The Islamic university where girls were raped

Published: February 10, 2012

Today a news article in Dawn revealed the shocking case of female students and staff members forced to offer sexual favours in return for grades and demands of their immediate superiors.

I do not believe that this news is “shocking” because such cases are a rarity. In fact I believe that such cases probably proliferate throughout educational institutions, or indeed in any institution where men are in a position to extract sexual favours. This case is shocking because of the International Islamic University Islamabad’s indifference to these cases and its efforts to cover it up. Further, they have tried to justify their actions by claiming that they hushed up these allegations to protect the parents of female students and the reputation of the institution.

So what exactly has happened?

The report claims that a Professor of Economics traded grades for sexual favours, and threatened female students with failing grades if they did not consent to his demands. Such behaviour is coercive, and as some people on Facebook and Twitter are arguing not consensual sex, instead this is rape by any standard or definition. For a teacher, in his position to exploit his ability to pass or fail students to gain favours is morally and ethically corrupt.

The report further claims that a librarian was forced to resign for allegedly harassing his assistant. The offending Economics professor left IIUI and is now employed at the National Agriculture Research Centre.

The acting President of the IIUI, Sahabzada Sajidur Rehman is quoted as saying,

“We did not approach the police to investigate the allegations as it would have brought bad name to the university and set parents of the 9,500 girls studying here worrying,”

I believe this is a case of criminal negligence on the part of Mr Rehman and the university administration as student welfare, is the primary responsibility of any educational institution.

This also lends itself to another line of argument. Would parents rather have their children’s educational institution hush up such cases so that they need not worry? Who are the administrators to make such assumptions?

Second, there is something very, very wrong in the administrators world view, if they believe that the institutions image would be tarnished if such cases were brought to the police, as compared to the negative effect on their reputation, if they tried to cover it up!

Both individuals, the professor and the librarian have now moved on from IIUI. The teacher has landed a new job at a research council where he potentially may continue with such behaviour. Is IIUI not responsible for informing the competent authorities about the actions of this individual to protect his current co-workers who he may prey upon? Have the IIUI made any effort to insure that no other individuals amongst the staff or administration are suspected of similar behaviour?

From this case, some narratives that are dominant in our society are clearly illustrated. One, the moralizing. While there is no shortage of blogs and videos doing the rounds of LUMS, IBA, BNU etc, female students in “modern and western clothing”, with commentators judging and questioning whether they are good Muslims or not, it seems quite acceptable that a male figure, trading sex for favours, is not only acceptable, but worthy of protection and a cover up.

Second, pressure isn’t placed on the perpetrator, instead its borne by the victim. The victim is pressurised to change her story. Again, in a society that is inclined to frown upon any male and female interaction, somehow its in the “greater good” if the victim states that her actions were consensual and that she was not harassed. Why is that?

I for one hope that this issue does not fade away. Its now the responsibility of the IIUI to not only report these cases to the authorities, but to also make known the actions of these individuals so that they do not repeat these crimes again.

We are often told that our “youth” are vulnerable and immature, and all night texting plans are destroying their futures. An “elder” is required to monitor them, well into their 20s. However, kudos to the University’s Students Welfare Association, who bore pressure on the administration and did not fall silent.

Hopefully, a successful prosecution of the perpetrators will give courage to others who are suffering a similar fate and remain silent because they believe that society judges the victim more harshly than her harasser.

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Syed Nadir El Edroos

Nadir teaches Economics at Bellerbys College, London and is interested in Pakistani politics and current affairs. He tweets @needroos (

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  • Zeta

    another liberal cry against islam. why cant you separate individual actions and islam? Recommend

  • irfan jamshed

    It is the outwardly religious who do the most heinous things behind the curtain of surprise that the professors and other staff members at the islamic university were raping students.we’ve seen this religious hypocrisy time and time again in our society.the fact that the professors have gotten away with raping girls is all the more disturbing,no FIR’s were filed and the rapists got away scott free,now they’ll rape girls in other universities where they’ll get jobs as they have no criminal record according to the police.these rapists weren’t thrown in jail where they belong.the management of this islamic university should be ashamed of aiding and abetting rapists.Recommend

  • saima rashid

    And then the religious fanatics scream and cry about the immoral and evil West.they should first take a look at their own selves.teachers raping girls inside the islamic university.what will the fundos say now? were the professors and staff of the islamic university possessed by yahodi jinn bhoots that made them commit rape of their students?Recommend

  • Hafsa

    Thankyou for pointing out the double standards.
    Pressurizing the victim stems from the underlying discourse prevalent in a society. Recent interview by Munawar Hassan of Jamaat-i-Islaami ( ) & the following article highlights this discourse:
    “Focusing on the clothing and behavior of the survivor is wrong for two main reasons. First, blaming the survivor falls under what psychologists call the “Just World Phenomenon.” That is, most of us want to believe in a world that is fair and just – that bad things do not happen to good people who are cautious and not involved in risky behavior. This worldview leads us to conjure up ways to blame the victim. Second, in a patriarchal environment, our attention to women’s dress and character has been used to shift the focus away from the perpetrator’s actions”Recommend

  • Baji

    I recall a same case happening in College Of Environmental Sciences in Punjab University Lahore. Like this case, the head was transferred and the matter was hushed .Recommend

  • anjum khan

    our entire society in general is unethical and morally was not just the professors who were criminally unethical in this islamic university.the students too were as pathetic as the has been reported in pakistan today that the students made a video of the professor through the ventilators and then instead of giving that footage to police or the supreme court ,these students chose instead to blackmail the professor to get money in exchange which the professor indeed gave to the students who had secretly filmed him.the rapist should be punished but also those blackmailer students who didn’t report the video to the police or media.these students instead chose to make money through blackmail.Recommend

  • Anthony Permal

    @Zeta, umm, where in the article is there any attack on Islam?Recommend

  • Abdul Qadoos

    Being a student of the Faculty of Managment Sciences – the university fired Dr Shahbaz alongwith Dr Bashir for the same very reasons. Ever since the new President came, Dr Bashir has not only been rehired but also been made Dean of Faculty as a reward. Dr Bashir is obivously now paving the way for Shahbaz to return. Additionally, the university has a complete dominance of meet-the-academic-requirement and low quality of teaching lot at least in the FMS. Plenty of stories of sexual harrasment, teachers marrying their students, females compalining their teachers, and then affairs all around – everything is happening but Islam. Recommend

  • Sadia Mahmood

    I agree with the points raised in the article. The response of acting president of IIUI is a criminal neglect. They should not only investigate the rape allegations but also make a moral commitment to pursue these cases because we do not know what is happening in other departments. I expect from female students/staff of IIUI to take up a stand on this along with condemning the behaviour of university officials. Recommend

  • saadya saeed

    The authorities of International Islamic university should provide full protection to the young ladies. Strict action must be taken instead of covering the issue.Recommend

  • Hafsa

    OMG ….**
    Aturti must be…do smthng ….at govt levl…Recommend

  • awais

    he didnt said any thing about islam and u r still favoring these culprits Recommend

  • Sena

    I really wish people would stop treating women like all they’re worth are their hymens. And thinking that they can reduce a woman’s worth when they, yes, rape her.

    And as for people who comment that this is just another liberal Islam-slamming piece, I agree most of the blogs seem biased and if you didn’t bother to read the authors’ names, they all sound the same with the same thought-processes and tones in regards to this sort of thing, but if something is said a lot, it doesn’t make the point less important, it just means it needs to be said a lot… how we treat our women is just plain disgusting. Recommend

  • bakhtayar janjua

    i wish they could be strong laws but unfortunatly are nation is in dire need of bloodshed,thz kind of things are happeng quite a bit,awarness shuld be on our youth to b taught regardng such indivuals and im ashamed of what goes arund thz islamic republic of munafiqsRecommend

  • Humanity

    @Anthony Permal:
    It may be in the best interest to keep a low profile lest you are charged with blasphemy, the tool of oppression in the hands of bigots when they run out of logic and sanity.Recommend

  • Humanity

    Iss hamman main sarey nunge haiN

    Especially the holier than thou, bigots who are quick to judge others and issue calls of blood shed in the name of religion.Recommend

  • Rizwan Jamil

    Well done buddy, this was a brave act and you are not alone I am with you. I will spread this as far as possible and I pray that stern action should be taken against the culprits. I would strongly appeal to IUII to take action against those monsters and should understand that every women studying in your university is like your daughter. Will you spare if such crime is committed with your daughter!?Recommend

  • Humanity

    Where are all the saviors of islam, the JuDs, the LeT, the JI, the JUI, the TKN, the SS, Aashiq-e-Rasool, the Qadri-fans? Or did the women not have four witness and hence must be thrown into the jail under the hadood law ..perhaps these women are not qaum ke beti ...

    Shame on the hypocrites …Recommend

  • http://- Abid P. Khan

    another liberal cry against islam. why cant you separate individual actions and islam?

    Another religious apologist. Faith is blind and faith is for the blind.
    Whoever said that,”One can be a humanbeing or religious but not both”.Recommend

  • imran

    I know this sahabzada sajidur rehaman who is the institute head. He is a “peer sahib” (religious figure) at a local village at tehsil kahuta, District Rawalpindi. How can he call it Islamic to cover up such heinous corruption. He had no right to hush things up and put them under carpet. It only makes me think that he was more concerned about saving his chair than anything else. Its shameful.Recommend

  • usman

    i remember such case in my uni too, the uni internal people told me that if v dismis a teacher then its a loss as students come and go but teacher remain there…….pathatic, i was in that committee to find out the truth and resign later on, becaz the girl that day when showing me the sms said, if u have a sister in ur home then do read these msges and when i heard wht authorities were trying to do i just couldnt bear it…………Recommend

  • leila rage

    How can they “protect” rape victims by ignoring this incident and covering it up? There is no honour is suffering in silence, there is no good in aiding culprits get away, there is nothing Islamic about they way the administration has acted.

    This is a sickening and dishearteniing reflection of how stupid our society is. I can’t believe that after this incident someone actually HIRED that pervert. No one with a sense of shame would ever even think of hiring a depraved lunatic. Furthermore, that people think that by covering up rape, they are “protecting” the honour or respectability of victims is disgusting. How does a woman become dishonourable and unrespectable because she has been raped? It was against her will— It is the rapist who should lose his honour and respectability in the eyes of our currently blind society.Recommend

  • Muhammad Hanif Awan

    The whole Administration of IUII be made responsible of this kind of corrupt practices n punished.Recommend

  • Hussain Nagri

    shocking !
    I agree with the points raised in the article,The authorities of IIUI should provide full protection to the female students.Recommend

  • KR

    that is disgusting!!! it realy is true that most of the Qari’s n so called religious people have the tendencies of such things…indeed Islamic uni admin shud b ashamedRecommend

  • Idris

    The stupid ones are stereotyping this iniquitous incident with Islam..Recommend

  • Parvez

    Great job of bringing this out in the open. The more that’s written about it the more chances of something happening in the right direction.
    It would be wrong to get sidetracked with arguing on the Islamic or religious aspect as this appears simply to be criminal case and needs to be dealt with and not brushed under the carpet. Recommend

  • Hasan Ahmed

    Girls are usually much concerned about their Grades and they take it as a serious issue. Those criminals only took advantage of this nature of girls. I must say, if girls senses more danger, they must try to find measures and not to stick up with those black mailers alone. They should have discuss properly with their parents about the situation and maybe they won’t suffer that much pain! Anyway, administration should be checked by the government or any concerned bodies regularly in order to kick out such rats out of universities.Recommend

  • Hasan Ahmed

    Plus – I really feel disappointed that there is nothing associated with ISLAM and being Islamic University. You may not Enlighten ISLAM because this directly hits the image of our peaceful religion. There could be any university with the same incident.. May be even LUMS or IBA. So, please avoid taking ‘Islamic university’ type titles. Recommend

  • zenab

    These kind of incidents r not unusual BUT r definately unaccepable!!.they happen in educational institutions all around the world.however the title”welcome to pakistan” and “islamic university where girls were raped” are highly inappropriate for this article.THEY EXUDE SARCaSM!!!!.I live in europe and “pakistan” is ridiculed enough .we dont need our own people to do the same.We have been exploited enough i by the international media.Did u know that every 20 secs a female is raped in the US(I quote mr.zakir naik) but the media doesnot bring this to public attention.My neighbours daughter (they are indian germans)was sexually molested by her teacher.The teacher was fired but the incident was never made public.”WELCOME TO PAKISTAN” “ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY WHERE GIRLS R RAPED”…………is demeaning , biased and as unacceptable as the contents of this article!!! A country cannot progress when its own media starts exploiting it!!!!!.Recommend

  • sana akbar

    Its not the only case of this university, there are many more under cover. people usually send their daughters to such university that it provides separate classes for the female. but as much I know about this uni from a friend studying their its you can say a normal and usual practise. Its the worst uni if talk about management or environment or education. “Islamic” is a hypocrisy. its better to be in a modern uni where you will never heard such cases. Recommend

  • Baba Ji

    Again sensationalism !! what “ISLAMIC” has to do with it ?Recommend

  • haroon ali

    This act has nothing to do with Islam or Zia ul Haq’s era or anything else, as some of my friends have mentioned in their comments. All blame goes to IIUI. If these molesters land in another job and continue with their crimes then IIUI is directly responsible for it. Hushing up the harasser is a crime of equal level. The name of the girls should be kept in secret but the harassers name should be made public so that others know who these monsters are keep their children away from them. Recommend

  • Karim

    An extremely important post! Thank you so much for bringing this up! Every point you raised is true and needs immediate attention. Recommend

  • Rational

    @Abid P Khan

    now you sound ridiculous. Recommend

  • imran hamid

    i don’t agree with the title…Recommend

  • Kamran Khan

    @Zeta: another religious ignorant troll against societal justice.

    Understand that the blogger is not saying anything against Islam; he/she is merely talking about a double standard that exists in our (Islamic) society where women are always targets of misogynistic criticism, yet male professors at an Islamic University are having their asses covered for exploiting students for sexual favours.Recommend

  • Mansoor Ali

    “Zilat ki zindagi se izat ki maut behtar hai” , my advise to the humanity is “FIGHT FOR RIGHT” Recommend

  • Cynical

    Such things can happen in the west but not in the land of pure.Recommend

  • alicia

    In Pakistan these things happen in every institution whether its a medical college or an Islamic university. I remember reading an article about Peshawar university where professors were molesting girls. I also read a blog in ET about an examiner who kept touching girls innappropriately while they were doing their exams. I have heard countless stories like this. One of the major factor though which makes girls so vulnerable is our society’s attitude. If a teacher beheaves inappropriately its the students fault not the teachers. The student should have had a female teacher, she should not have worn bright clothes, she should wear a burka and what not.
    Lastly in our country only 4-6 % of women work. About 30% something have actual qualifications so its very difficult to find female teachers for each and every subject. Some subjects have to be taught by male teachers and they should be monitered under strict laws e.g. I am pretty sure in America a male teacher can not marry his female student he has to leave his job to do that. If a male teacher or a female teacher is found having an affair with their students its a black mark on their future. Even things like hugging, or mere touching are punishable.Recommend

  • http://non hameediK

    Its no use telling stories and claiming tall promises,.weakness lies in the university management – lack of discipline,lack of supervision and above all ‘top person’ must take responsibility! he must resign and go, set an example for others to follow……………….Recommend

  • omerulz

    point to be noted, he was an economics professor.

    The author should realize that these type of cases are not just limited to Islamic University, they are very common in Government Colleges and Universities. If the author is ignorant than its not the case that It only happens in Islamic University.

    Secondly what he is trying to portray by the Heading ” The Islamic university where girls were raped “? Syed saab kindly read newspapers regularly so that you come across these cases quite often. So don’t try to portray that Islamic University is the only one that’s promoting this indecent act or ‘rape’ according to you.


  • RAW is WAR

    Islam and Rape… how can they ever appear in one sentence?Recommend


    The perpetrators should be arrested along with Sajid ur Rehman for covering up this serious issue of Staff raping the girl students. Where is HEC and what is Federal Govt. doing about the heinous crime????Recommend

  • Bisma Khan

    These things shud not be brushed under the carpet. the name of the culprit should be made public. im more horrified by the idea tht the alleged rapist was hired by someone else. have we all lost or sense of morality?Recommend

  • Hussain

    Being a student of Islamic University I want to share some of the facts here. The biggest problem in our University is that Islam is nowhere to be seen. Nobody bothers to follow Islam here. One of the basic things that Islam teaches is cleanliness both physically and morally. Our University is far from being a clean place. Our hostels are the dirty and our minds as well. This whole problem is not a “one off” thing it is part of a wider problem in our University. The University can be somehow compared to PIA. It is a National asset where around 20,000 students from all over the world study. It is the most ethnically diverse educational institution in Pakistan.But no one bothers to take responsibility here. If you visit around the University you would literally see the negligence on part of authorities. Worse engineering, improper solid waste disposal, leaking taps, and unhygienic food in the cafes are just a few examples. This has to be seen in a National context where we have disastrously failed to take ownership of this country. Same applies to Islamic University. It was going to shambles in terms of teaching standards, standard of hostels and and administration just like any other national institution. If we do not provide proper learning environments people end up doing such things. And you know what If somebody comes to know about me posting an anti University comment on a forum like ET I might be expelled for disciplinary misconduct… Recommend

  • Adeel Ahmed

    Dear All,

    I remain a student of IBA-Karachi. (2009-2011) MBA. I never seen such activities there. Apart from Muslim students, there were few Hindus at the hostel who were allowed to drink and use drugs as there is no restriction in their religion for this.

    For God sake, Amna plz ask your cousin not to exaggerate such matters in very stupid way..

    LUMS and IBA are well reputed institutes and nothing wrong with their culture and administration.

    I LOVE BOTH as an IBAian.


  • http://Rawalpindi Ali-wali

    ‘The town’s preacher with his preaching made me uncomfortable, therefore I sought refuge in someone who is inwardly upright but outwardly lewid’, this is a translated verse from a mystical poem written by Rohullah Khomeini, damn it our preachers are in reality inwardly lewid and outwardly upright. By the way no decent human in the position of trust should behave like that, may God help such perverts. Recommend

  • ASD

    Preposterous! Why WHole University is blamed for the doing of an Individual? For all the Liberals! Hear my Words! THose two accused would surely be not Religious. And stop bashing IIUI for no apparent reason…The Administration surely closed its eyes because reputation of the university but it is utter non-sense to blame Religious people…COme to the University and show me proper islam in IIUI…IIUI has just word ‘Islam’ but it is not at all ‘ISLAMIC’ So before conclude anything OPEN YOUR EYES!!Recommend

  • http://- Abid P. Khan

    now you sound ridiculous.
    To you anything that burdens your intellect would sound like that. Thanks for visiting the confession booth. Recommend

  • Nadir El-Edroos

    @Zeta: There is nothing against Islam in the article. That is the name of the institution, I did not give it that name. I would have written the same thing even if it was another educational institution.

    @Hasan Ahmad: Girls are usually much concerned about their Grades and they take it as a serious issue. Those criminals only took advantage of this nature of girls. Please stop! Stop putting the blame on the women. So what if they are concerned about their grades? How is that relevant? They “should” talk to their parents, why doesnt the administration talk to the perpetrators? …also it is the people in the comments who are linking “Islam” with this incident, not me. Thats the institutions name after all isnt it?

    @Zenab: So what if women are raped in the US? How does that make the situation any better for women in Pakistan? Do you really believe Pakistan is better served by hushing over such cases? If the victims were people you know, would you be satisfied if someone came and said, “please remain quiet in the interest of Pakistan and the university’s reputation.

    @Imran Hamid: So in the entire post the only thing you found distasteful was the title??

    @Omerrulz: Its the name of the institution, if it was any other institution I would write the same. You are the one linking the incident with Islam, not me.

    @ASD: I have not “bashed” IIUI, only the comments of the administrators, and at the end I have commended the efforts of the student welfare organization. You are the one linking the incident with Islam not me. Where have I blamed this incident on religious people?? Recommend

  • Irshad Khan

    This is a common story of our corrupt society, systems and institutions. This is an example of week and incapable administration/management of the institute. The whole Administration, along-with the culprits, should be taken to the task and barred from any type of employment, any where, inside and outside, of the country and photographs of these people should be shown and publish in the media. I think this will be the best and maximum punishment. At the start their families (wives, children, parents, brothers sisters and maximum number of relatives and circle of friends) should be informed about their character. This task may be taken by any reformist with the help of media. Recommend

  • http://- Abid P. Khan


    You gave examples of several institutes of the country where people in position of authority exploit their status, to violate unsuspecting females. True, a dependable mechanism protecting every citizens’ personal integrity, should be developed, to whom a victim could turn to for help. Proper steps could then be taken so as to bring perpetrator to law authorities in this case the local students union could back up the victim in obtaining legal support. Whenever possible, a psychiatrist/support group participate actively in helping the traumatized person, rediscover his/her moorings.

    We wrongfully assume that staff of an institute with Islam attached to its name would be above “sinful” behaviour.

    Not too long back a news item in the press ran the story of a young female visitor to MA Jinnah’s tomb, who was lured to be raped by the guard on duty. Every once in a while one hears of young boys, with pink cheeks or not, molested in a mosque by the moulvi. Predators can be anywhere, even in the house of God.

    It is just an assumption on the part of Alicia about the rules governing marriage between a student and her teacher. Please provide a source. Recommend

  • Asraf

    Because Islam does not condone covering up misdeeds when it hurts the victim. Because Islam stands for accountability by people in authority positions. Because the constitution of this country is meant to uphold Islamic values. If you want separation of the misdeeds of the individual from all of Islam then as a Muslim we should all then fully hold accountable all parties because our religion asks us to do so. Regards. Recommend

  • Grace

    Sounds pretty much like catholic institutions where there is rampant sexual abuse of children of both sexes but especially boys who are raped!Recommend

  • Hisaz

    At least this is noticed. what about the minor rape victims in our society. a three yr old raped n killed, What is our direction??Recommend

  • Reel

    I object to the name ‘islamic university’ to begin with. By definition does that make other universities unislamic. Let us move away from this argument and ask ourselves, does a name islamic put a university on higher pedestal than others? If the name islamic is important do we name all other universities as islamic and then we can differentiate on the basis of serial number. What has religion got to do with education? So if a hindu student goes to Islamic university, in case if he is allowed, will he forever be haunted by the fact that he is not a Muslim? Other contradictions come later, but the name of the university is itself a farce. What exactly they teach at this university which the don’t teach at others? Religious rejuvination? Islamic orgasms? Muslim biology (it is quite different to the ones damn jews wrote)?Muslim Chemistry (apparently its all sexual)? Whole paki society is such a shamRecommend

  • Isaaq

    Firstly, it IS shocking – being a rarity makes it no less repugnant.
    Secondly, it is NOT rape – the girls were clearly old enough to make their own decisions and chose to trade sex for good grades. If your argument held, then prostitution would be tantamount to rape too. Both sides are to blame, not one. Granted, the Professor is more at fault in this case because of his position of authority.
    Thirdly, the lack of a public outcry and apathy for an investigation into the matter is a damning indictment of the state of Pakistan.Recommend

  • Jahan Jan Khan

    All what we read makes sense. As an alumni of IIU, I must agree that this university is on firm footings of heights of moral degradation, corruption and munifiqat in its real sense. Arts and humanities, islamics and theology, science or engineering or management and social studies, everywhere “Molvi” domination is on a high. Because of seperate campuses, IIU male student population is on the heights of sexual frustration (a normal tendency killing syndrom) which paves the way for such cases. Its not specific with this particular professor or librarian, its spread all over. The students got trained in such a way that they are bullied by the Islamist factions (Jamiaat in particular) and demands for returining favours. The teachers use them to throw other teachers out of the positions and out of the faculty, make a power politics drama and ignore their biggest mistakes. The clang hooligan mentality prevails even in science and engineering faculties, where we expect logical and rational people. These faculty members, apparently islamic by their appearence, are indeed the biggest traitors, conspirors, molesters and corrupt minded people who always go below the belt against those who are normal, liberal and perhaps lesser evils with their sexual appetites.. Recommend

  • sam

    b4 being a muslim or non muslim, this flesh is a human body. wen it commit sin, it dont determine whether its a muslim or non, though it should, so stop commenting rubbish abt Islam and Islamic university. its the deed of a person and matter it between him and Allah and Allah will take care of it too. so those who are ashamed of being Muslims, u dont need show it to us here. everyone know very well wats going on in other universities too and cases there are even more pathetic…. arn’t they muslims? arn’t they questionable? Recommend


    That the girls should trade their bodies for grades does not speak high of the threatened girls either. If physical force was used and they were in a helpless position to counter or escape that could be definitely said to have been a rape. But this incident or these incidents seem to be something different. Then each and every case should be investigated properly and allegations strictly proved. Otherwise they stand as allegations only and you cannot morally convict any person. What all we can demand is a thorough enquiry should be ordered and the guilty should be strictly punished.Recommend

  • Dr.H.N.Patwari.

    Repugnant,regressive and reprehensible !Recommend

  • Adnan Siddiqi

    You guys might want to beg Maya Khan to come back and haunt these Professors?Recommend

  • Adnan Siddiqi

    In CBM Karachi girls and guys hangout freely, keepin condoms in pockets and purse for any future encounter but then it was not mentioned because CBM and other institutes does not have “Islam” in their name?

    Somebody please redefine Irony.Recommend

  • habib

    Do not forget GC University of Lahore. Where an English Department male teacher and Registrar threatened a female student. Media should do research on university crimes instead of street crimes in their so called shows like “shabeer to dekhay ga” Recommend

  • samia

    What the $%&* ??

    This is terrible!

    Start a petition on and we will sign!


    Warm regards,

  • Reel

    hypocrisy comes in more forms than one. I don’t want the moral brigade to take over and decide what is islamic and what is not, what is allowed and what is not. Ideally rule of law should take its own course and there should be no need for moral policing by common folks or religious organization or human right activists or NGOs. But it is not an ideal world and less so a country where there is any shred of idealism. It is a bit difficult to exercise freedom in most open places but behind closed doors everything happens. Child molestations, incest, extra-marital affairs, love affairs, crimes of passion, internet porn addiction, sex stories, homosexuality, frustration, late night mobile packages etc., They way our population is increasing you expect these things to happen. Ultimately it is about how you respond to such situation. You cant rid the society of what you consider evil. Every person has his own independent thinking process. What you can do is define minimum acceptable social behavior in public or otherwise through law. You can ensure through implentation of law that justice is done in most places. These things happen in every country and wil continue to happen. No point in burning in rage over it and no point in being judgemental about others when you dont have your own house in order. So my suggestion is to move on and stop being a pseudo activist for once.Recommend

  • H. Faith

    I have read this blog..this is NOT true..i being a student want to say please if don’t know the reality do not believe on it. there was NO such thing which is being said in newspapers. Allah knows who is what. there are ayahz in Quran about “bohtan” and this is nothing other than “bohtan”. i am female student and who can better fight if there is such thing..kindly first investigate..if you don’t then do not speak about it. this is what our Quran teaches. Recommend

  • Nadir
  • Hanif

    This is very depressing news indeed, why women are unsafe at this planet, perhaps they are weaker, how they can become stronger, Humanity tried the option of co-gathering in order to reduce sexual lust, with certain legal actions (as well as separation of men and women, however none of modern society could implement completely) , but results are still painful. Sexual harassment is a serious issue and all should think about that as how to eliminate or at least minimize. Islamic university is a place where girls and boys are studying separately, however due to lack of female instructors in higher education male teachers are also used to teach a course and university is following semester system education, where instructor got much authority as for grades are concerned. No one can ensure the character of any body, however at least care should be taken in selection of a faculty member to teach in women campus. Un-married, separated and broken-home male faculty may not be assigned the task of teaching in women campus, at the same time some strict punishment should be designed along with a system of check and balance. Humanity cannot tolerate abusing of a girl by teacher anywhere in the world. In Islam punishment of rape is stoning to death which shows how Islam dislike rape and ensure protection of honor of a girl/woman. This story of abusing the weaker is worldwide, even USA could not control (latest report of NY says 20% of women have gone through this Devil’s action). It should not be branded with Pakistan or Islamic University or Islam, it should be taken as issue of all women in east and west and protective measures should be designed globally. One of the important issue I would like to bring concentration of total humanity is; victim deserve psychological upbringing instead of passing on hate or shame. An important question to every girl (at least an employee and a student) as why you people submit instead of punishing the devils (through cry, speaking, reporting, writing, conferencing, taking your family and friends into confidence). It is generally said KSA has lowest crime ratio in the world (may be it is due to strict punishments as Islam has given), but the question is implementation of law, which is much weaker in many countries including subcontinent.
    Of course it can create mistrust among Parents as to publicize the issue; however a bigger question is if non investigation would finish the problem from campuses around the world including IIU.Recommend

  • H. Faith

    I saw that news but there was no such thing that is written in this article. I specifically talked about “The report claims that a Professor of Economics traded grades for sexual favours, and threatened female students with failing grades if they did not consent to his demands”. I am student of economics there was nothing like this. Allah knows better but we respect our teachers like parents and our teachers treat us like children. Wallahu a’lamRecommend

  • http://- Abid P. Khan

    I ‘reely’ agree with your well formulated and honest inputs. You are asking people to become realistic and accept the diversity of values and behaviours the society is composed of. Some extremely unpleasant events in the short history of the country have pushed the nation into this surrealistic landscape, something one has extreme difficulty to reconcile with.

    Due to personal greed of Mr. Bhutto and his band of loyalists, the loss of half the country was painted as a victory of sorts. It helped only in aggravating the traumatisation of people. Instead of picking up the pieces and step into the future, an extremely twisted ideology named as “Islamic Socialism” was launched by the “Islamic Socialist” ruler. The rhetoric of “socialist” reforms remained rhetoric only. To get the support of mullahs, despite his Mao hat, he did his to appease mullahs. Disappointed mounted, his overthrow by Zia was experienced as a relief. The respite lasted only for a while, Zia did his best to exploit the pseudo religious base laid by the preceding ruler, and brutalised the society further, pushing the country into the medieval era. No country in the world is Muslimer than the Muslims of Puristan.

    Decadence has multiplied, the government has become weak. Maya Khan, Imran Khan, Black Coats, The Vigilantes from the Mountains plus a whole plethora of brainwashed lemmings exploit the situation to terrify the plebeians and instill the fear of God in you.

    The urbanised and ever expanding middle class must bare the major blame. Instead of rejecting the hatred spewing mullah, they run to him for nikaah, burials and Friday sermons. Who, like a prep-rogrammed robot, closes his eyes and starts babbling in unintelligible Arabic from the pulpit. More than often they instill hatred in the hearts of their followers. A completely uneducated person is treated as a spiritual leader.

    Unless this prevalent situation is got rid off, the future will continue to look bleak for many decades to come. Bloodletting, which is already taking place won’t subside. It is time to say no and get rid of the yoke.Recommend

  • sanaahamed

    Really shocks me. You have done a great job by sharing this valuable information about this important topic thanks again.Recommend

  • mrs ali

    Dear Readers

    Why shall we not think of the many reasons for a male to be inclined towards thinking about the possibility of making such advances.

    If a teacher did ask me to trade grades with my body reasons could be:

    Am I trying to be chummy with my teacher!!!! instead of keeping myself at a graceful distance
    Am I dressing up to instigate his sexsual desires…..Is my body language not decent or is enough to make a man think other wise
    Am I not studying hard to achieve the grades
    Am I not maintaining my distances

    So far I have my Observations & Experience through my entire life spread over 5 decades now.A man can be discouraged by a SIMPLE GESTURE…… NO MAN CAN MAKE ANY ADVANCES IF THERE IS NO SIGNAL

    yes a female can make mistake by assuming that she can make a fool of a man (teacher) by getting chummy…..few smiles or some jokes a happy moment….but there could be men who would not let it go, they might take advantage of the situation.

    If one refers to religious teachings a female is advised to maintain decent distance with her Father leave aside anyone other male (Na Mahram) Remember Dad use to hug you when you were a baby but as soon you grow up Dad only puts his hand on your head or kisses your forehead not your cheeks (of course in a civilized family)Recommend

  • al

    Great People of GREAT Religion!Recommend

  • nasir

    Face it – Pakistan is at the top of the list in the world for “sex” and “sex related” searches on the internet (please refer to google stats and study). Many red light districts operate in broad daylight and male on male rape is rampant throughout our country. Minorities are deemed not muslim, suicide bombers and Qadri’s are hailed as hero’s
    However our politicians continue to appease the extremist religious scholar’s. Someone needs to do something or soon it will be to late for the Islamic republic of pakistan Recommend

  • Adnan Siddiqi


    It means we need more molvis and Madrassahs to fix this porn thing and other immoral activities in PakistanRecommend

  • Nadir

    @Mrs Ali: Shameful explanation shifting the blame on the victim! Recommend

  • insaaaaf

    wao great…… their is nothing true in this news but u guys make it something bad but in reality nothing happened just a propoganda against that know the professor???? this is my question from u all. listen without any proof u cant blame anyone. if that professor is not saying any thing in return than dont take advange of it. by adding masala to it u just want to increase rating of ur newspaper simple. that professor is very humble. he spend his life for this uni. am shocked to hear such shocking lie. u dont know the underlying truth. stop saying all this and stop blaming iiui. mr syed nadir if u have any proof then show it odrwise u have no right to say any thing.Recommend

  • alicia

    @Mrs. Ali
    What a stupid explanation. I feel double annoyed when women say things like that. Do men have no responsibility at all. Are they cave men or animals who have absolutely no control over themselves? especially teachers who is supposed to be your spritual father.Recommend

  • Nadir
  • m.nafees

    it not the case of only iiui punjab university but internally it found in every institution we shame on our self not on other by comsionRecommend


    @H. Faith:
    I understand you. So only I said thorough investigation should be there and nobody should be called names without being proved guilty in the inquiry. Those who write news like this in papers or blogs, why can’t they approach the High Court or Supreme Court by way of social action litigation (what we call Public Interest Litigation in India). I am sure the constitutional courts would certainly intervene in such gory incidents if the news-makers or writers can place a prima facie case.
    Not only Quran, etc. every reasonable book of ethics or scripture of any religion instructs not to speak without investigation. Especially this is what Mao Ze Dong (atheist communist leader of China) said: “No Investigation, No Right to Speak!”Recommend

  • Sara

    What is the name of the professor , that name should be highlighted because if we higligt his name may b he feel some shaam and then we should take action against him and secondly if we know his name the other girls from the other organization where he is doing job now will be aware of him.Recommend

  • http://- Abid P. Khan

    I am afraid you are completely wrong. Identity of the accused, should remain unrevealed to the general public. Only if, after the legal procedure, the court find him guilty as charged, without any shred of doubt, then and then only his identity should be made public.

    At the same time victim’s identity too should remain undisclosed, even after the court proceedings are over. Any evidence that carelessness on part of the media leads to revelation of victim’s identity, should automatically become cause for legal action against the news publisher.
    Apparently, Maya Khan never learned this but every citizen’s privacy is holy and should never be violated. Recommend

  • nasir

    @Adnan Siddiqi: NO it means if we want pakistan to be the land of the Pure we need to eradicate all extremist preachers and also terminate the jahil thoughts that exists in minds such as yoursRecommend

  • Mirza

    i have spent roughly four years both at iiui and lums, and strongly feel that both institutions need to revisit their administrative policies relating to such issues. i am sharing below a mail sent by a female studnet of lums to the her fellow students and the office of student affairs, dated september 11, 2009.

    “Dear All

    I have been reduced to throw this out there because of what i have been witnessing in Lums for around a month now. What has to be kept in mind here is the fact that the following has nothing to do with “religion” or with anybody’s personal beliefs so please,refrain from sending any emotional “liberal” emails in reply to this.

    Public Display of Affection.

    I don’t know what is wrong with the new freshman,and some seniors too,they have a special and an uncontrolled need to seek physical consolation from the members of opposite sex many times in a day,in public,and in places where EVERYBODY can witness it.

    Quoting few instances: (Readers’ Discretion is advised)

    1) Standing at the main entrance,a girl stands on tip of her toes and kisses a boy good bye.

    2) Lying in the lawn in front of the library,a boy rolls over the girl lying down beside him and remains in this posture.

    3) Sitting in the academic block, a boy constantly rubs a girl’s leg,which are already half bare,with his hand inside her capries.

    (These are just few instances,i have no reason to make these up.If nothing is done about it then i’ll take pictures of such things and attach them with my emails for everyone to see.)

    Our (people who aren’t involved in this proud display of animal instincts in man) parents come to lums to pick us up and they have,i can gladly say,some sense of social (MIND YOU,i didn’t say religious) sentiment intact so they get offended. Our crediblity, and the credibility of our institution in our society is challenged when aunties spread rumors of most of the girls in lums not being virgin spread all over the city. Even my parents were reluctant to send me to lums just because of the “enviroment” here.

    I openly challenge the fake hypocritical “tolerance” and “liberalism” being promoted on campus.If irreligious,uncultured (by this i mean those who don’t respect a culture’s values),unsocial have the need to be tolerated and have “sentiments” which need to be respected,then so do religious,cultured and social people.

    This “tolerance” for each other has to be mutual.If we give some,then these people need to do it too.Why don’t they go back to using the DRs at night? Or behind the sports complex? or in the hockey fields?

    I have never seen a religious person reading their holy book out in the open then why can’t they hide their anti social and irreligious practices too?!

    I demand that a set of rules be laid out so that the “sentiments” of not-so-unclutured people are not hurt and so that we can go home and NOT for once,hide from our fathers our of sheer shame of what they saw.

    I am hoping that the OSA will look into this so i have not cc-ed this email to the VC.


  • Truth Exposed

    Where are the NGOs??? who supported Mukhtaran Mai???? are these girls not human??????Recommend

  • Truth Exposed

    I think ET changed the name of the blog to add masala and increase the no of comments.
    cheat tacticeRecommend

  • duh

    The headline for sure is Tribune’s cheap attempt at sensationalism that generates controversy and debate and garners them more clicks. Grow up tribune and the subeditors sitting there! If this were a Catholic college would you say Christian college? Or if it were a convent would you be using ‘christian’ in the headline. Grow out of it! Open your eyes for heavens sake!

    Not all teachers in this university are religious or ‘islamic’. Not all courses are ‘islamic’. Not all students are islamic. It’s like any other university and hence your headline just goes to show how shallow your publication has become. Publisher and editor please take note!

    Such cases also happen in other universities, Karachi university is an example too. And there is no denying that universities should take severe action against the perpetrators but please please tribune, grow out of your fixation of blaming everything on Islam, subtly or directly – for the clicks or for hidden motives. Seriously. It’s getting out of line now.Recommend

  • Mirza

    @mrs ali:
    absolutely spot on. unfortunately some people do not seem to have the ability to argue against opponent’s analysis decently. Anyway, Moliere once said that A wise man is superior to any insults which can be put upon him, and the best reply to unseemly behavior is patience and moderation.Recommend

  • Mirza

    why haven’t you published my earlier comments in which i have shared an email from a female student of lums. what have you found problematic in that post? would you please bother to explain?Recommend

  • kashan

    Points are valid and need to follow.Recommend

  • http://- Abid P. Khan

    @mrs ali:


    On what basis(study, research) did you come to this particular conclusion? I am not talking of your personal experience under 50 years.
    I suggest that you Google the word “incest” and read about cases involving fathers and their pre-signaling-age daughters. You may then be able to revise this ludicrous statement of yours. Recommend

  • students of iiie

    its just propaganda against iiie and iiu.this news is not true.the administration is just spreading these rumors..He is not of such like character.He is very gentle.You people do not know reality,so you do not have right to talk about this issue. Recommend

  • students of iiie

    that’s not true.these are just rumors. You people do not know reality, so you do noy have right to talk about this issue. our respected sir has not such character.its propaganda against himRecommend

  • students of iiie

    good job.we agree with youRecommend

  • students of iiie

    its propaganda against iiuiRecommend

  • Imran

    on reply on from Nadir El-Edroos
    “@Imran Hamid: So in the entire post the only thing you found distasteful was the title??”

    When i saw this post, from the title made me shocked, how you have put all the teachers and students in this bad category… The title of this blog is totally unjustifiable, unethical and propaganda…as these rare incident can happen anywhere, whether in Islamic institutes, or Modern institutes or western institutes…. So you put allegation on all pure ladies and teacher who are affiliated with this institution….

    But on the other hand, the contents of the blog, I am thankful that you have highlighted this story….
    1> Now parents have to think that only Islamic name of institution is not enough… they have to continues monitor their children….
    2> The university administration must be penalize and punished on not taking a strong action on this act…if they could have taken a strong action against culprits then that will become an example and not humiliation (that is now)
    3> One thing to remember, Women pride is always in her hand…. If she become weak and extra open and free to opposite gender…. there are chances that someone can take advantage and can get courage to think of shameful act…. So in this case both victim and attacker are culprit and share the same crime…
    4> Disgraceful, shameful act: Grades are more superior then pride… Shame on the students who think like this…
    5> Nadir El-Edroos has done a right thing to highlight this story after University didn’t took strong action against both… and they have not took measure to stop such incidents…
    6> Also, students are also culprit. As most of the time they know about these stories and they don’t bother….and let these immoral activities to be happen….Recommend

  • Nadir

    @Imran: I dont choose the title of the blog, but regardless, the title doesnt suggest that everyone in the institution is immoral, that is a conclusion that you are making. Recommend