Who trashed my comment?

Published: February 5, 2012

Earlier this week we asked our readers what they wanted to know about policy, coverage and reporting at The Express Tribune. A lot of you wanted to know why certain reader comments never make it online.

On our Facebook page Rabia Kashan wrote:

“U publish comments which only support ur argument or not condradictory with themn thats very much TRUE”

Ahsan Ullah wrote:

“I never saw my comments on any post. Why is that?”

Nur Momand asked:

“The policy of comments moderation is murky. Sometimes very harsh comments get published but many a time even relatively milder critique gets censored. Is it because of the the person who moderates the comments in a particular time of the day?”

In this video two of our comment moderators Misbah and Narjis talk about trolls, timings and answer the ultimate question – why wasn’t my comment approved?

While some commenters behave like trolls and their posts are deleted due to their offensive nature, others give good feedback on the stories, and sometimes add background or point out errors. This is a good way for the writer or a reporter to gauge how well (or badly) the piece was received.

Learn more about our comment moderation policy here or let us know know how you think the process can be improved in the comments section below.

Faria Syed

Faria Syed

A Karachi based multi-media journalist working on the web desk of The Express Tribune. Faria blogs about life in the news business and human rights.

The views expressed by the writer and the reader comments do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of The Express Tribune.