Stories published in October, 2018

Sui Dhaaga’s simplicity makes it monotonous, but the same simplicity also makes it utterly beautiful

On the face of it, Sui Dhaaga may come across as the story of a married couple struggling to make ends meet, but quickly into the film one realises it is so much more than that. It is a film about the immense power held within the most ordinary skills that are often ignored and rebuked by South Asian society at large. It is also the modern-day struggle of a small town man who defies ordeals and naysayers to fulfil his dreams through his tailoring skills, making it relatable and inspiring.  Sui Dhaaga stitches the story of the poor and ...

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Pakistan’s black economy: The case of curbing the non-filer

As the government is mulling over sustaining the curbs on non-filers to buy automobiles and property that costs over Rs500,000, the time is ripe to make a case against the non-filer category. Any scheme that is directed towards eliminating this category will undoubtedly face a strong backlash from the non-filers. They would probably argue that making everyone a filer is unnecessary in a country where 24.3% of the population is living below the poverty line; it would introduce unwanted hassle of documentation for businesses and it would waste their man-hours doing tax calculations. Moreover, it would incur costs of ...

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Facebook hacked: Is your account safe?

Security is an illusion, which is a truth increasingly relevant as social networking giant Facebook unearths a security breach affecting millions of users. A security flaw ended up exposing the private information of 50 million users, leaving the organisation perplexed. If you are a user and are not aware of this security breach – reported by Facebook itself – then you definitely need to learn about it. The vulnerability has existed since last year, and is the largest till date. Facebook’s engineers and security experts revealed that attackers exploited one of its features and then dumped the data of ...

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