Stories published in February, 2017

Dear PTI, remember when you vowed to end VIP culture? Well, meet Faisal Vawda!

Although Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has been in existence for over 20 years, but politically it really arrived in 2011 with one big rally in Lahore. The sheer size of the rally finally created a perception that it was “viable” to vote for the party and following that many who had merely ”respected” Imran Khan before, threw their weight behind him. An overwhelming number of these “new” voters belong to Pakistan’s white collar urban middle class which has become the core support base of the party. Over the past five years, it is no surprise that PTI has ended up articulating ...

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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter – Zombie killing at its best

The Resident Evil saga has come to an end. The sixth and final instalment of this blockbuster franchise, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, brings back Milla Jovovich’s kick-ass zombie hunter, Alice, to where it all started – the infamous Racoon City. Ali Larter, who plays Claire Redfield, also returns in this final offering of the video game based movie franchise. Paul W S Anderson, the director of the first movie in the series as well as the last two, helms the director’s seat for this final outing. Many cast members who played popular characters from the videogame in the previous ...

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