We expected better from you, Marvi Memon

Published: March 4, 2012

Marvi Memon came into politics under the patriarchal wings of Musharraf, but his fall has not aborted her growth. PHOTO: FILE

Marvi Memon is one of the few politicians I admire. She is one of those rare leaders who are actually seen on the roads protesting for a cause that they care about instead of just arguing on television shows.

Her credentials as a former MNA and the youngest female CEO in Pakistan after launching the county’s first satellite tracking fleet management service speak for themselves. But what sets Memon apart is her moral high ground. Not only did she give up her seat in the National Assembly and resign from the PML-Q because she believed it was working with a government wasn’t in the interest of the people of Pakistan but she has continued to stand up for what she think was right.

From her nationalistic stance against drone strikes to her efforts in the floods there is one thing Memon is not and that is lukewarm.

Whether I agreed with Marvi Memon or not I always respected her statements. Here was a smart and intelligent woman who seemed to be more interested in making a difference than in attaining personal political power.

Today she joined the PML-N.

How wrong I was. Today she made an announcement that has disappointed not only me, but many across the country. She announced that she was joining PML-N, when all of her supporters were hoping, wishing, looking forward to her joining PTI.

We expected better from you, Marvi Memon.

Your decision to join the PML-N makes me wonder if there is any hope left in our country’s political scenario. What confuses me is the fact that while it was difficult for you to work with the current government because you believed them to be inefficient, corrupt and a threat to the sovereignty of Pakistan, are you really expecting that your new party will form a government that will be different? You wanted a change – a real change in Pakistan and yet, you decided not to align yourself with a party that is our nation’s only hope? We have tried almost every politician, our votes have gone to waste many times in the past, we have made the wrong decision, put our trust in corrupt leaders, but for the first time in a long time things look different – and you decided to play it safe. You chose a party that would get you a “confirmed” seat in government rather than take a risk with a party that has captured the hearts of your supporters.

I know you had differences with Imran Khan recently, but being the smart politician you are, I did not expect you to join PML-N because you always talked about bringing a change.

Is this your course to bringing the big change? Going from PML-Q to PML-N? All you did was change a letter of the alphabet.

Everybody in our country has always complained about lack of leaders who truly love Pakistan, who want to rule, not for personal glory or gain, but out of genuine love for the country.

I am sorry Marvi, Nawaz isn’t that leader. Imran Khan is.


Madiha Saeed

A business graduate who enjoys literature and arts.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Balochistan

    PMLn tenures are famous for stealing projects from smaller provinces. No sensible person would join PMLn to work for the rights of the weaker provinces.

    She wanted 2nd position in PTI which she didnt get, the letter proved to be self drafted.

    Sad to say but Marvi Memon is also part of the “feudal mindset” she utters about.
    Goodbye Marvi!Recommend

  • Ahmad

    The slow building up of arrogance and condescension in this article is quite amusing. On the one hand, the author respects Marvi’s decisions, but only so far as she agrees with them. Deviate from that precise line and you’re condemned. And as such, this whole article was a rather polished version of most PTI supporters who ‘contribute’ in the comments section of ET and other papers. What makes the author think that IK will bring any change? Because he says he will? As much as I respect IK for his philanthropic work, politicians sooner or later go down the same path, as IK proved when he let the likes of Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Khursheed Mahmood Kasuri join his party, a party which is fast becoming PML-Q 2.0, and which is in any case backed by the establishment. Pakistan did make considerable strides forward, all things considered, in Nawaz Sharif’s first government. Just because most of the comments come from people who are too young to remember or can’t be bothered to read up on that period doesn’t change that fact.
    Here’s a thought. Marvi Memon left the PML-Q because she was opposed to their coalition with the PPP. Why would she then join PTI, which has scooped up all the remnants and disgruntled members of the party she just left?
    This article should come with a disclaimer about the author being a supporter of IK, lest anybody confuse it for actually being something substantial and neutral.Recommend

  • Yasmine Kauser

    Muslim League, Nawaz Sharif is a great party, serious, down to earth, and demand peace. I am glad that Marvi Memon saw the light and joined them. Recommend

  • Just another Comment

    This lady perfectly fits the definition of an Opportunist

    op·por·tun·ist – One who takes advantage of any opportunity to achieve an end, often with no regard for principles or consequences.

    One does not change their Ideal every day, she is not a 10 year old kid who just realised after 5 years that she was supporting the wrong man (musharraf). How very convenient for a mature woman! She is not destined for greatness and will be just another footnote in our country’s politics as “also ran…” Imran Khan is our first, last and only hope so stay focused people!Recommend

  • http://NewYork Falcon

    Everybody knows what happened there. She prepared the letter herself and took it to IK for signing. He modified the draft at the spot and signed it to ensure that the scope of responsibilities mentioned in the letter is what she will be appointed for. It was yet to be officially issued on party’s letterhead. IK’s only mistake was that he had not run the initial appointment specifics by CEC beforehand. Therefore, when he did run it by CEC, they didn’t agree to it. As a result, Marvi back-tracked because she didn’t want to be just a ‘worker’ in PTI, rather a very senior official. So now, PTI has become an arrogant party with a bunch of ideologues just because they were unable to offer her the position of her desire?Recommend

  • Maha

    @ author
    Just because Marvi didn’t choose PTI, she is a disappointment. What a sweeping statement. Take a look at PTI. All old and tested politician have joined it. Why? To ensure that it get seats. Politics is a game of seats and PTI is no different. As much as i love IK as a cricketer one thing is for sure that all his politics revolve around rhetoric and criticising other parties. I am no fan of PML-N but i personally think that Marvi made a wise decision. She chose a party which actually exists as compared to PTI who only exists on internet. So stop targeting her. This is my request to all blind supporters of PTI including you author.Recommend

  • Zafar

    I am glad she didn’t join “good looking Jamat-e-Islami”. PTI is confused as hell. PML-N is quite better actually. She made the right choice.Recommend

  • Umer Rasheed

    After she presented that letter in Sana Bucha’s show, it was was only imminent. Recommend

  • tabish

    Well, just wanted to write that nobody in our political era is honest with Pakistan except Khan because he is not liar, Everyone just thing about himself or herself to gain something, It’s very strange to listen from Mian sb that if Ch. brothers beg for pardon from nation, he is willing to accept, first Mian sb you should beg for pardon from nation because you made an agreement with dictator and run away from country to left your friends, workers and nation. What a pity Mian sb.
    But to be fair with Marvi, we should respect her, because she had no othere choise; Good luck Marvi,Recommend

  • saleem

    Right step , the tsunami has peterred out Recommend

  • blithe

    This is the most juvenile piece I have read. Recommend

  • syed hussain

    I had a respect for you,considering you as a good female politician leader who wants a real change in country but what you have done is ridiculous. You disappointed us.Recommend

  • https://www.facebook.com/ALIMEHDI.110 Ali Mehdi

    I was shocked while listen this news. No one can expect this kind of decision from Moderate Marvi Memon ! , Uhh Pakistani PoliticianRecommend

  • Asad Effendi

    Disappointed! :(Recommend

  • Billoo Bhaya

    When Marvi called for “Change”, she meant Change for HERSELF.

    She wasn’t crooning for a PARTY or an IDEOLOGY. She is just a “dyed in the wool” politician of Pakistan. Recommend

  • zalim singh

    ITS HER CHOICE.Recommend

  • Irtiza

    I don’t know whether she should have joined PTI or not, but by joining PML (N), she committed political suicide.Recommend

  • good boy

    damn, I thought she was educated. Sorry my faultRecommend

  • Citizen

    I was extremely surprised in a bad way ! She was better off in PML Q than joining PML N :/ . i am still wondering what made her take such lame decision . PML N .. seriously ?Recommend

  • ayaz

    she is a new comer and now learning time for her let she experiment with industrial feudal mind set. one day she will be like Mushahd Hussain her interest will be national interest. Recommend

  • ash

    well said,Completely agree with the writer.Recommend

  • Abdullah

    sorry to say but this is not yellow journalism. perhaps u need to look at the definition. any one still supporting PML-N is again making fool of this country and its ppl. there is a huge lot of ppl who admired her and wanted her as their leader but follwoing her decision to support an autocratic adn corrupt party, they have decided to unfollow her.. why she created so much hue and cry whn she wanted to join these people..she shud have joined thm straight away.. today she proved she has no morals herself..she doesnot deserve to be our leader!!Recommend

  • Abdullah

    @Yasmine Kauser: a light ??? hahhaha.. is ths a joke..they have stolen the right of live from the people of this country.. i think the people who support PML-N and PPP deserves to be living in such pathetic condition in which our country is in.. they have looted the country and still the educated ppl support them..m thankful tht i dint get such education which coudnt differentiate bw right and wrong..what marvi did was her own decision but masses donot think she has taken the right step..she has wasted her struggle..sorry marvi but u will end up being a loser!! with the losers :DRecommend

  • Asjad Khan

    Shameful but the Stark reality of our country:)!Recommend

  • Maheen

    Marvi Memon has exposed herself as an opportunistic hypocrite. I’m so so happy PTI CEC rejected her. She has bowed to her craving for power. Recommend

  • Alaa Qiadat

    Keep it up Marvi. Its the perfect choice. PMLn has a track record. Had u joined PTI u would be another loud speaker doing nothing but tehreek e ilzamat! Party of thugsRecommend

  • Foxawan

    So who cares whom she joined or not.
    PTI will lose, pml (n) will get punjab, ppp will get sindh and it will be the same thing over again.

    Jeez tsunami is coming but where? Recommend

  • Hammad

    disappointed to view all the comments of the immature youth and the pseudo intellects of our country….all de lagharis, qureshis, hasmi, kasuri…….will bring a change in de country by joining PTI???…….wow!Recommend

  • Mr. Honest

    She is an opportunist like majority of us… How did she come into poltics in the first place? hand picked by Musahrraf/PML Q in women reserved seats, due to her blood relation with a close associate of PML Q/Musharraf. Why do people forget so soon? Anyway she fits PMLN. Like herself, her new leader was also handpicked and made into a politician by a general.Recommend

  • MarkH

    By the comments it appears that it’s perfectly fine to ditch a group for PTI but the other way around suddenly becomes reason for condemnation. Positive things can happen without Imran Khan’s presence. I’m not a Sharif fan but she’ll have much more of a chance to get her views heard than with PTI. Imran Khan is something of an unrealistic spotlight hog and while PTI tried to be a poster boy for change, they haven’t kept up the momentum or addressed anything people have been waiting for and are fading already with Imran Khan’s unrealistic promises and statements causing him to slowly regress back into Mr. Dharna.Recommend

  • Perspective

    Lol. She joined the party who’s leade Nawaz in the same press conference said that they are sorry for what ever happened in past and we should forget past and get into future! Amazing!! they’ll keep on screwing our country and then will live a good life out somewhere for 10 years in Saudi or US or UK. Later on, they’ll come back again seeking our apology for past once again and this goes on…. They all they’ve learned from past??

    I dont think so that she’s a part of any change anymore…Recommend

  • Owais Ahmad

    it is a worst decision. she just think about her not for Pakistan. she joined the party of industrials just for her benefits. Recommend

  • Ahmad Saleem

    @Elie Khan:

    Why don’t you talk about your female MNA’s/ MPA’s who got into the Parliament on fake degrees. Why are you maintaining criminal silence about it. What about other notables who were with PML Q/ Musharraf and are joining PML (N). Yesterday your leader has said that Chaudhris are welcome if they tender an unconditional apology. Any body who repents (If he does) and joins N he becomes sacred, muqaddas, pawatir. Anybody else who joins PTI is Lota, Sinner and what not.

    Believe you me. The days of corrupt family dynasties are limited. Time is running out for them.
    They should read the writing on the wall (No ruling elite,ironically, does to the likes of Ben Ali of Tunis, Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, Qaddafi of Libya) and must run for their lives to Jeddah, Paris, London or wherever their safe havens are. Tsunami is building up. It has only moved a bit and a shudder of fear has run up the spines of all corrupt, so called, leaders be it AAZ,YRG, Maulana FR, Asfandyar Wali or the Great Goon called NS.

    Tsunami is destined to arrive and sweep any and everything from Corrupt Leaders to Power Brokers, Wheeler Dealers and whatever cancer that has eroded the moral value of our nation. Just fasten your seat belt and watch Waterloo of the Corrupt mafia.Recommend

  • Ahmad Saleem


    What about the people of PML Q/ Musharraf who are joining PML (Nuts). Have they become sacred, muqaddas, pure, pawatir. Have they become purified by taking a bath of Aab-e-Zam Zam? Dare to comment?Recommend

  • http://glenns-busy-corner.blogspot.com/ Glenn Ryall

    Really admired this women, but the decision according to me was really a bad one, Hope you wake up Marvi for us!! for the people!!Recommend

  • Ahmad Saleem

    Marvi you have missed the bus. you could have been part of a peaceful revolution part of history. You clung to designation/ titles when you could have been part of a great revolution. You have joined the corrupt club when you could have joined a better party, not necessarily, PTI. You are intelligent but you have yourself insulted your intelligence. Your lust for power for designation/title has impaired your judgement. What a pity ! What a loss! WHAT A WASTE!.Recommend

  • ahmad

    no more marvi memon officially MARVI SHAREEF……nobody defends himself the way so called quad mian mohmad nawaz shareef was being defended….and yeah mian sahab marvi k khayal mien woh kar den jo 5 bar punjab pe hakoomat krne mien nai kr sake…marvi u dissapointed us Recommend

  • Atif Ejaz

    Pure yellow journalism, I admit IK is a great man, but i do not agree to his ideology, first he served Musharaf now he is against him, first he was so much against altaf hussain, now there are softer stances for MQM, and all PTI trolls, a message for you, PTI cannot secure the position of even opposition in national assembly, mark my words. Congratulations Marvi you are truly a visionary politician, because a little ideology is better than No ideology. Recommend

  • furqan

    Marvi made a wise descision to be in politics, only two parties are most favourable in next musical chair game and she becomes part of one. Good luck marvi and good bless pakistan.Recommend

  • jamil

    @Glenn Ryall:
    hai sexyRecommend

  • Ahmad

    Mr. Saleem,
    Look at the party structures of PMLN vs PTI. In the first instance, you have Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif, Saad Rafique, Khawaja Asif, Ahsan Iqbal, Nisar Ali Khan et al. People who never abandoned PML-N for PML-Q. Now Marvi Memon might have joined PMLN but she will never have as much influence as she would have had in PTI, which is precisely why SMQ joined PTI i.e he has far more influence there than he did in PPP, probably more than Imran Khan himself. On the other hand, you have Imran Khan, and thats it, who by the way is an army drone masquerading as a democrat. So to sum up, these lotas will never have amount of influence in PMLN that they will have in PTI. A case in point: Nawaz Sharif’s very consistent stand against the army, and Nisar Ali Khan’s recent statement that the DG ISI should not be given an extension, and the latter’s support from Bushra Gohar’s statement that the DG ISI should be fired post-OBL. On the other hand, SMQ in his very first PTI rally goes and says that our nuclear weapons are not safe with Zardari in charge, the same man he served for three years only a few weeks previously form that rally. Thats the difference. PML-N used to be backed by the establishment 20 years ago (get over it already) and PTI IS the establishment, plain and simple. Do you get the difference now?Recommend

  • umar

    Oh God! why shouldn’t i read this line at first place
    I am sorry Marvi, Nawaz isn’t that leader. Imran Khan is.

    We are not PTI fans what should we expect from Marvi to do han? either love PTI or leave Pak?Recommend

  • http://. TAHIR

    disappointed by her step , she is preffer BED OF ROSES insted of Struggle.Recommend

  • http://thecricketinsight.blogspot.com/ Hmmm

    Its her choice – let her decide her way – good or bad – we will soon come to knowRecommend

  • Maxwood

    Marvi Memon is just like, Mr. Imran Khan. She is Fiery, she is embicoius and have knowledge of ground realities.

    Same is the case of Khan sahib. If they are working in different organization, will it make any difference. They both will work for PAKISTAN.Recommend

  • asif nadeem

    She is doing it in reaction of PTI’s behavior of not giving her the seat she asked for…..she wanted to be spokesperson/secretary general for PTI. They refused and she opted NAWAZ League so She can dent PTI but MARWI ITS PTI……….You can’t dent the HOPE of this country…… Recommend

  • WB

    Yes PMLN has brought change in Punjab; change for the worse, from dengue, to fake medicines, to young doctors strike, to extra-judicial killings by Punjab Police, to inability to conduct board exams, and many more, especially their support for Zardari; the PMLN has brought change so much so that now in Punjab people miss the Elahi government. Recommend

  • prabhjyot singh madan

    Marvi is entitled to her choice. It is her right to do so. Imran khan is being treated like a demigod there. He is only human. He reminds me of Hitler to his masses in the early 1930’s. Then he reminds of British pm Chamberlain trying to appease Hitler, in imran’s case the talibans and the extremists of Pakistan. He is the supposed last hope of Pakistan, if he fails then what ? Sat Sri akal, cheerio, salam. Take careRecommend

  • Mastuj

    Works the other way around too. PTI apparently represent “change” but taking old faces without discrimination. PTI has fallen massively after the Lahore jalsa when it opened the door to opportunists.Recommend

  • Hannan Al Fateen

    I will say “well done Marvi” and hope you will represent Sindh in N-League in true sense. Nawaz Sharif’s stance in National politics is better than others political players, his follow up for Benazir’s cause is stronger than any PPP Parliamentarian, I’m not saying the poor PPP Workers and real JIALAS of Real BHUTTOs. PTI has already lost the Image of Insaf Passandi. Recommend

  • Spaniard


  • http://none Mustajab

    A new sheikh rasheed in town… :)Recommend

  • Rabia

    there must be something wrong with the author’s moral judgment if she thinks that supporting a dictator is ok but joining the second largest party in pakistan is not? Recommend

  • Hira Z

    My mind now says that she is the same politician like others but my heart still can’t believe. What you have done Marvi Memon :(
    Sheer DisappointmentRecommend

  • طفیل

    PML (N) is thousand time better than PTIRecommend

  • Gilgiti

    sham on MRvai…….i was thinking may b she has feel about our nation but no i realize she is hanger about her career she was trying every party just to evaluate here value. nothing comes better to this ill country……..Recommend

  • kamran

    I am sorry Marvi, Nawaz isn’t that leader. Imran Khan is.Recommend

  • AK

    Marvi: Indeed you are talented I think it not a good decision at all…….. you can loose what you have gain……Recommend

  • Abdul Haq Qureshi

    hugely disappointed, if this is the direction the politics of our country has to go into, then pakistan will find it difficult to maintain its democracy. Its so painful that some of the best brains in the country can make such unbelievable mistakes. GOD HELP THIS COUNTRY. Recommend

  • Marvi did what all politicians do, in their own best interests:( Don’t feel bad guys, these are Pakistani Politicians.Recommend

  • Usman

    Praising Nawaz Sharif like a parriot, what other can we expect from her. Would she ask Nawaz Sharif and PMLN leaders to bring their money back ????? . Impossible. She will be like them now !!!! Good bye Marvi and please do not use change slogan again.!!Recommend

  • Ihsan

    @Elie Khan:
    how do u know those are corrupt people who has joined PTI.. that means all the existing politicians are corrupt and so PTI shud not wel come them..
    in other way you are accepting that Imran Khan is the only Sincere Leader.Recommend

  • ali raza

    no wonder about the support of writer to a certain party, and no wonder about the intellect theses supporters have. All I can say to writer and supporters of her opinion, GET WELL SOON Recommend

  • http://www.webhostpak.com Muhammad Anwar

    By joining PMLN , the PMLN will benefit himself.

  • Marium Lodhi

    I am astonished at the tenure of the debate here? Has anyone bothered to ask what either of the parties have in store for you once they come to power ?!! Are we just going to place our fate into the hands of a new party simply because they have not been tried yet, because oh we have so many other years to waste?!!

    Stop making it easier for any of these parties by aligning yourself with them because you like certain people in them. I am neither a PML-N supporter nor a Marvi fan. Demand more from your leaders than rhetoric and holy Promises and then be logical while making your decision. We do not need the birth of new jiyalas!. Recommend

  • Raja Islam

    You should not believe everything that you hear. First of all Marvi never launched the satellite tracking service, but it was her father-in-law who did it. Secondly she was CEO in title only and her husband and father-in-law were the real managers. Thirdly she got into the assembly with the support of a dictator on a reserved seat.

    Clearly Marvi will go with whoever gets her into power and in this case it is the Nawaz league as the PML ( Q) has fallen out of favor.

    The logical thing for her to do would have been to join PTI as it is also an establishment party supported by right wingers. But she seems to have placed her bets on PML(N) instead.Recommend

  • hasan Ansari

    You can always change your mind Marvi :)
    We will be patient !Recommend

  • bechari-awam

    Is this a PTI web blog or what. I am not sure why ET has allowed such a biased article on its pages. At least have some an iota of credibility when you are given a space to express yourself. From author’s point of view it’s either my way or highway.Recommend

  • imran

    Inclusion of lagharis, timmans, sardars, qureshis and warraichs in PTI is justified. weird stuff! you guys don’t say a word against them how ever they are all criminals and what about your leader IK who used to criticize MQM and now you guys are making alliance with them. i am highly saddened by intellect of PTI supporters. great decision by Marvi. WELCOME to PML-N !Recommend

  • imran

    great decision!!!!Recommend

  • MAD

    @Neutral: Maybe you dont know the meaning of a blogRecommend

  • Ishrat Salim

    Cud not be more dissappointed…she just want to be sure that she wins…that seem to be her only ” objective “.She needed a ” crutch ” & she got it…good luck MM – u r exposed by siding a third ” corrupt ” party..whom the people hv alreasdy tried 2 times in the past & their present performance shows – they hv not changed….they are still maintaining political hereidtry by electing Mr SS as presidnet of PML N…talking of ” democracy ” are they themselves following one within their own party ?Recommend

  • naeem

    way to go marvi . you are right when you say that the need is for the right decisions not the popular ones. keep up the good work Recommend

  • http://google.com ABC

    in the name of national interest but she actually showed her real political ideology… :(, this is the classical example that “HOW TO MAKE COMMON PEOPLE FOOL” n then with all progressive enlightened thoughts bargain with some mainstream party like “PML None” as she did.Recommend

  • Adnan

    Like she really holds much importance to Pakistan anyway . Don’t care .Recommend

  • http://www.halaltamweel.com Haroon abbasi

    PML-N has been failed in correcting police culture in last four years in Punjab, how could they govern the entire country well?Recommend

  • Raja Islam

    Marvi, has no constituency, no political support and no manifesto. She will go wherever her interests take her. People like her want to stay in the wings and make their presence felt until a dictator takes over. At that time they will support these dictators with the hope of getting into the cabinet.

    Tweeting on Twitter and posting on Facebook does not make anyone a politician.Recommend

  • Nabeel

    Seriously I don’t see any logic in your argument. If a politician decides to join PTI, then he/she is seemed to be very sincere and honorable to her cause but if they go otherwise, they suddenly loose the status of being a leader. How can only one decision of joining the party make or break a leader. We’ll have to think about that. Recommend

  • Javed Iqbal

    Congratulation. Now Marvi will be enjoying the company of intellectuals like Abid Sher Ali, Tehmina Doultana and Cap. Safdar.Recommend

  • Hammad

    if marvi wud hav joined PTI, she wud be potrayed rite but now everyone is accusing her decision….is this democracy?? she can’t even make a single decision of her political career??….who gave u all the rite to make her life so miserable?.wat kinda democracy is this?
    totally pathetic n week arguments by the PTI Fans?
    change comes frm inside……atleast start following de traffic rules, coz de system is there but u just dont wana follow it…!Recommend

  • Mahi

    Doesn’t really surprise me.She took a wise move,now look at it like this,she is the strong candidate of Sindh and if by chance she wins then,they’ll make her governor or CM of Sindh.Recommend

  • sabur

    I am an apolitical person and have always had great admiration for Marvi Memon.But Alas, she also turned out to be a dissapointment. I have no love lost for any of the Political Parties, it is only that her decision to join PML(N) runs contrary to the reputation she had earned. It seems to be for all the wrong reasons.Recommend

  • @Mufazzil

    Everybody doesnt need just fame, something is known as Power. Pti already have very strong candidates in Sindh, she wouldnt have got that status that she is going to enjoy in this party. But it was not a good decision. Recommend

  • Salman Zafar

    Vote for IMRAN….Recommend


    I believe if next elections are held on internet, PTI would win with a stupendous majority. However, real life is so much different than online life that PTI would not get more than 20% percent votes.

    No hate mails please. I am just being realistic and have no interest whatsoever in DEMOCRACY and its ELECTIONS.Recommend

  • Alam Dar

    Its quite funny since I remember on the eve of one of the jalsa’s her tweet was team PTI is so amazing or energetic or sumthn. However, after tht there was nothing on her end on PTI. So obviously there was some kind of friction there. Its clearly disappointing PML-N being famous for hitting the chief justice and using up the country’s loans to build up their own businesses. How she could join them is beyond me. I juss think her point of view is here is a party who will let me get on with my work without much interference and thts why she joined them and perhaps the only party where she will get a ticket. I think Marvi felt PML-N was the only party she could contribute to her fullest. This won’t end well if Marvi is actually a self-righteous person. There will be friction soon.Recommend

  • malik

    Dear pakistani brothers and sisters……..
    If you are so keen on participating in political matters, please be kind enough to analyze how the first world countries progress. To begin, when choosing a leader for their nation, there are some basic requirements to be fulfilled. The candidate much be married and show that he can manage a family. if the candidate can not show that he or she is capable to manage a family, how can he be expected to manage a country? Imran khan, you failed from stage one. Imran Khan’s supporters can argue till their hearts are content. that does not still change the fact, imran khan could not manage his marriage, forget managing a country.
    please read with a open mind, im not againts imran khan, i do like him, but that does not change the fact. this is professional analysis of a political candidate to lead a country.Recommend

  • Umer

    Crap, Imran don’t have the vision. Recommend

  • tanveer

    I could see ur spirit while addresseing to the youth in GIKI university where is that spirit for change now. I guess u were even not sincere at that time and when u left national assembely u wanted to change the system but u didnt start it from ur house as ur father was still senator at that time.Recommend

  • Scorpion

    I think, she may join MQM.Recommend

  • Usman Marri


  • Ali Syed

    I expect better from PTI. Grow up.Recommend

  • Samir Hameed

    I think its better she joined the PML-N rather than PTI. At least she didnt join the party of a Taliban sympathiser!! But having said that she had to choose between the devil & the deep blue sea!!Recommend

  • Fayeem Avzl

    Well this is democracy and if she was talking about change and hasn’t joined Tehrik Insaf this doesn’t means she has forgotten the dream of change. and the most important thing here is how you can guarantee Imran Khan can bring the change? haha :D Recommend

  • http://likethis shahidiqbal

    so nice like thisRecommend