Why firing Maya Khan is not the solution

Published: January 31, 2012

In a way, Maya Khan was just plain unlucky– the offensive clip of her show went viral and within a day, she became the talk of the town. PHOTO: PUBLICITY

The protest has borne fruit: Maya Khan has been fired and her show has been taken off air. One more host of Samaa TV has been shown the door, after a clamour of complaints following the fateful episode of her morning show.

This is the moment of vindication for the online community of journalists, bloggers and ordinary citizens who were incensed (and rightfully so) after watching Maya and her coterie of minions prey on couples dating in a public park.

But lest these critics lapse into complacency over an accomplished mission, they must know that there’s more to the story. There’s a deeper trouble with afflicts our ‘free’ media and it certainly cannot be done away with by simply by purging journalists and talk show hosts at the behest of an occasional uproar.

In a way, Maya Khan was just plain unlucky– the offensive clip of her show went viral and within a day, she became the talk of the town. But think about it: how many of those who wrote op-eds and blogs criticising the show actually watched it on a regular basis? I, for one, was thoroughly offended after watching the clip, but didn’t even know that Maya Khan existed before that day.

There are numerous television channels airing morning shows and prime time programs, hosted by journalists and anchors. Are we really able to effectively keep tabs on the violation of ethical norms in our ever burgeoning media industry? Not really.

Quite like Maya Khan, many TV personalities, are involved in moral policing and passing self-righteous judgments on others. Driven by the rat race for higher ratings in an increasingly competitive media market, these people consider impartiality and ethical considerations nothing but a fig.

Switch on your TV, and you’ll see a group of sanctimonious interrogators and preachers openly condemning ‘moral outcasts’ of society. If we are to judge the situation by these shows, this category comprises a rather wide spectrum of people, ranging from actual criminals to alleged blasphemers and even youngsters who date.

Such is that state of affairs of the Pakistani media. Sadly, firing Maya Khan and her team is hardly going to end this tendency of flagrantly violating ethical considerations. In fact, by firing Maya, Samaa TV has sought a quick fix and tried to absolve itself of involvement.

Previous episodes of the same show, featuring Maya’s ridiculous chaapey, were also very, if not equally, offensive. And the channel was fully cognizant of the contents of these episodes. But no action was taken then.

As I write this piece, I can’t help thinking about other equally questionable shows anchored by ‘journalists’ on the same channel. Take the example of Jasmine Manzoor from Tonight with Jasmine, who periodically interviews prisoners complicit in shocking crimes. She thrusts the mic in their faces, questions them insolently and then shames them with her moralistic rants.


Through TV personalities like Maya Khan and the like, the ‘moral outcasts’  get vicariously lambasted and loathed by the masses— who are often quick to point accusing fingers without full awareness of facts and alternative viewpoints. Thus, in this growing genre of trash TV, the public assumes the role of the jury. And in the judge’s seat, sits the holier-than-thou journalist or anchor.

Unfortunately, the spate of articles criticising Maya Khan, articulate and cogent as many of them might have been, failed to relate the talk show to the wider issue with the media industry. Fixated on Maya Khan’s terrible idea to hound young couples, many of these writings did not quite go beyond criticism of moral policing.

But the subject begs deeper scrutiny. Did people really think that Maya Khan was unaware that she was being highly unprincipled? In my humble opinion, she knew exactly what she was doing and the program is hardly reflective of her own true worldview. One look at a video of her dancing feverishly and her pictures in western attire—featured in a news segment of an entertainment channel—will show you this discrepancy. And this hypocrisy has a deeper cause: financial motives spurred by the ratings game.

Moral policing sells. Many TV personalities have long abandoned standards of impartiality and they try to be the voice of the awaam, which is often unreasonable and rancorous. Instead of making an effort to open people’s minds, they simply perpetuate prejudices and dogmas.

Until there is a neutral body established to regulate our media, financial considerations will continue to trump ethical ones. It’s about time the watchmen of our society are also watched.

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Maria Waqar

A journalist working for The Express Tribune. She can be reached on twitter at @MariaWaqar

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.

  • Afaaq

    I agree firing her isnt the solution. She should be charged in criminal court for whatever laws she has breached. An example should be made for all to see. Even after she was fired on national TV she clearly showed her naiveness on the issue and refused to dish our a decent apology. All she kept on repeating is that she didnt meant to offend anyone. It could have easily been avoided if she descended from her high mantle place and said ”I am sorry for all the trouble and distress i have caused to the people involved. My program in hindsight was in bad taste. I understand how i have transgressed and understand the ramifications, furthermore i would like to offer my resignation as a gesture to all those who were affected and the public whose sentiments i have disturbed.”. Maya Khan did the same thing some burka clad women in Islamabad were doing, Why were we against those women? As a nation we have so many double standards …Recommend

  • http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/author/430/faraz-talat/ Faraz Talat

    Not a great argument.

    It’s true, that TV anchors and guests often pass sanctimonious remarks, but Maya Khan practically made a show out of it. I don’t think reprimanding a man for grave robbery, which is an actual crime, is as bad as lambasting him for talking to a girl in a parkRecommend

  • Uza Syed

    It is not just one Maya Khan, this channel SAMAA TV seems to have a history of irresponsibility. Have we all forgotten what Mehar Bokhari did to Shaheed Governor Salaman Taseer in an interview just a few days before his cold blooded murder? The interview is still available on the YouTub etc. and a living proof of what SAMAA allows its anchors to do in the name of “free” and “independent” media. Recommend

  • Shahryar Ahmed

    Agree with the writer 200%. This should not stop with Maya Khan, it is time that we the people should stop these talk show hosts & anchors to watch what they say & ask & the way they present.

    All these TV personalities, even the so called senior TV & Talk Show Hosts should be brought down to earth. Recommend

  • http://twitter.com/AliMir8 Ali Mir

    Spot on Ms Maria. One really cannot understand how such such an important and immensely influential organ of the state continues to run without ANY rules and regulations whatsoever.

    There is no such thing as media ethics. As you’ve mentioned in your article and you’re more than one hundred percent correct that all these programs are produced purely keeping the financial perspective in mind. If this continues the media will become a very big mafia. You will be surprised to know how much tax is still unpaid by these beast-like media houses, not all, but some very big fish!

    The ratings rat race is a very dangerous tool for competition. We must raise our voice and stop the media from becoming a holy cow itself while blaming others blatantly. The likes of Kamran Khan need to be dealt with.

    Furthermore we also don’t realize how dramatized programs which deal with Criminal Cases adversely affect the largely illiterate people of our country. Instead of creating awareness they just give birth to more crimies.

    In an already depleted Pakistani society, as regards to character, such media coverage only adds fuel to the fire!Recommend

  • http://Gmail XOYA

    yes so lets all get together & get all of them down .simple .
    We started with Maya Khan & her teamRecommend

  • Fahd

    Lets bring down the corrupt police men at every corner of the street harassing mostly the poor (on bikes).Recommend

  • Sid

    Firing her sends the right message to other overly ambitious, self righteous, self absorbed anchors. She crossed the red line.Recommend

  • SAJ

    How about Living On The Edge?? The kind of language the host uses, the dares he asks the contestant to perform, specially disturbing unaware public by throwing cakes at them etc etc… I mean how many TV programs are we going to go against? The media should be responsible enough to understand what content they have to on air that can help Nation develop, not make their lives more stressful.Recommend

  • http://NewYork Falcon

    Interesting insight. We have to understand that for once in our nation’s history we have multiple institutions facing unhindered growth at the same time, be it civil-military relations, judiciary, or media; and interestingly a lot of it is being driven by the ‘savior’ attitude which has an innate holier-than-thou mindset built into it. Most likely this will continue for some time before these institutions evolve into a more mature state.Recommend

  • http://www.tanzeel.wordpress.com Tanzeel

    Pakistan is an enternaiment starved country, whatever Maya did was entertainment for some and whatever haappened to her was a comic relief for some . So in a nutshell its all fun. Let’s enjoy the controversies and wait for the new ones, earlier it was Mansoor, then Musharraf now Maya. Let’s see who’s next!Recommend

  • Osman Rehman

    Firing her was the right thing to do and should be a lesson for all journalists. Have we stooped so low were we have nothing entertaining to show to our viewers so lets show something controversial? Being a keen follower and supporter of Pakistan’s Entertainment business i was shocked by the show itself. With regards to the show spreading all over the web…….well if it brought positive light to her and her show she would not be complaining :) Recommend

  • Belal Mahfooz

    Great article Maria! Spot on.

    I really hope that this of the ice berg, not only at Samaa, but a wider sense check of our media in general.Recommend

  • Emmad

    I may be wrong but this all happpened due to the unnecessary competion to look good or to be rated high as an anchor or the show be rated the best. We at times cross all the limits just in the sheer competion and that applies in almost every field in our country. Healthy competion is very good but its reverse side is much more dangerous. If you look at the calibre of are morning shows or so called the talk shows the anchor persons most of the time cross the limits of decency.Recommend

  • sahar

    i want some answers from all of you who read this, please.
    just forget about Maya Khan, tell me whatever the unmarried couples did was right or wrong?
    Does our religion and culture allows such kind of interactions between male and female who are not married?
    just imagine if you have sister, you think she is in school but in reality she is with a boy in park or somewhere else, will you allow her to continue that activity.?Recommend

  • Sarah

    Pakistan is surely an entertainment starved country but as long as people will keep taking serious issue of moral and ethical corruption at the face value of “fun” then Pakistan ka Allah he Hafiz!
    Justifying all ills of society will lead no where!Recommend

  • Err

    Err Hello? There is a difference between lecturing a juvenile and ambushing an unsuspecting couple in a park! The former have been judged and condemned in the eyes of the law!!! What is your point that we are a unitary anarchist society where everyone like a robot should mind their own business and lower their gaze because God forbid they say something moralistic they will be beaten on the head with the privacy/human rights stick?
    I have seen Jasmine’s show, and she handles the juveniles really well. She gives the kids ample of chance to explain why they got trapped into a life of crime and then in a maternal way lectures and encourages them to get their life together. She is not doing such shows for the ratings but infact highlights the plight of such kids and informs the public. I for one had no idea our jails were crowded with such young kids, who alot of times tend to be repeat offenders because of their hardened background. If anything her show is a break from all the dumb drawing room political talk shows that litter my tv.
    The thing is internet activism is a double edged sword, you can became a savior/activist by just writing an op-ed. Just because of maya khan’s dumb antics don’t paint everyone with the same brush.Recommend

  • Amjad

    I agree with firing her since that sends a clear message to the next insensitive TV reporter who is trying to intrude on peoples lives and cross limits of decency. They will think twice before doing such nonsense again.Recommend

  • Ali

    One step at a time. All junk should go.Recommend

  • Ahmed

    I don’t think she was fully cognizant of the fact that what she was doing was wrong. Her apology videos make it quite clear that Maya suffers from the same contradictory moral standards that most of our society suffers from – where you actually follow two contradictory sets of norms without being completely aware of it. Though I definitely agree with on you on the part that trash TV sells because there is ‘demand’ for this kind of TV, or advertisers willing to pay for it. Recommend

  • A

    Jasmine’s ways maybe just as barbaric but she brings to the viewers’ attention those heinous crimes that need to be addressed, so dragging her name in this article is not appropriate. Recommend

  • leila rage

    It may not be the solution, but firing her is certainly a step in the right direction. People need to KNOW taht their actions will have consequences.Recommend

  • MS-Mariya Suhail

    Firing was the right thing to do but we should have gone a step further and register an FIR against her to send a strong message to all current and future anchors that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

    We didnt send Maya to jail for harassing and now we have another incident of Shamoon abbasi harassing people. He is seen targeting homosexuals and again poor people on streets and not homosexuals in 5 stars hotel or a homo mullah abusing children in madrassas.

    Homosexuality is haram in our religion but we can not let characterless anchors turning into moral police. Internet is again filled with Shamoon enjoying parties with non mahrams which is also haram in islam but the only haram which shamoon can see is in others.

    Sign this petition and lets get rid of the evil in our society.


  • Waseem

    I dont know why the whole world blamming maya khan for this when everybody knows that it is was arranged by mass media channel “samaa” havent seen a single pwrson raising fingers at them because this is our pakistani society where a women is tortured even when she has been played with their politics by these major giant corp, anybody who is in the media business knows v well that they cant air interviews with out their consent, same in situation those people already knew that they were about to aired with that content.Recommend

  • Muneeb

    Yes it is not the solution but in this day in age when news spreads like rapid fire and ideas are shared with a global audience through social media – this raised awareness again irresponsible journalism. Raising awareness and educating people that “shock” entertainment is not true journalism is working towards a solution. Social media forced Samaa TV to fire Maya Khan because it brought together a million voices. This will be a lesson learned for shock journalists that they can no longer get away with such behavior. Recommend

  • Straight Fire

    It is no wonder not finding any comments in her favor … Anyways, Express TV would be the last choice of choice for any Pakistani on media horizon.Recommend

  • Shamy

    Author…this is old news now….get over it…Recommend

  • ishaq

    Sometimes Firing someone is the only SolutionRecommend

  • Shakky

    Excellent article!! Gosh, this video with Jasmine Manzoor is a bit sickening. Why is she being allowed to talk to the prisoner in this manner. Regardless of his crime, it is for the state to judge and punish him, not for this Manzoor woman! She has not been appointed as a judge, she’s just a TV personality in search of ratings.

    Fine, what he did wasn’t exactly civilized but there are much worse crimes (at the end of the day, it was grave desecration, not murder, or even rape). But that doesn’t give her the right to say the things she is saying, or to call him an animal. In many other countries, her behavior would land her in jail. Recommend

  • riaz

    right maria!!

    Media industry has become a mafia. They should be reminded their limitsRecommend

  • Parvez

    Agree that those supervising Maya Khan should also be held accountable. It would be a mistake to think that they do not realise that their conduct is being questioned by the people who matter most to them i.e the TV audience and this moral pressure is also effective.Recommend

  • Asma Shah

    what about others who were with her in that show…that team should be answerable to this aswell…..every one there den has breached law of tort.Recommend

  • Anum

    This is really good to see that Social Media and Social Society are rising to events and now like a vibrant society we can have a voice and we can be a pressure group… a pressure group who knows what is right and what is wrong and will not be fed by stupid ladies pulling off morning stunts like Shaista Wahidi Kissing Snake or this Maya Khan chasing and harassing people in public parks. Now many many more will be embarking upon their old habits and will definitely take a good consideration before doing something stupid, immature and immoral.Recommend

  • CHIP

    @Sid: I think she entered in the “RED ZONE” to stop prostitution, correct?Recommend

  • Umar Khan

    A very unconvincing article. I hadn’t heard of Maya Khan either before the video went viral but what’s that got to do with the wrongfulness of her actions? Should we allow a thief to get away with it because we hadn’t heard of his/her name? Though in Maya’s case, I’d day her crime is even worse than theft. What she did was basically inviting taliban into our parks! What she did was unforgivable. I can understand the broader point you are trying to make but to specify that Maya Khan’s dismissal was somehow unfair or unreasonable is beyond my comprehension!Recommend

  • B Fawad

    I strongly disagree with the conclusion of this article, which states:

    “Until there is a neutral body established to regulate our media, financial considerations will continue to trump ethical ones.”

    Regulation of our media is the worse possible suggestion. Granted freedom of media (in essence freedom of speech) can be controversial. It is much better than a regulated media where politicians will use this excuse to regulate the media and control it. The current state of US media, and its recent attempts to censor the internet (SOPA, ACTA, PIPA), is proof of that phenomena. The attack by the blogger community and subsequent firing is ample regulation in my opinion.

    P.S: Isn’t regulation based on one’s ethical standard moral policing in reverse?Recommend

  • Irtiza

    I am anxiously waiting to see a talk show on the topic – Bullying by media. Let’s see if any of the anchors have the guts to discuss their own unethical behaviors. I think, Talat Hussain of DAWN TV was bold enough to discuss Maya Khan issue in his programmes and also criticized one of the programmes of his own channel. Let’s see who initiates this – Kashif Abbasi, Ms. Bukhari, Ms. Jasmine, Badami ………….Recommend

  • BJ

    “Until there is a neutral body established to regulate our media, financial considerations will continue to trump ethical ones. It’s about time the watchmen of our society are also watched.”


  • riaz

    is there anybody on ET pages to talk about kamran shahid and his show with veena malik in which he asked a molvi for fatwa regarding veena. It was the same trailor liki meher bukhari with salman taseer.Recommend

  • http://hippa-kacho.blogspot.com/ khurram

    we are not children we know what is good and what is bad for us..she is an anchor person and she doesn’t have any rights to interrupt in our personal and social life…! Recommend

  • https://twitter.com/#!/Zoon89 Zoon

    Its apparent Jasmin’s scriptwriters had taken a day off, she’s plain venting at the man. How dare she question him like that with her entire crew behind her. How dare she ask him whether he knew the kalma? Or said his prayers. Jasmin is known for losing her temper on her show but this is no better than Maya Khan. Actually it’s much much worse in my opinion. To humiliate a man who has already been convicted and to say things like ‘you don’t sound like you’re ashamed at all’ or ‘you must be made an example out of’ is NOT her job. It is not her job to ask personal questions. It is not her place to give him a lecture on his religion or create hypothetical situations that involve his sisters. How can she have the audacity to speak of ‘humanity’ whereas she herself has lowered him to the status of an animal?? No matter how wrong or bad or unethical an individual is he has the right to be treated like a human being. But sadly I am not surprised or shocked.
    Journalism in Pakistan is all about projecting your own values, and even though I believe in empowerment of women, majority of women show hosts (including almost all morning shows) are plain dumb or frustrated (Jasmin) and they love to play moral police. Recommend

  • amber alibhai

    the removal of Maya Khan is a good step,however all the anchor persons should be given strict guidelines on what is acceptable and what not.they feel that they know all and can say all ,this episode should be a wakeup call to all TVchannels Recommend

  • Joshua

    Well the episode was ignominious and maya khan really crossed her circumscribe this time. Agree things which are happening in parks dating etc is wrong but she don’t have right to just jump in and invade in one’s personal territory and asking cheap crummy questions this is really not acceptable (though they must be dating etc) she should have raised this issue on her talk show and would have tried giving lessons more wisely rather then doing this abominable practical….shame on the channel for putting on air first and then firing the team i think channel and host her team all are responsible….what’s happening…its so sad whatever happened she should be fined and the channel at the same time.Recommend

  • Nadeem Rehman Malik

    I agree with tv channel management who banne Maya khan.Maya khan have a duble standard in life.Mostly she bold conversation with her guest and mostly perform Dance in her live programe.If she is right then she can’t wright to inter in any personal life.Because she is not ” Thanadar” and not rlate in any investegation agency.so we again agree ” Samaa tv ” management decion’s.Recommend

  • waseem

    Any body who knows media industry knows it pretty well that everything is staged..In this its the same thing, People who were in the park already knew before hand what they were about to be interviewed and were briefed on the Content, They were just desperate to get paid and wanted to be on T.V…Maya Khan wanted the fame and she got it and now she is gonna do something even better which pays tons of money… People in Pakistan are stupid as usual for not understanding the Media…Idiots…Recommend

  • Sana Khan

    i agreed with you till it came to the point of you comparing jasmine khan’s actions with maya’s. and i have to say the comparison that you have made, and the clip you have put as ‘reference/proof’ is RIDICULOUS.

    the fact that those couples were out on dates was something that was maybe morally questionable (but not out rightly wrong) and legally, it had NO grounds. the clip of jasmine’s show where she is berating a man, is for a heinous CRIME that he committed. you yourself in this article mentioned that she (jasmine) hounds those who commit CRIMES. a few weeks ago, maya khan herself did a show where she went and caught those who were stealing electricity. that was something that needed to be brought to public attention because it was a C-R-I-M-E. those young people were NOT committing a CRIME.

    please…being a ‘journalist’ have SOME semblance of common sense in your writing. you are comparing apples and airplanes (really!)

    other than that, yes it doesn’t stop here. and yes everyone is aware it was all done for the ratings for which the TV networks themselves are responsible. but this episode will also serve as a reality check for them that they can’t just give ANY masala news and the public will eat it up. Recommend

  • Kamran Ahmed

    “Shaheed,” for his own cause! :-)Recommend

  • http://- Abid Khan

    As a child I came to learn that the tears shown on the screen aren’t real. Despite, that I keep believing that all the ketchup thrown around is real blood.

    Paki society has been accursed by the presence of people like Jasmine.Recommend

  • http://www.facebook.com/talentidols sanaahamed

    Firing Maya Khan is the best decision taken from Samma TV. She deserve that.Recommend

  • http://www.twspk.com Omair Ali

    This one totally caught me by surprise. I had no idea what the blog would be about when I started reading it. You have made a brilliant point here!Recommend

  • Kashif

    If our media sells cheap then our nation has no option to see any thing else.
    Like PTV who sells best material before 2001 and nation accepted it with great respect to the only channel in the country.
    Fotget about the News but atleast there was no leg pulling, there was no dog fights, there was no sharmila farooqui also at that moment..
    Every news channel is in a race to show valguraty of Veena or indian songs and some times very openly item songs of Indian movies which are far far beyond over culture and the taste of our nation…
    There should be a moral check on media and i guess PEMRA is the only tool who should stop them other wise we will watch the dirty stuff on our national channels with a more worse content and stuff.Recommend

  • amjad

    reason of firing maya khan is this that her show was the morning show and it should on fun issues not like the divorce and going in park… her all programme base on over acting and on wrong way thats why this is the right solution firing and ban on maya khan…. SIMPLERecommend

  • http://sahar-syed.blogspot.com/ sahar syed

    Maya khan is too nosy. Good lesson for her. the problem does not lie with her..it is with samaa tvs management. why they allow such breach of privacy.?Recommend

  • ali

    this act of the said anchor is the clear manifestation of the being oblivious of ethics of journalism.what she did clearly tells that she dont know about journalism.one of the most important ethics of journalism is privacy which should not be interfered unless in public interest. it is hoped that this example will serve all those journalists, if they truly are, the message that they cannot break the ethics with impunity. Recommend

  • Altaf Hussain

    i don’t know why people consider Jasmine and maya khan as journalists, they does not know what is anchoring, how to engage a guest and how to bring truth in front of viewers to decide what is truth but they are judge. actully they are inspired from Indian anchors (may be).Recommend

  • Aviator

    Wow, who needs Taliban justice, when we have the aunties of Samaa TV!!!Recommend

  • Vikram

    @Faraz Talat: As a reporter Jasmine has no business of shaming people she interviews. I bet if some one checks private life of Jasmine he/she will most likely find things that Jasmine may feel ashmaed of. Maya Khan’s show about couples in the park was in a bad taste. A bunch of single women were running around like monkeys in the park going after couples..Recommend

  • Nobody

    I hate when people ask the same tired redundant and ANNOYING question :”If your mothers and daughters and sisters (GASP!!) were doing this, what would you do???” And it especially surprises me when it comes from a woman (assuming you are a woman given your name). Infuriating narrow mindedness! It’s people like you who further perpetuate the partriarchal and archaic vicious cycle of “honor” lying with women.
    Furthermore, yes Islam forbids mixing of the sexes, that still doesn’t justify chasing down couples in a park and harassing them. People need to stop forcing their own personal religion/culture down everyone else’s throat and thinking it’s acceptable to morally police others. This mentality is plaguing Pakistan and dragging it down into this horrid abyss of intolerance and hatred. It’s tragic. Live and let live! Cheers! Recommend

  • waseem

    Watch most successful Morning show host Maya Khan responding to all her critics, exclusively on Front Line with Kamran Shahid on 27th Feb 2012, 8 pm on Express News.
    Repeat 28th Feb 1 am and same day at 10 am.Recommend

  • http://gtio7tgkk ghhjjjkjh

    maya .you u should appologise from nationRecommend

  • sobia

    plzzz keep in mind that we all have to face ALLAH one day..is dating right?? if we call our selves muslim then islam should be seen in our lives too… we want o have girlfriends/ boy friends….we want to see every movie vulgar it may be,,, we want to dance in parties we want to do every thing we want and still want to go to jannah??? is this not double standard? does entertainment mean only dating?? there can be 2 opinions on every issue as every one has a right of opinion BUT in the matters where ALLAH and prophet(pbuh) have told us what is right and what is wrong then who we r to say ????i m so depressed to see the reaction against maya khan ..when tv shows show vulgour dances and programes then no one speaks out..is it a crime to say what islam teaches us to say?? was maya khan interviewing some one in their bedroom?? if a boy and a girl with mutual consent go for a date and then do what ever they want is this right?? when their parents think that they r in university or collage?? is this cheating fine? O ppl fear ALLAH…….”” if u dont have fear of ALLAH do what ever u want to do””

    i m very sad to say this NGOs have achieved their goal to brain wash our young generation…Recommend