Do I have the right to remain Ahmadi?

Published: March 1, 2012

Do Ahmadis only have the right to remain silent? PHOTO: FAHEEM YOUNUS

In 1966, nearly 180 million people in the US received Miranda rights – the right to remain silent to avoid self-incrimination.

Half a century later, a religious community in Pakistan, another country of nearly 180 million people, is facing a rather caustic version of the Miranda rights. They don’t have the right, but a duty, to remain silent.

The religious group is the Ahmadiyya community.

Two recent events frame the issue aptly. First, on January 29, 2012, clerics organized an anti-Ahmadiyya rally in Rawalpindi, attended by 5,000 madrassah students, chanting threatening anti-Ahmadiyya slogans and demanding to take over a 17-year-old Ahmadiyya ‘place of worship’. Then on February 11, 2012, approximately 100 lawyers, from the Lahore Bar Association, rallied to ban Shezan drinks on court premises.

So while the clerics have the right to incite violence against Ahmadis, by publicly calling them ‘worthy of death’ and madrassah students have the right to wall chalk phrases like, ‘hang them all’, schools have the right to expel Ahmadi students and lawyers have the right to ban Shezan – Ahmadis, on the other hand, have the right to remain silent!

Is it not true that the right to remain silent assumes a right to free speech in the first place? Something the Ahmadis have been long deprived of?

Unlike the Miranda rights, this ‘right’ to silence is by definition, self-incriminating. Try to voice your opinion as an Ahmadi and you may land in jail under section 295-B/C of Pakistan’s penal code offers pending a three year imprisonment simply for exercising your right to free speech. Try voicing dissent, and you may end up in a graveyard. Even after death, the mullah menace has the right to white wash Quranic verses like ‘God is gracious, ever merciful’ from an Ahmadi’s tombstones.

Consequently, hundreds and thousands of Pakistani Ahmadis, including myself, have tearfully migrated to other countries, but not without sustaining one final jab; the passport application.  It requires 97% of Pakistan’s Muslim population to complete a declaration stating that not only do they consider all Ahmadis as ‘non-Muslims’ but they also declare the founder of Ahmadiyya Community to be an ‘impostor’. While I have never met a Pakistani Muslim who refused to sign this absurd declaration, Ahmadis do scratch it out. Their passports are thus stamped with the word ‘Ahmadi’ and the plight of their right to remain silent continues.

For decades, the Ahmadi perspective was systematically hushed under the pretense of ‘sensitivity’. But organizations like Amnesty International are now calling it, ‘a real test of the authorities’. And 0nline newspapers and opinion pieces by courageous Pakistanis have started challenging the suffocating status quo.

For the Pakistani government, there is a way to be good again. Rein in the mullah, stop defining who is and who is not Muslim, and subject the medieval anti-Ahmadiyya laws to a modern paper shredder. Give Ahmadis the right to free speech before offering them the right to remain silent.

Finally, the Ahmadiyya diaspora is choosing to expose this oppression by speaking up. The mullahs and their proxy politicians will have to deal with the bitter truth.

Maybe a glass of Shezan could have helped to sweeten the bitterness. But then I guess that’s just too Ahmadi.


Faheem Younus

Faheem Younus

The writer is clinical associate professor at University of Maryland School of Medicine, USA. The author can be followed @Faheem!/FaheemYounus

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  • femib

    @Pakistani 786:

    oh really how do u know?Recommend

  • femib


    If u read this comment then u must have read the other one too. so don`t try to act smart. Recommend

  • Muhummad

    This is not a case of religious tolerance which would apply to respecting other religions but of religious heresy. This is not a valid religion ..during the British raj they got a puppet to claim to be a prophet and abandon all verses in the Quran relating to Jihad simply to “legitimize British rule.

    British rule is over but Islam remains allhumdulilah.Recommend

  • Wajahat

    As an muslim we need to show patience and handle situation accordingly. Unfortunately we are very smart when it comes ti make a decission doe DUNYA or do some investment.We take sugesstion but do not follow it blindly.
    Here is the Thing Ahmedies do not let their Kids go to other Masjids. Being X Ahmedi i knew it as when i was kid i was not allowed to go to any other masjid. When i grew up and started to go myself i found them good. Many people even though they knew of my Ahmedi background and they knew i am in process of making decession still allowed me to pray in masjid in fact i was welcomed. perhaps some time I lead prayers in my college those days .

    On other hand most of Non Ahmedies just hate Ahmedies and are under the impression that they are traitors which is absolute nonsense. One of my cery religious friend when found out my background said if i knew it before i might not have even shake hand with you. But he regrets his old school of thought. Do not follow Mullah of masjid. At least go to A MUFTI or DARUL FATAH . Their are extremly good and great ULAMA’s still avialable in pakistan. They have guided me alot. even though they knew my background. So its from both sides. Respect each other Recommend

  • FUA

    I really agreed with you.Being in an ahmedi family ,i know what are the things..You are lucky that u got out from this but being a single female i dont know any path any way to be out…also this society would never accept is a fact…
    Some things are complicated and some things are made complicated by These people (both by ahmedies & molvies)…
    Life is hell for a common person……..what to do,i dont know??Recommend

  • Vikram

    “what to do,i dont know??” You can do what AISHA KHAN a very religious non-Ahmadi hijabi college going, married Muslim girl did in Kansas, USA a few months back. She called her sister and pretended she was being kidnapped. She just ran way from her husband and family.Recommend

  • real picture

    The way author has portrayed Ahmedya situation is absolutely awsome., hats off to u, a person having no background of this topic would conclude that Ahmedis r the dejected grp of Pakistani society while mullas r the main villains..however Im dissapointd to c v few comments on the main issue of qadyaniat, which is declaring thm as non Muslims.! I hope sooner or later this matter iss discussd. Recommend

  • S.F.Ali

    What do you mean by Islam of mullahs and Islam our Prophet (PBUH)??
    Both are same, the issues on which we see our benefits we opt them and those which are going against our will we blame Muftis n Molvis, that thay are making changes to ISLAM.Recommend

  • Noor Hassan Khan

    No dought it’s a seprate country for muslim. At the site of living every one is Pakistani. Because Islam giving a message of peace,sacrfice each other with in muslim or non muslim. We are all pakistani loyel to our country first. Recommend

  • islam is the best

    Qadayani and ahmedi should admit that they are non muslims and don’t use muslims terminologies like masjid, quran , islam. use your own qadyan special. I respect Jews , Hindu’s , Christians because they are not using the islamic terminologies they said we have our own religion christianity , judism. create your own qadyan special and don’t interpret islam wrongly and don’t try to change quran and hadith translation. lasty i mentioned here clearly that qadyani is not a religion or firqa like other religion in the world like christianity , hindusand jews it is fitna azeem of the world until and unless they are accepted that they are non muslims and not part of the islam and muslims community and don’t bring new quran and hadith interpretation. if u do that we respect u.Recommend

  • aHumble

    @Noman Ahmed:
    I am glad to know that you are a CA, but sad to know that our beloved country is left with CAs like you.
    My friend, you can’t claim to love something and not follow it, that is just the definition of love.
    As far as Islam of Nabi(SAW) is concerned, which is safe in Quran (all else is man made), “sole purpose of raising this ummah was to give peace to all religions”.

    @Rex Minor:
    You are right, “just call me a Muslim”. I personally was refused the visa for Umrah by the custodians of house of Allah when I refused to fill the column call “Mazhab”. There were two columns, one for Deen – which I filled as saying “Islam”, but I refused to say if I was a Sunni or whatever, I was not given a visa.
    I also agree that no other language can ever convey the message of Quran in it’s true sense. Here is an example, Allah cannot be translated into God or Khuda. In Arabic, “Ilaah” means the entity who’s orders are obeyed, so “Allah” means “the only entity who’s orders should be obeyed”….Now we can see that God or Khuda will never give you this meaning.

    @All Others/myself:
    Are we all really Muslims? Do we really think that naming my child “Abdullah” gives him the certificate from Allah? Of course NOT. Being a Muslim means to “subscribe to the values given by Quran (and nothing else), live our lives by them and nothing else”. If we are not doing this, WE ARE NOT MUSLIMS….you may claim it because a mullah says so, but Allah’s definition is safe in Quran, look there, and do not waste your time talking to a mullah.Recommend

  • S.F.Ali

    The simple answer is you people admit yourselves as Non-Muslims then no one will say anything to you and will respect you as other minorities.Recommend

  • Zara

    Can I please say that I was researching this today and was so happy to come across this op piece. I recently applied for my pakistani passport and basically brushed over the declaration clause. I did not sign it, but just for the purpose of debate I am a sunni pakistani. When my passport came back it had my religion which i had stated as Islam on my application as ‘Ahmadi.’ Unfortunately, before this incident I was relatively sheltered from this sort of discriminatory behavior partly because of ignorance on my part and my infrequent visits to pakistan. I do not believe it is any human beings responsibility to decide who is or is not ‘muslim enough’ to fit into the grand scheme of things? I am literally just curious as to who decided how muslim somebody is outside of cultural prejudice. I dont care what religion you are if you’re pakistani than you’re pakistani your religion is not a qualifying factor.Recommend

  • S.F.Ali

    Religion comes first my friend, and secondly no individual is proclaiming it on his own. Its a fact and we all should accept it…Long debate short, simply if anyone knows the definition of ISLAM then he won’t be debating this and clearing his points.Recommend

  • Danish

    I have personally read all the literature of ahmedis and the language mirza qadiyani has used in it about Shahba karaam and Hazrat Fatima and Hazrat Imam Hassan and Hussain is totally unacceptable. ahmedis are non muslim. ahmedis were given the full chance of argument in the close camera session of parliament where they were failed to defend themselves.
    As per Iman e Mufassil, A true Muslim has to have faith in that “Allah is one and Hazrat Muhammad SAWW is the last prophet”. But ahmedis do not consider Hazrat Muhammad as last prophet.

    In close camera session of parliament Mr zafar Ullah Khan from ahmedi side said that we “‘ahmedis” are the muslims and all other Muslims are kafir…..that particular statement led them to be declared as non muslim. In my opinion it was a right decision.Recommend

  • S.F.Ali

    Do you have the link of that in close camera session of parliament. Please provide us twith the link of that.Recommend

  • Vikram

    “In close camera session of parliament Mr zafar Ullah Khan from ahmedi side said that we “‘ahmedis” are the muslims and all other Muslims are kafir…..that particular statement led them to be declared as non muslim. In my opinion it was a right decision.” Many Sunnis call Shia as kafirs, you by your logic, Sunnis should be dcalred no-Muslims too. Do you even know what is the purpose of a “rleigion”?Recommend

  • not impressed

    i believe ahmadi’s have the right to life, property, respect and everything else equally – just stop calling yourselves Muslims, call yourselves Ahmadi’s. And everything will be fine. Recommend

  • Umair

    I think the problem is because the Ahmadis try to act like muslims, and call them selves muslims, while clearly they are not, i agree that evrybody should have the right to live free of discrimination, but they should also think tht acting like muslims is not gonna help their cause, i feel sad for the problems they have to face in society, it should not be like this. but they also have to make some decisions now and deffrenciate their relegion openly, and dnt hurt the feelings of other muslims by calling them selves muslims, i wish them all the best and urge them to solve thi sprob, the solutions lies with them.Recommend

  • Pakistani Hypocrisy

    Anywhere in the world a Muslim gets ill treated and we get angry. No one ever looks at their own behavior towards the minority. We Muslims deserve every bit of discrimination and hate for what we do in our own countries. Saudia closes down all churches and everything is Subhanallah, France bans Niqab and they deserve to die? We are a country full of hypocrisy from Religious discrimination to regional policing being done in Baluchistan. Pakistan has become a joke. And it’s not even funny.Recommend

  • An Ahmedi Girl

    @A Muslim: I am an Ahmedi girl who does not belong to the elite class. I have had to struggle all my life to get into the top institutions in my city, have had to do without so many necessities just for the sake of my education, so no, you don’t get to say that all Ahmedis belong to the elite class. We don’t. We work hard, harder than most people do, to gain a social and financial standing. Recommend

  • Virgo

    @Vikram…………the fact that you are neither a muslim, nor an Ahmadi and not even you believe in religion as you pointed out………makes me really laugh at you as this article and the comments above really were not meant for you or anyone who doesn’t have to do anything with this.
    com on man…….get a life and do your business. I believe in freedom of speech but freedom of getting involved in others business is a bit too far from freedom of speech. Recommend

  • Vikram

    @Virgo: “makes me really laugh at you as this article and the comments above really were not meant for you”. For you killing of minorities or terrorizing minoritites may be a laughing matter,,,,I am getting involved as a human being to prevent other human beings from being terrorized in the name of religion.. . Recommend

  • aneela

    @Jameel ur Rasheed:
    who has the right to “declare” another persons religion…. i think u havnt been thought the basic concept of islam!! no person on this earth has the right to declare anyone muslim, christian, hindu or any other religion… if that person bears witness and firmly belives that he/she is following a certain religion…let them be…give them the freedom to practise their relision without killing them in the name of GOD! … this is clearly described as murdering.. show em any authentic islamic book where Allah or his messengers have given another human being to kill a person for their belief or following a certai religion/beliefs!

    i pitty the people who think they will get away with these disgusting sins…dont forget that there will be a day of judgement…nd on that day, God will ask each one of you, and he will ask each one of us… we shall bare witness against this disgusting treatment to innocent people that want nothing but FREEDOM from dirty politics! Recommend

  • ProPatriot

    Well… There is a confusion in the story i just went through. Ahmadis aren’t forced to remain silent. If legislation has declared their exclusion from a definition of being a Muslim. So, What?? Their beliefs and fundamental creed is indifferent. I think, Its no need to lament and get emotional over it.. If 97% Pakistanis do fill a declaration that they are Muslims. So, accept it and don’t feel the pain to fill the extra form of declaration that you are not a Muslim, Don’t be ashamed…!!

    Ahmadis will have to suffer in lieu of shaking the basic principles set by Allah. Their face will depict who they are whether you sell sweetness or bitterness.

    We appreciate if you speak up! We respect the minorities but not at the cost of maligning the Islam. Everybody has to submit in the end, whosoever they are for their traits and beliefs. Recommend

  • S.F.Ali

    I don’t know why people not getting a simple point that if someone mess up with Islamic principles, then how can he be called a Muslim? And if Ahmedis want their rights then simply consider yourselves as Minorities(Non-Muslims).Recommend

  • ibnekhalil

    the laws of pakistan against ahmadies should be finshedRecommend

  • Iqbal Yasin

    Thanks for bringing this up Faheem. All I can tell you as part of the youth of the country is that the youth of Pakistan is much more open to diversity and respecting other schools of thought. We, the youth, the student community, do comparative studies and try to understand the other side of the picture, which creates better understanding amongst the divergent views. As for the Molvi brigade, I don’t know how to change their narrow sightedness. But then again, belonging to a certain school of thought/school of jurisprudence, I can proudly tell you that not all religious scholars or molvis for that matter are intolerant. We have good people too. Oh and lastly, I do love Shezan juices myself :) Recommend

  • faizan

    no you guyz dont have the right to remain a ahmadi in pakistan until or unless you start calling yourselves ahmadies instead of muslims. Islam clearly states that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad (Pbuh) is his last prophet. And if you want to destroy your day of judgement than keep on believing in your false prophet and now dont start on getting on my nerves by calling me a extremist or a fundamentalist or violent coz i’m not. I’m just honest that’s all.Recommend

  • faizan

    @An Ahmedi Girl:
    yeah rite and then you get foreign nationalities on the name of political assylum and move on to other economically stable countries like other muslims. hai na XDRecommend

  • Syed Owais Mukhtar

    I heard that the owner of Shezan has printed copies of Quran without the name Muhammad in it. (not confirm)
    Then what will you expect from Muslim community to do against the Ahmadiyya ? A tit for a tat might be good for both.


  • prabhjyot singh madan

    Being an Indian, I never knew about this schism about ahmadi and others in India. But after knowing it all after 7 years plus, I find it depressing. Ahmadis live in peace in India. If someone tries to be more Muslim then Indian state and people are here and a sense of security is here. Ahmadis are Muslim by Indian laws, no mullah can change it. Zafarullah khan must be cursing his grave now, why he approached jinnah to come back from England. I have sincere respect and sympathiea for ahmadi Muslims. Sat Sri akal, salam, . Take care every oneRecommend

  • Sayed Aasim

    @ Mehreen…….I totally agree with you and well said/written. i myself belong to family who has the mixture of all sects of Islam (sunni (debandi/baralevei), Ahle Tashee, Ahmadi.

    But on all family occasions (Marriage or Death or pain or gain, we are always with each other.
    So why is it not that we as society live with harmony with each other without hurting emotionally and physically our fellow human beings.

    Allah swt is the final judge, to asses who is worthy or not……. This extremism has to stop once for all…….
    Sayed AasimRecommend

  • Muzammil

    Can someone answer one question of mine??????
    Are Ahmedis Muslims??????
    Because if they are then what Hazrat Abu Bakr did was wrong????
    And if that was right then why are Ahmedis considered Muslims?????
    Kindly get your facts right please. If anyone can answer my questions logically please do. And do not give me this answer that both of the actions are correct, i.e. Hazrat Abu Bakr was correct and Ahmedis are Muslims. PLEASE DO NOT. BE REASONABLE

    I do not in any way say that killing of any human being is the correct way……… but the thing is if a non-Muslim dies the whole world is in shock………. but if a Muslim dies not one of you will say anything. I know what you will say that you condemn these killings. But I have not seen any article here regarding the said topic. And let me see, about hundreds of Muslims are killed by non-Muslims every week as compared to only tens of non-Muslims killed by Muslims. OH let us condemn the community that has more coffins then the other community.
    If Muslims generally and Muslim Mullahs are hypocrites than you my friends are the same. I already know your answers, so do not bother PLEASE. Recommend

  • AIN

    @Sayed Aasim:
    Hello Mr.Asim…I am very much impressed by ur post.Are u live in pak with such family mixture ???Recommend

  • Ooops

    The era of Hazrat Abu bakar and era of today is not compareable. Go and study the actual facts….Hazrat Abubakar (R.A) was cent percent correct….There is/will be no new nabi and no new shariat….But for the revival of islam,Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W itself told us about imam mehdi….
    Also what is being happened to Pakistan in the name of Islam is the eye opener to all…Forced conversion, shia/ahmedi/hindu killing, involvement of religious clerics in sex abuse, corruption,injustice….How u will justify it?? Dear just See the decline of Pakistan after the so called 1973 ActRecommend

  • Vikram

    @Muzammil:Says but the thing is if a non-Muslim dies the whole world is in shock………. but if a Muslim dies not one of you will say anything.”

    Most Muslims in Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan are being killed by Muslims themselves. Muslims choose mosques, funerals, markets or shrines to kill other Muslims.
    You can write a blog about about Muslims being killed by non-Muslims.

    World is in shoch BECAUSE muslims kill innocent non-Muslims in the name of Islam.

    Countries like Pakistan make money from “war on terrorism”. I will not be surprised if investigation shows, Pakistan brings Jihadis from other countries and kill them just to show progress on war on terror.Recommend

  • Sayed Aasim

    Yes I Live in Pakistan and very well in harmony…….We all can if we practice more than preach….Recommend

  • Muzammil

    No one really answered my question. Are Ahmedis Muslims?? because the answer to this question will eliminate any other arguments.
    The implementation of Quaranic teachings can be applied to any era. So sorry to say but a stupid assumption that that era was different. If the founder of Ahmedi religion proclaimed to be a prophet than the Quran and Sunnah is sufficient to answer any question. ( By the way Sunnah is the practical implementation of Quranic teachings). As for Imam Mehdi and Hazrat Isa, kindly do see the seven books of Hadith. The whole problem is that we tend to not study up on facts. The fact is no one is more authentic for me other than the Quran (Allah’s Word), Hadith (Holy Prophet, Peace be Upon Him, Word’s) and the four Fiqah. Not even the most esteemed scholar is more authentic. So all this about someone claiming to be Imam Mehdi, I am sorry I do not buy it because it does not conform to the authentic sayings.
    As for Muslims killing Muslims, true all true. But just tell me this thing anyone. Genocide in Bosnia, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Iraq and Gujrat are justified. By the definitions given by some people here it is justified because they are criminals and terrorists. If you are right then I am sorry to say I hate human rights that are so biased that they give non-Muslims the right of being innocent until proven guilty and to Muslims not.

    As for the record, I condemn every type of KILLING be it a Muslim killing a non-Muslim or vice-versa. And there is no big and no small evil, there is just evil. So kindly do not try to justofy any wrong doing on anyone’s part be it a Muslim or a non-Muslim. I have not seen one article or blog here on Palestine killings or Israeli soldier killing innocent Palestinian children. None of you ever raised their voices on the hurting of sentiments of Muslims by burning of Quran or cartoons. Its free speech na to if anyone say anything about non-Muslims why is he/she branded as a fundamentalist and hatred-spreader, etc.
    Be realistic. There should be no double standard here.Recommend

  • Bangladeshi

    After reading the article of Dr. Faheem Younus, I am convinced more than ever that Bangladesh was absolutely right to be separated from this tyrannical despotism ran by religious and cultural mullah. The oppression is not limited to religion but also to other ethnic minorities (like Baluchistanis, Pathans etc) and raises its ugly head in different forms. I am beginning to think that such oppression has deep roots in artificial cultural supremacy fueled by a false understanding of religion. Otherwise, how can Pakistan commit a genocide against Bangladesh’s (then East Pakistan) Sunni Muslims, who in their belief was the same!

    The fact is Pakistan has created monsters during its 1971 war and now these monsters are feeding on bloods of innocent Pakistanis after losing Bangladesh. These monsters were never brought to justice and hence now they need other religious or ethnic minorities to feed on.

    Ahmadis must be protected by Divine hands as they are facing these monsters so valiantly without hampering their progress! Recommend

  • Lamss

    @Khan: Loved the enlightened approach in your writing.Recommend

  • Lamss

    @Ali: I find that incredibly sad!Recommend

  • Zahid Sheikh

    Hats off to Meera Jilani, Syed M Ali, Pakistani 786, RUNMAD, Athar Mahmood, Freedom, Raks, Sars, Tolerant, RH, Shahkar, dv sikka,RRr rex minor for highlighting the topic which has bedeviled our country. I remember a column in Daily Jang from Zia Shahid, now the chief editor of daily Khabrain in which he wrote golden words: ” The hand that has now been raised against Ahmadis, in the long run is sure to be raised against every other sect.” How true he was? This is what we are witnessing today in Karachi, Quetta, Parachinar, Gilgit Baltistan and many areas of our dear homeland. One may have the right to disagree. Of course, five fingers are never alike. But nobody possesses the right to harm or kill one with whom he disagrees. If somebody doesn’t want to listen to me, he/she at least should give ears to scholars like Mr Ghamdi — who always favors arguments over weapons.. Recommend

  • kashif

    I appreciate those showing true face of Islam. Islam is a religion of love not hatred. Recommend

  • Hamda imam

    Either best to go by book to ban every sect. Sunni ( including every sub sect) Shia ahamdi and if any other. If the ban cant benefit of our agencies then arrange a cocktail of passports printed in colors on nationals flags of countries. The onl majority that claims are pakistani and just muslim be allowed to use national color. The sect are in clash with the spirit of islam and pakistan. What if majority says that shia sunni etc too are kafir. As its clearedRecommend

  • Najam

    I do not support in any way the killing of minorities but please enlighten me why are you criticizing the very valid passport condition? Ahmadis are non muslims in every way so why should a muslim be hesitant to declare them non muslims? why is it a bad thing?
    if ahmadis stop calling themselves muslim in the first place there wont be a need for all this mess or strange passport conditionsRecommend

  • 123

    What will you say about the war between Lashker-e-islam & Taliban Pakistan ????Both considered each other kafir thats why doing jihad against each other….Ahmedies are non muslim by the definition of the same clerics who are now declaring each other non-muslims
    It seemed that more we are into technologies more we are able to float wrong info irrespective it is religious,political or social….Recommend

  • AAM.

    Dear all, I know this is a rather sensitive issue for many be it ahmadiyya or non ahmadiyyas. I live in a society, where my neighbours are ahmadiyyas and have a small religious centre/ place of worship hidden between houses. Our society is aware of them living amongst us, but never in my life i have seen or heard anyone go against them or say anything unfortunate. I have been to their house numerous of times, weddings, milads , birthdays , you name it. My parents never stopped me nor any of my family refrained to go there. What pinched me the most, was they claimed to tell religious war fare during their milads and openly said that their most revered person succeeded our Prophet P.B.U.H, when everyone one knows there was no other Prophet after Him. Is it wrong? What is the agenda? Shia and Sunnism is digestable, i am married to a bohri, who has allowed me to follow what i do and i have a family who is liberal enough to allow interfaith marriages. There is a fatwa issued against these Ahmadiyyas because they have brought a third person after our Prophet who claims to be from his lineage. Thats what the society is again, still Pakistan being the so called ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of Pakistan has allowed people to live no matter from what religions or beliefs as compared to other islamic states in the world. I am not here point fingers, i love my Shezan juice on a hot day and i love my neighbours, but i as an individual cannot accept such blasphemy against my beloved Prophet. Bohris are the only welcoming community so far who allow people to enter their mosque/jamaat khana and also, do not forbid anyone. Ahmadiyyas and Ismailis restrict people from entering, what are they hiding? Isnt Islam a religion which promotes unity? where is the unity amongst us muslims? None? How come an Ismaili or their place of worship ever targetted, whatever they do is between themselves and hence never claim anyone to be the successor to our Prophet P.B.U.H. Recommend

  • omar

    ” attended by 5,000 madrassah students ”

    are you there were only madrassah students ? where from you got this figure ?Recommend

  • Mustajab

    @AAM.: Brother your thought are much better then this useless article. After this article I started to study about Ahmadiya and to my surprise I was able to find the book of various fatwa by Mirza. Majority of answer were no different then the one we all know. There was always a person(mostly a nameless person) asking Mirza various issues over which he will qoute the same text from Hadees and Quran. So why do we need him as a Prophet(nauzubillah) if he is just copying everything already there in Islam? He say he is Hazrat Essa(AS) at various places then why did Dajjal did not came before him? Before becoming Hazrat Essa he declared himself as Imam Mehndi? He was a propaganda by Britishers, one of there Divide and Rule policy. That’s why we find majority of Ahmadiya living in UK. Recommend

  • AAM.

    Dear Mustajab: Thank you for reading my comment. I hate it when people start claiming things which are either not relevant or self made. Just to make it clear i am a sister not a brother. :) Recommend

  • KrishanPak

    I am pleased to see that express tribune has taken the first step towards change. Those who deny the rights of others on religious, political and other basis are not human. They are followers of the leaders of Kufr. All these discriminations were made by the oponents of truth in the history. Can anyone quote even a single example of such discrimination made by The holy Prophet of Islam, sahaba or Khulafa-e-Rashdeen or any other prophet of Allah.Recommend

  • A.N.

    Ahmedis aren’t any different from muslims in their physical appearence, social conduct, traditions and to a great degree, their beliefs. How would you suggest they distinguish themselves from muslims ? Wear a badge perhaps ? A different dress code ? A uniform ?
    Other than Ahmedis, christians, hindus, behais, sikhs etc dont believe in the final Prophet (SAWW). Infact, they dont consider Him (SAWW) to be a prophet at all. So after killing how many human beings would we consider that we have done enough to show our LOVE for Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) ?
    If there is nothing good in Ahmedis, why dont they just convert ? I mean to an ordinary muslim, Ahmedis are evil, convining, and oh so very wrong. Why cant they see it for themselves ? They are ordinary human beings like us, they went to same school as us, they work with us, yet, they cant see it. Maybe it’s us who are missing something ?
    As already pointed out, would you consider the same dealings to be just with muslims where they are in minority ? Because by supporting this form of opperession, you are indirectly supporting what the US is doing, i.e. killing innocent people to meet their interest.

  • sana akbar

    I feel that we should have a law, that bans such protests and scripture against any particular community in Pakistan. That is the reason we are dealing with sectarian violence. I hate to see posters which provoke hatred against ahmdis. Why do they are treated that way when they are Pakistanis? Really I wonder sometimes how do they live in a country like ours. How do they feel to see such rallies, writings and social behaviour of people against them. Religion and believes are quite personal to someone, I dont like to be considered a Muslim in Pakistan only if I agree to “Ahmdi community to be a non Muslim”. What a criteria of my being Muslim in Pakistan :( .No one is here is God, Judging someones faith is only Gods responsibility. Please try dont grab God`s positionRecommend