Telling the Balochistan story

Published: February 16, 2012

Our media needs to realise that it can play a big role in improving the grave situation in Balochistan. PHOTO: EXPRESS

When I visited Balochistan in 2009, my train to Quetta stopped at a station near Sibi for two hours. Desperate for something to quench my thirst, I was surprised to learn that there was no water – not at the station or even the village nearby. After some time, we came across a local selling muddy pond-water. We refused to drink it, and remained thirsty. My Baloch compatriot casually stated that the muddy water was what the majority of people in Balochistan drink.

Taken aback, I said that it was probably because our poor government did not have the funds to provide a water pipeline to remote areas. The man replied, “The same government that has funds for gas pipelines?”  Disturbed by his response, I was unable to give one back.

Balochistan may be the richest province of Pakistan in terms of natural resources but is also the poorest when it comes to the human development index. Why? If the prevalent feudal mindset of the province is to be blamed for its underdevelopment, are we going to just accept that the government has failed to remedy the situation in Balochistan? Will mere apologies do the job?

Approximately 14,600 people have gone missing in the last 10 years in the province, only their disfigured bodies found. Who killed them and why? For how long will this massacre continue? Who is Dr Shazia Khalid? Why was Mr Akbar Bugti killed?

There is a multitude of unanswered questions and pleas. These issues need to be discussed among the educated circles of the country. Pakistan is in for a rude awakening unless these problems are addressed appropriately. But who will wake us?

I think the responsibility now falls upon our media to give exposure to the human rights situation in Balochistan. Unfortunately, our media, like the government, has been negligent in putting this grave issue on the front line. It’s preoccupied with more sensationalised topics like the Memogate and judicial contempt cases. As a result, a large majority of our country is unaware of what is actually happening in Balochistan.

A survey conducted by the BBC shows that a number of people in Lahore do not even know the names of cities present in Balochistan, except perhaps Quetta and Gawadar. This, however, is an issue of ignorance, which is another matter.

Due to the government and media’s negligence towards Balochistan , many news channels in the province were shut down in protest a few days ago. Foreign news channels and human rights organisations have raised the Balochistan issue to the extent that it was discussed at a US Congress meeting.  However unfortunate it may be, our own media failed so badly in giving the issue any attention, that instead of being taken to Parliament, it had to be discussed at an international forum.  The trend today seems to be ‘an issue in the headlines is the issue to be addressed by policymakers.’

Our media should understand that it can play a big role in this grave situation. It has always been easy to blame RAW and CIA for our issues; but with media awareness, our people can understand that it’s not RAW or CIA who are responsible for the misery of the Baloch people – we are.

Pakistan needs to become aware of the needs and demands of the Baloch. The deteriorating law and order situation, the use of force against the Baloch, the poor education and health facilities, lack of clean drinking water, poverty and unemployment need to be highlighted by our channels. With a call to find a political situation to the crisis, Balochistan needs to be a part of news bulletins, too.

Farhan Khan

Farhan Khan

A graduate from Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad.

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  • Saad Mengal

    Very well writtenRecommend

  • Ashish

    A wonderful analysis. The culprits , whether India or Pakistan , are the policy makers who does not want to pay attention to basic needs of common people. There is an unnecessary race going on of arms and ammunition which will result only in more “Balochistans” on both side of border. Other aspect is to have tough laws to tackle corruption , that too , on both side of border.Recommend

  • Galo

    “A survey conducted by the BBC shows that a number of people in Lahore do not even know the names of cities present in Balochistan, except perhaps Quetta and Gawadar. This, however, is an issue of ignorance.”
    This is so true.. Students in my institute in Islamabad harldy knew Quetta!! Media is entirely to be blamed for neglecting Balochistan and giving more heed to many of dramatic issues rather than such grave issues of the largest province of Pakistan, Balochistan.Recommend

  • asif khan

    why isn’t there any blog,article,talkshow on the suffering of the non-baloch civilians in balochistan? hundreds of punjabi people have been murdered in balochistan because of their crime of being punjabis.professors,barbers,doctors,laborers all have been deliberately targetted and shot dead.but there is no outcry over these murders.why these double standards.why isn’t the life of a punjabi or urdu speaker as worthy as that of our baloch brothers and sisters?Recommend

  • Khawaja Faraz

    on target….
    basically we have old british mindset to control Baluchistan… the elders…and rule masses…yaar allah ka wasta ….. we have to restart just like we restart our computers….Ctrl+alt+del (small finger for Judiciary& beuraucrats+ thumbs pressed hard on military + middle finger Politicians) thats how we can do it…..and only a person who has clean past can do it otherwise he will get blackmailed from the Ctrl and alt forcesRecommend

  • shahid amjad

    The militant organisations killing civlians in balochistan on the basis of their ethnicity need to be condemned,not glorified.the dead bodies being found is horrible but so is the deliberate ethnic cleansing of punjabi people in balochistan.Recommend

  • Zaid Hamid

    If the water at station was black in color.. it could be very well BLACKWATER…

    We must also not forget RAW and MOSSADRecommend

  • Zaid Hamid

    These are false stories like that of Bangla story in 1970’sRecommend

  • Wonderer

    There is a lot of confusion about what is actually happening in Baluchistan. That is one reason why there is not much public protest. The following video is very informative.

    Balochistan: Pakistan’s other war

  • Mr. Righty rightist

    @Zaid Hamid

    LOL. This is the best from you yet!Recommend

  • Syed Hussein El-Edroos

    Why do our so called leaders, civil or military, have such a callous attitude towards the less fortunate and uneducated. Gen Yahya used to say the Bengalis were mosquitoes and they should be killed like mosquitoes.

    Who was Gen Musharaf to order the killing of Akbar Bugti? What right did he have?

    Unfortunately all those people who settled in Baluchistan long ago and who have nothing to do with the disappearance and killing of Baloch people, are being killed in revenge by the Baloch.

    A very unfortunate situation in Baluchistan. My sympathies for all affected. Recommend

  • MF Hussain

    forget it nothing can be done. Pakistan is a dead dream…Recommend

  • Ahmed

    Common People, dont point out on other people like MOSAD or RAW, they just exploited the opportunities in Baluchistan you left for them, accept your mistake that you ignored them. Even so called revolutionary leader is not serious about Baluchistan issue, and he is more concerned over NRO and Memo but not Baluchistan, which is a more serious issueRecommend

  • Wonderer

    Why do those who point out the stories that are false, do not write the correct stories before hand, I wonder.

    In other words, correct stories should be written before the false ones. It would then be unnecessary to point out the false ones, and may be the false ones will not be written.

    Where can I find the correct Bangla story, if it has been written in the last 40 years?Recommend

  • murassa sanaullah

    Our media is busy selling its time, the media men are only interested in zardari and his affairs, the media should wake up before its to late. The Baluchs are good and honest people please listen to them before its too late.Recommend

  • Mir Agha

    You can go to the interior of Sindh, southern Punjab, and southern KPK and find the same situation. They’re not blaming “the establishment” for their misgivings unlike certain Baloch youth who have taken to terrorism.Recommend

  • The Baloch

    @Mir Agha:
    I have been travelling in villages in sindh and balochistan, you cant compare sindh with balochistan, balochistan is backward and underdeveloped specially baloch areas.
    Pakistanis needs to set their prioritise right on following:
    1. why there were no protests for akbar bugti but for armymen killed in salala checkpost?
    2. why no protest for zarina marri abducted by security agencies but for afia siddiqui only?
    3. why balochistan is important because it is strategic and resource rich zone but not as human resource? Recommend

  • Mustafa Moiz

    Musharraf has answered why Bugti was killed, and that killing was justified. These same sardars have enslaved their people for generations, these same sardars bury women alive and defend it as their culture, but when these sardars take up arms against the state, actually attack the state and murder non-Balochis, then they are lionized and talked about as heroes in the media.Recommend

  • Mustafa Moiz

    Musharraf has answered why Bugti was killed, and that killing was justified. These same sardars have enslaved their people for generations, these same sardars bury women alive and defend it as their culture, but when these sardars take up arms against the state, actually attack the state and murder non-Balochis, then they are talked about as heroes in the media.Recommend

  • SAK

    I love my Balochi Brothers. We shall stand up with them to give them their rights. InshAllah they will be a part of Pakistan forever and no one can isolate us.Recommend

  • RAW is WAR

    at least one pakistani who thinks India is not the culprit here.Recommend

  • Baba Ji

    what are Balochi leaders doing ? Living in Dubai and London !!!! Don’t blame “Pakistan” for all miseries … selfish Balochi leaders are to be blamed that once they are paid then everything is Ok and when there is a cut in their personal budget then it is the “Baloch people freedom” movement !!!! The last General did one good job for a change there …Recommend

  • Baba Ji

    @The Baloch:
    you are my brother and equally near and dear to me as any Pakistani …. I request you to contemplate more and see who has ditched you as people … Please ask your leaders what have they done for you in the last six decades … All my Pakistani brothers “united we stand ,,, divided we fall” !!!!

    “Fard Qaim Rabte Millat Say Hai Tanha Kuch Naheen
    Mauj Hai Darya Main Aur Baroon-e-Darya Kuch Naheen”Recommend

  • kalatoi

    @Zaid Hamid: Foolish man What is the Role of Raw and Mosad in Black Water for drinking available in Balochistan…Recommend

  • Nazir Ahmed

    For the last over four years there is an elected government in Baluchistan responsible to protect the rights of the Balochi people. I am sure that they know their job and are doing it. How is it that all of a sudden Americans have taken up the issue of human rights at this juncture. Is it that they want to occupy the sparsely populated, resource rich Baloch inhabited areas with the help thier tools propogating Azad Balochistan?Recommend

  • http://google Balach Baloch

    Balochistan is now so far from you to decide its fat. Who those people are? that they say we give right to Baloch’s and develop them. Baloch have the capability to develop them selves and Baloch do not big from panjabies and Panjaby state. till that time they can keep baloch’s by gun barrelsthey should after that they have their own decision. Recommend

  • The Baloch

    @Nazir Ahmed:
    Do you know that new generation of Baloch insurgents are graduates and they dont beleive in sardars, rather think they are agents of security establishment. Pakistanis need to set their priorities:
    1. Do you consider Balochistan strategic asset because of resources or people?
    2. How long you want to deceive yourselves under fake ideology/false history?Recommend

  • http://- Abid P. Khan

    @Mustafa Moiz:
    Musharraf has answered why Bugti was killed, and that killing was justified. These same sardars have enslaved their people for generations, these same sardars bury women alive and defend it as their culture, but when these sardars take up arms against the state, actually attack the state and murder non-Balochis, then they are talked about as heroes in the media.

    Everyone has the right to their freedom and should be treated democratically. Death of Sardar Bugti was not a result of any personal grudge carried by the previous president, as it is made out to be. No death is justified.

    Folk from other provinces feel having been taken hostage by groups that are propped up by the traditional power holders, the Sardars. Other provinces feel the blackmail, not a misplaced conclusion.

    Some months back the provincial government reported that a considerable amount allocated for schools was embezzled in Balochistan. I waited for some reaction from a Balochi “revolutionary” outfit, but none came, thus the charge of these groupings being fake. Under the garb of “revolutionaries” they are right-wing nationalist forces. If Baloch “revolutionaries” are chummy with Washington, is no surprise. The US has to guard its own geopolitical interest, to carry on objectives of their foreign policy. It can be repeat performance of AF-PAK strategy. In a splintered situation, these groups can be bought by the dozen, along with their Sardars.

    Until radical changes in ground realities take place, this “verbal revolution” will be supported, primarily by vested interests, who play with the sentiments of Balochi people. Anarchic acts will keep alienating others who could have been brothers in arms in a genuine struggle. Brutal military actions, to “discipline the rebels” unfortunately, will not subside, the way it looks today.

    Revolution has to be genuine i.e. aimed at the betterment of the lot of common people, and not strengthening of the Sardari system. Mass literacy campaign, getting rid of parochial attitude etc can be a good start, only then can one hope for support from the masses of other provinces.

    Death of a migrant family or sons of the soil Balochis are sad events, but do not attract the chagrin of others, unless they are “your” people. Recommend

  • Wahag Baloch

    @asif khan:
    Again n again you are stating same thing that no one is giving the exposure to the killings of settlers in Balochistan, let me remind you that on every such incidents taken place in Balochistan were reported with a breaking news in all channels and even were focus of many talk shows. Ask yourself that have you every seen a breaking news when a bullet riddled body of a young baloch student was found in deserts of Balochistan? your answer will definitely be No I haven’t. Then you probably say it’s a third party involved in the killings of baloch people then tell me why the security agencies are so failed that they cannot identify those involved in kiiling of innocents ? Recommend

  • Wahag Baloch

    @Zaid Hamid:
    then you state the truth , Ar-fan-ey-MolaRecommend

  • Wahag Baloch

    @Mustafa Moiz:
    Don’t speak the language of the dictators, see the figures of the women rights and respects then you would know the reality. Don’t talk in thin air Recommend

  • Wonderful

    @Zaid Hamid: You forgot to mention aliens and Father Christmas.Recommend

  • Umar A. Shah

    While the miseries of most of the Balochi people can’t be denied,….the blame for this unfortunate reality cannot be solely put on other communities living alongside the same Balochis in Balochistan ever since, or the central Govt…..I think, part of the blame also goes to Baloch leaders who, when in power, one way or the other had access to all kinds of funds. But they could not spare time/resources (out of their BUSY schedules), especially in the last couple of years when extra ordinary alloctaion of funds was made. It is on record that the same Balochi Leaders have not transferred even a single penny for the uplift of miserable conditions of flood affectees, what to talk of elsewhere in the province. The author should not have been taken aback by the comments of his Balochi companion on non availability of clean drinking water, had he actually known the figures or the amount of funds released for the uplift and dev, and actually spent on ground by Balochistan Govt, which incidentally is led by Bolochis since couple of decades,..some of them have been known criminals and killers and renowned Car lifters……As far as missing persons and dis figured bodies are concerned, I fully agree that such act is condemn-able,…..Wait a minute, are we only talking about the Balochi bodies only,…..bcos, as per fashion, it is very much “in”, it seems good if u talk against the agencies by putting all the blame over ISI just to impress others by showing your level of illusive awareness,….even if you don’t have any clue of the ground reality. ……Nevertheless,…I condemn all disfigured bodies regardless of their caste and ethnicity…….Selective condemnation is also condemn able, however contrary to fashion it may seem……..The ground reality is that when a terrorist is killed who is known by even local Balochi that he was involved in ransom, kidnapping, tgt killing etc, u name any thing,……., the provincial assembly condemns it while the masses applaud the killing,….what a dichotomy,. …. .and ill informed people like Mr Farhan draw satisfaction in further complicating and confusing the issue for masses..just to be “in”…….let me quote an example, Immediately after Salala incident, when NATO supply was blocked, the threat was intercepted that situation in Balochistan may be worsened,….and within few days, attacks over FC personals were launched followed by killing of families of sitting MNAs and other respectable Baloch notables to show a retaliation etc….all in a pre-planned sequence,…a classical teaching example in the books / literature of espionage……just to ignite masses against the ISI,….Now for a while, consider,….think,….who could have done that,,,,,,for author, it is simple to blame Govt and own agency bcos he does not seem to have any clue of international politics and espionage… .For Heaven’s sake,…. a tleast start thinking about the country first,…and leave aside your vested interests for a while…….Make a new trend in fashion and start talking unbiased……..Thx Recommend

  • Adnan Aamir

    A very good and realistic analysis. many people unfortunately can’t digest whats stated in this blog. One can only feel sorry for them…Recommend

  • Farhan Khan

    @Umar A. Shah: I Welcome and appreciate your Criticism. Agreed that International Politics is playing its part and all killings are equally condemned.
    The message that I intended to deliver actually is that whoever is responsible, isn’t it a duty of the central govt to highlight that and find some cure to that? I love my Army and ISI but I strongly believe that this particular issue needs a “Political Solution.” We can’t stop the killings by killings. I believe that we can only have a win-win solution of this issue if and only if we win the Hearts of Baloch insurgents and so-called freedom fighters.
    See for instance, all of us equally know and believe that international hand is involved but at the same time doesn’t it call for an immediate solution? I want you to kindly go through the Blog again. You will find that it puts blame on None at all. It just pleas for a Front Line solution to the Issue before its too late. ThnxRecommend

  • Cynical

    Author is very candid in his assessment of the Balochistan situation.Also admire his courage.Recommend

  • Fahran

    @Wahag Baloch:
    I cannot agree with you more than what you said. The only answer is freedom.Recommend

  • Sardar Baloch

    It has come to a point that we do not even want to enter into a dialogue or argument. We have crossed the point of no return! No explanations! Just leave us Baloch people alone! Enough with the killings!!!!! Recommend

  • Tayyab

    Very well written , pakistan has failed to deliver to the ppl of balochistan in more than 60 years .
    And i believe baloch ppl deserve freedom and y not ,. Country is not abt reserves , river or mountains , it is abt its ppl , their freedom their dreams their aspiration …
    I m frm KPK , i strongly support da baloch causeRecommend

  • http://- Abid P. Khan

    Very well written , pakistan has failed to deliver to the ppl of balochistan in more than 60 years .

    On the other hand what has “pakistan” succeeded to deliver to the ppl of Pakistan in more than 60 years?Recommend

  • hira kausar

    Very well written………Recommend

  • Raja Islam

    @Zaid Hamid:
    That is what they said for East Pakistan and Bangladesh was created after a lot of bloodshed. It is people like you who create these situations by living in denial.Recommend

  • Waqas

    The Baloch Serdars are equally responsible for this as the Govt.Recommend

  • Vikram

    Thanks for sharing this great video. Why Pakistan media never talks about sufferings and murders of Baloch people by Pakistani government. I guess Pakistan did not learn a lesson from what happened in East Pakistan.Recommend

  • Vikram

    @Mustafa Moiz:
    Musharaff acted as the jurdge,jury and executioner. Bugti should have been taken to a court if he had done some thing wrong. How come Musharraf is not coming back to Pakistan to face government charges against him?Recommend

  • Umar A. Shah

    @Farhan Khan:
    I cannot agree with you more on this…….well….. except one small point,…where u said in ur article that the issue was completely ignored by our media to an extent that it had to be discussed at US Congress. This is your opinion,..which I dont agree with. US does not have any sympathies with our Baloch brothers and sisters….. Every thing US does is in line with her national interests. Do u think US is now fighting in Afghanistan to protect the rights of Afghan Women,…. I dont think so,. If protecting rights is the concern, US should first put her own house in order by uplifting the conditions of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, and elsewhere. Nevertheless, our media shopuld have done even more,…to this extent i agree…. One more thing,…. have u ever asked ur self that why an in sane person or agency should kill an innocent without any reason,…especially when situation is getting from bad to worse in the province,….. I dont find any reason,…… To me,.. all innocents are being targetted by RAW, RAAM and CIA,… Yes, it is weakness on our part that our agencies have not been able to stop that,…and they must be blamed for this,… and not for killing of innocents,… That is what is actually my point,….. If u can understand that.
    Last point is for my Baloch friends; there are many injustices being done across the country,… the same ruling elite. The injustices are economical, social, criminal, feudal, individual and u name any thing….. One proof is that v r as a nation celebrating the honour of an OSCAR award to a documentary which proves how ruthless v r,…look at the paradox…..(with all due respect for Ms Sharmeen who really deserves an applause for bringing out such hard facts)…So my dear friends,… your deprivation like ours is likely to go on as long as the same ruling elite continues to rule. We all have to bear with our so called ldrs and politicians ,… unless we get serious to bring change… Thx Recommend

  • Anwar Hayat

    Nonsense would only be scratching the surface of what you’ve written. What interests me is that these so-called “Balochistan” experts have never even stepped foot outside there newsrooms in Karachi or Islamabad. Are we suppose to believe what you’re saying based on 1 visit to Quetta? I hope you know what Balochistan is much bigger than Quetta and the province is full of different people with different ideas. I fail to understand why the opinion of a few thousand misguided American backed thugs is suppose to be the voice of the common Baloch?

    It’s Pakistan’s fault for arming a few thousand thugs with the latest American weapons to keep the normal Baloch in fear? No.
    It’s Pakistan’s fault that powerful Sardars refuse to allow the construction of schools and hospitals? No
    It’s Pakistan’s fault that Sardars want to keep the normal Baloch uneducated and in poverty to easily control them? No.

    Nawab Akbar Bugti exiled his own Raheja, Kalpar and Messori sub-tribes into Multan and Dera Ghazi Khan for 15 years. During that period, he tookover the lands of Sui and Dera Bugti. He persecuted his own Baloch people and killed his own family members for demanding rights. Hospitals, schools and roads were commonly destroyed by this man – a man who himself had a Oxford education ironically.

    There is a massive infighting between the BRA (Balochistan Republican Army) and BLA (Balochistan Liberation Army). Both groups regularly kill each other for weapons, money and lands. Many times it’s one or the other who kill each other and they both at the end blame the Army. Many have gone to Afghanistan for training at Bagram and their families register them as missing persons.

    You seem to be a “Balochistan expert”, have you ever spoken to Dera Bugti MNA Mir Ahmadan Bugti? He’s the first cousin of Akbar Bugti. He was exiled with over a 100,000 Baloch by Akbar Bugti into Southern Punjab. The entire Bugti tribe backs him and defends Pakistan against the terrorists of Brahmadagh Bugti, who are funded by the United States to bring about civil unrest in the province. You commonly hear the interviews of Brahmadagh Bugti but you never hear the voice of Mir Ahmadan Bugti. Why is that have you ever wondered? This is how media manipulates the truth. Go and ask Mir Ahmadan Bugti about the truth of Bugtis being against Pakistan and he will tell you quite a different story.

    Most Baloch stand by Pakistan, but they DO not support this government at all and they do not support the unfair treatment. There is no doubt the situation in Balochistan is our own making…we’ve treated them like dirt for over 60 years now, something was bound to happen. But to claim foreign forces are not taking advantage of pushing unrest in the region is simply laughable and ridiculous. There is no doubt that the CIA has a vested interest in Balochistan for it’s own game in Iran and Pakistan.

    The TTP and BLA are one in the same. Different outfits – funding source.

    Maybe you should spend 1 week in Balochistan, then maybe I can give you a Ph.D in Balochistan Studies!Recommend

  • Wonderer

    @Anwar Hayat

    You seem to know everything about Baluchistan, and nothing about East Pakistan!Recommend

  • http://- Abid P. Khan


    “@Anwar Hayat
    You seem to know everything about Baluchistan, and nothing about East Pakistan”

    Whether Wonderer is right or wrong in his analysis can be a matter of debate. You seem to use logic, but I am afraid your argument is completely devoid of any logic.

    I can claim that I am a very good car driver (no Shumacher exactly), many are even convinced of my skills. The moment I get on the backseat of a motor-bike, I practically get sweaty. Is that an impossibility?Recommend

  • Anwar Hayat


    You seem to know everything about wanting to somehow correlate East Pakistan to Balochistan and nothing about Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and what eventually happened to him.

    The whole notion of having a wing surrounded by an enemy state was bound to fail eventually. I’m honestly surprised at how long Pakistan managed to keep East Pakistan, considering the geographical and language divide and not to mention intense interference from a country you and I know very well.

    At Independence in 1947, East Pakistan should have become an Autonomous state. The idea of trying to keep both wings happy was bound to fail, yet even up to 1971, most Bengalis were in favour of wanting more autonomy. It wasn’t until Sheikh Mujibur Rahman came along (with his Indian backed cronies) that the whole idea of statehood came into the minds of people. In many instances the conflicts and disparities between East and West Pakistan were exaggerated by Mujib and the League in order to win public support – but the reality is Bhutto’s stubborn stand eventually cost us East Pakistan.

    In the long run though, I think it benefited both countries. Had both wings been independent or autonomous from each other, the situation wouldn’t have reached to where it was in 1971, but what’s done is done. So what happened on August 15, 1975? A group of Bangladeshi army officers invaded the presidential residence with tanks and killed Mujib, his family and personal staff. The coup was planned by disgruntled Awami League colleagues and military officers, which included Mujib’s colleague and former confidanté Khondaker Mostaq Ahmad, who became his immediate successor. Several historians regard Mujib a person who galvanised the “nationalist struggle” but proved inept in governing the country. While he was in power, he alienated segments of nationalists and the military, who feared Bangladesh would come to depend upon India and become a satellite state by taking extensive aid from the Indian government and allying Bangladesh with India on many foreign and regional affairs. Mujib’s imposition of one-party rule and suppression of political opposition alienated large segments of the population and derailed Bangladesh’s experiment with democracy.

    So how are you comparing that to Balochistan? The situation in Balochistan is nowhere even close to the mess in 1971. For starters, Balochistan does not sit near the Bay of Bengal, people are throughly mixed throughout the country. Punjabis are in Balochistan as Balochis are in Punjab. Infact, out of the 8 million total population of Balochistan, 5 million are Pashtuns, Brahwis, Makranis, Punjabis and Sindhis who have no desire whatsoever to seperate from Pakistan. Within the Baluch population, most are in favour of Pakistan but against Islamabad’s unfair treatment of Baloch people. The “separatists” are just a few thousand misguided men from only 4 districts out of the 30 districts of the province. These include the likes of Hyberyar Marri, Brahmadagh Bugti and Attaullah Mengal who are being aided from the United States to wage a war against Pakistan and bring about civil unrest. The reality is, even within the Bugti and Marri tribes, there are thousands of youth who stand with Pakistan and understand the sick game which is being played. Recommend

  • Vikram

    @Anwar Hayat: says “There is no doubt the situation in Balochistan is our own making…we’ve treated them like dirt for over 60 years now, something was bound to happen”. You try to blame Baloch leaders, CIA and every one else for Baloch problems, in the end you conclude we treated them like dirt for 60 years and something is bound to happen. Musharaaf murdered Bugti and should be prosecuted for that crine. Pakistan is killing Baloch people just like they killed Bangalis in East Pakistan.Recommend

  • Vikram

    @Anwar Hayat: Says” I’m honestly surprised at how long Pakistan managed to keep East Pakistan, considering the geographical and language divide and not to mention intense interference from a country you and I know very well. ……… but the reality is Bhutto’s stubborn stand eventually cost us East Pakistan.” I think Mr Hayat forgot to mention that 3 million people were killed in East Pakistan by Pakistani army. He is trying to put blame on India and Mujhibar Rehman. Recommend

  • Vikram

    @Abid P. Khan:
    @Anwar Hayat Says”Whether Wonderer is right or wrong in his analysis can be a matter of debate. You seem to use logic, but I am afraid your argument is completely devoid of any logic” I agree. He “beats around the bush” and has hard time accepting the truthRecommend

  • Wonderer

    @Anwar Hayat

    Well Sir, now I must correct myself. In the light of your detailed rejoinder I modify my original observation to the following:

    “You seem to know everything about Baluchistan, and substantially about East Pakistan, but fail to see the similarities between them in context of the developing situation.”

    ( By the way, I was born in Rawalpindi, and witnessed Niazi signing on the dotted line.)

    @Abid P. Khan

    The above is for your information as well, Sir.Recommend

  • Wonderer


    “He “beats around the bush” and has hard time accepting the truth”

    Who is “He”?Recommend

  • Vikram

    @Wonderer: “Who is “He”?”
    I meant scholar Anwar Hayat.Recommend

  • http://- Abid P. Khan


    “Musharaaf murdered Bugti and should be prosecuted for that crine.”
    Can you refer to any unquestionable source which can furnish credible proof of your belief?
    Please go through newspapers which covered the story then, you might get a deeper insight!

    I am not asking, at least, not yet,
    Who is “He”?Recommend

  • qandeel

    simple and to the point! very well written!Recommend