We expected better from you, Marvi Memon

Published: March 4, 2012

Marvi Memon came into politics under the patriarchal wings of Musharraf, but his fall has not aborted her growth. PHOTO: FILE

Marvi Memon is one of the few politicians I admire. She is one of those rare leaders who are actually seen on the roads protesting for a cause that they care about instead of just arguing on television shows.

Her credentials as a former MNA and the youngest female CEO in Pakistan after launching the county’s first satellite tracking fleet management service speak for themselves. But what sets Memon apart is her moral high ground. Not only did she give up her seat in the National Assembly and resign from the PML-Q because she believed it was working with a government wasn’t in the interest of the people of Pakistan but she has continued to stand up for what she think was right.

From her nationalistic stance against drone strikes to her efforts in the floods there is one thing Memon is not and that is lukewarm.

Whether I agreed with Marvi Memon or not I always respected her statements. Here was a smart and intelligent woman who seemed to be more interested in making a difference than in attaining personal political power.

Today she joined the PML-N.

How wrong I was. Today she made an announcement that has disappointed not only me, but many across the country. She announced that she was joining PML-N, when all of her supporters were hoping, wishing, looking forward to her joining PTI.

We expected better from you, Marvi Memon.

Your decision to join the PML-N makes me wonder if there is any hope left in our country’s political scenario. What confuses me is the fact that while it was difficult for you to work with the current government because you believed them to be inefficient, corrupt and a threat to the sovereignty of Pakistan, are you really expecting that your new party will form a government that will be different? You wanted a change – a real change in Pakistan and yet, you decided not to align yourself with a party that is our nation’s only hope? We have tried almost every politician, our votes have gone to waste many times in the past, we have made the wrong decision, put our trust in corrupt leaders, but for the first time in a long time things look different – and you decided to play it safe. You chose a party that would get you a “confirmed” seat in government rather than take a risk with a party that has captured the hearts of your supporters.

I know you had differences with Imran Khan recently, but being the smart politician you are, I did not expect you to join PML-N because you always talked about bringing a change.

Is this your course to bringing the big change? Going from PML-Q to PML-N? All you did was change a letter of the alphabet.

Everybody in our country has always complained about lack of leaders who truly love Pakistan, who want to rule, not for personal glory or gain, but out of genuine love for the country.

I am sorry Marvi, Nawaz isn’t that leader. Imran Khan is.


Madiha Saeed

A business graduate who enjoys literature and arts.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Umair

    But she wasn’t expecting better from PTI’s fans, and here you go….Recommend

  • jawad hassan

    She has made the worst decision of her life, once i heard in a morning show she said her role model is Pervez Musharraf, i seriously wonder, how she gonna mix up with NUTT league possessing such ideology :SRecommend

  • ProudPakistani

    Very right…Marvi was much respected among masses but I m afraid she will lose all her respect after joining hands with the corrupts…Recommend

  • http://teeth.com.pk/blog Awab Alvi

    Totally disappointing – if she had differences with Imran Khan i would have rather seen her carve her own space in the political arena versus going into the arms of a party which has done everything against its own principles – one day they take a particular stance and the next day adopt either a softer stance or the opposite stance ….

    I wont crucify Marvi on her choice, but definitely disappointed at her choiceRecommend

  • Imran

    yeah what ever you do Marvi ….. i appreciate your petition filed for encroachment of HEC ….. but now you have gone into the wrong hands ….. GOOD LUCK Recommend

  • Neutral

    Ms Madiha Saeed, this article was a classic example of yellow journalism, as yellow as it gets.Recommend

  • http://www.aliani4u.livejournal.com Elie Khan

    its good that The pure didnt join the impure..
    for Imran’s Party has become impure with all the corrupt IN now…Recommend

  • Amir

    Great acting Marvi, indeed You are Veena Malik of PoliticsRecommend

  • hh

    not trolling.. but thats the worst decision she could have made.. im actually sadRecommend

  • Naseem Kabooro

    Truly. Marvi Memon has disappointed many of her supporters.
    Even then, let’s see what does she do playing politics under PML(N)’s flag.
    After all, the fate of this nation is never to be changed.
    This country is a miracle of Allah Almighty and will be Blessed by Him always, we hope.
    As far as politicians are concerned, they just have to enjoy the luxuries of being in power as long as it may be, by making the poor poorer.
    Do they have not to be accountable on the Judgement Day?Recommend

  • jawad hassan

    worst decisionRecommend

  • Khuwaja Gulzar

    Nawaz Sharif is not a Leader.
    We expected better from you, Marvi Memon.Recommend

  • Uzair Shahzad

    Great decision by Marvi.Recommend

  • Ayesha

    U disappointed me too. You could have stood as independant candidate and would have won too. Recommend

  • Confused

    I’m still confused how a progressive and enlightened lady like Marvi Memon could go against Imran Khan and join PML.N ?? by the way who’s next in line to join PML.N ?? Sana Buchaa ???Recommend

  • Paindoo

    Her Next change will be into PPP. Just wait for her for few years when she goes to nodero and say ” Shah Latif ki Marvi Bhuttos Ko Salam Pesh Karne Aayee Hai” :)Recommend

  • JR

    Big Disappointment ! Suprise isnt that she didnt join PTI, its that she joined a party whose leaders are involved in corruption ! People had good hopes from her when she resigned from PML Q that she stood against corruption and bad governance but now it doesn’t make any difference!Recommend

  • https://twitter.com/#!/asadfarouk Asad

    I was a PTI activist and still have good insights into the party.Imran khan notified her to be the information secretary and than refused to do so. There is an official notification which is original and signed by the chairman PTI. The internal politics in PTI is different and difficult to understand. Why should marvi memon remain in a party where she has been shown a hostile attitude from the very first day. Recommend

  • http://www.buuzo.com atta

    Money is power and no one can offer her better amount than Nawaz. U know what? You cant believe a single politician… As far as Imran is concerned, he is the last hope not a great leader. I hope he wont disappoint us.Recommend

  • ss

    Of all the parties she chose PML-N?? the most hypocritical party, which is involved in sectarian violence, and supports banned outfits, feeling sorry for you, but i am glad that you didn’t join PTI we are better off without you.Recommend

  • Ebtesam Khalid


  • http://ipad3release.me/ Maria

    So sad… I am also disappointed.Recommend

  • Bilal

    Well written..what is difference between nawaz sharif and zardari. what change pmln has brought in Punjab in 25 years. Yes pmln got experience in horse trading, and they showed us in this senate elections. Keep it up nawaz sharif ,, our nation deserve leaders like you.Recommend

  • ss

    “When I saw the PML-N for the first time, they were fighting for democracy against president [Pervez] Musharraf. I didn’t understand what they were doing. But now, after three years, I have learnt that politics can’t be done with an establishment’s party,” Memon stated.

    her statement made me laugh so hard that i nearly fall off my chair :D

    i want to dedicate a sher to her:

    Zameen-e-chaman gul khilati hai kya kya, Badalta hai rang aasmaan kaise kaiseRecommend

  • hamad

    i dont think so that she has made anything wrong. she has made a right choice. Is PTI is going towards real change, i want to put up this question for my sister who has written this Madeeha Saeed???Recommend

  • Madiha Qureshi

    @jawad hassan:

    AGREED 100%Recommend

  • http://www.tanzeel.wordpress.com Tanzeel

    Marvi has become strong candidate for chairperson/ president for PML N Sindh chapter, who knows if PML N come in power they would make Marvi CM Sindh, thus she took a wise decision for future.Recommend

  • MAK

    Totally disappointing. She could have launched her own movt, but joining PMLN was an utter surprise Recommend

  • Azam Khan

    buhahahaha @ PTI fans. Just because someone rejected your offer and joined some other more established party doesn’t mean that she has sold her soul to the devil. You guys are pathetic, I pity YOU guys.. hahahRecommend

  • Abrar R

    MM was exposed as an opportunist & a selfish person.

    @Asad, .. i dont knwo wat ure talking abt, but Akbar S babar was tasked to handle Marvi earlier and he has also hinted at how MM was more interested in a position before joining PTI.Recommend

  • aamir hayat khan

    leave her. time 2 move on . pti have billions of better minds then marvi . nd time will prove dis . insha allahRecommend

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=647842094 The Reader

    @Madiha Saeed,

    You have said it all girl and with great eloquence. While Marvi Memon has really disappointed us all with a surprisingly sad decision, I must not forget to praise your blog and simple writing style. Thank you for being the first one to write about it.Recommend

  • shah

    Anyway, she has exposed herself as an opportunist. Recommend

  • Talha ch

    PTI rejected her and then she joined PMLN.Recommend

  • Nadir

    We were also sad when the likes of SMQ and Kasuri joined PTI. Recommend

  • Ali

    I have got extremely disappointed. Marvi has actually exposed herself. Now she will work for change after joining a party that is looking for its sixth turn in ruling this country. She said that she has found Nawaz sharif very down to earth and capable leader. Marvi please open up ur eyes…..and one more thing she talked about IK and said he talks about fake change….This statement was disgusting and amusing too …now Marvi thinks that Mr. Nawaz would bring the true change :)….good luck Marvi….ur political career is finished in my eyes and u have joing the status quo….congratulations on joining the crrupt class of this country….plz do celebrate !!!Recommend

  • Usman

    Isn’t she and her father Nisar Memon introduced into politics by Musharaf?

    Where are Sharf’s principles?Recommend

  • FAZ

    Advice to the author
    Prep urself for another disappointment when PTI fails too whenever it gets in power! We need something like what happened in Egypt or Tunisia! We need to get rid of all politicians from inherited wealthy waderas/sardars whose grand parents had been a “loyals of the farangiiz”, to the drug lords, freakingly rich industrialists, weapon traffickers, smugglers, bhata mafias and underworld dons! Just say them good bye people! Believe me whatever this country has achieved has always been because of ppl like u and me in every generations. From mazdoors and kisaans to doctors, engineers, accountants, economists etc etc. I wish some ppl from us rise up. I just can wish and pray at the moment!Recommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/author/242/nicholas-sharaf/ Nicholas Sharaf

    Extremely biased article. While I agree with the sentiment, the article’s view point is that any choice other than PTI is altogether wrong. I do not accept that.

    Marvi you have talked about a lot of things but instead of fighting for your beliefs, you have simply become a member of the status quo. Recommend

  • Fahd Bin Riasat

    Indeed she is probably the only politician who has been seen protesting on streets for the rights of a common man. A learned woman; a lot was expected from her; if not PTI; she should have initiated her own party rather than joining PML-N. Well the decision has been made; wish her all the best; hope she can bring about a change in PML-N ranks.Recommend

  • Sohaib Saeed

    Dear Mr. Writer, its a shame to blame a person or a party which shows your biasness towards IK. You are free to keep an opinion but please dont apply it to everyone else. Recommend

  • loco

    huge disappointment because im the1 who even created a FB page ^ i would appreciate if marvi memon joins the PTI^ well if you realy want change than you´d be remain in PMLn Recommend

  • Vohra

    Disappointed by her decision. I think she Has made a mistake.Recommend

  • Hibba

    I don’t think a politician like Marvi Memon will be held back by joining PML-N. She was able to achieve what she wanted when she was part of the PML-Q, which isn’t a party that stands for change itself. Just because she didn’t join the party of your personal choice, it’s no reason to give up on the woman who has done much for women’s rights.Recommend

  • Ali Tipu

    I am disappointed but not with her joining the PML(N),but her oh-so-highly-principled speeches and twitter alerts she used to make us fool. Its obviously her decision and I for one respect it being a PTI supporter but the thing that pisses me the most is the sheer hypocrisy and blatant lies that is so very part of the Shareefs and now Marvi’s political career. Just look at her statements regarding establishment and Shareefs today and you would clearly see the contradiction. It means either she was lying previously or she is lying now. In either case, she has lost the trust. As far as the Shareefs and their supporters are concerned, nothing can be done to cure them but i hope, just hope that they will find some shame NOW NOT to label PTI as Musharraf league. Too mush of asking from them, I know ! Recommend

  • bhai

    o marvi…why were you after party positions…PTI would have given you a position based on your capabilities…why did you do that? and now you join the worst of the parties…such a loss!Recommend

  • shaukat ali

    marvi I had great respect for you and I admired you for your political ideas . I feel you had made a wrong decision . YOU CANNOT BRING ANY CHANGE IN POLITICAL LIVE OF PAKISTAN.Recommend

  • sick of this nonsense

    Not a big fan of PML-N but this is slander and poor journalism. Article should be neutral, not marketing camaping for IK and hate campaign for everyone who is against him.Recommend

  • Wahab

    Feel sorry for you Ms. Marvi. You disappointed your fans by showing your real face. What a change!Recommend

  • Sheharyar Khan

    A while ago I saw a video of her on youtube where she exposed the cruelties of PML-N during the elections. The news in itself is indeed a shock. I’m highly saddened by her decision.

    By the level of intellect she has shown, and her outspoken behaviour makes it hard for me to believe that she’d choose PML-N as an option. I can’t believe she even considered it.Recommend

  • sick of this nonsense

    and the comments. “Veena malik of politics”?? Have some class please.Recommend

  • Haider

    I’m also disappointed by her but i also agree with her that PTI is hoax. The word in her Press release about PTI are very true.
    “On the other side the fake change team’s leadership whilst gliterring on the outside was flaky, non detail oriented and inconsistent on the inside” Recommend

  • Raks

    PML-N doesn’t deserve you Marvi…..you disappointed us!! You have made a wrong judgment about PML-N…..they are Moulvis without beard, who are nothing more than threat for our nation.Recommend

  • Adeel

    Change for PML-N!!! YaakhRecommend

  • Usman Malik

    The boldest and very good decision, If she Join PTI, all of you praise her that she do the right decision, but you people didn’t realize that PTI is the extended version of PML-Q but without Musharraf and CH’s. Thumbs Up Marvi..Recommend

  • Naveed

    And all your intellect ends in jjoinng PML N. Pity !Recommend

  • Amer

    Totally disappointed…now I know that everyone in Pakistani politics is an oppotunist…Though am a big supporter of Imran Khan n PTI but even then I would have supported Marvi if she would have gone for an independent candidature..Recommend

  • Amjad Ali

    Mr. Neutral it is NOT an article but a BLOG and a blogger can support or oppose any one. atleast you should know the difference.. its from the BLOG section not from the ARTICLE… ahhhhh who am i arguing with… i’m sorry my bad i take it all backRecommend

  • http://www.hotmail.com jahanzaib

    Mushraf Baqiyaat join Nawaz League… Lol.. Politicians thinks people dumb and nawaz accepted her open heartedly…!!! Nazariyai ki sayasat ya mafadaat ki saiyasat..people can see..!! She only didnt joined because PTI have democratic norms, and this thing she couldn’t digest..Recommend

  • Q Husain

    In my opinion.. the likes of IK n Marvi Memon are more worse and damaging to the poor people than the old seasoned tried politicians. as they play with the people’s emotions by raising a sense of hope and destroyed them from inner.. while the seasoned politicians stick to there old plans..Recommend

  • Amjad Ali

    Mr. Asad thanks for the INSIGHT but we already know this as Mr. Imran Ismael has already cleared the air..And about the notification it was not ORIGNAL my dear it was just on an ordinary paper DRAFTED by Marvi Memon her self ( as she confessed on Express TV show TO THE POINT with shahzeb khanzada for reference) and she was infomred that this matter will be taken to the CEC only after that it will be officially annouced. as for the SIGNATURE of IK on that paper, it was Marvi Memon who demanded a signature on that paper so that she can atleast have something with her to show in the CEC in case the matter is NOT taken in the CEC.. it was NOT an official decision sir.. seems you know more than IK himself lolsRecommend

  • Mehr

    She says IK is funded by the ISI… Air Marshal Asghar Khan says the same about Nawaz Sharif, and he’s probably right but that hasn’t deterred Memon. Where’s her moral high ground now? Disappointing is right.Recommend

  • Rabia Tahir

    Very good decision by Marvi.. This is the time to defeat establishment on political front.. So Marvi did right by joining PML(N) which is an anti-establishment party..Recommend

  • Muzammil

    We admired Marvi because we expected her to rebel against status quo and serious in bringing the change. Today you disappointed us. You had differences with Imran, agreed – but you decided to join-in with Nawaz, the person who supported everything you stood against for last 3 years. I feel bad not to trust you anymore. Good Luck Marvi.Recommend

  • waiting

    With due respect, blogging really isn’t journalism. Recommend

  • Shariq Najeeb

    Why she chose PMLN is beyond me. This is the statement she issued via her Twitter account:


    I guess she represents those people of our society which are still nervous about PTI. At least Kasuri, Qureshi and Hashmi had the guts to take a chance with PTI.

    PMLN as Memon’s party of choice has proven that Imran Khan is the ONLY sensible leader left now. Although I think it is a bit disappointing to see some old faces in PTI, I also know that a party can not win in Pakistan without including landlords among their ranks.Recommend

  • Err

    @Author: I don;t like propaganda articles and usually give them 1 star. However, fortunately for you, PTI propagandist at Tribun, I can’t see the ratings.Recommend

  • http://www.facebook.com Inqilab Khan

    Aasis Ishaque wrote and I quote “Since I am no more associated with PML(Q) but during my tenure as the PML(Q)’s Gen. Secretary women Wing Pakistan(till last month), I’ve always maintained & still maintaining the judgement about Marvi that she is nothing but a Manager, She is a self centred nut case, who can never be loyal to anyone except herself, as she demonstrated during Presidential vote casting of Mr. Asif Ali Zardari, Neither have the quality to become a team member nor possess the quality of a leader; I am saying it on the record that PML(Q) lost the election in Gilgit – Baltistan because of her self-centred, confused mindset & completely wrong estimation of the situation on ground zero…..Mian Sahib only needs Managers & that’s what she is….”Recommend

  • Javed Alam

    Thoroughly dissappointing . . . Recommend

  • Ammad Awan

    i don’t know why you people think Imran is only the last way we have, I appreciate Marvi what she did its right at least, there is no one in PML N who is supporting Musharraf in past and the bast line of Mian Sahab is ” Qoum say mafi mango mujsay nahi”
    I really support PTI if they didn’t accept Qureshi and Kasorri who just join PTI for Seats and Imran accept them with close eyes, abb wo PTI nahi jahan Imran ek shair k jessa tha :( ………
    hats of Marvi we are with you………:) Recommend

  • mughals

    you pseudo-neutral that was her opinion and ideas regardless whether it reflects you or not. thats mainly kind of blog!Recommend

  • mughals

    but she admitted she made notification document by herself in ToThePointRecommend

  • Syme

    Dear all, what party should I join or am I too insignificant that you are willing to respect my opinion?
    Even if Nawaz Sharif is corrupt or may I say not living up to the expectation of masses, Marvi memon joined his party and that mean something more than her difference with Imran Khan, her hope with Nawaz Sharif. She is brave enough to make an alliance unlike Imran Khan who have outlawed most of the politicians by blabbermouthing and even Marvi Memon. I am no fan of either of them but still I respect her opinion. If tsunami people are so sure then don’t vote for her and prove her that she is worthless without tsunami Khan. Recommend

  • Sajd Saeed

    totally biased articleRecommend

  • Rahim

    I am very saddened by Marvi’s decision, she could have done more for the nation with PTI. I guess she needed a seat. Now she is part of the same old corruption which we have experienced sine Pakistan was created. We gave them not once, not twice but many chances and you all know our past and current state …

    PTI deserve a chance once at least. Recommend

  • haris ali

    Best of luck to marvi memon!! I am a PTI fan but its Marvi’s own decision n we should respect that…i would have preferred her to join PTI.Recommend

  • Saad Raees

    One of the most respected politicians joins one of the most disrespected party! But I still respect her as long as she herself doesn’t change! Good luck ma’am :) Recommend

  • Shan

    She has to confirm her dad’s support for the drones and then because she wasnt given a position, she comes crying to the media. CEC took decsion..accept it..there are more qualified people on the team and party!!

    can you tell me what she has done so far in her constituency since Musharaf era and 4 years with this PPP government..phir bolo!!Recommend

  • Tamooriqbal@hotmail.com

    Its a blog, and blogs are opinion pieces.Recommend

  • Umer

    They all are for sale including Marvi Memon. She has been negotiating a deal with PMLN and PTI simultaneously. When it did not work with PTI she started a campaign against Imran Khan but for last 1 year she has not tweeted a single word against Nawaz Sharif. She is as power hungry as Zardari or nawaz Sharif. Soon we will find her price tag!Recommend

  • http://www.facebook.com Inqilab Khan

    Marvi Memon contention that one of the main reason she joined PML(N) is due to so called good governance in Punjab is a somersault from her earlier views. Similarity between her and PML(N) Punjab politicians is that both are fond of self projection and they behave like Mughal Badshah and Shahzada’s. They have no concern with welfare of common people but believe that our only problem is establishment of food street and traffic jams. As she have joined them she should impress upon her new cronies to attend the following:
    • Literacy level could not be enhanced by distributing 300,000 free lap tops, purchased on exorbitant rates, but it could be done only by imposing “Education emergency” and bringing poor students to primary schools by giving them some stipend
    • Munafiq Aalaa should shift his camp office from 10th floor of newly constructed Arfa Software Technology Park, Lahore to his already seven camp offices, as this modern building was meant for foreign IT specialist firms and to generate revenue and not for a protocol greedy Munafiq Aalaa moving around with 100 security personnel around him as no foreign firm will establish offices in such environment.
    • Munafiq-e-Aalaa son should avoid misusing protocol of a President/ Prime Minister for him as he is a simple Member of retarded Assembly if he requires 100 security personnel around him he should pay for them from his own pocket.
    • Hamza Shahbaz should avoid brokering deals with property mafia as he along with his cousin Umar Zia Butt is following foot steps of Mr. Zardari by taking 10% commission in the name of party fund for retrieving people sunken payments and brokering property deals.Recommend

  • Ahsan Jahangir

    If not PTI, she should have contested independant but joining PMLN is a horrible decision. That only shows she has made her seat confirm. She was talking about ‘real change’ not PTI’s change. well now those ganja brothers will bring change? Marvi Memon, you have disappointed the people by becoming a part of the status quo.Recommend

  • adil nadeem

    Very Very disappointingRecommend

  • Moaz

    Thing is, either you never respected her or you just hate pmln so much that you have come up with this far cry of a post. If you ever thought Marvi’s politics seemed true and for the people, if you ever liked the street protesting activist that Marvi is, you should not be disappointed because she joined a party that does not please you. Only be disappointed if she changes her politics for the drawing room, which let me assure you PTI fan people is not what will happen. If Legharis, Kasuris, Bhinders, SMQ, Swatis and Sardars can be baptized by you lot there, so can we the Lions say today that a true political activist who cares about people decided to put faith in PMLN!

    Try living with it, if cannot, go get yourself more old ‘have tried and failed’ leaders from pmlq n ppp n give them all the fancy positions and talk all about improving and changing the situation solely caused by the ex ministers in your ranks. Our one political worker has caused this much stir on twitter and social media shows the difference of scales of the political understanding of the supporters… hope you stop crying someday and really see there are good people in other ranks too. But how would you know, with all the negativity and blind criticism over pmln you dont even realize the last time they ruled Pakistan how better it was!! 12 years of your legharis bhinders kasuris swatis n smq have brought us here not Mian Nawaz Sharif and certainly not Shehbaz Sharif. PMLN Zindabad. Pakistan Paindabad!Recommend

  • Irfan Mahmood

    Marvi Memon, yes she is really working for real change. Therefore, she herself changed a lot over the last 3 months and now even defending PML (N) saying that whatever she criticised was wrong. Moreover, PML (N) is most democratic party and no dynasty politics involved. Wow 180 degree change in her thoughts. This is called the real change.


  • MrsirNoman

    Shame on her choice.Again she joined another dictator’s party..what a change.Recommend

  • masood

    Very Good decesion Marvi..

    PTI is a Lota Party.


  • Muhammad Usman

    She is not confident and feeling ashame while saying Musharaf regime as dictator and PML N as political party. Whats has she seen in few in PML N which she could not see in three years. It means she is crzy and dont think but try to stick with her ideas blindly. But still, good luck for her to join another dictator political leaguge. Recommend

  • Usman

    I wish if marvi memon stands for change then he should ask nawaz sharif to bring his money back to Pakistan. Can she do that ? no she will never talk against Nawaz Sharif now as she used to when she was in PMLQ. She was praising Nawaz Sharif so much …. so unreal she was looking….Recommend

  • ubaid ullah

    i was thought that your the 2nd one honest brave and fulfill pliticion after khan i was surprised when i see the news on tv that you join the most corrupt party and you join that party about which you showed the online interview of a women and you showed and you said alots about that party in talk shows and now you join this party with a big honor …you showed this to your fans and to all pakistanies that i am also a politicion i can do any thing like others corrupts and today you are also in that phobia people about which you talked before shame marvi shameRecommend

  • zeeshan

    when she saw PTI is not hiring her,in anger she joined the PML(n).
    No prob…soon she will undestand that her decision was an wrong decision……..Recommend

  • Parvez

    Marvi not joining PTI looks more like PTI’s fault than Marvi’s. The onus of making the extra effort to secure Marvi lay with PTI and not Marvi.
    Lets be honest she is young, smart, credible, tested and highly visible while PTI is yet to be tested. Recommend

  • Nigah

    IK isn’t a leader either Ms Author reconsiderRecommend

  • hads

    sorry but this is one of the most stupid blogs i have ever read! Recommend

  • Yaser

    Question for Marvi memon: Why did you leave National Assembly Seat?

    Because assembly wasnt deliveing, right

    So will u ask PML-N (ur new party) to also come out of Parliament??? :DRecommend

  • http://ittweaks.com Nasir

    Marvi probably you have made a wrong choice, you didn’t only left the better option for Pakistan but also you supported a party which has brought no good to us, your action will help the corrupt N-League to deceive some more people now.

    Many people will disagree with my comments you all are respected and have full right to do so. But please just take few moments and think honestly that where we are standing now, is this something we are proud of? And please don’t say Nawaz this for country and Zardari did that, prolly, they did not do even 1% of their job profile. Choice is yours.Recommend

  • zahid

    @Elie Khan: and PML-nawaz is pure? you have got to be kidding me. you are disrespecting you last name bt making such a foolish statement. Think before you right. Recommend

  • zahid

    @Nicholas Sharaf:
    biased article? Nawaz and his family has been testes multiple times and they have accumulated lots of wealth and now are set for life. No one in the families have to work again for generations. they paid 5,000 rupees in taxes and ran their businesses when were in power. and you telling us that its a biased article? I am very disappointed in you, just like we are all in marvi. Recommend

  • junaid chaudhry

    the worst think she could ever do!!….and she did it!!!……congrats marvi!!…..u lived up to the notion that “some ppl never CHANGE!!….real change haan??!!….u have definitely committed political suicide!!Recommend

  • HY

    I hope she got answer of that long charge sheet which she presented to speaker of NA while resigning :PRecommend