Can laptops save PML-N from Imran Khan?

Published: March 8, 2012

The stage is set, the battle-lines drawn, the up and the coming challenger is staring straight at Sharifs, let’s see who blinks first. PHOTO: EXPRESS

Wary of the rising political capital of Imran Khan in the plains of Punjab, the provincial government led by the erstwhile Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has unleashed the most valuable weapon in its arsenal to target the urban youth who are, by far, the vanguard of Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaaf.

Carrying a price tag of three billion rupees, the laptop distribution scheme is supposed to benefit the brightest across campuses across province. The money earmarked to launch this laptop onslaught is meant for the development of the whole province, slicing it off from the Annual Development Programme (ADP) of the province.

The chief minister aides believe that the scheme would go a long way in attracting the bulk of the youth from the province who, at the moment, have put their weight in the favor of the promise of change by Imran Khan. Confidantes of the chief minister also believe that when these laptops – purchased by public money – go to students, the entire neighbourhood would sway politically in favour of PML-N. However, detractors of the chief minister are of the view that the scheme would miserably fail just like sasti roti, food stamp, yellow cab and Ashiana schemes. Critics also point out that the Election Commission must take notice of the misuse of public money in an election year.

Using laptops as a political tool is the latest attempt in the vehemently contested duel for supremacy between the PML-N and the PTI. Just a few months back, the PML-N launched Nawaz Sharif’s daughter  Maryam Nawaz to woo the students of the province. Maryam, while visiting campuses in the city, took the political temperature of the youth and is still active in spreading this youth appeal in the students. After the political heir-apparent Hamza Shahbaz was hit by one scandal after another, Maryam was the answer from the PML-N for the youth of Punjab. The initiative, however, after making early headlines is fading fast.

Unlike PPP and PML-N, the problem between PTI and PML-N is that they are both vying for the same vote-bank. Before Imran’s star started shining on the horizon, PML-N was the sole propertier of this very valuable bank. But more than the youth, it had its appeal in the urban trader and merchant class who were considered the home constituency for the Sharif family, while the youth associated with this class naturally fell to the Sharifs as well.

Now, however, the dynamics have become different. Imran, sensing his chance based on his unmatched chrisma and impeccable public service record, leapt to grab this mass of voters that was lying unclaimed. The youth, frustrated, given the torturous machinations of power politics, responded with zeal to the call, setting up stage for a long drawn out political tussle between the two parties. If you take away urban seats of Punjab from the PML-N, it immediately falls down to the level of minor provincial party instead of major national player that it has become now. And if Imran has to score big, he has to attract the urban middle class families and youth.

Interestingly, both the parties are not heading to the country-side which is largely considered PPP’s domain, though PTI would definitely strive at some point for those seats as well. Thus the GT Road, a road dissecting Punjab vertically, is bastion of PML-N and coincidentally, this is the area where Imran is fancying his chances. However, the fact of the matter is this coveted line has shown no signs of desertion in favour of Imran like some constituencies did in south Punjab. When someone like Rana Nazir, Rana Tanvir and Raja brothers from Jehlum defect for the PTI, that will be the time when the Sharifs would consider calling it a day.

As for PTI, Imran would continue to step-up the pressure on Sharifs and then countdown to see if the PML-N wilts. The stage is set, the battle-lines drawn, the up and the coming challenger is staring straight at Sharifs, let’s see who blinks first.

Mohammed Rizwan

Mohammed Rizwan

A senior reporter for The Express Tribune based in Lahore.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • PTI troll 76

    I admit I am guilty and I took the laptop but my vote will always be for KaptaanRecommend

  • Uza Syed

    PML-N safe or not is irrelevant for many at this stage, the more pertinent question is: Can Imran Khan be saved from his own selection of various political manipulators?Recommend

  • Syed Zia

    This election is going to be SO exciting , can’t wait to watch PTI vs PMLn :-) . (btw my vote is for Imran khan , no matter what ) .Recommend

  • jerseybb

    Laptop Shehbaz ka , but Vote Imran ka :)Recommend

  • Salman Zafar

    Vote will definitely go to PTI….Recommend

  • Parvez

    Desperation makes one do things that only adds to the problem and PML-N are showing signs of desperation. Giving away laptops is not going to restore their credibility and the youth who are politically conscious are aware of this.Recommend

  • Ch Allah Daad

    Using laptop to win hearts and minds of youth for politics has never been intention of Mian Shahbaz Sharif. He is a tireless man who is always on his toes. Not only Punjab, he can win chief ministry in other three provinces. Recommend

  • Awais Ch


  • Jawad Khan Babar

    The answer to your question in title is “NO, it can’t”. A laptop can not get Nawaz Sharif the same credibility, track record, charisma and above all, the honesty and a true will that God has showered in such abundance on Imran Khan. Recommend

  • Hamood

    I am voting for PTI no matter what.Recommend

  • Ahmed Baksh

    I have my doubt on Imran Khan but still i would prefer him over Sharif Mafia.Recommend

  • Pakistani First

    Laptop Nawaz ka.. Vote Imran ka.. :PRecommend

  • adam

    guys this is ur parents tax money which these sharif brothers spending on u its not coming from theior pockets.Recommend

  • Moin shah

    No matter what, the sharifs’ , not so sharifs for sure, game is over. They don’t know who are they up against !Recommend

  • syed hussain

    @Ch Allah Daad:

    Sir, Are you kidding?? how can he win the CM seat in rest of the provinces without any seat in provincial assembly??. He is a tireless man who does’nt know his own direction and wasting his time and money of tax payers.Recommend

  • syed hussain


    Good slogan :)Recommend

  • Ali

    What I found amazing is that no one is debating whether or not this is a good use of scarce education funds.

    Schools in southern Punjab have collapsing roofs, but Shahbaz can find 3 billion rupees for laptops.
    What are these teenagers going to do with these laptops? Watch movies? Surf the internet?
    At this age they need textbooks, good teachers and roofs over their head’s to study.
    University students in the west get by with out laptops, why do students in Pakistan need them?
    When I was at university I estimate that no more than 10% of students had a laptop. Most undergraduate engineers, scientists and mathematicians made do with the university computing facilities.

    At best this is a scandalous miss use of scarce education funds, but more than likely it is bribery plain and simple. Recommend

  • syed hussain

    PTI has jolted PML-N from their deep sleep. The cult of imran is growing at a fast speed and now Sharif are worried about their existence and survival in their only stronghold, Punjab. Why now they started giving so much importance to youth of Pakistan, they should be ashamed of for not paying tax and giving laptops from the money of taxpayers. Now they thought to distribute laptops among the youth of the, province but a long before their action, Imran has already set up University and not from taxpayers money, he is a real philanthropist. Recommend

  • Raw is War

    is it I MAC?Recommend

  • JB

    laptop scheme is just launched to gain politcal mileage with no regard to elevating education standards. when most of public schools do not have the basic facilities, no chairs no toilets no fans they are giving away free laptops. You cannot uplift standard of education by giving away laptops rather one should focus to improve the overall structure and direct precious tax money towards it. I just can pray that one day our politicians will think whats best for nation. Recommend

  • Super pak

    @Ch Allah Daad:
    You know theres more to punjab than lahore. The only thing he improves is lahore and lahore only while the rest of the province lives in hell.Recommend

  • Ali Tipu

    My fiance who is currently a university student got this bribe in the form of Laptop. Still she says she would be voting for PTI. I must say, the Sharif’s have gone nuts. Do they really think people would vote for him after what they have done to the country? And to answer your other question regarding PPP, PTI has badly dented PPP’s vote bank. Don’t now about the rest of the country but in Northern Punjab PTI is certainly making tremendous inroads in the masses.Recommend

  • mujahid

    My dear friendz, these laptopz were not for getting votes but just to develop the people of pakistan….Recommend

  • sars

    Laptops are not a neccessity , they are a luxury. Necessities are more like trained teachers who come to your school regularly. Also like working toilets ( areason many girls dont go to school) andproper space to sit and not have to work in the fuedals fields under school teachers guidance.

    Most of the laptops are going to be used to surf the net, use facebook and chat, or be sold for ready cash. How is that going to help pakistan???.Recommend

  • Waqar

    Are these young people registered as voters?Recommend

  • JAP

    Its public money, not going from their own pocket, what would have really been impressive if they had paid for it out of their personal funds. I say take the laptops, but vote for Imran. Teach these corrupt politicians a lesson they will never forget. The time for their bloodsucking is over. Recommend

  • Abubakr

    Inshallah we everyone will take laptop from PMLN and vote for Imran Khan. These laptops are bought from the money of Government of Pakistan not from the sharif brothers pocket.Recommend

  • Mandeep Vaid

    @PTI troll 76:
    If you are a man of honour then return the notebook to its ownersRecommend

  • INsAfiAn

    imran khan zindabad!Recommend

  • ustaad

    Concert Imran ka, Vote Nawaz ka!Recommend

  • Mohammad Nasir

    Laptop Sharif Da Vote Imran Da :DRecommend

  • Farhan Khan

    @Mandeep Vaid:
    Laptop was bought with the tax money of Pakistani Nation. PTI Troll 76 is the real Owner. Recommend

  •!/SAAwais Syed Awais

    @PTI troll 76:
    Why guilty? You did the right thing, my friend. After all, it’s not as if the Sharifs are paying for these laptops out of their own pockets.

    So I say get the laptop and vote PTI in. These guys have been hoodwinking us for years, it’s our turn now to pay them back in kind!

    More power to PTI!Recommend

  • furqan

    distributing laptop is a good omen from punjab govt, this should be followed by federal govt to distribute low cost computers to students all over pakistan through banks or post office rathers than through political figures. Students have low budget basic laptops approved by educational scheme either through educational institutes, bank branches or postal office banks through loan scheme that they pay montly installments without markups. It would help to improve education base in society and reduces misuse of public tax money.Recommend

  • Ozymandias

    @Ch Allah Daad:
    I can’t tell if you’re serious or a comic genius!Recommend

  • Ozymandias

    @Mandeep Vaid:
    Why? I thought the laptops were NOT a vote-getting ploy?Recommend

  • Shah

    last month in Feb when i got laptop from shahbaz sharif.. i updated the status.. which kinda go viral over fb.. lots of pages and friends shared that status update “Ok Shahbaz Sharif you gave us laptops… bt SRSLY we cant give you vote in return :… vote is much expensive than laptop… any ways thx for the laptop :D” Recommend

  • Nadeem

    No matter what the popularity of IK is and no matter whosoever defets to him, mark my word, the ellection results would be no different than 2008, only PMLN will eat away PMLQ. Electoral politics is a anrt, IK needs to learn and in which Sharif’s have done PhD.Recommend

  • popsaeed

    How did shahbaz know that laptop he giving to PML-N student or PTI Student his honesty shows in this comments blog when they say “laptop shahbaz ka vote imran ka” it shows he is distributing laptop on merit.Recommend

  • Rebel

    Three laptops in the family. Still will vote for pti. Recommend

  • Umer Rasheed

    I seriously doubt that PMLN has any chance. Election rigging is the only way they can escape PTI.Recommend

  • Ali Wazir

    Who doesnt like free laptops but this was a tremendous waste of resources…. Recommend

  • Democrat

    hahaha… at PML(Laptop) supproters… if Sharifs were so concerned with merit, they would apppoint someone out of their family on some important seat in their family party… and musharaf showed what is merit in the form of HEC… musharaf never went to any university to inaugurate a scholarship even though he was the president…and look at the senior sharif, on what capacity is he allowed to distribute laptops with tax payers nmoney? this shows the motive was political and it backfired badly… Recommend

  • Usman Lakhani

    I wish Punjab govt had spent these 3bn rupees on schools in south Punjab. How will a few thousand laptops resolve the crisis our country is facing? Everyone knows these laptops will be either sold for money or used as DVD players and gaming consoles…we are not stupid mian brothers! Recommend

  • Hassan

    Mr.Shahbaz Sharif if you give me a laptop…if you give me a car…even if you give me a palace made of gold and silver…..I WILL STILL VOTE FOR IMRAN KHAN…!!! Recommend

  • popsaeed

    @PTI troll 76:
    It shows one more thing shahbaz sharif give laptop on merit he is not considered his party he consider only merit that you got the laptop and you belong to PTI.Recommend

  • Arslan Anjum Chaudhry

    This is what they ( POLITITIONS) always doing to My Nation for last 64 years……!!!!
    only IMRAN KHAN is a HOPE……. Show-baz jo marzi kar lay IMRAN KHAN ko izzat Dainay wala Allah hay …. Shah Abdullah ya America nahi…………. ur laptop is on my foot. i already sold that one………… Mr.SHOW-BAZ just ready to lick the dust in next GENERAL ELECTIONS of PAKISTAN…… even rigging will not save you from REAL LIONS OF TEHRIK-E-INSAAF………..Recommend

  • http://london,UK aliza awais

    Yes I’ll also Vote for IMRAN KHAN only No matter what People say or do
    PTI will be the Winner INSHALLAHRecommend

  • Nabeel Umar

    So far PML-N and PPP dodged people of Pakistan… but this time People of Pakistan will dodged them …. they will take laptops from PML-N and vote for PTI.

    anyone I ask at university or anywhere..almost everyone says that he will vote PTI. Recommend

  • zeeshan

    They think that all people are dumb…………hopw sad there mentality is……giving laptops by ppl money n portraying…………..Recommend

  • saif afrdi

    well, dont know about punjab who is leading…..
    But KAPTAN would certainly clean sweep pakhtonkhwa.rural area people are raedy to vote khan.Recommend

  • Natasha

    @PTI troll 76:
    I m glad u took the laptop.. Recommend

  • Khan

    Its really baseness of the author who is not appreciating the good efforts. We should appreciate this bold step and I am being a youth highly motivated towards PML-N in next general elections. I am confident these steps will bring educational revolutions and real change.Recommend

  • Usman mughal

    Shahbaaz Sharif is doing his best for the educated punjab…..
    love uRecommend

  • Zorays Khalid



    NO. Let us take it to better off……. keep aside myself I have this laptop in front of me on which I am typing aur HAQ HALAL ka hai because my dad can buy me one……. the fact is that there are many faces around me that were never in a position to afford a laptop and CM Punjab has given it to them.


    Kis change ki baat karte ho!!!!!!

    Truth always gets herald and there are always people who always instigate a riot/propoganda for their own face savings.Recommend

  • Muhammad Usman Habib

    Laptops….. its a good step by government… or u can say, of shahbaz sharief… But why PTI include every politician…… these, who are now with imran khan, in the past, they are also with PPP n PLM Q as well as PLM N. that is my question.
    But, till now, my vote for imran khan because he cannot get a chance to prove…. Recommend

  • Haq-Sach

    Laptops Dsnt Matter … They ‘ll Win … Pity Question … Useless Comments ” asS always ” …Recommend

  • Syed Masood Ibrahim

    I am very much surprised by the blame game, you should all have the guts to accept what is being done right and best for the youth of the nation. What PML N has done so far no one was not able to do so. I am not sure the low thinking people of PTI have next in their bag!Recommend

  • Sarfraz

    I believe laptops will act as an information flow to students, today the students are getting politically mature rapidly. They can investigate/watch on internet, the history & character of our lovely politicians. Let them decide :) I personally believe that PML N will not get 50% of what they have been getting so far. Its the information age. Not The time when the public was used to get happy with Hippocratic shouts. They are feudals & can only rule by force not by hearts.Recommend

  • Jara Butt

    @Farhan Khan:
    exactly khan baba, you might have heard a bollywood song “choro ka maal sab chor kha gaye” hehehehehehe this is the national consciousness of your nation nobody misses the opportunity of a share in the bootyRecommend

  • Prof. Sarmaf


    Blockquote> this article/topic is so 2011 Blockquote


  • Jara Butt

    PTI troll 76 has publicly confessed his guilty conscious.
    Discrepancies between the thoughts, words and actions is the root cause of all psychological disorders and the miseries of human life. GROW UP MANRecommend

  • Asrar Hassan

    Can shaukat khanum save imran khan from PML N in next elections. Answer is NO.

    Anyways, its a dumb article. Shahbaz Sharif already gets more than 80k votes from his constituency. Same is the case with Hanif Abbasi. PTI has severe phobia of PML N. Please Grow up guys, you can do better than this.Recommend

  • Fawad Khalid

    Dear All ,
    PML(N) Laptop funds were allocated during the last financial budget , Poor information has got the writer saying that funds were sliced off from Development funds.
    Also these laptops were part of scheme of E-Punjab, to promote e-commerce and in PML(N) they would not worry the social media audience. As the bubble of PTI is bursting out very quickly . Panic has spread , but Shehbaz Sharif wont give up .


  • Ashar

    Wow, an article in the Tribune which is actually neutral in its analysis and somewhat favourable to Imran Khan as well. So, all is not lost yet :) Imran Khan all the way.Recommend

  • rana


    Oh realy…thanks for informationRecommend

  • Waseem

    @ PTI Troll 76,

    Don’t worry dear, the Laptop you got from the money you and your parents pay as taxes. The Sharifs think that they can buy the vote of the youth of Punjab so that they can continue to bully us. Enough is enough now. Lets show them who is the boss here.
    And someone said that he is very hardworking, well my gardener is also very hardworking so why not give hin the Chief Ministership. If someone wants to know what administration and management is then there can be no parallel to the saying of Our Second Kalif Hazrat Omer that is a dog dies because of hunger or thirst near River Furat, I will be answerable to Allah for it. Does he had any kind of satellite or any telecommunication system that he will know about it. No. But the system was impregnable. This is what we need. We do not need someone who is jumping from one branch to another like a monkey when the jungle is on fire. Recommend

  • Mian Taimur Arbab

    How amusing …PTI is trying their best to exploit all positive efforts in order to promote the masses for their betterment by Punjab Government in a negative manner..After all this is all what we could expect from party headed by a man , who sadly has no vision , experience or understanding of the pain and issues of a common man. I pity and feel sorry for those poor souls , who have been brainwashed by artificial media hype favoring imran khan in the past few months, not to forget the false promises he has been making about bringing new reforms and ending corruption. Like everyone else I ask you all , what do you have to say about the turncoats, C category political discards accepted by Imran Khan in pti recenty ? we know now PTI is called PAKISTAN THUG ITTEHAD , since old pti stalwarts are either sidelined or they have left the party, which is sadly not reported, but we all know the reality and facts..another example of yellow journalism. Now do you people recall , recent pti jalsa in umerkot ? where IK made a grand speech of ending corruption and bringing a revolution, wherelse the jalsa was hooked with electricity which was connected directly to the electric pole..way to go khan sb , choree ki bijli and you expect us to believe you will transform this country and our system with your already tried and tested people…seriously !! Now lets talk about the infamous karachi jalsa, so called claims were of 400,000 people and 60000 chairs , in reality there were only 14700 chairs as reported on one channel ( probably they were not paid) and there were not more then 65000 the maximum ground capacity was 120,000 people , the ground was empty in middle and it was filmed in a way to give a massive impact…further on simple arithmetic max 40 people could fit in a bus and in order to bring in 400,000 people they would have needed 10,000 buses…lets say each bus brought 80 people their should have been 5000 buses…but there were actually a few hundred cars there…and most of us did see the samaa tv video on youtube , where this interviewed family admitted they came to see a free concert and whom they would be voting for..the same party whom IK was so against that apparently he was going to court against them in UK and the same party who did not allow him to enter karachi he is hands in gloves with them , recent wedding pictures of one of pti junior leaders son/daughter wedding proves it ! As expected so called artificial hype has faded, pti was a bubble which was meant to burst, PTI and IK are on a downward trend. Sadly we used to consider IK as cricketing legend, but since the day he compromised on his moral and ethics in order to fulfill his greed and lust for power and become a puppet in the hands of his mentors , he has lost respect in the eyes of the masses..people have relised and understood the true motive behind IK’s stance, he has been exposed and time would tell , most of the people who jumped on the bandwagon would be jumping off soon..I could go on and on …but I guess knowing temprements of brainwashed pti followers, this article would be up for bashing as well…so go ahead pti people, do what you all are best at , start abusing and swearing as there isnt any logic or reasoning behind any of your points…Recommend

  • Abubakar

    When PML(N) started motorway project back in 1992, people with relatively shorter vision criticized it, but these guys can now appreciate the importance of this motorway. Similar is the case with Laptops. After 10 years or so people will be able, what positive impact has this put up in our society in upbringing a generation of IT experts much needed art in the world.Recommend

  • Ali

    @Fawad Khalid:
    Whether the money was sent by Americans or materialised out of the ether doesn’t change 2 valid points:
    1. It’s a poor use of precious few resources. See the state of our schools:
    Now tell me it’s a good use of money.
    2. The money does not belong to them to squander on their “visions” and “great schemes”. It belongs to the tax payer of the country and they expect it to be spent on valid uses like education not surfing the internet. Recommend

  • alicia

    Pakistan’s education system is one of the worst in the world. In other parts of the world children need laptops to search their coursework. However in PK the coursework is in the books which you have to learn of by heart and tada you get 90% in you matric exam.
    What is the use of these laptops then?Recommend

  • Adeel

    It is so sad that people are instead of appreciating the good steps are criticizing the great scheme. I don’t understand the psychy of this nation. when government do good they try to findout worms and when they do bad then it’s obvious. Strange

    But anyhow it’s a great step.Recommend

  • Umais Masud

    One thing is out of many intelactualls mind,what Laptops has to do with Education?
    Grow up my dear comrades,they always played with us.why all so called constructive step taken by these politicial culprits in the last year of their tenure?
    Allah has made us Ashraf ul Makhloq,see and understand these games with your own mind.

  • Athar

    it concludes that youngsters getting laptops will still vote for PTI. Becharey Sharif’s (PML N)…reh gaye es barrr..Recommend

  • Asim Bashir

    @Ch Allah Daad:
    funny thoughts.. but they all are Runners..everytime when pakistan needs leadership. they gone.. they ran away to abroad. by saving their lives.. thousands of pakistani’s were killed since last 12 years but they saved their own..


  • Ashar

    @Mian Taimur Arbab: So Imran Khan does not have an understanding of the pain of a common man. How shallow. Why do you think he built the cancer hospital? Recommend

  • patriot

    nice slogan ustaad!!Recommend

  • hasan javed

    laptops can save pakistan more.Recommend

  • Rabia Tahir

    PTI is past now.. It was not Tsunami.. It was bubble which is actually bursting now..Recommend

  • pakistani

    Everybody is posting emotional comments. Try to see the facts. Shahbaz is good administrator. He will be the CM next time also. No one is allowed to use public money for his publicity. For this they should be accountable.Recommend

  • Pakistan politics

    Punjab Gov. wasting money on poor schemesRecommend

  • taha

    Vote for Khan… Because we are against of status co…Good buy C M Recommend

  • saman punjab college

    @PTI troll 76:
    good job keep it upRecommend

  • shah

    reading ur article while high as a bird was enjoyable lolzzz ….. Recommend

  • raveem

    I am voting for PTI no matter what.Recommend

  • raveem

    that is just lame
    @ustaad: Recommend

  • طفیل

    PML(N) despite all the weakness and flaws, has better team than PTIRecommend

  • Muhammad Usman Haib

    @Pakistan politics:
    it is noot a poor scheme mr. It is a positive step by government.Recommend

  • Champo

    I am just an ordinary student and could not get a laptop .. Before my vote was for PML-N so i am pissed and will give my Vote to Imran.Recommend

  • Zorays Khalid


    Atleast the money is being spent…. can you guarantee that the 200 rs donation I gave to SK hospital back in 1994 is being utillised safely.Recommend

  • A.A

    @Raw is War:
    no they are giving away Dell. Go buy Mac from your own income, not the taxpayer’s money. Recommend

  • Ali Shan

    Laptop Nawaz Ka, vote Imran Khan kaa, I ll vote for PTI INSHALAH… even if i get 100 laptops.Recommend

  • Adnan

    Besides wasting away public money in the form of laptops, Has anybody noticed the political speeches that follow the distribution functions? The last one in Punjab University cost the university 30 Million… Moreover, who is Nawaz Sharif in the punjab government to come in and distribute the laptops and take credit for them? And has anybody seen the full page ads in the newspapers on a daily basis projecting their youth friendly schemes. Shame on wasting the public money… N voters should ask these questions from its leadership…
    The bottom line is that their priorities are not correct. They are only spending the money coz they feel threatened from the youth’s inclination towards PTI. InshaAllah, PTI will win the urban punjab.Recommend

  • Faheem

    @popsaeed: What Honesty? They are spending the money reserved for village schools upgradition. They are bribing 100000 families to change there mind. they thinked that these 100000 students may influnce 1000000 voters. They are taking care the middle and uper middle class on the cost of millions of poor primery school students. The stufdents getting laptop, most of them have either already laptop or PC or they have capabilty to purchase.
    Now it is duty of very student who take laptop shall support imran khan to improve the situation of pakistan and to improve the poor class of pakistan. Other wise remember both bribe who offer and who accept bribe will go to——-Recommend

  • Muhammad Usman Habib

    Afterall this is very good step taken first time in the history. Particularly for education. Other programs like peef scholarship is the new life for poor students. This is the reality. These are all the education loving steps.
    And for those who consider it lose of money. I couldn’t understand. I think they are those who feel jealsuy…. sorry to say, but it is a fact.
    Other Words.. Awam Ka Paisa Sahee Manoo me Awam pe lagaya ja raha ha. Recommend