Outlandish Kamran Shahid

Published: February 29, 2012

A man who seems to have made it his “purpose” to make women cry on cable television is not the kind of man I was brought up to respect.

I’ll be honest; I don’t like Kamran Shahid one bit. He’s brash, uncouth and thoroughly ungentlemanly; and if I were a woman, I’d make a deal with the devil before allowing myself to be found within a 100 meter radius of the guy who conducts a “serious” journalistic talk-show with his chest hair on display like it’s still the 70s. Seriously. A man who seems to have made it his “purpose” to make women cry on cable television is not the kind of man I was brought up to respect.

I’m positively tickled by the fact that of all the people who could have brought Maya Khan to trial for going all Mullani on Pakistan’s lower-middle class last month, and, as Kamran kept echoing on last night’s show: putting those poor hormonal boys’ and girls’ lives in jeopardy; it was the man who shot to (de)fame last year, on what can only be described as, the exact same grounds!

Did the all-wise Kamran Shahid really forget how he practically put Veena Malik through the same tribulation on his show in January 2011? Wasn’t putting a defenseless woman on the spot by pronouncing her immoral over and again, for making personal choices like drinking champagne and cozying up with men on a television show that paid her millions pretty much the same, if not worse, than what the incorrigible, detestable Maya Khan did?

At least the girls Maya and her cronies chased in the park were wrapped up in abayas and had the protection of a veil to guard themselves. Veena, on the other hand, was a public figure who was forced to leave the country after an allegedly orchestrated car accident almost killed her, days after the show.

Now, I’m not saying what Maya Khan did wasn’t cheap, unprofessional and fundamentally uncalled for. Her faux pas was all of those things and more. But that’s all it was: a faux pas, blunder, a mistake. She may have proved herself to be a silly anchorperson, who acted impulsively for ratings, but tell me, are you and I any different? Didn’t we rush to Facebook and Twitter to compete for who disparages her in 140 characters better, first?

Yes, I’m afraid what we’ve done to her since then, is worse.

All I’m saying is, just like life and everything else we do, morning shows are also a competition. We may not always agree with the content, but we’re all smart enough to know it’s still a job to be done. It just seems a bit unfair to me, that we should first put these women on pedestals and give them passports to do whatever they want by encouraging them with orgasmic phone calls, and then one day, out of the blue just wake up and aim our guns at one of them for making a mistake, while doing what she’s paid to do: entertain us.

Maya Khan, Nida Yasir, Shaista Wahidi or Kamran Shahid—same difference. Let’s not insult ourselves by assuming that Maya’s counterparts wouldn’t have jumped at the idea of raiding parks because it makes for excellent trash TV… that sells. The others simply got lucky, it was she who came up with the idea first and not them.

And I don’t know about the rest of you, but I think it was a low-shot on the network’s part to sack a team-member they’d been cashing in on for years. The cowardly act doesn’t only speak volumes against the executives that run the channel; it may eventually cost them a lot of moolah too, especially if Maya’s revelations about the show being scripted turn out to be true and she decides to spend some of the free time on her hands reading up on employment law.

Having said that, I’m secretly glad that we, the ever-misguided consumers, for once stood up for what we believed was right. If nothing else, it’ll teach the others in the business to be more careful while choosing and approving content in the future. The same goes for Mr Shahid, who probably doesn’t realize this, but his testosterone fueled show, which I’m sure most of us watch only once every twelve months, when he piggy-backs on a plummeting starlet for a few claps — do more harm to his purpose than good. Last year, he successfully managed to turn me into a Veena Malik fan-boy, after harassing the woman who turned out to be more man than both her persecutors; and yesterday, he made me see Maya Khan, the country’s sole source of disgust and laughter since that fateful day in the park, in a somewhat different, softer light.

I may not know much since I’m a “Facebook user” and not a “sensible members of civil society” like Kamran Shahid, but I do know this:  You can’t expect every woman to come to battle with a sword as sharp as Veena’s, but I appreciate that Maya still chose to face her detractors and take the first step towards putting this unpleasant episode behind her. If she can show the courage to go on air so soon after a gaffe that rendered her a social outcast, then surely we can find it in ourselves to give her a few more days to cook up an appropriate apology. After all, it’s not like we’re used to them around here!


In your opinion, was Maya Khan's apology on Kamran Shahid's show acceptable?

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Saad Zuberi

An Economics graduate with a post-grad in International Relations who’s currently pursuing Chartered Accountancy while working as a freelance writer for a number of local publications.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Mariam Chughtai

    @author: “but tell me, are you and I any different? Didn’t we rush to Facebook and Twitter to compete for who disparages her in 140 characters better, first?”. An honest and thoughtful piece. Thank you. Recommend

  • arif majeed

    don’t let your anger with kamran overshadow the unethical behaviour and fraud that maya khan perpetrated on the public.no one’s defending this man but that doesn’t mean you start treating a self righteous drama queen as some masoom,bichari victim.she’s still adamant that what she did was right,she thinks it’s her duty to act like the morality police.frustration with kamran should not result in letting maya off the hook.she passed off a show filled with paid actors as the real deal and deliberately misled her audience into believing they were seeing something true.Recommend


    I am sure this guy KAMRAN SHAHID or any other anchorperson would never dare to put PPP’s MPA WAHEEDA SHAH on trial like that as he did to MAYA KHAN.Never ever they could even think about that !! what WAHEEDA SHAH did was much more worst than MAYA KHAN there are so many eyewitnesses of that ugly incident but everyone is silent.Recommend

  • dr j tipu

    totally agreed.Kamran Shahid lacks basic mannerism to appear on televisiion. I have seen a few programmes where he has ignited sentiments and provoked hatred and enmity between groups, and then tried miserably to play the “mediator”. I think there should be a basic code of practise applicable to all media personalities. and Kamran Shahid should be groomed first.Recommend

  • http://NewYork Falcon

    Even though I am not a fan of Kamran Shahid, I would like to highlight few thoughts on the blog itself. Firstly, you are apparently confused between sympathies for Maya Khan and hatred for Kamran Shahid, even though in your book they seem to have inflicted similar damage. Secondly, the ladies that were hounded by Maya Khan are a completely different breed of society vs. celebrities such as Veena Malik. So the parallel does not hold. With this trajectory, most likely the next blog will be on poor poor Pamela Anderson and why she was roasted on Comedy Central. Thirdly, there are more constructive things to do in life than noticing and complaining about chest hair of talk show hosts! Recommend

  • NinjaMullah

    @author and @Mariam Chughtai. YES, we are different; what we did was condemn a reprehensible act, not pass a moral judgement on another human being. Whether condemning someone who passes brash moral judgements on others is in itself a ‘wrong’ moral judgement the question you’re having trouble with, just straight out say that somewhere deep down you support vigilantism and moral policing and have a problem when someone condemns it. Don’t confuse others and yourselves by saying that “we are no different than Maya Khan”. We ARE different. We did not chase down Maya Khan one fine day and defame her – she brought it on herself by setting that example. What she was taught was a lesson in moral universalism: do unto others, what you may have them do unto you. It is sad that we, as Pakistanis, usually don’t understand that principle. We do not like to live and let live (a belief integral to such a meta-ethic); rather, we secretly (or not) love to impose on others. That may be human, but so is bloodlust. There are some things that we as social beings have to rise above. Frankly, I’ve had it with pseudo-liberal thinkers who continue to support Maya Khan as if what she did was completely ‘normal’ and hence beyond reproach. There is no parallel to be drawn here between her detractors and her. There was a world of a difference behind the intentions of the two parties. Why is it so difficult to get that? Why do people still insist on clouding our mental spaces with such abhorrent intellectual flatulence?Recommend

  • muzaffar shah

    we have no morals. we just live by the standards imported from the west. we will never dare ro persue a wrong doing of an influential person but exagerate the same in case of a person who is some what defenceless. the multiple standards which we adopt in almost all cases is leading our society to crash. watch out please everybodyRecommend

  • adeel


  • Mani

    Ridiculous article! There is no comparison between veena malik who purposely chose to put herself and her behaviour to be seen by millions of viewers and harassing kids in parksRecommend

  • sabiha1

    Kamran Shahid while giving Maya a chance to explain herself was being overly judgmental.The show for whatever it was worth was approved by Samaa TV for its idea,content and budget.If someone owes an apology it is the management o the channel,not an employee.The management has simply passed the buck.Maya will come back on screen after a discreet interval.She is advised to lose weight in the meantime.Recommend

  • WB

    This is the picture of a media out of control, following no rules and no one dare asking any questions. These two-bit “journalists” like Maya, Shahid are all the same. Kamran is the wrost, of them all.Recommend

  • http://www.shadifocus.com nadia rana

    Now WAHEEDA SHAH is the person we should make example of. There should be ‘Hall of Shame’ to list like of her.Recommend

  • ss


  • Raja

    his atitude with maya khan was so harsh and critical…

    this does not suits to an anchor person…. he is always very critical and try to have fight between his guest for rating…

    political people abuses on each other in hsi show and he allow them to do so…

    he is nt a gernalist… Recommend

  • Morning Glory

    Nicely written. But guys, lets get over with it.Recommend

  • sohail khan

    i totally agree with the article. what maya khan did was wrong… but that doesnt give any one the right to treat her the way kamran shahid did? it was as unprofessional and ungentlemanly as maya’s stint in the park!

    i think it’s time to forgive and move on… we’ve already done enough damage to her reputation for making this mistakeRecommend

  • AKPK


    It seems Express has decided to induct her…….. again all were seems paid actors… Recommend

  • Umer Rasheed

    Irrelevant and pointless article. There are plenty of news anchor who do this by the way. Pointing out one guy and criticizing menial things like his chest hair. Really? I think the author pulled the exact same thing he mentioned in his article. And while we are criticizing anchors I am surprised why hasn’t anyone taken a dig at Sana Bucha. Recommend

  • http://islamabad Maryam

    Totally agreed.Recommend

  • Muneeza Akmal

    Even though I’m personally not ready to believe in Maya Khan again yet, I think you’ve made a few interesting points, Saad, and that makes me agree with the article to some extent.
    For one, I don’t think your comparison between what Kamran did with Veena and what Maya did with those youngsters in the park is inane even though a lot of people might beg to differ because of their innate hatered for Veena Malik and her antics. I also agree that all the other morning show hosts simply got lucky… but for how much longer?
    If we demand that maya should be brought to trial, then we shouldn’t just aim at her. There are many other TV personalities that are doing much worse and lying to their audiences through their teeth. Burining one witch who got caught when there are a dozen others isn’t a long term solution in my opinion.Recommend

  • Syed Fahad Qasim

    @writer, I think you and every thing related with current time media is crap, Maya Khan etc etc , every one wants TIP thatz it there is no word as morality or ethics. Kamran did the rite job what i feel , ” apnay pey jab ahii toh roo perhi “.
    try to write ur notes , columns on serious issues.Recommend

  • Abdulla

    Honestly, I can’t stop laughing at his photo above. A shiny purple shirt? Really? LOLRecommend

  • Fahad Raza

    This is what a trash blog looks like. Incoherent, One sided, Prejudiced. Recommend

  • umar

    I don’t understand the mentality of of the people who are running this blog…

    First they posted articles against those people and now they are speaking in favor of them..Recommend

  • shazia

    i just hate him for being so harsh to a woman!Recommend

  • ammad khan

    for gods sake . dont blame kamran shahid.
    he dint make her cry. she cried herself. people like maya khan or veena malik are advised to cry infront of media so that they can collect some sympathies. maya khan has done mistake and she is accountable for . and kamran shahid did an excellent job by not being impressed by her crocodile tears.
    @dr j tipu: Recommend

  • http://www.amigozone.com irfan amir

    ahhh.. GUYS it is Media.. Playing games with us..
    this media is major minus.. and if you dont know what is meant by major minus..
    watch this.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1O9X0_WNTYRecommend

  • ammad khan

    A complete crapRecommend

  • Imran

    **One line for Mr. Kamran:

    He is just a female version of Maya Khan, nothing else :-) let’s enjoy!!!**Recommend

  • Faizan ur Rehman

    apart from the maya khan story, i agree what been said about Kamran Shahid he can do any thing for the ratings. i am sure 100% after watching a show in which there were some baloch representatives at one side and Parvez Musharaf’s at the other and there were horrible use of abusive language on the live show despite of the fact that how critical the balochistan issue is..and kamran shahid didnt even mediate he is doing show only for rating..Recommend

  • obscursntist

    kamran shahid doesnt say good about maya khan..seriously where is the connection?Recommend

  • http://www.causes.com/causes/653962-stand-up-for-your-baloch-brothers/ Abdur Rahman

    Good one!

    Kamran just talks TRASH. He has no manners and he talks about “media ethics”…he doesn’t even allow his guests to speak…and keeps hurling those ‘hurtful’ comments again and again (repeating like a parrot) at his guests…we don’t need such anchors.Recommend

  • http://www.causes.com/causes/653962-stand-up-for-your-baloch-brothers/ Abdur Rahman

    Also on harassing kids in Public:

    It appears to me that those kids were really paid actors...because the women were clad in hijab (even the face was not visible) this is not possible for normal dating couples…i mean its impossible that all the women in a park are clad in hijab with faces covered...How many of you agre???

    So no one was actually harassed and no ones privacy was revealed.Recommend

  • Asad Kamran

    In favor of your perspective of the situation but i believe that Maya Khan lied to the public and she says that “Mera khiyal tha log meray upar bharosa krtay thay”, tell me something? If She cared for those people dearly then she would have not lied to them by hiring actors and staging everything, If the case was to CONVEY A MESSAGE then i think we already have enough TV serials and Extremists doing that, if the matter was to convey the message then i suggest a professional like a psychologist or child expert or any other educated individual be called on the show and the matter be discussed like grown ups rather than staging a “Chase through the park” Recommend

  • jawad BT

    One half of us are paid to make this and the other half buy it because they hate to live in reality..Recommend

  • Ayesha A

    I wasted 10 minutes of my valuable time reading this piece of crap.Recommend

  • Mariam

    i remembe a time when he wrote in ET. Everything he does is for a publicity stunt only. He taught at a certain institute. The supposed subject he had to teach was Pakistan Studies, which he related to current affairs and that fair enough but then showing the students his shows every week in class rather than delivering a lecture and asking the students to mar them on the comments they post on his ET article. Thats what he is!Recommend

  • Mishra

    @arif majeed
    “that doesn’t mean you start treating a self righteous drama queen as some masoom,bichari victim.”

    I can just laugh on your comment. Who are you to decide who is a drama queen and who is a massom ? Recommend

  • Sid

    Waste of Web space. Recommend

  • bilal

    Nut shell two wrongs doesn’t make one right………Recommend

  • bilal

    and please dont call someone opinion crap.You can Disagree with it.We as a society are a very intolerable.Which is quite evident from Maya Khan show ,kamran shahid,author and the comments………….Recommend

  • Modazul

    Thanks to you people who made Maya Khan such a big God damn news. If it wasn’t for you guys he wouldnt have called Maya. What you think media is some charity organization? Ofcourse they will do what’s beneficial for them. Stop complaining and sulking at every thing. If you really are upset go join some pressure group or make one if you don’t find any proper onesRecommend

  • Bilawal

    I cant agree more…I am relieved that i am not the only one who thinks this way
    Great to hear from a media personRecommend

  • http://natashasuleman.wordpress.com Natasha Suleman

    I hate Kamran Shahid, But….what’s with this

    //to trial for going all Mullani on Pakistan’s lower-middle class last month,//

    Mullani thing that’s being said ever since Maya made news? Excuse me but she is not a mullani and THAT should be enough for you to understand that such actions have nothing to do with being religious. You saw jeans wearing aunties making chhapas along with maya so just stop this ‘going mullani’ thing. It’s about ones morals and not relgion.Recommend

  • abdul wahab

    yes agreedRecommend

  • Imran

    I stopped reading it the moment I saw a comment about hairy chest and skimmed thru the rest of the article. Its more of a personal grudge that a teenager would write after their breakup. I think you can do a lot better than this.


  • elementary

    I fully agree with the author,I remember one of his episodes where he incited vicious exchange of words between talal Bugti and Barrister saif to the point of utter abuse and filthy language and he allowed it to go on for 3 minutes. He is a cheap rating seeker. Recommend

  • Sharjeel

    Isn’t it ironic that those who have killed thousands in our countries, looted billions are forgiven without apologies but not Maya Khan who has apologised for act whether right or wrong…Recommend

  • soniya

    i agree with you imran , we should respect every ones view point as long as it doesnt get too personal where it goes to the limit of pointing out looks etc. you could have done a btter job by sticking to criticising the content only.
    p.s can anyone here define mannerism for me please? media ethics should be followed with no discrimination of men and women.Recommend

  • mnxa

    kamran khan was totally rude and prepland to disagree with everything… regarding drama vts not a drama?? his show was a wel scripted drama too.. Recommend

  • Sameen Khan

    @ Falcon, Imran and Sonya

    I don’t know what world you guys live in, but in mine, you JUST DO NOT go on television to host a show with half your shirt’s buttons undone! It’s unprofessional and offensive, and I totally agree with the writer for pointing it out!
    I’m also very glad you mentioned the ludicrous comment he made about Facebook users and sensible civil society kay log…. I mean seriosuly… just how asinine can a guy get!Recommend

  • mubasher hassan

    totally agreed. kamran shahid, mubasher rana, hamid mir and mubasher luqman…these pseudo intellectuals shud be taken off the air. there is one mubasher rana sahib …..he even doesn’t feel like saying salam to open his program. rude, non serious, uncultured anchors do not fit in a tv screen trying to highlight our societal problems. plz vote to throw these characters out of our homes.Recommend

  • khan

    personal evil and social evil are two different things, what a man or a woman does in his/her bedroom is none of our or anyones concern but when the same goes out in public, then they are accountable, by law and ofcourse they give others a reason to discuss them in public…. what veena does in her bedroom is her concern but when she goes out in public and does this immoral act, she needs to be questioned, because there are people seeing her.. nowadays more than mullah extremism i see liberals and seculars who impose their thoughts and way of living onto others..

    Creator that is Allah has given us a code of conduct, rules to abide with because we are the creatures and He knows what is best for us.. And if seculars come out to say that what they say is right, then atleast they shouldnt impose themselves on us the believers, or else we have a right to defend our way of living no matter what it costsRecommend

  • IhateLIE

    The show was pre planned and well scripted seriously..I wasted my time.Recommend

  • Zafir

    totally agreed with the author’s viewRecommend

  • Shamy

    “with his chest hair on display like it’s still the 70s” & “but his testosterone fueled show” – what is wrong with the author ? why so personal and why the cheapness ?Recommend

  • soomro19

    Isn’t Kamran Shahid a part of Express News which also owns the Express Tribune for which you have written this blog. Does this mean that they accept this to get higher ratings for their channel. Sensationalism sells and people buy it… Recommend

  • Parvez

    Kamran Shahid is rude and devoid of manners. I know his kind. If U dig deep enough, he will turn out to be a phony, manipulative & greedy.Recommend

  • Nangdharangg Pakistani

    EXCELLENT piece !Recommend

  • Aisha

    This is called unbiased journalism at its best. I’m proud of ET for publishing such blogs that don’t only speak nicely about their own people even if they do wrong, but are critical when required also…..Good job ET and Saad Zuberi!Recommend

  • http://truthexposed123.blogspot.com Truth Exposed

    dont worry
    now zardari is putting regulations on media also…
    so now more political satire and LIVE talkshowsRecommend

  • Shibl

    I don’t understand what the purpose of this editorial is. Is it to blindly bash an individual? Is that what an editorial is to be about? I agree that the fundamental values the author is representing are indeed justifiable; but to personally attack an individual is outlandish. I mean, come on, the fact that you are talking about how he dresses only goes to show how shallow you and your ideas are.Recommend

  • Baba Ji

    I haven’t read the blog but this Kamran guy is a badtameez arrogant dude … Who has made him host a show ? Recommend

  • Ayesha Pervez

    Thank you sooo much for this blog! I am thoroughly disgusted with Kamran Shahid with the way he behaved with Maya Khan. If he ever makes a mistake, I hope the masses are as unforgiving as he was! Recommend

  • abdul

    by keeping maya khan in the spotlight and keeping cursing her, aren’t we all throwing the real perpetrators in the backgroung. yes i am talking about the administration of Sama TV. she was just a pawn who took the fall or was made to take the fall…” LET THE ONE WITH NO PAST SINS STONE THIS WOMAN FIRST”Recommend

  • T

    @Ayesha A:
    And then you wasted another 2 minutes posting your comment. Recommend

  • I’ve had enough!

    Maya Khan is a RAW agent and Kamran Shahid is Zaid Hamid’s disciple and together they’re a Zionist conspiracy! Down with them! Recommend

  • johar

    TOTALLY AGREE, finally someone speak out. when ever I saw that person on the show I only feel hatred, he is just a cheap and a big ugly blot on the name of journalists. he only tries to increase his program rating by using cheap tactics, only highlight controversial programs without conveying a concrete message, and humiliate women mostly by calling the same mullah on the show.Recommend

  • http://glenns-busy-corner.blogspot.com/ Glenn Ryall

    @Mariam Chughtai:
    Agree with you sister, we all sailing in the same boat Recommend

  • Maha

    Just chill folks! Kamran Shahid’s show was all a drama to give a clean chit to Maya Khan. Express plans to relaunch her hence they had to show the other side as “breaking news”

    Couldnt you see from the entire show that it was all a stage act. Maya with her crocodile tears, Kamran Shahid bashing her, her upteenth husband calling up from America to say that he has one regret with Maya that she didnt join him in America since she was a deep patriot!!! and then the finale with the DVD/CD thingy !!

    Give us a break for God sake from all this for once!!!Recommend

  • elementary

    Can we have a blog about the shameful waheeda shah.Recommend

  • X

    ppl, c’mon! you dont need to groom Kamran Shahid. May be he likes the 70’s look… whats wrong in showing chest hair? If you guys can handle begum nawazish ali’s “Chichora-pan” I’m sure you can handle some chest hair and straight forward talk!
    I think Kamran Shahid talks and argue’s with his guests like we want him to do.


  • Ayesha Pervez

    @T: lol true…. ppl like Ayesha A can only criticise :)Recommend

  • J.k

    This guy talks about ethics but his attitude towards women is utterly disgusting. Intruding in to their personal lives and repeating their incidents again and again to make them appear immoral is a low thing. Recommend

  • awais

    Its not a matter of personal choice for Venna malik to have champagne. Having alcohlic drinks in Pakistan is a crime by fedral law and the ones who deal in it without proper licencing are drug dealers. So please don’t cross Pakistani laws in your fits of westernization. Recommend

  • Tahir Naseer

    All the anchors are in many ways same. They will go to any extreme without thinking to get fame.

    I am surprised why no one rose when Maya showed the interview of the person who married two girls at the same time or the person (who later turned out to be an imposter) who claimed to have the Gods name and other things written on his body and food.

    Its not Maya or Kamran alone, there is big list of anchor persons who are in one way or another not following implicit ethical and moral values. So why are we targeting only a couple of persons instead of everyone involved?Recommend

  • zalim singh

    but a good anchor.Recommend

  • creepster

    i mean… WHO WRITES ALL THIS? and more importantly… WHAT ARE THEY ON????Recommend

  • NaveKhan

    I read above article and as long as concerning Kamran Shahid attitudewas very rude and it shows his desperateness for his shows rating as Maya khan. I watched another show regarding this matter way back and it was hosted by Thalat Hussain, it was far better and all his guests were also well educated and behaved. Now concerning Waheed shah i prove to be a role model of Maya khan as Maya khan also recorded a video of covered ladies for proving his inosense.

    Kamran Shahid should have asked her about her morning show Director, Producer and if they all were on board for that sort of morning park walk with ON camera then they should have also Kamran Khan ugly behaviour.Recommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/author/242/nicholas-sharaf/ Nicholas Sharaf

    Why is anyone surprised with Kamran’s behavior specifically when he works for Express News? Is it not the same channel that took on board Mehvish Bukhari who all but publicly led a fatwa on Salman Taseer?

    What nonsense are you people discussing?Recommend

  • JK

    This is a beautifully written piece. Well done.Recommend