Stories published in December, 2010

IBA vs LUMS: The ultimate business school face-off

In an age of no scarcity in rivalries, new borders are being drawn. This time students of Pakistan’s two premier business schools are trading jabs at each other, vying for the enviable title of the country’s best educational institution. Competition may not always be healthy but for the neutral observer it is always highly amusing. And so, as an unbiased observer who graced the halls of neither IBA nor LUMS, I would like to present a collection of arguments (based on impeccable logic and verified facts) presented by either side as to why one has always trumped the other. Enter ...

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Is America ready to embrace Islamic education?

This year saw the founding and opening of the Zaytuna College – a spin-off from Imam Hamza Yusuf Hanson’s Zaytuna Institute, which is an excellent initiative. Islamic scholars like the famed Sheikh Hamza Yusuf and the Chair in Islamic and Arabic Studies at Cambridge University Sheikh Timothy Winter (aka Abdul Hakim Murad) are an incredible source of pride for the current generation of Muslims.They are intellectual, articulate and ooze a certain spirituality in their rational approach to solving contemporary Muslim problems. The latter launched the Cambridge Muslim College last year with a similar vision of enlightening educated but deeply devout ...

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