Do I have the right to remain Ahmadi?

Published: March 1, 2012

Do Ahmadis only have the right to remain silent? PHOTO: FAHEEM YOUNUS

In 1966, nearly 180 million people in the US received Miranda rights – the right to remain silent to avoid self-incrimination.

Half a century later, a religious community in Pakistan, another country of nearly 180 million people, is facing a rather caustic version of the Miranda rights. They don’t have the right, but a duty, to remain silent.

The religious group is the Ahmadiyya community.

Two recent events frame the issue aptly. First, on January 29, 2012, clerics organized an anti-Ahmadiyya rally in Rawalpindi, attended by 5,000 madrassah students, chanting threatening anti-Ahmadiyya slogans and demanding to take over a 17-year-old Ahmadiyya ‘place of worship’. Then on February 11, 2012, approximately 100 lawyers, from the Lahore Bar Association, rallied to ban Shezan drinks on court premises.

So while the clerics have the right to incite violence against Ahmadis, by publicly calling them ‘worthy of death’ and madrassah students have the right to wall chalk phrases like, ‘hang them all’, schools have the right to expel Ahmadi students and lawyers have the right to ban Shezan – Ahmadis, on the other hand, have the right to remain silent!

Is it not true that the right to remain silent assumes a right to free speech in the first place? Something the Ahmadis have been long deprived of?

Unlike the Miranda rights, this ‘right’ to silence is by definition, self-incriminating. Try to voice your opinion as an Ahmadi and you may land in jail under section 295-B/C of Pakistan’s penal code offers pending a three year imprisonment simply for exercising your right to free speech. Try voicing dissent, and you may end up in a graveyard. Even after death, the mullah menace has the right to white wash Quranic verses like ‘God is gracious, ever merciful’ from an Ahmadi’s tombstones.

Consequently, hundreds and thousands of Pakistani Ahmadis, including myself, have tearfully migrated to other countries, but not without sustaining one final jab; the passport application.  It requires 97% of Pakistan’s Muslim population to complete a declaration stating that not only do they consider all Ahmadis as ‘non-Muslims’ but they also declare the founder of Ahmadiyya Community to be an ‘impostor’. While I have never met a Pakistani Muslim who refused to sign this absurd declaration, Ahmadis do scratch it out. Their passports are thus stamped with the word ‘Ahmadi’ and the plight of their right to remain silent continues.

For decades, the Ahmadi perspective was systematically hushed under the pretense of ‘sensitivity’. But organizations like Amnesty International are now calling it, ‘a real test of the authorities’. And 0nline newspapers and opinion pieces by courageous Pakistanis have started challenging the suffocating status quo.

For the Pakistani government, there is a way to be good again. Rein in the mullah, stop defining who is and who is not Muslim, and subject the medieval anti-Ahmadiyya laws to a modern paper shredder. Give Ahmadis the right to free speech before offering them the right to remain silent.

Finally, the Ahmadiyya diaspora is choosing to expose this oppression by speaking up. The mullahs and their proxy politicians will have to deal with the bitter truth.

Maybe a glass of Shezan could have helped to sweeten the bitterness. But then I guess that’s just too Ahmadi.


Faheem Younus

Faheem Younus

The writer is clinical associate professor at University of Maryland School of Medicine, USA. The author can be followed @Faheem!/FaheemYounus

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Meera Ghani

    So heart wrenching but you should know that not all Pakistani’s are silent. Some have declared today Shezan day in support of the Ahmadi muslims. And many including me personally have refused to sign the anti-Ahmadi declaration on the passport forms.

    Check out the event page. I encourage fellow citizens to speak up and in solidarity buy Shezan products today

    Also, please join this community and post video in support of Pakistan’s minority communities:

    Speak up don’t allow this persecution of fellow citizens on your watch. Or we’re headed down the path of Nazi Germany.Recommend

  • Syed M. Ali

    Dear Faheem, I am one such Pakistani who has refused to get the passport renewed of get the CNIC or register for vote owing to the declaration you referred to as it appears in the forms for all three. My reason is simple. Not religious. Not political. Just very simple. That is, all these three documents relate to my personal self. So i may be asked to declare anything and everything about myself. Why should i declare anything for anyone else. I find it principally wrong. Have tried to create some stir over it. Hopefully, if i survive my campaign, we will see a change.

    I belong to a religion that advocates love, peace, tolerance. Hence, i try my best.Recommend

  • Pakistani 786

    Thank you Express Tribune for breaking the silence on this important issue. You are doing a great job. Whether we agree or disagree, there should be no reason for this gag order on millions of Pakistanis only because of their faith.Recommend


    Beautiful Op Ed. May it open the eyes of those blinded by mullah hatred.Recommend

  • True Pakistani

    @Pakistani 786:
    I wish if Express tribune break silence on the most important issues like drone attacks, cruelty of indian army in kashmir, CIA involvement in Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and so on …Recommend

  • athar mahmood

    we are very thankful to Express Tribune for being very bold in such a intolerable society where sacred cows won’t allow you to speak on this issue.Actually this is the first step to get rid from extremest thoughts. Recommend

  • Ali

    Being an Ahmadi, I completely understand each and every word of what you’ve just written…but I have also seen a few good people in the educated community of Pakistan who are very liberal…but they are few and far between…Recommend

  • freedom

    Minorities dont have right to live in pakistan, what we should expect from our politician, judiciary, they dont want to know what is going on with minorities. they are living miserable life and they are not considered as human beings everyday there is news about minorities that how they are treated in pakistan. Recommend

  • A Muslim

    Why ET not highlight that

    the majority of this community people belong to elite class
    an ahmadi doesn’t face issues as compare to a common pakistani muslim when applying for the visa to any european country.
    ET every month publishes at least one article in favor of this community, means why our media is doin a lot of favor to this community only.
    Why they consider themselves Ahmadis first then Pakistanis?

  • Noman Ahmed

    In my opinion, we can not kill any Ahmedi but at the same time it is my personal choice not to keep in touch with them, keep them away no business deals with them. No right should be given to them to offer “prayer” like that, no right should be given to propogate or may i say corrupt innocent muslims’ mind.

    If you want to live in Pakistan have open dialogue with relgious scholers and if you prove you are right and your faith is absolute right, so, you will get equal rights otherwise you are being treated rightfully.

    Ahmedis case is different from other minorities. You do not accept prophet Mohammad SAWW as last and Final prophet however you consider that mirza as prophet. You can not understand it, we Muslims may be very bad so bad but when it comes to Prophet Mohammad SAWW we sacrifice our lives and our love ones to the prophet Mohammaf SAWW. It does not need we are madarsa student beared keeper. Im a CA n not having any bear or offer salah but if my prophet is hurt sure I will sacrifice myself. .
    I hope yu publish my comment.Recommend

  • M Ali Khan

    @A Muslim:
    “Why they consider themselves Ahmadis first then Pakistanis?”

    the same way some of us think and say that “we are muslims first, then pakistani?”

    please! stop making excuses and admit that any form of bigotry and discrimination is wrong and pathetic.

    btw the comments on the ET’s facebook link about this news are a hair-pulling frustrating fest of hatred!Recommend

  • Raks

    It waz back in 2007 when I applied for Pakistani passport and I was shocked to see the declaration. I was offered a scholarship opportunity which was going to be life changing opportunity, therefore, it was not possible for me to reject the declaration and lose the scholarship opportunity. Thus I had to sign it unwillingly and I regret it today and I will remain to regret it all my life.

    Since then I always wanted to discuss this issues on different platforms, but due to lack of knowledge regarding the community and lack of having a platform I couldn’t speak-up. Today, I salute Express tribune and everyone who has decided to raise their voice against this issue.

    It is unfortunate to know that the Lahore Bar Association initiated to harm these fellow beings. These are supposed to be the custodians of our judiciary systems and they are the ones who are responsible to give justice to the nation, how unfortunate.

    Nobody on the surface of earth has the right to declare a faith as right or wrong. It is a very personal matter and it has to do with the individual and the nature.

    I would like to thank all those of you who have mastered up courage to raise this issue and to support our Ahemadia brothers. They are our brothers and they have equal right to live their lives with complete freedom.Recommend

  • sars

    True enough and i wish that documents that have to do with international travel did not have to state our thoughts on religious belief. It seems akin to having a certificate that you have read the Quran to apply for a driving license. (Id prefer if we actually took proper driving tests to issue licenses:)

    Our thoughts on anyone elses religious beliefs should be completely irrelevant. Maybe more of us should focus on our OWN beliefs and whether they fit in with the spirit of Islam, rather than concentrating on others.

    Dude a fact of life is you have an educated and wealthy community and people are going to hate you for that alone. Recommend

  • Tolerant

    @Noman Ahmed: going by your emotional sentiments, then tomorrow anyone in crowd will get up and blow himself up. You are not worthy of being a human being. You have no rational and you are uneducated to the core.

    I am sick of people who go around and kill people in name of religion or love for religion. Recommend

  • Jameel ur Rasheed

    Well Ahmadi’s have a very new religion when you compare it with others like Hindus and Chirstians. The religion’s basis are directly in conflict with the very fundamentals of Islam. It’s true that a Muslim becoming a non-Muslim is punishable with death but a by birth non-Muslim, including any Ahmadi, has nothing to do with such punishment. For Ahmadi community, when they are declared non-Muslims, they should not try to mimic the Muslim practices and prayers. This is the main thing which annoys Muslim fundamentalists otherwise there are others as well in our society who have strange religious practices but are never targeted, just to mention one are Bahais, they worship sun and fire. So the point is clear, if you are not a Muslim, you are not supposed to act like a Muslim or copy their practices and I think avoiding such actions will definitely avoid bad accidents. This might actually get you some recognition in Pakistani society as well as the above called right to remain silent.Recommend

  • RH

    Good to see most of the comments on here positive and encouraging. Let’s drown out the haters!Recommend

  • Shahkar

    As always Mr. Faheem your articles and fully expressive and to the point. My thoughts are all mixed up so I’ll just say what ever comes to mind after reading your article.

    How can a people go so astray that they can’t even find their way back. Pakistan came into being by the blood and sweat of our forefathers with the pretense that this country will provide freedom of religion, speech, thought and most importantly the right to live peacefully.

    How can a people a nation go so astray in such a short time that they don’t even know their way back?!

    How can the mothers of Pakistan let this happen to ANYONE’s children?
    How can the fathers of Pakistan stand and watch their fellow citizen’s homes get burned?
    How can the youth of Pakistan watch their friends get showered with bullets in mosques?
    How and why indeed !

    If not for Ahmadis than at least thing about yourself. One nation is like one human body with different parts that have to work together. If a disease is allowed to spread in that body then in time the whole body will suffer and die.

    All Pakistanis need to fight this oppression against Ahmadis otherwise this disease (Mullahs) will eventually kill all. Please MAKE NO MISTAKE about it eventually this disease will KILL ALL !!! Pakistan will be no more! And once that happens everyone will look back and say ‘if only i had one more chance to save my nation….’ but it will be too late. The moment of ‘if only…’ is now. This is it, this is your chance to do something about your disease. Stand up… stand up like the young Chinese student who immortalized himself by standing in front of the tanks in Tiananmen Square and said NO MORE!

    May the Gracious and ever Merciful God bring Pakistan out of this darkness created by the Mullahs.Recommend

  • Raks

    @ A Muslim:

    If you are so desperate to go to Europe then convert in to Ahemdi. :D Btw what make you say this ?

    It is not the fault of Ahmedi’s that you are not getting visa to European countries. They get their visas approved because they are good human beings and they do not create troubles for their fellow beings regardless of their beliefs. They do not poke their nose into other peoples lives, while, we Muslims have made ourselves THEKADAR of everything and create problems for others wherever we go that is why we do not get visas.

    So try to change your attitude…..I wish you good-luck with your visa :)Recommend

  • dv sikka

    From Islamic Republic of Pakistan it has become SUNNI REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN. God help all non-Sunnis in Pakistan. One can remain whatever, Ahmedia or shia etc, at his own peril. The state would not save you.Recommend

  • Mehreen

    I belong to a family which is made up of Sunnis, Shias and Ahmedis and we live in complete harmony with each other. Why can’t we do this as a country? I have seen Ahmedis butchered, their houses burnt, their jobs taken away from them. Why? Because a self righteous section of our population considers itself the highest moral authority. Remember first the Ahmedis, Hindus and Christians, then the Shias, then the Sunnis. Who is left in this mess? No one. By burning someone else’s house, we are ensuring that in the future our house will be burnt. Be decent even if its only for self-preservation alone.

    We must remember that we are a strong society if we allow our different religious communities to flourish. We must also remember its is Allah who decides who is a worthy or unworthy person, it is Allah who is the last Judge. Recommend

  • Khan

    @Noman Ahmed: so in other words, you are saying that its okay not to say 5 Salahs a day but it is okay to kill Ahamdis because in your opinion they hurt prophet Mohammad SAW.
    And that its okay not to say 5 Salahs a day but Ahmadis should not say salah because it is your opinion – so you are saying we should follow the Islam of Mullahs and not the islam that is mentioned in Quran?
    Let me remind you Noman….
    This is the prophet who prayed for the people of Taif when stones were thrown at him;this is the prophet who was thrown trash at him in the street of mecca and when the person did not throw trash at him one day, then he knocked the door of that person to see if everything is okay at the house as no one tossed trash at him; this is the prophet who gave life.
    I hope you think about it with an open mind…Recommend

  • Anon

    Qadiyannis themselves consider other Muslims who do not take bayt with Mirza to be Kafir (this is according to the verse Qadiyanni literature and writings of Mirza himself) So why do they set out to condemn what they themselves are guilty off.
    It’s a man-made religion which is drastically different from most major teaching of all the islamic sect so the ban makes sense.Recommend

  • mj

    If you fellow MUSLIMS were shocked to see the declaration on the passport form, then I suppose you ppl have never bothered to read the translation of the first Kalma, the basic belief of every Muslim. Ahmadis are not Muslims and yes their belief is a disrespect to Islam and its basic belief, If you call this movement against Ahmadis wrong then what about Hazrat Abu Bakar’s movement against the apostates after the death of Prophet PBUH you might call him wrong too…Its a shame to see bunch of wanna be liberals in media supporting wrong cause.Recommend

  • Pro Bono Publico

    @Noman Ahmed:
    Qadianism is a totally different religion with its own “prophet” Mirza GA Qadiani. Just because Sikhs have a beard, they can’t classify themselves as Muslims? Similarly, those who refuse to accept the basic tenet of Islam that Prophet Muhammad (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam) is the Last and Final Prophet of Allah (subhanahu wa Taala) cannot force themselves as pose as “Muslims.”

    If Qadianis want to live their real selves as a new “religion” invented by MGA Qadiani Kazzab that is fine.Recommend

  • Omair Mohyuddin

    The main problem is that everyone thinks he/she has the best understanding of religion (whichever it is, including Ahmadis) and all others must change their thoughts to align with his/her thoughts!! Please stop crying on thes baseless points and cry on the real issues which Pakistan is currently facing as a nation!Recommend

  • http://Lahore Imtiaz

    @Noman Ahmed: it is good to know how you feel. I have two questions for you:
    1. Is your belief so weak that another’s can easily ‘corrupt’ it? and
    2. You will then not mind if such a treatment is met out to Muslims in other countries where non-muslims are in a majority?
    Think about the full consequences of your statement. If the version of islam being propelled by mullah is such a true version then why are these muslims being treated the way they are in the world, where is Allah’s help for them? Is this how Allah defends His loved ones? Can you find me one example from the traditions of the Holy Prophet (saw) where such treatment was met out to anyone (whether someone was considered muslim or not) in his days or from within his suhaba?
    I will advise you to not ask for Allah’s wrath by making such claims, silence is best if you don’t agree with anything and/or you have no or superficial knowledge of some things. I like a saying, “light travels faster than sound, that is why some people appear to bright until they open their mouths”….Recommend

  • Umer

    @Jameel ur Rasheed:

    The religion’s basis are directly in
    conflict with the very fundamentals of

    You sound like one of the sectarian organisation involved in Shia killings. What is the difference in your opinion and the opinion of the banned organisation? Its feelings like these that get innocent people killed.Recommend

  • ehsan malik

    We should embrace diversity in our society. religons and sects within are personal issues and personal choices. The acceptence of diversity is important for any progressive society in the world. Pakistan will be a much stronger country when everyone of its citizen is accepted as equal and thus feel pride in being a pakistani. Inshallah then pakistan will progress in leaps and bound.Recommend

  • Sbashir

    First of all a big thank you to Faheem Sahib for his wonderfully written piece. Secondly, thanks to Express Tribune for publishing the article. I sincerely hope that this op-ed will lead the general population of Pakistan to give a serious thought to the situation of the Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan.I am not a born Ahmadi. I was born in a Sunni family and I am the only one who is an Ahmadi. I declare and believe in the Shahada whole-heartedly, I pray 5 times a day, I fast in Ramadan, I give Zakat, and I read the same Quran that all of the Muslims of world read. It is totally beyond my wildest imagination that how these acts of worship I do are only pretentious. Can anyone cut my heart up and see what is really inside? I beg you to please look at your own hearts before you pass judgment on others. After all we will all face our Creator individually. No one will be asked to carry each others’ burdens.Recommend

  • Zaid Hamid

    Pakistan is meant for Muslims only. remember it.Recommend

  • saima

    @ noman. then according to YOUR Islam followers of all other religions need to be banned/persecuted/ostracized/ suppressed/condemned.. because they are not following teachings of Muhammad, this itself is a disrespect to last prophet. had they respected Him, they would have converted to Islam.
    go kill them all and be proud!Recommend

  • riaz

    we need to fightback politically, mobilise people against all the evils present in our society. We cant just blame mullahs for all of this. Its state which harvests discriminatory thoughts in the society through its propaganda tools. In this country poor childern are compelled to go to madressah due to free education and food they get there and our state has deliberately lost its responsibility of providing education and health to its citizens. Ahmidis are only a one example. There so many groups, communities who are deprived of basic human rights. So the liberals plz dont buzz in your drawing rooms. Come out and build a real political struggle to change everythingRecommend

  • oxoric

    We allow pepsi, coke, fanta, miranda, dew, sprite and many other foreign cold drinks to be used in Pakistan but we are not allowing SHEZAN to sell its products in Pakistan. This is what I call HYPOCRISY. SHEZAN is GODDAMN a cold drink company not a religious church. It is a business entity, owned by an individual, just like PEPSI and COKE. By banning shezan we are only spreading hatred.

    Common Pakistan, this is not the spirit. We are Muslims, and we spread love not Hatred. common show the world our true self. Recommend

  • JustAnotherPakistani

    @Noman Ahmed:

    And you sir are a bigoted fool. I have no tolerance for your ridiculous words. What makes your version of religion any better than another one? They’re all inimical and no one with an iota of intellect could subscribe to what you believe. Just as ET has published your nonsense I hope to get equal treatment.Recommend

  • dv sikka

    After I wrote my earlier comment I have been thinking of our pre-partition days. We all lived together, there was no hindu-muslim hatred. Our lives were governed by Khauf-e-Khuda. Why all the hatred has come between us and how do we get rid of it. When can’t we go back to good old days of ‘LIVE and LET LIVE’. Think of the differtence between the philosophies of two Mughal kings Akbar and Aurangzed. Why can’t we respect other faiths, after all each one is supposed to lead us to God, call it Bahisht or Swarg or whatever. What is the way out. Because of this hate a beautiful country is being destroyed.Recommend

  • RR

    Do all of these self-righteous muslims believe in the day of judgement? The true concept of it? That it is Allah alone who would determine the righteousness of one’s ways, that He is the only one who can look into one’s heart and soul, and see if that person is pious or a sinner.
    Why are all these mullahs and their blind followers committing shirk every single day by trying to make that determination themselves? Do they consider Allah to be (nauzo-billa) an inadequate judge? Open your eyes, this world is merely a test for the next. If someone is failing the test it is Allah alone who can punish them, and Allah alone who can pardon them.
    If you don’t agree with someone else’s faith, or the path they have taken, pray for them and for yourself that Allah help both of you see the true path.

    It is very encouraging to see people speaking up on these topics. May Allah have mercy on Pakistan and guide its population to become a truly peaceful community. Ameen.Recommend

  • ME

    ahmedis have a concept that directly clashes with the fundamental principles of ISLAM . How can you call yourselves muslims. The ban makes absolute sense. You cannot distort a religion whose pritection is guaranteed by ALLAH Almighty himself. Recommend

  • T R Khan

    Non-Ahmadi Muslims are considered Muslims by Ahmadies. The founders literature is quoted out of context and many times partially. Ahmadis consider the Holy Prophet (saw) to be the greatest prophet ever and his (saw) shariat to be the the last everlasting law, which cannot be added or amended in any way.Recommend

  • Sultan

    @Noman Ahmed: You write:

    ” If you want to live in Pakistan have open dialogue with relgious scholers and if you prove you are right and your faith is absolute right, so, you will get equal rights otherwise you are being treated rightfully. ”

    Firstly, why should anyone have to have a discussion with a mullah for the right to live in Pakistan?

    Secondly, you missed the point of the article. Open discussion is not allowed to Ahmadis by law. Your religious scholars don’t want free and open argument.Recommend

  • Whatever

    @A Muslim:
    can u really justify all that is being done to Ahmadis on these reasons??? well let me tell you something what proof do you have that most of these belong to the elite community???? most of them do not even have money to feed their children…just like all others in pakistan who are struck by poverty..and ur attitude highlights exactly what is wrong with the extremists….did ALLAH give you the right to call any religion man made?????? had HE given you powers to see inside the hearts of people and see who loves HIM and HIS Prophet (P.B.U.H) more??? Have you ever heard an Ahmadi badmouthing any other religion??? you people make me SICK!!!Recommend

  • Whatever

    @A Muslim: and in case you didn’t notice there is an article highlighting the issue of Shi’aa community as well.Recommend

  • Saad

    @Noman Ahmed: you say that you love Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) but yet you are not following his teachings of simple humanity and love. Please show me one example from his life when he asked his followers to stop being in contact with others in Makkah who had yet not accepted Islam. He himself used to take care of their precious things.
    It is your personal choice not to keep in touch with any Ahmadi, and it should be respected, but maybe Christian countries should ban any muslims from entering as well. After all maybe “Muslims” will corrupt their innocent Christian minds and make them accept Islam. Islam offers each religion a chance to tell what they are all about….so you love The Prophet (SAWW) but you are not going to follow his teachings…..i applaud your so-called “love” Recommend

  • Pakistan 786

    @Meera Ghani:
    Thats great. Thanks for sharing.Recommend

  • Pakistan 786

    @A Muslim:
    You make a few accusations without any proof. How do you know that they are elite class? Yes, they are very educated. But hundreds of thousands of them live in the villages.

    ET publishing a monthly article – while highly commendable – is nothing if you consider the constant harrassment this community faces every day.

    Please back up your accusations with data.Recommend

  • Saadia

    @Anon: can you please tell me from which book or article you are saying that Qadiyanees consider others to be non muslims?????? i am eagerly awaiting your reply! Recommend

  • Pakistan 786

    @Noman Ahmed:
    I appreciate your sentiment. But as far as I can tell, Ahmadis revere and respect Prophet Muhammad no less that other muslims. If the criteria is to give up your life for the prophetm, Ahmadis have actually done that. The larger mullah cult only knows how to take a life. When was the last time a relgious scholar from pakistan came out without an army of gunmen ‘protecting’ them?

    You are right. Ahmadis should engage in a dialogue. But I guess that is the problem highlighted in the article. They get arressted if they try to engage in a dialogue.Recommend

  • MarkH

    Short answer: No.
    Long answer: No you don’t.
    or so it seems.Recommend

  • Pakistan 786

    @Jameel ur Rasheed:
    My friend you seem to be totally clueless. Have you ever engaged in a conversation with an ahmadi? To call them a ‘new faith’ is really ignorant.

    Now the only difference, my friend, is that you are still waiting for the second coming of Jesus while they have accepted Mirza Ghulam Ahmad to be that second coming. No less, no more.Recommend

  • Pakistan 786

    Amazing ignorance. Once again, when did Ahmadis call other non-muslims? Before 1974 when the infamous law was passed to declare Ahmadis non-muslims, there used to be free dialogue and even marriages betweem mainstream muslims and ahmadi muslims.

    There is hadith from Bukhari where Muhammad (pbuh) has said that anyone who calls a kalima reciting muslim as a non-muslim, will become a disbeliever himself.

    So the standard is set made by Hadhrat Muhammad (pbuh) – not Ahmadis.Recommend

  • rex minor

    No muslim has the right to declare another muslim as a non muslim. The true beievers of God almighty shall prevail over the untrue believers.

    In order to escape from the inhuman ramifications of the legislation passed by the Peoples Party majority during Bhutto rule, follow the policy of Don’t tell by all means, but the simpler course would be “Not to Translate” or “Interpret Quraanic suras in urdu language”.. URDU language is the culprit which misleads the laymen in the street about the speeches of Ahmedi or Quadiani leaders.

    No more talk about Quraansuras in local languages and in public. God almighty did not choose Indian languages for the divine message but the Arabic, the language which contains philosophy, mathematics and science. No other language can accurately translate on one to one basis what Quraanic verses are! One needs a life time and more to discover what level of knowledge God almighty meant to share with humans?. At today’s time in history, no human has been able so far to untilise more than 20 percent of the potential of human brain. It therefore follows that none of us know exactly what each word exactly means. Translating it in other language does not provide any clarity but creates more divisions within the Muslim community. The wisdom is to learn the arabic language and no longer rely on the village mullahs. God almighty is all knowing!!

    Just call me a muslim was the reply Mr Jinnah gave when asked wheather he was a sunni or a shia. This should be the response of all who regard themselves as muslims throughout the world.

    Rex MinorRecommend

  • UT

    go to court … voice your silence and fight you believe in the legal way!!! if Ahmedias believe they rare right then why fear??? whats the point in cowardice? it all happened through the court and its the way you can win your point again … IF EVER!!!Recommend

  • Adeel

    As far as Ahmedi accept themselves as non-muslims as per constitution of Pakistan, it is OK but if tried to claim themselves as Muslims and deceive people then musat be treated as per law of the state. BTW Ahmedi are declared non-muslims by Pakistan, South Africa and Saudi Arabia.Recommend

  • rabail

    thank you tribune for writing about us and not being suppressed by Mullahism.I am sure you must be getting many threats.Here i have seen people who are not Ahmadis but still speak good of us instead of being influenced by Mullah’s propaganda.You have given me a hope that may be my children or their children will not have to suffer through the pain i have been through and that All the boycotts,all the hatred,the threats will go away one day.Recommend

  • Wajid Ahmed

    I saw many people who are talking about social boycott of Ahmadies. And Making Statments on their religion. If same Thing happens to Sunni or Wahabi in Europe or in USA why the cry for Human rights and equal rights????

    Ahmadies are not allowed to built Mosques and not allowed to say Adzan and not Allowed to propagate their Religion.
    But if USA do not allow to built Mosque in their one Area why you people cry??

    Every one have to live his life in his own way. We do not need to consult any Mullah or any Alim
    This is our Life and we will live it in our own way.

    These Mullah can see Blasphemy for Asia bb But can not c what MMA did in Assembly when they torn Transcript of a resolution written BismiAllah on it.

    Please watch this video.

    and what is this by so called Mujahids.

  • Ali

    Pakistan should change their flag into a full green with the crescent and star! The white square which represents the rights of religious minority does not conform to reality!!!

    Where are the educated Pakistanis?? Sorry I forgot they are protesting for the ban of Shezan juice!!! Come on – show some integrity!! Recommend

  • anonymous observer

    When the head of trading community in a city as big as Rawalpindi (e.g. Sharjeel Mir) have the audacity to openly declare in an open place their intention to blow away Ahmadi mosque with a suicide bomb (source: The News) then it becomes clear how the government discriminates against her citizensRecommend

  • LiberalPakaistanZindabad

    So many religions have changed so they now include people of all and any beliefs. It is heartwarming to see that some Pakistanis have taken the lead to change Islam similarly.

    We Muslims have concluded that only Allah can decide who a Muslim is. Let’s hope a day will soon come in Pakistan when unbelievers, polytheists, spiritualists, agnostics, witch-craft practioners, stone-worshippers will all be able to proudly and openly claim to follow their own Islam and preach it to other followers of Islam.Recommend

  • Ali

    @A Muslim:
    Growing up I considered myself Pakistani first, then a Muslim and then an Ahmadi Muslim … and wanted to serve in Pakistan Airforce. In 1974 political leadership in Pakistan stripped “Muslim” from my identity and in 1984 created hurdles that forced my to permanently flee from land of my forefathers. My Children are now German Ahmadi Muslims and able to achieve their dreams … that Pakistan took away from me.Recommend

  • Umer


    The ban makes absolute sense. You
    cannot distort a religion whose
    pritection is guaranteed by ALLAH
    Almighty himself.

    Listen to yourself. It’s protected by Allah yet Allah needs you to ban it for Him.Recommend


    @Jameel ur Rasheed: hahahahhah one can only laugh on you…so you think the Islamic practices are like a trade mark and people like you with very narrow mentality and unfortunately with very little knowledge of Islam can use that trade mark…but you are talking about which Islam…Wahabi Islam…Deobandi Islam…Brelvi Islam….Shia Islam….Maodudi Islam…..and list goes on….ALLAH says so you think if a Ahmedi wants to follow practices of Hadhrat Muhammad (PBOH) he has no right….I am a Ahmedi Muslim and by heart believe that Hadhrat Muhammad (PBOH) was the last Shari Nabi and Quran is the last Shariat to follow…so what is your verdict about me…???? Recommend

  • Ali

    @dv sikka:
    “Because of this hate a beautiful country is being destroyed.” This happening in India only. In Pakistan the job was completed decades ago. Now we are making it difficult even for animals.Recommend

  • Ali

    Some people have missed the main point of the article and are disputing whether Ahmadis are Muslim. That’s not the point.

    A person can change his religion whenever he/she wants. It should NOT be listed on passport.Recommend

  • Ali Ahmed

    @A Muslim:

    In response to your post. A person’s religion comes before nationality. Allah made all of us. A country we are born in is not superior to The Creator. Be logical and realistic.

    There are Ahmadis’ belonging to each class, like the rest. Don’t be racist.

    Basic rights and the threat to survival is not equivalent to applying for visa to some other country. Again be logical and realistic. Your arguments show your intellect. It is critical to not say anything if whatever being said is illogical.Recommend

  • Pakistani 786


    Can you share a legal document – not a website propaganda – stating that Saudi Arab and South Africa have declared Ahmadis as non-Muslims?

    Not that it will change anything but I am just curious to see.Recommend

  • Pakistani 786


    You have been indoctrinated by the mullah. BTW, people like you have no problem working for or taking a paycheck from an Ahmadi. Take your empty prejudice elsewhere. Recommend

  • Senthilman

    @True Pakistani
    stick to the topic please. Indians CIA RAW Americans are nothing to do with the topic.

    @other Pakistani’s although I have no right to ask this (as I am not citizen of Pakistan) can you please answer why the Courts, Human Rights, Parliament, Government do something about it? you can’t take care of your own citizens what right you have to speak for Kashmiris?Recommend

  • Muhammad Z Khan

    It is more or less sixty years after the partition and pakistanis still do not hesitate in declaring people who do not adhere to their own particular brand of Islam as infidles! It is amazing that you would think they have plenty of other problems staring them in their face and this is what they are interested in. Wow!Recommend

  • T Khan

    This brings to mind a rather silly picture.
    Allah said I shall protect My religion, but forgot that He will actually have to ask Pakistani to help Him do it.
    Allah, my friend, works in strange ways but never in an unjust way. Leave the decisions that belong to Him with Him.
    All the two timers in Madina were revealed to The Holy Prophet, but never were they declared worthy of the gallows.
    If Ahmadies are so foul and vile then rest assured that the Allah a Muslim should have faith in is enough for each and everyone of them and more. Don’t try to be His right hand man until He designates you the post.Recommend

  • Akhtar Mahmood

    @Noman Ahmed:
    There are tons of Muslims living in Western nations where people do not consider Holy Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) even a prophet. Aren’t the sensitivities of the good Muslims not hurt then? Or is “money” now their new God?

    Also, you suggest a dialogue with the scholars. Who will decide who is right? You are suggesting a solution that is the root of the problem. You have every right to disagree with an Ahmadi’s beliefs, but you have no right to deny him the freedom to follow his faith.

    Praying to God is not your sole right. Everyone can pray as they please to any entity that they think is their God. Prophet Mohammad (peace be on him) exemplified that admirably in his life. Your claim of love for the Prophet is a farce if you do not practice what he taught you.Recommend

  • Izhar ul Haq

    When Nehru campaigned in favour of Ahmdies, Allama Iqbal wrote at length in a Calcutta daily substantiating as to how Ahmdies themselves have left the Muslim community.Iqbal called ahmdies” traitors of Islam”. This rejoinder to Nehru by Allama Iqbal can be found at
    Interestingly in the previous article in favour of Ahmdies my comments were not published by ET. I wonder if these are published now.

    Yes. Its a fact that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani said clearly many times that those who did not believe in him as prophet or as Promised Messih were kaafir( non Muslims )’He hurled indecent abuses on them. That is the crux of the matter. sadia has asked the details about this. This can be explained in a separate article but will ET publish it?

    Its requested to the “moderating team” to kindly publish my these comments. I have seen many times that comments which are based on solid arguments but do not suit Ahmdi faith are not published. In case these comments are not published, i reserve my rights to go to court or go to public to protest against ET’s partial treatment.Recommend

  • Vikram

    @Saad: Says “Islam offers each religion a chance to tell what they are all about…..” Sure here is a news for you………A Muslim convert to Islam may die soon because he refuses to convert back to Islam…..This is March 1, 2012 News from WASHINGTON — The US House of Representatives on Thursday condemned Iran for sentencing an Iranian-born Christian pastor to death, in violation, US lawmakers said, of the “universal human right” of religion. By a unanimous vote of 418-0, US lawmakers called in a symbolic resolution for the immediate release of Yusef Nadarkhani and condemned the “state-sponsored persecution of religious minorities” in Iran.Recommend

  • Vikram

    @Noman Ahmed: Says ”
    Im a CA n not having any bear or offer salah but if my prophet is hurt sure I will sacrifice myself. .I hope yu publish my comment.” I did not know People can hurt prophets. I am with you people who hurt prophets should be punished. I can’t understand your statement “Muslims may be very bad so bad but when it comes to Prophet Mohammad SAWW we sacrifice our lives and our love ones to the prophet Mohammaf SAWW”? How and when you think it is OK to die for your prophet or kill people created by one GOD?Recommend

  • Vikram

    @Anon: “It’s a man-made religion which is drastically different from most major teaching of all the islamic sect so the ban makes sense.” Do you think talibans are the only true Muslims because they study Islam in Madrassahs for years?Recommend

  • Vikram

    @rex minor:
    Finally some guy makes sense, it is the urdu language that should be blamed for Talibans problems, Shia /Sunni problems and Ahmadi’s being treated as non-Muslims. Recommend

  • Pakistani 786

    @rex minor:
    Fantastic! Couldnt agree with you more.Recommend

  • haroon

    I can feel your pain. I am a sunni born muslim and I am with my Ahmadi brothers. May the sanity prevail. Recommend

  • http://... Mdsr

    You may find it in books written by non-Ahmadis. You will never find it in scripts / books written by Ahmadi authors. Thats a challenge.Recommend

  • Asgar

    Islam is not a torch, as has been claimed, but an extinguisher. Conceived in a barbarous brain for the use of a barbarous people, it was — and it remains — incapable of adapting itself to civilization. Wherever it has dominated, it has broken the impulse towards progress and checked the evolution of society.Recommend

  • Maxwood

    khuda ki qasam

    ya kia horaha hai

    This has to be Pakistan, isnt it soRecommend

  • uamr.

    ALLAH (subhanahu wa Ta’ala) blessed those people who support and passed the 2nd amendment..Recommend

  • Jari

    @Jameel ur Rasheed:
    Wow Jamshed sahib, so now you are the one who is going to tell Ahmadies how to worship. Should we leave ways our beloved prophet Muhammad told us how to worship, instead follow your ways. You can never snatch our prayers, our fasting, our hajj, our zakat, neither kalima. Keep doing what you are doing. You will be answerable to your deeds we will be for ours. This is same treatment that holy prophet went through along with his companions in Mecca. Recommend

  • Jari

    Great op-Ed, Jazakallah Fahim, and thanks to express tribune for such a courageous article. I appreciate this. May Allah make Pakistanis understand this fact.Recommend

  • syed Imran

    ET why my comments doesnt find place on your spaceRecommend

  • narayana murthy

    @ Ali who writes “This happening in India only. In Pakistan the job was completed decades ago. Now we are making it difficult even for animals.”

    I laughed out loud!!!Recommend

  • kashan

    Well written and well said. Thanks to ET for raising the voice for protecting the minorities in Pakistan.Recommend

  • Adeel Furqan

    We Ahmadies are patriot Pakistani we can’t violate. We are obeying the wrong law’s and we just can inform our government that if you will not stop these kinds of law and activities then one day God will must finish you and all these kinds of laws against human and Ahmadiyyat.Recommend

  • Aasim

    @True Pakistani:
    The issue of internal religious voilence is much greater than the external issues. I we could learn to start living togather peacefully, all external threats can then be dealt forcefully.Recommend

  • AllahRukha

    Dude a fact of life is you have an educated and wealthy community and people are going to hate you for that alone.

    An educated and hard working. How many of those died 28 May, 2010, were driving expensive cars or had body guards with them. This also means you have not heard of Ahmadis being persecuted in Mandi Baha ud Din, Mardan, Umar Kot, Mardaan, Benazirabad, Nawab Shah, Lucky Marwat, Khive Wali (Gujranwala), Sukkur, Said Nagar, Shikar Pur and many more…

    Dear brother, just because you are not aware of it, does not mean poor Ahmadis are non existent. Ahmadis are a part of Pakistan & they are not rich just like an average Pakistani is. Recommend

  • Indi-Pop

    After reading this article I actually understand what is wrong with an idea of a religious state. There is no limit to segregation. Pakistan is an Islamic state and muslims are fighting with each other because of their sects and different ways of following the same religion. Imagine the state of India where every 100 kms a different God is worshiped, a different dialect is spoken, a different way of following religion is practiced.There are Kashmiri Pandits who eat meat even on festival days and UP Brahmins who don’t allow meat to enter their house. In my city in non veg places mostly run by muslims they prepare beef and other meat in different utensils so as not to hurt sentiments of Hindu friends. This is only because of 60 years of sustained democracy that has helped us to integrate, tolerate and adjust to each other and not hurt each other’s beliefs.

  • Moise

    Ahmadis were the first to use violence with help of Britishers. Now suddenly violence against them made them open their eyes. What goes around, come around.Recommend

  • fatima

    @True Pakistani:
    The persecution of Ahmadis is in some ways more disturbing than any of the issues you have mentioned because with drones, CIA, atrocities of Indian military in Kashmir, its an outside entity persecuting someone. for example AMERICAN drones killing PAKISTANIS. with ahmadis, its their own government and fellow countrymen persecuting them. As Muslims and Pakistanis we should be all too aware of what its liked to be stereotyped and persecuted because of your faith and labelled ‘terrorists’ with some people abroad calling for bans on muslim immigration to their countries, banning the construction of minarets, disrespecting our Holy Book etc and even after all that we find it sooo easy to turn around and do the exact same thing to our OWN countrymen!! Why should we expect American soldiers to respect the holy books of people they have conquered when we dont respect the right of our fellow countrymen to have a different belief system? Recommend

  • MZR

    @mj: And presumably you have not bothered to read the translation of Surah Fateha which in the third Ayat states that it is Allah who is Master of the Day of Judgement (Maalik-i-Youm-id-Deen). He gets to decide who is a believer and who is not; not you.Recommend

  • Harris Ghani

    @Noman Ahmed:
    I really feel pity on your preposterous opinion that if a certain faith is not in accordance with your faith, he should be expelled from the country. When we Muslims go to West, we are obliged to preach our religion through out the world, which is helping in propagation of Islam. Where as when it comes to our own country we act differently. My question to Noman is : If you have a such a huge minority phobia in your own country, then why are you willing to avail & enjoy the platform to preach the “non-believers” which tend to be in Majority in the west? Subtract the hippocrasy in you please.Recommend

  • Kaalchakra

    Moise, that is true. Ahmadi case presents us with among the most dramatic reversal of fortunes of a community, precipitating an equally dramatic modification of collective self image – from most aggressive seeking world-wide caliphate and conflict with all other groups to most dovish and seeking secularism and separation of state from religion for the time being.Recommend

  • zK

    @Jameel ur Rasheed:

    Absolutely spot on ! You just spoke my mind !Recommend

  • Murtaza Elahi

    Ahmadis are Pakistanis too. They should enjoy the independence which others Pakistanis enjoy. Visit Think Twice Pakistan to express your views on this sensitive topic.Recommend

  • Ibn-e-Maryam

    Excellent article.Recommend

  • Hollycow

    Well if “Allah” guarantees the protection of your ridiculous beliefs than leave it upto her. Why do you need your silly beliefs codefied into law? The first lesson towards your salvation isn’t banging your head on the ground five times a day but to learn to live and let live. Recommend

  • Abbas Hussein

    NO! Sadly you do not have any right to be an Ahmadi in this SUNNI REPUBLIC! The Hindus and Sikhs lost their rights long time ago. Then the Christians lost their rights. The Ahmadi community lost thier rights in the 70's I believe. Now as a Shia my community is loosing thier rights! I cant believe the level of apathy the government is showing to the killing of innocent Shia's in this country. Mr. Jinnah what where you thinking? If this was the type of independence you wanted for us then I am sorry I would have preferred living under the British or Hindus anyone other than the followers of YAZID (LA). As for Qadianis, you are sadly misguided individuals may Allah guide you to the right path of Ahl-e-Bait. However I condemn any violent attacks on your community and your worship centres. I have religous debates with alot of people namely radical sunnis who view me a Kaafir, thankfully I am alive, but I believe in the end it is Allah to decide and we as Muslims should not perfom Allah's duty! Since he has already given us certain duties to complete and we should perform those. The ultimate sad part for Pakistan is that in Germany there was one Hitler. In Pakistan there is one on every street. I normally like saying Pakistan Zindabad at the end of my posts however I just dont feel there is any point now. I mean I cant possibly support a nation which does nothing to prevent the killing of innocent Shia's.

    *Note I dont mean to say all Sunni’s are followers of YAZID (LA), I am referring to the Taliban, Laskar-e-toiba, Al-Qeada etc., Recommend

  • Akha

    Finally we are talking about something we never bothered to before, kudos to the writer for bringing this up. We Pakistanis need to realize that Ahmadis being non-Muslims doesn’t mean they don’t have the same equal right as others.

    Their faith, their belief is their matter we can disagree, but we can’t go on killing them, disrespecting and banning any products. Let them live in peace; we are no one to judge or decide unless they are not creating problems for other people around them. Let us make an example by our good deeds and tolerance. Think broadly not just whatever anyone says. Today we are not tolerating Ahmadi’s few week later some 100 ppl will hold rally against any other minority. This should be stopped.Recommend