Veena Malik interview gone wrong

Published: February 11, 2012

Veena Malik is back in the spot light for playing item girl “Channo” in a new Bollywood movie called “Gali Gali Chor Hai’. There have been mixed reactions to the video; some people hate it, some love it, but mostly people stare at it.

Ali Zafar was wrong. “Channo kee aankh mein nashanahin haius ki choli mein LED hai. This sketch parody is what would ensue if Veena Malik actually started sporting the Bright Bra on a regular day.

This and the Maya Khan show.

I love this country. Only in Pakistan will you see a bunch of middle-aged women chasing couples down in a park for being in love. Not a day goes by in Pakistan without great material for a comedy show pouring out of my window. As a stand-up comedian in a country that Time magazine rated the ‘most dangerous place on earth’, I am not short on material. I literally just open the window.

Political scandals, nude FHM shoot hysteria, secret memos, gas pipelines and loadshedding all merge together in this beautifully mad place. If you like the kind of work I do you can support my by hitting the ‘share’ button.

Danish Ali

Danish Ali

A standup comedian, writer, TV producer and doctor who tweets @Danish_Ali__

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