Rinkle Kumari was Hindu last month

Published: March 5, 2012

There are 20 to 25 cases every month and around 300 cases per year

For many years, I was convinced that Sindh is the most liberal and secular province. I thought that minorities were more secure here because of the history deeply rooted mysticism. But that was until I became familar with teenager Rinkle Kumari’s tragic tale. One, amongt many, whose story needed to be told.

While most of us know Maya Khan and Veena Malik how many of us know Rinkle Kumari of District Ghotki, Sindh? She was picked up from her home and then reportedly forced to convert to Islam just a few days ago. How many of us are even aware of these incidents taking place?

Nand Lal, the father of the teenager, who is a teacher at the Government Primary School Yarlund, Ghotki, along with his family members has taken shelter at Gurdwara, Lahore as he received threats from the local influential people.

While according to some reports Rinkle coverted to Islam of her own free will (now Faryal) Rinkle’s family says, that a local leader is supporting the kidnappers and had pressurized the local magistrate to conclude with a decision in their favour, ignoring the plea in the written testimony of the kidnapped girl.

For many, it may be good news as a Hindu girl has ‘embraced’ Islam and has become an addition to the Ummah. Some may also believe that by getting her convert to Islam, one of them might get a berth booked in the Heaven as well, as it is generally perceived or believed.

Rinkle is not the only girl who has been a victim of such inhumane and unlawful treatment. There are 20 to 25 cases every month and around 300 cases per year. These young Hindu girls are abducted by influential people and converted to Islam against their will. Most of them take shelter in madrassas to avoid the backlash from society. In fact this is one of the main reasons that Hindus, particularly from upper Sindh, are migrating to India in bulk every year is because they are unable to bear the brunt and subsequent embarrassment in the society when their abducted daughters return as converts to Islam.

Except a certain section of media, these issues are hardly highlighted in mainstream media, the reason being the right-wing news policy of most of the media houses and growing commercialization.

Supreme Court Chief Justice, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry (who took suo moto notice on the confiscation of two bottles of alcohol from actress Atiqa Odho) seems to have no time to have take suo moto notice or even notice of the forcible conversion of young Hindu girls. The honorable chief justice often quotes in hearings, that corruption cases have brought a bad name to the country, but did the CJ even notice that forcible conversion and persecution of minorities also contribute to the country declining image.

Moreover, over two dozen legislators belonging to religious minority have not been able to make their voices heard regarding a remedy for the grievances of their community. The reason for their voices have reached deaf ears and continue to be ineffective can be found in a quote by a Hindu parliamentarian who stated, “We are selected members, not elected.”

Though, I am an ardent supporter of democracy and democratic values, minorities in Pakistan were more secure during dictator, Pervez Mushrraf’s term, than in this government in which Punjab Governor, Salman Taseer and Federal Minister for minorities, Shahbaz Bhatti, were killed.

In recent incidents like Rinkle Kumari and the case of three Hindus being murdered in broad daylight in Chak, Shikarpur, a few months back, the Sindhi nationalists have supported the Hindu community. In comparison, the members of the ruling PPP and other parties, only make hollow speeches. Those who have read the Constitution refer to Article 20, 25 and 39 in an effort to purport to their fellow parliamentarians that the minorities were enjoying equal rights, as stated in the constitution. But an issue that concerns the minority community most is that of forcible conversion of their youth and abduction for which there is no law.

So if there is no law addressing this issue is it okay for the issue to be overlooked?

Is there anybody drafting a law that will guarantee protection and freedom of religious belief?

The answer, unfortunately, is simply a ‘no’.

I am a Hindu writer and cannot help but wonder if my words have any weight at all and if so then, would they be effective enough to initiate any substantial change? I hope so, but I believe not. There is a dire need to speak up by the so-called liberal and secular elite. Forget about Maya, Meera and Veena. Wake up and hear the unheard calls for help. Someone please speak up about Rinkle Kumari.

She is the one in need of attention.

Kapil Dev

Kapil Dev

A communications consultant who writes on minority rights and social issues.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • http://India vasan

    Kapil : You are shouting at people who pretend to be deaf. I read ur previous articles and some of the comments by pakistanis were encouraging, But this incident and similar ones made me think that Pakistani hindus who have daughters and/or sisters should get out of Pakistan lock stock and barrel. Forced religious conversions, kidnapping for ransom, getting threatened for providing safety etc are not in the realms of decent country. Even Saudi arabia seems to be better.Recommend

  • http://www.salmanzq.com salman

    What can I say Kapil? It’s a shame and if our country continues down this road then there is nothing but destruction as our fate.Recommend

  • http://newsforviews.com Dr.Sumaira Adnan

    these action should be taken first with veena Recommend

  • Tahira

    Wonder why the govt is turning a blind eye towards all these faith related incidents?! the killing of shias in quetta, banning Ahmedia sect’s food and now forceful conversion of the minorities….. this is not Jinnah’s Pakistan!Recommend

  • munaza akhter

    oh its too painful.Pakistani Hindus must have equal rights as any muslim enjoys here, too much shameful for me being a muslim. n be curse on such mis guided muslims who r involved in this act, govt must take serious action over this but sadly we live in a jungle like country where crimes r committed in seconds but justice is a dreamRecommend

  • Ali

    @ munaza akhter: Please don’t be shameful of being a Muslim. Be shameful of being a Pakistani… Recommend

  • Sunil

    Very good step in awareness as our electronic media is reluctant and forced to not broadcast this issue by higher guns. But the matter of concern is that whether we Hindus be able to survive in this country with respect and share same social status as Muslims? If not, then where we should go? We are minority with major population, migration is not easy as we have historical and cultural attachments here, particularly in Sindh. And how someone can achieve Heaven treats by stealing the respect and honour of others???Recommend

  • Dil Acharya

    Dear Kapil
    I am totally agree with ur point that this democratic Govt: has given alot of painfull memoments and I am still supporting a dictator Musharaf bcoz in his era we were safe.Although i am PPP supporter but I am clearly saying that this Govt is totally involved behind these incidents because in both cases i.e Chak and ghotki the major role was played by Parliamenterian of PPP.Recommend

  • asad

    yes the CJP must deliver otherwise his legacy will be a hollowed one. Everyone is scared to raise fingers at religious fanatics. If and when the pakistanis hindus have all left the country, shias will be next, then the bora and the aga khanis..slowly yet surely only the select few will be left to fight it out. u call it a nation! shame on the society. Recommend

  • Jawad

    Welcome to the begining of the dark ages.. Recommend

  • http://surreallist.blogspot.com/ Surreallist

    This is heartbreaking =( When will people realize minorities have rights too? Especially to practice their religions! I hope something is done to stop this soon. Recommend

  • abdul moiz

    pakistan is no replace for sane people.it has been taken over by people obsessed with religion and this kidnapping of hindu girls is just a result of that.it is not just rinkle,hundreds of hindu girls before her have been kidnapped in interior sindh and raped and forced to change their religion.it’s not going to stop as long as our obsession with religion continues.Recommend

  • khan

    it seems very heart aching for a fundamental hindu like you that a young girl chose her faith to be islam, and rejected hinduism.. you should have spoken for her rights and freedom to practice what ever faith she wants to, instead you are commenting on how she was forced to revert to islam..

    Islam cannot be forced upon on someone else, and if someone thinks so is wrong.. pleae donot taunt at so many muslims who live and die for peace and humanity..by saying that booking a “berth” is heaven. Shame on youRecommend

  • shadman

    Dear Ali, Do not be shameful of being a Muslim or Pakistani, if you have heard about a teenage girl of 9th class Uzma Ayub from Karak, KPK she was not a Hindu girl but a Muslim one and was abducted by those who provide security to us. I do not think so that it is because of Muslim/Hindu/Christian etc but there are few elements which are beyond any religion and sects.
    Hope you got it.Recommend

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1207311817 Aamer

    If she has actually embraced Islam, believe you me she’s made the right choice for her and Islam doesn’t invite people forcefully as it is matter of intentions. Its a shame seeing this happening in Pakistan [if true].I also invite you you to write a piece on these incidents too i.e.


  • ZYX

    How does the writer know that the girl was FORCED to convert as opposed to embracing the religion of her own free will? There may not be a law against conversions, but there is against kidnapping. It seems suspicious that they are not pursuing the case as a kidnapping, for which the perpetrators could be punished. I happen to think that ET is hyping the minority angle as it usually does. Last week it was Ahmadis, this week its Hindus…next week it’ll be Christians….the bogeyman is always the same….the big bad bearded Muslim and the army nexus. Recommend

  • khan

    Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s mother was a Hindu who had converted to Islam. If a girl or boy in a muslim country chooses to convert to islam should be protected by the state and even supported..Recommend

  • Deepak

    We encourage and appreciate to the minorties elected mininsters, MNAs, MPA they should look into this and raise their voice in the parliaments, courts, gatherings for the minorities rights and such unethical events.Recommend

  • Syed Ahmed Rasheed

    the representatives on reserved seats of minorities, who should take issues in the assembly are only busy in expanding their business. As they dont care about the community issues as they know they only need party’s nomination to get back in assemblies. we really need change in system. this system of nomination is only adding corruption.Recommend

  • narayana murthy

    Dear Kapil, you thought this is unique to Pakistan?!!!

    Even in India, Muslims convert Hindu girls through deception and sometimes force. Hindus are quiet here, being a majority!!!

    Don’t believe me? Look up “love Jihad”! And I can tell you that it’s real because one of my cousins was a victim of this. Lucky for us that her father (my uncle) was a powerful local politician.

    Can you imagine how vulnerable are Hindus in a Hindu majority land? Remember Gujrath riots? How it was started by Muslims!!!Recommend

  • sars

    Forced conversion is somewhat of an oxymoron. If it is forced, then Rinkle is not a muslim. Saying a kalma she doesnt believe in (due to political or other pressure) doesnt qualify. Its not like lying to get a passport or other documents.

    If this is the case , dont worry Rinkle is as hindu as you and shame on those putting pressure on her.

    Another thought could be she converted due to her own beliefs , but didnt want to hurt her family by rejection of her prior religion. Recommend

  • Pak Tester

    Totally crap! How can converting a few to Islam and killing 100s of Shias/Ahmedis/Balochs will embrace Islam. This is complete lack of education or of brain washing. Please stop this bigotry and embrace humanity, it will embrace religion automatically.Recommend

  • Talat Haque

    Try saying humanity to religious nitwits ……….. they will stare back at you not knowing what it means !Recommend

  • umair

    If the girl was forced to convert to Islam then she is still a hindu no one can be converted by force and if someone does that he or she does not know anything about Islam. On the other hand what if she converted willingly what prove have you got that she was forced what if her family was forcing her to convert back and she ran away form them, but that’s not the point stop being so ignorant people hundreds of Muslims are killed in Pakistan everyday and i everyday but one hindu is killed or something and you all come out shouting!!! Where is the justice in this did you ever report about the Muslim killings in india or in any part of the world Get a life people!!! people who are saying they are ashamed of being Muslims well Islam is ashamed to have you!!!! Recommend

  • http://www.uelect.org.pk Mustafa Kamal

    Thanks for highlighting the sensitive issue. Recommend

  • waqas


    heart aching? and what if someone leave Islam for other religion, would u guys accept it? no u want to kill that person! and according to your religion, leaving islam means death penalty! stop talking like every wrong doings of muslims is justified!Recommend

  • huggybow.

    as far i have seen the media .they are saying that she converted with her own will . Recommend

  • Marzia Raza

    How can we expect religious tolerance from people who changed forever the actual identity of Pakistan and declared Ahmadis as non-Muslims in its constitution. Pakistan was never created as an ‘islamic’ state, it was in 1973 when ZA Bhutto (pioneer of democracy) renamed the country as Islamic Republic of Pakistan in the constitution formulated by him. And we all know how things changed afterwards! Recommend

  • Rana

    How would this be the fault of PPP? Do you expect a government – that too, one sitting in Islamabad – be responsible for forcible conversions in the provinces? Even if it had a responsibility to do something by way of legislating, do you expect things to change overnight, within 4 years of its being in power. This is a sociological issue and it has been happening for a long time and it cannot be reversed overnight. In fact, I believe this will never change. Forcible conversion will continue to happen. The best thing for Pakistani minorities like Parsis, Sikhs, Christians, Ahmadis, and Hindus to do would be to emigrate to another country – India, Nepal, Sri Lanka. If Ahmadis like to live in a Muslim country, what better place than Turkey! Mulsim but very rational and secular country, highly educated, nice people and of course an economy on a high. Lebanon is another options. Beautiful countries too! There’s no place where Parsis are more unanimously loved and respected than in India. If these are not attractive and the emigrant are educated professionals, western countries have quotas for persecuted minorities. When minorities move out, Pakistan will have achieved its utopia – of being a “pure” place. [On a minor note, the question I have for the extremists is this: would they consider nuking out a neighbor where, in addition to the infidel native population, there also live millions of their own Muslim brethren?]Recommend

  • kaalchakra

    sars, excellent comment. I am glad at least some people understand Islam here. On another board some people were alleging that Muslims were killing Muslims. That is absurd. If they are killing Muslims, they just can’t be Muslims. The beautiful religion of Islam is being so poorly understood, it’s a crying shame.Recommend

  • Malik Amir

    I belong to rural Sindh and this article is nothing but extremely biased analysis of the situation.Murder of 3 Hindus was not on the religious background rather it happened due to personal issues.Among ignorant tribes ( zaats ) in Sindh we have hundreds of such murders on issues of no value .I would call them as the revival of days of ignorance due to secularism which is rampant is rural sindh.Now this sister Faryal has accepted Islam with her own will.Why does this bother the writer so much? Do anyone knows that Hindus own almost all small scale industries in SIndh?? Recommend

  • saud tufail

    “when their abducted daughters return as converts to Islam”
    Conversion to a religion or accepting a belief system requires the intention. Girls can be kidnapped, killed or even misbehaved with, but can not just be converted! Conversion to a religion is not like a button which if pressed will take its effect.
    I don’t think so anyone can be forcibly converted!
    And the ones who are trying to do this just exhibit the proper non sense!Recommend

  • kaalchakra

    Thank you, Malik Amir, for highlighting the hold of Hindus on Sindh. The secular PPP women members of Pakistani legislature made some other interesting points that must not be lost since they were made by women who understand these things better than the author does. They pointed out that Indian newspapers of full of stories like Hrithic Rohan marrying a Muslim girl. Did any Hindus, in India or Pakistan, or liberal Muslims protest that?? Why all this fuss now?Recommend

  • zK

    How can u convert one forcefully…religion is all about what you believe to be true…in your heart…not by your tongue!! Simple! Recommend

  • Rabia Khan B

    Coercion, or any other form of abuse is strictly prohibited in Islam, these girls are not muslims because they haven’t accepted the faith with their heart, i.e willingly, in order to convert, one has to with all their heart accept and embrace Islam. This is not only an outrageous violence of human rights but of Islam as well, because this is unacceptable by our faith. Why have ‘muslims’ fallen off humanity I don’t understand, I can’t even understand the psyche of these people who think they have done themselves a favor by converting people forcefully and thinking they’ve earned some brownie points with God.
    Not only there should be strong laws against this horrific act, but religious authorities should also condemn this very strongly. Recommend

  • Naresh

    @Malik Amir.. do u know when from we hindus are in sindh ??? read the history of sindh @ the time of partition then u ‘ll get much information, sister rinkle (faryal) has not accepted the islam by her own will, she was forced to embrace Islam and marry against her will and wish. Victimised and harassed by Policemen and inhumane Politician Mian Mithoo..
    I want to bring all of ur attention on the whole story:

    Rinkal Kumari, a 17 Year Hindu Girl, from Mirpur Mathelo Sindh Pakistan, was kidnapped by a mob on 23rd February 2012 while she was returning home from her college. After being kidnapped, she was taken to Barkandi Shareef (a small village near Mirpur Mathelo, Sindh, Pakistan) and was put under the custody of Feudal named Mian Mithoo (MNA). The victim, Rinkal, was harrowed by Mian Mithoo to convert to Islam and then get married with Naveed Shah, a resident of the same area. Under defenseless circumstances along with physical abuse, Rinkal married Naveed Shah.Rinkal’s family approached the local law enforcement to seek justice but to no avail. The Policemen, negatively influenced by Mian Mithoo, denied the rights of Rinkal’s family to lodge a complaint.After 5 hours of struggle, pleading and literal beseech, the Police finally accepted a written complaint from Rinkal’s family and issued a First Information Report (F.I.R) saying that the case will be presented at 10 am 24th February 2012 in Ghotki Local Court.Plan Changed and the victim was taken to a different court in Mirpurmathelo and hearing was reschuled to 9:00am from 10:00am. These location and time changes were influenced by Mian Mithoo and Rinkal family were not informed about this change. However, knowing this information from an unknown source, Rinkal’s family reached that place early but they were blocked from entering the court premises by private gunmen (hired by Mian Mithoo) with heavy artillery as seen in the pictures below.


  • Naresh

    continuing the story:

    During the hearing, Rinkel admitted to being subjected to all the harassment, threat to her and her family members’ lives.
    Mian Mithoo meddled in and physically and verbally abused her by slapping her brutally before the Judge and asked her to shut her mouth.Crippled and helpless Rinkel started crying inconsolably and begged the Judge to let her go to her parents.
    The court was adjourned for the next 2 days and Mian Mithoo again influenced the law system and 2 days later he forcibly got Rinkal married to Naveed Shah. All this drama grabbed media attention but the news published by local media was exactly opposite to what actually happened.
    It was published in news papers and broadcasted on TV saying that Rinkal willfully converted to Islam and married Naveed and also that she was allowed to meet her family during the judgement. (These statements are entirely wrong). Mr. Raj Kumar (Rinkal’s Uncle) called for a press conference and denied what was published and broadcasted in media.

    Rinkal and her family are constantly being tortured and threatened. Law and Order in the area are polluted and influenced by politicians and there is no other option Rinkal is left with besides killing herself.. :(Recommend

  • waqas

    @ Malik Amir
    Now this sister Faryal has accepted Islam with her own will.Why does this bother the writer so much?

    Why does it muslims bother so much when a muslim convert to other religion? And how do u know this girl has accepted Islam of her own will? Will u have accept it if a muslim girl convert to hindiusm or would u guys issue fatwa against her? Islam religion of tolerance huh?Recommend

  • http://bigsaf.newsvine.com bigsaf

    It’s a Munafiq and Zalim Republic.

    Easier to comment and bash Maya and Veena, than to actually admit atrocities against minorities, due to religious nationalist dogma, pride, prejudice, ideology and bigotry. Recommend

  • Yalmai Ejaz

    Dear it is shameful and Sad for we Muslims that we can’t protect our homeland from this non humanitarian & non Islamic deeds in the name of Islam, we should raise voice against it.Recommend

  • harish

    @Malik Amir:
    No Dear, they dared to do the killing because the people were hindu.Can you give me one, just ONE instance of hindus killing a muslim in pakistan?or of hindus being allowed to marry a muslim girl in pakistan?Recommend

  • Sunny

    friends just imagine for a second how will you feel if it was ur own sister on rinkle’s place…how would u have felt? what steps you would have taken? Recommend

  • manish

    @Malik Amir:
    the same question i will ask to you,
    what if a muslim girl decides to leave islam??
    please don’t beat about the bush, give us answer in one line?Recommend

  • Raw is War

    sad commentry from some people who support her conversion. Islam is losing its credibility world wide with these happenings.

    Sex slaves- these are from the days of early islam, right?Recommend

  • aaliyah

    My apologies to the Pakistani HIndu community. We have failed you. And we continue to do that. My sincere apologies to the family of rinkle .. we could not protect your daughter against the barbarianism of men … that have sold their hearts, minds souls and religion …I am sorry… Recommend

  • waqas

    @ Rabia

    Thats why there should be a secular Pakistan,because it is unfair to impose islamic rules on those who dont want to follow islamic rules! Maybe muslims agrees everything what is written in the Quran is right and justified but it doesn’t applies for the non-muslims. Recommend

  • http://pakistancyberforce.blogspot.com/ Green Fog

    Remember this thing: Pakistan was created in the name of Islam. It is the last fort of Islam. If you want secularism, you are free to go any country. Pakistan was, is and will be of Muslims. We do not want secularism in Islamic Republic of Pakistan.Recommend

  • Sehrish

    You are trying to prove that in Pakistan minorities are not allowed to follow their religon but this is not at all the case.The case you are mentioning can be truth based but these are the very few bad incidents which do happen in under developed countries.I condemn such incidents and this type of targeting the country and muslims for action of only few.and moreover there is no such “Forcefull embracement” in Islam.You can only be a muslim if u believe and accept all the islamic values from ur heart.Recommend

  • Parvez

    Protection of the minorities does not need new laws as this is part of the Constitution, so it just needs implementation. Sadly the Constitution as famously said by one of our strong leaders, is a piece of paper and can be torn up by me if I so wish. Today that is not necessary as our rulers simply ignore it which is even worse.Recommend

  • https://twitter.com/#!/AkhtarRind Akhtar Rind

    And when liberal mystic Sindh lost in the darkness of religious fanaticism. This is utter shame that Hindu girls are not safe in a country which claim to be tolerance to minorities. All educated people should raise their voice against such cruel act. Recommend

  • ajay
  • Optimist

    A very serious issue. This must be investigated soon.

  • kaalchakra

    Sunny, that is quite an unfair question to ask Pakistanis.Recommend

  • suneeta

    My question Is to freaking sorry ass Indian government…..you have given so much freedom to all these Muslims in India but yet you don’t want to help your Hindus in Pakistan. Hindus in Pakistan can’t move to India because they are poor….but Hindustan in name of shree krishna
    Please help HINDUS IN PAKISTAN.Recommend

  • http://google Dr Priyanka

    @Dr.Sumaira Adnan:
    What action are you talking about? I did not understand your statement sorry! Could you be more explicit and clear please?Recommend

  • http://google Dr Priyanka

    You are talking nonsense!! Recommend

  • Ali Tanoli

    If this is true then its a shame for pakistan kapil i am with u man.
    But i do know that some Hindus are doing fine in pakistan ever heard of Dilpasand sweet shop in Three talwar clifton karachi it is own by one Hindu pakistani and he is from shikarpur
    sindh and there sweet is the best in whole pakistan.
    and i also know that some of hindus families migrated to india little while ago from Mir pur mathilo and mirpur khas area but they came back because of castes problem in india is very bad and i know and feel sorry for upper sindh peoples whether hindus or muslims they are slaves in the hands of fuedals of sindhs shamfully.Recommend

  • http://www.usmanasif.wordpress.com Usman Asif

    It is always sad to read such incidents. The most sad part is the denial our state is in. Media, politicians, and even us, the majority tend to dig our heads under earth pretending nothing is happening.

    We failed Jinnah, we failed our beliefs basic pillars, we failed Pakistan and we failed our fellow human beings. There is nothing else to say to such gruesome acts.

    My grandparents tells of their sikh neighbours being their friends. Joining each others festivities. And then we hear of forced conversations.

    And then you have the outfits wihch kill our minorities. They rally under the name of Difa-e-Pakistan Coouncil, preaching hate, war and threatening our own nationals. They stand side by side with established politicians and politicial parties. How can we possible expect that our minorities will find relief in such a state?Recommend

  • Pirzado Azhar ayaz

    Dear kapil,
    This is good write up to bring the issue to limelight but it’s not enough. In the dirty peoples’ world of organised crime, we need to work more esp minorities have to create space for themselves. If you expect anyhing from fanatics of Bharchondi, PPP’s freak leadership, or “popularly unpopular CJ” then you’re on the wrong side of the river…..I am with you and I count myself in the silent majority which cherishes equal rights for all citizens of Pak regardless of any differences of creed, caste, race, sect and affiliation…
    Rinkle is not one..many Rinkles end up unheard in our part of the world…We need bigger change that could bring us with a face which is not tarnished with horrendous acts of injustice..Recommend

  • Deb

    These people are animals fit to be kept in a cage in some zoo in Siberia.Recommend

  • Rajendra Kalkhande

    Cries of helpless woman have brought down empires and India’s history is full of such incidences. Just to put the records straight, let us start from Mahabharat. Queen Gandhari was picked up forcefully by Bishma Pitamah and married to blind king Dhritrashtra. Her brother Shakuni mama played key role n destroying Hashtinapur kingdom. Also we all know the treatment Dropdi received and the resulting war. There was an all around destruction. Then we know what happened to Lank of Ravan because he picked up Mata Seeta by force. His entire family was killed in war. When Arabs started invading India, they used to take women back to the harems back home. Raja dahir’s daughters were taken back to Baghdad. It is well documented that Dahir’s daughters payed key role in getting Bin Qasim killed. Custom of “Johar” ( burning themselves) started in Rajputana just to save women’s honor from invading Islamic armies. Let us hope better sense prevails in Pakistan and justice is done, Time to take lessons from history to avoid future destruction of the society and possibly the nation as a whole. Recommend

  • Jahanzeb Khan

    This entire debate is missing the one basic point that it is a LAW & ORDER issue to start with. Before even going to the girl’s conversion to Islam there is another big issue here which is a prime crime here and that is ABDUCTION. To start with, it’s an ABDUCTION case in which unfortunately Whoever he is (Mian Mithu), the local MNA is involved. This criminal has no religion because in what religion it is written that you abduct people for ransom? Once this is established that this criminal Mian Mithu , a PPP Member of Assembly or any other person has committed a crime by abducting a girl., FIR must be registered and girl must be recovered regardless of she accepted Islam or not and given to the parents. Because a criminal who abduct a girl is a criminal and has nothing to do with Islam or it’s values. Any of his action can not be treated Islamic. So, whatever he claims is false .Girl must be recovered and this criminal and others with him along with the Mullah who converted her knowing that it was being done by force, must also be arrested , trialed and Punished.Local court and high court or even Supreme court must take Sou Moto on this. All those abductors must be given harsh punishments and years of Jail and asked to pay compensation to the family. Media should also raise their voices for all such abductions in Sindh and elsewhere. Unfortunately, We haven ever seen such a worse Law and Order Situation in Pakistan History. Musharraf Era was good because such criminals could never dare such atrocities.Recommend

  • narayana murthy

    Perhaps you all can download the soft copy of the book LAJJA by Taslima Nasreen.

    Please read the book.Recommend

  • Senthilman

    Don’t bring Islam in to this, these actions are done by Pakistanis. Islam got nothing to do with this. These animals use Islam name to satisfy their instincts, if not Islam they would have found other means. I request not make this as a religious issue but a Human one.Recommend

  • Annonymous

    Can anybody critique the statement given by Ms. Faryal in the court that, “Naveed, I didn’t know that you would be given the such punishment of our love”; Ms. Faryal was intended to convert but the way naveed’s friends did was the wrong way. Recommend

  • http://USA John B

    History hardly gives an example wherein a majority stood up for the minority rights. It is always the minority who fought for their rights amidst majority oppression.

    Like it or not PAK is a Muslim country. It is in her DNA, ideology, and in constitution.

    Majority in Pakistan are not interested in minority plight, especially if they happen to indicate Pakistan’s past association with India, and Hindu’s are a symbol of Pakistan’s past association with India. As such, PAK is least bothered and will always find justification for forced kidnapping and forced conversion.

    Until there is a total revolution from ground up in PAK as in China, France, Germany, etc., of modern history, nothing drastically is going to happen and minorities in PAK have to live with constant struggle.

    Alternatively, the minorities in PAK have to unite on a single platform, setting aside their caste and prejudices and fight for their rights. Recommend

  • Vinayak

    Many people would have kept quiet out of shame, if this kind of thing had happened to their sister. It is heartening to see people like you. I hope you get your sister back, and I hope the criminal who abducted her is punished.Recommend

  • Wonderer
  • Seed

    Oh, just so you know, the girl had eloped with the guy and was not forcefully converted to Islam. She loved the guy and wanted to marry him. Please go ahead and research. Grr!Recommend

  • sanjay

    kapil we proud of you…………………Recommend

  • dv sikka

    Blame India’s so called hindu leaders like Gandhi and Nehru who betrayed the hindus of Pakistan. These anti-hindu sadists are the real shameless culprits. Imagine Gandhi being called a Mahatma. a man who did not care for the suffering and lives of millions of hindus in Pakistan. Those who went to India became second class citizens there, those who remained have become faceless destitutes. Was it Azadi or Barbadi.Recommend

  • http://www.kumarcommunity.com Jamshoo Lakhani

    I think that is the time to stand up All hindus and collect them on a one platform to fight for his rights. If we don’t do anything then they think we are not brave and not do any thing.
    It is my request to all hindus to estabilished a official commety that work for hindu rights.
    And it is my request to all hindu ministers to work for all hindus with honesty and sincerely.

    In commety we talk and make a president and set some goals(points) and present those points towards government and also approve from government

    I request to all my hindus brothers,mothers,sisters to recite Shrimad Bhagwat Gita,Ramayan
    -best books that how to spent life.Recommend

  • Raghav

    This is one in the many instances one knows and reads about regarding forced conversion. This goes against the grain of any open society. As for those wanting to believe the girl converted of her own will, in that case i guess the same principle must apply to those who are born Muslim but wish to convert to other faiths, but they are decalred apostates and therefore considered worthy of being hanged.This is hypocracy personified!!!Recommend

  • http://India vasan

    dv sikka : There must be an iota of truth when u write the comments. What do u think Gandhi or Nehru should have done for Pakistani hindus, Build a temple or give life long pension? They were welcome to migrate to India during partition, Those who have come to India are leading an excellent life in proportion to their effort and education. Even in down south, we have sindhi migrants from Pakistan who are doing very well. The migrants from Pakistan are not second class citizens,. But at the same time they are not some gods for us to worship. They are are Indian citizens like everyone else. Compare that to the position in Pakistan. The mujahirs from UP etc have to fight violently to their current position in Karachi, The biharis who went over to East Pakistan are stateless citizens. And u have the gumption to blame India/Gandhi/Nehru etc. But in India we praise Nehru and Gandhi for their efforts to get us freedom and for their leadership. In a way, of late, we praise Jihhah more even though his role in getting the freedom was nothing compared to Gandhi. After all he got Pakistan and thank god we are not part of the violent, religiously indoctrinated mob of muslims of Pakistan who claim to follow Islam but do exactly opposite.Recommend

  • Tazz

    And Muslims wonder why they have a bad name around the world.Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com/ Anoop

    Kapil, just be glad that the entire Hindu community wasn’t held hostage to these brutes and Pakistan was created to vent out those feelings.

    Pakistan is all aspects is a failed experiment. You cant help much if that experiment was conducted even after stern warnings by those of knowledge that this situation is inevitable. The very ideology of Pakistan says 2 set of Human Beings are different, so different that they cannot live together. When the foundation is itself so shaky, you cant do much about the entire structure.

    Get out while you can!Recommend

  • http://pakistani-edu.blogspot.com Usman Shahid

    Everything is going bad to worse in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Dilawar Khan

    Dear Kapil,

    I am agree with u that, there should be a law to protect the rights of minorities and there is a need to take strict actions against these incidents. But i would like to ask u one thing that if any Hindu or other non Muslim become Muslim by willing is it crime??

    I come to know that Rinkle Kumari accepted Islam by her willing & her parents wants to change her religion forcefully. Local court judge give 2 hours time to her parents for the meeting with Rinkle Kumari, they tried to convinced but she didn’t agreed to go back to her old home, after that court give decision in the favor of Rinkle Kumari that, she is Muslim as per her own statement and she can go to her new home.

    Dear Kapil, there are lot of cases in India that Muslim girls married with Hindu, if you remember Sanjay Dutt’s mother was a Muslim women.

    Please see the both side of the picture, u should inquire from Rinkle Kumari if she claims that forcefully she is converted to Islam in that case we all are with u to fight against this kind of incidents but if she has accepted Islam by his own willing in that case you should also respects her thoughts. Recommend

  • suneel

    @Malik Amir:
    Would you accept if it happens with any Muslim girl??Recommend

  • Ameet dev narwani

    first of all nice and appreciable work as usual by u bro… really its a hazardous situation for minorities of pakistan, and more hazardous is that this is all happening in Sindh too ( the land of Sufis, the land of Shah latif)… they are the real aborigines of sindh and now continuously being targeted through different conspiracies.. Recommend

  • kaalchakra

    Dear Dilawar Khan, those are the best arguments from a Pakistani Muslim. One so wishes these Hindus like Kapil would let Muslims like you speak for them. It’s sad that Pakistani Hindus and other minorities don’t trust Muslims as they trusted Mr Jinnah. The rest of mankind simply hopes Pakistan becomes a country of your dreams.Recommend

  • Sippy

    I really feel bad for the victims if they are actually forced to do smthn against their will, but I think such articles are just ruining the image of Islam and muslims,islam is not a religion of force but peace and tranquility,I believe the writer should be courteous enough to atleast clear the idea that this is not what Islam stands for but few fanatics of this country are ruining the image of the religion Islam and also causing harm to Hindu brothers,the writer did mention about saudi being a better place but it hardly conveys the idea of Islam being the fair religion. In addition I believe the writer hasn’t done justice by mentioning that many would believe that they’ve earned paradise by converting hindu into muslim,sorry to say but their a big “NO” to this statement because we can only earn paradise if the non muslim converts to our religion himself and better if after getting impressed by the lifestyle that our beautiful religion offers and causing any kind of harm to anyone is a sin in our religion and punished by Allah almighty. Saying that since I am a Hindu writer so uncertain about the importance given,being a writer pls don’t enter the self pity mode and talk about the issue only ! ThanxRecommend

  • sujata

    this is ridiculous, Mr.Kapil its not easy to go to any other country thr r sum financial issues n which country will acept us…me being an Hindu and pakistani we are afraid of this but then how can we move when we don’t hav resources….govt will not do anything and people are scared to take any step…Recommend

  • sujata


    Shifting to another country is not easy, people don’t have food to eat how will they bring money and from where to move country to another, Me being an Hindu and Pakistani I know this is a shameless thing but in the end who will accept us if we go to any other country, this is a shameless thing which is happening in interior and frightening for Hindus, Govt will not do anything that’s for sure..This is a torture Recommend

  • http://India vasan

    sujata : Madam : I feel sorry for your predicament. Asylum seeking, good education, migrating for job after improving one’s skills, arranged marriages are the many ways by which people migrate. I have migrated to Australia long ago on prof skills/education and came back to India, I had opportunity to meet lot of migrants from Srilanka towards the end of my stay there. Each had his own story/version of they came. Some came direct, some came via some other country They were cooks. artisans, professionals and all kinds of backgrounds. Good luck in your search for a peaceful life.Recommend

  • http://none vikash

    that’s why hindus are migrating.
    i don’t know why these people force to change the religion?
    not only rinkle but also many girls are kidnap.Recommend

  • Mohan lal

    Matter is not like that Rinkle Kumari eloped with his lover Mr. Shah i am Govt Laywer and i witnessed the Girl she is 20 years old and not forcibly converted she tells she want to convert and marry Mr. Shah and both take refuge in PPP MLA’s resident also a religeouse leader from their relitives where the girl converted to islam. She tells court that her parents want to marry her to 55 years old man who is her father’s friend and help her father with money investment in business. She says she will commit sucide if anybody seprate her from her husband.
    Mohan Lal adv Sindh high CourtRecommend

  • from India

    In India, the Muslims adopt love jihad …in Pakistan they use force . And, what astonishes me is that the Muslim liberals remain silent and only talks when Islam is being compared to terror. Even forced conversion is a form of terrorism.Recommend

  • AIN

    If you are hindu, parsi, sikh, Christen or even Ahmedi or Shia….you should leave Pakistan & if you can not migrate outside the country then wait for your call of being victimized… All the above mentioned are third class citizen here..

    Here at Pakistan there is no humanity .Islam meant for humanity but these religious clerics are shaping a different Islam with no harmony & all such actions will eventually lead this society to destruction itself…just wait and watchRecommend

  • Xohaib

    @ Naryana Murthi

    Go get help than from any where you want to straighten the facts and your sick mind against muslims. we condemn this incident as narrated by the author (if its true) whole heartedly..
    Its a shame for all hindus living in india if they agree or support what you wrote in your comment… and what about Hinduism’s oppressive caste system. … untouchables, dalit/low caste hindus who with their own will are converting to Islam and Christianity becasuse the way they are treated by upper class hindus living in india…

    Check these links

    As a result of their conversion to Islam & Christianity , you people start burning muslims and christians alive…so… why you are blaming the other religions for your own religious short comings

    All monorities (esp Muslims) in india including christians are suffering like anything..
    Do you know Dr. Graham Stuart ? He had been working in Orissa among the tribal poor and especially with leprosy patients since 1965, Australian Christian missionary who along with his two sons Philip (aged 10) and Timothy (aged 6) were burnt to death by a gang while sleeping in his station wagon at Manoharpur village in Keonjhar district in Orissa, India on January 1999….

    We condemn what author narrates in the article, but please just google about attrocities against muslim, christians and dalits in so called democratix india.. and judge your self.Recommend

  • Rsingh1200

    Every Indian Muslim should read this.Recommend

  • Nuzhat Kidvai

    @Ali: Why Ali? Why not be ashamed of being a Muslim? The person is only expressing their extreme grief, that being a Muslim, what does one say to our fellow citizen brothers & sisters who are being humiliated, tortured, killed, raped, abused, in this country?

    Can any non-Muslim believe that Muslims living in this country are really concerned? They cannot believe it because we have not risen against those who commit heinous crimes in the name of Islam.

    These criminals are claiming that Islam makes it incumbent upon them to commit these acts. Despite hearing this we have not risen against these criminals to defend Islam against the lie.

    Everyone keeps saying that “Islam is a religion of peace & no Muslim can do such a thing”. Them make those who are doing these acts declare themselves non-Muslims.

    They need to be caught, stand trial and punished under the law. This is not happening, because the majority of the Muslims believe in committing these crimes against our non-Muslim citizens. That is what sensitive Muslims are ashamed of – the highjacking of Islam by criminals and our own silence.

    Let us rise together to declare them non-Muslim & non-Pakistanis officially.
    Let all their rights as citizens be taken away from these criminals, as they have taken away the rights of our innocent fellow citizens. Recommend

  • Xohaib

    hats off to Mr. Mohan Lal for telling all of us other side of the storyRecommend

  • Nuzhat Kidvai

    @khan: Khan Sahab, Muslims should be ashamed instead of your saying to Hindus that they mustn’t blame Muslims. Do give us examples of the hundreds of Muslims who have died for peace? You yourself are an example of one who refuses to see, though you have eyes, refuses to hear the cries of those in pain, though you have ears to hear, refuses to understand the cruelties & abuses being inflicted by Muslims, though you have a brain to think!

    Your inability to acknowledge the wrongness of the deeds of Muslims in Pakistan is where the trouble lies. That is what is destroying this country and making it hell for normal Muslims and people of all other religions.
    We all have the misfortune & shame to be alive in this period of cruelties inflicted in the name of Islam by Muslims. Recommend

  • Naveed Vardak

    We have been in the Dark Ages, even thought we felt otherwise. It is due to that our world is in the Ascension Process. Thanks to our Creator & all the helpers.Recommend

  • kaalchakra

    Why was my post congratulating Mr Sippy for being a true Muslim and Pakistani and praising the beauty of Islamic deen was not published? Please publish it. Thank you.Recommend

  • ravi

    save rinkle kumari and save minority,minorities are the assets on pakistan plz save them,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Recommend

  • Manoj Kumar

    Dear friends, we for going for token hunger strike on 08.03.2012 at press club karachi. from 1.30 to 4 pm….if anyone wants to join,,we will be pleased to see your support.Recommend

  • Phil Mason

    Shameful indeed. However, even though in theory Pakistan’s constitution and state talk a lot about ‘defending’ minority rights, it is in practice and implementation that it really lags behind. Coercion, denial of the fundamental freedom of worship and belief etc are lacking–and this is but one single individual’s case. I know of several recent examples in North and North-West Pakistan where whole populations have been thus coerced or their places of worship have been denied them or practice/s blocked end so on (2010-2012). A very recent example is the destruction of the ‘Shiva Temple’ in the city of Abbottabad in end-2011.

    Its indeed true, when even Moslem is slaying Moslem, how can the state guarantee anyone’s safety or rights? The whole country is a bigoted mess.Recommend

  • KDP

    @Dr.Sumaira Adnan:

    Is Venna forcefully converted to Hinduism?Recommend