Maya Khan, apology not accepted

Published: February 28, 2012

I’m kind – I’ll give you the benefit of doubt and say you are deeply confused; most others say you are a liar.

Call her a vigil-aunty, call her a vapid morning show host, call her what you must, you have to admire the sheer tenacity of Maya Khan in her refusal to back down, lay low and do the one thing she needs to do to end her misery – apologize for a mistake.

I had hoped never to see Maya appear on a TV screen again – in any other country, she would have been fined (along with her producers and the media group) faced a legal inquiry and been banned from TV. Unfortunately, in Express News’ desire to produce “the greatest controversy of 2012” (their words, not mine), we get this:

Let me proceed to deconstruct those of Maya’s words that invoked in me emotions ranging from mild disgust to outright rage.

“I had no list to tell me what could and could not be done”

Really Maya? That is your answer? Sure I get that you’re trying to shift the blame onto Samaa and Pakistan media in general for having no code of conduct, but really? You think you can convince viewers that you had no idea that shooting an episode chasing young people in a park, passing judgment on them, terrifying them, putting their lives in danger by exposing them, unethically (criminally) not turning the camera off when asked to, and by means of the episode, encouraging others to pursue such vigilante actions against park couples requires a code for you to know that it is wrong?

Verdict: Pathetic, weak, unacceptable. Also, -200 for trying to take a real issue of the need for a media code of ethics to try and protect your own wrong doing.

“If something wrong has been shown, then why show it again and again? You are just as guilty as me for sharing my mistake”

Two wrongs don’t make a right Maya, good point. However, intent is what matters in this case. Those broadcasting your “mistake” (thank you for at least rhetorically calling it that) in the park again and again are doing so because they want to highlight what they consider unacceptable. You on the other hand broadcast your mistake with the joyful intent of successfully acting as moral police – something you thought, and still think, is the right thing to do.

Verdict: Sad, frustrating. I am quite amazed at your inability to grasp the difference between something being broadcast for condemnation, and something being broadcast as morally correct. I’m a kind person – I’ll give you the benefit of doubt and say you are just deeply confused; most others say you are a liar, and once again trying to pass moral judgment on others.

“Nobody’s life was in danger from that show. No one was harmed.”

“The problem was real. We were not making up an issue; it exists…I was accused of invasion of privacy. Well keeping that in mind, we used actors to ensure no one was harmed.”

Here comes what Maya thought was her winning argument, one which took her weeks to come up with for some reason (some would say lies). The show was staged, paid actors were used. Here is a DVD showing girls in burqas saying they were paid to act and here are two of the actors who appeared in the episode.

First off Maya, the DVD has been produced by you. It shows girls covered up in burqas being interviewed by you on a set, date unknown. Should I, or anyone else for that matter, believe you? Rubbish.

Secondly Maya, the actors you brought onto the show didn’t face any of the real questions viewers were asking each other. You showed two paid actors, but what about all the others you chased in the park? Are they all paid actors too? If even one isn’t, you are still guilty. Also, given that your ethics are suspect, many are saying you simply found the two boys you filmed and paid them to say they are paid actors – that’s not too hard to arrange is it, ask many.

Lastly, do you realize that it is both unethical and a crime to show fake events and pass them off as real? Do you know there is a requirement to run a “reenactment” or “staged” on-screen graphic and/or mention clearly that the footage shown is staged? Where are the actors mentioned in the credits? Do you realize that by not mentioning the show was staged, you have misrepresented the truth, and many may assume this form of vigilantism is acceptable for them to do if it’s fine on TV.

“What NGOs are you talking about Kamran? Are you talking about those NGOs that cash in on Mukhtaran Mai?” [in response to Kamran saying many NGOs worked hard at women’s rights, which Maya’s actions had undone]

This is disgusting. This is outrageous. This is the kind of despicable nonsense we hear from third rate conspiracy theorists and the scum of society who reframe Mukhtaran Mai’s rape as a case of NGO led over-hype, diverting from the issue at hand – the gang rape of a woman trapped in a patriarchal horror story. What is doubly disgusting is the hypocrisy Maya shows, having just moments before cried in front of Kamran Shahid and asked if she had never helped anyone, never helped a rape victim.

Verdict: If there was even an iota of sympathy left for Maya, it just went out the window. If there was any doubt of her moral standing, it lays exposed with this utterance. Unacceptable.

“Okay well, for the people who got me till here, those who cared for me and respected me…what happened, whether that was right or wrong, I won’t talk about that, but whomever  I have ever effected in a positive way, I apologize to you. Please forgive me.”

This was the conditional apology offered as a climax to the show. An apology not offered to everyone, but to Maya’s well wishers. An apology not for doing anything wrong, as that is not what she wants to talk about, but an apology for…what? What is this an apology for? For having hurt her well wishers by being forced to go off air?

Apology not accepted Maya.


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Jahanzaib Haque

Jahanzaib Haque

News buff and Web Editor, The Express Tribune. Jahanzaib tweets @Jhaque_

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  • sane

    forget and forgive her for god’s sake..we have had enough of her…live and let live pleaseRecommend

  • A. Rashid

    I endorse your comments 100%. It takes a real man or a woman not a fake to accept his or her mistake and move on. May be the Biggest Hart of generous Pakistani nation would forgive and forget. But now it is not happening!!!Recommend

  • Aryan

    Crocodile tears.Recommend

  • Ahsan

    @ the author

    nobody asked for your blessings and pardons

    Maya Khan’s (almost) every word made sense. She did a wrong, the channel let her do it. When it came to the fore, the channel made her a scapegoat, and everyone’s sense of morality now gets questioned.

    So put a cork in it, and accept it that the society was too radical and trigger-happy to shoot Maya Khan for a wrong that cannot be entirely blamed on her.Recommend

  • Saladin

    Maya Khan , just do us a favor and get back to your husband and ..NEVER COME BACK !

    Thanks and Best Regards

    Date marney wala Munda !Recommend

  • Lazarus

    Actually saw her crying when I was turning up my channels and then closed the tv for entire day. I realized I saw a lot of dramasRecommend

  • Modazul

    How about writing an article discussing the pathetic conduct of Waheeda Shah when she slapped two poor working women who got their job through hard work and Halal money education? The disgraceful condition which is evident through that incident of sheer display of tyranny and power about the disgusting people we are electing as our representatives? How about that? No media or societal pressure against such a woman. Butwhy would you? It’s a non issue for you guys. I guess if an Ahmadi was slapped or if Waheeda was a member of the DPC u guys would have gone crazy. Now ET don’t you dare not publish this post just because it has something against your favorite minority Recommend

  • hisham

    Jahanzaib Haque who has appointed you Chief justice of Pakistan .and give you an authority to accept and reject Maya khan’s apology. This is enough now.This also shows that you don’t have respect for women.we are human being and mistakes are committed by everyone. Just think before writing all this nonsense just imagine that Maya khan is your mother or your sister. she apologized on the national TV with tears in eye,then how do you feel?.shame on you for writing such a low level blog.
    this shows how biased you are and all Pakistani society against a think that you are in male dominating society and you have full right to insult a women.what kind of apology do you expect from her. this is extreme of Hippocratic society.Recommend

  • tarir

    yet , it is better not to do the act that you have to apology for that infront of every one. if you apology infront of media it it humiliate the other person and every body will come to know that it was happenedRecommend

  • fawwad jamil

    She perpetrated a fraud on all her viewers.She fooled everyone to get high ratings for her show.her whole team pretended that they were out looking to catch dating couples when she had planted them there herself all along.’pakro pakro unko’ ,kis ko pakro,khud to tum nay place kiay thay couples,ab pakro pakro kia lagai hui thi,show may?
    she misled everyone by presenting her show as a ‘live’ spontaneous show,when it was all pre planned with paid actors.PEMRA should take strict action against her whole team,they were fooling ppl by pretending the paid actors were real people.Recommend

  • hisham

    Jahanzaib Haque ,shame on you.this indicates that how much do you have respect for women.
    Let’s say that Maya khan is your sister or mother and she cries on national TV and beg apology even then you have the same blog as you written blog.this shows dual standards of society.Recommend

  • ali rizvi

    She’s talking about ethics,about morality?? she placed paid actors on her show and then pretended it she was catching real couples!! she duped the public into believing the show was real.what a hoax and then she said i’ve done so much for the public,what she did was to manipulate and exploit the public’s sentiments for many years to get high ratings.Recommend

  • sidrah khan

    excellent post jahanzaib.she tried to manipulate the public with her drama and tears.people should be smart enough not to be fooled by emotional blackmailing.this is the easiest defence,when caught with your hand in the cookie jar,turn on the waterworks and manipulate gullible people into feeling sympathy for you.what a shameful performance,using tears to make a fool of the viewers.Recommend

  • madiha

    im with her she was right kamran was enjoying her insult……Recommend

  • anon

    have some shame fer da sake of all thats good and right….. she did the right thing! our society has a cancer she located and this is what she gets?!!!! what ever anybody thinks i’m with her!!!Recommend

  • Gullible Nomore

    Who is to say the “people she helped” weren’t paid actors as well? Maya has dug herself deeper in the pile of goo she was thrown in.Recommend

  • Iftikhar

    The only thing more disgusting than what Maya Khan did in the park was not apologising. I endorse this article whole heartedly, Jahanzaib you are 100% right, it doesnt matter if she is crying, she just won’t apologise. She is disgusting.Recommend

  • Anum

    get lost she said she was sorry leave her alone n aryannn get a life…..
    Maya u didn’t do anyfin wrong its just pakisnai ppl r really dump would’t understand ur side ur story… Maya HOPE UR WELL N FINE INSHALLAH EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE AMEEN :)))))))))))))))


    MAYA !!!!XXXXRecommend

  • mohsin Sayeed

    @ hisham: ‘Hippocratic’ is the oath or academic stuff related to Hippocrates. I suppose you are trying to say hypocritical! Only if you knew the difference. And the same ignorance is reflected in your comment as you are unable to understand the reason why Jahanzeb Hauq has written this brilliant blog. Tum naheen samjho ge…( I wihs I could write jani or meri jaan but such stinking mind doesn’t deserve to be called by such terms of endearment even in a joke)Recommend

  • Munnazir

    good write , and really she didn’t face the real questions which she had to answer , that was nothing , the act was only to gain sympathy for maya khan which kamran shahid able to succeed in , maya khan still didn’t know what harm she was causing to socety Recommend

  • Saad

    I think we should get over Maya Khan issue now. She has already been fired. I personally feel that Maya Khan identified a correct problem in a wrong manner and it actually dented the cause. However, we have far more severe problems in our society, so lets move on. Recommend

  • Junayd Qazy

    @hisham: Blah Blah Blah Blah… U r Stupid ManRecommend

  • saaduddin

    maya is a extremly good performer she can jerk tears at a drop of a hat, what she did was wrong her channel authorised it because the head of content mr sarwar moosavi is from advertising world and had no idea about the broadcast ethics he alse now faced the axe. now the right time for all the media houses to have a second thought about their policy and that includes Express tv too they might be harbouring few maya khans of their ownRecommend

  • Dilruba

    Express Tribune takes over the authority of Supreme Judgement and decides what is right and wrong. Please Please Please, it is too much. She is just a scapegoat we all know and do ask the producer and cameraman as well. It is a little or no issue. Turn to the masses and highlight most gravest problems instead of Maya Khan, Veena Malik and all that. EnoughRecommend

  • Saima Meo

    Welldone Hissam, I Really Liked Ur Courage to Reject the View of Jahanzaib, Y U Cant Think Over & Remeber What Our Religion Teaches Us, To Forgive Others Quickly, Just For The TRP People R Following Others Without Any Reason, Forgive if She Is Sorry, If U Dont then Dont Make A Hype Of It, As U R Really Nothing..Seriously ! U R Also Not AcceptedRecommend

  • Ali

    Who are you to accept or reject her apology? What do you want to do with her? Hang her? Recommend

  • SoAndSo

    For Maya, it was easy to chase young harmless couples instead of highlighting real and dangerous issues that involve real and dangerous criminals, politicians and mafias etc. Same goes for those who criticize Maya. It’s easier for them to criticize her in order to display their liberalism than to criticize a dangerous criminal or a murderer or an acid thrower or a rapist or someone of the sort.

    Enough is enough. She has been degraded enough. No need to further do that. We need to just move on and started highlighting the real issues of Pakistan – something we criticize Maya of not doing in the first place. Isn’t it easy for people to sit on their computers to criticize her than to go out of their comfort zone to stop bigger injustices? Isn’t this the same thing we have criticized Maya of? That it was easy to chase those young innocent couples?

    Please let her go. I say, she is being given more punishment than she deserves (at this point) and I rather take my hate out on someone who physically abuses and kills or does more horrible stuff than Maya has done. Maya has been rightly criticized but I think now we need to stop!Recommend

  • Unkown

    Leave her alone, Will you? i just read the title of your article and doesnt want to read it more… You need to get over with this Maya-obsession. She apologized of what she has done, no matter what her intentions are. You are neither angel nor God to judge anyone ..

    This nation has some serious mental issues, they cant leave people live their life ..they become judge of them, and ask explanation of their each and every behavior. Be it maya’s dating show or Misbah’s batting…

    For GODsake, MOVE ON .. You have hundreds of issues that needs attention more than this dating issue. Recommend

  • Zaibi

    who told her to show her face on tv again? hasn’t she had enough yet?Recommend

  • Mj

    It seems that, judging by the comments, that her theatrical performance is doing the trick. One would at least expect a humble apology and regret over past behavior, but NO!, her ego is far to swollen for that to happen.Recommend

  • tabish

    you are a good actor so please work in drama, movies and please us to respire betterly miss Maya khan, Recommend

  • Erum

    Who the hell are you to judge Maya? or whatever she did is right or wrong?
    Everyone must keep in his mind that Tomb of Quaid was not made for the purpose to come and date. Recommend

  • usman

    Veena, Mera and now Maya… seems like we have solved all our problems like corruption, poverty, illiteracy, terrorism, extremism, leadership, biased behaviors, cheating, injustice, police department, sexism, child abuse, child labor, no work ethics SHAMEFULLY WE DO NOT EVEN KNOW THE ETHICS TO WALK ON THE ROAD… and everyone is busy talking about these things..SHAME AS A NATION!! Recommend

  • Pinky

    Totally agree with you Jahanzaib…nicely summed up
    i have developed this aversion to “if” thanks to MK…
    “if” i have done sth wrong, “if someone felt”…”if it was a mistake”…Good God!! Recommend

  • irshad sheikh

    i think the media trial of maha khan was absolutely ridiculous and misjudged.
    of course the case was in hands of pakistanis who elect corrupt leadership
    again and again then they cry and how people think they have a right to accept or
    reject apology.i think maha khan took a deering step and faced media trial,then
    ask for forgiveness.if you study surah alnoor verses 10 in holy quran,GOD accepts
    your apology if you comiited a wrong the pakistanis people can think that
    they are above GOD.look at your most leasdership and your congressional
    representatives ,they are in violation of article 62 and 63 of pakistan constitution.
    have any of them apologized and resigned from the general public ?
    did the public or media anchors forget how she served pakistani causes and
    highlighted the problems in pakistani society.moreover she was not enjoying her
    marital life as she loved her profession which is not only a profession but a
    passion too.
    why tv anchors do not try their on collegues who take envelope {lafafa)
    from corrupt politician and leaders ?

    irshad sheikh, new york
    [email protected]Recommend

  • Mehreen

    Excellent article – I agree with every word written. She is an ugly on the inside, talentless, pompous desperate for television ratings. She is an insult to women and everything we Pakistani women have worked for (and that includes the right and trust to meet whoever we want in a public place). I do not accept her apology nor do I ever want her to grace her presence on tv again.

    Dear Maya, please please please please move to America, Timbuktoo or just under a rock where the sun don’t shine. Those rather stupid videos of you dancing on tv and you weeping your eyes out when a fake mullah lied on tv and then your chappa in the park show us what a hypocrite and pathetic human you are.

    Having said all the above (yes I have had a complete rant) can we please please stop writing articles about her and give her undue attention. Can we just let her be and move on to real issues like there being a shortage of electricity, water and food in our country. Can we talk about how to solve sectarian violence, provide jobs for a young and make sure we have clean elections.

    She has had punishment enough. Recommend

  • hisham

    @fawwad jamil:
    why against Maya Khan.because she is woman.why not the management of Samaa news.Producer and editor of the show.why not Managing director of Samaa.But you will never say that.Only trial of Maya khan,because it is easy to insult a womon in Pakistani society. Recommend

  • sonia

    you know what… i believe everyone has a right to criticise but this is taking things to the extreme…the condescending way this article has been written by mister haque is absolutely pathetic. get over her … Recommend

  • Munnazir

    it will be a pathetic and disgusting decision if express tv will hire herRecommend

  • Mahroze Ali

    LOL Look at her Drama She has no right to Go and ask those person what r u doing . She should be punish and She should be banned from coming on some morning shows . Ah Dont care if she is crying or some thing I think its pure DRAMA . She should be banned for ever ” ITS MY VIEW” Recommend

  • Rafiya khan

    I Think we should forgive maya khan becz she apology to pakistani.. and i forgive maya khan bez ALLAH knows better who is gud or bed we r not judge we r human and we have heart so don’t say this maya khan”s tears are crocodile tears and what ever….Recommend

  • ahmad

    Maya had done a very good job. No need to apologise Maya, you have done nothing wrong.Recommend

  • Hash

    A self-made pool of quicksand where poor Maya fancies swimming may very well be her conspicuous grave. A preposterous act, a shoddy defence and, most of all, a lousy apology, does not make her a better person now; Does it?Recommend

  • omer

    myopic writingRecommend

  • Ebtesam Khalid

    Big minds talk about ideas, Ordinary minds talk about things and Small minds talk about people… This is for everyone who is interested in discussing People!! Who so ever!!Recommend

  • hisham

    @mohsin Sayeed: thanks for correcting my mistake.i will not say anything about rest of your comments.
    It is the dilemma of our society.we think that we are perfect man and everyone else is wrong.I made mistake in spellings.Please write blog against me and start my media trial.Recommend

  • Talha Shafiq

    Loved it !!!!!!!!!

    Dear Maya khan a.k.a moral police,
    If anything you did was STAGED then how did you claim, anything you did RIGHT, in other shows of yours wasn’t STAGED too ??

    Please don’t confuse me, go to AMREEEEKA and try such things there, haha i wont be surprised if i find you dead by MOBSTERS or GANGSTERS… by the way , my curiosity is getting the best of me, but why do you live away from you husband anyway ??

    PEACE out , live and let live, and vote for IK :PRecommend

  • rabail

    i agree with you.These are just crocodile tearsRecommend

  • Talha Shafiq

    are u kidding me erum ? who the hell is anyone to tell what to do and what no to ? unless or until we are not committing any crime ? get a life, if u never went on a date doesnt mean its a crime. tomb of quaid-e-azam or whatever.Recommend

  • waqqas

    she did right..accept her apologyRecommend

  • Ammar

    Now that she had shed some tears , here comes the sympathy brigade who can easily be carried away by few tears on TV.

    Having said that, She didn’t have to apologize. She did a mistake, she got fired for it. All EVEN. If this is somehow her attempt to get back on the show then NO SORRY. We had enough of you.Recommend

  • Umer Rasheed

    100% agreed. Very well writtenRecommend

  • Hussain Abbas

    Interesting fact that i just noticed while watching this video: At 28:30 a clear picture shows the 2 paid actors that were used in Maya Khan’s show.. however towards the end of the show at 37:35 the actor sitting next to Maya Khan has changed. Some other guy is sitting next to her. Apart from that if you look at the guys from the video and compare them with the guys (paid actors) on the show.. they are not the same!
    I personally feel this show with Kamran Shahid was also a huge drama in an attempt to rebuild on her image.Recommend

  • Shanni

    @Erum: Thats his opinion. Just like you are saying here who gave him the right to judge One can say who gave you the right to question the person. The story goes on so please state ur opinion not ur hate towards someone
    If she wa someones sister then she shouldnt be running after someone elses sister or daughter and even brother for that matterRecommend

  • Sajid

    I am 100% agreed with Maya Khan, although she has no right to involved in someone personal matters yet the topic was a truth which we have to accept. if we compare this programs with other news channel program then we come to know Maya did’t make a big mistake as it was presented by Media. We have a nation who just want a thrill either somebody do consciously or unconsciously but why we forget her positive things. For God say please and please don’t share or say any thing bad to her. I pray for her that might Allah help her.Recommend

  • Waqas

    only in Pakistan, you do something wrong and get sympathies when you get punished for it. what she did was wrong. she, being a role model for a lot of people pretty much inspired them to do the same. I dont care what her intentions were, that was not the way to do it.

    so no, her image stays the same in my books… sorry maya khan fans.Recommend

  • Sonia Wahab

    Maya Khan you just go to America with your husband. Please leave us. The author said each and everything that a common Pakistani wants to say.Recommend

  • Umer Rasheed

    She should be fined heavily, banned from television and jailed for at least six months along with all her accomplicesRecommend

  • Muhammad

    It is not about accepting the apology of Maya khan. She did all this with the approval of he directors of the channel. She was paid to do that and mostly bosses back out when a case on their employee is opened. Same is the case over here. Also no one can stop the dating or any thing because of the last amendment in our law. The topic was right but the way she conducted the program was wrong. According to media ethics:

    She should have another case on her of fooling the audience. There are many ways to conduct the program. No one sit in the parks for the dates. It is a old time story dear Maya. Do not interfere with the youth because youth can turn the table to other side within one minute. Now, best suggestion go back home to your husband. Live a happy life.Recommend

  • Syed Sami

    I guess it was Kamran Shahid’s most biased show ever. Just think if Allah punish us for small mistakes then where would we be?
    What I think is this show was completely biased.

    There was no point questioning her for she had not put enactment on the show. After midway through the program it was all argument for the sake of the word.

    Whether we accept or not. This is an evil in society because we don;t follow Allah’s commands that girl and guy should get married at a young age. This leads to several evils in the society and such things are examples of that. We should not go that far in the argument that we start calling wrong which actually is right!!Recommend

  • Umer Rasheed

    She probably got scared of a prospective lawsuit and in her lame effort save herself dug a deeper grave and jumped right in. Recommend

  • Ashraf Gul

    Great article jahanzaib. Keep off the mills in future. You write well, stick to good stories.Recommend

  • akhtar khan

    omg…how could she do that……..Recommend

  • wiseadvizer

    Maya did not do anything wrong rather just showed a side of picture that how our parks and public places are used to promote western values. Our faith tells us that MODESTY is the base of our culture and faith……She did not catch any culprit but staged a scene to create an awareness……It is the SAMAA tv administration that could be condemned for not telling the truth…I think they were afraid of Their Western supporters…. rather “secular’ circle.
    MAYA I am am proud of your courage…..keep it up and strive to save our values……Recommend

  • Reddy

    This is nonsense.
    This anchor, despite repeating that he is not a judge, that he is not judging people, cannot help reveal the chauvinistic side of his character.
    This guy is too offensive and did not give Maya enough of a chance to explain herself.
    I believe that this has been staged as she claims and that the proggramme was conceived by somebody else.
    I appreciate Maya’s courage, her honesty and giving this guy Kamran an interview, I appreciate her patience.
    The truth is, this is prevalent in Pakistan society and if ” MEN ” like Kamran cant accept this and appreciate Maya’s effort to spread awareness, then too bad.
    Kamran, was not even man enough to answer a hypothetical question of how he would react if his wife or daughter or sister was caught in the park with someone.
    Kudos Maya. Well done. Recommend

  • MS-Mariya Suhail

    she is a liar and a cheater. All the good work she is talking abt must be faked too!! She must have used faked actors and factories before and the best part is that she admitted it herself!! The author is right that she is still not sorry bc she asked kamran that ‘ should i apologize’ !!!

    Its amazing how stupid she is to come on tv and admit to fraud also!!!! She want the public to forgive her because she lied to them from the start of the program?!?

    All those who are talking about forgiving her…well she is the one who came back on tv to admit that she committed fraud! Now if you want to forgive a fraud cheat…i guess you deserve Z AS YOUR LEADER.Recommend

  • Maheen

    Maya showed herself to be an opportunistic third-rate anchor. The way she was hounding the poor couples was horrible to say the least.

    Can she explain WHY she did not defend herself before in shows in the immediate aftermath, especially when she was grilled for 45 minutes by Katrina, Mrs. Bari, Abdul Maleck in the Dr. Moeed Pirzada show about her actions? She repeatedly defended her actions of hounding the couples, and never for once claimed that the show was staged and they were paid actors. Why it took her more than a month to come out with this stuff? ? Only one conclusion: She found a couple of those disenfranchised poor folks and paid them to side with her. She fully deserves everything heaped on her.Recommend

  • Ali Akbar

    This is important because we don’t have other problems which merit more attention, say – displaced flood victims (yes, still), population explosion, highest number of out of school children, no proper access to health care for the poor….Recommend

  • Maheen

    Oh yes, did she ever apologize to the nation for giving such publicity to that fake “peer” she brought on her show who was talking of outrageous things? She even gave naive viewers his mobile number so he could make money fooling them! The guy got rounded up by police soon thereafter and confessed to heinous crimes, not the least using Islam and name of PBUH in such a shameless way!Recommend

  • asif jafri

    maya khan v r proud of braaaaaave.v pray to god giv ,u health,wealth,progress with dighnity.Recommend

  • Dee

    Oh gawd what a drama. Her hubby should join showbiz …total crap at the end that Maya is too involved in helping people and prioritize her career over professional life and Pakistan… Really? We don’t need her or people like her who give senseless excuses and speeches…Recommend

  • danish

    I think Maya deserve to punish not to forgive.she hearted every one.Recommend

  • Ahsan

    Well….. This is a great example of the liberal people showing their power, look how they made a host loose her job. I think what ever Maya did was not of that severe controversy as it was portrayed by liberal extremists…….. Parks are public places and if you are not guilty then Y should you be shameful… Most of the couples were there without informing their parents and exposing them is absolutely right… but Hats off to the liberals, and to conservatives for being quite…Recommend

  • Saim Yousaf

    A Silent Message for All Pakistani

    Dear Muslim fellows, according to Islamic point of view, no one has right to spread the non-sense talk about a person in the society without justifying anything. I ask a question from all of you that how many people have searched for the Truth of Maya Khan theme?????????
    No one has right to interfere personal of any person or put thumb on the neck without authentication.
    The problem with us is that we say whatever we see, we start believing on it without making effort to serarch for actual reality and depth of a scene. Well I ‘m just a simple student of FAST University who can’t keep silent whenever the society is trying to make a big sin against an innocent person.

  • Mishra

    I think it is just a crap article after she apologized. A lady apologizing for whatever mistake she has done and you wasted a blog space on that. Have you gone nuts or Its the media propaganda(And you are part of it ..) against her as she claims ? Wake up man.. You are screwing your country… Write something sensible..

    -An IndianRecommend

  • Shareef Bechaa

    She did Right ..It Should be Accepted I Think..Recommend

  • Mj

    The claim that the victims were somehow ‘paid actors’ is pure hogwash. Do they take us for fools? Perhaps I underestimate the gullibility of Pakistani viewers, as many have fallen for it hook, line, and sinker.Recommend

  • ana

    im so glad that the author highlighted the NGO-Mukhtaran Mai comment made by Maya..i dont know why but she had to criticize the NGOs and belittle Mukhtaran Mai’s pain and suffering…

    If men created Misogyny, women like Maya khan have sustained it..

    but plz ppl using abusive words against Maya Khan is not right. We need to stop using GAALIs..its wrongRecommend

  • Usman Shahid

    @author: Good shot

    This was an other staged drama of Maya khan Recommend

  • wiseadvizer

    Fully agree with you…………..Kamran Khan was not fare enough rather quite aggressive and illogical….Recommend

  • wiseadvizer

    Apology for what ???….if she was right then she needs appreciation….I appreciate her…for striving to save our value of Modesty………Recommend

  • Anonymous

    @ eveyone above……you are not catching the real culprit……

    The producer and director of that particular show should be brought infront of media and insulted and humilaited for 10 hours every day for 7 days……

    It`s da only solution to this problem………Recommend

  • Sonia Wahab

    Maya Khan please go to America and live with your husband. The author of this article has written evry word true.Recommend

  • paki

    oh people please stop .you are no saint too and @ author find something else to write about for your claim to fame .. she said sorry and appology accepted .. she did not killed anybody … why dont you write about meera’s marriage now ? thats pretty interesting and no we as nation wont mind you poking your nose in someone’s private life .Recommend

  • Ghulam sarwar

    Maya with moed pirzada on PTV news had not proved thay all are paid actors now why she said that they are all paid who are there. fake maya no apology accepted dramebaz Queen.Recommend

  • Farooq

    Kamran Khan,

    You are foolish or saving the corrupt persons. I never tried to go in any park. I see the couples in very critical positions. I an eye witnessed of these incidents. She has done a good job. It is a message for all the parents, whose children done this shameful act in the parks. No fiency or wedding couples sits in the parks in this style. Privacy is at home not in the parks. Parks, roads, bazars hotels are public places. If some one needs privacy, they should do this in Char Devari. Parks, Bazar, Road are not included in Char Devari. Your language, your way of talking, your attacks are showing that you are favouring the criminal minded peoples. You donot know that these corrupt people works in groups. They kidnapped the girls and sold them to the Naikas where they sale out every nights. No can save them.Recommend

  • Ayub Buzdar

    O ho Leave Maya Khan in her disposition and think about Express News. Since its inception, when Express newspaper was of Rs 5 we thought Express group symbol of progressive and liberal journalism in Pakistan but Alas now a days the Urdu channal and Newspaper is handed over to Dr. Shahid Masood, Kamran Shahid, Javaid Chaodhari, Orya Mabool jan and other like minded analysts and columists. I request Express media group plz dont lose your identity. The philosphy of Dr. Shahid and his companions is obsolete. We are tired from hatred and irrational discussions plz promote unbiased and rational analysts. Otherwise this gap will fill any other media group. But we as old readers of express have sympathy with this group. PleaseRecommend

  • Sana

    I think the Author speaks for most of us when he says. “Apology Not Accepted”.

    We hate Maya Khan, and yes, not just because of her show, but she as a person, does not seem to be someone very nice. Recommend

  • Usman

    Even Allah forgives mistakes, who are you and who are we to not accept her apology. Recommend

  • Sajid

    Maya i agreed with your view you want to highlighted in your program. We should’t forget we are muslim nation and such unethical act at any place (Parks etc) are not allowed. If we provide a free platform to our new generation specially teenager and condemn someone who exposed these evil on the ground of killing but we forgets its ultimate future impact in form of suicide, killing (gharat k name Katal) etc. We have an example of Cafe scandal which killed 10 to 15 persons but yet that scandal save thousands by Morally and fear that they might be exposed.Love You Maya KhanRecommend

  • amer

    maya khan u did absolutely right. there are many so called noble people who are questioning are not angels. foremost thing is this that your intion was good. let people talk.Recommend

  • Bilal

    Maya is like a Desi version of Casey Anthony! shes simply pathetic!Recommend

  • farah

    Lolzzz she helped many people and changed their lives… we are damn sure they all were paid actors… Kamran shahid should have asked this to Maya khanRecommend

  • Parvez

    Maya Khan indulged in irresponsible TV anchoring and rightfully paid the price for it.
    What is baffling are the comments from people who support her conduct. It falls under the heading of ‘ self-righteous intolerance ‘ which smacks of hypocrisy and that surely is not good. Recommend

  • Samra Alauddin

    Seriously!? Are we still not over it? Don’t we have anything better to do than to scrutinize someone’s act? Let it go already, please!Recommend

  • Asif

    And this is the pressing issue for Pakistan today. Yup!

    This article and more hype is exactly what the media needs out of this. You’re providing it.Recommend



    she is totaly lieing. if u will remember in programme (sochta pakistan) with Mr. Moed Peerzda she did not mention these couples are actors. But why she is telling now those are actores she is totaly lier.

    i am very sorry with you Mr. Kamaran why you dont have the full pictures of these. In future you have to repeaet this and asked her again why she did not mentioin in that programe with mr peerzada. Recommend


    Aslamoalkam Mr. Kamaran Shahid.

    she is totaly lieing. if u will remember in programme (sochta pakistan) with Mr. Moed Peerzda she did not mention these couples are actors. But why she is telling now those are actores she is totaly lier.
    i am very sorry with to Mr. Kamaran why you dont have the full pictures of these. In future you have to repeaet this and asked her again why she did not mentioin in that programe with mr peerzada.

    Akhtar Hussain Recommend


    WOW! MahyaKhan &Kamran Shahid Wonderful topi drama! If the park play video was paid drama then it means that this drama 7 draft proved by SAMAA & management. Y management of SAMAA T.V fired Mhaya KHAN after this topi drama? Kamran Shahid y u diod not ask about this? it means u deli bratly ignore this important question. Good. One anchor saves another anchorRecommend

  • Rahim

    Shut up!!Recommend