IPL: A story of continuing insults for Pakistan

Published: February 12, 2012

When I heard that Azhar Mahmood was bought for $200,000 I was more shocked than humiliated. PHOTO: AFP

This is not the first time that politics has intruded the Pakistan-India cricket scene. In fact, this is the fifth time that Pakistan has been snubbed by the Indian Premier League. As the diplomatic war between the rivals wages on, the Pakistani players are excluded. Unfortunately, the Pakistani authorities remain cooperative and apologetic; they don’t feel the insult, but instead keep going back for more rejection. 

First IPL:

Pakistani players knocked the tournament and Sohail Tanvir was the leading wicket taker. But when Shoaib Akhtar complained fabout not receiving the contracted amount, he became the bad boy.

Second IPL:

India accused Pakistan of involvement in the Mumbai attacks, and the Pakistani cricket players paid the price when they were banned from the league. When Shahrukh Khan opposed the ban, he was threatened by Shiv Sena during the screening of his film “My name Is Khan”.

Third IPL:

The Pakistani players were invited to take part in the bidding process where they were badly snubbed. Out of the 11 Pakistani players, which included Shahid Afridi, Sohail Tanvir and Umar Gul, none were selected.What can be more insulting than inviting these players and then refusing all of them, even when they were badly needed?

Fourth IPL:

Nothing changed for Pakistan, and no Pakistani cricketers were included in the IPL. What amazes me is that despite this development, Wasim Akram agreed to coach the Kolkata Night Riders. Doesn’t representing Pakistan mean that if one unit is rejected, the others should boycott the league as well? It is a pity that Akram did not decline the offer.

Fifth IPL:

The ban continued this time as well. But when I heard that Azhar Mahmood was bought for $200,000 I was more shocked than humiliated. How could he play for a country that is actively rejecting his teammates? What inspired Mahmood to present his British passport to the league and beg to be included? Was it in the spirit of diplomacy, or for monetary gain?

Lalit Modi recently admitted that the BCCI exerted undue pressure on the franchise for not selecting Pakistani players. He said in an interview to CNN-IBN that “arm-twisting happened by senior BCCI officials that nobody should pick them”. This shows that our players were not shunned based on merit, but due to an internal plot to keep them out.

Avijit Ghosh, senior editor at The Times of India said:

Undeniably this is a shameful episode in Indian cricket history. And if it is a question of politics, then Indian authorities should have been upfront and open about it. Lalit Modi should at least say sorry to the Pakistani players.

If the Indian government can take their dignity so seriously then why can’t we? This is the fourth time we have been affronted, but it seems that we are planning to do nothing about it. We vigorously give lectures about self-respect and dignity, but when it comes to Pakistan’s esteem, we do nothing.

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Raja Yousuf

An MBA graduate and a cricket Fanatic

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • harish

    As an indian i feel sad about what has happened. Professional cricket has nothing to do with politics, and should not be mixed up.I sincerely hope i will find pakistani players on the next IPL atleast, after all they have so many amazing bowlers.I don’t understand the reason why this is happening.Recommend

  • http://mezaajedeen.blogspot.com Tribune Reader

    I knew, this was the case all along, I used to tell my friends, that BCCI or some Government sources must have put pressure on IPL Franchises to exclude Pakistani players, but my Indian friends called me delusional, and made excuses like the franchises are private, they have a right, who to pick, who not to pick, some even made absurd arguments like if Pakistani players are selected their security will not be gauranteed, or the franchise individually would lose a lot of support, there it is out in the open. If anything the ICC should show some guts to the BCCI and stand up against targeted discrimination of Pakistani players in the IPL, there is no room for prejudice, bias, politics and discrimination in SPORT.Recommend

  • Wow

    And then these Aman ki Asha activists think Pakistanis are psychos for not liking the Indians. Episodes like this are proof that they also have extreme animosity towards Pakistanis in every area of their society politics IPL etc.Recommend

  • Yuri Kondratyuk

    Even after Sohail Tanvir and Afridi abused Indians? After Afridi considered Gambhir’s dedication of a victory to Mumbai attack victims as an affront?
    I don’t understand your indifference, but, you probably equate it to virtuous non-violence.
    No Thanks!!Recommend

  • BlackJack

    Shameful set of events – playing petty politics in sports, which is supposed to be a great unifier. No Indian feels that Pak cricketers had anything to do with the Mumbai attacks, and ostracizing great entertainers like Afridi only detracts from the value that the audience, and the franchisee is paying for. Really stupid!
    On SRK, I feel he should have opened his mouth when the franchisees had decided (in-camera) to reject Pak players (or used his clout), instead of trying to play hero to give his expected release some extra controversy value. Let’s not forget that he is a canny businessman. Shiv Sena is all bark and no bite, highly overrated by Pak consumers and media.Recommend

  • Wow

    Yes and you guys do nothing but sing sweet whisperings and praises for us all day in your media right? Since you have been offended so much why are you even on this Pakistani page reading more ‘hurtful things’ written by the author. Go cry on your own newspaper website.Recommend

  • Fahim

    Your information is misleading, for example, in the 2nd IPL it was PCB who withdraw their players from IPL. However agree that BCCI should be more open and should not mix politics with sports, and eventually cricket will win.Recommend

  • Ashish

    Hamara “Dil” itana bada nahi hey. Recommend

  • ss

    @Yuri Kondratyuk:
    when did Afridi and Tanvir abuse indians? Afridi was right about chhote dil of indians as i was having the same feeling seeing Mohali’s Crowd, the way that crowd were behaving was not in the true spirit of cricket, they were not appreciating good cricket, and what was the point in dedicating Sami-Final’s victory to Mumbai Victims? and making statement like “humne Mumbai ka badla le liye” as if it was Saeed Ajmal who killed innocent ppl in Mumbai

    @ author
    m glad that they are not picked, it’s in the best interest of Pakistan, see the difference in the performances of Pakistan CT and Indian CTRecommend

  • truth before self

    Pakistan should start their own T20 league and invite the rest of the world to come and play there. The winner will get made to order coffins. Am sure all invitees will jump at this opportunity to become a shaheed.Recommend

  • http://www.youtube.com/hachedallic Hashim Malik

    Azhar did what a professional with a couple of seasons left in him would’ve done. scores of players went on pirate tours to apartheid south africa, when the repercussions were alarmingly greater than what, if any, would be for Azhar Mehmood. so, it indeed is about a viable retirement plan for Azhar.

    Apart from Wasim Akram, the umpiring maestros Dar & Rauf have also participated in IPL in their capacities, didn’t Inti-Indian sentiments crossed their minds?

    All this makes the question more burning that why we haven’t started our own League (in UAE for debut season) as yet. we are already ‘years’ behind, even Bangladesh have managed to start a decent league which is making buzz…

    time for Zaka to execute all those right things he’s been saying..Recommend

  • Dr. Amyn Malik

    I have said it before and I will say it again. It is a domestic league and holds the right to not include any country it doesn’t want. It is not run under the banner if International Cricket that we would think (as many Pakistanis do) it is our right to be invited.

    Yes, had it been the World T20 and Pakistan wasn’t included, we should cry foul but not here. It is the country’s prerogative to include or exclude whichever player(s) it doesn’t want as it is each player’s prerogative to choose whether he wants to play for the league or not. Hence, there is no point in blaming Akram or Mehmood either.

    Pakistan has some some of the best T20 players there are and the league is poorer for not having them. And it is a fact that all of us have to learn to live with as I keep expressing time and again that it is a DOMESTIC LEAGUE and hence can be run by BCCI’s policies which are currently Pakistan unfriendly. Recommend

  • http://www.zaidzamanhamid.wordpress.com Zaid Hamid

    This is it. Its time for PPL … Pakistan Premiere League… We will invite players from all over the world (if any one comes) and leave the indians out… this will compensate for the loss of our ghairat.. Recommend

  • cosmo

    What is so ironical that Pakistanis want Wasim Akram and Azhar Mahamood to react by denying the opportunities presented to them by IPL coz some other Pakistanis were not selected, well, so my question is how should the Indians react when when 10 Pakistanis butchered 160 Indians in Mumbai along with a huge celebration back in Pakistan ?
    I think correct treatment was meted to Pakistani team and their fans and, more than anybody else it feels that the author is desperately begging the Indians to include Pakistanis into IPL.
    My advice, just get over it man.Recommend

  • whocares

    who cares about IPL? is it all that important that you shall cry about it?Recommend

  • http://hhe.com Karan

    Pakistan should apply for IPL i.e ISRAELI PREMIER LEAGUE ;)Recommend

  • Anonymous

    Hello everyone

    It seems that most of you are under the impression that BCCI is sidelining the Pakistanis in IPL. Well, that is not the case. When the IPL first made its debut, Pakistani players did figure in the tournament and did leave their good impression on the tournament. If this is the case, why would the franchises not select the players that would matter the most to them. The reason for this is the following:

    BCCI refused to tour Pakistan due to the security condition that was prevailing then in Pakistan. In response to that, PCB did not allow its players to participate in IPL2, which was staged in South Africa (due to the 26/11 Mumbai fiasco). Now, this left a bad taste in the mouth of BCCI and the owners of the franchisees who had spent a great deal of money and were banking upon the performances of Pakistani players in IPL2. The political uncertainties that prevail between India and Pakistan and the millions that franchisees poured into their teams forced the franchisees to not bank upon the Pakistani players in future IPL events due to the IPL2 episode. That is the sole reason the IPL franchises have refused to bid for the Pakistan players. It is pure business being played out there. There is nothing else.

    If in the future, India-Pakistan ties were to improve, then I am sure the Pakistan players will be on the shopping list of the franchises. Hope, I have made things clear.


  • antanu g

    @Yuri Kondratyuk:
    on field altercation should be ended therein. did not harbhajan and symonds play together after monkeygate? this does not justify the treatment given to pak players. it stinks of bias and prejudice.Recommend

  • shaisahmad

    How could Azhar Mehmood play?

    Its all about money guys. When Pakistan Cricket doesn’t select him, why would he even care? and IPL is a money making feast. As the legendary Imran Khan said

    ‘In 21 yrs of international cricket I did not make as much money as a mediocre player does it in IPL in 1 season” Recommend

  • Bigboy

    Pretty one sided. for some reason the author forgets to mention that PCB banned players from participating in the IPL.Recommend

  • Javed

    I wish Pakistani players make a commitment together to ban IPL, once for all!Recommend

  • shouvik mukherjee

    What are the Pakistanis complaining about?
    See what IPL did to Indian Test Cricket: Opponents whitewashing.
    See what NOT playing in the IPL did to Pakistan Test Cricket: Whitewashing opponents.Recommend

  • Mishra

    @WOW absolutely wow.. virtual media is not proprietary to a single nation. I Hope this is what Tribune Pakistan also adheres to. As you are hurt for the treatment pakistani players are getting in IPL, so as we in this side of the border. Its just a healthy discussion going on. Don’t cry foul by saying people to write it in their own national newsprint.Recommend

  • amir

    di hi nai haRecommend

  • amir
  • AF

    IPL is a private venture. Nobody has a ‘entitlement’ to it. If the IPL team owners want you , because they think your presence will make their teams win and become popular and make them more money or increase the value of their teams, they will hire you.
    If you are of a nuisance value or a distraction like security or negative publicity or controversy generator they will not want you and try to keep you away.
    Major consumer or viewers of IPL are Indians. IF they feel negatively about Pakistan or anything related to Pakistan, why would the IPL owners want anything from there either?
    Pakistanis may have the best cricketers currently; if so why do they not participate in the myriad of T20 tournaments around the world and make money? If they are so good even the Indian viewers will abandon IPL and watch the PAkis wherever they are playing.
    If the Pakistani public was a significant segment of the audience, the IPL setup
    would be forced to hire some Pak players to keep their interest in.
    Imagine Pakistan’s relationship with USA today. IF there were a Basketball league in Pakistan today would they hire foreign players from USA? I bet not, but maybe they would from China …


  • Lost_our_Ghariat

    Why does PCB and all Pakistani player not vow to ever play in IPL? Why don’t they pledge a lifetime of self imposed ban?

    Why does the Pakistani audience pledge not to ever watch or follow IPL? ; why not turn away IPL from our TV screens and and computer screens! Recommend

  • Amir

    Of the dozen odd teams in IPL, each costa upwards of One Billion dollars. If inclusion of Pakistani Players could make the IPL some money, believe you me they would have come begging to PCB and the Pak players.Recommend

  • Ali_

    and still Pakistanis are the extremist ones…? really? and then aman ki asha…? really…Recommend

  • Get Real!

    I seriously cannot understand why not being selected to play in a domestic match in India is seen as an insult to pakistan players? Other than that the Pakistani players cannot make some quick bucks i seriously do not see any other issue here… And do not believe every word Mr Modi has to say. He was thrown off IPL and now he will start making allegation against everyone he has an issue with.Recommend

  • athar hameed

    who cares? Pakistani players are playing everywhere with respect. so who care about IPL. I don’t know who was the winner in last 3 IPLs. first IPL was shown in Australia but last three they didn’t show. Pakistan should banned them as well. Recommend

  • Umer

    Why don’t we have a Pakistan Premier League? Even Bangladesh now has a premier league I think. Why beg others? Recommend

  • cosmo

    am an Indian and I so agree with you. Recommend

  • mian mitho

    Its good for Pakistan, otherwise what happened to the Injuns against Australia would have happened to Pakistan against England.Recommend

  • Sh

    At the end of the day, these cricketers need their bread and butter. Azhar Mahmood or any cricketer for that matter are entitled to devising and selecting their own means of income. Patriotism will not get anyone anywhere in Pakistan in its PRESENT state.Recommend

  • Yuri Kondratyuk

    Tanvir’s remark: “Hinduon ki zahaniyat hi aisi hai”

    I believe this is an open forum.Recommend

  • http://LAHORE Jonathan Munir

    @Yuri Kondratyuk: I believe this is an open forum
    Yah, It is. Otherwise You were not here if it were a close forum.

    Even after Sohail Tanvir and Afridi abused Indians? After Afridi considered Gambhir’s dedication of a victory to Mumbai attack victims as an affront?

    Afridi was right. What such crimes has to do with cricket? Could not Afridi also bring up the Hindu extremist RSS Indian Govt. Sponsored Hindu Terrorist Col. Prohit who planted bombs in Samjhota Express and killed more than 65 Pakistanis? What about that? By that token pakistan should even ban participation of its players in any format in the Hindu State who committed proven terrorism against Pakistanis. Because that Act of Hindu terrorism happened Much before Mumbai attack, whose true Players are still unknown beyond mere allegation . But Samjhota Express culprit is already known. If you or others like you plus Ghambir is going to Whine about Mimbai Mumbai then Afiordi and Entire Pakistani nation will also cry Samjhota express. My suggestion is that just grow up. Both sides of the coins are not going to be yours. You may keep trying but answer will be a slap for a slap if that’s what you want.

    I simply do not understand why it is an insult for Pakistani players if they are not playing IPL? I am so surprised that there are still people in pakistan who give it any importance? It’s kind of a sad. Who cares ? Is IPL is the only forum in the entire world to play cricket? It means absolutely nothing . Why it means so much to you? Pakistanis are playing cricket and they are winning these matches and other matches too. Then why so much sorrow about IPL participation. In my opinion Pakistan should ban Pakistanis from such forums in India .That will be good for Pakistani domestic cricket and IPL has harmed the cricket in general not benefitted. I simply do not understand your slave mentality about this matter. Get liberated from all complexes . But I assure you Pakistani nation as a whole has no such regrets. So Just chill and relax.Recommend

  • Iceman

    Author: You are contradicting yourself at so many places..

    1) First, you say Shah Rukh supported inclusion but was threatened by Shiv Sena
    2) Later, you say BCCI arm-twisted teams not to take any Pakistanis
    Which one is correct? Or did Shiv Sena and the BCCI (controlled by Congress ally, which is Shiv Sena’s bitter opponent) collude to humiliate Pakis?
    3) You slam Azhar Mahmoud, with a British passport, but not other players who still applied (didn’t BCCI/Shiv Sena threaten this time?)
    4) Akram being picked to coach doesn’t go well with you (didn’t BCCI/Shiv Sena threaten this either?)

    Shah Rukh Khan was not the only one who showed disappointment, but you chose to put a only muslim name here. I think it was the Indian govt. which put pressure (Sharad Pawar is a minister in the Govt.) on the franchisees not to take Paki players after the 26/11. That was one of the ways to put pressure on Paki govt. to bring Hafiz Saeed & Co. to justice. But still the owners could have taken Paki players (why did they buckle under pressure (Shah Rukh included). Ask Indians, they’ll tell you a different version. How can Pakis fight a proxy-war with India, call Indians ‘small-hearted’ and still want to earn money here.

    BTW, I can’t still figure out why Shiv Sena was mentioned here. They are nothing but small-time thugs here (Maharashtra only). Outside Maharashtra, they are zilch. Absolutely nothing (check the election figures yourself).Recommend

  • from India

    Although I don’t support Shiv Sena, but SRK’s opposition was a joke. He knew well before that his management shall reject Pakistani players. Why didn’t he protest during the bidding session ? Afterall, there was no official bar in selecting the players as their representation was lately accepted. Recommend

  • Pole

    If not letting Pakistan players participate in IPL is an insult to Pakistan, that what should we call the Mumbai attack which killed hundred people and was organized from Pakistan by Pakistanis? If Pakistanis not able to make money out of IPL is an insult, what’s should we the killing of hundred people in Mumbai organized by groups based in Pakistan? Recommend

  • Pole

    @Ali_: Killing people like in Mumbai attack is extremism. Not being allowed to make money out of Indian cricket is not.Recommend

  • ashok sai


    Iceman, very nicely put man !Recommend

  • ashok sai

    @ Author

    Pakistan will be insulted and isolated until it stops sending non cricket playing XI to India.Recommend

  • http://India vasan

    Whinge, crib, cry, Anything else ??.If IPL snubbed you once, dont come to this league. Period, How can u climb onto a moral tree that Paki players should be picked in a commercial venture. Did u hear about any news about MFN status ???/Recommend

  • Salman Sheikh

    Why there is so hue and cry.. leagues are good for cricketers not Crickets. I m happy Pakistanis are not part of IPL.Recommend

  • Shock horror

    Jihadist Pakistanis send terrorists to Mumbai and kill innocents, and their compatriots complain that they cannot play Indian Premier League. Is Raja Yousof aware that in Pakistan Ahmadi Pakistanis are discriminated against and feel humiliated? What does he propose to do about this Pakistani version of apartheid? Maybe it is too much to expect from him, as a self centred individual, to do anything about discrimination at home?Recommend

  • propak

    @Bigboy: That happened after BCCI banned pakistani players…MRRecommend

  • propak

    @Mishra: http://www.indiatvnews.com/ no one is forcing you to come here.Recommend

  • Yuri Kondratyuk

    @Jonathan Munir:

    Otherwise You were not here if it were
    a close forum.

    Sir, you do have have the talent to state the obvious while the import of a statement flies way over your head.

    Afridi would look like a chronic cry baby if he complained samjhota express, since the criminals are in jail. And rest of you rant is about incidents in India that happened to Indians. How does it matter to you? An equivalent situation would be if Gambhir dedicated the win to all the missing people in Balouchistan.Recommend

  • Twister

    I don’t see the point of this? The article makes it sound like Pakistan is doing IPL a favour by making players available to them.

    Ultimately, it is the bidders’ money, and they can choose whosoever they want for their team. As for Azhar Mehmood, when was the last time he represented Pakistan in our international team? Now that he has been given an opportunity to play by one franchise, suddenly the patriot arises in the author to point fingers.

    If the Indian government can take their dignity so seriously then why
    can’t we? This is the fourth time we
    have been affronted, but it seems that
    we are planning to do nothing about
    it. We vigorously give lectures about
    self-respect and dignity, but when it
    comes to Pakistan’s esteem, we do

    Where does this come from? We didn’t beg the BCCI to include us. And neither are we doing now. And what exactly do you expect us to do? It is their tournament, and they run it as they please.

    Want an alternative? Start your own.Recommend

  • wasim saqib

    @Yuri Kondratyuk:

    Well said SOHAIL TANVIR.Recommend

  • http://www.facebook.com/talentidols sadiaali

    me think the premier league is finish in 2010.criticize to pakistan tean at every platform from indian media in every series with india bangladesh.sri lanks,etc pakistan lost or win. :)Recommend

  • Zalmay

    Afghan players will be in the IPL soon and before you know it they will start their own Afghan Premier League. Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com Anoop

    “India accused Pakistan of involvement in the Mumbai attacks, and the Pakistani cricket players paid the price when they were banned from the league.”

    Pakistani players were not banned from the league but opted out since they deemed India “too unsafe”! India and Indians got rattled by this and said we dont need them..

    It was very smart indeed for Pakistanis to say other Countries are unsafe, considering the kind of place they come from!Recommend

  • arjun

    @shouvik mukherjee: get real and wake up man.IPL is future. Economics rule not reliogion or passion-read history. Pakistanis have dug a 1000 feet hole with radicalism. The author must first answer why no team wants to tour pakistan-a much bigger shame and insult. You get religion into every aspect of life and eliminate all religions other than islam and you talk of not getting treated with respect. Huh!Recommend

  • http://LAHORE Jonathan Munir

    @Yuri Kondratyuk: “Sir, you do have have the talent to state the obvious while the import of a statement flies way over your head. Afridi would look like a chronic cry baby if he complained samjhota express, since the criminals are in jail. ”

    Thank you Yuri, Not only have I talent to state the obvious but also what is hidden . And You are going to see it in next few sentences. Criminals of Samjhota Express are in jail? Oh Really? You think we are born yesterday that you can fool us on such idiotic logic? Col. Prohit is in protective custody because If were capturedby /handed over to Pakistan, He would tell the names of REAL STATE PLAYERS for sure after first physical remand. True players are high up in the hierarchy. He is just pawn. And Bet me, He is not the only one and this is not the only crime he has committed. List is long. By capturing ( or Providing protective custody) State secrets of State Terrorism were saved and giving impression to the rest of the world that Justice is being done. Well done.!!!! Bravo!!! However, Majority of Pakistanis know what and who you are. They know you and your dirty mentality more than anyone else. You can fool the world but not us.
    As far as Missing Person in Baluchistan is concerned , I think Ghambir would have made a fool of himself if he quoted Baluchistan and Missing person because entire world knows what Hindu State Sponsored Terrorism did in Baluchistan during Soviet invasion and again doing it now through their Consulates on the Pak-Afghan Border. We would welcome it if he gives true account how Hindu State has been sponsoring , training, funding and giving shelter to the Terrorist in consulates just like they once did in 1971. That act of Hindu State Terrorism is before all nations.
    Special Thanks to Raja Yusuf for express me freely on his blog. Recommend

  • Naseer

    stop this wailing for for the good of pakistani players now. If someone doesn’t wants you and humiliates you, you still wish that drama to happen again. Sobing on the bygone will not help us instead will make our players more vulnerable. Let them be champions and everyone will start looking for them.Recommend

  • Fahran

    @Jonathan Munir: Your statement show your state of mind and IQ. Yes the whole world knows Pakistans role in breeding terrorists.Recommend

  • Raj

    It is unfortunate to see players get spoiled in between the politics played by BCCI. I am an Indian and I really feel sorry for the pakistani players. One should also remember that PCB also had its fair role ..when it banned its own players from participating in one of the series.Recommend

  • http://Lahore Jonathan Munir

    Looks like You do not like truth .
    I think you may be right!! Pakistan is breeding Terrorism Such as Agartala Conspiracy Terrorism in 1971, Funding and formation and support of TAMIL TIGERS against Sri Lanka, Support and funding of BLA during Soviet Invasion and Funding and support of BLA Now from So called Indian Consulates which popped up in dozens on Pak-Afghan Border. Massacre of 100,000 Kashmiris and discovery of Mass Graves, State Terrorism of Col. Prohit of Indian Army Blowing up Samjhota Express and killing 65 Plus Pakistanis, Christian Massacre in the South of India where Churches were burnt down, Demolishing of Babri Mosque and Killing of thousands of Gujarati Muslims By the Criminal Terrorist Narendra Modi. These all acts of terrorism were committed by Pakistan. You are right. Still giving Refuge to Dalai Lama? Right? What a pity that see who points fingers on others who is most criminal in the region. Do me a favor, Have courage to write with your real name. Do not hide behind Pakistani names or Muslim Names. Cowardice won’t take you anywhere. Have courage!!!!Recommend

  • Amit

    @Jonathon Munir, ok mate you are funny :-). I mean naturally funny because you are not aware of it. you made my boring day. For humour sake please keep the posts coming. (I am sure you will)Recommend

  • Aamir

    IPL is now Indian Punctured League… forget about it.. Big Bash and BPL are here and pulling more crowd. Pakistani players are doing well there.Recommend

  • asfaq


    Sorry boss, theese char paise ka tournament have no entertainment, glamour and very boring.
    We love watching IPL with all our fav bollywood stars.

    Theese BPL, CPL gives me a headache.

    Pakistan zindabadRecommend

  • Fawad ali


    Big Bash and BPL are here and pulling here more crowd

    I seiously doubt about leagues like bangladesh.

    Indians are far more professional and superior . The sizes of economies make all the difference.
    Franky this bangldesh league is a joke,Recommend

  • shaq

    @ Raja Yousaf
    IPL is a domestic league, why should pakisatnis feel insulted if not invited.
    Do Indians feel insulted when they are not invited to some of your own domestic league?

    The hard fact is that pakisatnis feel an opurtunity lost of making some real big money and thats the reason behind this “Cry baby” like attitude.

    btw- it was PCB which tried to act smart when they didnt allow its players in IPL2.Recommend

  • chef

    East or West Madhuri Dixit is the bestRecommend

  • Salma

    Gambhir had no business to politicize cricket and dedicate a win to Mumbai attack victims. His gesture made clear that he thought it was Pakistan as a country and that too its cricket team that was responsible for the attack. That is, of course, nonsense. The equivalent would be if I hit out at somebody’s neighbor because somebody in his locality robbed my house. Gambhir and those who support his biased and blinkered gesture, seriously need to rethink if they have any logic or sense.Recommend

  • http://peddarowdy.wordpress.com Anoop


    Since, many Pakistanis believe Mumbai attacks was staged by India and no Pakistanis were involved, why are you bothering about it so much?

    When it comes to image and the impression of Pakistan, are you still worried about it after OBL was found in Pakistan? Gambhir comments gave solace to the ones who died, if it bothers you it must be guilt.Recommend

  • mani

    Ipl is an hype. Its not like Football leagues where people associate through generations even players who play in it remain there for yrs. What IPL is no association as players remain there for few weeks and then go by national duty. Such exageration will finish at anytime.Recommend


    Look at what the football premier league, spanish league, italian seria a, has done to football. The players get worse. India will get worse and so will all the other players. They will get lazy and find league games more important than playing nationally. In the years to come i believe that Pakistan will dominate international cricket completely.

    Young Indians will grow up wanting to play in the IPL for what? Money…Instant fame.. Whereas young Pakistanis will grow up wanting one thing. To represent their country in nationals. Soon this will become evident.

    Personally i think in years to come you will find that the Indian’s (without knowing) have done the Pakistan cricket team a big favor….Recommend

  • Cosmo

    @Jonathan Munir:
    Your argument is so faulty:
    1: While world denounces evil, Pakistan celebrates it. Eg. While culprits responsible for Samjhota Express are behind bars , Hafiz Sayeed is delivering sermons and celebrated back in Pakistan.
    2. Samjhota express was carried out by Indians, on Indian soil. While Mumbai was again carried out on Indian soil, by Pakistanis.

    So please do not compare Samjota to Mumbai masscare. And please do not come to my country to play any cricket.Recommend

  • PakMan Awais

    listen talk about cricket not terrorism. the Terrorists will burn in hell for the crime they commit against innocent people but this a cricket discussion not a terrorist discussion so talk about cricket. Recommend

  • Fawad


    Pakistan did not celebrate for what happened in Mumbai, we are as human as any other country’s citizen. Excluding Pakistani players is out of a political reaction. Why blame Pakistan for everything. We are already a hurt economy, don’t you think we have better things to do. I guess u have forgotten about the attack on the Lankan team in Lahore. Did Pakistan blame India for that. Pakistan is already fighting a war against terror which has turned out to be more of a civil war. We have enough problems to worry about and so does India. Pakistan playing in the IPL would bring the 2 countries closer. I have had Indian friends and they were not much different than us Pakistanis. Pakistan had it’s time and is facing economical and social problems, but inshAllah Pakistan will revive again. PPL will come soon, and if India wants to play we will let them and see let the best sportsmen win.Recommend

  • PakMan Awais

    Since we are talking about terrorism, India needs to understand that the Islamic Republic of Pakistan was not responsible for the Mumbai attacks and the only people India can blame is the terrorists because they carried out the attacks not Pakistan. also the Terrorist group behind the attacks are also responsible for many bombings in Pakistan as well which have cost lots of lives so the group is threat to both countries. India will keep on blaming Pakistan but even though the fact is that only a few messed up, deluded idiot Pakistani’s carried out the attacks and lots of people in Pakistan say those people aren’t even Pakistani because of there actions and Pakistani are not meant to do such tragic thing. India needs to understand that even though majority of the 9 11 hijackers where Saudi citizens America still did not blame Saudi Arabia for the attacks instead they attacked Iraq for Financial Gain. also same with India and Pakistan not all of the citizens of both of these countries can be controlled and Thats a fact India has to accept and stop blaming Pakistan. India should be blaming the terrorists and not the over 180 million strong innocent Pakistanis who had nothing what so ever to do with the attacks.Recommend