    awful lot of devastation and kill many more millions of people before they are through…
    If the above group of killer countries had spent the same amount of money on the worlds poor instead of their war machines,

    I agree with you. But this world is not an Utopia. Unless the conscientious voter becomes effective and has complete control over the decision making process, we will keep living in the netherworld.

    providing drinking water, sanitation, education, and heath the world would be a happier place and terrorism, other that their own, would be at a very low level.
    But they have not done this, and their military hardware has built up to astronomical levels, so what is their real agenda?

    Their agenda is nothing but to keep their monopoly of power. The industrialised world
    lives on a luxury liner which takes only a certain number of passengers the rest will have to walk the plank.

    Chomsky wrote a very interesting book called, Manufacturing Consent. The media is a very useful tool for achieving that. Instead of gobbling hook, line and sinker, having a healthy dose of cynicism goes a long way.Recommend

  • http://saqibtanveer.blogspot.com Muhammad Saqib Tanveer

    There is no doubt that the above mentioned combo is a killing spree but one thing we have to keep in mind that no country wants to go to war until unless it is for their national interest……conspiracy theories do exist and there is always some truth in them but national interest of a state is the most important driver of its policy…..Recommend

  • Tony C.

    @Abid P. Khan:
    Dear Abid P. Khan,
    You are right on the ball. I could not improve on your latest missive. I like to think we are on the same wavelength.Recommend

  • http://- Abid P. Khan


    Our perception is that we know, how things really are. Our smugness gets a shock when forced to look the same “reality” from another angle, which may not necessarily be better but nonetheless different. Only the inquisitive mind probes further, the rest either reject or capitulate.

    The newly discovered “reality” is it really real?

    Everyday, we are sold images of something but they are images only.

    Margaritte a Belgian artist, brought the discussion on its head in a famous work of his, called, “Ceci n’est pas une pipe”, in 1966.

    “This is not a pipe” The Wikipedia article is not all that exhaustive but names important pioneers, who have studied theories about Chaos, Gestalt, like Gödel, Escher, Bach and Michel Foucault etc.

    Probably the better media for understanding philosophy are poetry, art, music or mathematics while words being too limiting. Recommend

  • Tony C.

    @Abid P. Khan:
    You have it right, but perhaps I could add a little. I recall my English teacher telling me many years ago, “not to necessarily believe what the media tells you. Rather, use logic and analyse what is being said”. This advise has been very important to me. The world media is falling into fewer and fewer hands, and those hands may belong to people with ulterior motives. Thus, their news can becomes propaganda or used as a mind conditioning tool. When you consider that much of the news comes from sometimes doubtful sources such as the BBC, Al Jazeera, Reuters, and AP my teachers advise from so long ago has never been more relevant. Recommend

  • http://- Abid P. Khan

    @Tony C.:

    I wish it was only the media. The snake oil seller of every variety bombard us with images but if a critical mind gets any chance to develop, we would realise that an image is just an image not anything more. Not the reality itself.

    More often than not, teachers are that discerning as yours was. Mostly a student is like a tape recorder, if you push the right button, the gadget reproduces exactly what has been taped. Recommend

  • hassan

    @Abid P. Khan:

    Everyone has an agenda. Just like Islamic nations has Caliphate as their agenda, western countries want to negate the growth of Arab caliph ambitions. It is ok for Islam world to have an agenda and it is wrong for others, is that your point ?

    In any case, the most of the countries are convinced that Islamic world is pure evil and is hell bent upon destruction of rest of mankind with stupid nuclear adventurism. This needs to be stopped for the sake of humanity. Slowly and steadily, all the country leaders are coming round to this view.

    Even if some countries get obliterated off the map, then, so be it.Recommend

  • http://- Abid P. Khan

    “It is ok for Islam world to have an agenda and it is wrong for others, is that your point ?”

    Any country having or not having an agenda, is not my concern. On the other hand, what worries me is, that the Western powers for historical reasons, have taken control and intend to go on shaping the polotico-economic future of underprivileged countries, which plays havoc on us.

    Even if some countries get obliterated off the map, then, so be it.

    Am I interpreting you rightly that you would not mind if Iran gets bombed into non-existence?Recommend

  • http://saqibtanveer.blogspot.com Muhammad Saqib Tanveer

    @Abid P. @Tony C.

    I just cannot differ from your above posts

    i secondRecommend

  • hassan

    @Abid P. Khan:

    You ask: ‘Am I interpreting you rightly that you would not mind if Iran gets bombed into non-existence?”

    The answer is a resounding YES !!

    Not just me, everyone who cares about the future of humanity will say YES !!!!Recommend

  • http://- Abid P. Khan


    “You ask: ‘Am I interpreting you rightly that you would not mind if Iran gets bombed into non-existence?”
    The answer is a resounding YES !!
    Not just me, everyone who cares about the future of humanity will say YES !!!!”

    Oh. that’s the definition of caring according to you. Surely you are in the company of great people like, Chengiz Khan, Hulagu, Hitler, George Bush, Bhutto, Blair who also cared about your type of humanity.

    Even if you have an ounce of humanity (not your definition) left in you, would you be
    celebrating the death of 50 million Iranians? Is that what every one wants?

    Effects of nuclear explosions

    What would be the effect of Nuclear Attack on Iran?Recommend

  • hassan

    @Abid P. Khan:

    GlobalResearch site has little credibility; it is a propaganda site for leftist-islamist ideologies; a site funded by Islamists naturally would appeal only to fanatics and pakistanis.

    By the way, if you want proof, read the article on Joseph Kony, If you still believe that site, I pity you. Inside you is a radical waiting to jump out at the slightest provocation.Recommend

  • http://- Abid P. Khan


    I simply pointed out at the death and destruction caused by a nuclear blast.
    Enjoy swimming in your radiant lake!Recommend

  • hassan

    @Abid P. Khan:

    Mate, I too know that nuclear blast will have some consequences. It’s a small price to pay to save our future generation.

    This is the only way the world can undo the damages it has suffered since the 7th century. Recommend