Shakil Afridi: The lowliest of traitors

Published: February 22, 2012

He is the kind of man who betrays not for his moral principals or political ideology, but for his business. PHOTO: EXPRESS

Dr Shakil Afridi, accused of running a CIA sponsored fake vaccine program, is in a funny position. On one hand, he has been responsible for fulfilling Osama bin Laden’s dear wish to die at the hand of infidels. On the other, he has played in the hands of the secret agency of an ally country.

The recent attempt of US congressman Dana Rohrabacher to save his neck has brought his case to the fore once again and it’s a surprise to see that most of the people who rejoiced at the news of OBL’s death think that Afridi shouldn’t be tried for treason. Either it’s because they consider him to be a man of high principles who helped in a noble cause or because to them treason is no crime. That people shouldn’t be tried for treason is a moral position and one to be respected. There, after all, is little difference between heresy and treason. Years after Malcolm X was killed for changing his religious views, Louis Farrakhan would say:

We dealt with [Malcolm] like a nation deals with a traitor.. a nation has to be able to deal with traitors and cutthroats and turncoats.

Dr Shakil Afridi, however, is not a traitor in that sense. He is of the lowliest type of traitors: the criminals. He is the man who betrays not for his moral principles or political ideology, but for his business.

When suspicious individuals show up at your door with a strange suggestion, you either escape from the back door or call the police, or maybe both. But, of course, you could also ask them in and discuss the matter over tea and this is what Shakil Afridi did – that his guests happened to be on a mission to liquidate an odious creature, a porn-addicted, narcissistic fanatic was just plain luck. There was no way he could be let in on the big secret just because he had to organize one vaccine program.

Shakil couldn’t have any notion that he was helping these men get rid of a universal excrescence and working in the ‘official’ interests of his state. He would have helped anyone who had come to him with a similar offer without caring who or what the target was, and this is why he is of the most dangerous kind. His is the kind which will spy on a retired army officer for the Taliban or tape an outspoken journalist’s phone calls for the ISI.

Shakil Afridi is not like Julius Rosenberg, who was moved by genuine concern into committing anti-state activities. He is more like Mir Jafar and Mark Zborowski who did it to improve their personal fortunes. If he had taken on other professions, he would be a pilfering servant, a smuggling driver or an adulterating shopkeeper. That’s as high as this man could ever get.

So much for the doctor’s treason.

The US congressman who wants to award this man America’s highest civilian reward would do well to remember that when it came to his own country’s traitors, they were the least forgiving. Before Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed, the prosecutors were only able to prove that the two held unpopular beliefs. It couldn’t be convincingly established that the two had spied for the USSR. Even if later some compelling evidence emerged against them, it doesn’t change the fact that they were sent to the electric chair without complete evidence. It’s then very unbecoming of him to ask us to let go our traitor when his own country wouldn’t do that with theirs. What if we, too, concur with Louis Farrakhan’s statement? Can’t we say for this doctor what Louis Farrakhan said for Malcolm X?

Was Malcolm your traitor or ours? And if we dealt with [Malcolm] like a nation deals with a traitor, what the hell business is it of yours?

Dana Rohrabacher must realize that whatever be Dr Shakil Afridi’s contribution to world peace and in war against terrorism, back in his own country he remains what he really is: A hireling, and a hireling will always remain a hireling. Pay upfront and this belly dancer will dance for anyone. I wish the congressman could just say,

Yes, Dr Shakil Afridi is a belly dancer, but he is our belly dancer.

No one must own another human being, and it’s as beastly an act, as ghastly a thought, to be owned by a state or a church as it is to be owned by another man. When treating man as property becomes a norm, it also becomes a norm to break him on wheel, burn him at stake and send him to gas chambers. There are too many sacred figures to respect, too many blasphemous words to avoid, that claustrophobic and adventurous rarely die a natural death. However, when Shakil Afridi is tried for treason, there is no need to think of such men.

Shakil was neither adventurous nor a man with high ideals. He was just an unscrupulous, unprincipled sellout. Still, he mustn’t be tried for giving away army’s bargaining chip or shattering countless dreams of the Islamic Caliphate; he should be tried merely for his inability to refuse a good offer.


M Ahmad Razi

M Ahmad Razi

An ACCA student at a private institution in Pakistan who tweets @godhpur

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Faraz Talat

    Yes, he committed the sin of sins: He found Osama bin Laden and got him killed by those committed enough to carry out this task.

    A lowly traitor…no, lowliest of traitors indeed. All his future generations will have to live with the dishonour of being the descendants of a man responsible for the death of the world’s most wanted terrorist. Yes, this article makes perfect sense.Recommend

  •!/Pugnate Noman Ansari

    At first glance I thought it said, “Shahid Afridi: The lowliest of traitors”, and was really confused. Recommend

  • Talha

    Tell me, what harm has he done?

    Giving up Osama is no crime.Recommend

  • Omar Malik

    Well said!!

    A fair, balanced opinion on the infamous Doctor.Recommend

  • Tight Chuddi

    Still, he mustn’t be tried for giving away army’s bargaining chip or shattering countless dreams of Islamic Caliphate

    Your last line says it all: that you live in fools paradise. No one in Arab world, not the least of Saudi monarchs were fans of OBL. Recommend

  • TrueMuslim

    Proud of you M. Ahmad Razi. Proud of Pakistan. Osama, we will always love you. You are our hero. You will always be our hero. So sorry that one kafir acting as a Muslim betrayed you to the deadliest enemy. Osama will remain alive in the heart of every Pakistani.Recommend

  • Nagpuri

    This line of though is total bunkum.

    There are traitors and then there are traitors. A traitor, who’s act betrays some lower ideals for the benefit of higher ideals is far better than viceversa. Even though that benefit might be incidental rather than intentional.

    One cannot take away the dis-proportionality of acts or individuals or ideals by such simpleton logic.

    It is like having same amount of heartache, if in an accident, a brutal child killer gets killed or an innocent child gets killed.

    In some cases end justifies the means.Recommend

  • Osama

    What a ridiculous article. If what Dr. Afridi did is considered treason, than why has nobody held any officials from the military as officials? Did they not take an oath to protect the country? Even a fool knows that at least one person from the ISI knew OBL was in Abbotabad. Or was sheltering OBL just a money making scheme? Recommend

  • Ali Tanoli

    Malcolm X was a great man of his time he killed by them not hired ……….Recommend

  • NinjaMullah

    You seem to be very sure of Afridi’s motives for what he did. Did you know him personally? Did he invite you over to tea as well? Or did you receive these profound insights through divine benevolence?

    And what’s with all the Farrakhan quotes that serve only to confuse us readers half way through your rant? Wasn’t Farrakhan the morally ambiguous leader of the morally ambiguous nation of Islam?

    And since, my dear boy, did aiding and abetting the capture of an enemy of your state amount to treason? Or are we officially accepting now that Bin Laden was our own man?…

    You, sir, ought to be tried for libel. You’ve made some serious accusations about a man’s character without any solid proof to back it up. This is pure slander; and in the journalistic world, we really look down on such work. For all we know, Afridi may have been a victim of circumstance. Or he may have been coerced. Or God may have told him to do it. Or his mom. I just don’t understand how you’re so sure about how it all went down.Recommend

  • Ahmad

    This whole article stems from an assumption that nobody is in any position of verifying. Need more be said?Recommend

  • Ihab

    Wow…What is this, A Level General Class?. The quality of blogs on ET never ceases to amazeRecommend

  • Khurram

    We must begin the list of traitors with the names of those who harboured Bin Ladin.Recommend

  • Jehanzeb

    I thought bin Laden’s elimination was in Pakistan’s (and the world’s) national interest and Afridi assisted in achieving that goal. It is not treason when you are helping your own country by removing a terrorist who had instigated the killing of thousands of innocent Pakistanis.

    Going to Pakistani agencies was not an option. They were not serious in bin Laden’s capture or death at best and were protecting and hiding him at worst. If anyone ought to be tried for treason it should be persons and organisations working against Pakistan’s interests as defined by an elected government.

    Do you seriously think if the Deep State would have captured or killed the terrorist, had they come to know of bin Laden’s presence just outside Kaku (assuming they did not know his whereabouts)?Recommend

  • Saladin

    As a traitor his only punishment should be death. He asked for it.Recommend

  • Amjad

    A well thought out article that articulates the concerns of many in Pakistan. I think the fundamental issue is not whether or not OBL was a criminal- we all know he was responsible for crimes and the suffering of many innocent people, including Pakistanis. What most Pakistanis find upsetting is that a supposed ally used a Pakistani to spy on his own country without working with the local intelligence. Now they want to reward this character when such an individual would be thrown in jail for doing the same in the US. I think a dose of reality and sensitivity is needed. After all the US and Pakistan are supposed to be allies in the common fight against terrorism. Recommend

  • John B

    And the author knows Afridi well to form an opinion that he is an unscrupulous and unprincipled sell out?

    The country’s previous president says to the world that OBL is not in PAK. Everyone in PAK is convinced that he is not there. Any journalist who suggests the possibility of PAK involvement is either dead or disappears. And then comes someone suggesting that there is a LIKELY possibility of OBL hiding in a house and asks for help with or without bribe(money).

    He has three options: say no and let the world go to hell; inform the police and let help OBL escape and also possibly branded as US stooge; or help quietly for greater good when the state of PAK denies OBL.

    Rosenberg and co were Moles of KGB and stole the manhattan project secret, which is a state secret by the way. Their notion of stealing state secret was that atom bomb should be available free to all. Louis Farrakhan’s statement on Malcom X was in personal religious context and has no relevance to Afridi. Don’t mix apples and oranges.

    PAK has to answer one question: Was OBL a state secret?

    Why is everyone after Afridi and conveniently forgets to ask who was handling OBL during his stay in PAK and how did his Yemeni doctor wife come to live in that compound, who granted that visa, who was providing financial support, who delivered the OBL babies and where, and who knew and for how long?

    Only in PAK the obvious questions will be turned against the questioner without any logic or reasoning.

    A degree is a degree, fake or genuine. How can any sensible person reason with this mentality that is condoned in PAK.

    If the author is sincere he should be writing blog about the questions I asked.

    Afridi is one PAK man who stood up when everyone in PAK was duplicitous to their own kind, let alone to US and the UN.

    There is a state law that says slavery is legal: is the one who opposes this law an anti-state actor or conscientious objector?

    The author is deceiving himself by cherry picking the US cases to suit his cause, however illogical it may be, while conveniently ignoring the case that gives credence to Afridi’s action -the release of Pentagon Papers by Daniel Ellsberg.

    Dr.Afridi is Pakistan’s Daniel Ellsberg and he will stay in PAK history as the one who stood up against the state when the state was deceiving the world, and its own people. Recommend

  • Sajid

    Okay then charge him for fraud, or bribery. Not for treason.Recommend

  • Tipu Sultan

    Some more input on shakil……

    What was his reputation as the Agency doctor in Khyber?

    Who were the foreigners whom he befriended in those days?

    what has been his attitude towards ‘Free wine and w…’?

    Why was he kidnapped by Mangal Bagh in 2006?

    Will someone prove that Shakil was able to collect any DNA sample from that ‘ill reputed’ house in Abbottabad?

    If not then how is it being claimed to have confirmed the presence of OBL?

    And so on……Recommend

  • aslam chandio

    he should be punished according to the law.he helped out a foreign country’s spy agency and betrayed his own country for afridi didn’t know who he was working against when he was helping the CIA,he didn’t care who the target was,as long as he was getting money he was willing to help the the americans want to reward their helper and are pressurising pakistan to free him.pakistan should not cave into the pressure.they should punish him by giving him the punishment for traitors.Recommend

  • Yama the Afghan

    Pakistan is a nation of 180 million Shakil Afridi’s that have not bought into the nation state of Pakistan, hence treason is a moot point. Recommend

  • Hamza Malik

    So apparently according to the author, Shakil Afridi did a wrong deed by being a part of the team that got rid of the world’s most wanted man. Maybe the author would’ve instead wanted OBL to join him for a cup of tea in his drawing room considering the dismay and disgust that he shows in his blog?Recommend

  • Shakky

    Dr Shakil Afridi is a hero. Lets not forget that he played an instrumental role in the capture of a murderous extremist. Whatever his motives, he did the world a favor. If anyone should be tried for treason, it is those characters who helped Osama Bin Laddoo set up camp in Abbottabad. Recommend

  • Baqar

    He took a rational decision….a decision any normal educated Pakistani would take….OBL was none of our concern (not true for our agencies and establishment)…if I had been in his place I would ve done the same. Where Dr. Afridi went wrong was in the assesment of consequences (may be because of his lack of exposure to Hollywood movies). He should ve take a few million dollars from the yanks and should have deposited them in cayman islands or jersy before aboarding a plane bound for USA.
    But here he is fading away in misery. I really feel bad for this guy. He would ve gone places but he missed the opportunity.Recommend

  • OS


    This is precisely the kind of narrow minded person that this country suffers from. Wake up and understand that the army and ISI are not the only owners of the state’s sovereignty. They are not the only ones who can decide what is in the country’s interests. And if they had decided that keeping OBL safe was in our interest, then they are surely wrong and as citizens it is our moral duty to challenge that.

    This country belongs to its people. Time and again its people are being fooled into a village like mentality by rogue institutions pretending to act in the interests of the state, closing us out from the rest of the world and turning us into violent bigots.

    OBL was a globally declared terrorist. Responsible for deaths not only abroad but many in Pakistan too. So anybody who helped capture him deserves the highest award for services to humanity. Recommend

  • Anon.

    I am pretty sure now HRW Pakistan is going to be extreme offended with you for raising this issue and criticising this ‘esteemed’ criminal.Recommend

  • OS


    This is precisely the kind of narrow-minded person that is wrong with the country. The army and ISI should not have a sole monopoly in determining our ‘sovereignty’. That right belongs to the people of Pakistan who whole-heartedly reject extremism. And if rogue agencies decide that keeping OBL safe is in our interest, then that is wrong and it is duty of every citizen to stand up and challenge that. The state within a state, with its own agenda, has turned into a village like violent bigots who want to shut ourselves out from the world. Please read Faisal Naqvi’s piece from yesterday titled ‘leaving the village’.

    OBL was a globally declared terrorist who took lives both abroad and in Pakistan. Anybody who helped capture him deserves the highest award for services to humanity. Our salute goes to his him for his principles and bravery. Recommend

  • Godhpur

    @OS: Please read it again and this time with your glasses on. I don’t think you have understood it.Recommend

  • IndiKid

    OBL deserved to die and he did. The end justified the means!Recommend

  • Meerza

    @Tight Chuddi:
    Tight Wht ???

  • zehra

    i feel sad to see that the future of the country- you , has such a narrow minded approach!!
    getting a known global terrorist handed over is a service to the nation and not a treason, we are facing the worse situations ever cause of OB alqaeda and talibans, majority of us dont want them , they can do whatever they want just get the hell out of my country!!
    so for me dr afridi reporting cia about his location is not wrong, what i find wrong is faking the erradiction drive! ( that also only cause most of the ppl avoided it on the pretext of CIA ploy and this act strenghtend their belief now depreiving hundereds of kids from proper vacination) he couldnt have gone to the local agency for i refuse to believe they were not aware of the presence of OB, it seems they were / are content to play double games, take aid from america proclaim war on terror, on the other hand turn blind eye to the talibans and provide a safe haven while putting innocent citizens up for fights and saying we are also suffering, it is all a big viscous circle, ( gov-isi-cia-america-afghanistan-taliban-gov) and only the poor public is the victim!!!

    what should he have done? said sorry dude if my agency is ok with OB living here, i will do the same, so what if milions of my country men die due to thier sucide bombers so what many get displacced due to them it is all ok coz when they hurt us it is actually not us rather the americans who are being destroyed while sittnng safe in their homes? rubbish attitude!!Recommend

  • ashok sai

    “he should be tried merely for his inability to refuse a good offer.”

    If that be the case, first in line will be Musharaff and Kayani, since they are the one who sanctioned airbase for drones and secured the terrorist who is responsible for deaths of numerous Pakistani civilians and soldiers. What you say Mr.Author ??? Recommend

  • Sajida

    Why was OBL such a big deal when a 9/11 supporter sits pretty in UK and has even travelled to US?
    Saudi Arabian millionaire ‘with links to 9/11 terror attacks’ living in luxury London home while working for state oil companyRecommend

  • Anoop

    ” His is the kind which will spy on a retired army officer for the Taliban or tape an outspoken journalist’s phone calls for the ISI.”

    So conducting a polio vaccination is equivalent of spying on the Country’s Army or ISI!

    What logic!

    He cant even be accused of being greedy, forget spying. His job is to vaccinate people and treat them isn’t it? Somebody comes tomorrow and asks me to write a software program that can implement some mathematical logic, I will implement it. It could also be used to hack some site or loot from a bank online, but I wont know. Can I be accused of participating in the crime? My only fault is carelessness, so is the Doctors.

    Remember, you are talking about someone’s life here. He must have parents and must be a parent himself. He must have a full-fledged family who cares for him.
    Let his carelessness not be mistaken with ill will.

    You agree that he didn’t know it was CIA, that he didn’t know it was OBL they were after. You also agree ti was part of his job. Yet, you accuse him of wrongdoing.

    The problem is that you have decided that he is guilty, and have thrown all logic to the wind. Now tell me, what exactly is his crime?Recommend

  • Jafery

    just because you cant quote Louis farrakhan doesnt mean you should write articles. Shakil afridi is a hero!Recommend

  • Imad

    My father in law was agency surgeon Landikotal and during those days this chap was also posted there,he used to do unauthorized surgeries in jamrod hospital and once he operated on tthe kidney of someone and when he failed to find a stone he brought a few pebbles from outside and told the attendants that he removed them from the patient’s kidney.Recommend

  • Faizan Shaikh

    Well if treason is what we want him to punish for, then i suppose we should start punishing each and every individual that has ever harmed and been a cause of suffering for the country and its people.
    The Governmental Officers, Politicians, Armed Forces, Police Officers, Judges, Media, Individuals…..each and every one…..b/c its a fact that every one is some how involved in treason against his own country

    No one is a Saint here…………………..Sins never go un paid…!!!Recommend

  • Mustafa Moiz

    Its good to finally see an article on this issue that speaks sense and isn’t tied up in its obsession with US.Recommend

  • Saad

    HA! the standard drops again.Recommend

  • shahzad

    May be Bin Laden was put thr by CIA themselves and later hire afridi to spy for them . and in a fake operation they killed him lol .. looks like one big joke to me … some drama . Recommend

  • JaySabir

    Thumbs up if Shahid Afridi brought you here :P Recommend

  • Uzair

    Ahmed Razi, your post is full of nonsense assertions and your conclusions pure bilge. You are no super-sleuth with access to inside information about Dr Afridi’s motives, and you sound dangerously close to being sympathetic to the life and cause of one of the vilest terrorists of our generation.

    Dr Afridi is a hero but of course everything in our country is topsy turvy, true heroes like Dr Salam and Dr Hoodbhoy are hounded and maligned, while charlatans – like “Dr” Aamir Liaquat, sellouts (and a bit of a nutjob) like Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, and murderers like Mumtaz Qadri – are lionized and feted as heroes. Shameful!Recommend

  • Kulamarva Balakrishna

    Vienna,February 22,2012
    Note down the basis of a standing wasteful force of Armed
    Services is the ancient principle that be ready to sacrifice
    one for the protection and defence of the mass of many.
    Dr.Shakil Afridi is a great man, he followed the time tested
    principle considering the humanity is that mass of many
    not the tiny sand dune island Pakistan.He deserves to be
    celebrated world wide.Do not be surprised if a monument
    is erected for him of all the places in the United States
    of America
    Taravadu Taranga Trust for Media Monitoring TTTMM India
    –Kulamarva BalakrishnaRecommend

  • rokhanghalib

    Dr shakil afridi has done a great job and its a noble cause. his contribution means alot for pakistan. he has saved alot of lives not only in pakistan but in the whole world…Recommend

  • Parvez

    Shakil Afridi is the classic scape-goat, the true issue lies elsewhere.Recommend

  • Basit Khan

    Traitor ? to whome ?

    You have assumed too much kid ! This is slander, as you haven’t provided any references for the accusations you are making against Dr.Afridi.

    Thinking of the thousands of innocents who have died horrific deaths at the hands of beasts like Osama, I would have done the same. Recommend

  • mateen

    Many believe Osama bin Laden was Muhammad Bin Qasim II. If true than Dr. Shakeel Afridi played the role those slave-girls who poisoned Caliph of time against Muhammad bin Qasim and got him killed. Whatever historian conclude about Dr. Afridi, as I had sympathies with poor slave girls who poisoned Caliph, likewise I have sympathy for Dr Shakeel, but I must admit Dr, Shakeel is and will remain my hero. I Salute him.Recommend

  • Anoop

    Why are you debating the events about OBL killing, but not how he got there in the first place? To think of it the articles about the former far outnumber the articles about the latter!Recommend

  • sick of this nonsense

    Probably the worst blog I have ever read in ET. No facts here what so ever. Had it been any other country the writer would have been sued to his last rupee. Word of advice research before you write.Recommend

  • Lord J

    irrespective of the end result that he helped OBL getting killed, he should be charged of treason for helping foreign secret operatives.Recommend

  • A Rehman

    This man colluded with a foreign intelligence agency in an operation that violated the territorial borders, airspace and political sovereignty of his own country.

    Traitor? Of course he is. Prosecute him with the full force of the law.

    (Lawyers, try not to shower him with rose petals).

    In the bargain, he ran a fake vaccination campaign, causing a major setback in the fight against childhood diseases, putting the lives of countless children at risk, now and in the future. Parents allowed him to stick needles into their children – they won’t make be wiling to risk that again. The CIA is not known for its loving healthcare.

    Spies from foreign countries are not welcome. Local turncoats should be made an example of. Start with this man and work through the rank and file of leadership in out country, rooting out those in the pay of foreign governments. Recommend

  • narayana murthy

    Shakil Afridi must be awarded the noble peace prize.Recommend

  • Rahul

    Dr. Afridi maybe a traitor to his nation but he was loyal to mankind.Recommend

  • Tight Chuddi

    Dear Author

    If I make some unsubstantiated proof against you and publish it how will you like it. Also what is the proof about Afridi’s involvement in the case apart from what the Republican senator from California has said?Recommend

  • http://India vasan

    Without hearing Dr AFridi’s side, it is difficult to arrive at conclusions. Like there is widespread belief that part of the ISI/Army was hiding OBL, there could be another part which wants to expose them. They could have acted with CIA and forced the good doc to conduct the campaign, If you read the dictionary meaning of treason, this good doc did not commit any treason at all unless one wants to conclude that OBL was pak’s state guest and exposing him will paramount to undermining the sovereignty of pakistan and will result the fall of govt.Recommend

  • Amjad Ali

    oh we go.. i must say if u wanted to gain attention by writing this piece then CONGRATULATIONS you have gained more than what u might have expected. so many comments. so many readers.. but com’on !! i mean COME ON boy. as somebody in the comments above said ” Do you know Dr. Afridi in person? ever been to his ‘hideous lab’ for a tea?”.. boy if you are to write no worries just write it but where is your argument’s proof to back it all up? what are you trying to say here?

    you should read all the comments here to learn more about writing,blaming and giving out opinion. that ‘ll sever you better.

    and as Hassan Nisar says mostly ” for everything we blame Maghrib but don’t we know that whatever we are doing in this world presently belongs to the west”… I m neither a fan of Dr. Afridi nor do i know a single thing about him. but i will never ever express my opinion about anyone without being 100% sure. how can i be sure about Dr. Afridi in this case since he is now ACCUSED of ‘Finding The Most Wanted Man On Planet Earth?’. dont know that this is Pakistan my dear and you can accomplished anything and everything u ever desire. our belong society has become alien in every sense of the word (exclude few hundred thousands ofcourse). i hope no explanation is needed here when i say THIS IS PAKISTAN where everything is POSSIBLE and nothing is IMPOSSIBLE. you never know boy tomorrow you may be the next accused of ‘ Finding The Most Wanted Man On Planet Earth’ why? because This is Pakistan…Recommend

  • Mustafa Moiz

    He worked with a foreign intelligence agency in his own country without the permission of his home country. That’s treason.Recommend

  • Aryan

    Mr. M. Ahmed Razi, you should have kept this article a ‘RAAZ’.Recommend

  • FedUp

    Mr.Shakil Afridi should be honored with Nishanae Pakistan Award and we should be happy that he is getting highest American Award. Actual traitors are Army and ISI who kept OBL is a safe house and betraying the trust of our nation as well as the World. By calling Mr. Afridi a traitor, we are proclaiming to the world that we are terror supporters. What better proof world needs to label us as abettor and fomenter of terror? Shame on all of us.Recommend

  • Kulamarva Balakrishna

    @Lord J:
    Vienna,Feb 22,2012
    Pakistan has no business to shelter a global criminal who
    commited crime against humanity.
    –kulamarva BalakrishnaRecommend

  • hamzad

    EXCELLENT article…thanks…for once express tribune is with muslims.
    Dr. shakeel afridi…a hired goon; a collaborator with our arch enemy; Sullying the name of Malik Shahbaz ( Malcolm X) ..a mentioning him with this thuGG is in poor taste.Recommend

  • Thakur

    Wat a stupid pointless article. The author is pretending as if he saw the whole deal go down in front of his very eyes. Were you having tea with Afridi when he was hired..? Total waste of time.Recommend

  • bangash

    ISI is just furious that its plan to keep OBL as a bargaining chip and then “reveal” him at opportune time and collect reward has been ruined by the Great Dr Shakil Afridi.

    I certainly don’t think Dr Afridi has committed any treason against Pakistan.Recommend

  • Awais

    Yes Osama you are a true hero mate, a hero that is responsible for the murder of almost 3000 people, children too! (Bonus points for you mate!) I hope he’s having one helluva time upstairs with those 72 virgins……..

    This is sarcasm by the way….Recommend

  • Ali Ayub

    the only reason he’s being tried for treason is because he circumvented Pakistan’s capable security agencies and instead ran to the yanks — in hopes for a green card/visa (which is now being offered to him)

    too bad he wont have the freedom to accept it. He should have called the police or notified the authorities, rather than work for a foreign government (as a Pakistani citizen) without informing the local government about his true activities

    he also gave a horrible name to doctors and NGOs –who actually do work assiduously to alleviate illnesses and disease (as opposed to administering fake vaccines to poor people)Recommend

  • Irtiza

    Did he hurt the cause of Pakistan by helping in killing the most wanted terrorist? By declaring Afridi a traitor, we are actually showing our sympathies towards OBL, the guy who was behind killing of thousands of innocent Pakistanis. Recommend

  • Abhi

    I don’t know if author has inside information, how he and people supporting him are so certain that Mr Afridi knew he is spying for CIA? There are possibilities he doesn’ know any such thing and did some sample collection for some unknown guys in return of money! Now collecting sample cannot be termed as treason that too from an unknown civilian house! Point to be noted here is that this house was not a defence establishment. There are many private detectives who indulge in this kind of activities, spying for suspecting spouse etc. You cannot label them as traitor. Investigation will be required to find out under which circumstances Mr Afridi did this act.
    Writing such blog, declaring someone as traitor, without having knowledge of basic facts about this case is appropriate.Recommend

  • Tony Singh

    What does the author think of the Pakistan establishment which has been lying to the world about OBL.? How does this lie affect Pakistan’s standing in the community of nations?Recommend

  • sidjeen

    i get it he should have gone to the ISI so that the reward for the capture of OBL was taken by some army general.Recommend

  • RAW is WAR

    so osama is a patrotic pakistani?Recommend

  • Cynical

    “Lowliest of traitors.”

    The vast majority of human population (including many many muslims) will disagree.
    The end justified the means, in this case.Recommend

  • Zalmay

    A Pashtun warrior neutralized Pakistan’s dream of Arabicizing their South Asian nation. Thank God for people like Shakil Afridi. Recommend

  • dpd

    Zardari, Kayani and the President also should be charged for treason. They allowed the CIA to operate the DRONES from within Pakistani AIR BASE. Recommend

  • basharat

    I, like most of the commentators do not know any thing about Dr Afridi, same it appears, holds true about the author. The doctor, at the most is an accused person, hence should be deemed innocent, until he, after a trial in a competent court, is adjudged to be guilty. As a show of pseudo patrotism, declaring a person a traitor, is an extravagant act . We, instead of being emotional, try to become rational; the quality we are badly lacking.Recommend

  • Anwar Hayat


    What harm has he done? Have you ever heard of something called POLIO? The vaccine programmes in Pakistan were already under enough stress with rogue mullahs claiming it to being a “Western Conspiracy” to sterilize Muslims – now you have this sell out who agreed to start a FAKE Vaccine Programme to supposedly catch Osama bin Laden – I’m still not sold on the fact he was even caught, and to those who actually believe it should never become judges or lawyers EVER! You have NO evidence whatsoever and you’re going to believe the United States of America, the very same country which fooled the world into thinking that hundreds and thousands of innocent Afghans are to blame for 9/11? Or how they fooled the world into believing that Iraq had WMD’s? Am I honestly suppose to believe that they cared so much about bin Laden and his “Islamic traditions” that they wanted to bury him as soon as possible after being killed? And where did they decide to bury him? The Arabian Sea…how convenient. Where was the respect for Islamic traditions at Abu Gharib prison? Where is there respect for Islamic traditions when US soldiers burn the Quran. Pakistanis like you make me laugh…you people will believe anything the “White Man” tells you. If the “white man” told you the Earth was flat, you’d be arguing that too, and if he changed his mind the next day and said the Earth was round, you’d start arguing for that. Seriously, it’s Pakistanis like you who make me sick…we have the radical Saudi Wahhabi clowns in one corner and then we have the radical American MTV clowns in the other corner…the funny thing is both think they’re right, when in fact both you is what’s wrong with Pakistan…Recommend

  • mind control


    When suspicious individuals show up at your door with a strange suggestion, you either escape from the back door or call the police

    Is that what happened ‘when suspicious individuals’ landed in NWA, wielding Kalashnikovs and suicide jackets?Recommend

  • Adeel Ahmed

    The harm he did that he damage the polio vaccine campaign. Noe people in KPK not trusting this campaign.Recommend

  • Tyb

    Pakistan has been fighting the war against terror as an ally of USA for the last 10 years. Thousands of pakistani civilians and soldiers have been killed in this war. What do you think they are finghting against? Aren’t we finghting against AlQaida? Pakistan officially congratulated the USA for killing OBL. Now that he has finally been killed with the help of a Pakistani doctor, why suddenly he has become a traitor? Isn’t this what Pakistan is fighting for?
    I think he deserves the highest civil award of Pakistan as well for helping achieve the main objective of War on terror.Recommend