Confessions of a Humsafar fan girl

Published: March 5, 2012

Now that Humsafar has ended, what will I look forward to on Saturdays? PHOTO: PUBLICITY

The most popular show in the history of Pakistan television (with a TRP rating of 7.6) came to an end on Saturday, and the whole country went crazy.

It was only when the electricity at my house suddenly went at 8:05 that I realised that I was a a Humsafar fan girl.  I called KESC begging them to restore the electricity. Why? Because I had to watch the last episode of Humsafar. My pleas however fell on deaf ears and I had to convince my family to go to our uncle’s house so that we could find out if Ashar and Khirad live happily ever after or not.

What exactly makes this show so popular?

Honestly, even a crazy fan girl like me can admit that the story is typical. It is a simple tale of a “maasoom” girl and a rich handsome prince, with lots of evil characters to add some spice, but despite the predictable story and characters I was still hooked.

Of course the cast played a huge part. No female in Pakistan could get enough of Ashar, played by the very talented and good looking Fawad Afzal Khan while all the boys had eyes for our VJ turned actresses Mahira Khan (Khirad) and Naveen Waqar (Sara).

The romance was sizzling, the chemistry between the lead characters worth praising. Every time Ashar would hold Khirad’s hand, I felt like I was a kid watching a scene out of a fairy tale  where the prince would sweep the princess in his arms and give her a kiss.  All this worked well because of good direction, dialogues, producer’s input and of course the amazing OST by Quratulain Balouch.

“The perfect ending” that we got to see on Saturday made it the best finale I have ever seen on Pakistani television. The last scene was pure magic! Ashar and Khirad stared in to each others with intense love. The scene made up for all the episodes where they were apart.

I always wished that Farida (Atiqa Odho) the villain of the show would meet her just desserts and I’m glad that she got what she deserved. However, I have to say the play humanized her in the scene in which Ashar expressed unconditional love for his mother.  When Farida looked at her granddaughter and called her a ‘fairy’ I almost had tears in my eyes.

I also wanted Ashar to kill Khizar but that didn’t happen, so much for wishing for an evil character’s death. Sara, crazy and psychotic though, was missed in the last episode and it was actually nice to see her haunting Farida in the end.

All in all, Humsafar has taken our  industry to a whole new level and started a new era in our drama industry. The team did a brilliant job and ended the show in great style, pleasing audiences country wide. The live transmission after the last episode just added to to my excitement.

However now that it has ended, I seriously don’t know what to do – I guess I’ll just wait for another show to turn into Humsafar and till then enjoy watching Mata-e-Jaan, a new drama on Hum TV that looks very promising.



Sonia Tahir

Sonia Tahir

An undergraduate at the Institute of Business Management, Sonia is passionate about dancing, writing and watching television.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Adeel Qureshi

    Get a life please! It was just a serial!Recommend

  • NaveKhan

    I am more then 100% agreed with above all what has been written for Hamsafar but i would recommend one thing for future dramas that they should run a subtitle every single dialogue so it can attract English speaking audience and our dramas like Hamsafar can get international recognization. Recommend

  • Corrupt

    “However now that it has ended, I seriously don’t know what to do….”
    Woh Humsafar Tha. :'(Recommend

  • asad

    well written and a refreshing piece to read. glad you salvaged some sort of good old tv entertainment when the law and order and price hikes makes our days gloomy. yes mata-e-jaan has the potential to be just as good :)Recommend

  • Blah!


  • fawwad

    This was a sorry excuse for a drama.All it did was to promote regressive stereotypes about women in our society.All this drama did was to damage another generation of pakistani girls.they were taught how they are worthless themselves,their only worth coming from claiming the prize of a man.All the women in this drama did be it as a mother,wife or friend was to fight to get a man’s affection to complete their lives.the terrible and wildly popular pakistani stereotypes of the jeans tshirt clad evil working girl sara,the head covered,seedhi saadi masoom bichari ,perpetually in tears khirad and the evil NGO aunty working her evil ways.

    the amount of girls admiring a man who threw out his wife on suspicion of being involved with another man shows how much self hate is prevalent in our female population.All this drama was ,was a propaganda vehicle for patriarchy and misogyny.All it achieved is to convince girls that your only value in this world comes from the value given to you by a man,you girls are nothing on your own.Recommend

  • Naveed

    “Woh Humsafar Tha” song and background sad music make it popular in emotional women. Nothing else :P Recommend

  • sana Choudhry

    Our nation is crazy it was just an ok drama….Recommend

  • Citizen

    Phew ! (Relief) Glad its over . My FB news feed wont be filled with Hamsafar episode reviews on Saturdays.
    P.S i was not a Hamsafar fan ! Recommend

  • Ali Tipu

    I like QB’s voice and the title song more than the drama itself. Could never watch more than 5 minutes of this idiotic fairytale. Developed some absurd stereotypes that real life has nothing to do with.Recommend

  • reality

    It was just a drama with lesson ……………..Always Respect your MOTHER (if she is good or…..)Recommend

  • bilal

    lolz.funny article…..i read it for laugh and got it after reading the comments ……Recommend

  • fatima

    As someone mentioned here, its extremely disturbing that so many girls love a male character who has such double standards that he himself has been ‘bachpan ka dost’ and ‘best friends’ with a girl all his life but gets all pissed off because his wife is hanging out with a boy and is later perfectly willing to throw his wife out of his life at a mere suspicion…. the regressive, black and white stereotypes of the evil, modern, westernized woman vs the duppatta clad shareef traditional girl, the good looking hero who doesnt have to be nice to be desirable all in a way have set back pakistani drama narratives by at least half a century. Hasina moin’s dramas produced 30 years ago were more progressive than this…

    fyi the last scene was not pure magic, it was pure cheesiness. and i dont know if you’ve noticed but the two lead characters had been spending an awful lot of time just staring at each other with instrumental music playing in the background throughout the serial… really nothing new for these two…Recommend

  • reality

    it was just a drama with lesson ………………Always Respect your Mother(if she is good or………….) Recommend

  • abdul moiz

    This show exposed the self loathing mindset of girls in pakistani society.swooning over a man who treated his wife like dirt,appreciating the pathetic pleading,crying,attempts at providing clarifications by mahira’s character are all indicative of a mind that’s convinced of the superiority of males over females.Even with all the education,our girls remain trapped in the self loathing mindset of females of the dark ages.

    Instead of setting role models of strong,independent,self reliant women in our dramas,our directors have reduced women to nothing but wailing,crying,begging, tear machines who can’t do or achieve anything on their own.Recommend

  • Silent Observer

    I didn’t watch a single episode of HUMSAFAR & still breathing…!!!Recommend

  • house of talent

    it’s lovely nd pure love base drama which got enough publicity nd actor/actress got full of fans very well performed acting in this serial by fawad khan,,,,,,;)Recommend

  • Faraz

    I never watched a single episode but no matter how good it may have been I am sure that the present day private productions cannot go beyond the typical flavors of a STAR PLUS touch of family ties and the agonies of a relationship. Anyone calling it the best ever needs to grow up. Our Dramas from the 70’s to the late 90’s aired on PTV held the torch high enough to force Bollywood Legends such as Dilip Kumar and Raj Kapoor to watch and praise them. If you and you generation never watched Ankahi, Tanhaiyan, Waaris, Dhoop Kinaray, Dhuan, Sunehrey din, Khuda Ki basti and Sooraj k saath saath then dont just come out claiming that you probably have WATCHED THE BEST because we ( The viewers of PTV from yesteryears) believe you have MISSED THE BEST!Recommend

  • Omair Mohyuddin

    the writer seriousllyyy needs to GET A LIFE!!!Recommend

  • I agree with AbdulMoiz, Fatima and Fawwad

    I never watched a single episode Recommend

  • alicia

    Get over hamsafar. There are tens of sas bahu masala serials on the tv these days. Just watch one of them.Plus the last scene was sooooo corny. I mean really really corny.

    The PTV dramas in early 2000’s and 90’s were by far the best Pakistan has ever produced. No drama can ever reach to their heights. They are still extremely enjoyable and entertaining.Recommend

  • alicia

    Just to add I don’t think the lead Mahira khan is a good actress. She is just a gora chitta pretty face. I was really unimpressed by her acting. On basis of pure talent she is nowhere near as good as odho or fawad afzal khan.Recommend

  • M.Wolverien

    No doubt that humsafar was really well produced.. But its definatly not the ‘best’ seriel in pak history!!!Recommend

  • Xtreme

    I have NO IDEA whats good with this show AT ALL. It’s just seems like an even crappier version of twilight to me(without wolves ofc). Of course I am biased because I ABSOLUTELY DETEST love stories tv shows.Recommend

  • ahsan

    I didn’t see a single episode of this drama . but i’ll download whole drama on Torrent….. Humsafar song is simply awesome…..Recommend

  • Foreigner

    Why are all the people who “haven’t watched a single episode”, or “don’t like love stories” commenting?…..

    Haters get a life. If there is a good piece of work, it would be nice to appreciate and promote it. And if you don’t know about it, then show some humility and keep your mouth shut. How is this country going to progress if all of u have nothing to do but bash hard work…

    Anyway, I don’t watch Pakistani dramas much but I did see this and it was fantastic. The acting and direction made the drama. Good job, this is a good step is reviving an art that is truly Pakistani Recommend

  • Foreigner

    Twilight doesn’t come close. Actually this is what Twilight should have been but wasn’t. Those actors could take a few lessons from the acting of the Humsafar cast.Recommend

  • ayesha

    @Faraz: I tend to agree with you. I am an Indian and had loved Dhoop Kinarey, Tanhaiyan, Ankahee. I haven’t watched the others you mentioned and will check them out if available on You-tube.

    I did check out a few shows of Humsafar since I saw so much oohing and aahing but was underwhelmed. Don’t get me wrong the acting was good but the plot was totally unoriginal. As some other people have mentioned, the stereotyping of the working woman, dupatta covered seedha girl, NGO woman etc. were alsosomething that made this serial fairly banal.

    Still the channel was successful in its intent since it clearly pleased the target audience.Recommend

  • ayesha

    @Anonymous: “shar didnt throw Khirad out, it was his mother!”

    He may not have but he did not listen to Khirad’s khala when she tried to tell him Khirad was innocent. HE also continued to avoid her calls by pretending not to be in office and finally when he took it, he insulted Khirad. To doubt someone you claim to love so much without even once trying to get a clarification when you yourself have always have a childood best friend whom you continue to meet is definitely hypocritical.

    Even when he found about about the daughter’s existence, he swooped in and said you will live with me. Not once did he ask Khirad’s permission – the mother who had not only given her birth but raised her single handed for 4 years.Definitely NOT a role model.

    And actually his agreeing to marry Khirad and ditch Sara was not very nice either after having led Sara up the garden path. Khirad could have found shelter in the mama’s home as a niece instead of a a bahu and he could have suggested that to his father. The fact that he continued to meet Sara even after her first suicide attempt when it must be clear that she was still pining for him shows how selfish he was.

    So yes as you can see from my descriptions, I did watch a few shows and do feel that the show re-inforced MCP stereotypes. When you see the empowered and dignified Zoya in Dhoop Kinare, you will know the difference between her and Khirad.Recommend

  • fan of Humsafar

    guys appreciate the good piece of art…..the drama had strong script and good direction….the fresh new faces on the TV screen are like THANDI HAWA KA JHONKA….
    when you watch any indian/hollywood movie,the criticism is not so acute then why with our own produced PAKISTANI PLAY…Recommend


    Well you guys are acting like people are perfect in pakistani society and that nothing bad ever happens. All this drama has shown me is human nature!! People from all walks of life are not perfect and make mistakes in relationships. No one thought Sara was evil…we actually felt bad for her in the end, so how is that a stereotypical western evil vamp. We understood her feelings just like we did Ashars and Khirads. Khirad did not beg Ashar to take her back, after the birth of her child she stayed away for 4 years. Even when Ashar was begging her, she stayed resilient and went back to her aunts home. But for crying out loud they had a child together, and many couples for the sake of their child sacrifice and and try to fix their problems. Ashar did make mistakes but so do lots of people, and that is what they have shown. He also suffered at the hands of his evil mother, and everyone deserves a second chance. IF Allah can forgive people for all the sins they do, who are humans. Khirad forgave him for the sake of her child, with her self respect intact, he was the one who needed her. That doesnt show me male Dominance!Recommend

  • Madiha Aftab

    A soft romantic emotional simple and beautiful drama, with awesome song. It was a good drama for drama lovers.Recommend

  • Lalarukh

    Someone was talking about the stereotypes that a dupatta clad woman is shown good and westerenized girl is evil,but you can’t deny the fact that majority of people in Pakistan and even the Pakistanis in western countries think that dupatta clad girls who talk in Urdu or are educated from govt schools and colleges are “paindus”opressed who don’t know how to move in society as compared to girls who wear western outfits are educated from abroad and speak in a British or American accent or a fake accent.Those girls who are doing just ordinary jobs nobody is impressed by them,doesn’t matter how much they are contributing to the society.Unfortunately we still have that slave mentality,we don’t give that respect to our language,dress and values which it deserves.In Humsafar they tried to show that type of people.Recommend

  • Mariyah Khan

    so what was the whole point behind writting all of that ?
    was it an over view of the seriel? and your confession is…? LAME!Recommend

  • Kamran

    I couldn’t help but finally comment on this. I don’t reside in Pakistan and watched humsafar and loved it. What made humsafar apart was its simplicity, innocence and excellent direction. There was no over exaggeration of scenes, all in all the common Pakistani could easily relate to it. But I have this big complain now. On this show after the last episode, where the cast gets the chance to acknowledge and thank the audience, your leading couple is supposed to live up to their stature. WHY in the name of GOD’s beautiful creatures did Mahira and Khan talk in ENGLISH in their final thank you speech. I was absolutely distraught. Half of the Pakistanis did not even understand what they said? Do they still relate to audiences now? I had believed that Humsafar was not targeting the elite or the educated middle class. But such action force me to say that with popularity comes a bit of self indulgence. People will say I am making a big deal of this. But it is true. Look at Sara, she addressed majorly in Urdu. Humsafar is a global phenomenon now, and the one word it is associated with is Pakistan. If you are on a national platform where you can for the last time talk to your beloved audience for the love they gave you, you better stick to your identity. Please do not show us that your are spoilt burgers or whatever. We have loved you for the people you are. Give Urdu the respect it deserves. And be proud of it.Recommend

  • zinzi

    This was a pathetic drama. They changed so much from the novel, but they chose to retain the ‘Ager aap kehtin tou mein Khirad ko talaaq de deta’ bit from Ashar to his mother. Which shows that Khirad, even till the end, was a worthless character, no matter what she did. A progressive drama would’ve been the one in which Ashar would say that his wife was a wonderful, strong willed intelligent woman, whom he shouldnt have left no matter what his mother or anyone else said. A woman who would complete her education that was left incomplete due to a suspicion. Seriously, all this drama did was to enforce stereotypes. Pathetic.Recommend

  • Sumaiya Hasan

    Lets stop discussing about this useless drama called Humsafar..Its not even worth discussing..Not worth watching, not worth discussing really..Recommend

  • humsafar fan

    then why you liked the stuff which filled your news feed with humsafar :PRecommend

  • Sarah Haider

    First it was Facebook, now its Humsafar.
    Bahar aajao logon TV se, and jaan chhor do humsafar kiii. Recommend

  • Awais Ch

    WTH… it was full of depression and congested mindedness blah blah blah…. just a 4 or 5 character drama revolving around just 1 central idea but no doubt cast was graceful, they acted well and QB also rocked!!!Recommend

  • Awais Ch


    Exactly, i totally agree with you! i still remember drama serial RAHAIN, ALPHA BRAVO CHARLIE, ANGAR WADI, BOOTA FROM TOBA TEK SINGH etc etc, these were the real drama serials.Recommend

  • h

    didn’t know desi guys with insight like this existed, thought they were all ashars. thanks for speaking up. Recommend

  • Saad Sheikh

    I hope most of the girls here knows that this drama was based on a novel. very popular one.Recommend

  • sara

    “I had believed that Humsafar was not targeting the elite or the educated middle class.”

    Lol that made me laugh. The drama is shot in a extremely lavish house with a huge inbuilt swimming pool, a couple of nookars and drivers. The lead actor has studied from US and the heroines clothes are worth hundreds of rupees.The stuff that goes on half of the time e.g. Ashar and sara’s friendship, The mother-in law’s working life, khirad and khizar talking on the phone etc. is not even acceptable for most pakistanis.
    You still think that hamsafar targets the ghareeb ghurba and people from villages?

    Overall I found the main male character to be extremely hypocritical and idiotic. So its okay to have a bachpan ki dost yourself, its OK to go to parties with her, go and stay in the hotel with her etc. But if your wife talks to a guy she deserves to be thrown out of the house.
    The only really captivating thing was that girl playing khirad (no matter how terrible her acting was) had a gora gora chehra and the guy ashar was pretty decent looking as well. And then secondly the amazingly huge house, the breath taking cars etc. the material stuff everyone wants was in the drama which is why most audiences held their breath and waited for saturday’s. Recommend

  • F.K

    4 me the only reas0n behind the success of DRAMA!!!!Recommend

  • Manal siddiqui

    @ author : grow up!!! Please!!!! The drama was directed v well n kudos to miss Baluch for the enchanting voice , but can women please stop reenact naveenwaqr? Sheesh it was a drama not a reality show!!!! Get over it!!!! Sigh and et please stop publishing all this!!! Is our nation so deluded and lOvelorn that no purpose after humsafar seems to be left?? Crying over fictional characters esP the good lOoking farad and farfetched khirad is making me sick in reality!!! There were other dramas and there will be more so readrers authors watchers….. Move on!!! Tge cheques of Tge authors have been delivered n crying your eye ducts out is of no use. Adios!Recommend

  • Red

    Never watched Humsafar…still happy it’s over! :pRecommend

  • Parifari

    Well! i do not agree with fawwad,fatima and abdul moiz type ppl! These are frustated guys that did not watch humsafar and nw pasing cheap coments! Humsafar was a nice sweet romantic drama with a simple storyline,but the acting and direction made it a hype and really it is a lovely drama,ppl watch it for entertainment and liked it,and it is jst a drama yar then y frustated ppl like fawad,abul moiz and fatima are getng ovr? Stay out of the popularity of humsafar if u ppl cnt apreciate the product! Humsafar was the evr best drama of pakistan.Recommend

  • Super Eye

    Overwhelmed by its popularity, I finally mustered up courage to watch its first four episodes on youtube and GOD …. I was so disappointed. It was so pathetically cliched that God knows how i sat through those four agonizing episodes.

    Its seems to be a desi version of twilight and may be good for hormonal teens or aunties sitting idle at home but didn’t worth all this hype !!!Recommend

  • Parifari

    Helo super eye and al othrs who have similar views! Humsafar drama was nt made for boring kind of ppl like u,u ppl are leading a boring life so u dnt like any entertaining shw and if u dnt like it den dnt watch it simpl! Humsafar drama was nt only 4 teens and aunties! Rather pakistanis from al ovr the world watchd the drama includng all age groups! It was jst an entertaining shw,that broke al the records,so plz dnt give ur meaningles views,If ur choice is soooo boring den dnt watch the drama smpl! So plz get a life:-)Recommend

  • flora

    I agree 100% with FAWWAD.Recommend

  • flora

    I also agree with fatima and abdul moizRecommend

  • flora

    zinzi was right too till the end khiraad meant nothing to ashar.Recommend

  • naina

    humsafar was a nice romantic cooll drama for the sensible 1s not for these guys basinggg
    the story the music the direction the presentation omg owsum love it a krak slap to the haters nd bashersRecommend

  • Sarmad

    its just same old crap….pakistan trying to “impersonate’ india…but this time they got lucky by using sexy, adorable, pretty cast….peope were bored with hunayun saeds, noman ijazzs n all that old crap so they goot something new to watch ….n main thing was such a CUWEET couple mahira n fawad..Starplus like pakistani dramas that got their peak after indus tv and geo were lauched…they were getting boring but Humsafar has given them new life..n i think for next 4-5 years new drms like this with good looking cast will be coming n sorry to say but i wanna watch it coz these are pretty girls….its like what MOLLA JUTT did to punjabi cinemaRecommend

  • nayyara naseer

    i am the BIGGEST fan of HUMSAFAR!!! it is the best best best best drama film industry…….no no no…………humanity can ever produce!!!! the reason for its success:
    —wonderful direction
    —tremendous co-operation
    —awesome storyline
    —exotic acting
    —romantic chemistry between ashar and khirad
    —the best OST ever!!!
    —fawad again!!!!
    this drama is the best one ever
    no matter what you do
    and i will not criticize you people who think it as a stereotype one!!! i will just say…. if you watch it regularly and just think of it….understand it…get into it….involve yourself in it….you will then understand it!!!! really it is worth of alot more praise than i am doing right now!!!!
    haven’t you ever wondered why each and every pakistan woman and girl is sooooooooooooooo mad and crazy to watch it??? its simply because they love it!!!
    thats what makes a drame best or not!!!! if the public dislikes..its a flop!!!!
    but here its the …………….. life of viewers!!!!
    i wait the whole week counting seconds to watch humsafar!!!!!
    after that how beautiful,graceful and fresh-looking the actors and actresses are!!!!
    weldone,hats off for them and salute them!!!
    secondly i ;love the cast especially mahira khan and fawad khan!!! they rock

    at last i would say that …..

    good co=operation, good chemistry, good action, good direction makes a good drama
    and wonderful direction, superb thoughts, lovely scenes, romantic chemistry, awesome co-operation and everything best makes……………HUMSAFAR!!!!!!!
    i love it
    you rock humsafar!!!!Recommend

  • nayyara naseer

    i love humsafar it is the best one!!!!Recommend

  • Saqib

    I am seeing this drama and not at all attracted towards it because before watching it i saw “Meri Zaat Zaraye Baineshaan” another drama having more or less same story with Rahet Fateh Ali song.I rate Hamsafar max 7/10 and Meri Zaat Zaraye Baineshaan = 10/10. Hamsafar is definately over-rated.Recommend